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VOL. X N0.

1 APRIL 2010
A quarterly newsletter of the
Philippine Daily Inquirer Inc.

candidate Nicanor Perlas and

Ang Kapatiran’s standard-bearer JC
De los Reyes.
In the vice presidential
race, Gordon’s running mate
Bayani Fernando seems to have
quite a following among Inquirer
employees, with 24 votes cast for the
Bagumbayan vice presidential bet.
This is more than 20 percent of the
total voting population, quite big for a vice
presidential candidate who has not fared
well in recent SWS and Pulse Asia surveys.

Jejomar Binay (PDP-Laban,13 votes);

Sen. Loren Legarda (Nationalist People’s
Coalition,10 votes), Perfecto Yasay (Bangon
Pilipinas, 6 votes); and Jose Sonza (Kilusang
Bagong Lipunan, 2 votes) placed in third,
fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively,
while Dominador Chipeco and Manzano
were tied in last place with one vote each.
The online mock election, accessed
through the Inquirer HR website, was

Noy, Mar top PDI

held from Feb. 24, (starting at 7 p.m.)
to Feb. 26 (until 11:59 p.m.). Due to
popular requests, the poll was extended
until March 8.

mock polls
Tally of Votes

Benigno Aquino - 53 (48%)
By Kristine Felisse Mangunay independent polling organizations Social Richard Gordon - 21 (19%)
Weather Stations and Pulse Asia, is two slots Gilbert Teodoro - 20 (18%)

enators Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino away from the mock polls leader, having Manny Villar - 11 (10%)
III and Mar Roxas emerged as finished fourth with a meager 10 percent Eddie Villanueva - 3 (2.7%)
runaway winners of the presidential (11 votes) of the total number of votes Jamby Madrigal - 1 (0.9%)
and vice presidential races respectively in a cast. Bagumbayan standard-bearer Richard Joseph Estrada - 0 (0%)
recent online mock election conducted by Gordon came in second with 21 votes, while Nicanor Perlas - 0 (0%)
Inqsider among Philippine Daily Inquirer former Defense Secretary Gilbert “Gibo” JC Delos Reyes - 0 (0%)
employees. Teodoro of the administration Lakas-Kampi
Of the 110 poll participants, both party placed in third (20 votes). VICE PRESIDENT
the Liberal Party standard-bearer and his Other presidential bets ranked as Mar Roxas - 53 (48%)
running mate garnered 53 votes, or almost follows: Bro. Eddie Villanueva (Bangon Bayani Fernando - 24 (22%)
half (48 percent) of the total votes cast. Pilipinas), 3 votes and Sen. Jamby Madrigal Jojo Binay - 13 (12%)
Strong presidential contender Sen. (independent), 1 vote. Loren Legarda - 10 (9%)
Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party, No votes were cast for Puwersa ng Perfecto Yasay - 6 (5.4%)
who trails closely behind Aquino in Masang Pilipino’s presidential bet former Jay Sonza - 2 (1.8%)
recent presidential surveys conducted by President Joseph Estrada, independent Edu Manzano - 1 (0.9%)
Dominador Chipeco - 1 (0.9%)

Are we really ready for automated elections,

other elections issues
By Annelle Tayao a Prime Minister is just a remote possibility. But whether this issue is relevant or
not, we just have to be watchful of motives, actions and directions. Not just hers,

