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"A bending 8htff I would not break,

A feeble faith I would not,

Nor e1en rudely pluck away
Thu error wbich oome trutli may ~toy,
Wboo nddcn I"" migbt leave wit bout
A shield against the haf!.i of doubt,"


BlBLE H ousE.


tlC.o tlJ.e {'ling of hings emu !'or.b of lorhs:


'WAITIXG Fon 'Ilnt


A~D 0~'

A."l> OF




ijj;gis lJll).orh ts f:J.eb irnkb.

"To mako all su what is th flll'Sbip oi lh m11tr1 icil Irmo the ber\~
ning of lh& 110rld hath b..o !Ud in o.d." "Wh&nin le b&li abolillde.I
t<>ward ltS in !J v:sdom nd prudence, bHiDg ma kll<>'a'll unto us
I.ha mylor] <i llls wil~ a"""1ulg IO Bis good plasuro .,.hich Bo
hath !>'.!rpOSOoi in Jfim..lf ; lh&L in tb dfapt111atfon of tilt
folnoss of lhe timts lb mighl gi'.bor \<>~oilier in one, all
things, und-.r Cluist."-Ji:l'i. I: 8-SO: 3:4, 6. 9.

COl'YRICH!T 1690.
TmrnR PuoLlSHINO Co.,
ALl.EGllE~Y. PA.


Necessity is the best of all reasons. A necessity seems

to call for jusl such a volume of hymns and p(>ems as the
one here presented, and therefore it is.
Grand truths arc made yet grander and more beautiful
as smoothly aud soothingly they flow in rhyme; and for
family worship, and for social public gatherings of the
Lord"s children, nothing can be much more profitable to
them or more pleasing to our Lord lhan united prayer
and praise in psalms and hymns and spiritual ~ongs--sing
ing and making melody unto the Lord from the heart.
- True, there ere already many collections of poems and of
hymns, roost of which contain some that ere grand and
beautiful, and some might therefore question the necessity
of a new collection. Collections in general, however, contain much more of chaff than of golden grain; and each
collection seems to have omitted many of the choicest and
to have included many un<lesirnhle. Hence it seemed to us
expedient, and the J ,ord's will, lo prepare this fresh collection. From it we have endea,ored to leave out all chaff;
and though we cannot hope that we ha,e herein garnered
all the worthy grain, we certainly have winnowed very
carefully and have found and brought together a collection
which in onr judgment is without an equal, and just what
God'~ consecrated childre!:i will rejoice to see.

It will he observed that the hymns selec1cd generally

represent the altitude of trnly con:.ecrated believers, whose
sins havtt bem forgiven, and not of unbelievers and sinners
desiring to fin1 God and lo obtain forgiveness. We regard
it as irnprqer for any to take the Loni's praise into his
mo111h until he has believecl, and hence until forgiven.
(See Psa. 50: J 6.) We believe, too, that it is very unbecoming to the Lord's saints to take the attitude of sinners,
and to sing, for instance-"Depth of mercy, can there be
Mercy still reserved for me ?
Can my God his wrath forbear;
Me, the chief of sinn<'rs spare1 " and many of the same stamp. An<l it seems equally improper that a hymn should be addressed and sung to si1t1urs, as-"Come, ye sinners, poor and needy,"when the idea should be that of worship to the Lordpraise, prayer and thankfulness. Hence none of the usual
revhal hymns are included in this collection, which is
strictly what its name indicates--l'oems and Hymns of the
Dawn-for the Rride, an<l for all the Redeemed.
Not fettered by sectarian boundary lines, we have gathered from everywhere-from the Methodist and the .Presbyterian Hymnals, from Winnowed Hymns, from the
Gospel Hymns Consolidated, from tl1e Jubilee Harp, and
from others a few. As these hymns and poems are read,
it will be noticed that though written under varying circumstances, ancl some of them centurie:> apart, the one
holy Spirit of the one Master must bave more or less controlled and inspired the noble and beautiful truths and
sentiments expressed. (\\'e do not mean a plenary inspiration, ~"Uch as we attribute \v the prophets and Sjl>lles,
hut an inspiration resulting from a familiarity and sympathy

with the plenary inspiratioll3 and teachings of the Scriptures.)

While some of these poems have been altered somewhat to bring them into full harmony with the yet dc:ircr
light of the" harvest" time, the intelligent reader will be
impressed with the thought that though these poets believed
themselves to belong lo the various sects, yet really they
were all of the one church, partakers of the one spirit,
taught by the one Lord.
'Ve have not affixed the names of the writers lo each
poem, for two reasons: first, because we cannot surely
know the authorship of all of them; nncl second, because we could 1101 know whether the authors would in
every instance like to have their names attached on account of the alterations made. Our decision has there
fore been to mention the authors' names, so far as known,
only in the Index, and there to indicate by a mark (*)
which have been altered. This arrangement we trust will
be agree!lblc to many and offensiv.e to none.
The poem. not set to muoic we have placed first in order
and Jia,e arranged them, so far as possible, to tell the stoi-y
of God's plan for man's salvation and of the belie\ers'
faith and growth in !,'Tace am! trust connectedly.
The hymns, it will be noticed, are arranged in alphahtical order. \\'e trust that this ";H prove a comenience to
all who may use the book, as it will save time and annoyance in senrching an index. Tunes suitable to the hymns
are indicated at lhe head of each, so far as possible, and
as often as possible the numl-,ers of the same in either
Winnowed Hymns, Gospel Hymns Consolidated, the
Epworth Hymnal, Songs of Pil;,'Timage or Jubilee
Harp, which arc indicated by the abreviations \\1. H.,
G. II., S. P. and J. H. Where a number meet together
one copy each, of the above named books would be con
venient for the sake of the music.

Those who will feel the deepest inte rest in this collection, and whose .sentiments will he m~t fully voiced in its
verses, will u ndoubtedly be those in fullest degree o f sympathy with the dh-ine plan of the ages, as set forth in the
several volumes of l\l11.I.J\1'NIAL D AWN, the eyes of
whose understandings have been opened to the clearer,
purer light now shining from our great Redeemer's cross,
showing the fullness and the completeness of his salvation.
Jn fact, this volume, while not numbered as one .of the
voluuies of the l\!illennial Dawn series, is designed to be a
companion volume, a melodious acco111pn11i111ent io the
" new song," "the song o f l\loses :ind the Lamb " (the
grand harmony of the law a nd the gospel), as presented
in tbe regular D awn series.
Let the music of God's good and great plan ring through
your h earts and lives, dear fellow-pilgrims and fellow.
members of the "royal priesthood," so that every day and
every hour shall be filled with joy and praise and thankfulness. And that this-little volume may assist iu deepening t11e work of grace in your hearts is our object and
our prayer i11 its preparation.
With grateful thankfulnes~ to our Lord and Master
who has blessed me and the work thus, T acknowledge the
very valuable,;tance of my life-comp:miou and faithful
coLlborer in the editing of this volume, and pray bles.5h1gs upon all who use the bouk similar to that we have
enjoyed in its compilalion. l\Iost respectfully,
Your servant in Christ,
Alleghm)' Pa., U. S. A .



Inquirer.ELL i\IE the old, okl story.

Some say from hea\'n abo,e,
One, Jesus, left great glory
To show to men God's loYe.

Tell nie the story simply,

As to a little child;
For I of sin am weary,
Dissatisfied, c lefiled~

Tell me the story slowly,

That l may take it inThat story of redemption,
God's remedy for sin.
Tell me the story clearly
How Christ a ransom gave.
0 friend, am I the sinner
\\hom Jesus came to save ?

Poems of Daum.
Yo1tllg Cllrstian. -


the stOIT oflen;
For I forget so soon:
The early dew of morning
Has passerl away at noon.
Tell me the same ol<l st0rv,
\\Then you have cause
That this world's empty glory
Is costing me too <lcar.


C/1ristian i11 A./Jliction.Tell me the story always,

If you would really he,
In anv time of trouble,
A ~omforter to me.

Tell me the story sweetly,

In calm and soothing strain,
Arnl let its blessed message
Refresh my soul again.
Yes, arnl while coming g lory
Is da\vning on my soul,
Tell n1e the old, old story:
'Twill belp me reach the goal.

You ask me for tht: story

How f esus, from nboYe,
Left all .his heavenly glory,
To prove that Go<l is love.


of Daum.

\\'ell, you shall haYe the story,

The ol<l, o Id story, too;
And I am pleased to tell 1t;
To me 'tis always new.
I'd gladly tell tD some one
These tidings enry day.
! nercr should grow weary
Of pointing out the way;-

The way to life ancl glory,

\\'hose end is bliss complete,
In which the blest old story
Directs our willing feet.

Anr.1 as you hear these ti<lings

Of joy and peace, you'll see
They're not the awful warnings

0 f endless misery:Of a <lcatl1 "whose pang outlasts

The quh- 'ring, fleeting urea th,"
Round which "eterna! horrors hang,"
A never dying deitth.

And this, the hopeless doom for all

Except a. little flock.
Yon sec they do not comprehend
The precious old, old Book,-

But as the herald angels sang,

Good news without alloy;*
\Vhich yet" shall to all people be
Good tidi1~![S of great joJ'."


2: lO.


o.f Dawn.

The sto r v of our mournful fall*

From Eden's blissful state,
Into the depths of sin and deatb, t
Called pity forth so grca t That, from his shining courts above,
God sent his own dear Son; t
And by his full empowered arm,
For us deliv 'ran ee won.
Not in a wav which set aside
His wise a nd just uccrcc,
That whosoc 'er his law d efied
1\lust therefore cease to be;
Bt1t by rend 'ring unto justice
The fullest satisfaction, II
That thus he might be just, and still
Perform the great transactionSaving a lost and mined race
To endless life and glory.
This is t he burden of his p lun,
So I 'II begin the story.

In Eden's pleasant garden**
God placed a p erfect pair;
Their surroundings were delightful,
Their eternal prospects fair.

*Gen. 3.
Gen. 2: 17 margin; Rom. 5: 12; 6: 23;
tJob113:16.~Job 14: I4, 1 2, 1 3, 1 5; 10:19; Psa.146:
3, 4; 90: 3; l\latt. 7: JJ. URom. 3: 24-26. "*Gen. 2: 8-15.


ef Dawn.

But soon they disobeyed him

In the on! y thing denied:*
Forbidden fruit they tasted,
So in course of time they <lied.
Y ct even with this sentence
God's mercy was declared f
In a promise of redemption,
Through the woman's seed prepared.

Y es, one of Eve's descendants

Should bring to all the rest
The boon of life th us promised,
And all through him be hlest.
He should Le Son of En~,
But Son of God as well;!
And bring a full salva tion,
The Holy Sclipttues tell.

Thus he'd be a new crcationSon of God allll Son of Eve,

T hat na ught of Adam's conde mnation
He might from him r ecciYc.
Thus he'd escape the condemnation
l'hat fell on Adam's race,
And be a suitable oblation
To take the sinner's place.

2 : 16, 1 7.

t Gen. 3: 15. t Luke I : 35.

I : 2 1.


~ :\latt.


ef Dawn.

He did not come uy sin fnl blood,

Though I\fary was a sinner;
His spotless life was but transferred
lnto the human nature.
Arni thus for us he was made poor
\Vho once in glory reigned, [po\v 'r,
That we, made rich through love's great
~light be to life rega ined.
Four thousa~d years passed over,
Adam and E\e ha d died,
An<l all mankind were struggling
In (\eath's o 'erwhdming tide.

One night some shepherds, watching*

On fair Judea's plains,
A heavenly light saw streaming,
And heard angelic strains.
One of the holy angels t
Had come from h eav 'n above,
To tell the then new story
Of God's and Christ's great love.
[For 'tis not only love of Christ, t
But of Jehovah first,
\Vho planned the great deliv '1:ance,
The bands of death to burst.
\\Tho "sent" his wellbcloyed Son,
The idol of his heart,
Thus co111mentling his )o,e to us
By a sacrificer's part-

*t T.uke 2: 8-12. :t John 3: 16


I 7. ~Rom.

S: 8.

Poems ef Dawn.

In the g reat p lan his love d ev ised,

\\'hic h Christ was pleased with too.
Thus love of God, an<l Jo,e of Christ,*
Are both brought to our view.]

Ile came to bring good ticlingsSa ving, you must not fear;
Fur Christ \'Our new-born Savior
Lies in th~ village near.
J\ncl a multitude of angels f
Joined in an anthem then:
"Glory to God in the highest,
Peace on earth, good w ill to men! "

And wai:; that strange new story true?

They went at once to see,
And found the babe in a manger,!
Yes, it was truly heThe Seed that had Leen promised
So many ages past,
llad come to sar n lost sinners:
Y es, he had come itt last.

The babe to lovely boyhood grew,
And then to manhood's prime;
Then, "Lo, I come, Thy will to llo,
0 God," he said, "not mine."

10: 4-7;



7, 8.



t Luke 2: 13, 14. :j: Luke


ef .Daum.

He did his " ork so faithfullyIt was his heart's delight,

To show the path of duty,
From early dawn till night.
ll e heard tales of sin and sorrow
\Vith a sympathetic ear,
.Ancl lifted heavy burdens
Of sorrov,, sin and care.

He, too, was a !llan of sorrows,*

Acquainted with our grief,
Hence his sympathy a brother's
Which brought with it relief;

lnclecd, of him it is written, t

Our sorrows he did bear,
And all our griefs he carried.
0, v<hat a load of care!And that he bore our sicknesses, t
\:Vhen he gaYc the healing balm,
And virtue from his body went,
Human sufferings to calm.
Thus from the day of baptism
H iS sacrifice began;
And then he said, "It is finished,"


\Vhcn he gave his llfe for man.

* Isa. 53: 3. tisa. 53: 4.

II John 17:4;

t :lfatt 8: 17.

~ :llark5: 30.

P oems o/ Dawn.
Such was " the man, Chri:>t J csus,"
Savi<)r of fallen man:
\ ' ou 'Ye heard of his death so tragic,
But 'twas part of God's good plan.
\Vickc<l priests stirred up the people
To clamor for his life,
And the Roman law was feeble
To \rithstan<l their restless strife.
And so the man Christ Jesus
\\'as crucified and slain,
T houg h not a sing le proof was g iven
Of any sinful sta in.
Meekly for us he bore disgrace
And undescncd pain,
Submitted to the cruel cross,
For our eternal gain.
Look, dear one, if you can bear it,
Look a t our dving L ord;
Draw n ear the cross; beh old him,
"Behol d the La mb of God! " "'

H ow h is ha nds and fee t are mangled,

And before his suffering face,
Hard, cruel men stand mocking
At his undesened disgrace.
A crown of thorns they 'ye plnce<l upon
Ili;:; trul ,. roval brow
H oY1' little' do "they con~prchen<l
The" King of Glory" now.




1 :

I9; Re,. 5: 12.


.P oems of Dawn.

\\'ilh hi;;artless la ugh anil cruel scor n

They told h im t o come clown,
A nd lea ve that cross
And take a kingly crown.


llut little did they rea lize

\Vhat cost 'twould be to men,
O r that he could h ave do ne it*
And spared himself the p a in.
And that 'tw as love tha t held h im there
A w illing sacrifice,
Preferring even clcalh t o share,
To bririg to men release.
Yes. he beca!1le man's surety,
The debt \YC could not pay
1Ic willingly paid for us,
On that dark, dreadful day.
Fo r his br ide, the clmrch, he s uffered,
'Twa s for 01u- si ns h e die cl;
And not for our sins only, f
Rut a ll the " orld's beside.
From infancy to thirty years r.
The perfect man w as coming;
A nd there he was a ccepta ble,
God's Lamb for a sinoff ' ring.
*Matt. 26: 53, 54- t I John 2 :2. t Kum. 4 : 3; 1 Chron.
23: 3. Luke 3: 23. ~Gen. 22 : 8. John l: 29, 36.

Pt1c111s o.f JJaw11.

At once to John, on Jonla n\ ban '.{$,~
Ile came to sn11bolize
Iris comecratioi1 e'en to death,
And, too, thut he should rise-

Be lifte1l up hy God's own power,

From out the silent gn1,e:
Thut tlenth, led captiYe in that hour,
Should prove him strong to saYe.

Thus with our Lord this solemn rite

Did a new meaning gain;
Ko i;ins Juul he to wash
:Ko edl to restrain.


Ilis life. without one sinful srot,

\\'a;; pleasing- in God's sig-ht: f
EYen hi~ enemie,; found nau~ht !
Hut ,,hat was pure an<l right.
\ %urcd of this, the prophe t.John
From ,.uch a task <Ire\\ hack.~
Sayin;.:-. I've need to he hapti::ed of thee,
In whom there is no lac k.

And comest thou to me, to he

Baptized in Jordan's wa,e?
Yen," suffc1 it to be so now,"
Said he who callle to sa)c.
*Luk~ 3: 2~.

t Heb,?: 14.

I !'et. I :

+John 7 . 46. ~Luke 23 . 4, 14-2-.

19 ~fall. 3: 17.


Poems qf _/)awn.
This speaking symbol did proclaim
His consecration a n<l his faithT hat he should rise in God's own name,
Tho ugh faHhful unto death.

* **
His station in life was lowlv,
H e was a working man: f.
Hence knows the poor man's trials
As only a p oor man can.

The three years of his ministry

After the age of thirty,
'\Vere busy years of toils and cares,
Teaching the way of duty:
The duty of love to God and man,
\Vhich is the la;v's fulfilling; t
And then of trust in God's great plan, t
To s::we all who are wil1ing.
His mighty 'vorks in those three years
But shadowed forth his glory, I!
Ilis ki ngly lllinistry will end
The p lan of this o ld s tory.
As when he o p en ed blinded eyes
And unsfO])ped deafened ears
And even waked the dead to life
A n d gave sweet smiles for tears:

* ~Iatt. 3: 13, 15;

Rom. 13:

40. ~Rev. 22:

)1ark 6: 3. f?>Iatt. 22: 37-40;

tMark l: 15; 9:23; lI: 24. jolm II:
x7. 1J John 2: II.



of Daw11.

So the n he'll cause the blind to see,

And all the dead shall hear:*
And his kind hand from every eye,
Shall wipe the falling tear. t
Beauty he '11 give for ashes, oil
Of joy for heaviness; t
And in the end, with joy and praise,
Rightness and peace shall kiss.
In his teaching was the freshness
And simplicity of truth,
\Vhich corrected false traditions
Men had cherished from their youth.

Many said, this Jesus speaketh

As ne'er before man spake; II
\Vith authority he teacheth: **
Yet his words they would not take.
Hi!! sacrificed humanity t t
Remains an off'ring still,
Though, as the high exalte d One, !t
He lhes to save who will.
He lives; and at his coming,
He '11 wake them from the dustIn the g lad :Mi11ennial morning
'\\Then all will learn to trust.
*Isa. 29: 18-19; 35: 5, 6; John5: 28, 29. .f Rev. 21:
4. :j: Isa. 61 : 3. ~ Psa. 85 : 10. II John 7 : 46. ** ~1att.
7: 28, 29; Mark 1: 27, 28. tt Matt. 13: 46; 20: 28; John
6 : S1 ; r Cor. 15 : 21; r Pet, 3 : I 8. :t:t Phil. 2 : 9; Heb.
7: 25. ~~Acts 3: 1 9'-21.

