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Container Conveying
Modular, Versatile,
Highly Productive

Modular, Versatile, Highly Productive

Solve Your Container Conveying Tasks with KHS. Made to Order!

 KHS Line Control

Your Product and Performance Specifications Define the Concept

 KHS Line Control

Everything Always within Full View

 Innoline BTR Modular Design System

Flexibility Right Down the Line


Machine Infeed and Discharge Systems for Every Container Type


 Wave Former
The Reliable Method of Separating Containers


 Redistribution Stations
The Heart of Every Container Conveying System


 KHS Buffer Concept

Ideal for High-performance Bottling Lines


 Always a Clean Solution

The Right Hygienic Design Tailored to Your Requirements


 Hygienic Design
Meeting the Highest Demands on Hygiene


 Innoline LT Standard
Gentle Air Conveying from the Blow Molder to the Filler


 Innoline LT Hygiene
The Safe Way for Empty Plastic Bottles



 Perfect Plant Planning

Prerequisite for Maximum Efficiency and Product Quality

Perfect Line Planning

Prerequisite for Maximum Efficiency and Product Quality

We will plan and simulate your line using cutting-edge

2D/3D techniques and thus ensure optimum space
You will receive a container conveying system tailor-made
to your requirements.
You will not only be taking full advantage of our flexible
modular design system but also benefit from our extensive
expertise on how to intelligently control and regulate
conveying systems.

Maximum line availability, perfect container handling

at a minimum of operating and servicing cost characterize
Whether you need to convey glass or plastic containers,
round, rectangular, or oval-shaped cans from machine
to machine throughout your line, with the Innoline
container conveying system from KHS you can optimally
solve all conveying tasks at virtually any rate of speed.
Functionally perfectly and highly economically.

all previously implemented KHS projects.

KHS scope of performance from which you can fully

benefit includes:

 Project planning of complete lines

(glass, non-refillable and refillable PET, cans, and empties
sorting, order picking) with the help of line simulation.

 Optimization of material flows, line assessment,

and weak point analyses with the help of INNOSIM.

 Definition of the supply and disposal areas in the filling line

as well as the filled and empty container areas.

 Determination of space requirements of filling lines.

 Advice on noise-related topics and preparation of noise
level estimates (in accordance with directive 2003/10/EC).

 Support for licensing procedures.

 Preparation of control concepts.
 Advice on environmental issues with regard to line supply


and disposal facilities.

KHS Line Control

Your Product and Performance Specifications
Define the ConceptAutomatische Auendesinfektion

 Perfectly coordinated control processes.

Container conveying and machine control processes,
the fusion of optimum line control.
You can achieve maximum line efficiency and overall
economical operation.

 Line control a sound overall concept.

KHS' line control concept is oriented to your product
and performance specifications.
All machines in the vicinity of the lead machine
(e.g. filler) and all conveyors are controlled according
to the output specified for the lead machine.
This control also incorporates the statuses of these
machines and the level of conveyor buffer use for
efficient line utilization.
Increased line flexibility, increased utilization ratio,

 Extensive know-how on line control.

You benefit from KHS experience gained from the
many successfully implemented projects involving
conveying of bottles, lightweight bottles,
cans, and specially shaped containers in all output

and decreased operating costs.

Optimally adapted to your needs!


Desired speed
Actual speed


 SOFTSTEP the intelligent solution.

 Decentralized drive concept (option).

Perfectly controlled changes in the container convey-

Consistent use of bus technology for drives, sensory

ing and machine speeds of your line.

equipment, and operator controls.

Smooth, less fault-prone operation and noticeably

KHS offers you a decentralized drive concept with

less container wear.

compact functional units comprised of frequency converters and gear motors.

Savings from reduced wiring installation effort; fewer
control cabinets; better utilization of available space.


Operator panel
Energy bus
Data bus
Sensor bus

KHS Line Control

Everything Always within Full View

 No unnecessary marginal outputs.

KHS line control avoids unnecessary marginal
outputs of the peripherals located around the lead
machine (e.g. filler).
The result is optimum machine performance
at all times!
Optimum utilization of the buffer capacities.
Less machine stop and go operation and thus
markedly less wear.
Lower operating costs.

 Clearly arranged control and diagnostic terminals.

 Frequency controlled drives

Terminals with menu-driven GUIs and easy to

Flexible and gentle to containers.

operate touch screen or button controls.

