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Population Dynamics

1. Densely populated area: An area where many people live in a small
area/per square kilometre.
1. suggest reasons why an area could be sparsely populated:
Case 1 (desert): it is an area of desert/there are inadequate water
supplies; food cannot be grown/crops cant be grown; many parts are
isolated/poor communications/inaccessible/no roads; there are few
resources; there is little employment/no jobs.
Case 2 (cold areas): temperatures are low/very cold for much of
year/long winters/short summers; food cannot be grown/crops cant be
grown; difficult to get to/remote/inaccessible/seas are frozen for
several months; there are few resources; there is little employment/no
jobs; snow/ice covered.
Case 3 (wetland): flood plain/it might flood; marshy land/swampy;
people do not want their homes/settlements/crops flooded; land likely
to be used for rice/irrigated/farmland.
Case 4 (mountainous area): relief is
high/steep/mountainous/hilly/hills/no flat land; it is difficult to build
homes/settlement/expensive to build; roads will be hard to
construct/difficult to get to/inaccessible; low temperatures; high
precipitation/wet; windy; mud/landslides; would need to build terraces
to grow crops.
2. Explain why some river valleys are densely populated.
Fertile soils/so crops yield is good;
Availability of water for drinking/cleaning/washing/domestic use;
Water for irrigation/agricultural idea/livestock;
Communications by river/travel;
Easy to build road/railway line;
River is source of fish/go fishing;
Flat building land/easy to build settlements;
Fast flowing water for HEP;
Defence from meander; bridging point;
Renewable energy/clean energy

3. Explain why life expectancy is high in MEDCs

Good treatment of diseases/or examples/less spread of disease/less
Inoculation against diseases;
Improved health care facilities/can afford healthcare or examples;
Training of doctors/nurses;
Investment in care homes/services for elderly/care for elderly;
Availability of pensions;
No famine/adequate nutrition/food supply/better diet; good sanitation;
safe water supplies;
Healthier lifestyles or examples;
Education about health; etc.
4. Describe and suggest reasons for the predicted change in world
population growth.
World population would decrease because:
Reduction of birth rates in LEDCs;
Smaller families; due to more availability of contraception (dev); due to
education re. contraception (dev);
Less need for children to work in LEDCs; due to more widespread
access to education (dev);
Less likely to need children to look after parents in old age; due to
state support/pensions (dev);
Reduction in IMR/people not needing to have extra children to ensure
some survive;
Education of women/careers/materialistic outlook; traditions/religions
are less important in modern society; marry later;
Increase in death rates/DR higher than BR/reduced life expectancy;
due to AIDS/HIV (dev); due to increased drought/famine (dev);
war/conflict; government policy/one child policy.
5. Suggest reasons for the expected increase in the percentage of
population over the age of 65 by 2025.
Longer life expectancy/people live longer;
Better treatment of diseases/or examples/medicines (dev); improved
health care facilities/or examples/hospitals/clinics (dev); Vaccinations;
Investment in care homes/services for elderly/or examples meals on
wheels/carers (dev);
Low birth rates/small families/lower infant mortality rate/government

Pensions/so that they can remain independent/buy food; improved food

More doctors/nurses/better trained/less people per doctor;
Education/awareness of health issues/healthy lifestyle/for example do
not smoke/eat healthily/exercise;