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Franchising Project


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It is often said that nothing happens, unless there is a dream first. At the genesis of
the Apollo story there was a dream. A dream so powerful, that it helped transform
the medical landscape in India.
The dream nurtured and grew within Dr. Prathap C Reddy, the founder Chairman
of Apollo Hospitals, until the point of inflection happened in 1983. A young man
succumbing to an ailing heart was what it took to ignite Dr. Reddy's vision into a
reality - a vision where quality healthcare was given, where the pursuit of clinical
excellence was daily endeavor, India a hub in the medical tourism map and where
the Apollo family touches and enriches lives every minute, every day.
Today, with over 8500 beds across 50 hospitals, and a significant presence at every
touch-point of the medical value chain, Apollo Hospitals is one of Asias largest
healthcare groups. Commenced as a 150 bed hospital, today the group has grown
exponentially both in India and overseas. Its growth is often said to be synonymous
with India emerging as a major hub in global healthcare.


Apollos Vision for the next phase of development is to
Touch a Billion Lives


Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards
within the reach of every individual.We are committed to the
achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research
and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.

Apollo Hospitals is driven by a single thrust, to provide the best standards of

patient care. It is this passion that has lead to the development of unique centers of
excellence across medical disciplines, within the Apollo Hospitals network. Apollo
Hospitals has JCI accreditations for 7 of its hospitals, the largest by any hospital
group in the region.
True to its founding principles, the group has made quality healthcare accessible to
the people of India, and even overseas. It has become an institution of trust, and a
beacon of hope to so many searching for a cure for their ailments.
The legacy of touching and enriching lives stems from the pillars of the Apollo
philosophy - experience, excellence, expertise and research. We pride ourselves for
constantly being on the cutting edge, and going the extra mile to stay relevant and
The Apollo Hospitals Group is the pioneer of integrated healthcare delivery in
India. This vision led the group to earmark time and resources to strengthen each
vital cog in the process of healthcare delivery. As a result of these efforts, the group
today is in a unique position to exponentially increase its healthcare cover. This
will be critical in order to meet future requirements.
Apollo Hospitals Group, today, is an integrated healthcare organization with owned
and managed hospitals, diagnostic clinics, dispensing pharmacies and consultancy
services. In addition, the groups service offerings include healthcare at the
patients doorstep, clinical & diagnostic services, medical business process
outsourcing, third party administration services and health insurance. To enhance
performance and service to customers, the company also makes available the
services to support business, telemedicine services, education, training programs &
research services and a host of other non-profit projects.

The Apollo Hospitals Group is today recognized as the Architect of Healthcare

in India. Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (Apollo) is Indias leading private
sector healthcare services provider, and is among Asias largest hospital networks.
it was founded by Dr.Prathap C. Reddy, a recipient of the prestigious Padma
Bhushan(1991) and the Padma Vibhushan(2010). Dr.Prathap C. Reddy was
conferred with these awards by the government of india in recognition of his
pioneering contribution to indian healthcare.

The Padma Vibhushan, indias second highest civilian honour, felicitates Dr.
Reddys untiring efforts to take quality healthcare closer to a billion lives. over the
years, we have strengthened healthcare delivery, focusing on high-end tertiary care
to quaternary care, secondary care, primary care and day-care facilities across
india. our pan-india expansion of hospitals across metros, tier-2 and tier-3 cities
testifies to our commitment to provide quality healthcare to people in need. we
have been and continue to remain committed to delivering superior customer
service in an environment of continuous improvement. we innovate, embrace
change and run the extra mile to deliver on our promises, safely and responsibly.

Apollo Hospitals is a major hospital chain based in Chennai, India. It was founded
by Dr Prathap C. Reddy in 1983. Apollo is a private healthcare provider in Asia
with hospitals in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Republic of
Mauritius, Qatar,Oman and Kuwait. Apollo hospitals plan add 2,955 beds
across India in the next three years. Several of the group's hospitals have been
among the first in India to receive a form of international healthcare
accreditation, in their case by the America-based Joint Commission
International (JCI). The Hyderabad hospital was the first in the world, outside the
US, to receive JCI's Disease- or Condition-Specific Care (DCSC) Certification
in addition to general accreditation when it received this for its
Acute Stroke treatment in 2006. However, they have not as yet acquired
international accreditation from any hospital accreditation group from outside of
the USA.
The group has developed services in telemedicine, after starting a pilot project in
2000 in Dr Pratap C. Reddy's own home village. It is now the largest telemedicine
provider in India with 71 centers.
Its history of accomplishments alongwith its unique ability of resource
management, Apollo hospitals,Ahmedabad opened in May 2003. 400 bed multispecialty quaternary are hospital further strengthens the healthcare infrastructure in
Gujarat, India setting new benchmarks in quality standards in Healthcare delivery.
Keeping with the tradition of delivering healthcare at par with the best in the
world, Apollo relies a great deal on innovations, introspection and improvement to
render tender loving care.

Apollo Hospitals is one of the largest chain of hospitals in India. It has in its
network more than 41 hospitals and manages over 8000 beds mostly in the
secondary and the tertiary healthcare space.
The Apollo Hospital was honored by having a stamp created in their name on 2
November 2009.With over 8500 beds across 50 hospitals within and outside India,
the Apollo Hospitals Group is one of the largest healthcare groups in Asia and has
some of the best hospitals in India. The legacy of touching lives stems from the
four pillars of our philosophy - experience, excellence, expertise and research. At
Apollo Hospitals India, we unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior
technology with centuries-old traditions of Eastern care and warmth, as we truly
believe the world is our extended family-something our 20 million patients across
the globe can warmly affirm,. This has made Apollo Hospitals as one of the most
desired medical tourism destinations in India.
Apollo Hospitals Group, a string of nursing, hospital management colleges, Health
insurance services and dual lifeline services, viz. pharmacies and diagnostic
clinics, Apollo provides a Integrated seamless healthcare delivery service across
Asia. As pioneers and leaders in bringing the finest healthcare to India, we have
served and saved many lives. With a significant presence at every touch-point of
the medical value chain, Apollo Hospitals is one of Asias largest healthcare
powerhouse you can trust.
Today Apollo is the countrys largest private healthcare provider with a network of
over 7,600 beds spread across India.Apollosquality of service and average length
of stay are comparable to global benchmarks. Joint Commission International(JCI),
the world leader in assessing healthcare quality and patient safety, accredited six of
Apollos Indian Hospitals and one managed in Dhaka. Accreditation by JCI
indicates that a hospital quality of service is comparable to International
benchmarks and speaks of operational excellence.
With its pan India footprint andreputation for quality, Apollo enjoys tremendous
brand recognition lending its premium pricing power.Also, the large scale of
business operations positions it to tap business as they arise in this growing
healthcare sector.


Dr. Prathap C Reddy

Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group

'A compassionate humanitarian, dedicated to bringing world-class healthcare

within the economic and geographic reach of millions of patients' best describes
Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Founder Chairman of the Apollo Hospitals Group.
Dr. Reddy received his medical degree from the Stanley Medical College in
Chennai and later trained as a Cardiologist in the UK and USA. He did his
Fellowship from the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and went on to head
several research programs at the Missouri State Chest Hospital, USA where he
worked for several years before returning to India in 1978, at the behest of his
This act of leading by example in reversing the brain drain eventually became an
agenda with Apollo Hospitals, India's first corporate hospital that heralded the
country's burgeoning private healthcare industry.
The dream of making world-class medical available in India spurred him to set up
the Apollo Hospitals in Chennai in 1983 at a time when private healthcare
institutions were virtually unknown in our country. The new hospital attracted the
best medical talent, including eminent non-resident Indian doctors from hospitals
in the US and UK.