Poems of I>,11,111.
Then he'll banish i,in and sorrow*
And triumph o'er the graye,
\Vben from dcath,011 tbatglad morrow,
Earth's ransomc<l hosts he '11 save.
Yes, at the time appointed t
lh the Father's wise decree,
The" Times of glad Refreshing" t
Earth's blood-bought hosts shall sec.
A highway grancl he ' 11 then cast up,
And gather out the stones;
And up to C\'crlasting life
Ile '11 lead obedient ones.

No lion shall go up thereon, II

Nor anv ravenous beast;
For all th"e ills these symbolize

111 us t


T he deEert he w ill make to hloom **

And blossom as the rose;
Hcsiclc the lion and the lamb t t
:=-.Iay the young child repose.

For nothing shall offend or hurt U

ln ~ill his holv mountain;
And evil, sin a;;_<l clca th shal1 be
\Vashed out in Calv 'ry's fountain.
*ha.35: lo; 51: JI. t Acts17: 31. t Acts 3: 19 2r.
62: 10. II Tsa. 35: 9, 10. **ha. 35 : 1, 2.
tt Isa. i 1 : 6--S. H Isa. 11 : 9.
~I~. 35: 8;


Poems ef Dawn.
In a thousand years o r reign ing*
He '11 instruct and tnii11 and h ies::,;
And fully he '11 establish them
In life and righteousness.
To his Father he 'JI present them- t
Pure, blamelc;;,, \\ithout fault;
And earth's dominion he 'ti 1estore, !
The once possessed, and lost.

\\'ith lasting joy arnl singing H

Tlwy shall come to Z ion's mount:
But of Zion's wondr bw; glory
I must g i,e you an accou nt.
But where hegim the story
0 f this "Scc!l of A "? **
H ow can pen portray thy g lory,
Thou" Bride of God's own La ml>"?


Tnte Zion is a" little flock,"!!

The J ,onrs own faithful few,
\\.lw firmly build upon the rock~
" ' ith truths both old and new.
Called to be suns anc\ heir~ of Gt>d,
1\n!l bride of his dear !:ion 1111
They sacrifice the earthly good
To join the heav 'nly One.

Cor.15:25; Rev. 5:10; zo:6; Isn.32: 1; Jcr.

23: 5; Gen. 28: 14.

i" r Cor. 15: 24. t

:\[:ut. 25 :34. ~ l'sa.

8: 5-8. 11l,a.35: 10. **Gal. 3: 29. H Rev. 21: 2, 9;

Eph. 5: 31,:;z. U Luke 12.: 32. ~9,:\fatt. 7: 24; 13: 52;

z Pct. l : 4.

1111 Rom. 8 : 28;

Cal. 4 : 7 ; Acb J 5 : 14.



ef Dawn.

They mark the steps their Leader trnd,

And in his shining track,
\Vilh courage high and faith in Gou
Follow and ne'er turn back- *

Till life itself goes out in night;

Faithful unto the end,
They wal k by faith, und not by sight,
Anu every talent spend.
\Vorthy arc they to be hi~ b1idc- t
The bride of God's Anoinkd,
\\Thom, for the work of blessing all,
Jehovah hath appointed.
This is the New Jerusnlcm, t
This is the great l\lount Zion,
Ifoay 'nlv, from God it shall come down,
Its Ki~g is Judah's Lion.

In exaltation these shall shine-A "Sun of Righteousness," II

They shall be like theirJ ,ord, "ui,inc,
And men and angels b1css. t t


Now in her low and trial state,

Debpised and scorned of men,
This" liltle flock," the church of Chi ist,
Delights to folio"" him.
*Rev. 17: 14. t RcY. J: 4. ! Rev. 21 : 2, IO, ~Rev.
21:2. lll\fatt.13:43;.Mal.4:2. **2l'et.1:4; 1John

3: z.

tt 1 Cor.6: 2,3.



of Dawn.

Her glory and exceeding joy

In symbols now appear;*
Yet of that grace without alloy
She has a foretaste here.
Now she's a troop of "soldiers" t
Following Christ's command,
His flock of "sheep" well tended, t
\Vell fed from his own hand.
She's a band of the Lord's" brethren"
Of wholll he's not ashamed,
And the very "salt of earth " II
She is also "ell named.
She's also the " light of the world," '1. -'I:
Amidst gross darkness shining,
Since her<lear Lord his light withdrew tt
From men, the undeserving.
And she's called an" espoused virgin" 1t
\Vhile waiting for her Lord.
Like a meek and comely maiden
She trusts his faithful word.
But when she has crossed the borders
Into the promised land,
His glorious bride and full joint-heir
She'll be at Christ's right hand.
*I Cor. lo,

17; Rom. 6: 4.

t 2 Tim. 2 : 3, 4. i John

10: 4-15; Psa. 23; ~Heb, 2' 11; 3: I. II ~lat!. 5: 13.

**:Matt. 5: 14, r6; John I: 4, 5. tt John 9; 5; 12: 35.
tf2Cor. u:2 ; l\fark13:35; Psa.45: 10,n,13,14.
~~Rev. 19: 7, Rom. 8; 17.



of Dawn.

Together, they '11 he a" Prie;,thood," *

A" Ro\al P riesthood," too:
Anll thcii royal, priestly power
Shall make earth's all things new.

Then together they 're presented

,t\i:; King enthrone d and g1eat; !
J esus as th~ h ead considered,
And the body his e lect.
This C hrist !'hall be the" Prince of Peace,''
" \V onderfu1," " Counselor: "
A "l\figh ty <..Tod " of truth and g-ruce,
l\ran's ".Everlasting Father." II
As mi~rhty Prophd, Priest an(l King,
In "Times of H estittttion,"'k*
H e shn 1l to men salvation hringAn everlasting portion.

But to share this exultation,

Christ's hride must like him be ; t t
And the "first rc;,urrcction" !t
Sh;ill complete her perfectly.

Though this chief and heav'nly portion

"The Elect" ~done s ha II gai n,
Y ct for others there's salvation,
Frulll eYery s inful stain.
Pet. 2: 5,9. tR<'v. 2 (: 2, 5. t Rev. 3: 20; 20: 6.
18. IJ lsa. 9 : 6. **Acts 3: 22, 23; IJcb. 7 : 15,
i7, 1, 2. tt I John 3: 2. tt Rev. 20: 6.
* I

~Col. I :



of Dciw11.

Such of all earth's teeming millions

As obey "That Prophet's" Yoice *
Shn II be snYed from sin's dominion:
Christ will grant to each the choice.

Yet re1nember, all t his blessing

\Yhich to earth and men shall come

Is dependent on Christ"s coming:

Hence ...,.e pray "Thy Kingclom come.''
To claim his Bride he comes with stea Ith,
Kot then to men ;1ppcnrin1={: [wealth,
Fir"t she,, cndo,Yed with pow rand
Then comes the world':. greal blessing.
Thi,, Chtist, the" Sun ofRig-hteousness,"
f'hnli rise >Yith healing be:ui1s,
And as the glorions years progrc,,-;
Sweet peace shall flow in streams. t
There naught that's wrong shall be
term 'cl right,
l\'or right as \vrcmg appear:!
The Lord, the \\'a,, the Life, the Truth,
Shall make the right most clear.

* **
\Vhen for his Bride the Lord has come,
\Vith joy nncl glacl surprise,
l!e will be onh ...-isihle
To faith's an~1inte<l eyes:

Dcut. 1S: i5; Acts 3: 22, 23.

~ 2 Cor. 5: 16.

3: 18.

t Isa. 66: 12.

:;: :\[al.




Unti l she is mauc like him

And sees him as he is,*
And h er blessed hope's fruition
The heavenly Father gives.

Q}tickly she hears his welcome voice, t

Not borne upon the wind,
Nor in the secret chamber t
Does she her loved one finu.
B ut in the prophecies fulfilled,
And in the signs foretold,
By faith, with fttllest c\lnfi(lence,
She doth her L oni behold.

For him she's long been waiting

And watching night and day;
And for his promisccl kingclom
She has never ceased to pray. II
Chri!.t's appearing to the world a t large
\\.ill he in wrathful token,:!"-"
\Vith "iron rod " and h enYV scourc
Because God's law the;, ;e brok;n'.
Human pride wil1 not be willing
To yield 1.o his control;
And selfishness will aggrnvatc
The weakness frnrn the fal l.

* l John 3; 2. t John 10 : 4 . t :i\Tatl. 24: 26. ~ '.\latt.

24: 33. II Matt. 6: 10. **Matt. 24: 30; Rev. I : 7; 2: 27.

Poems of D awu.
The kings of earth and 1ords o f lands,
The rich and cleity too,
\Vill cling to pow 'r within their hands
As erst they used to d o.

"A time of trouble" there shall be

On every tribe and na tion ;
'Vith fear and trembling earth shall see
Its grca test tribu la ti on.*
Empires and thrones shall d isappear,
And creed s and syste ms fa ll ;
A rni o n th eir ruins G od will rear
His kingdom over all.
Yet to men this tribulation
I s a b1cssing in disguise.
The desire of every n ation- t
God's Kingdom-then sh a ll rise.
Tha t is " the good timecom ing." though
This da rk night lies between ,
\Vhose gathering shadows even now,
lly thinking men arc seen.
'T w ill teach ma nkind the lesson
'Vhich eternally \.Yill last Tha t sin brings tribula tion,
And virtue blessings vast.
Then fetters and bonds all broken,
And idols llll destroyed,
The bow of peace, God's token,
0 'er man shall e 'er abirle.
*Dan. 12: I . tHag. 2: 7.



ef Dawn.

Knowledge of God shall fi ll the ea r th

As wa ten; cover the sea;*
f mirth
Antl praise, thanksgiYing, atHl Yoke of
~fake sweetest meloLly.
There joyfully men \\ill press along
The highway to p erfection, t
\Vi th faith and hope and courage strong,
U nder divine direction.
\\'hen crowno::tl at last \\'ith perfect life
And c"crlasting joy,
[praise-They'll rnise to heaven their no tes of
Through Chri,;t this Victqry !

[Aud those who shall refuse bimFcw, exception" of the ruci.;\Nho when dear knowledge fills the
Reject the proffered graceThese shall no t further thus proceed,
A second time they'l l die;
They '11 b e cut off as God hath said,
The soul that sins shall die.
Their souls, redeemed hy J esus' blood
From the Allamic foll,
They forfeit by not willing good,!
The terms of life to all.]

- - - ---- - - - - -- - - - -- - *

ls:i. JI : 9. t ls:i. 35:

Heb.6:4~6; 10:26.

8; Rev. S: 13.



3: 23;

Poem> of Dawn.
Thus will the work be lin ii,hed
Ticcause our debt was pnhl,
Because on Christ, the ri~htcous,
The sin of all was laid.
'Vhereforc, because Christ did this work,
Ile 's now exalted high,
To nature and to p ower cliYine, t
Nc\er again to die.

0, t his wonderful r edemptio n !

God's remedy for sin ;
The way tu life it open ed
That a ll might enter in.

'Vho! who hath been God's co unselor?~

Or who hath known hi.~ min<l r
Not one of all the h cay 'nly host,
And surely not mankind.
This wisdom, po-..Yer, love and grace.
ll is blessed \Vord re-..cak
Arc but the bcamin~s of hi,, foec
In whom all goodness dwells.

Thm runs the old, old storrDo vou now take it in?....:_
This \Vondcrful rcclcmption
God's rcmcdv for s in.

* l'hil. 2: 8-11. t Rom. 6: 9. t 2

11 :


T im. 1

: 10. ~Rom.


ef Dawn.

Search the Scriptures, and bel ieve it'

The Dible says it 's true;
'Tis provided for aJJ sinners,
And therefore meant for you.
Then take this great salvation,
\Vhich our Father loves to give;
Just now by faith receive it,
In due time you shall live.

And if this simple message

Has now brought p eace to you,
Make known the old, old story;
For others need it too.

Go tell the blessed tidings

That legally we 're free*
From sin and pain ancl dying,
To Jive eternally.

By faith enjoy the prospect now,

And by and by frnition;t
Let every act of life now show
Your thanks for this salvation.
Soon shall our eyes behold 1tSalvation from above!
The theme of this old story
Of precious, heavenly love.

Christian Experima atul J(ly." I love to tell the story

Of gracious, heavenly Io,e;
How Jcsus left his glory,
That wondrous love to prove.
*Rom. 8:


t Rom. 8: 24.

Poems of .Dawn.
" I love to tell the ston,
Because I know it ;s true;
It satisfies my longings
As nothing else would do.
' I love to tell the storv !
:\Jore 'vonderful it.seems,
Than all the golden fancies
Of all our golden clreamR.

" I love to tell the story !

It <lid so much for ine;
And thitt is j ust the reason
I tell it now to thee.

" I love to tell the storv !

'Tis pleasant to repeat
'What seems, each time I tell it,
lVIore wonderfully sweet.

"I love to tell the story,

For some have never heard
The message of sa]yation
.from G<)d's own holy 'Vorel.
"I love to tell the story!
For those who know it best
Seem hungering and thirsting
To he?lr it, like the rest.
"And when, in iocenes of glorv,
I sing the nev,., new song,
'Twi 11 be the ol <l, ol<l story
Tfiat 1 have lo>e<l so long."






r;.EN. n : 16, 18.

CAL. 3: 8, 16, 2't) -

From the Scriptures of truth this conclusion we

- 2 Tim. 3: r6; John 17: 17.
That the wisdom of men nor the works of the bw


1 : 19;

[sa. 5 : 21; Rom. 3: 20.

Haye the power to cleanse, nor forgive, nor to save,


IO: 4;

Heb. 7: 19.

Nor restore from the curse, nor redeem from the


-Gal. 3:

21 ; 2: 16, 21.

:\Ien arc S<\Ved by their faith in the Crucified One,

- Rom.


9; Acts 16 : 31; Heb.

II : 6.

\Vhen his love and his goodness to them are made



lJ- 15;


l: 21;

John 3: 18;




Sa \ing faith comes by hearing the llfegiyingword,


10: 17;




And the mercy of Go<l through the Savior confcrrc11..

- 2 Cor. 5: 19; 1 Tim. 2: 3-6.

All who will n1ay be saved hy oliedicnt faith,

-John 3 : 18; Rev. 22: q-17.

An1l may gain life unending through Christ, by

his death.
-?dark 10: 30,
For the gospel salvation to all is made free:
-Titus 2 : I I.

As they heed its instruction their h1tlgmcnt will be.



16; John 3: 18.

Endless life is fo:- those who the gospel accept,

John 3: 16; Mark


30; Rom. 6: 23.

llu t death is the portion of th use who rcj cct.


3: 23; Heb.


10: 26, 27;

1{om. 6: 23.

Poems of Dawn.
For there's no other way that's rcYealcd by the
-Act~ 4: J 2; John




T o redeem fallen man but through Christ aud his

-Titus 2: 13, 14; Gal. 3: 13.
"The heaYens are the Lord's, but the earth he hath
-Psa. u5: 16; Isa. 45: 18.
To the children of men,'' as their home and their
hea \"en.
-l'sa. 37: 29; Matt. 6: 10.
\\Ticked rulers and nations thus far ha,-e borne sway

2; 2

Tim. 3: 13; ha.6o:


And their re ign has led down from the gold to the
-Dan. 2: 31, 44.
But the age for the world's promised blessing is
near,-Gen. 12:3; 22:18; rsa.72:17; H.ev.15:4.
\Vhen the true light that lighteth all men shall
-John 1:4, 7,9; S: 12; Dan. 2:44.
God has been taking out from the world for his
-Acti, 15: 14 ; Rev. 5: 9, 10.
A faithful, tried people with Jesus to reign.


2: 12;

Re,. 7: 14; :\lark 10: 30.

Those sleeping in Christ from the dead will arise,


Cor. 15: 23, 52.

And with "those who remain" meet the Lord of

the skies.
- I Thcss. 4: 16, 17; Mnrk IJ: 27.
These elect ones with Christ shall forever abide,

Thess. 4: 7

And he'll honor and glorify them as his bride.

-John 3: 29; :Matt. 25: I; Rom. 7: i7, 18.

Then, come to the earth with his choseu again,

-Zech. 14: 4, 5; I Thcss. 3: 13; Jude 14.
He \vill over the nations commence his just reign.
-Matt. 25: 3 1, 32; Lake




32, 33; Isa. 2: 3; 9: 6, 7.

Poems ef Dawn.
A s a body perfected the "seed" \Vill then bless
- I Cor. 12: 27; Col. 1: 18; Gen. 22: 1R.

All the nations of earth with the blessings of peace.

-Gal. 3: S, 16, 29; Luke


2: JO,

All the powers of earth to an end shall be brought,

-Psa. 10: Rev. 2: 26, 27; Jer. 25; 29, 33.

And their rule and authority soon come to naught.

-1 Cor. 15: 24; Phil. 2: to.

All their glory and pride like the chaff pass away,



And Christ and his chosen in mercy bear sway

-Dan. 7: 27; Psa. 22: 27, 28; Luke 22: 29, 30; 19: 17.

\Vhcn he speaks to the earth she uncovers her slain,

-Isa. 26: 19, '.<l; Hosea 13: 14.

And they all hear his voice and to life rise flgain.
- John 5 : 28;

Cor. J 5 :


He must reign until all things to him are subdued,

-1 Cor. 15: 25, 28; 2 Cor. S: 19.

And the face of the e;uth from the curse is renevved.

-Re'' 22: 3; 21: 5.

These times of refreshing and blessing are near,

-Acts 3: 19, 21;

~fatt. 24:


And Christ's life-giving powerwi 11 shortly appear.

-Col. 3: 3, 4-i


10: 30; John 11: 25; ill alt. 28: 18.

He will banish the curse and perfection restore,

-Psa. rn4: 30; Rev. 22: 3.

And the earth fill v;ith gladness and beauty once

-Isa. 35; 55: 10, 13.
Then sorrow and death and corruption ,vill cease,



And the world shall he clothed in the garments of

-Zech. 9: lo; ha. 2: 4.


o.f Daum.

\\' hen he rules in the earth t he glacl tidings are


-Psa. 22: 28; Isa. 45: 23; Acts 15: 16, 17; I Tim. 2: 6.

And the world shall remember and turn to the

L ord.
-Psa. 22: 27.
All nations shall worship the Lord then with fear.
-Psa. 86 :' 9; Rev.

15 :

4; 1\a. 67: 4.

And all men join in praise when his words they

shall hea1:.
-Rev.5: 13; Psa.102: 15.
\Vhen the Spirit of grace rests on Israel again,
-Rom. 11 : 26; Jer. 32: 40.