M udslinging, black propaganda—these are some of the indications that

the election campaign is really heating up just as the mercury is rising
during summer. As the campaign is now on the homestretch, let’s take
a peak on the mind of Inquirer employees on their thoughts on some election-
related issues or who they’ll vote for on May 10.
but of every politician. And for now, that’s all we can do, aside from lobbying for
the resolution of any controversies against them.” – Jaymee Gamil, editorial
production assistant
“Gloria Arroyo is running for a congressional seat to avoid prosecution
KATE PEDROSO because her family and friends plundered our nation. It is a
scary thought that she may even try to be House Speaker, tinker
What kind of leader do you want our next with our Constitution, and become Prime Minister for life.
president to be? It makes many of us angry! Enough is enough!! Our nation
“For me the next president should be God-fearing, and our people have suffered enough from these CORRUPT
this trait is very important for me because by this he/she government leaders who have betrayed us!! Tama na! Sobra
will be afraid in doing things against the law and against na! Palitan na! Plunder cases should be filed. **Justice
the eyes of God; he/she should also be responsible, must prevail. Our country and our people are so hungry for
credible, intelligent.” – Dolce Amamio, Marketing change. We deserve a peaceful and prosperous nation for our
fellow Filipinos, a nation where justice
What makes the 2010 elections important? Or, prevails. A nation where activists, lawyers
in the first place, is it important to and journalists are NOT massacred.
you at all? Why or why not? Gloria Arroyo? Tama na! Palitan na!” --
“Very, very important ang 2010 Anonymous
elections! We had very CORRUPT leaders:
Marcos, Erap and then PGMA, Ate Glue :-( What can you say about the voting
Paano na ang mangyayari sa ating bansa recount in Pampanga, Bulacan,
kung isa na namang CORRUPT na leader Isabela, and its relevance to the
ang iboto natin bilang pangulo sa 2010? upcoming elections? Do you
Maawa naman tayo sa bansa natin at mga support Comelec’s decision
kababayang Pilipino. Pity our children on this?
and grandchildren who will suffer being in “I think the timing is, at best,
an impoverished nation, with yet another suspicious. Who needs new officials so
CORRUPT, morally bankrupt president. JAYMEE GAMIL close to the election of new ones? Couldn’t
God forbid! Filipinos are hungry for honest it have been done faster? It looks like the
leaders who have integrity and the welfare of administration is busy installing allies in places right when it matters–during
our nation, foremost in mind. Yung walang DOLCE AMAMIO the run-up to the elections. (Especially in Pampanga, where the President is
bahid, yung may malasakit at may TAPAT na SERBISYO–para sa Diyos at Bayan. running for Congress.) Also, no love lost between the Comelec Second Division
Yung HINDI MAGNANAKAW. Please reflect, discern and VOTE wisely for leaders and I; they’ve been coming up with all the controversial (ridiculous) decisions
who will lead us to a maunlad na ekonomiya, who will help bring jobs, schools, lately. Sabagay, medyo consistent naman ang logic nila–same division that
healthcare, justice, peace and prosperity to our nation. Let us keep working and disallowed Ang Ladlad on grounds of immorality, yet what’s moral about allowing
praying! **GOOD must prevail over EVIL** :-)–Anonymous a plunderer and a sitting president to run for office? Morality, yeah right. And
now, they’re unseating two of the more decent local officials (Padaca’s a Ramon
What is your reaction to GMA running for a seat in Congress, and Magsaysay Awardee, ano ba?!) – Kate Pedroso, Research
the possibility of her becoming House Speaker, if she is elected? Is the public’s knowledge on automated elections enough?
“With the avalanche of cases against her, she needs to be disqualified What problems do you think might happen?
from politics, even if just to give enough time and space for her to face all these “Definitely not enough public knowledge. If voter registration were any
complaints, and to resolve these issues. I think it’s Comelec that should be indication, people will come, but they will be unprepared and lost. Last I heard,
penalized for approving candidates with pending criminal and administrative even the teachers haven’t been educated about the process. I expect there will be
cases. But since it already happened, we can only hope that Pampanga voters delays because voters would have to be oriented on-the-spot, I expect there will
would make more informed decisions when they decide whether she’s still be technical difficulties, I expect there will be wasted ballots because some would
trustworthy enough to continue being enabled with power. As for her being a not be filled up correctly, I expect logistical nightmares, I expect that in election
possible House Speaker: a. I trust that even if she can sway majority of the lower hot spots, power will be cut off, or vandals would crop up, or worse. Not to
House, she will meet considerable opposition from the Senate, not to mention, mention, the usual problems of flying voters, etc. But I also expect that after the
she will still be subjected to checks and balances by the executive and judiciary voting period, vote counting will still be much faster than before, and therefore,
branches; b. If she’s there to railroad legislation for Charter change, I find no there will be less time and opportunities for election-related violence to occur.
problems with constitutional amendments per se, nor with a parliamentary If it’s going to happen, it will have to happen publicly, with lots of witnesses.”
government. However, I don’t trust that GMA or her partymates can propose – Jaymee Gamil, editorial production assistant
productive changes to the Constitution or our government system. We have What else can Comelec do to improve voters’ education?
already found that their platform, at the least, is out-of-touch with, and apathetic “Maybe they can do an ‘awareness program’ wherein they can visit
about the basic realities, needs and even human rights of Filipinos. And also areas where people are still not familiar with the new voting system.” – Dolce
more promotive of private interests instead of public. c. At this point, her being Amamio, Marketing