Starting from a 150-bedded Hospital in 1983, the Group has since continuously
excelled and maintained leadership in medical innovation, clinical services and
cutting edge research. With a network of over 8500 beds across 50 hospitals at
culturally diverse locations in India and overseas, over 4000 top class clinicians
and total employee strength of more than 65,000 professionals, the Apollo
Hospitals Group is one of the largest hospital groups in the world, being
consistently ranked amongst the best hospitals for advanced medical services.
These hospitals have served over 26 million patients from 120 countries, with
seven of them having the prestigious JCI accreditation.
Dr Reddy's pioneering success includes the initiation of a change towards
preventive care, by pushing for a new standard in assessing and diagnosing India's
health to fight the triple terrors of diabetes, heart diseases and cancer through
preventive health checks. Telemedicine, as in the world's first V-SAT enabled
village, and health insurance like the Aragonda Re. 1/day scheme, were other
successful pilots.
His mantra has been to identify the need of India, and fill the lacuna using a stretch
of innovation, technology and commitment.
Dr Reddy has undertaken pioneering work in bringing about institutional changes
in the private healthcare infrastructure by establishing Apollo Institutes for post
graduate Medical and Nursing Education, Hospital Administration, Physiotherapy,
Clinical Research and a large number of Paramedical Programs. With the setting
up of the Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation, Health Super Hiway,
Apollo Munich Insurance Co and the Apollo Reach Hospitals, he helped establish a
modern healthcare network through both in-house and outreach services, reaching
out to millions of people.
As the Chairman of the CII National Healthcare Committee since 2006, Dr Reddy
constituted sub-committees for drawing up standards for accreditation of Indian
Hospitals for the very first time in the country. Ever since, the committees have
done commendable work in the areas of medical value travel and medical code of
ethics. One of the areas of significant impact has been in the area of budget
recommendations to the Government and development of Health Insurance.
As the Chairman of the CII Health Council since 2010, Dr Reddy is Advisor to its
committees on Healthcare, Health Insurance, Public Health and Pharma. As
Chairman of the CII National Council on Public Health since 2011, with a view to
supplementing Government's efforts in the area of public health, Dr Reddy is
working on expanding their coverage through efficiency and quality interventions,

by leveraging appropriate partnerships with the private sector as well as civil

society institutions.
Dr Reddy was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1991 for his contribution to the
emergence of the private healthcare sector and his role in bringing about several
regulatory changes relating to licensing, import restrictions, organ transplantation,
He received a number of esteemed awards and recognitions such as Mother St
Teresa's 'Citizen of the Year Award', recognition in Harvard School publications for
pioneering efforts in healthcare, 'Life Time Achievement Award' by Hospimedica
International, the 'Asia Pacific Bio Business Leadership Award' by the University
of Southern California, Modern Medicare Excellence Award by the ICICI Group
for outstanding achievements in the healthcare industry and numerous others.
Dr Reddy is also a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award from Rotary
International. In addition he has received Lifetime Achievement awards from the
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the
Association of Surgeons of India. He was also awarded the Alexandria Frost &
Sullivan 2010 India Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award. Marking a new
beginning, the All India Management Association conferred the AIMA Lifetime
Contribution Award upon Dr. Prathap C Reddy recently.
The Government of India honoured the pioneering spirit of the Apollo Hospitals
Group with the release of a commemorative Postage Stamp.
Dr Prathap C Reddy was conferred with second highest civilian award, the 'Padma
Vibhushan' in March 2010. This unequalled commendation from the Government
of India is an acknowledgement of his untiring pursuit for excellence in healthcare
as Apollo strives towards touching a billion lives.
Under Dr Reddy's leadership, the Apollo Group has undertaken philanthropic work
through 'Save a Child's Heart Initiative' (SACHi), the CURE Foundation for cancer
care, the Indian Head Injury Foundation (IHIF), 'Distance Healthcare
Advancement' (DISHA), and many others that have touched the lives of several
hundred thousand children, differently-abled people, cancer and brain trauma


If we do this right, we can heal the world.
Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, founder and Executive Chairman of Apollo Hospitals

I am happy, declared Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, broadly smiling behind his desk in a
modest office that had served Apollos Executive Chairman since the early days of
the hospital group. The first part of the game is over. I have shown the world that
we can provide first-class health care in India. Apollos record was impressive,
indeed. Relying on more than a thousand doctors and a staff of 10,000, Apollo
hospitals had come to rival the best health care institutions on the globe.
I want to bring Apollo health care to a large cross-section of the Indian population
and to the world, explained Dr. Reddy. My vision is to develop the large pool
of talent in India. Health care could be the single biggest employer in the country
and a resource to the world. Patients will come from everywhere to India for
advanced health care. We enjoy a huge cost advantage. But more importantly, our
culture is very compassionate. India is now in a position to give patients the best
of the East and the West compassion and advanced medical technology. To put
his vision into practice, Dr. Reddy had summoned his three daughters who served
with him on Apollos board. I challenged them, he explained, I asked them to
rethink the strategy of the group. What do you want Apollo to be five years from
now? Develop a strategy for our future. Dr. Reddy gave his daughters Preetha,
Suneeta and Sangita a month for the task.
Prathap C. Reddy was born and raised in Chennai in Indias southernmost state of
Tamil Nadu. He practiced and taught medicine for nearly 15 years in the United
States at various hospitals, including the Massachusetts General Hospital in
Boston. An accomplished cardiologist, Dr. Reddy returned to India in 1970 where
he opened a booming primary care practice that eventually allowed him to invest in
a cardiology lab and clinic. When he found himself having to refer more complex
cases abroad for treatment, a solution that was prohibitively expensive for his less

affluent clientele, he considered opening a private, state of the art, multiplespecialties facility.
The Apollo Group was active in many parts of the health care value chain. Apollo
Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL), the publicly listed holding company, owned
and operated hospitals in India and abroad. The hospitals specialized in providing
upmarket tertiary care. AHEL also ran Indias largest network of pharmacies and
offered international consulting services. AHEL had five subsidiaries which
provided a wide array of health care services ranging from technology solutions
and medical billing (Apollo Health Street Ltd.) to in-home care that allowed
patients with medical needs to continue living at home (Unique Home Health Care

Ltd). Of special strategic importance was Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd.
(AHLL), a wholly owned subsidiary, which had started franchising primary care
Apollo also operated several nursing schools and the Global Nursing Program
(GNP) which trained and placed nurses in the United States, Great Britain and in
countries throughout the Middle East and Asia.


Was inaugurated in 1983 by Shri Gyani Zail Singh,(President of India), opened in

Chennai. It commenced commercial operations the next year.
Dr. Pratap Reddy has always maintained that comprehensive health insurance is essential
to optimize the medical equation. Apollo under his guidance was always the fore runner
in this field. As early as 1986, the medical insurance scheme was introduced, in
collaboration with United India Insurance Company Limited.
The group showed great promise, and blossomed very fast. Within three years of
operation, they announced their first dividend, and by 1988 had expanded to Hyderabad.


The 90s also saw Apollo Hospital rapidly scaling up its operations and infrastructure.
In 1993, Apollo hospital launched the 24 hrs ambulance service.
In1994, the Apollo specialty hospital, a state-of-the-art cancer hospital in Chennai was
1996 saw the Apollo Indraprastha Hospital inaugurated in New Delhi and the
establishment of Apollo Nursing College.
In 1998, Apollo Hospital Chennai was awarded the ISO 9002 certification.
Dr.Pratap C. Reddy received the prestigious Sir Nilrattan Circa Memorial Oriation(Jima)
award for single handedly making super specialty care available to the vast section of
The story of Apollo Hospital became a Case Study at the prestigious Havard University.


