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HE KISHIDA Fumio. ‘Minister for Foreign Aftsirs The Government of Japan Tokyo ‘Your Excellency, We take this opportunity to weleome and appreciate your ensuing offical visit to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. We believe the visit is crucial and timely when © new Government fed by National League for Democracy (NLD) comes to power through democratic ‘process ending more than hal @ century of miltary rule, although some vital ministries are still controled by Tatmadiw. We hight praise Japan's continued support forthe advancement and prosper in ethnically ‘diverse Union of Myanmar. The humanitarian assistance that the Government of Japan has tong been extending othe suffering people of Myanme, inching -Rakhine/Arakan State, is commendable. os ‘consisting of ‘the severe deprivation of fundamental rights on discriminatory grounds” Several [Prominent human rights activists have noted that Rohingya have been subjected to massive ‘ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, In the words of South African bishop and Nobel Laureate ‘Desmond Tutu. they are facing slow-genocide, Iris to be emphasized that the Rohingya are not benelting in Myanmar’ demacrate ‘ansitan. in 1990, Rohingya were permited to form poltcal parties and vote in muftparty clections. Even they had exercised the right of franchise in all elections held in from 1936 to 2010 miltary held elections, including 2008 referendum for the adoption of the fate ft ur oie ot ay vae eo ee In Myanmar, and were stripped oftheir right to vote and to stand forthe offce in last ye ‘general election and were exciuded from the recent rational census and continue to be thei legal right to ctizensnip, ‘Your Excellency, We are grateful to you and the Government of Ja Jn the recent UN Human Rights Counc in © ‘Rohingya people in Rakhine/Avakan State,