By Kristine Felisse Mangunay
Sweaty foreheads, tanned lines, you name it. It’s summertime people, and with El
Nino still heating up the atmosphere for the next couple of months, finishing off the
workload at the office has obviously become the least of everyone’s worries.
Or has it?
Inqsider made the rounds to find out the summer plans of Inquirer employees. Here
is what some of them have to say:

“Sa Bohol? Wala lang, sa

“Sa Tagaytay nalang dahil summer kasi bigla-bigla akong
mahangin.” mamamamasyal.”
- Abeth Bagotsay, collection clerk - Karen Rivera,
general accounting assistant
“Ako gusto ko sa Bohol. Gusto ko
sa Panglao, gusto ko kasi sa beach “Siguro sa Batangas, kasi doon ang
eh. Gusto ko ring maexperience province namin.”
ang Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin.” - Lyn Alday, accounting supervisor
- Noemi Melican,
collection records assistant “Dumaguete and Siquijor for me, to
experience for myself Apo Island and
“Sa province namin, sa Antique.” the mystical wonders of Siquijor.”
- Jefone Abong, - Mary Jane Ang, audit officer
accounting assistant
“Aside from my usual beach
“I’ll go with Jef.” escapades every summer, I will be
- Alje Lomuntal, accounting taking a day-trek to Taal Volcano
assistant to see for myself why it is included
“Pag summer, nagtatrabaho in the 1,000 Places To See Before
ako.” - Deo Roberto, INS You Die (a book by Patricia Schultz,
“Pumunta ng beach.”
- Ramil Escopete, IT Summer plans, 2003). - Almi Ilagan, researcher

“Sa province namin sa

summer wishes
department Zambales. Fiesta kasi doon
kaya parang mini-reunion
“Gusto kong pumunta sa na rin namin ng mga
Tagaytay, malamig doon cousins ko.”
kasi.” - Kat Gutierrez, billing
- Noel Millan, IT department assistant
“Sa Masbate pupunta kami sa lugar ng kaibigan ko.
“Pupunta sana ako sa Hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Visayas eh. Sana by
beach para magpalamig, sa boat kami para enjoy sa byahe! Cheers!”
Laguna.” - Lee Elgincolin, IT engineer
- Jerry Ruiz, DPU
“Batangas, usually ako pumupunta. La Union sana.”
“Sa Thailand, gusto ko - Rissa Camongol,
doon.” editorial production assistant
- Joan Bondoc,
“Sa Apo Island, sa Negros
“Palawan, sa beach sana.” Oriental. Favorite destination
- Andrew Tadalan, yun ng mga first-timers sa
photographer Negros because it is a marine
sanctuary. It is the favorite
destination of scuba divers.”
“Sa El Nido, Palawan. Hindi - Senen Bravo,
ko pa napupuntahan yun!” editorial
- Rodel Rotoni, production
photographer assistant

“Gusto kong mag-Baguio “Isabela, para

kasi malamig.” marelax relax.”
- Pearl Paguagan, - Eli Fugaban,
collection clerk DPU

summer 4. Siquijor–City dwellers who
yearn to escape from their fast-
paced lives will find Siquijor a
must-go. Known for its abundant
tales of sorcery and magic,
Isla del Fuego, as it was once
called, is a tropical paradise
with its picturesque sunsets and
white sandy beaches. Spend
From the natural wonders of
Baganihan in Marilog district to the
3-hour cruising adventures along
the winding Davao River, one of the
country’s top tourist destinations
manages to always keep travelers
on the edges of their seats—while
craving for durian.