Apllo Hospital,New Delhi became the first Hospital in India to receive Accreditation
from JCI, USA. Subsequently six of our Hospitals got the JCI Accreditation.
Apollo continued to grow as a Health Care Power House. It added hospital in
Ahmedabad, Banglore, Kolkatta, Mysore, Bilaspur, Kakinada, among others,
Overseas presence was also exted in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Ghana.
Apollo Aragond was inaugurated in 2000 was the first telemedicine facility in the
Country. It was inagrauted by the president of USA,Bill Clinton.

Apollo also launched its Nationwide Single emergency number-1066.

In 2002, SACH-The SAVE A CHILDS HEART initiative was launched. SACH is a

community service initiative aimed at providing quality Pediatric Cardiac Care Children
from under privileged section of Society.
In 2002, Dr.Pratap C. Reddy received the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Award. This was followed by the Asia-PacificBio-Business Leadership Award in 2005.
Apollo Hospital was recognized as Super Brand of India in the Health Care Sector ot
Apollo Hospital,Chennai was rated Best Privated Sector Hospital in India by the Week
Magazine in 2003 and again in 2004.
Apollo Clinic were awarded franchisor of the year 2003.

In 2006,Dr. Reddy was awarded the Modern Medicare Excellence Award ,By ICICI
group,for his Outstanding achievement in the Healthcare Industry.
In 2006,Apollo Hospital nominated as the Consumer health care Super Brandin an
independent survey conducted by the Super Brand Council,in association with ACNielson.
The first functional Health City in Asia was launched by Apollo in 2007.
Apollo Hospital,Chennai and Hydrabad won the Health Care Award,Instituted by the
Express Health Care Publication (The Indian Express Group).
Apollo Hospital Group Partnered with Munich Health,a world leader in the field of
Health Insurance to launch Apollo Munich.
In 2008,Apollo Hospitals featured in the worlds top 50 local dynamos list,according to a
new study by Boston Consulting Group.
The PM of India Dr. Manmohan Singh launched the Apollo Reach Hospital in 2008,with
the aim to make world class Health Care Accessible to people even in remote areas of the

2009 TO DATE
Apollo Hospital, Bangaluru and Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkatta were accredited
by Joint Commission International(JCI), USA.
Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital, Chennai launched the cyberknife robotic radio surgery
The Apollo Liver Clinic was lauched at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Apollo Hospital, Chennai ranked as the leading corporate hospital for the year 2009 by

The 50th hospital of the Apollo Hospital Group was launched at Secunderabad on April
2nd,2010. The 150 Bed tertiary hospital was inaugrated by honble Chief Minister of
Andhra Pradesh, Sri K. Rosaiah at Secunderabad.
Apollo Hospital along with CISCO, the globally reknowned networking and
telecommunication provider, announced an AllianceJoint-Venture will drive inclusive
growth and accelerate access to affordable and high quality health care via CISCOs
desktop solution technology.

Apollo Hospital, Chennai introduces an innovative health care delivery model- Apollo
Day Surgery, which is the first-of-its-kind at Alwarpet in Chennai and a dedicated facility
of minor surgeries requiring short stay.
Apollo Hospital Centre for Liver Disease and transplantation has completed 100 Liver
transplantation in less than 4yrs with over 90% success rate, creating a milestone in the
history of medicine.
Worlds first iPod navigation hip resurfacing surgery was successfully performed at
Apollo Specialty hospitals.
Full field digital mammography with tomosynthesis(3D system), first-of-it-kind in South
Asia was launched at Apollo specialty hospital, Chennai.
Apollo Bramwell hospital,Mauritius in conjunction with global BioHealth solution,
launched the Apolo Bramwell Stem Cell Therapy Program.


Apollo pharmacy with the first outlet opened in 1983, has gained trust of millions
of people over the past 27 years for the quality of service we deliver. Since then
Apollo pharmacy has grown to be a thousand plus pharmacies strong and is well
established in terms of brand awareness, customer service etc. As a part of the
chairmans vision of touching a billion lives-our growing retail pharmacy network
touches lives across the length and breadth of India and we serve more than 1.5
lakh customers a day. The vast pharmacy network enables us to provide medicine
support to our customers even when they are on move for their treatments.

Our extensive range of pharmacy & healthcare products and services help keep
you healthy at all times. Our Prescription Reminder service makes it easier to
manage your repeat prescriptions. It is a convenient way for you saving you time,
and is simple to arrange your medicines.
Our mission at Apollo Pharmacy is a promise beyond prescriptions. We make
people well and help them stay well. In your wellness lies our happiness and

Apollo takes pride in delivering an exceptionally safe, secure, and enjoyable

shopping experience.

Apollo pharmacy is a part of Apollo hospitals- Asia`s largest healthcare group.The

first hospital was started in 1983 by Dr.Pratap Singh Reddy(Chairman) in
Chennai. It was 150 beds hospital. Now in Asia there more than 1000 Apollo
pharmacy retail outlet are present.
In Jaipur the project was came in May 2002 and there were 20 locations selected
across the city and the 1st chemist shop was open in Malviya Nagar ,Kabir Marg in
June 2002. And now there are total 28 retail shops in Jaipur.


To develop a community of care and concern that caters to our customers

with the most innovative retail management programs, service and

Our mission is to be a responsive round-the-clock pharmacy retailer to our
prospective customers.


Our greatest asset is the Customer! Treat each Customer as if they are the
only one!

The Hospital Division was responsible for 55% of AHELs revenue and 50% of its
profits. 43% of revenue (40% of profits) came from the Pharmacy Division.
Initially, Apollo had added pharmacies to its own hospitals to benefit Apollo
patients. By 2005, however, the group operated the largest pharmacy network in
India with 189 outlets. 70% of these were standalone pharmacies that were not
connected to an Apollo hospital. Management expected much of the future growth
to be in standalone outlets, which currently contributed about 30% of total
pharmacy revenue. In a market where the quality of medication varied
substantially, consumers valued Apollos reputation for quality. Suneeta Reddy,
Director of Finance, explained: Why is the Apollo pharmacy better than any
other? Because we have a regulated formulary, and there are no spurious drugs.
Apollo is a brand name that consumers can trust.
The Apollo consultancy arm took on two types of projects. The first, transition
management, helped clients design and build facilities. With the second,

operations management, Apollo actually ran facilities, often staffing the senior
management team and, if required, the head of nursing. The team typically
recruited and trained the majority of the hospital staff.


A pharmacy belongs to the few industries and it really fits for the franchise model.
The keys to a successful pharmacy include the brand of your products, corporate
image, and professional methods of your pharmacys service. The pharmacy
franchise is a very ideal concept which should deliver the customers expectations
although it is expensive.

Apollo Pharmacy franchise can help you achieve your business goals by giving
you the essential guidelines and information about the pharmacy and anything
about franchising also.

Every business minded person is aware of the great possibilities of facing problems
in his career. That is the reason why he can eventually resolve them quickly
without fear of risking something and he also knows the rewards awaiting him
after that. The Apollo Pharmacy franchise has more to share about franchising. It
considers some basic matters first before proceeding to least important.

Franchise Guide

Apollo Pharmacy is a division of Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd., and Indias

first and largest branded pharmacy network with more than 740 key locations
outlets. It is accredited with International Quality Qualification and it offers
genuine medicines with 24 hours of service. If you are really interested to own
this franchise, you have to increase your knowledge about the details of the
pharmacy. Go beyond which you think you need for your business plan. Do not
just stick to single information, but learn to explore more for better processing.

Franchise Benefits
If you become a franchisee of Apollo Pharmacy, you definitely gain many benefits.
The major benefit you will get whenever you own a pharmacy franchise the great
discount of the product from the wholesalers. Aside from that, you can have better

access to newest technologies and access to approved new drugs, partnerships with
the biomedical distributors and major medical and more exposure of your business
through various advertising.

Generally, all franchising companies and franchisee take the very first step in the
business process which is, filling out the application forms and agreement. Once
you meet all the financial requirements and other qualifications, you can proceed to
the final step which the training. It is done on hands with orientation if
required.Company will give you sufficient training to know everything inside and
outside of the pharmacy.