And they look upon him whom in wrath they had

- Zecb.12 : io; Acts:z: 23,36.

They will bitterly mourn and acknowledge their

-Ezek: 36: 31 ; 16: 61, 63.
An<lg1atllyaccepthim, their long-looked- for King.
-Isa. 25: 9; :\!att. 23: 39; Luke 3; 15.

Then the promised possession thcLorcl will restore.

-Ezek. 36: 24; 37: 21;

Jer. 32:


And their numerous sins he'll remember no more.

-Jer. 31: 33, 34;

Ez:ek. 36: 33; Rom. 11: 27.

Jerusalem will, with the Lord as its Light,

-Ach IS: 15, 16; Zech. 6 : 12, 13; Tsa. 40: 10-20; 33: 20.

Be the glory of earth and its joy and delight.

-Isa. 52: 9,


65: 18, 19; l'sa. 48:


From this city most glorious life's waters shall flow,

-Zech.14:8; Joel3 :1 8; Rev.22:1.

And the life-giving trees on its borders shall grow.

-Ezek.47: I, 12; Rev. 22: 1,2; 2: 7.
As the curse is removed this blest city of lo"e
- Rev: 22: 3; 20; 9.

Is enlarged and made one Yvith the city abon.

-Rev. 21; 10; Dan. 2: 35, .44


of Dawn.

All honor and g lory to the Lord shall be given,


14: 2 1 ;

Rev. 5:


And his wil1 on the earth will be done as in heaven.

-:\fatt. 6:


OTIIING to pay? No, not a whi L

Nothing to give? No, not a b it.
that was needed to give
to pay,
0 1

Jesus hath done in God's own blessed way.

Nothing to do?

No, not a stroke;

Foiled is the captor, broken the yoke.

Jesus at Calvary severed the chain,
And none can imprison his free men again.
Nothing to fear? No, not a jot.
Nothing within? No, not a spot.
Christ is at peace, an<l l'Yc nothing at stake;
Satan can neither harass me nor shake.
Nothing to settle? All has been paid.
Nothing to anger? Peace has been made.
Jesus a lone i."l the sinner's resource;
Peace he has made by the blood of his cross.
' Vhat about judgrnent? I'm thankful to say
Jesus has met it and borne it away;
Drank it all up ,v ben he hung on the tree,
Leaving a cup full of b lessing for me.


PQems of Dawn.
\\' hat about terror? It hasn't a place
In a heart that is filled with a sense of his grace.
Ivfy peace is most sv;eet, and it never can cloy,
And that makes my heart bubble over with joy.
Nothing of guilt? ~o, not a stain;
How could the blood even 011e let remain?
11y conscience is purged, and rny spirit is free;
Precious that blood is to God and to me.
\ Vhat of the law? Ah, there I rejoice;
Christ answcre<l its claims and silenced its Yoice.
The law was fulfilled when the work was all

And it never accuses a justified one.

\Vhat about death? It hasn't a sting;
The grave to a Christian no terror can bring;
For death has been conquer'd, the grave has
been spoilecl,
And e\'ery foeman and enemy foiled.
\ \'hat about feelings? Ah! trust not to them.
\ Vhat of my standing? \Vho shall condemn ?
Since Goel is for me, there is nothing so clearFrnm Satan and man I have nothing to fear.
What of my body? Ah! that I did bring
To God, as a holy, acceptable thing.
I t now is the temple whe1e Jesus abides,
The temple where God by his Spirit resiues.
\\'hat of my future? 'Tis glorious and fair.
Sincejustified, sanctified, glory I '11 share.


of .Dawn.

By his blood first redeem\l, b,- his grace then

. enthroned,

Side bv side with my Lord, as his Bride I'll be


\Vha t then, dost thou ask? O,gloryshall follow;

Eurth shall rejoice in the <lawn of the morrow.
To rule and to bless comes that kingdom and
Flee then, shall sorrow, death, c rying and pain.


OOR trembling sheep! Ah! who outside the

H as bicl thee stand, all weary as thou art,
Dangers around thee, and the bitter cold
Creeping and growing into thy inmost heart?
\\'ho bids thee wait till some mysterious feeling,
Thou knowest not what-perchance rnay'st
never knowS ha11 find thee, when in darkness thou art kneel ing,
And Jill thee with a rich and wondrous glow
Of love and faith; and change to warmth and
The chill and darkness of thy spirit's night!
For miracles like this who bids thee wait?
Behold, "God's precious word to thee is, Come,
The tender Shepherd opens wide the gate,
And in his Joye would gently lead thee home.

Poems of Dawn.

sh ould"st thou wait? Long centuries ago,

0 timill sheep. t he Shepherd paid for thee!
Thou art Ilis own. \Yonldst thou his beauty
Nor trust the lo\e which yet thou canst not see?
Thou hast not leurned this lesson io receiYe;
More blest are they who see not, yet believe.
Still dost thou "ait fOl" feeling? Dost thou say,
"Fain would I Joye and trust, Lut hope is dead;
1 hare no faith, a nd without fai1h, \\"ho may
Rest in the blessing which is only shed
Upon the faithful ? J must stand anll wait."'
Not so. The Shepherd docs n ot ask of thee
Faith in thy faith, Lut only faith in Him,
And this he meant in saying," Come to J\Ie."
In light or durkness, seek to do his will,
And leave the work of faith to Jesus still.


THE gruy twilight of a dreary mom,

A prisoner stood, defenceless and forlorn,
\\'hile, to 1\ Roman judge, with boisterous breath,
His fierce accusers clamored for his death.

It ''"as our Lord. rejected and abused;

The King of kings, his soyereign claim refused;
The Son of God, abandoned and betnn-ed,
An outcast, in the world which he had made.
It was his cho~cn people whose demand
That timi<l judge was po"erless to withstand;



ef Dawn.

A nd, while their baseless charges he denied,

He gave their victim to be crucified.
His chosen people, those h e loved and blcst;
\Vhose little ones he folded to his breast;
\Vho cried mo1e fiercely, as unmoved he stoo<l,
On us, and on our children, be his blood ! "

0 holy Savior! may thy grace reverse

The dreadful import of tha t reckless curse:
Ami on their c hildren, let thy ransom prove
"Th e blood of sprinkling," through Redeemin g
Lo,,e !

LuKB x1 : i 3. -

lIEA YEKL Y Father, thou hast told

Of gift more precio us than pearls an<lgol<l;
A "ift that is free to e\en one

Th;ough Jesus Christ, th}~ only Son.

For his sake, gi ,e this to me.

0 gi,e it to m e, for J esus said

That a father ~iveth his children bread,
And how much more thou wilt surely give
The gi ft by which the 1lca<l shall lin?
For Christ's sake, ghe this to me.
I cannot sec, and I want the sight;
I am in the dark, and I want the light;
I wan t to pray, and I don't know how;
0 give m e thy H oly Spirit now !
For C hrist's sake, g ive this to me.

Poems ef Dawn.
Since thou hast said it, I must belieye
It is only "ask" and I shall receive:
Since thou hast said it, it must be ti:;ue,
And there's nothing- else for me to llo !
For Christ's sake, give this to me.
So I come and ask, because 111\' need
Is very great ancl real indeed.
On the strength of thy \\'or<l I come and say
Ohl let thy \\ord come true to-<lav !
For Cf1rist's sake, gi,e this to 1;1e !


ESGS, my Lor d, thou att my life,

1\Iy rest in labor, strength in strife;
Thy love begets my lo,-e of thee:
Thy fullness that which filleth me.
Long, long, -I struggled ere I knew
My 1:itruggling vain, my life untrue.
I sought by efforts of my O\\ n
\ Vhnt is the gift of Chri"t alone.

I prayed. and wrestled in my prayer,

I wrought, but self \Yas ever there:
Joy never came, nor rest, nor peace,
Nor faith, nor hope, nor love's increase.
1\h effort vain, mv \Yeakness learned.
\Yeary, from self 'to Christ I turned,
Content to let his fullness be
An unbought fullness unto me.


ef Daw11.

Li fe's heavenly secret "as rcvcale<lln Christ all riches are concealed.
'Ve try and fail; we ask, he gin!s,
An<l in his rest our spirit lives.
0 peaceful rest! 0 life Divine!

:My efforts cannot make thee mine.

I yield my sinful heart to thee,
And in thy love thou fillest me.


rl"HE HUNGRY, starving soul doth cry,

Feed me, or 1 must cease to be;
And let the bread of life supply
~Iy spirit's great necei;sity.
Nor think it strange. All things of life
Require their food, their \ital air;
Aud pe1;sh on their field of strife,
If life's suppl ies are wanting there.
T he dews descend on thir,;ty flowers;
The heavens send radiance from above;
And so these hungry ;:;ouls of ours
Live in the dews and mys of Joye.
Jesus is lo...-e; the lhing bread;
His own dear life he doth bestow;
And souls w ho on that life are fed,
The pangs of hunger shall not know.


ef Dawn.


and ruin complete,
OUTOutOFof disaster
the struggle and dreary defeat,
Out of
Out of
Out of
Out of


sorrow, and burden, and shame,

evils too fearful to name,
guilt and the criminal's doom,
dreading, and terror, and gloom;

Into the sense of forgiveness and rest,

Into inheritance with all the blest,
Jnto a righteous and permanent peace,
Into the grandest and fullest release,
Into the comfort without an a llO\',
Into a perfect and permanent jo).

love that has wrought all for me!

work that has thus set me free!
ground upon which l haYe come!
tenderness, welcoming home!

Out of the terror at standing alone,

Out, and forever, of being my own,
Out of the hardness of heart and of will,
Out of the longings which nothing could fill,
Out of the bitterness, madness and strife,
Out of myself and of all I called life;

the light an<l the glory of God,

the holy, rnade clean by his blood,
his arms, the embrace and the kiss,
the scene of ineffable bliss,
the quiet, the infinite calm,
the place of the song and the psalm.


if Dawn.

holiness, bringing to light!

g1ace, putting all out of sight!
wisdom, devising the way!
power that nothing can stay!


is something in the sunlight
\Vhich I n ever saw before;
There's a note within the robin's song
I did not hear of yore;
There's something-ah! I know not w hat!
But something everywhere
That makes the world this morning seem
Most marvelously fair!

I awakened very early

And I watch ed the snn arise,
And it seemed to me that heaven
:Must be thnvning in the skies;
For a glory and a gladness,
Passing words of mine to show,
Flashed from out the eastern portals
On the waking worl<l below.
All the water gleamed with gladness:
EYery stream er in the sky
Seemed the arms of little children
Flung in joyousness on high;
A J1 the birds on all the .bus bes
Joined their melody to pourSnrely neYer \Yas a morning
Ushered in like this before!

Poems ef Dawn.
lb it fact or is it fancy?
Ooci. the secret in n1y heart
Unto c\erything it shi1;er; on
Spurious joyousness impart?
Or has all the world grown gladder,
As it seen1s to me to-day? .
ls it true or i~ it seeming?
\Vho shall tell? l cannot say.
Ah ! I care not! Docs it matter?
'Tis enough for me to know
That the world to me is gladcler
Than it was a year ago.
That on earth and sky ancl water
Lies a radiance, false or true,
That shall ncYer fade or fa] ter,
Kever be Ies~ strange or new !
If my heart thus gilds creation
\Vell it nrny, for it is glad,
Past the power of shade or shining
Any more to make it sacl.
N' C\er yet on earth or hca \"en,
Never yet on lan<l or sea,
Sh.oue the light of that great gladness
\Vhich my God h:1s given me.


robe J gladly '"ear.
one my neighbors, all, may shitre.
A robe so perfect, pu ~c and white,
lt!i very folds reflect the light.

Poems ef Dawn.
'Twill a lso fit each form and size,
Such won<l'rous virtue in it lies;
EYery deformity 'twill hide,
And deck the wearer like a bride.
This robe cannot with gold be bought,
H owever much it may be sought ;
Titles o f earth, genius, or fame,
No share in it can e\er claim.
But those who, counting all hut dross,
Bo\V low before the Saviour's cross,
Believing he will hear their cry,
And on his promises rely;
\Vho claim no merit of their O\vn,
Trusting in Jesus' name alone;
This robe wi ll cover, comfort, bless,
For 'tis Christ's robe of Righteousness.


-J.UKP. 9:>3.-

U LD ye be my disciples? Consider again:

Can ye follow my footsteps through trial and
Can ye throw away pl easure, and glory, and fame,
And live but to ho nor my cause and my name?

Can ye turn from the glitter of fashion and mirth,

And dwell like a pilgrim ancl stranger on earth,
D espising earth's riches, and living to bless?
Can you follow the feet of the she] terlcss?

PtJems ef .Dawn.
Can ye ask from your heart the forgiveness of men?
Can ye list to reproaches, nor answer again?
Can ye pray that repentance to life may be theirs
\Vho've watche<l for your falling, who've set for
you snares ?
\\Then ye hear I am come, then can ye arise,
The joy of your heart springing up in your eyes?
Can ye come out to meet me whate'cr the cost be,
Though ye come ou the waves of a storm-crested
\Vhen I call, can ye turn and in gladness "come out"
From the home of your childhood, the friends of
your heart?

\Vith naught but my promise on which to rely,

Afar from their love-can ye lie down and die?
Yea, we'll take up the cross and in faith follow thee
And bear thy reproach, thy disciples to be.
Blest Saviour, for courage to thee we will fly;
Of grace thou hast promised abundant supply.



Through cheerless nights w ithout a star,

Not asking whither or how far,

Rejoicing though the way be sore,
Take up thy cross
And follow Me.


Poems o.f D.rn:m.

I cannot promise wealth or ease,
Fame, pleasure, length of days, cstccmThese things arc yainer than they sccmlf thou canst turn from all of these,
Take up thy cross
And follow ::\Ie !

I promise only perfect peace,

Sweet peace that liYes through years ofstri fc,
Eternal lo\e, immortal life,
And rest when all these wnnderings cease.
Take up thy cross
And follow :;\fe !

J\Iy yoke is easy-put it on;

1ly burden very light to bear.
\ \Tho shareth this, nw crown shall sharcThe present cross insm~cs the crown.
T ake up thy cross
And follO\v ::\1e !



PLAY through life a perfect part,

Unnoticed and unkno\vn;
To seek no rest in any heart
Save only God's alone;
In little things to own no will,
To have no share in great,
To find the labor r eady. still,
Anrl for the crown to wait;


ef Dawn.

Upon the brow to bear no trace

Of more than common car e;
To write no secret in the face
For men to read it there;
The daily cross to clasp and bless
'\Tith such familiar zeal
As hides from all that not the less
I t's daily weight you feel ;
In toils that praise will never pay
To see your life go past;
To meet in every coming day
T\v in sister of the last;
To hear of high, heroic things,
And yield them r everence due,
But feel life's daily offerings
Are far more fit for you;
T o woo no secret, soft disguise,
To which self-love is prone;
Unnoticed by all other eyes,
Unworthy in your own ;
To yield with such a happy art
T hat no one thinks you care,
Yet say to your poor bleeding heart,
How little you can bear;Oh! 'tis a pathway rough to choose,
A struggle hard to share,
For human pride would still refuse
The nameless trials there;
But since we know the gate is low
That leads to heavenly bliss,
'Vhat higher grace could Goel bestow
Than such a life as this.



ef Dawn.


about the Master!
TELLI amMEwearv
and norn to-niO'ht

The day lies behind me in shacl~w,'

And onl y the evening is light !
Light with a radiant g lory
That lingers about the west.
l\Iy poor heart is aweary, aweary,
And longs, like a child, for rest.

Tell me ahout the Master!

Of the hills he in loneliness trod,
\Vhen the tears and blood of his anguish
Dropped down on Judea's sod.
For to me life's seYenty mile-stones
But a sorrowful journey mark;
R ough lies the hill country before me,
The mountains behind me are dark.
Tell me about the Master!
Of the wrongs he freely forgave ;
Of his love and tender compassion,
Of his love that is mighty to save;
For my heart is aweary, aweary,
O f the woes and temptations of life,
Of the error that stalks in the noonday,
Of fa lsehood a nd malic e a nd strife.
Yet I know that whatever of so1Tow
Or pain or temptation befall,
The infinite ~laster hath suffered,
And kno\veth and pitieth all.


ef Dawn.

So tell me the sweet ol<l ston-,

That falls on each wound "tikc a balm,
And my heart that is bruised and broken
Shall grow patient and strong and calm.

FABLE old, nor mythic lore,
NO Nor
dream of bards and seers,
Ko <lead fact stranded on the shore
Of th e oblivious years ;Ilut warm, S\Yeet, tender, even yet
A present help is he,
And faith has still its Olivet,
And love its Galilee.
The healing of his seamless dress
I s hy our bc<ls of pain ;
\\e touch him in life's throng antl press,
And we are whole again.
0 Lord, and Sa,ior of us a ll !
0 blessed Christ, divine!
\Ve own thy sway, we hear thy call,
\Ve test our lives by thine.

\Ve faintly hear, we dimly see,

In various phrase we pray ;
But, dim or clear, we own in Thee
The Light, the T ruth, the \Vay.
Our Friend, our Brother, and our Lord,
\ Vh;lt may thy service be?51

Poems of Dawn.
Not name, nor form, nor ritual word,
But simply following thee.
To <lo thy will is more than praise,
As words are less than deeds,
An<l simple trust can find thy ways
\Ve miss w ith charts of creeds.


CHRIST a ll fulness d wel Is: from him proceeds
IN All
that fall 'n man, poor, wretched, guilly,
In him the contrite, bruised in spirit find
vVhate 'er can heal the sorrows of the mindForgiving love, that saves from blank despair,
Rich grace, that banishes each anxious care,
Soft pity, that relieves the bursting sigh,
And truth, revealing joys that never die.
Thrice happy they, who to his word attencl,
His favor seek, and on his strength depend.
'Tis their's to know his h eart-consoling ,oice,
T o share bis smile, 'a nd in his name rejoice.
To them, recluimed in mercy from the fall
And beav'nwar<l marching, Christ is all in all:
In want, their treasure-in distress, their stayJn g loom , their day-spring-vigor, in decay'l\fid foes, their guard-in solitude, their guestIn storms, their hiding place-in toils, theii restIn bonds, their freedom-their relief, in paiuIn life, their glory- a nd in all things, gain,

Poems ef Dawn.
How oft we doubt
And fear we shall be oycrwhelmcd in sin,
Because temptation grows so strong without,
Because our courage is so faint within.
Ancl thus we sigh:
Then can it be that I have known the Lord?
Can I be one with him that sits on high?
Have I e'er felt the power of his word ?

Is this poor life

Fit prelu<lc for a high eternity ?
Abs! have I uot yet begun the strife,
Or must I fail before the victory?
0 heart of doubt!
\\' hen \Vilt thou, 0 thou foolish heart, be wise?
Thou lookest everywhere, within, without,
Forgetting only to lift up thine eyes.
No more despair,
There is no help for thee in things below;
Search not within for hope-it is not there
But unto Christ do thou for comfort go.
Christ is thy Rock ;
Doubt not this firm foundation, true nnd tried:
Fear not the gathering tempest's angry shock;
It harms not those that on this Rock abide.