Perfect adaptation to all operating conditions.

You are provided detailed diagnostics and

operation information and are able to carry out
Your choice of languages you are not
dependent on the language capabilities of your
operating staff.

 Increase the productivity of your line with the

AIS information system from KHS.
AIS keeps you constantly informed on the current
status of your production system.
Weak points are pinpointed by reports based on
accumulated operation and disruption data of the
individual machines and line components.
Important information for you as to how and with
which means you can even better utilize your lines
performance capacity.


Ask for the AIS information brochure.

Innoline BTR Modular Design System

Flexibility Right Down the Line

 KHS Innoline container conveyors are comprised of

 All surfaces are smooth, only a few edges, and no

modularly designed elements that can be combined as

dead spaces.

desired virtually free of interfaces.

Simplified cleaning.

The result is perfect adaptation to your requirements,

quick commissioning, and calculable investment and
operating costs.

 Special segments for conveying lightweight bottles.

You can even process unstable bottles without

 Suitable conveyors are available for all container types,

sizes, and shapes.
A great deal of planning assurance for you.
Flexibility regarding the implementation of your
wide variety of products.

 Sturdy, heavy-duty design made of high-quality materials.

For you this means long service life and optimum
use of your investment.


 Noise-optimized design.
Adherence to noise threshold levels.

 Long-lasting motors with intelligent, variable positioning

 A choice of four different conveyor chains:


Stainless steel slat belt chains, plastic slat belt chains,

Flexibility in line layout.

and open and closed plastic chain mats.

The positive results include excellent accessibility,

The right means of conveyance for each type of

ease of servicing, and inspection.


 Optional energy-saving, class EFF1 motors available.

 Trouble-free chain replacement.

High efficiency and thus considerable energy

This gives your line more flexibility and makes it



system of nozzles.
Maximum hygiene at the push of a button.


 Automatic chain cleaning by a permanently installed


Machine Infeed and Discharge Systems for Every Container Type

 The containers merge alternately along a railing forming a

single file.
Reliably and at a high container flow rate.

 SOFTCONTROL - the gentle control.

This KHS development ensures optimum control of
pressureless combining - gently and dependably.

 The railings are made of materials that reduce friction to a

minimum, for PET containers for instance.
This keeps the coefficient of friction very low, reduces
noise, and handles containers gently.

 The conveyor belt drives are electronically controlled

according to the type of container and the degree of use.
Uniform, disruption-free flow of containers

 Pressureless container combining

a KHS development field-tested worldwide.
Convey your containers to the desired line
- with little noise, reliably, gently.


 Infinite graduation of individual belt speeds.

Prerequisite for disruption-free continuous operation.

 Automatic rejection of container fallovers.

Pressureless combiner
Conventional combiner




Accumulation station
Parallel station

Redistribution (corner stations)

Redistribution (parallel)

Distribution station

Hygienic design

Wave former

Air conveyors

Buffer table
 Preferred use


No decrease in line performance.


Wave Former
The Reliable Method of Separating Containers

 Short, compact design.

Requires little space within the line.

 Simple adjustment to various container diameters.

More flexibility and a wider range of uses of
your line.

 No damage caused by infeeding bottle fallovers.

Greater safety and longer service life.

 A single line bottle flow is transferred to the discharge

conveyor in a side-staggered, loose, two-row formation
by rotating belts.
High conveying performance at a minimum
noise level.

 Container guidance on both sides

Great operational reliability even for unstable
Perfect solution for plastic containers!


Redistribution Stations
The Heart of Every Container Conveying System

KHS supplies the appropriate redistribution stations for

 Container distribution from one lane to two conveying

all conveying systems. This includes light barrier controlled


container distribution from one to two lanes, parallel

Optimum mass container conveying to various

pushover, blunt pushover with backup stations, conveyor

parts of the line.

Prerequisite for optimum container handling, especially

 Parallel pushover the gentle solution to the

for ultra-lightweight PET containers, low noise emission,

problem of conveying lightweight bottles.

and high line efficiency.

Ideal capabilities for conveying all lightweight

plastic bottles. The better alternative to
accumulation stations in this area.


bends, corner stations, and container skimming.