The Apollo Pharmacy is generous enough in sharing different strategies on how to
manage your pharmacy carefully. Usually, you will learn more of its strategies
during your actual training. Thus, you really have to take not every detail they will

share to you. But do not just depend everything to their strategy, you must also
combine your own ways to keep your business expanding. Know your limitations
of the company as well your personal strengths and weaknesses. Remember that no
matter what others tell you, it is still important to listen to your own voice as long
as you are sure of the outcome.

Apollo Pharmacy offers us a wide variety of products in various categories. The
various categories offered by Apollo Pharmacy are as follows:

Personal Care(747)
Vitamins & supplements(85)
Baby Care(533)
Common Ailments(80)
Healthy Living(214)
Instruments & Aids(64)

Ayurvedic Products(56)
Skin Care
Hair Care
Chemical Dyes & Pigments
Special Offers(6)

The main Companies from which acquires its medicines are as follows:






Johnsons & Johnsons

Primal Health

Sun Pharma

Himalaya Drug

The company, which already has over 200 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in around
80-100 products under its private label, has around 30-35 products under pipeline,
and another 10-15 products in the planning stage, said sources from the company.

Apollo Pharmacy, the retail pharmacy chain under Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd,
is looking at growing its private label business by expanding its portfolio with
around 35 more health and wellness products soon. The company also plans to add
generic medicines portfolio to the product basket in the near future, said sources
close to the development.
The company, which already has more than 200 stock keeping units (SKUs) in 80100 products under its private label, has 30-35 products in the pipeline, and another
10-15 in the planning stage, they sources.

The existing portfolio includes personal care, skin care, body care, health food, nutritional
supplements, hygiene products like handwash, adult diaper, and lifestyle-related products like
face moisturiser. The new products would also be in the same category, but cater to different
market requirements,.
Private labeling accounted for around 1.8 per cent of the total Apollo Pharmacy retail business of
around Rs 650 crore last year. It is growing at almost 10 per cent every month and is expected to
double its share in the overall retail chain business in the current fiscal, said sources on condition
of anonymity. The products are outsourced from third party manufacturers.
The margins for private label products are 45 to 50 per cent higher when compared with the same
products of external brands. This also helps the retail chain to offer these products at 20-30 per
cent lower price than the competitor.
Further, the company is also planning to commence generic pharma business, starting from
outsourcing and marketing over-the-counter (OTC) products. Plans are in the preliminary stage
and might take shape in 2012, said another company source.
Apollo Pharmacy has around 1,300 outlets operational at present. It plans to open around 250
outlets across the country in current fiscal, of which more than 150 have already been launched
in the first two quarters of the fiscal. It has also shut down around 75 non-performing outlets in
this fiscal as part of restructuring the business.
According to earlier reports Apollo Hospitals Enterprise is considering hiving off the pharmacy
business into a separate subsidiary as one of the options to grow the retail pharmacy business.

At present, its private labeling business has brands including Apollo Pharmacy, under which it
sells cotton buds, toothbrush, mouth wash, hand sanitiser and adult diapers, and under B+ve lip
balm, body wash, face wash, glycerin soap, all purpose cream, sunscreen lotion and moisturiser
are sold. It also has a baby care brand Baby Best and a healthcare brand Doctor Choice
-- under which it sells cotton crepe bandage, hot and cold gel pack, knee support, pregnancy test
card, glycerin and adhesive bandage.

Private Labels of Apollo Pharmacy are:

Apollo Pharmacy

B +ve

Doctors Choice

Baby Best

Apollo also offers self manufactured products. Some of the featured items are:
Apollo Pharmacy Condoms Flavored
Apollo Pharmacy Condoms Dotted
Apollo Pharmacy Condoms Smooth

Health Care
Apollo Pharmacy Thermometer Digital
Apollo Pharmacy Olive oil
Apollo Pharmacy Muesli Diet Crunchy
Apollo Pharmacy Green Tea
Apollo Pharmacy Chyawanprash
Apollo Pharmacy Triphla Powder
Apollo Pharmacy Osteo Bi Flex Advanced tablets
Apollo Pharmacy Clinical Thermometer
Apollo Pharmacy Arm Sling Support
Apollo Pharmacy Honey

Apollo Pharmacy Aloe Vera Juice

Apollo Pharmacy Steam inhaler
Apollo Pharmacy Granola bar chocolate

Personal Care
Apollo Pharmacy Hand & Disinfectant
Apollo Pharmacy Refreshing wipes Cologn
Apollo Pharmacy Hand Wash Lemon grass
Apollo Pharmacy Air Freshener Rose

Apollo Pharmacy Shaving Razor

Apollo Pharmacy Cotton Buds(small & large)
Apollo Pharmacy Shower gel Deo
Apollo Pharmacy Adult Diapers (large & medium)

Oral Care
Apollo Pharmacy MouthWash Original
Apollo Pharmacy Toothpaste Menthol

Apollo Pharmacy Popular Toothbrush

Apollo Pharmacy Sensitive toothbrush

Other Products offered are:

Main competitors are:

Guardian Lifecare

Medicine Shoppe
And other competitors are:

Fortis PHarmacy
Max Pharmacy
Other Local pharmacies

Medication tips
24-hour service

Friendly pharmacist
Free reminder service
Free health camps
Helpline services
Free health insurance
Health newsletters

Apollo Advantage
We refill your prescriptions
Genuine medicines

ATM(ANY TIME MEDICINE)Card: Is applicable for all types of customers

1. General product buyers
2. Medicine Buyers


Benefits / Offers to the Card Holders:

1. Customers who purchase Rs.3000 worth of Medicines / General products within
six months would be eligible for upto Rs.300 worth of points
2. Customers who purchase Rs.6000/- worth of Medicines / General products with
in one year will be eligible for upto Rs.600 worth of points with an added benefit
of 10% discount on basic Apollo Health Check at Apollo Hospitals. Coupon valid
for 6 months

Points Calculation: For every Rs.100 spent - earn 10 points on pharma / 5 points
on General products (Non-pharma). One point equals to 1

Core Customer Card: Is applicable only for Chronic Medicine buyers

1. Points worth of 10% of the bill value are credited to the customer card upon
purchase of chronic medicines. No limitation on minimum bill value. Points
cannot be redeemed in the same bill.
2. 10% discount coupon on OP investigations at Apollo Hospitals / Clinics
(transferable) is given on completion of every Rs.2000 purchase which will
be valid for 6 months and can be redeemed upto a billing amount of
Rs.5000. More than one voucher cannot be redeemed for a single bill.
3. Free blood sugar test (either fasting or random) & Free Blood Pressure
check will be done periodically in the Free Diabetic camps conducted at the
4. 10% discount coupon (transferable) will be given once in a year on Basic
Apollo Health Check which can be redeemed in all Apollo Hospitals.
Coupon valid for 6 months.

Validity : Points can be redeemed in the next bill within six months only and the
points can be availed on puchases of medicines only.

Services are been provided for 24 hrs whereas the stores are open for 16 hrs.It also
provides online consultancy where a customer can consult a doctor online and the

doctor could give the customer prescription which would be delivered to the
customer from the nearest Apollo Pharmacy as early as possible.Other services
include diagnostic, Preventive Health check packages, tele-medicines.

Apollo Advantage
We refill your prescriptions
Genuine medicines

HOME DELIVERY SERVICE:Apollo Pharmacies are a part of the Apollo

Group of Hospitals. They are open 24x7. They have a door-delivery system in
place for medical and fast-moving food products billed at Rs.200 or more(8AM to
8PM), within a distance of 10-15 kilometers.

Packaging & Sizes

The medicines are kept in transparent, rectangular-shaped boxes.
The size of the boxes are generally 4 by 8.