Christ is thy friend ;

He knows thy \Veakness, he w ill g ive thee strength;
Trust! in his name is victory; he will end
The confli~t for thee; thou shalt " in a t length.

Pt1e1ns ef .Dawn.
Christ is thy peace;
From penalty and stain he sets thee free;
And in the white robe of his righteou::.ness,
Before the approving God presenteth thee.
Christ is thy ALL;
Forget thyself, and in him sweetly rest;
And thou sh;ilt enter, whatsoe 'er befall,
T he eYerlasting mansions of the blest.


CHRIST, of wondrous birth,

\Vho trod the dreary paths of earth,
Sbedcling abroad bis holy light
Through the deep gloom of sin's dark night.
A dJ'ill.![ Clzrist, whose precious blood
Seals the poor sinner's peace with God;
And fills the soul with fullest love,
Like to the joy prepared above.
A Cl1r;st ascended-all is dune,
A world redeemed, a victory '\'011.
\Vith angel hosts, a glorious throng,
\Ve'll sing with joy salvation's sung.

living Clirist our spirits need,

loving Chrfrt our souls to feed;
dyiug Christ, our ransom h e,
risen Clirist to set us free.


Poems of Dawn.
This too our need-a Clirist within,
A life with God, afar from sin,
A Christ whose love our hearts shall fill,
And quite subdue our wayward will.


him teach thee, weary soul;
makethee whole; Job 5:18.
his peace thy heart control,Col. 3:15.

Let him teach thee.

Psa. 23:3.
Let him lead and let him bless;
Psa. 67:7.
Let him save thee from distrcss,- Psa. 107: 18.
Let him leach thee.
Tnto paths of righteousness

T,ct him guide thee with his eye;

Psa. 32:8.

Let his hand thy need supply;

Let his goodness satisfy,Let him teach thee.

Phil. 4: 19.
Psa. 65:4.

Let his good word sanct ify;

Let the furnace puri fy;
Let him say "Fear not; 'tis I,"Let him teach thee.

Jno. 17:17.
Peter 1: 7.
Mark 6: 50.

Psa. 66:10.
Let him probe thy heart v..ithin;Lct him search out everv sin;
Psa. 139: 23.
2 Cor. 4:6.
Let the glorious light shine in,Let him teach thee.

Let the Shepherd kindly feed;

Let him firmly, truly lead;
(He'll not break the hrnised recd,)
Let him teach thee.


I sa.


I sa. 42: 3.

Poems of Dawn.
L et him give thee songs at night;
Let him make the dmkness light;
L et him set thy i;pirit right,Lct him teach thee.

Job 35:10.
Isa. 42:16.
Psa. 5 r:ro.

In the tumult let him hide,

Psa. 3 7: 5; 3 r : 30.
Let him keep thee at his siuc;
Ex. 33:2r.
Isa. 61:3.
L e t his name be glorified,Let him teach thee.


talk with Jcsus,A LITTLE
How it smooths the rugged road!

U ow it seems to help me 01nvard,

\Vhcn I faint uen~ath my load!
\Vhen my henrt is crushed with sorrow,
And my eyes with team arc clirn,
There is naught can y ield me comfort
Like a little talk with him.

I tell him I am weary,

And I fain woul<l lie at rest;
But I still will wait his bidding,
For his way is always best.
Then his promise ever cheers me
' Mid all the cares of life:" I am come, and soon in glory
\\Till encl thy toil and strife."
Ah! that is what I 'm wanting,
His lovely face to see-An<l I ' m not afraid to say it,
I know he's wan ting me.

Puems of Dawn.
Ile gaye his life a ransom
To make me all his own,
And he'll ne'er forget his promise
To me, his purchased one.
The way is sometimes weary
To yonder nearing clime,
But a little talk with Jesus
Has helped me many a time.
The more I come to know him,
And all his grace explore,
It sets me ever longing
To know him more and more.

-Psa. 107: 1-9; Prov.

14: 10;



is mystery
And though we be encircled by n host

in hu1nan

Of those w ho love us well, and arc beloved,

To every one of us, from time to time,
There comes n sense of utter loneliness.
Our dearest friend is "stranger" to our joy,
And cannot realize our bitterness.
"There is not one who really understands.
Not one to enter in to all I foci;"
Such is the cry of each of us in turn.
'Ve wander
a" solitary ""ay,"
No matter what or where our lot may be,
Each heart, mysterious even to itself,
Must live its inner life of solitude.




ef Dawn.

-Job. 7: 17; Matt. 10: 37.-

And would you know the reason \yhy this is?

It is because the Lord desires our love.
In CYery heart he wishes to bejirst.
Ile therefore keeps the secret-key himself,
To open all its chambers, and to bless
\ Vithpcrfcct sympathy and holy peace
Each solitary soul which comes to ltim.
So whC'n we feel th is lonel iness, it is
The voice of J csus saying, "Come to me ;"
And every time 'tYe are "not understoo<l,"
It is a call to us to come again;
For Christ alone can satiify the soul,
.And those who walk with him from day to day
Can never have "a solitary way."
-Isa. 48: 1 6; Psa. 34: 22.-

And when beneath some heavy cross you fain t,

And say, "I cannot bear t his load alone,"
You say the truth. Christ m ade it purposely
So h cayy that you must return lo him.
The bitter grief, which "no one understands,"
Con vcys a secret message from the King,
Entreating you to come to him again.
The Man of Sorrows understands it well.
ln alt points tempted, h e can feel '.vith you.
You cannot come too often, or too near.
The Son of God is infinite in grace;
His presence satisfies the l onging soul;
And those wbo wal k wit h h im from day to day
Can never h ave " a solitary way."


Pgems ef Dawn.


waiting, strnggling, trusting,
Ifi be sure

Prophets, fathen, martyrs, Christians,

Answer, Yes.
Fcarest sometimes that thy Father
H a th forgot?
Though the clouds around thee g a ther,
Doubt him not!
Ahvays ha th the daylight broken,
Always hath he comfort spoken!
Better ha th he been for years,
Than thy fcan.


THE secret of his presence
IN How
my soul de lig hts to h ide:
Oh, ho" precious arc the lessons
\V hich I learn at Jesus' side.
Earthly cares can only vex me,
Trials never lay me low,
And when Satan comes to tempt me,
To t~1e secret place I go.

\Vhen my soul is faint and thirsty,

'N eath the shadow of his "'ing
There is cool and pleasant shelter,
And a fresh and crystal .s pring.


Poents of .Dawn.

And my Saviour rests beside me,

As we hold communion sweet;
If I tried, I could not utter
\Vhat he says, when thus we meet.
Only this: I know, I tell him
All my doubts, and griefs, and fears.
Oh! how patiently he listens,
And my drooping heart he cheers.
Do you think he ne'er reproves me?
\Vhat a false friend he would be,
If he never, never told me
Of the faults which he must see.
Do you think that I could love him
H alf so well, or as I ought,
If he rlid not plainly tell me
Each displeasing word and thought?
No!. for he is ver y faithful,
Ancl that makes me trust him more,
For I know t hat he does love me,
Though sometimes he wounds me sore.
\Vott1d you like to know the sweetness
O f this secret of the Lord?
Go a nd hide beneath his shadow,
This shall then be your reward.
And \vhene'er you leave the silence
Of that happy meeting-place,
You must mind ancl bear the image
Of the :.faster in your face .


of Dawn.

often so weary of sorrow,
I A11
So weary of struggling with sin,
So timid concerning the morrow,
So faithless of entering in
To the beautiful rest that remaineth
Secure in the city of God,
\Vhere shall enter no evil that staineth,
Nor ever the spoiler hath trod.
But aye, when the struggle is sorest,
And dark the clouds grow o'er my soul,
Dear Lord, the sweet cup tha t thou pourest
Hath balm, and I drink and a m whole.
From the quenchless old well of salvation
I quaff the pure waters divine,
And a sense of triumphant elation
Is thrilled through this spirit of mine.
No hand but thine own, blessed M aster,
Could comfort and cheer in the day
\Vhen the touch of a sudde n disaster
Hath cumbered and tangled the way.
No look but thine own could illumine
\Vhcn night gathers black o'er the land,
And strength that is failing and human
Licth prone on the desolate strand.
But e~er thy help is the nearest
\Vhen help from the earth there is none,
And ever the word that is dearest
Is the word of the Crucified Son;


of Da1lm.

And aye, ,vhen the tempest-clouds gather,

I fly for sweet shelter and peace
Through the Son to the heart of the Father,
Then terror and tremor do r.::storcth my soul, and I praise him
\Vhose love is my chrism and crown;
He restoreth my soul; let me raise him
A song that his favor \Yill own;
For often so weary of sorrow,
So weary of fighting with sin,
I look and I long for the morrow
\Vhcn the ransom'd their freedom .shall win.



and tried,
the terrible tide
.May be raging and deep, may be wrathful ~nd

Yet its fury is vain, for the Lord will sustain,

And fo1ever and ever Jehovah shall reign. .
Tempted and tried, yet the Lord at thy side'
vVill guide thee, and keep thee, tho' tempted and
Tempted and tried, there is One at thy side
And never in vain sh;1ll God's children confide.
He ,,ill save and defend, for he loves to the end,
Adorable l\faster, and glorious Friend.
Tempted and tried, whatever betide,
In his secret pavilion his children shall hide.
'Neath the shadowing wing of eternity's King,
His children may trust, yea his chiklrc1i may sing.
Tempted arid tried, yet the Lord wilf abide,


of Dawn.

Thy faithful redeemer, and keeper, and guide,

Thy shield and thy sword, thine exceeding reward;
Then enough for the servannhat he be as his Lord.
Tempted and tried, the Saviour who died
Hath ca1led thee to suffer-then reign by his si<le.
If his cross thou wilt bear, his crown thou shalt
And forever and ever his glory shall share.


EING perplexed, say,

Lord, make it right!
Night is as day to thee,

Darkness is light.
I am afraid to touch
Things that inYolve so much.
My trembling hand may shake,
:My unskilled hand may break;
Thine can make no mistake.
13eing in doubt, I say,
Lord, make it plain!
\Vhich is- the true, safe way,
\Vhich would be vain?
I am not -.,vise to know,
Nor sure of foot to go;
J\Iy poor eyes cannot see
\Vhat is so clear to theeLord, make it clear to me.


ef Dawn.

go to Jesus,
vVhen troubled or distressed;

I always find a refuge

\Vhen I with him can rest.
I tell him all my trials,
I tell him all my grief;
And while my lips are speaking
He gives my heart relief.

When full of dreatl forebodings,

And flowing o'er with tears,
He calms away my sorrO\vs,
And hushes all my fears.
He comprehends my weakness,
The peril I am in,
And he supplies the armor
I need to vanquish sin.
\:Vhen those arc cold and faithless
\Vho once were fontl and true,
\Vith careless hearts forsaking
The old friends for the new,
I turn to him whose friendship
Knov<S neither change nor end:
I always find in Jesus
An ever faithful Friend.
I always go to Jesus;
No matter when or where
I seek his gracious presence,
I'm sure to find him there.


Poems of Dawn.

In times of joy or sorro\v,

\ Vhate'cr my need may be,
I always go to J esus,
And Jesus comfoyis me.


1TAIT, 0

thou weary one, a little longer,

A few more years- it may be only days;
Thy p atient waiting makes thee all the stronger;
Eternity will balance all delays.


\Vait, 0 thou suffering one, thy days of sorrow

Bring to thy weary soul its richest gain;
If thou a Christian art, a brighter morrow
Will give thee ten-fold joy for all thy pain.
\Vait, 0 thou anxious one; the cloud that hovers
In gathering gloom above thy aching head
Is sent of God in mercy, and he covers
T hee with his heavenly mantle oYerspread.
Be patient and submissive; each disaster
\ Vill bring thee nearer to thy loving Lord.
T hese trials make thee like thy blessed Mastt:r,
\ Vho knows them a11, and will his grace afford.
Be patient and subrnissiYe ; st rength is gi~en
For every step along the weary way.
And for it all thou'lt render praise to hcayen,
\ \Then dreary night gives place to perfect day.
Yes, perfect day, the day of God eternal,
\ Vhcn not a shadow sl:iall flit o'er the scene


Poems of Dawn.
In that fair land where all is bright and vernal,
And we will be with Christ, and naught be
\Vait, then, dear heart; control thy sari emotion;
Go1l will subdue each angry wind and wave,
And when the voyage ends across life's ocean,
Into the haven of sweet rest will save.

i~ day so dreary,
But God can make it bright;
And unto the soul that trusts him,
He giveth songs in the night.

r[IIERE is never

There is never a path so hidden,

But God will show us the '\...-ay,
If we seek for the Spirit's guidance,
And patiently wait and pray.
There is never a cross so heavy,
But the loving hands arc there,
Outstretched in tender compassion,
The burden to help us bear.
There is never a heart that is broken,
But the loving Christ can heal ;
For the heart that was pierced on Calvary,
Doth still for his people feel.
There is never a life so darkened,
So hopeless and so unblest,
But may be filled with the light of God,
And enter his promised rest.

PoemJ ef Dawn.
There is ue Yer a sin or a sorro w,
The re is never a care 01 a loss,
Hut that we may carry to J esus,
.A ntl 1ea n~ at the foot of the cross.
\\'hat more can '>\'Cask than he's promised?
(Anti \Ye know that his \Yorcl cannot fail,)
Our refuge when storms are impending,
Our help when temptations ass;1il,
Our Sa d or, our Friend and R edeemer,
O ur portion on ea rth a n<l in heaven ;
For he who withheld not his own Son,
Hath with him all things freely given.


spirit, sti11 hold on thy
POOR, fainting
Thc dawn is near!


True, thou art weary : but yon brighter ray

Becomes more clear.
Bear up a little longer; -wait for rest :
Yield not to slumber, though with toil oppressed.
The night of life is mournful, but, look onThe dawn is near!
Soon will earth's shadowy scenes a nd forms be
Yield not to fear!
The mountains' summit will, ere long be gained,
And the bright world of joy and p eace attained.
"Joyful through hope," thy motto still must beThe <lawn is near !


ef .Dawn.

\Vhat glories wm that dawn un fold to thee!

Be of good cheer!
Gird up thy loins ; hind san<lals on thy feet;
The way is dark and long; the end is sweet.



the night be dark and dreary,

T hough the way be long and weary,
l\forn shall bring thee light an cl c heer ;
Child, look up, the morn is near.
Though thine eyes are sad with weeping,
Through the night thy vigils keeping,
God shall wipe thy tears away,
T urn thy darkness into day.
Though thy spirit faints \Vith fasting
Through the hotll"S so slo,dy wasting,
Morn shall bring a glorious fe:tst.
Thou shalt sit an honored guest.




the stormy v.;inds are blowing,

And the angry billows roll,
\Vhcn the mighty waves of trouble
Surge around thy stricken soul,
Have faith in God,
\Vbo reigns above ;
Yes, trust in him,
For he is love.


ef 1)awn.

\Vhen the way is rough and thorny,

Danger al1 along the path,
\Vhen the foe is ever planning
How to crush thee in his wrath,
HaYe faith in God;
His loving care
Shall keep thee safe
From every snare.
\ Vhen thine eyes are dim with \Yeeping,
And thy heart is full of woe
For the loved that now are sleeping
In the !.ilcnt grave so low,
Have faith in God;
The deatl shall rise
And meet the Savior
From the skies.
Art thou filled with cager longing
For the night to pass away?
Art thou weary of the watching
For the dawning of the <lay?
Have faith in God ;
Ire is our stay;
Soon, soon 'vill come
The perfect day.
Art thou hoping, waiting, praying,
For the presence of the Lord?
Art thou waiting for the kingdom,
And the glorious reward?
Have faith in God ;
Our King is here,
And soon his glory
\ Vill appear.

Poems of .Dawn.
the burden of the present,
Let the morrow bear its own;

If the morning sky be pleasant,

\Vhy the passing night bemoan?
If the- darkened heavens lower,
\Vrap thy cloak uround thy form;
Though the tempest rise in power,
God is mightier than the storm.
Steadfast faith and hope unshaken
Animate the trusting breast;
S tep by step the journey's taken
Nearer to the land of rei;t.

All unseen, the Master ,..,.aJketh

By the toiling servant's side;
Comfortable 'yords he talketh,
\Vhile his hands uphold and guide.
Grief, nor pain, nor any sorrow
Rends thy heart to him unknown;
He to-day and he to-morrow
Grace sufficient gives his own.
Then bear thy burden with goocl cheer,
Take promptly up thy daily cross;
Nor hesita te t o shed a tear,
Kor reckon o'er thy present loss.

Poems of .Dawn.


when all life's lessons have been
And sun and stan; forevermore have set,
The things which our weak judgment here has
spurnedThe things o'er which v;re grieved with lashes
\Vet\\Till fla sh before us out of life's dark night,
As stars shine most in deeper tints of blue;
And we shall see how all God's plans were right,
And how what seemed unkind was Joye most
And we shall see, that while we weep and sigh,
God's plans go on as best for you and me;
How, when we called, he heeded not our cry,
Because his wisdom to the encl could see;
And e'en as prudent parents disallow
T oo much of sweet to craving babyhood,
So God, perhaps, is keeping from us now
Life's sweetest things, because it seemeth good.
And if, sometime, commingled with life's wine,
\Ve find the wormwood, and recoil an<l shrink,
Be sure a wiser hand than yours or mine
Pours out this portion for our lips to drink;
And if some friend we love is lying low,
\Vhere human kisses cannot reach his face,
Oh! do not blame the loving Father; no,
But bear your sorrow with obedient grace.


ef lJawn.

An<l you shall shortly know that lengthened breath

I s not the sweetest gift Goel sends his friend,
A nd that some times with sable pall of death
Them also comes n boon his love doth send.
If \.Ye could pui.h ajar the gates of tmth,
An<l i.tan<l within, and all God's workings see,
\Ve could interpret all apparent strife.
And for life's mysteries could find the key.
If not to-day, be thou content, poor heart!
God's plans, like liliei; pure and white, unfold;
\Ve must not tear the close-shut leaves apart;
Time will reveal the calyxes of gold.
And if, through patient toil, we reach the land
\Vhere feet, with sandals loosed, may rest,
\Vhcn we shall clearly know and understand,
I think thut we sha ll suy that God knew best.


" 1\THAT a friend we h ave in Jesus,''

Sang a little child one day;
And a weary woman listened
T o the darling's happy lay.

All her life seemed dark antl gloomy,

A ll her heart was sad with care;
Sweetly rang out baby's treble," All our i:;ins and griefs to hear."
She was pointing ot the Savior
\Vho could carry every woe;
And the one w ho !.adly listened
I\T eeded that dear helper so!


ef Dawn.