a few days in this part of the 7. Coron—Magnificent kartz, pristine

By Kristine Felisse Mangunay world—and a few days might just white-sand beaches lacing jagged
Coron, Palawan
Photos by Joel V. Nigos become months. coasts, coral-and-rock gardens
shielding royal-blue lagoons. These
No summer plans yet? 5. Camarines Sur–A sucker for might very well be the kind of
Inqsider suggests these water sports? Camarines Sur is images that you may want to see in
tourist spots you might the place for you. This province your next adventure. You don’t have
in the Bicol region was named to go far because they can all be
want to visit at this time of the top tourist destination by the found in Coron, Palawan!
the year. Pack your bags, DOT in 2009. With its crystal-blue
waters and breathtaking scenery, Coron lies southeast of
choose a place and you’re this is no wonder. Now add to Busuanga, the main island of the
ready to go! the province’s natural beauty Calamian group of islands in the
its world-famous ecotourism northernmost part of Palawan.
1. Camiguin–This volcanic island in activities and what do you get? Geologists estimate that the
the northern tip of Mindanao boasts Masskara Festival, Bacolod City PDI PHOTO
Simple. The perfect getaway. limestone cliffs at Coron were
of pristine waters and to-die-for formed some 180 million years
coastlines beach lovers are sure 6. Davao–Located at the heart ago. They were also said to be
to enjoy. The Katibawasan Falls, of the country’s exotic south, part of a continental slab that is
Macao Cold Spring and the Sunken Davao’s world-famous tourist now Southeast Asia that drifted off
Cemetery are the island’s top tourist spots make for the perfect some 90 million
destinations, so be ready for an “all- destination for local and foreign years ago. This
water summer” throughout. Just don’t visitors alike. makes Coron’s
Pearl Farm Beach
forget to bring your sunscreen with Resort, Samal Island, origin different
you. Oh, and your bathing suit, of Davao from the rest
course. of the Philippine
2. Bacolod–Aside from the world-
famous Masskara Festival, Bacolod
has more to offer tourists who wish
to indulge in the city’s rich historical
heritage. The centuries-old San
Sebastian Cathedral and Fort San
Juan are definite must-sees, and a
visit to the Centennial Park, built as Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort, Mactan Island, Cebu Camarines Sur Watersports Complex PDI PHOTO
a tribute to Dr. Jose Rizal, is always
an experience. Spend your summer
holiday at Bacolod and the City of
Smiles will surely leave you, well,
smiling the whole summer.

3. Cebu–Looking for a bit of nature,

history and gastronomy in one place?
Cebu is definitely the place to
go. Take a dip in the sunny beaches
of one of the country’s top tourist
destinations. The rich marine life and
nature reserves of Cebu make this
part of the Philippines the ideal place
to go for nature lovers.
As for the food? Well, how’s kinilaw for
4 a start? 5
Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin PDI PHOTO Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin PDI PHOTO Coco Beach, Siquijor

That’s Entertainment!
They cover one of the noisiest industries and we’re always all ears for their hottest chika.
Now, let’s hear the latest buzz on the Entertainment Dept.

section into a miniature news team and
assigned beats to the writers. This came
as a bit of a shock to some people in the
Last stop: PDI industry. “Nothing of the sort had ever
been done before-or since-and it was a
By Vanessa B. Hidalgo much more professional setup.”
Over the years, Emmie has