Mostly every type of customer visit the store to make purchase of their necessary
needs from child to adult to old. Depending on their requirements which can be
with or without prescription also. To approve and understand that which type of
customer visit the store, a survey was conducted based on Questionnaire to decide
the type of Customer Base.



Questionnaire (APOLLO PHARMACY)

(The Result Of All the Questionnaire)
1. Ambience of the pharmacy.



The Apollo Pharmacy provides a neat, clean and a

hygienic atmosphere to the customers.

2. Friendliness and courtesy of the staff.

o Excellent
o Average
o Poor

This Shows that the Staff of Apollo Pharmacy is

believes in building Customer relationship for which
they maintain a friendly relation with their

3. Skill and competency of the pharmacy staff.




The Staff of Apollo Pharmacy are very efficient and

have a sound knowledge

4. Communication & detailing Skill of the pharmacy staff.




The Staff provide the full knowledge of the products

to the customers and pursue them to purchase

5. Overall Quality and range of drugs available.




Apollo Pharmacy provides quality products and a

variety to the customers

6. Have you ever been turned off from Apollo pharmacy for non-availability of medicines?
o Yes

No most of them have not turned off because the

pharmacy keeps an online record of their stock and are
delivered before the stock is finished.

7. On the average, how long you wait in the pharmacy for procuring medicines (in minutes).



It shows that Apollo pharmacy has a quick service as

the customer is being served within 10 minutes with its

8. When do you visit an Apollo pharmacy?

o Only on prescription
o Without prescription

As Apollo Pharmacy not only keeps the medicines but

health related products as well. Hence, customers visit
the Pharmacy whenever required.

9. Reaction of staff due to inconvenience of customer stuff.



If any of the belongings of the customer is misplaced at

Pharmacy shop then the staff shows a quick response
by showing the CCTV videos,etc. to the customers.

10. Overall, how would you rate the services rendered in pharmacy?
o Excellent

As you can see that all the above questions to a

customer about Pharmacy are satisfactory and
therefore, the services provided to the customers is

o Average
o Poor

All the Apollo Pharmacies are company owned all over the world. For some
instead, if they are not then they buy the shop or provide long term rents.

They do not offer franchisee.

Generally the size of the pharmacies is the common size of the medical shops in
the market. Otherwise, minimum 200 sq. ft. and maximum 600 sq. ft. but the
new format raised by Apollo Pharmacies is more than double that is:
1500-2000 sq. ft.

Merchandise Assortment and Presentation

All the products that are sold in Apollo Pharmacy are displayed in an identifiable
manner. The medicines(tablets) are displayed in Alphabetical order in transparent
boxes, The tablets are kept in transparent containers with a slip of their name,
manufacturing and expiry date for visibility.
Separate rows for separate categories as health and supplements, cosmetics, baby
products, etc.
Apollo pharmacies are present all over the world and in India it is present at all the
big cities as well as in small regions where it makes the medicines and products
available for people in small areas as well.
It aims at making the products available to everyone at any time at any place and
for this reason Apollo Pharmacy is available at every place possible.


The price of the products offered by Apollo Pharmacy range minimum from
Rs.10(price of Apollo self manufactured chocolate) onwards.
The price of rent or ownership varies from place to place as they are set up in
posche & normal residential areas.
It could range from 10,000-50,000(normal areas) and 50,000-10,00,000(posh
areas), this is an approximate value, excluding the start up value if shops.
The startup value of setting up Apollo Pharmacy is approximate:
The main prices incurred are mentioned above but still a lot of price is involved
once the Pharmacy is set up. Like when any machinery or system is damaged or if
any maintenance is to be done.
Also, for advertising money is involved but it is done by the approval of the
Company and Franchisee cannot on its own incur any of such costs. Without the
prior informing of the Company it cannot even procure for stationery or any other
Price is a matter that is needed not only while setting up of any Pharmacy store,
rather it is required at all phases after the store is set up.
Especially as it is a Pharmacy store, and it deals in medicines, so it is very
important to consider the expiry date of the medicines to avoid any problem and
hence the stock is needed and procured after a frequent interval of time as it is a
waste and risk to keep the products when expired.
And hence while setting up a Pharmacy store one not only need to consider the
above mentioned costs as well as other costs as well that would be required once
the store is set up.

Apollo does a lot of promotions to promote its medicines and products as well as
services. It advertises itself in Newspapers, as well as magazines and through
banners. Also the advertisement of Apollo Pharmacy comes on television and it
also advertise about hospital as well as pharmacy on the Internet which helps to
make people aware about the products offered as well as to help them in




AGREEMENT made at Delhi, the First day of November, between Apollo

Pharmacy Company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, VII of 1913,
having the Head Office at Gurgaon .
Apollo Pharmacy(hereinafter referred to as the Company) (which expression
shall unless it be expressly provided be deemed to include its successor in business
and assigns) of the one part and M/S Abhijeet & Company(hereinafter refeered to

as Franchisee) (which expression shall unless it be repugnant to the context or

meaning hereof mean to include in the case of a Company its successor and
permitted assigns and in case of firms its present partners, their heirs, executors
and administrators and incase of an individual his hiers, executors and
administrators) of the other parts:


1.1. The Company manufactures medicines and healthcare products such as beauty
products, vitamins & supplements, baby care, common ailments, healthy livings,
instruments and aids, ayurvedic products, diagnostics, skin care, hair care,
chemical dyes and pigments,etc. of International Standards and sell them through
an efficient sales network operating throughout India and enjoys a high reputation
for a quality of its products and services and
1.2. The Franchisee having the premises at Noida, Apollo Pharmacy (whose
plan,elevations,sales deed/lease Agreements and other titles deeds are attatched
herewith (herein after reffered to as the Retail Pharmacy) has requested the
Company to permit the Franchisee to exclusively display,stock and sell the

Companys products and other goods manufactured/marketed or dealt with by any

of the associate or subsidiary companies or concerns of the Company as may from
time to time be Specified by the Company (herein collectively reffered to as
product). The Franchisee shall not during the subsistence of this Agreement store
or display or sell at the said pharmacy any other goods other than the specified
above or as may be notified from time to time by the Company.

2.1.The territory defined for this Agreement is the Noida region around Sector-24
i.e. covering sector-24,22,23 and nearby regions only and should cater to the

customers in these region only and should not try to capture the custumers that fall
under the Franchisee of any other Apollo Pharmacy. And the Pharmacy store
should be open in or around this region only(i.e. around Sector-22,23,24)


3.1. It is the intention of the Company and the Franchisee that the pharmacy at the
time shall be one of the best designed, best maintained and operated Retail
pharmacies. The Franchisee shall ensure compliance of this intention at all times of

both safeguard and further the reputation of the Company and its product in
accordance with the advice of the Company.
4.2. The interior designing of the pharmacy will be by the Companys approved
Architects. The Architectss fee for the Interior Designing of the pharmacy shall be
paid by the Company. The Company has the Franchisees explicit consent to make
necessary structural and civil alterations in the pharmacies as required. Necessary
permission and other written sanctions from authorities concerned will have to be
obtained by the Franchisee.
4.3. The Franchisee shall renovate and furnish the pharmacy from time to time in
accordance with the design and specifications approved by the Company and
maintained the upkeep of the shop befitting the Companies image.
4.4.The Franchisee shall adequately insure the pharmacy building, equipment,
interiors, furnitures and fixtures and stocks to cover various risks and furnish a
copy thereof to the Company.
4.5. In Consideration of the Investments made by the Franchisee in the Retail
Pharmacy and of conducting business with certain obligations as specified in this
agreement, the Company shall offer the Franchisee certain facilities at its own
discretion, the details of which will be communicated separately.