Sin a nd g rie f were hea vy burdens

For a fainting soul to bear;
But the baby sii-iger bade her
"Take it to the L ord in prayer."
\Vith a simple, trusting spirit,
\Vea k arnl worn, she turnc~l to God,
Asking Christ to take her burden,
Owning him as her ~lear Lord.
Jes us was her only refuge,
lle could ta ke her sin and care,
An<I he lJlco;sed the wean woman
\Vhen she came to hi1ri' in prayer.
And the happy child, still singing,
Little knew she had a part
In God's wondrous work of bringing
Peace unto a troubled heart.


INCE the F ather's a rm sustains thee,

P eaceful Le,
\Vhen a chastening hand restrains thee,
It is he.
Know his love in full completeness
Fills the measure of thy weakness;
If he wounds thy spirit sore,
Trust him more.
\ Vithoul measure, uncomplaining,
In h is ham!

Poems ef Dawn.

Lay whatever things thou canst not

Though the ,...-mld thy folly spurneth;
From thy faith in pity turneth,
Peace thy inmost soul shall fill,
Lying still.
Like an infant, if thou thinkest
Thou canst stand,
Child-like, prou<lly pushing back
The proffered hand,
Courage soon is changed to fear,
Strength doth feebleness appear;
In his Jove if thou abide,
He will guide.
Therefore, "\vhatso'er hdideth,
Night or day,
Know his love for thee provideth
Good alway.
Crown of sorrow g ladly take,
Grateful wear it for his sake,
Sweetly bending to his will,
L ying still.
To his own the Savior giveth
Daily strength;
To each troubled soul that striveth,
Peace n t length.
\V eakest lambs have largest share
Of this tender Shepherd's care.
Ask him not, then, \Vhen? or How ?
Only bow!

Poems ef Dawn.


ke to our hearts a lesson-no lesson
LE T caus ntabraver
beFrom the ways of the tapestry wea vers on the
other side of the sea.
Above their heads the pattern hangs ; they study
it with care;
The while their fingers deftly \Vork, their eyes
arc fastened there.
They tell this cmious thing, besides, of the pa tient, p lodding wea ver:
He w orks o n the wrong sid e even nore, hut w orks
for the right side C\'er.
It is only w hen the weaving stop s, and the web
is loosed and turned,
That he sees his real handiwork-that his marvelous skill is learned.

Ah! the sig ht of its delicate bea uty, how it pays

him for all his cost!
No rarer, <lainticr work than his was eyer done
hy the frost.
Then the master Lringeth him golden hire, a nd
giveth him praise as well ;
And ho w happy the heart of the w eaver is, no
to ng ue but his O\Yn can tell.
The years o f man arc the looms of God, let down
from the place of the sun,
\.Vherein w e are weaving alway, till the mystic
web is done\V ea ving blindly, b ut weaving sure, eacb for himsel f his fate.


of Dawn.

\ Ve may not see how t he right side looks, we

can only weave and -.vait.
B ut looking above for t he pattern, no weaver
need have foar.
Only let him look deal" into heaven- the per fec t
pattern is there.
If he keeps the face of our Savior forever and
ahvays in sight,
H is toil shall be sweeter than honey, his wea,ing
is sure to be righ t.
And when his task is ended, and the w eb is
turned ancl shov,,n,
H e sha ll hear the voice of the l\faster, who shall
say to him, 1' \V e ll done ! "
S ince in copying thus the pattern, he had laid his
o w n will down ;
And God for his wages shall g ive him, not coin,
but a glorious crown.

IT for me, dear Savior,
IS Thy
glory and thy rest?
For me, so poor and humble,
Ob ! shall I thus be blessed ?
I s it for me to sec thee
lo all thy glor ious grace,
A nd gaze i11 endless rapture
On thy beloved face?
ls it for rne to listen
To thy beloved voice,


of flaw11.

And hear its sweetest music

Bid even me rejoice?
A thrill of solemn gladness
Has hushed my very heart
To think that r may r eally
I3t:hold thee as thou art;
Be hold thee in tliy beauty ;
Be hold thee face to face;
Behold thet: in th:.r glory
And rest in thine e mbrace.


0 THOU of

little faith! wh.y dost thou fear?

Didst thou forget that Jes us is so near?
.And hast thou thought that thou must \Valk alone?
Behold now at thy side the :loved One.

Aye, more tha n this, thou' rt held withi n his h a nd,

And 'twas himself that ha th thy trial planned!
There was a need hr seen by Eye Di\ine,
Although, perchance, not v isiblt: to thine.
And wherefore \VOuldst thou sec? Thou canst
not tell
If what thv heart contend;; for -..vould be well
Perhaps th)r hope's frui tion would be vain,
Or prove n life-long discipline o f pain!
Hast thou not seen, in retrospecti ve lift:,

That will of God w hich caused thee bitterest


Poems ef Dawn.
Hath turned to sweetness-while the thing he
To suit thy will grew darker than the grn vc?

There's rest supreme for souls that choose his will;

A blest security from every ill.
The things God chooses for us never fail!
They have their anchorage within the veil.
rainbow overhca<l
down to earth its varying thread.
Love's blue, joy's gold ; and fair between
Hope's shifting light of emerald green.
On either side in deep r elief

A crimson pain, a violet grief.

' Vouldst thou amid their g leaming hues
Snatch after those, and these refuse?
Believe, could thine anointed eyes
1;-o!!ow their lines, and souncl the skies,
There where the fadeless glories shine
Thine unseen Savior t wists the twine!
And b(! thou sure what tint soc'cr
The broken ray benea th may wear,
It needs them all that, fair and white,
His love may weave the perfect light.
of God, beloved and chosen,
Church of Christ, for whom he died,
Claim thy g ifts and p raise the giver!
Ye are washed and sanctified l

.f>oenzs q/ .lJa'llln.

\ LITTLE while, our fightings shall be over;
A little while, our tears be wiped away;
A little while, the power of J ehovah
Shall tum our darkness into gladsome day.

I "i

A little while, the fears that oft surround us

Shall to the memories of the past belong:
A little while, the love that sought and found us
S hall change our weeping into heaven's g lad
A little while! 'Tis ever drawing nearerThc brighter dawning of that glorious clay.
Blest Savior, make our spirits' vision clearer,
And guide, 0 guide us in the shining way,

A little while, 0 blessed expectation!

For strength to run 'vi th patience, Lord, we cry;
Our hearts up-leap in fond anticipation;
Our union w ith the Bridegroom <lrawcth nigh.

hands are they that do
The work of the noble, good and true,
Busy for them the long day thro ugh;
Beautiful faces-thev that \Vear
The light of a pleasing spirit there,
It matters little if dark or fair;
And truly beautiful in G od's sight,
A re the precious souls who love the right.





THEN clouds hang heavy o'er thy way,
\\' And darker grows the \Yeary day,
And thou oppressed by anxious care
Art almost tempted to despair,
Still >vait upon the Lord.
\\'hen friends betray thy loYing trust,
And thou art humbled in the dust,
\\'hen clearest joys from thee have fled,
Ann Hope within thy heart lies dead,
Still wait upon the Lord.
\\'hen Death comes knocking at thy door,
And in thy home are sorrows sore,
Though age comes on and eyes grov, dim,
Still look to Christ, still trust in him,
And wait upon the Lord.
\Vhate'er thy care, belieye his word;
In j oy or grief, trust in the L ord.
Good courage he will g ive to thee,
An<l strong, indeed, thy heart shall be,
lly waiting on the Lord.


alone at the organ,
At the close of a troubled day,
\Vhen the sunset's crimson embers
On the west~rn altar lay.

I ''"as wearv w ith vain endeavor,

~IY heart was ill at case,
Ana'! sought to soothe my sadness
\Vith the voice of the sweet-toned keys.

My hands were weak and trembling,

J\ly fingers all unskilled,
T o render the grand old anthem
\ Vith which my soul was filled.
Through the long day's cares and "\Vorries,
l had dreamed of that glorious s train,
A nd l longed to hear the organ
Rcpoat it to me again.
It fell from my untaught fingers
Discordant and incom1Jlete.
I knew not how to e~ress it,
Or to make the discord sweet;
So I toiled with patient labor
Till the last bright gleams were gone,
And the evening's purpl e shadows
\Vere gathering one by one.

Then a :Master stood beside me,

And touched the noisy keys,
And lo! the discord vanished
And melted in perfect peace.
I heard t he great organ pealing
1-dy tune that I could not play,
The strains of the glorious a nthem
That had filled my soul all day.
D own through the clim cathedral
The tide of music swept,



o/ .DatJJJI,

And through the shadowy lltchea

The lingering ~choes crept;
And I stood in the purple twilight
And heard my tune againN ot my feeble, untaught rendering,
Ilut the ~faster's p erfect strain.
So I think, perchance, the l\foster,
At the close of life's weary day,
\Viii take from our trembling fingers
The tune that we can not play;
He will hear through the jarring discord
The strain, although half expressed;
He will blend it in perfect music,
And add to it all the rest.

make thee sad or fretful,
too regretfulstill;

\Vhat God hath ordered. must be right;
Then find in it thine own delight,
My will.

\Vhy shouldst thou fill to-day with sorrow

About to-morrow,
l\I y heart?
One watches all, with care most frue.
Doubt not that he will give thee too

Thy part.

Only be steadfast, never waver,

Nor seek earth's favor,
But re~t;


o/ .Dawn.

Thou knowest that God's wi ll must be

For a ll his creatures-so for theeThe best.

on thine altar, 0 my Lorrl cliYine,
Accept this gift to-day, for Jesus' sake.
I haye no jewels to a dorn thy shrine,
Nor anv '"orld-famed sacrifice to m ake,
But here 't b ring, wi thin my trembling hand,
This w il I of mine- a thing that seemeth smal I ;
And thou alone, 0 Lord, canst understand
How, when I yield thee this, I yielll mine all.
Hidden therein thy searching gaze canst see
Struggles of passions, visions of clelight,
All that I have, or am, or fain would beDecp loves, fond hopes, and longings infinite.
ll hath been wet with tears, and dimmed with
Clenched in m y grasp till beauty hath it no ne.
~o,v , from thy footstool, where it ninquishcd
The prayer :1scendeth- " l\fay thy will be
Take it, 0 Father, ere my courage foil;
And merge it so in Thine own will that I
May never have a wish to take it back:
\\Then heart and courage fai l, to thee I'd fly.
So change, so purify, so like thine own _
Make thou my wi ll, so gracetl withlove divine

Poems oj .Dawn.
l may not kno\v or feel it as mine own,
But recognize my vill as one with thine.


thou thy way w ith me, 0 God!
E'en though I beg mine o",n;
Heed not the body's n oisy cry,
But the soul's u ndertone.
Have thou thy way with me, 0 God!
This is my s pirit's choice,
Though stubborn greed of present good
Dro"vn all with deafening voice.
Have thou thy way with me, 0 God!
And, 0 my soul, take care,
To have thy daily attitude
In keeping with thy prayer.


thou knowcst bestFATI-iER,
This thought is all my stay;

I see but just the step ahe:i.d,

Thou knowcst all the way.
To me, as on l walk,
The way seems all obscure,
But thou ;vilt gui<lc my trembling feet,
And make my footsteps sure.
E'en though the darkness fa lls,
Arni hides the path from v iew,

Poems o.f Dawn.

Thy rod and s taff direct me still,

And will my strength renew.
Father, the way seems long,
l\Iy strength is very w eak:
Support me still by thy rig ht hand,
And \Yords of comfort speak.


do without thee;
I cannot stand alone;
1 have n o s trength or goodness,
1 o wisdom of my own;
But thou, he]oyed Savior,
Art all in ~111 to me,
And w eakness will be power,
If leaning hard on thee.


! well, what of that?

Did.. f:.mcr life was spent on heds of ease,

Fluttering the rose lea Yes sea ttered by t he breeze?

Come, rouse thee! work w hile it is cnl lcd to-day:
Courage! arise ! go forth upon thy way.

L on ely/ and what of that?

Some mm;t uc lonely: ' tis not givcu to all
T o feel a h eart rcsp-;.msi.-e rise and foll,
To blencl another life within its O \\-n:
\ Vork can be done in loneliness. \Vork on.
Dark/ well, \vhat of that?
Didst fondly dream the s un would never set?



o.f Dawn.

D ost fear to lose thy way? Take courage yet!

Learn thou to walk by faith, and not by sight;
Thy !>teps will guided be, and guided right.

Hard! well, w hat o f that?

Didst fancy life one summer holiday,
\Yi th lessons none to l earn, and naught but play?
Go-get thee to thy task! Conquer or clie !
It must be learned ; learn it then, patiently.


~f Y \VILL, cleat' Lord, from thine doth run


T oo oft a different way;

'Tis lrnn.l to ~ny. "Thy will be done,"

In eYcrv darkened da v !
l\1 y h eart "longs still to r"to thy will
And all thy word o bey.


will sometimes wouhl gather flowers;

Thine blights them in my hand;
J\ l ine ieaches for life's sunny hours;
Thine leads through shadow land;
And many <lays go on in 'vays
I ca nnot understand.
Y ct more and more th1s truth doth shine
From fa ilure a nd from loss:
The will tha t runs trnnsyerse from thine
Doth therebv make its cross:
Thine upright.will cuts s traight and still
Through pride, and dream, and dross.



of Dawn.

But if in parallel to thine

!->Iy will doth meekly run,
All things in heaven and earth are mine;
l\1 y will is crossed by none;
Thou art in me, and I in thee:
Thy will and mine are done.

STRONG to hear, 0 heart of mine,
BE Faint
not when sorrows come.

T he sum. of all these ills of .earth

Prepares thee for thy home.
So ma ny burdened ones there arc
C lose toiling by thy side,
Assist, cn~ournge, comfort them,
Thine own deep anguish hide.
\Vhat though thy trials may seem great?
Thy strength is. known to God,
And pathways steep and rngg-cd lead
To pastures green and b road.
R e st.rong to love, 0 hca1t o f mine,
Live not for self alone;
But find, in blessing other lives,
Completeness for thine own.
Seek every hungry heart to feed,
Each saddened heart to cheer;
And when stern j m;t ice stands aloof,
In mercy draw thou near.
True, loving words and helping hands
Have won more souls for heasen
Than all the mixed and various crecdt;
Dy priests and sages g iven.




D ,1w11.

For every grief a joy will come,

For every toil a rest;
So hope, so love, so patient bearGod doeth all things best.
Be strong to hope, 0 heart of mine,
Look not on life's dark side;
For just beyond these gloomy hours
Rich, radiant clays abide.
Let hope, like summer's rainbow bright,
Scatter thy falling tears,
And let God's precious promises
Dispel t hy anxious fears.

PsALI'tl 73 : 25. -

HERE'S only one upon whose care

\Ve safely hy ot1r thoughts to resl;
There's only one who kno\VS lhe depth
O f sorrow in each stricken bre:ist.

T here's only one \Yhosc pity falls

Like dew upon the wounded heart;
There's only one who never le:wes
Though enemy a nd frien d depart.
There's only one, wheu none arc by,
To wipe ;way the falling tear; There's only one to heal the womHl,
A nd stay the weak one's timid fear.
There's only one who understa11ds
And ent~rs into all we feel;
There's only one who ,iews each spring
A nd each perplexing wheel in w heel.


of Daum.

There's only one who can s uppor t,

Ami who sufficient grace ca n gi\'C
To hear up un<ler every grief,
And spotless in this world to live

0 blessed Jesus, Friend of friends!

Lift over us thy sheltering urm.
At'd while amid this evil world,
Protect u s from its guilt and harm

I cannot say.
Beneath the pressure of life's c:ires today,
I joy in these;
But I can say
Tlwt I would rather walk this ruggcrl way,
If Him it p1casc.
I cannot feel
That all is well \Yhen dark'ning clo uds conceal
The shin ing sun;
But lhen 1 know
Cud lives and loYcs; a nd ~a'' sin1:c it is so.
" Thy '"ill be" dune."
' I cannot speak
In happy tones; the tear-drops on my cheek
Show I arn sa<l;
But I can speak
Of grace to suffer with 'lt1limission meek,
Un ti 1 made glad.

Poems of Dawn.
I do not see
\\'hy God should e'en p ermit some things to be,
V/hen he is love;
But I can see,
Though often dimly, through the mystery,
His hand above.
I may not try
To keep the h1>t tears back; but hush that sigh,
" It might have been; "
And try to still
Each rising murmur, and to God's sweet will
Respond- AMEN.


~ TE SEE not, kn~~v not; al! our way

'l Is night; with thee alone is day.


From out the torrt!nt's troubled drift,

Above the storm our prayer we lift,
Thy will be done J

The flesh may fail, the heart may faint;

13ut who arc we to make complaint,
Or dare to plead in times like these
The weakness of our fove of case?
Thy wi11 be <lone!

Vle htke with solemn thankfulness

Our burden up, nor ask it kss,
And count it joy that even 've
1Yfay suffer, serve, or wait on thee,
'Vhose will be done I

Poems Of Dawn.
Though <lim as.yet in tint anJ line,
\Ve trace thy picture's wise design,
And thank thee that our age supplies
The dark relief of sacrifice:
Thy .will be done!
And if in our unworthiness
Thy sncri1lcial wine we press,
If from thy ordeal's heated bars
Our fret are seamed with crimson scars,
Thy will be done!
Jf, for the nge to come, this hour
Of trial hath vicarious powC'r,
An<l blcst by thee, our present pain
De liberty's eternal gain,
Thy will be <lone!

Strike, thou the l\Iaster, we thy keys,

The 11nthen1 of thv destinies!
The minor of th/loftier.strain,
Our hearts shall beat the ol<l 1efram;
Thy will be done!

heart! the present scene shall soon
LET mebe take
The Clustering clouds shall hide the sun at noon
no more.
The tears now dropping from my eyes shall be
The joys undimmed by sin and misery, my lot.

Poems of Dawn.
The storm now S\vceping thr~mgh the troubled sky
he past;
The longed-for morning without clouds arise at
The hin<lmost shadow soon shall utterly depart;
Then let me watch and wait, and hopefully take

hamrner of thy discipline, 0 Lord,
fast and hard. Life's anvil

To thy strong strokes. .And yet we know 'tis
That from the heart's hot iron all abroad
The rich glow spreaclo;. Great Fashioner divine,
\Vho sparcth not, in thy far-seeing plan,
The blcnvs that shape the ch;1mcter of man,
Or fire thnt makes him yield to touch of thine,
Strike on, then, if thou wilt! For thou alone
Canst rightly test the temper of our '"-ill,
Or tell hmv these bast: metals n1uy fulfill
Thy purpose-making all onr life thine own.
Only we do beseech thee, let the pain
Of fiery ordeals through which we go
Shed all around us such a warmth and glow,
Such cheerful sho\vers of sparks in golden rain,
That hard hearts may be meltecl, cold heurts fired,
And callous hearts he taught to feel and see
That discipline is more to be desired
Than all the ease that keeps us back from thee.