ifferent setting, same faces. This is what Emmie G. Velarde said garnered awards for her work in the
when asked what about the Inquirer she immediately liked. She Inquirer. She was a recipient of the
can say this only because she has been in the industry for quite a Louie Prieto Award in 2004 and
while, working with numerous media organizations, mostly newspapers. last year, she bagged the prestigious
Now, for the past seven years, Inquirer has been the place she calls home. “I CMMA Award for Best Feature.
like it here. Masaya ako dito. Maayos kasi ang corporate structure,” she says. But for her, the greatest joy
That’s the bonus on top of the fact that she is working with colleagues she comes from putting out a good
respects, she adds. issue. Personally, she said, being
She started with the Inquirer as copy editor for the now defunct Elan. an editor is a great challenge for
Then she became a desk editor for News. She recounted that, during the all the excitement it inevitably
2004 presidential race, she and three other news editors were asked to cover guarantees. She explained: “I am
the presidential campaigns. She was assigned to Raul Roco and Fernando a creature of habit. And this job, its
Poe, Jr. “My marching orders were to get on FPJ’s float. It was not easy, on unpredictability, challenges that creature
account of a lack of coordination with the contact persons. So I just walked on a daily basis. I am energized by the
up to him and, before I could say more than his name, he blurted, “Twenty thought of going to work and not knowing
years! Hindi ka sa akin nagpakita for 20 years!’ I was stunned that he exactly what’s in store.” Emmie said the section
remembered me.” All told, that was an assignment she thoroughly enjoyed. was the first among all newspapers in the country to
In 2005, Inquirer editor in chief Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc told her, actively support independent filmmakers. As of now, Emmie said, she’s not
“You’ll be happier in the Entertainment section.” With little hesitation, going anywhere. “PDI is most probably my last stop.” She’s open to other
Emmie took on the job. options, though, like writing a new book to add to her previous two--“All
The section made her a better manager, she says. She organized the Star Cast” and “Aparador ni Lola.” Smiling, she said, “I’m good where I
am, but whatever comes in the future, I’m ready.”