4.1. This Agreement shall be effective from the 1 st day of November,2012 subject
to termination as hereinafter provided. The Tenure of this Agreement would be for
5 years i.e. from 1st November, 2012 to 1st November,2017. It means that for this
period of 5 yrs the Franchisee will have to go by the Companys rules and norms
and should not violate any of them.
4.2.After this tenure the Franchisee could not use the Pharmacy related products,
stationery and other related items. . The Pharmacy shall not use the Companys
trade name, trade mark, symbol, logo or the word Apollo Pharmacy or any other

name used by the Company, or any stationery, letterhead, nameboard or otherwise,

except to the extent and in the form and manner approved by the Company in


5.1.The Franchisee shall be responsible for and shall bear all recurring charges and
expenses whatsoever incurred or to be incurred in carrying on the business in the
Pharmacy Shop. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the
Franchisee shall bear and pay:5.1.1. All rates & taxes and other outgoing payable to local authorities in respect of
the Retail Pharmacy.
5.1.2. All wages, salaries, employee payments of any kind including terminal
benefits, Pharmacy expenses, including telephone charges, wrappings, electricity
charges and charges for cleaning upkeep of the store, postal and bank charges and
operational expenses whatsoever.
5.1.3. The Franchisee shall at its own expenses and cost, provide for, such number
of suitable personnel as the Company may consider necessary for providing
efficient service to the customers.
5.2. The Franchisee shall at its own cost obtain licenses, registrations, permissions,
etc. And submit such returns, papers or documents to any government or local
authority as may be required by law to be obtained or submitted. All taxes, fees,

charges and other outgoing incurred or to be incurred under any legislation, rule,
bye-law, notification, order or otherwise, of any government, local body or
authority shall be at the complete cost and responsibility of the Franchisee and the
Franchisee hereby undertake to indemnify the Company against all such liabilities.
The authorized representatives of the Company shall have access to all such
records, if required.
5.3. During the subsistence of this Agreement the Franchisee shall duly and
diligently pay the rent and permitted increase thereof if any of the sais Retail
Pharmacy and observe and perform all terms and conditions and covenants of the

tenancy in respect thereof and duly and diligently defend any suit, action or
proceedings taken that may be instituted against the Franchisee and not to consent
to any order being made in such suit, action or proceedings without the previous
written consent of the Company.

6.1. This Agreement is for 5years. And the rights of Renewal is with the Company
i.e. Apollo Pharmacy can only renew the Agreement if it wants to. And if the
Company would wish to renew the Agreement then it would give the Franchisee or
the Pharmacy the prior notice and for this Agreement it would give the renewal
notice by around 4and a half years.
6.1.1.If the Company doesnt give notice for renewal then the Franchisee should
understand that the Agreement would terminate and the Company doesnt want to
continue with the Agreement.
6.1.2.The Renewal Fees for renewing the Agreement would be the same as the
initial stating cost that was required to set up the Pharmacy.
6.1.3. Also the Company shall change the territory assigned, could increase the
territory if the performance of the Pharmacy was better while renewing the
6.1.4. The Company would alter the tenure of the Agreement if would renew it byr
making it for 3 years while renewing the Agreement.

7.1.The Apollo Pharmacy would open at 7:30AM in the morning and would close
by 11 oclock at night other than that it would provide 24x7 home delivery
7.2. The Franchisee shall keep the Retail Pharmacy open for only during the hours
and days as permitted by the Local Shop & Establishment Acts.

7.3..The CompanY owned stores shall maintain adequate stocks of the

Companys product available for sale at any point of time. The store shall place his
orders periodically as per the Company policy.

8.1. The retail pharmacy shall also comply and abide with policy of the Company
in relation to, stocking, consumer service, staffing, training and generally in
relation to marketing and other factors and shall not commit a breach thereof.
8.2.The Company shall sell to the Franchisee such of the product (private labels &
medicines), forming part of the Companys stocks from time to time, as may be
required by the Franchisee, provided the same available with the Company. The
Franchisee shall sell the Companys products only in retail and at prices not
exceeding the Maximum Recommended Retail Price fixed by the Company, in
accordance with the terms of the price list supplied to the Franchisee.
8.3. The Company shall sell the products ordered and/or booked and/or allotted
to/by the Franchisee by raising an invoice alongwith carrier receipts and/or
delivery challan copies on a principal to principal basis, upon the Franchisee. The
payment terms will be as specified by the Company from time to time.
8.4. The Franchisee shall submit such reports as may be specified by the Company
from time to time, in addition to,
8.4.1. weekly sales report containing daily sales value by the end of the succeeding

8.4.2. Daily home delivery record register containing daily delivery value by the
end of the day.
8.4.3. Monthly product-wise sales report containing quantity and sales value for
each of the products that are sold should reach Company by the end of the first
week of the following month.

8.5.The Pharmacy agrees to allow the cardholders of the Company, cash discounts
on their purchases against coupons issued by the Company in accordance with the
scheme of such discount from time to time fixed by the Company.

9.1.1.RELATINSHIP: None of the term of this agreement shall be constructed as
conferring the status of an agent on the Franchisee, and all dealings between the
Franchisee and the Company shall be on a Principal to Principal basis, and shall
not be deemed to create any other form of relationship otherwise then as expressly
stipulated here.
9.1.2. TAXES:The Pharmacy does not have any authority to enter into any
agreement on behalf of the Company, draw, accept, or endorse any bill on behalf of
the Company or to use the name of the Company except to the extent authorized by
the Company in writing. The Pharmacy shall dully pay the taxes as specified.
9.1.3.USAGE: The Franchisee shall use only such stationary, letterheads,
nameboards and other items in the Pharmacy expressly approved for use by the
Company in writing. Specifically, the use of any name, logo, trademark, or symbol
other than the Companys is expressly forbidden except to the extent and in a
manner specifically approved in writing.
9.1.4. The Pharmacy shall not modify or alter the Companys products so as to
change their appearance or function in manner.
9.1.5.RECRUITMENT & TRAINING: The Company would guide the Franchisee
to recruit and train the employees as specified with skills and qualifications as for a

Pharmacy the employees should have done B.Pharma and M.Pharma. They should
should be properly trained before being employed in the Pharmacy and is done
with approval from the Company.
9.1.6. ACCOUNTS: Proper bills should be generated for every customer visiting
the store as well as for home deliveries and it is maintained by the Company. The

Franchising should create proper bills of the other things required for running the
Pharmacy so that the company can tally it and do the payments.
9.2.1. RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING: The Company reserves the right to
appoint one or more additional Company owned in the same town or city in
which the Retail Pharmacy is situated. Also it has the right to recruit and train
employees to be placed in the Pharmacy.
5.2.ADVERTISING AND MARKETING SUPPORT:Any publicity or Promotion
in respect of retail pharmacy shall be subject to the prior approval of the company
in writing.
5.3.MANUAL: The Company shall be free to supply its products to its dealers,
including those in the same town/city in which the Retail Pharmacy is
situated.Performance incentives, bonus shall be available to the Company-owned
as per Sales Policy in force. Also in manual it specifies all the operations that is to
be performed to run the store.
5.4. ARBITRATION: Any dispute arising out of this agreement shall be referred to
arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Arbitration Act,1940.
This Agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts at Delhi.
5.5. NOTICE AND TERMINATION:The Company shall be free to terminate this
Agreement in event of any change in the constitution or management of the
Pharmacy whether or not involving a change in the ownership structure, unless the
Franchisee informs the Company and obtains the prior written consent from the
Company of such change.
5.5.1.This agreement may be terminated by the Company, by giving three months
notice in writing. The Company reserves the right to terminate the Agreement
without giving any notice as aforesaid in the event of the violations by the