P oems

of Dawn

0 GOD!
\Vhate'er the process be.
is my

love to kno w
And if, the prize to gain,
Through sorrow, toil ancl p:1in
I go, ere self be slain,
Amen! I go.

R ooted and grounded! yes,

F or this I p lead. 0 ! bless
My waiting ~our.
\Vill not this proud heart melt
U nlcss the rod be felt?
In mercy be it dealt,
And make me whole.
To thee I humbly bow
And pray thou wilt e'en now
The work begin.
'Tis all that I desire
This fulness to acquire ;
This one great purifier
D ..velling within.

stately mansions, 0 my soul,
BUILD Astheethemore
swift seasons roll!
Leave thy low vaulted past!
Let each new temple, nobler than the last,
Shut thee from heaven with a d ome more vast,
Till thou at length art free,
Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting


of ])awn.


\{ ASTER, speak! thy sen'ant hcareth,
Longing for thy gracious v.ronl,
Longing for thy yoice th::it cheereth;
Master, 1et it now be heard.
I a m listening, Lord, for thee;
'Vhat hast thou to say to me?

O ften through my heart is pealing

J\fany another y oice tha n thine,
Many an unwilled echo stt>aling
From the walls of this th v shrine.
Let thy longed-for accents fall;
}.faster, speak! and silence a ll.
l\faster, speak~ I cannot <loubt thee;
Thou wilt through life's pathway lead ;
Savior, S.hepherd, oh! without . t~ee
Life \vould be a blank indeed.
Yet I seek still fuller light,
Deeper love, and clearer sight.
Resting on the "faithful sa ying,'
Trusting what thy gospel saith,
On thy written promise staying
All my hope in life and. death;-:y et I ask for more and more
From thy love's exhaustlcss store.
:Master, speak! and make me ready,
As thy. voice is daily hean.I,
'Vith obedience glad a nd steady .
Still to follow c,ery word.


ef .Dawn.

l um listening, Lord, for thee:

l\foster, speak, speak on, to me!


child of sumrners three,
J\ TE:::\DER
Seeking her little bed at night,
Paused on the d a rk stairs timid!\'.
" 0 mother, ta.kc my ha nd," said she,
"And then the dark will all be lig ht."

\\' c older children grope our way

From dark behind to dark before;
And only when our hands we lay,
D ear L ord, in thine, the night is day,
And there is darkness nevermore.
Reach downward to the sunless days.
\\'herein all guides are blind b11t tl1ec,
And faith is sma11 and hope delays;
Take thou the b ands of prayer we raise,
And let us feel the light of thee.

knows-not I-the-devious way
my faltering feet must tread,

Before into the light of day .

l\fy steps from out this gloom are led.
And s ince my Lord the pa th doth see,
\\' hat matter if 'tis hid from me?




Go<l knows-not I-how sweet accor<l

Shall grow at length from out this clash
Of earthly discords which ha\e jarred
On soul and sense; I hear the crash,
Yet feel and know that on hi~ car
Breaks harmony-full, deep and clear.
God knows-not I-why, when I'd fain
Have walked in pastures green and fair,
The pa th he pointed me hath lain
Through rocky deserts bleak and bare.
I blindly trust-since 'tis his willThis way lies safety, that way ill.
His perfect plan I may not grasp,
Yet I can trust Love Infinite,
An<l with my feeble fingers clasp
The hand which leads me into light.
1\fy soul upon his errand goesThc end I know not-but God knows.

CANKOT sec, with my small human sight,
II only
\Vhy God should lead this way or that for me;
know he saith, "Child, follow me."
But I can trust.
I know not why my pa th should be a t times
So straitly hedged, so s trangely barred before;
I only know Go<l could keep wide the door.
But I can trust.

Poems of Dawn.
I often " onder, as with trembling ha nd
I cast the seed along the furrowed ground,
If ripened fruit for God wi.Jl there be found.
But I can trust,
I cannot know why suddenly the storm
Should rage so fiercely round me in its wrath;
But this I k now, Goel watches still my pathAncl I can trust.




Q\V strong and sweet m y Father's care!

The words, like music in the air,
Come answering to my whispered prayerH e cares for thee.

The thought great wonder with it brings.

Mr cares are all such little things,
But to this truth my glad faith clings,
He cares for me.

Y cs, keep me ever in thy love,

Dear Father, watching from above,
And let me still thy mercy prove,
And care for me.
Cast me not off because of sin,
But make me pure and true within,
And teach me how thy smile to w in,
\Vho cares for me.


Poems of Dawn.
0 still, in summer's golden glow,
Or wintry storms of wind and snow,
Love me, my Father: let me. know
Thy care for me.
And I will learn to cast the care
\Vhich like a heavy load I bear
Down at thy feet in Jowly prayer
And trust in thee.
For naught can hurt me, shade or shine
Nor evil thing touch me, nor mine,
Since thou \vith tenderness divine
Dost care for me.



soars and sings on her tireless wings;

Though woe assail, with her blinding hail,
And pain come near
\Yith her words of fear.

Through all the day, on her love-tracked way,

Her burnished eye is turned to the sky,
As if something there
That were \YOndrous fair,

II er soul has bound, in its .gold threads rouncl;

And ne'er again .::an the hand of pain,
Nor aught of woe
That we lllortals know,


ef D awn.

Bring Fuith's wings back from the shiningtrnck,

"-hose end she sees by the healing trees,
\\here "aicrs run

In a glowing sun,
And dan arc bright with senn-fold light,
Aml th~ moon is clear as the sun is here;
\Vhcre gates of pearl
In their colors whirl,
Like rainbows blcnt in the Orient;
And walls arc fair with their jewels rnro0 , her anchor holds
To the streets of gold!
And she soars and sings on her tireless wings,
For some dny she in that nest sha ll be,
\Vhcn it cometh down
On the mountain's crown!
Aml His feet are set on Olivet
\\-ho w ent nway a t the close of clay
To return again
\Vi th a kingly trnin.
0 naught faith cares for the scorn she bears:
\Vill not her Lord giYc sure reward,
In the coming hour
Of his pomp and po"cr?
\Vhen the " aste shall bloom and the robber tomb
Engulf no more on sea or shore,
And knowledge be,
L ike the deep, broad sea?


ef Dawn.

the weary shadt:s
of the darkness cometh light;
In fearful doubt <Jr midnight storm,


Courage and hope of faith arc born.

From mountain height tht: tt:mpest flings
Earth's hope beneath den th s mighty wings;
But lo! there shines the "morning star,"
Gleaming in glory from afar.
Beyoncl the storm king's mantling shroud,
God's signet ring upon the clou<l
Pledges his love and truth ancl light,
\Vhen faith herself is lost in sigh-t.


- PsAt.MSo:S. -

trust thyself to Jcsns,

\Vhen conscions of thv sinOf its heavy weight upon thee,
Of its mighty po....,er within.
Then is the h our of pleading
His finished work for thee;
Then is the time for singing,
His blood ,yai; sht:d for n1t:.

0 trust thyself to Jesus,

\Vhen faith is thm and weak,
And the very One thou needcst
Thou canst not rise to seek.
Then is the h our for st:eing
That he hath come to thee;

Poems of .Dawn.
Then i:> the time for singing,
His touch hath healed me.

0 trust thyself to Jesus,

\Vhen tempted to transgress
By hasty word, or angry look,
Or thought of bitterness.
Then is the hotn- for claiming
Thy Lord to fight for thee;
Then is thc time for singing,
Ile <loth deliver me.

0 trust thyself to Jesus,

\Vhcn daily cares perplex,
And trifles seem to gain a po"cr
ThY inner soul to vex.
Then. is the hour for grasping
His hand who walked the sea;
Then is the time for singing,
He makes it calm for me.
0 trnst thyself to Jestts,
" ' hen some truth thou canst not sec
For the mists of strife and error,
That veil its form from thee.
Then is the hour for looking
To him to gui<le thee right;
Then is the time for singing,
The Lord shall be my light.

0 trust thyself to Jesus,

In bright and happy 1luys,
\\Then tasting earthly gladness,
Or winning human praise.


ef Dawn.

Then is the hour for hiding

In the shado\v of his wings;
Then is the time for singing,
Praise to the King of kings.
() trust thyself to J es us,
\Vhen thou art wearied sore
\Vhen head or hand refuses
To think or Jubor more.
The n is the hour for leaning
Upon the Master's breast ;
Then is the lime for singing,
My Savior gives me rest.

0 trust thyself to Jesus,

\Vhen thou art tried v;ith pain ;
}Jo power for prayer, the only thought
How to endure the strain.
Then is the hour for resting
In his perfect love to thee ;
Then is the time for singing,
H e thinks, and cares for -me.

0 trust thyself to Jesus,

In davs of feebleness,
w hen thou canst only dumbly feel
Thy utter helplessness.
Then is the hour for proYing
His mighty p ower in thee;
Then is the time for singing,
His grace sufliceth me.
0 trust thvself to lesus,
\Vhen thou art f~11l of care,


of Dawn.

F or wanderers w hom thou canst not wiu

Our blessed hope to share.
Then is the hour for trusting
Thy Lord to bring them nigh;
Then is the time for singing,
He loves them more than I.
0 trust thyself to Jesus,
\Vhcn loved ones pass away,
\ Vhc n verv lone]\' seems t h, life,
And \e;y dark' thy way. '
Then is the hour for yielding
Entirely to hi.s will ;
Then is the time for singing,
I have my Savior still.
0 trust thyself to Tesus,
when flesh and heart do fai l,
And thou art called to enter
Death's dark, o'ershadowecl vale.
Then is the hour for saying,
I will no edl fear ;
Then is the time for singing,
L ord, thou ut with me here.
0 trust thyself to J csus,
As thy spirit takes its flight,
From every earthly shadow,
To the reallU of perfec t light.
Then is the hour for shouting,
Christ hath done all for me;
Then is the time for singing,
He g i,es the victory.

Poems ef Dawn.
\~ TE

t~1ank thee, 0
Father, for all that is
bnghtThe gleam of the day and the stars of the night;
The flowers of our youth and the fruits of our
And blessings that march the pathway of

\Ve thank thee, 0 Fa th er, for all that 'is dearThe sob of the tempest, the fto\V of the tear ;
For never in blindness and never in vain
Thy mercy permitted a sorrow or pain.
\Ve thank thee, 0 Father, for song and for fcastThe harvest that glowed and the warmth that
increased ;
For never a blessing encompassed thy child
But thou, in thy mercy, looked downward and
\Ve thank thee, 0 Father of all, for the power
Of aiding each other in life's darkest hour;
The generous heart and the bountiful hand,
And all the soul-help th;1t sad souls understand.
\Ve thank thee, 0 Fnther, for days yet to bcFor hopes that our future will call us to thee;
That all our eternity form, through thy love,
One Thanksgiving day in the mansions above.

Poems of Dawn.


We shall he like him. 0, how rich the promise!
\Vhat greater could our Father's Joye prepare?
Few are the words, an<l softly are they spoken,
But who shall tell the glories hidden there?
\Ve shall he like him, for we'll have his nature,
He'll lift us up and with his glory bless;
He took our sin, 0 wondrous condescension !
That he might clothe us in his righteousness.
He bore our sickness, fainted with our weakness,
That he might giYe us perfect strength and
health ;
He ,..,-alked with us in poverty und hunger,
T o make us sharers of his boundless wealth.
\Ye shall be like him, raised above all weakness,
Forever past all weariness and pai n ;
Even death itself shall have no power to touch us,
\ Vhen like ou r r isen Lord w i th him \Ye reign.
\\.hile now in gracious Joye he calls us brethren,
And we his spotless robe with gladness \Year,
Faith grasps the promise of the g lorious future" \Ve shall be like him when he sha ll appear.''
0, what has earth our thirsting souls to offer,
Compared with that abundant life to come?
How poor its pleasures and how dim its splendor,
Beside the glory of the promised throne!

Poems ef Dawn.
Now looking forth heyond time's m isty shadows,
\ Vith seers of far-off ages we may s ing,
"I shall be satisfied w h en .I awaken
\ Vith t hine own likeness, 0 my Goel and King!"
So in the hope of bearing his dear image,
R ejoicing in his precious gift of peace,
His love shall keep our hearts in patient waiting,
Till we in righteousness behold his face.

ESUS only! In the shadow

J Of the cloud so chill a nd dim,

\v e are clinging, loving, trusting,
H e with us and w e w ith him;
A ll unseen, though ever nig h,
Jesus only,-all o ur cry.

Jesus only ! In the g lory,

\Vhen the shadows all arc flow n,
Seeing h im in a ll h is beauty,
Satisfied w ith h im nlone;
~fay we join h is ransomed throng,
Jesus only,-all our song !


HEY do the least
\Vho ta lk th e most,
'Whose g ood designs
A re a ll their boast.
Let words be few.


o.f Dawn.

They do the most

\Vhose lives possess
The sterling stamp
Of righteousness;
For deeds arc true.

Fellow-Christian, enter inlnto the work that ca lls fur vo u,
Into the promises grand am( t rue:
Into the joy of fa i th that waits:
\Vhy stand here idly without the gates,
\\'hen the fields are ripe?
Y oo say you cannot know

\Vha t God has here for vou to do,

Or the way wherein yot'ir feet should go;
Hut if you enter in to-day,
H e'll sh ow you, in his own sweet way,
Your privileged place.
And when sheaves arc gathered in,
\\'e m ay be sure, in that blissful day,
To sowers and reapers Christ will say," You who "ell toiled and labored :rnd b ore,
And zealously sought for more and more
Of Gocl's blessed work,-

Come in, come inInto the rest prepared for you,

Into the glory now brought to Yiew."
Their hea \enly Bridegroom will await
Their triumphant entrance "-ithin the gate
Of Immortal ity .


of Dawn.


'J\VAS but a little light she bore,

While strrnding at the open door;

A little ligbt, a feebl e spark,

Ancl yet it shone out through the dark
\Vith cheerful ray, arnl gleamed afar
As bri~htly as the polar i;tar.
A little light, a gentle hint,
That falls upon the p:lge of print,
1Iav clear the vision, and reveul
Th~ precious treasures doubts conceal,
And guide men to an open door,
\ \There they new regions may explore.
A little light dispels the gloom
That gathers in the shadowed room,
\Vhere want und sickness finrl their prey,
And night seems longer than the day,
And hearts "\-Yith many troubles cope
.L\.ncl feebler glows the spurk of ho pe.
0, sore the ncetl that some 11111st know
\\!bile j ourneying through this vale of woe!
Dismaycrl, disheartened, go11c astray,
Caught in the thickets by the way,
For lack of just a little light
To g uide their wandering steps aright.
It mar be little WC can do
To help another, it is true;
B ut better is a little spurk
Of kindness, '"hen the war is dark,
Than one should walk in pa ths forbidden
For lack o f light we might h <ne given.
1 08


of D awn.


The light is enr silent;
It sparkles on morn 's million gems of dew,
It flings i tself into the shower of noon,
It 'weave;; its gold into the cloud of s unset,
Yet not a sound is h eard; it dashes full
On yon broad rock. yet not an echo a n s w ers;
a lights in myria d drops upon the flower,
Y ct not a b lossom stirs; it docs not mo\e
T he slightest film of floating gossamer,
\Vnich the faint touch of insect's wing wo'ld shi,cr.
T he light is eyer pure,
No art of man can ever rob it of its beauty,
Nor stain its unpolluted heaven lines.
It is the faires t, purest thing in n ature;
Fit type of h eannly truth, which is a ll pure.
Truth, too, with noiseless grandeur
Upon its hca,enly mission gocth forth .
It shines upon ~l sin-pollu ted earth
Unti l its vileness dot h so Yile appear,
T hat men despise, then banish it from sight
It shineth on, ' till neath its rays benign
The buds of h eav'nly Yirtuc do appear,
And earth gives promise of a summertime.
And so 'twill eYer shine, till fruit and fio\ver
Of Yirtue, peace and praise bedeck the earth.
Truth, like the light, is pure;
And no device to rob it of its glory,
Or drag it d ow n base purposes to scrYe,
Can e'er s ucceed. 0 , n o! i ts h cav'nly glory
Sha ll in d ue time the universe p ervade.

Poems ef Dawn.

a napkin smooth antl white,

INy Hidden
from all mortal sight,
one talent lies to-night.

},fine to hoard, or mine to use,

l\Iine to keep, or mine to lose;
May I not do what I choose?

Ah ! the gift was only lent,

\\'ith the Giyer's kno\Yn intent
That it should be \Visely spent.
And I know he will demand
EYery farthing at my band,
\Vhen I in his presence stand.

\\'hat "ill be my g1ief and shame

\\'hen I hear my humble name,
And cannot repay his claim!
Some will tlouble v.-hat they hold;
Others add to it tenfold,
And pay back in shining gold.
Lord, 0 teach me wha t to do!
I woulcl faithful be and true;
Still the sacred trust renew.
H elp me, ere too late it he,
Something now to do for thee;
Thou who hast done all for me!


ef Dawn.


Up, up: my soul, the long-spent time redeeming;
Sow thou the seeds of better deed and thought;
Light other lamps, while yet the light is beaming;
The time, the time is short.
Think of the eyes that often weep in sadness,
Seeing not the truth that Goel to theehas taught:
0 bear to them th ii; light and joy and gladness;
The time, the time is short.
Think of the feet that strav from mi5clireetion,
And into snares of error's' doctrine hrought:
Bear then to them these tidings of salvation;
The time, the time is short.
The time is sh ort. Then be thv heart a brother's
To every heart that needs thy help in aught.
How much they need the sympathy of others!
The time, the time is short.


U THEN, and

linger not, thou saint of God,

Fling from thy shoulders each impeding loacl;
Be brave and wise, shake off earth's soil and sin,
That \vith the Bridegroom thou mayst enter in.
0 watch and pray!

Clear hath the voice been heard, Ile ho Id r,~e comeTha t Yoice that calls thee to thy glorious home,
That bids thee leave these vales i1 n<l take swift

Poems of Dawn.
To meet the hosts of thy descending king ; And thou may'st rise!
Herc's a thick throng of foes, afar and ne11r ;
The grave in front, 11 hating world in rear;
Yet ftet: thou canst not, v ictory must be won,
Ere fall the shadows of thy setting sun : And thou must tight.
Gird on thy armor; face each weaponed foe ;
Deal with the sword of heaven the deadly blow ;
Forward, still forward, till the prize divine
Rewards thy :r.eal, and victory is thine;
\Vin thou the crown.

-HSU. 13: 13.-

ILENT, like men in solemn haste,

Girded wavfarcrs of the waste,
\Ve pass out at the world's \vide gate,
Turning our back on all its state;
\Ve press along the narrow road
That leads to life, to bliss, to God.

\Ve cannot and we would not stay;

\Ve dread the snares that throng the way;
\Ve fling aside the weight and sin,
Resolved the victory to win;
\Ve know the peril, but our eyes
Rest on the splendor of the prize.
\Vhat though with weariness oppressed?
'Tis but a little and we rest.
This throbbing heart and burning brain
will soon be calm and cool again;


of Dawn.

