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Exercise Sheet

Present Perfect
This exercise sheet is designed to be used as a practice tool
in combination with the explanations given in the class. Use a
separate sheet of paper to write the answers.

Simple structure. Answer the following questions:

Have you eaten breakfast?

Use have as auxiliary verb
and the main verb in past

Have you seen the last James Bond movie?

I have eaten pizza

Have you driven a truck?

I havent eaten pizza

Have you been to Canada?

Have you eaten pizza?

Have you danced tango?

Have you read a novel?
Has he called the doctor?
Has she graduated from school?
Has she finished the presentation?
Have they cooked dinner?
Now, write down 10 more affirmative or negative sentences.

Questions with ever. answer the following questions:

Have you ever eaten sushi?

Have you ever had a car accident?
Have you ever seen a UFO?
Have you ever won a race?
Have you ever planted a tree?
Have you ever flown in a helicopter?
Have you ever written a poem?

To talk about experience
I have visited Florida
Action in the past that
continues to the present
I have worked here since
I have worked here for 15
Used in an open period of
time (with possibility for
I have visited 5 customers
this week

Has your best friend ever let you down?

Has she ever run a marathon?
Have they ever sold a house?
Now, write down 10 sentences using never. Each with a different
verb. E.g. they have never bought a bicycle.

Yet and already. answer the following questions using

already in affirmative forms, and yet in negative forms.


Have you cleaned your room yet?

Yet is used for questions

and negatives.

Have you finished the report yet?

Have you visited Florida yet?

Have you talked to your boss yet?

No, I havent visited Florida


Have you bought the materials yet?

Have you sanded the drywall yet?
Have they called you yet?
Have we arrived to Los Angeles yet?
Have they given you an answer yet?
Has he checked the plans yet?

Already is used for

affirmative sentences
I have already visited Florida
I have already read this book
I have already seen that

Has she told you about her vacation yet?

For and since. Write 10 sentences with each expression

to practice the structure.
- Write10 sentences using For:

We use for and since to

talk about an action that
starts in the past, and
continues in the present.


For is used with periods of


I have lived in my neighborhood for 4 years

I have had my car for 2 years

I have driven in this city for 10 years

Since is used with dates or


- write 10 sentences using Since:


I have studied English since 2013

I have worked at my present job since 1999

I have practiced sports since

1990 / since I was a child.