CORA LUCAS and hunting down news, as she did before she became part of the
Hardly the noisemaker PDI family three years ago.
When the Manila Times was still in circulation, Cora reported
By Annelle S. Tayao on a variety of topics: lifestyle, news, entertainment. She amusedly
recalls her encounter with Erap, who, during their interview,
Sometimes it takes a little quiet wouldn’t answer her questions properly.
to filter through the noise— “I couldn’t build a story because he wasn’t giving me anything
especially if that “noise” is the in that interview,” she shares. “He was still VP then; to get him to
latest show biz chika. open up, I suddenly remembered one of his ‘Tatay na si Erap,’ and
Cora Lucas, Entertainment I asked him, ‘Paano po kung presidente na si Erap?’ After that he
desk editor, gets to read just started talking and talking.” She has also met and interviewed
firsthand—and confirm—all of other prominent personalities such as “Hanging Judge” Maximiano
the biz’s buzz we see in the paper. Asuncion and Haydee Yorac, whose lives interested her a lot.
But even if she’s surrounded by Cora came to Inquirer in June 2006; at the time there was an
the latest updates in one of the opening for desk editor in Entertainment. By then, the Manila
“noisiest” industries, Cora herself is Times had already folded up. “I was even joked,” she said, “that the
hardly the noisemaker. next paper I work for might close, too,” she laughs. As for the chika,
When you meet her along PDI’s Cora says it isn’t hard to come by at all. Sources and their columnists
hallways, she flashes a small, simple smile; readily feed them the info. Of course, Cora is there—ready to filter
timid, but still approachable. through all the chika, giving readers good and interesting reads from
But she’s got no shyness when it comes to interviewing the Entertainment world.
Your music guide
Inspiring readers
By Annelle S. Tayao O By Vanessa B. Hidalgo
By now, PDI’s music lovers should know the first person H Visiting the set of “Desperate Housewives” and talking with
to approach if looking for the latest scoop on their O its cast and spending three days in Boracay with heartthrob
favorite music artists—Entertainment’s desk editor and L Piolo Pascual is among this girl’s favorite moments with
in-house music expert, Pocholo Concepcion. O Inquirer. Marinel R. Cruz or Jaycee to her friends and
Pocholo’s insider knowledge on the music industry
stems not just for his love of this kind of craft. Before colleagues has been with PDI since 1998.
joining the Inquirer in September 2007, Pocholo was once a Jaycee, a Journalism graduate of University of Santo
radio DJ for dzRJ and manager of the band Yano. He used to Tomas, began her career as a proofreader for the Classified Ads
write freelance for Jingle, a song hits magazine, as well as other Department. She describes this experience as a “bit tricky.” “Kapag
publications. nagreklamo ang advertisers, magkakaroon ng re-run. Gastos
As desk editor, he is assigned all of Entertainment’s music ng company yun,” she says. After a year, she was transferred to
stories; of course, he also continues to write. “There are artists the Editorial as a proofreader for Across the Nation, World and
(I’ve interviewed) that are genuinely nice,” he says. “Alicia Keys Entertainment sections.
is nice, and so is Neil Sadaka.” Since 2001, she has been a reporter for the
Throughout his stay at PDI, he has also interviewed the Entertainment section. Among her favorite memories as a
likes of Kris Allen, John Legend, Charice Pempengco, former reporter includes having Annabelle Rama scream at her for
Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean, the band INXS, among J an estafa article she wrote. She will never forget chasing
others. A after the late FPJ just to confirm if he is truly joining the
So for those concert schedules, music trivia or the latest Y presidential fray in 2004. “I even gate-crashed a private
on the who’s who of the music world, Pocholo is definitely C party just so I could eavesdrop on his conversation about
your main man. E politics with close friends,” she adds.
E “Being a reporter has taught me to be patient and
diligent. Hindi ka makakakuha ng magandang story
BAYANI SAN DIEGO kung walang tiyaga at pagpupursige. I apply the same
values in my private life,” was her simple answer when asked
Job’s pleasant surprises what is the most important lesson that PDI has taught her.
When asked about her future plans, she just smiled and said,
By Annelle S. Tayao “I kind of like where I am right now. I only hope to keep writing
more stories that could inspire readers.
Entertainment news is never complete without the latest
scoop on our favorite celebrities, and Bayani San Diego Jr.
delivers just that. In his five years of writing for Inquirer’s
Entertainment section, he has met numerous artists— Turning points
some of his favorites include Sharon Cuneta, Lea Salonga
and Vilma Santos. Big names, he says, but little egos.
M By Vanessa B. Hidalgo
“But I have a soft spot for veteran stars,” he adds,
I “Patience,” was Romina “Mina” Erandio’s answer when asked
such as Mona Lisa, Mila del Sol, Anita Linda, Delia
N what is the most important lesson that the Inquirer has taught
Razon, Lilia Dizon, Perla Bautista, Caridad Sanchez,
A her. “You have to have tons of patience! But despite the stress,
among others. masaya pa rin dito!” she adds.
Before writing regularly for PDI, San Diego was already It was in June 2005 when she started out as a production
contributing stories to the paper since the early 1990s. Mostly, coordinator at the Classifieds department. She described her work
however, he did magazine work: in Philippine Graphic with Nick as the “middleman,” er, woman between the client and the sales
branches. Her main tasks include checking ads, layouting, proofreading,
Joaquin and Pete Lacaba; Mirror Weekly with now Entertainment
processing and positioning of the ads.
editor Emmie Velarde; and Woman Today with Marita Nuque. In 2007, she applied as an editorial assistant when there was an
He has also written for Mabuhay, Women’s Journal, Yes and opening for the Entertainment section. “I used to work for other
Women’s Home Companion. publications before I came to Inquirer and since I graduated
No deadline is unbeatable for this writer, in fact, it’s with a degree in Journalism, I might as well apply what I
where he finds his thrill. He also finds “pleasant” surprises in B learned,” she said. Since then, she has been embracing the
his job, like the time he was able to interview Oscar winner A tasks of being an editorial assistant for the said department.
Chris Cooper, who was at the movie set of John Sayles’ Y When asked about her future plans, she smiled and said,
“Baryo” a few months ago. He hopes to interview Barbra A “I’m definitely getting that service award this year!” Indeed,
Streisand, Oprah Winfrey and Madonna, all of whom he N turning five in this company has enriched her life not only
is a fan of. San Diego’s enjoyment of his career comes from I as a professional but as a person as well. And it just keeps
something deeper: “More than reporting on births and getting better for she is about to tie the knot this December
deaths, rumors and scandals, there is profound satisfaction in with her Indian fiancé. “This year is actually a turning point
covering the local indie film scene, and informing the public of in my life but somehow I see myself retiring in Inquirer
the awards and accolades its practitioners have won (and continue to not discounting the numerous opportunities out there,” she
win) abroad.” smiles.
in Ilocos Sur
By Joel V. Nigos