KHS Buffer Concept

Ideal for High-performance Bottling Lines

The KHS buffer concept makes high-performance bottling

lines even more efficient while handling containers exceptionally gently.
A new type of distribution station distributes the incoming
flow of bottles to the infeed belts. Without colliding with
the tip of the plow. With very little pressure and noise.
Specifically controlled drives transfer the bottles quickly
to the discharge conveyor.
When bottle flow backups occur, the bottles are pushed
across the chains until the table is full.
This is done exceptionally gently and quietly due to the
short distances of travel and belt speeds specially tuned in
relation to another.


Low pressure and low noise.
Alternating method of separating the bottle flow.
Several drives ensure an optimum graduation of
conveying speeds for all degrees of utilization and
container transfer on the buffer system outfeed.

Optimum utilization of production space.
Adherence to noise-level regulations.
Gentle container handling.

 Other advantages:
Space saving.


First in, first out.


Always a Clean Solution

The Right Hygienic Design Tailored to Your Requirements

distance piece
on the tip.
Welded guide strips.

Welded-on railing
mounting brackets.

Easy Clean design

Welded threaded

Slanted flange



and cross-braces.

 The following models are available:


 Smooth surfaces, stain-resistant rounded design with

basic hygienic version for normal

few corners and edges.


The innovative solution in the filler environment

for semi-aseptic and ultra-clean filling.

Easy Clean standard conveyor components

modified for hygienic requirements.

 Open-type design wherever possible.

High product safety. Perfect even automatic

Easy Clean Special

completely modified conveyors for
high demands on hygiene.

 It is possible to combine several different versions

in one system.



Hygienic Design
Meeting the Highest Demands on Hygiene

To fulfill the highest of demands on

bottling such as aseptic cold filling
of beverages.
Smooth, dirt-repelling design.
Maximum safety for biologically

No-ventilator aseptic drive with caustic and acid-resistant paint

Separate top and bottom belt strands


sensitive beverages.


Innoline LT Standard
Gentle Air Conveying from the Blow Molder to the Filler

 Wide-span supports for firm, stable conveyor stance at

 Refillables and non-refillables, neck ring handling:

heights of up to 4 meters.

The neck ring on the bottle neck rests on a wear-resistant

Optional conveyor installation on wall brackets and/or

guide strip.

ceiling suspension.

 Hygienic design, automatic filter monitoring, and a

 Extensive modular design system for all task definitions.
Great flexibility coupled with highly economical
operation. Trouble-free expansion possible at all

 Exactly controlled ventilator units.

Lower energy consumption and longer filter life by exactly
dosing the required volume of air.
Reduced operating costs.


high-performance diverter module complete the


 A wide variety of container types possible.

A widest possible range of bottle sizes and shapes can be
processed by simply adjusting the guide railings.
Automation available tailored to your requirements.
Less changeover time required for format changing.

 Low-wear neck ring guides.

Gentle container handling with maximum service life
for refillable and non-refillable containers. Solid section
or clip-on versions available.
Servicing and operating cost savings.

 Pickup/discharge station.
A height-adjustable station can be used for combined
chain and air conveying.
Easy format changeover.

 Modular diverter program:

Modular design redistribution and combining for
flexible and efficient line layout.
Integration of existing conveyors possible.


Innoline LT Hygiene
The Safe Way for Empty Plastic Bottles

 Hygienic design conveyors.

Conveyors covered with easy-to-open,
transparent side panels or enclosed in stainless steel
with inspection windows and maintenance covers.
Maximum protection against container
contamination from the outside.

 Trust is good, control is better!

Monitoring of filter cleanliness with warnings or
automatic compensation of ambient conditions.
Testing and display of sensor statuses at the
operator panel.
Less servicing effort coupled with high ease
of operation.


 Only side-mounted specially shaped nozzles.

No air forced directly into bottle mouths.
Increased protection against container contamination.

 Hygienic design ventilator units.

Integrated stainless steel ventilator with a prefilter on
the intake end and a main filter on the delivery end.
Maximum filter life coupled with highest possible
demands on air purification for filling under clean
room conditions.

 Optimum choice of filters.

As fine as necessary, as simple as possible.
Single or multiple-stage, intake and/or delivery end layout
of EU2 to EU12 class filters.

Filtration efficiency in %

Filter class DIN EN 779 (1822-1)






Particle size in m




Flexible solutions to meet your requirements.


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