5.5.2.Franchisee of any of the terms of this agreement shall be final and binding on
the Franchisee. The Company shall not be liable for any damages, claims of a
similar nature, in the event of the expire or prior termination of the Agreement as
aforesaid, the Franchisee shall, unless otherwise agree upon, do the following
forthwith; cease to use the name, trademark, symbol or logo of the Company on any
stationery, letterheads, documents, nameplate, furniture representation or in any
other manner;
5.5..2.2. return to the Company all stocks of stationary, display material of any
kind, sales literature, brochures and all other items of similar nature; gives free access to the Company to remove all furniture, equipments tools
etc. belonging to the Company or located at the Retail Shop; Immediately repay all amounts owing to the Company, as per the
Companys books, regardless of whether or not such amounts have become due.
5.6. Any service of notice or communication given by the Franchisee or the
Company shall be in writing and shall be addressed:

By the Company to:

FRANCHISEE-Abhijeet & Company
ADDRESS-B-2, Sector-22

By the Franchisee to:

COMPANY-Apollo Pharmacy
OFFICE-Head Office

5.7.CALLING OF THE PERIOD: If the Franchisee is not willing to do the

agreement then it should call of the Agreement within the 10 days of signing of the

5.8. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: All permissions, approvals,

authorities and notifications required to be given by the Company under this
Agreement shall be issued and signed, on behalf of the Company, by the Head of
the Marketing Department.
INWITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed these presents of the
day and year hereinabove written.
Signed & delivered by the within named//Company Apollo Pharmacy by the hand


The Apollo Pharmacy, Head Office situated in Gurgaon wants offer a Franchisee to
the one interested in setting up a Pharmacy Retail store. The start-up cost for
setting up the Franchisee store would be around 5,00,000-7,00,000 in Noida region
with an area of minimum 200 sq. ft. and maximum 600 sq. ft.. We would provide
with everything required to set-up and start the Pharmacy store and would provide
up with all the details related to the store that would be required while setting up
the Pharmacy as well as after the Pharmacy is set up. So, we are looking forward
towards the person who is ready to invest such amount for setting up the
Franchisee store for Apollo Pharmacy in the region around Noida(specifically
around Sector-24). The person interested should be from medical background and
should have sound knowledge about medicines.
We would also provide you with proper details and guidelines regarding setting up
of the Apollo Pharmacy as well as for running of the Pharmacy. Also we would
provide you with information when required in case of problems and everytime
you will have to concern the Company for investing any cost. And we would also
provide you with all the products and services to be offered in the Pharmacy and
you cannot offer any other product than the one offered.
This Letter of offer issued by the Company of Apollo Pharrmacy looking forward
for those people who are interested in setting up a Franchisee of Apollo Pharmacy
with a capital investment of 5,00,000-7,00,000 in Noida region(around Sector-24).



The products offered by the Apollo Pharmacy are Medicines, Beauty, Personal
Care, Vitamins & supplements, Baby Care, Common Ailments, Healthy Living,
Instruments & Aids, Ayurvedic Products, Diagnostics, Skin Care, Hair Care,
Chemical Dyes & Pigments are basically offered to cure the problems as well as
the ailments of the people.
These products offered by the Pharmacy are basically medicines and health
related products and hence plays a very important role in a persons life. It
provides a lot of benefit to the customers like the medicines helps to cure
diseases as well as the other products helps to cure things.
The pain relief tablets helps to cure the pain.
The toothpaste offered helps to protect the teeth from germs and plaque.
Chyavanprash offered helps to develop and make the kids sharp.
Also the medicines offered here provide a cure to almost all the diseases for
which the cure is possible.
The baby products offered helps to tale all the baby related health products
at one place and of quality.
The pharmacy other than its private labels offers a lot of other products of
other Companies which help them to provide cure to all other problems.
There are products specially designed for sensitive skins as skin of everyone
is not the same, and hence caters to a huge market.
It offers specially designed diapers for Adults according to their sizes.
Also it offers products like machinery related instruments like thermometer
to measure the temperature and other health and fitness related instruments
or machines.


The Apollo Pharmacy belongs to the world famous and efficient Apollo Hospitals
Group. It has created a different and identical identity of itself in India as well as
all around the world. The Apollo Pharmacy itself has been established with an aim

to reach and cater to all the markets of the country including the small regions and
areas as well with quality medicines which people could trust upon.
The Brand Equity of the Apollo Pharmacy is that it offers 24X7 home delivery as
well as membership cards as well as e-prescription. And the name Apollo
Pharmacy provides itself an identity.

The Manpower required for the Apollo Pharmacy are generally and most of the
time the Pharmacists that are employed by the Company.
The different designations and their Job Descriptions required for Apollo Pharmacy
are as follows:

Designation: Pharmacist / Sr. Pharmacist

Education : B.Pharma or D.Pharma
Experience: : Fresh or with 1 or 2 years experience in the related field
Skills : Good knowledge in drugs, good communication skill, customer

Job Description:
The Pharmacist / Sr. Pharmacist is responsible for the following:
Dispensing the drugs as per prescription / Indents
Raising the Pharmacy Requisition slips as per requirements

Receive the stock from Stores and check against the Issue Slips, for quantity,
batch no, expiry etc.
Doing physical verification of stocks with computer data daily
Taking the stock of short-expiry medicines once a month

Taking the stock of non-moving medicines once in 6 months

Building customer relationship for effective service towards total patient


Operational Pharmacist
Job Description
Receive the prescriptions from the patients/customers.
Go through the prescriptions carefully.
If in doubt, check with the referral doctor.
If the prescribed drug is not available, arrange for the same through stores /
distributors. If any particular brand is not available inform the doctor about
the substitute and get the consent for the same.
In case of narcotic drugs, ensure that the prescription is duly signed by the
referral doctor with registration number rubber stamped, and is current
Clarify the quantity required and the dosage with the patients.
Prepare the bill for the quantity required and inform the patient / customer
about the bill amount.
Generate the bill in duplicate.
Take the medicines from the respective racks in accordance with the bill and
the doctors prescription.
Check the medicines physically for batch no, expiry, quantity with the bill
and prescription and approved by the pharmacist.
Pack the medicines along with the prescription and the original bill. If
patient prefers, counseling on dosage and regimen.

Online Pharmacist
Receive the indents/manual from the patient or customer online.
If there are any doubts in the indents/manual, check with the Nurse/Doctor
Picking the medicines from respective racks as per Indents/manual

Cross checking the medicines with the indent/manual and bill for batch,
expiry and quantity.
Pack the medicine and issue to dispatch section
Online/ Manual return medicine slips are checked with the physical stock
received and accounted in the patient bill.

Designation: Clinical Pharmacist / Sr. Clinical Pharmacist

Education : M.Pharm, B. Pharm
Experience: : Fresh or with 1 or 2 years experience in the related field
Skills : Basic fundamental knowledge in Pharmacology

Job Description:
The Clinical Pharmacist is responsible for the following:
Checking the indents for medication errors.
Checking the home medications and registering them in a prescribed
Updating the drug formulary
Preparing the Chemo admixtures whenever required
Doing ward rounds and discharge summary check
Monitoring ADR(all Day Report) and documenting the same
Responding to drug related queries of all health care professionals
Preparing and submitting monthly reports to Clinical Pharmacologist

Designation: Pharmacy Trainee

Education : Std. 10th Pass/with or without experience

Experience: : Fresh or with 1 or 2 years experience in the related field

Skills : Cleanliness, commendable communication skill, bicycle riding

Job Description:

The Pharmacy trainee is responsible for the following:

Ensure the cleanliness of the Pharmacy at all times for a dust free
Collect the stock from the Stores.
Arranging the files of daily reports and bills
Any other job given by the superiors

Operational Pharmacy
Job Description:
Deliver the medicines at the doorstep of the customers, if required.
Get the Rough Cash Books / Duty Charts & other documents duly
signed from the respective authorities.

Designation: Pharmacy Assistant / Pharmacy Aide / Sr.