Night is far spent and morn is nearl\Iorn of the cloudless and the clear.
No idling now, no slothful sleep,
From Christian toil our pow 'rs to keep;
No shrinking from the desperate fight,
No thought of yielding or of flight;
No love of present gain or ease,
No seeking man or self to please.
No sorrow for the loss of fame,
No d read of scandal o n our name ;
No terror for the world's sharp scorn,
No wish that taunting to return;
No hatred can to hatred move
The soul that's filled with pitying love.
No sigh for laughter Left behind,
Or pleasures scattered to the wind;
No looking back on Sodom's plains,
No Listening still to Babel's strains;
No tears for Egypt's song an1l smile,
No thirsting for its flowing Nile.
'Tis but a little and we come
To our reward, our crown, our home!
Another year, or more, or less,
And we have crossed the wilderness;
.Finished the toil, the rest begun,
The battle fought, the triumph won!
\Ve grudge not, then, the toil, the way;
Its ending is the endless day!

\Ve shrink not from these tempests keen,

\Vith little of the calm between;
u 3


Poems of .Dawn.
\Ve 'velcome each descending sun ;
Ere morn our joy may be begun!

spend and be spent,GO Thy
joy to do thy Father's will ;
on ;

It is the way the .Master went;

Should m;t the servant tread it still?

Go labor on; ' tis not for na ug ht;

Thy earthly loss is heavenly gain;
:\fen heed thee, love thee, praise thee not;
The }faster praises-what are men?
Go labor on; enough, w hile here,
If he shall praise thee-if he deign
Thy willing heart to mark and cheer;
No toil for him shall be in vain.
Men f::t in darkness at thy side,
\ \Tithout a hope beyond the tomb;
Take u p the torch and wave it w ide,
The torch that lights the thickest gloom.
Go labor on; thy hands are weak,
Thy knees are faint, thy soul cast down,
Yet falter not; the prize ye seek,
ls near-a kingdom and a crown !
\VHAT, if we are Christ's,
Is earth! shame or loss?
crown of glory be


\ Vhen we have Lorne the crof:s.



ef Dawll.


striving :
have striven

The winners are those who

And fought for the prize that no idler ha s won:

To the ha n ds o f the steadfast alone it is g fren,
And before it is gained, there is work to be
do ne.
K eep climbing : The earnest a nd steadfast ha \"e
T he heig h t w here the path way was roug h to
the feet;
But the faint-hearted faltered, and faltering,
And sank d own by the wayside in helpless
d efeat.
K eep hoping: The clouds hide t he sun for a time,
But sooner or later they scatter and tlee,
A nti lhe path glows like gold lo the toilers who
T o the heights w here men look over la ndscape
a nd sea.
Keep omvnrd- right on, till the prize is a tta ined;
Front the futu re ,\ith courage, and obstacles
fall .
By those, a nd those only, the victory's gained
'Vho look no t to themsel ves b ut to God above

P oems of Dawn.
ET nerve thy spirit to the proof,
And blanch not at t hy chosen lot.
The timid good may stnnd aloof,

The sage may frown - yet faint thou not.

K or heed the shaft so surelv cast,
The foul a n d h issing bolt o f scorn;
For with thv s ide sh all d w ell at last
T he victo~y of e11dura.nce b orn.


1VE seek not, L or d, for ton gues of flame,

\ \' Or healing virtue's mystic aid ;
But p o wer thy Gospel to procla imThe balm for wounds th at sin has made.
Breath e on us, Lord ; thy radia n ce pour
On a ll the wonders of the page
\ Vhere h idden lies th e heavenl y lore
T h at blessed o ur you th an <l guid es Ollf age.
Grant sk ill each sacred them.e to trace,
\Vith loving voice and g lowing tongue,
As when upon thy w ords of.grace
The w ondering c rowds enrap t ured hung
Grant faith, that treads t he stormy deep
If b ut thy voice sha ll bid it come;
And zeal, that climbs t h e moun ta in steep,
To seek a nd bring t he w a nderer h ome.
Gi\'e strengt h, blest Savior, in thy migh t ;
l 11uminate our h earts, anu we,


ef Dawn.

Tra nsformed into thine image bright,

Shall teach, an d love, ancl live, like thee.

peace of a perfect trust,
:My lo\ing God, in thee;
Un-wavering faith, that never doubts
Thou choosest best for me.
Best, t hough my plan s be a ll upset;
Best, though the way he rough;
He!>t, t hough m y earthly store he scant ;
I n tltce f have enough.
Best, though 111y health and ~ trength be gone,
Though weary days he mine,
Shut out from much that others have;
N ot my will, Lord, but thine!
And e'eu though (lisappoint.ments come,
They too are hest for rne,
T o \\'ean me from a clam'ring world ,
A nd lead me nearer thee.

0 ! blessed peace of a perfect trust

That looks away from all;
That secs thy hand in everything,
In great events or small;
That hears thy voice-a Father's voiceDirecting for the best:0 ! blessed peace o f a p erfect trust,
A heart with thee at rest!

Poems uj Dawn.


speak to me, that I may speak
In living echoes of thy tone;

As thou hast sought, so let me seek

Thy erring chi l<lren, lost and lone.

0 lead me, Lord, that I may lead

The wandering and the wavering feet;
0 Leed me, Lord, that I may feed
Thy hungering ones with manna sweet.

0 strcm<ljfhen me, that while I stand

Firm on the Rock, and s trong in thee,
I may stretch out n helping hand
To wrestlers in the trouulccl sea.

0 teacli me, Lor<l, that I may teach

The preciorn; thing,; thou dost impart;
And wing my words, that they may reach
The hidden depths of many a heart.

0 give thine own sweet 1est to me,

Tha t I may speak with soothing pO\YCr
A word in season , as from thee,
To weary ones in needful hour.

0 fill me with thy fulncss, Lor<l,

Until my very heart o'crflow
ln kimlling thought and glowing wor d,
Thy love to tell, thy prnise to show.

0 use me, Lord, use even me,

Just as thou wilt, an<l when, and where ;
Until thy blessed face I see,
Thy rest, thy j oy, thy glory share.

Poems o.f Dawn.

I could only surely know
IF That
all these things that tire me so
\Vere noticed by my LordThe pang that cuts inc like a knife,
The noise, the weariness, the strife,
And all the nameless ills of life-\Vhat peace it would afford!
I wonder if he realh shares
In all these little hu;nan cares,
This mighty King of kings!If he who guides through lJounrlless .space
Each radiant planet in its place,
Can have the condescending grace
To mind these petty things.
It seems to me, if sure of this,
Blent with each ill would comt: such bliss
That I might covet p ain,
And deem whateYer brought to 1ne
The blessed thought o f Deity,
An<l sense of Christ's swccl sympathy,
Not loss, but richest gain.
Dear Lord, lllY heart shall no more doubt
That thou dos-t compass me about
With S)'mpathy divine.
The Love for me once crucified
Js not the love to lea ye my side,
But waiteth ever to divide
Each smallest care of mine.


of .Dawn.


sitting alone in the twilight,
\\Tith spirit troubled and Yexe<l,
\Vith thoughts that were morbid and gloomy,
And faith that was sadly pcrplexe<l.
Some homely work I was doing
For the child of my Joye and care,
Some stitches half w earily setting,
In the endless need of repair.
But my thoughts were about the" building,"
The work some day to be trie<l;
And that only gold and the siher,
And the precious stones, should abide.
And remembering my own poor etforts,
The wretched " ork I h:1d <lone,
And, C\en when trying most truly,
The meager success l had won:

" It is nothing but '"yood, hay and stubble,'"

I said; "it will a IL he h urned "This useless fruit of the tu len ts
One day to be returned.
"And I have so longerl to serve him,
And sometimes I know I ha ye tried:
But J 'rn sure 'Yhen he sees such building,
He never will let it abide."
Just then, as I turned the garment,
Tha.t no rent should be left behind,
My eye caught an odd little bungle
Of mending nnd patchwork combined.
1 20

Poems oj Dawn.

1\ly heart grew suddenly tender,

And something blindecl my eyes,
\Vith one of those sweet intuitions
Thal sometimes make us so wi;,e.
Dear child! She wanted to help me.
I knew 'twas the best she could <lo;
But oh! what a botch she had made itThc gray mismatching the blue!

And yet-can you understancl it?\\.i th a tender smile and a tear,

And a half compai.sionate year ning,
I felt she had grow11 more dear.
Then a ~ wcet voice hroke the silence;
And the dear Lord said to me,
".~rt thou tenderer for the little child
Than I am tender for thee?"
Then straightway l knew his meaning,
So full of compas~ion aml love,
And my faith came ln1ck to its Refuge
Like the glarl returning dove.
For [ thought, when the ~faster-builder
Comes do,vn his temple to ,icw,
T o see what rents must be mended,
And what must be builded anew,
Perhaps as he looks o'er the building
He will bring my work to the light,
And seeing the marring and bungling,
And how far it all is from right,

Poems of Dawn.
He will feel as I fell for my darliug,
.And ''"ill say, as I said for her,
"Dear child! She wanted to help me,
And love for me was that spur.
"Ancl for the trne love that is in it,
The 'vork shall seem perfect as mine,
And because it \VUS willing 1>crvicc,
I will crowp. it witJ1 plaudit divine."
And there in the deepening twilight
I seemed to be clasping a h:tnd,
And to feel a great Jove constrniuing me,
Stronger than any command.
Then I knc-..v, by the thrill of sweetness,
'Twas lhe hand of the Blessed One,
That will tenderly guide and hold inc
Till all my labor is done.

S o my thougbts arc nc..-rrmurc gloomy,

:'.'.Ir faith no longer is dim,
Hut rny heart is strong and restful,
And n1y eyes arc looking lo him.


'fO And
the Potter's house I went down one day,
" atchcd him while moulding the vessels
of clav,
Ancl manv a"won<lerful lesson I dn:w,
As I noted the process the clay went through.
Trnmple<l and broken, down-trodden and rolled,
To render more plastic a nd lit for the mould,


of Daw11.

H ow like the clay that is human, T tho ug ht,

\\'hen in hands to perfection b rought;
For Sc(( mui;;t be cast as the dust at his feet,
Before it is rca<ly for service m ade meet.
Aml Pride must be broken, ancl ~elf- will lostAll laid on the altar, whatever the cost.
But lo! by an<l by, a delicate vase
Of wonderful beauty and exquisite grace.
\\'as it once the vile clay? Ah! ~es; yet how
The Potter has wrought such a llHllTClou:> change!
Xot a lrace of the earth, nor mark of the cbyThe fires of the fornacc haYC burned them a way.
\Vondrnus i-.kill of the Putter-the praise is his

ln whose hands to perfection a11d beauty it grew .

Thm, w i th souls lying still.content in God's ha nd,

That <lo not h is power of wor kin g withstand.
T hey are moulcle<l and fitted, a treasure to hold,
Vile clay now transformed into purest of gold.

'l ' ODAY I i;;eem to understand

That pain and trial, grief and care,
.-\re chisels in an un,,een haml
That rou nd us in to statuc::s fa ir.


uf Dawn.


1ORD'.-Yet tml

whe~1 ~


stri:e to serve thee most,

1n va111;

\Vhen I can see but labor lost,

Instead of gain;
\Vhen plans fall out another v.-ay
From '\-vha t seems best,
i\.nd failure comes though I obey
Thy clear behest;
\Vhcn hopes whereon 1 dare to lean
Thou dost den v;
\Vhen thou forbicldest me to g lean
The fields near by;
\\Then fairest prospecb, opening wide
Before mine eyes,
T hou wallcst in on e\'en ' side,
Ancl mountai n s rise

That fai th seems powerless to removeThen, clearest Lord,

Draw near to me, draw near and prove
Thy written \Vonl !
That thou in all things dost ordain
Thy children's good;
That joy shall be the fruit of pain,
\\Then understood.
12 4


ef Dawn.

1 know, and vet-0 slow of heartBut h~lf believe;

And when I fail, in secret smart,
And fret and grieYe,

Fill me with faith's complete content

In thee, 0 Lord,
And make me willing to be spent
\\'ithout rewardOf earthly sort, b ut heaYen ly gainT o seek a l one
F or others' good, by toil and pain,
X ot for mine own.
And when my failures cast me down ,
1\Jake me to rest,
In g lorious hope of ,ictor's crown,
Forever blest.

l wonl<l not look a t "thi ngs behind"

\Vi th wistful eve;
Xor seek in earthly tl;i ngs to find
A comfort nigh.
The weary sea-bin{ goes to sleep
On tossing w aves,
untroubled by the storm. the Jeep.
In trust that saves.
It is the hollow of thv haucl
That shapes it; nest;
So. thou g h I may n ot \1nJersta nd,
~lake me to re~ t.


of ])awn.



him that hath thou gi,est

EYer "more abundantly."
Lord, I Jive bec:.mse thou 1i~est,
Therefore gi ,-e more Ii fc to me;
Therefore speed m e in the race;
Therefore let me grow in grace.

Deepen all thy work, 0 :;.\faster,

Strengthen every downward root,
Only <lo thou r ipen faster
"t-.lore and more thy pleasant fru it.
Purge me, prune 111e, self abase,
Only let me grow in grace.
Father, grace for grace ontpouring,
Show me ever greater things;
Raise me higher, ;,unward soaring,
:Mou nting as on eagle's wings.
By the brightness of thy face,
Father, let me grow in grace.
Let me grow by sun or shower ;
Eve1y moment '' ater rne;
:Make me really hour by hour
l\fore and more conformed to thee,
That thy loving eye may trace,
Day by clay, my growth in grace.
Let me, then, be always growing,
Never, never standing still;
Listening, learning, better kuowing
Thee ancl thy 1nost blessed will,
Lighted in thy holy pince.
Daily let me grow in grace.
1 26


of Daw11.

union with the Perfect ).!ind!
Transcendent blis:>, which thou alone canst
How blest are they this Pearl of price ''"ho find,
And, dead to earth, huye learned in thee to live.
Antl thus, while dead to hmnan hopes I lie,
Lo,;t, and foreYer lost, to all but thee,
~Iy happy soul, since it has learned to die,
Has found new life in thine infinity.
\ Vith joy we learn this lesson of the cross,
And tread the toilsome way which Jesus trod;
And counting present life and all things loss,
\ Ve find in death to self the 1ifc of God.


thy cruioe of comfort failing?
Is Rise
and share it "ith another,

And through all the years of famine

It shall serYc thee ai1d thv brother.
Lorn <lidne will fill th, storehouse,
Or thy handful sti ll ;.enew;
Scant\ fa re for one will often
).fake a royal feast for two.
For the heart grows rich in giving;
All it,; wealth is living grain;
Seeds which mildew in the garner,
Scattered, fiII with gold the plain.
1 27


ef Dawn.

Is thy burden hard and hea ,y?

Do thy steps drag wearily?
Help to bear thy brothers burden;
God will bear both it and thee.
Numb and wearv on the mountains,
\ Vouldst thou sleep amid the sno\Y?
Chafe that frozen form beside thee,
And together both shall glow.
A rt thou stricken in life's battle?
l\Ianv wounded round thee moan;
La vi shon thefr wounds thy balsams,
And that balm shall hcai thine own.
Is the heart a well left empty?
None but God its yoid can fill;
Nothing but a ceaseless Fountain
Can its ceaseless longings still.
Is the heart a living power?
Sel(cntwincd, its strength sinks low;
It can only lh-e in lodng,
And by serving love will grow.


~Lu. J: J. -

'TIS sweet to feel

that he \vho tries

The siker takes his seat
Beside the fire that purifies,
Lest too intense a heat Raisc<l to consume the base alloyThe precious metals, too, destroy.


of Dawn.

'Tis good to think how well he knows

The silver 's power to bear
The ordeal through which it goes;
And tha t with skill and care
H e' ll take it from the fire when fit,
\Vith his own han<l to polish it.
'Tis blessedness to know that he
The piece he has begun
\\' ill not forsake till he can seeTo prove the work well doncliis image, by i ts brightness known,
Reflecting glory like his o'vn.
But ah! how much of earthly mould,
Dark relics of the mine,
Lost from the ore, must he beboluIlow long must he refine,
Ere in the silver he can trace
The first faint semblance of his face!
Thou g reat R efiner ! sit thou by,
Thy promise to fulfill.
~loved by thy hand, beneath thine eye,
And mel ted at thy will,
0 may thy work forever shine
Reflecting beauty pure as thine

r}'HEY needs must grope who cannot see,

The bla<le before the car must be;

As ye are feeling I haYe felt,

And where ye d w ell I too have dwelt.



of .Dawn.


HT after darkness,
after loss,
Strength after s ufle ring,
Crown after cross.
Sweet after bitter,
Song after sigh,
Home after wandering,
Praise after cry.
S heaves after sowing,
Sun after rain,
Sight after mystery,
Peace after pain.
Joy ufter sorrow,
Calm after blas t,
Rest after weariness,
Sweet rest at last.
Near after distant,
Gleam after g loom,
Lo\e after loneliness,
Life after tomb.
After long agony
Rapture of bliss!
Right was the pathway
Leading to this !
not his the happie,.t life,
To \Yhom the fates arc kind ;
\Vho win s, but wins without the strife
That tests the noble mi11d.

Poems ef Dawn.

-Jnrn '24.-


ULTI. ESS in his glory's presence!

l' Ail the soul within me stirred,
All my heart reached up to lieaven
At the wonder of that word.
Able to present me faultless?
Lord, forgi,,e my doubt, J c ried ;
Thou didst once, to Joying doubt, show
Hands and feet and riven side.

0 ! for me build up sorne ladder,

Bright with golden round on round,
That my hope this thought may compass,
Reaching faith's high vantage-ground !
Praying thus, behold, my lnclcler,
Reaching unto perfect day,
Grnw from out a simple story
Dropped by some one in the way.
Once a queen- so ran the storySeeking far for something new,
Foutld it in a inill, where, strangely,
Kaught but rags repaid her viewRags from out the very gutters,
Rugs of cycry shape and hue;While the squalid children. picking,
Seemed but rags from hair to shoe.


ef Dimm.

\\' hat then, rang her eager question,

Can you do w ith things so vile?
l\fould thcn1 in to perfect whiteness,
Said the master with a smile.
\Vhiteness? quoth the queen, half doubting;
But these recldest, crimson dyesSurely nought can ever whiten
These to fitness to your eyes?
Yes, he said, though these arc colors
HardesJ to remove of all,
Still I ha \'e the power to ma ke them
Like the snowflake in its fall.
Through my heart the words so simple
Throbbed with echo in and out:
Crimson- scarlet-white as snow -flakeCan this man? and can God not .2
Now upon a day thereafter,
(Thus the tale went o n a t will,)
To the queen t here came a present
From the master at the mill.

Fold on fold of fairest texture

Lay the paper, purest white;
On each sheet there gleamed the letters
Of her name in golden light.
Precious lesson, wrote the master,
Hath my mill thus given me,
Showing how our Christ can gather
Vilest hearts from land or sea;


ef Dawn.