embers of the Inquirer Outdoor
Club along with cyclists from Cycling
Adventures and Advocates (Cycad)
experienced wet and wild fun early this year when they
by history enthusiasts.
On our second day, the group proceeded to Vigan
where we were billeted at Baluarte, former
Deputy National Security Adviser Chavit
Singson’s mansion located at the heart of the
Unesco World Heritage site. No less than
and Aries
with the

Hanging bridge at Salcedo town, Ilocos Sur, on the way to Gregorio del Pilar

the province’s current gubernational

visited the historic Ilocos Sur towns of Gregorio del Pilar candidate provided us a warm
and Vigan. welcome. The trip
Gregorio del Pilar, named after the Filipino to Vigan was not
hero who valiantly defended Tirad Pass from only a walk down
the American pursuers of Revolutionary memory lane but
President Emilio Aguinaldo, is a quaint town a sampling of
surrounded by mountains and ridges at over the region’s
4,000 feet. It is a municipality often visited gastronomic
delights, not The author with VIP host Chavit Singson Every road trip was an adventure at Gregorio del Pilar town
to mention

Inquirer employees and

Cycad members at the Rhostle Magno at Baluarte’s mini zoo
Gregorio del Pilar Shrine

The trip to Vigan


was not only a walk

down memory lane
The place where Gregorio del Pilar was felled by a sniper’s bullet
but a sampling of the
region’s gastronomic
delights, not to
mention shopping

Inquirer and Cycad bikers while traversing the rough road to Gregorio del Pilar

8 9
Look ma, no walls
This is how the Editorial Dept. at the 3rd Floor now looks like. No more walls or
partitions that separate each section which provides easy interaction between the
staff. The floor houses the News, Business, Metro, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle,
Photo and Art sections.

Photos by Eugene Araneta

Job Market Career Expo held Staff Box

By Chito San Mateo

Thousands of job seekers flocked to the Trinoma Activity Center

last February 15 to 16 during the first leg of the 2010 Career Expo
sponsored by the Inquirer Job A quarterly newsletter of the
Market. There were approximately 90 companies which participated Philippine Daily Inquirer Inc.
in the career fair.
Vice President Noli De Castro graced the opening ceremony of
the fair with Inquirer president and CEO Sandy Prieto Romualdez, Shirman Tan
senior vice president for sales and marketing Renato Reinoso, and
Adviser/Overall Coordinator
assistant vice president for Classified Ads Jesse Francis
Some companies took the opportunity to conduct job Joel V. Nigos
interviews and testing on a special room provided in the Activity Editor
Center. The Job Market also sponsored free training sessions to
job hunters. Topics include “Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts” by Jaycee Cruz / Chito San Mateo
Teledevelopment, “English Grammar” sponsored by American
English with Michael Brown as resource speaker, “Is There A Job Mundi Ocampo/ Kenneth del Rosario
Waiting For You” by Lloyd Luna, while Abbygale Arenas-de Leon Erika Sauler/ Vanessa Hidalgo/ Penelope Endozo
shared her insights Kristine Felisse Mangunay / Annelle Tayao
on “Personality Development.” The second leg of the Career Expo Staff Writers
will be in June and the third leg will be in October. The next two
legs will be held at the Glorietta Activity Center. Joel S. Paradeza Eugene Araneta
At the end of the first leg of the Career Expo, ePerformax
Editorial Assistant Photographer
was awarded as the best booth. They won P10,000. Telus and
Concentrix placed second and third places, respectively. The second
place winner got P8,000 in cash while the third place winner got Genie Lagman
P5,000. Graphic Artist
The Career Expo of the Inquirer Job Market has become a very
effective avenue for job seekers and corporate headhunters to meet.