Pharmacy Aide
Education : Std. 10th Pass or Fail / minimum 3 years experience in the
Experience: : Fresh or with 1 or 2 years experience in the related field
Skills : Good knowledge in drugs, good communication skill

Job Description:
The Pharmacy aide / Sr. Pharmacy Aide is responsible for the following:

Building customer relationship for effective service towards total patient

Dispensing the drugs as per prescription / Indents
Raising the Pharmacy Requisition slips as per requirements

Receive the stock from Stores and check against the Issue Slips, for quantity,
batch no, expiry etc.
Doing physical verification of stocks with computer data daily
Taking the stock of short-expiry medicines once a month
Taking the stock of non-moving medicines once in 6 months

Operational Pharmacy
Job description:
Receive the prescriptions from the patients/customers.
Go through the prescriptions carefully.
If in doubt, check with the referral doctor.
If the prescribed drug is not available, arrange for the same through stores /
distributors. If any particular brand is not available inform the doctor about
the substitute and get the consent for the same.
In case of narcotic drugs, ensure that the prescription is duly signed by the
referral doctor with registration number rubber stamped, and is current
Clarify the quantity required and the dosage with the patients.

The startup value of setting up Apollo Pharmacy is approximate:

The price of rent or ownership varies from place to place as they are set up in
posche & normal residential areas.
It could range from 10,000-50,000(normal areas) and 50,000-10,00,000(posh
areas), this is an approximate value, excluding the start up value if shops.

Generally the size of the pharmacies is the common size of the medical shops in
the market. Otherwise, minimum 200 sq. ft. and maximum 600 sq. ft. but the new
format raised by Apollo Pharmacies is more than double that is:
1500-2000 sq. ft.
The layout of the Apollo Pharmacy is same as of other Pharmacies with racks to
keep medicines in the different specified transparent boxes in alphabetical order.
As well as the equipments are the computer system integrated with the IT system
controlled from the head office as well as the billing machine and weighing
machine. It also provides opportunity to measure the height in the Apollo
Pharmacies. It needs and employs only the trained staff the pharmacist and that is
done by the Company only.

The Apollo Pharmacies generally open from 7:30AM in the morning and closes at
11 oclock at night, but it provides with the 24X7 home delivery services.
In the Pharmacy a register is maintained of all the home deliveries made every day
as well as proper bill is generated by the billing machine for every customer
visiting the store. Also daily cleanliness and hygiene factor should be maintained
as it is a Pharmacy shop. The necessary stationery as well as all other requirements
of the Pharmacies are provided by the Company.
And all other system related problem are solved by our own IT Department as well
as Technical Department, the Pharmacy just need to inform the Company Head
Office about the problem and technicians would be sent to solve the problem.
Also the products i.e. the medicines are procured time-to-time by the Company
itself as it is a medicine shop.

As it is an Apollo Pharmacy i.e. it deals in medicines and health related products
and hence are the foremost priority for the customers and hence an adequate
quality of the medicines as well as the products should be maintained. The
Pharmacy shop should be cleaned daily and properly to maintain the hygiene factor

of the shop. Also the products i.e. the medicines are of reputed company and ISO
marked and always the stock of medicines sent to the Pharmacy is latest and sent in
the quantity that it is sold within the time period of expiry date.


Since it is a Pharmacy and deals in medicines as well as health related products so
one cannot keep stocks of it and hence needs to be replenished from time-to-time.
The logistics of Apollo Pharmacy is very strong as they maintain an online track of
the medicines available in the store and hence they track the medicines in the
Pharmacy from time-to-time. And sent the stock before it is finished so that
customers should not face any problem.
Also the medicines are properly stored and expired medicines are not kept in the
Pharmacy store to avoid any problem. As well as medicines and products are kept
in the atmosphere and temperature as required by them so that they are damaged or

The Apollo Pharmacies maintain an online record of the sales done at the store and
most of them are Company-owned stores so there is no need to give royalty to
them. Apollo pharmacies maintains its sales and is controlling all its sales and
profits. And it itself pays to the employs it hire and not as they take away their
share and rest is of the Company. All the accounting procedures are properly
followed and maintained in all Apollo Pharmacy stores according to the Company
and is controlled by the Company itself.



I am the owner of Abhijeet & Company and is interested in opening a Pharmacy

shop. I have an investment of 5,00,000-7,00,000 which I want to invest in setting
up a Pharmacy shop in Noida(around Sector-24). I belong to a very good family
background and we are basically from Delhi. I have done M. Pharma and I am
from medical background.
I have sound knowledge about medicines as well as health related products and
could very smoothly run the Pharmacy. I want to invest in Apollo Pharmacies only
because it belongs to a world famous and reputed group i.e. the Apollo Hospitals
Group. And could promise you that with my sound knowledge and efficiency

would set-up the Pharmacy and would run it smoothly and would bring you profits
as well as would provide you with my valuable suggestions as and when required.
Also the place where I want to set up my store is of area minimum 200 sq. ft. and
maximum 600 sq. ft., which is very appropriate for your requirement for setting up
the Pharmacy Store and would set up the store as specified and accordingly as
mentioned in the manual as well as in the Agreement.



Apollo Pharmacy provides NO FRANCHISEE, it has a strong network and

turnover because of which it itself act as a distributor. It has a high Brand
awareness and availability of Drugs is more than other Competitors which help in
increasing the Clientage.
As Apollo Pharmacy wants to reach the customers in every direction for which it
wants to open its store to all the convenient places.
So, According to us, an Apollo Pharmacy should be open in Sector-24, Noida also
Firstly, The nearby stores does not have the Apollo Pharmacy.
And secondly, These sectors mostly cater to middle profile families which could
increase the customer base, as the customers are more loyal towards Brands
especially in case of their health, when Apollo is offering the High quality products
with same price as others.





A Franchisor expects that whosoever is taking the Franchisee would abide by the
and follow the rules mentioned in the Agreement as well as the manual and would
follow the procedure as specified by the Franchisor. The Franchisor expect that the
Franchisee would immediately inform the Franchisor about any big problem that
would cause a loss to the Company and would try to avoid such mistakes.
A Franchisor also expects that the Franchisee would not indulge in any of the
activities that could spoil the Image of the Company in the Market. It would not
damage the property provided by the Company to the Franchisee as well as would
not misuse the things given to them.
And would always look forward for the betterment of the Company.


A Franchisee expects from the Company or Brand that it would provide all the
details related to the store so that it Image could not be spoilt in the market. Also if
there is any mistake committed not deliberately then the Company would look
forward to it to solve it rather than just blaming the Franchisee and forcing it to pay
for the losses.
Franchisee wants to be considered as an integral part of the Franchisor and should
be provided with all the relevant information so that thing could run smooth. Also a
Franchisee wants that all the details and all Pharmacy related information should
be provide to the Franchisee so that it could handle the emergencies rather than
calling the Head Office always.
Also a Franchisee needs co-operation from the Franchisor so that it could smoothly
function the store with its guidance and helps in maintaining good relationship
with them.


The Apollo Pharmacies belong to the Apollo Hospitals Group-Asias largest health
care group and provides one of the finest and quality medicines to all types of
customers in all regions of the world including the small regions. Apollo
Pharmacies has made it possible by providing all types of medicines as well as
health related products at one place so that it is easy for customers. Also it aims at
reaching to all types of customers by providing 24x7 home deliveries, membership
card, online prescription, and many other services so that it could reach a huge
market and provide an ease and convenience to the customers. The areas in which
company has its core competency are Home delivery, ATM Facility,24 hours
services and these categories have emerging in the market. Apollo Pharmacy is
rapidly spreading awareness about its brand through its quality products and
genuine medicines.


Suggestions and recommendations are:
Companys representative should tell the product to their existing customer,
who is loyal for the company.
Improve their promotional activities.
Demand and supply of the all brand.
Should look for the Competitors activities.
Should improve upon the Apollo Pharmacy retail staff.