In some heavenly alembic,

S no wy white from crimson bring ;
Stamp his name on each, and bear them
To the palace of the King.

0 what wondrous visions wrapped me!

Ilea ven's gates seemed opened wide,

Even I stood clear and faultlc.>s,

By my dear R e deemer's side.
Faul tless in his glory's presence!
Faultless in that dazzling ligh t !
Christ's own love, majestic, tender,
niade my crimson snowy white!


despisecl, neglected,
IN Dtheeemworld
ed its refuse and its d ross,

She whose Lord t he earth rejected

S hares his sorrow, bears his cross.

By the Dragon's fury


N ourishcd in the d esert drear,

Rocks and ca \'CS and stars of heaven
All her lonely sighings hear.

In the worldlings' gay carousal,

How her bridal hope they spurn!
\Vhere's the vow of his espousal,
\\' here the pledge of his r~turn ?


of Daw11.

Yet, in all the gloomy midnight,

S ang her heart its virgin lay;
\Vatching, waiting, till the daylight,
Till the shadows flee away.
From the \vildernes:; returning,
\Vho is she with radiant face,
In the early dawn of morning,
Coming to her rightful place?

'Tis the Bride-the Lord's espoused,

Leaning on the Bridegroom's arm;
Shaft:; of enor, words of malice,
Now are vain to do her harm.
Come up hither! I v..-ill sho'v thee
The Lamb's wife enthroned in light,
S haring all his king ly glory,
Clothed with majesty and might.


H f A IT JNG and

watching the livelong day,

Lifting the voice of her heart to pray ;
She stands in her sorrow the bricle and queen,
Counting the hours that lie between.
Lone as a dove, on a storm-swept sea,
Teaching her heart hope's minstrelsy;
\Vith a cheerful note, though a weary wing,
She learns o'er sorrow to soar arnl sing.

Abroad through the ea.rth is a sound of war,

Di:;trcss among natio ns, wide a nd fa r ;




And the failing of strong men's hearts for fear

Of the dreadful things that are drawing near.
Famine and pestilence stalk abroad;
Scoffers are slighting the \Vord of God;
And the Jove of many is waxing cold;
Dimmed is the sheen of the once fine gold.

But' she stands in her safety, the bride and queen,

Leaning as only the loved can lea n
On the henrt tha t broke in its loYe for her,
When bearing the burden she could not bear.


IO.:\', arise, break forth in songs
Of eerlasting joy;
To God eternal praise belongs,

\Vho doth thy foes destroy.

Thou Church of God, awake! a wake!
For light beams from o n high;
From earth and dust thy garme nts shake,
Thy glory's drawing nigh.
To rai~c thee high aboYc the earth,
God will his power employ;
He'll turn thy mourning into mirth,
Thy sorrow into joy.
In shining robes thyself array,
Put on thy garments pure ;
Thy King shall lead thee in the way
That's holy, safe and sure.
In thee the Lord shall place his name,
And make thee his delight,


ef Daum.

And place on thee a diadem,

Divinely fair and bright;
And thou shalt be the dwelling place
Of him that reigns above.
Yea, thou shalt be adorn'd with grace
And everlasting love.
The joy of nations thou shalt be,
A bright and shining light;
For God is in the midst of thee,
To keep thee day and night.
H e'll bring thy wandering c hildren home,
And gather those without;
And with a wall of jasper stone
\Vill guard thee round about.
Arise, 0 Zion, praise thy King,
And rnakc his name thr trust;
\Vi th joy and triumph lot~dly sing;
For he is tiue and just.
0 Zion, sing with tuncrul ,oice
Thy great Redeemer's praise;
In his almighty p ower rejoice
Throughout eternal days.

-RE\r. 22 :20. -

U ICKLY, beloved! I know thy heart is beating

\Vith deep emotions to behold my face,
But for a while wilt thou not spread the tidings
0 f the sweet message of my love and grace?

Fea r not, beloved! mine eye is e ver watching ;

Thy tears are nulllbered i n my deep, deep }o,e;

Porms ef Dawn.
Thy weary sighs, and all thy heart's deep yearnings,
Are registered by me in hea\en above.
Trust, trust, bcJo,ed ! I know the world frowns
But this shoul<l onh drive thee nearer me.
Earth's broken link; make heaYen's affection
The cross will make the crown more bright
for thee.
Look up, beloved! tread firmly on the billows!
Thou canst not sink beneath life's troubled sea.
Look up! then shalt thou learn the needful lesson
Ho,v my own hand hath planned thy path for
Rest, rest, beloved, thine head upon my bosom;
Lean on my arm, and tell thy griefs to me.
~!y heart is thine in all the full perfection
Of sympathy none else could. give to thee.
\ Yeep not, beloYe<I, because thou yet must tarry:
\ Vil t t hou not serYe me heart and hand mean
Some hearts around thee pi ne in lonely sorrow;
Coulclst thou not give one kindly look or smile?
Go forth, belo,ed ! life's ministry is earnest;
Crushed hearts throng round thee, in thy p ath


ef Dawn.

Fond hopes once chcrishet.l, now by death are

Knowest thou not a balm to sooth their woe?
Yes, yes, beloved! I read thy heart's glad answer;
Yes, thou wilt do thjs work of love for me.
A little while, and earth's sa<l scenes of sorrow
Shall change to glory bright-prepared by me.
The n, then, beloved ! heaven's songs of joy awaking.
Triumphant halleluja hs thou shalt raise:
Then sha It thou gaze upon my face, and ever,
Knowing as known, pour forth thine endless


1JT1IENE'ER the storms come 1lown on thee,
H A n<l days of peace all seem to flee;
This thought thy peace again sha ll bring,
\\'hy should I fear ?-the Lord is King.
E'en when the tempest rages high,
And darkest clouds arc drnwing nigh,
\Vi th hands of faith to this, () ! cling.\Vhy should I fcar?-the Loni is King.

Ami<l the stormy waves of life,

Abo,e the tumult and the strife,
The ch imes of hope s ti ll sweetly ring,I3e not afraid-the L ord is King.


ef Dawn.

Thy ::.hip is tm;sd by wind n n<l w::ne,

But there is one whose power can save;
Across the se;1 he hastes to bring
Both rest and pcace,-the Lord is King.
Yes, Jesus walks upon the sea,
And in the storm he comes to thee;
Then trust in him, rejoice and sing;
He calms the waves,-the Lord is King.
H e stretches out his han<l to thee,
And from thY fears he sets thee free;
Beneath the shadow of his wing
H e keeps thee safc,-the L ord is King.


D as the morning breath of June
The south-west breezes play:
And through its hae, the winter noon
Seems warm as summer da\.
The !Snow-pl umed angel of tl~e north
H as dropped his icy s p ear;
Again the 111ossy earth l oo k.~ forth,
A~a in t he s lreams gush clear.
The fox his hillside cell forsakes,
The muskrat lcan::s his nook,
The blue bird in the meadow brakes
Is singing with the brook:
"Bear up. 0 :\Iother >l'nture ! "cry
Bird, bree:i:e, and strcamlet free,
" Our winter voices prophesy
Of summer da}s to thee!"
1 39


ef Dawn.

So, in those w inters of the soul,

By bitter blasts an<l drear
O 'el'i>'>vept from memory's fro7-en pole,
\Vil! sunny <lays appear.
Reviving hope and faith, they show
The soul its living powers,
And how beneath the \vinter's snow
Lie germs of summer flowers.

The night is mother of the day,

The winter of the spring,
And ever upon old decar
The g reenest mosses cling.
Behind the cloud the starlight lurks,
Through showers the sunbeams fall;
For God, who lovcth all his v\orks,
Has left his hope with a ll.



not count, w hen day is o'er,

D aily loss from lifo'i; rich sto re;
llut the gains. however small,
Count them daily, one ant! a ll:

sweet and gracious word,

pleasant truth you've heard;
tender glance and tone,
kindly deed you've known;

Every duty nobly done,

E,ery rightful Yictorr ''"onTreasure all, and count them o'er
A s a miser counts his s tore.


ef Dawn.

But i f bitter word or thought

HaYc a bitter harvest b ronght ;
If some foeman hath assa iled you,
Or the friend most trusted failed you;

lf unkindness and untruth

Have to you brought saddest ruth,
Blot the score without d elavKeep no record of the day.
Keep n o record of the care,

J .oss and cross we must all bear;

Ou the page of memory write
Only what is fair and bright.

Let all evi l things go by;

Still, with brave endeavor, try
Simple joy:; to multiply.
Thus yon'll learn how large a sum
'Vill with faithful reckoning come.
Long as after cloud and rain
Illcsscd sunsh ine comes again,
Long as a fter winter's gloom
Sum mer roses bud and bloom,
Long as we have with us here
One sad heart that we may cheer,
Long as love gilds sornnv's cross,
Lift/s rich gain o'erpays the loss.

rl 'HOUGH blinded faith can neYcr save,

For God accepts those who believe;
Y ct rc\crcncc, howsoc'cr it strays,
Shall find at last the s hining ways.

Poems of Dawn.


Through pastures fair,
And sea-girt paths all wil{l with rock and foam,
O 'er vdvct sward, H.nd desert i:;tcrn and bare,
The flock comes h ome.

A weary way.
smooth, then rugged wi th a thousand snares;
dim with rain, the n swee t with blossoinsgay,
And summer <iirs.

Yet, safe at last,

\Vithin the fold they gather, and a re still;
Sheltered from driving sho,vcr and stormy blast,
They fear no ill.

Through life'i; dark ways,

Through flowery paths where c,il angels roam,
Thro ugh restless nights, and long, heart-wasting
Christ's floc k comes home.
Safe to the fold,
The blessed fold, where fears arc never known,
Love-guarded, fenced about with walls of gold,
He leads his own.

0 Shepherd King,
With loving hands, ,.,-hose lightest touch is blest !
Thine is the k ingdom, thine the power, to bring
Thy flock to res t~

Poems ef DauJ11.


thv beautiful robes, Bride uf Christ,
King shall em brace thee to-day;
Break forth into singing; the morning has
And the shadows of night fl ee a way.
Shake off the dust from thy feet, Brit.le of Christ;
For the Conqueror, girded with might,
Shall van'luish the foe, the dragon cast down
Ami. the cohorts of death put to nigh L

Thou art the Bride of his Jme. his elect;

Dry thy tears, for thy sorrows are past;
Lone were the hours when thy Lord was away,
But h e comes with the morning at last.
The wincls bear the noise of his chariot\\heels,
And the thunders of Yictorv roar:
Lift up thy beautiful gates, Il~ide of Christ,
For the grave holds dominion no more.
Once th ey a rrayed him with scorning; hut see!
His apparel is glorious now:
In his hand are the keys of death and the grave,
And the diadem gleams on his brow.
Hark! 'tis her Yoice: Alleluia sh e sings,
Alleluia! the captives go free !
Unfoldtid the gates of Paradise stancl,
And unfolded forever shall be.
Choir ans\\ers choir. where the son g has n o end;
A 11 the saints raise hosannas on h igh;




Deep call unto deep in the ocean of lnYe,

An<l the song takes the place of the sigh.

L\SCEND. beloved, to his joy;
Thy festal day has come;
Tonight the Lamb doth feast his own,
To-night he with bis bride sits <lown,
To-night puts on the spousal crown,
In the great upper room .

.Ascend, beloved, to thy Love;

This is the day of days:
To-night the bridal song is sung,
To-night ten thousand harps arc strung,
In sympathy with heart an<l tongue,
Unto tl-1e Lamb's high praise.
The festal lamps are lighting nO\.Y,
In the great marringe hall;
fly angel bands the board is spread,
By angel hands the sacred bread
l s on the golden table laid;
The King his own cloth call.
Long, long deferred, now comes at last,
The Lamb's glad wedding day;
The guests are gathering at the feast,
The seats in heavenly order placed,
The royal throne above the restllow bright the whole array!

Poems of Dawn.
Sorrow and sighing are no more;
The weep ing hours are past;
To-night the waiting will be done,
To-night the wedding robe is on;
The glory and the joy begun,
The hour has come at last.
\Vithin the hall is heav'nly light;
Around, above, is love;
\ Ve enter to go out no more;
\Ve raise the song unsung before;
\Ve doff the sackcloth that we wore,
For all is joy and love.
Ascend, beloved, share his life;
Our days of death are o'er;
~fortality has <lone its worst,
The fetters of the tomb are burst,
The last has now become the first,
Forever, e\ermore.
Ascend, beloved, to the feast.
Make haste, the <lay has come;
Thrice blest are they the Lamb doth call
To share the heave~ly festival
In the new Salem's palace hall,
Our everlasting home.

'EK through harsh noises of our day,
A low, sweet prelude finds its way;
Through clouds of doubts and creed;; of fear,
A light ii; breaking calm aml clear.
( 10)

P(lems <?/ Dawn.


long have I dreamed of the beautiful goal,

S-0 That
a touch of its sunshine has lit up my
Its chords are all thrilling with music divine,
..Arn.! its song is forever, "Dear Jes us is mine !"

The bir<l, when the tempest )s raging " ith pmn>r,

Flies in haste to her sn ug little nest in the bower;
Thus safe ' neath his \Ying I can sweetly recline,
And sing on forever " D ear Jesus is mine!"
'Vben beautiful Eden awakes from the fires,
And the conflict of ages of sorrow expires;
In the great restitution and glory divine,
I'll still sing in Pamdise, "Jesus is mine!"


'l~II E

Church a nd the 'Vorl<l walked far apart

On the changing shores of time;

The ' Vorld was singing a giddy song,
And the Church a hymn sublime.
"Come, give me your hand," said the merry 'Vorld,
"And walk with me this '\vay;"
R1it the good Church hid her snowy hands
And solemnly answered ... Nay,
I will not give you my hand at all,
And I will not ,ntlk with you;
Your way is the \vay that leacls to death;
To my Lor<l I must be true."

' Xay, walk with me but a little space.''

Said the \\-orld with a kindh air;
"The road I walk is a pleasant.road,
And the sun i;hines ahnn-s there:
Your path is thorny and ro.ugh ancl rude,
But mine is broad and plain;
~Iy way is paved with flowers and dews,
And yours with tears antl pain;
The sky to me is always blue,
No want, no toil I know;
The sky aboye you is always <lark,
Your lot is a lot of woe;
The way you walk is a narrow way,
But mine is amply wide;
There's room enough for you and me
To travel side hy side."
Half shyly the Church approached the \Vorld
And ga,e him her hand of snow;
And the old \Vorld clasped it and walked along,
Saying in accents low,
Your dress is too simple to please my taste;
I 'Yill give you pearls to wear.
Rich Yel\'ets and silks for your graceful form,
And diamonds to deck your hair. "
The Church looked down at her phnn white robes
And then at the dazzling \Vorld,
And blushed as she saw his handsome lip
\Vith a smile contemptuous curled.
"I will change my dress for a costlier one,"
Said the Church with a smile of grace;
Then her pure, white garments drifted awny,
And the \\' orld gave, in their place,


<1 .Dawn.

Beautiful satins and shining silks,

Rosco and gems and pearls;
\Vhile oYer her forehead her bright hair fell
Crimped in a thousand curls.
' Y our ho use is too plain," said the prouil old
"I'll build you one like mine;
Carpets of Hrussels and curtains of lace,
And furniture eyer so fine."
So he built her a costly and beautiful house;
).lost splcll<litl it was to behold;
Her sons and her beautiful daughters dwelt the1e
Gleaming in purple and gold;
Rich fairs and shows in the halls were held,
And the \Vorld and his children 'vere there.
Laughter and music and feasting were heard
In the place that was meant for prayer.
There \';ere cushioned pews for the rich and gay,
To sit in their pomp and pride;
\Vhile the poor, who were clad in shabby array,
But seldom cnme inside.
"You give too much to the poor," said the \Vorld,
"Far more than you ought to do;
If t.hev arc in need of shel ter and food,
\Vl;y need it trouble you?
Go, take your money and buy rich robes,
Buy horses and carriages fine,
Buy pearls and jewels and dainty food;
Buv the rarest nnd costliest wine ;
My children dote on all these things,
And if you their love would win,


ef .Dawn.

Y ou must tlu as they do, and walk in the ways

That they are walking in."
Then the Church held fast the strings of her purse,
And modest! y lowered her head,
And simpered, "No doubt you are right, sir;
Henceforth I will do as you've said."
Then the sons of the \Vorl<l and the sons of the
\Valked closely, hand an<l heart,
_\ml only the ::\laster, "ho knoweth all,
Could tell the two apart.
Then the Church sat down at her case arnl said,
I am rich anc1 my goods arc i ncrcased;
I lnwc 11eed of nothing, .Jr aught to do,
But to laugh, and dance, and fca!>t."
The sly \Vorl<l heard, am.I he laughed in his sleeve,
And mocking said aside"The Church is fallen, the beautiful Churd1,
And her shame is her uoast and pride."
The angel drew near to the mercy-seat,
.And \\"hispered in sighs h er name,
Then the loud anthems of rapture were hushc<l,
A n<l heads were covered with sha1ne.
And a voice was heard at last by the Church
From Him who sat on the Throne,
I know thy works, and bow tnou hast said,
I am rich;' and hast not kno\\'n
That thou art naked, poor and blind,
And \\retched before my face;
Therefore, from my presence, I cast lhee out,
An<l blot thy name from its pluce."

Poems of Dawn.


16. -

' '"[ IS one thing now to read the Bible through,

Another thing to read, to learn and do;
'Tis one thing now to read it with delight,
And q uite another thing to read it right.
Some read it with design to learn to read,
nut to the subject pay but little heed;
Some read it as their d ntY once a week,
But no instruction fro m the Bible seek;

\Vhil st others read it without common care,

\\Tith no regard to how they read nor where.
Some read it as a histor_y, to know
H ow people lived three thousand years ago.
Some read to bring unto them~i::lves repute,
By sho\ving othi::rs ho,.,- t hey can dispute;
\Vhilst others read because t heir neighbors do,
To see how long 'twill take to read it through.
Some read it for the wonders thnt are there,
H ow DaYid killed a lion and a bear;
\Vhilst others read-or rather in it lookBecause, perhaps, they have no other book.
Some read the blessed Book-tbi::y don't know

It somehov\ happens in th e " ay to lie;
\Vhilst othe1s read it with uncommon care,
But nll to find some contrndictions there.


ef Dawn.

One reads with fathe:r's sp ecs upon his head,

Ancl secs the thing just as his father did;
Another r eads through Campbell or through Scott,
And thinks it means exactly what they thought.
Some rcacl to prove a pre-adopted creed,
Thus understand but little what they read;
And every passage in the book they bend
To make it suit that all-important end.
Some people rca<l, as I h;n-e often thought,
To teach the Book, instead of to be taugh l

truths are dearly bought.
mon truth,

The corn

Such as men give aIHl take from da v to da v,

Comes in the common walk of easy lfre,

Blown hy the careless wind across our way.

Great truths are dearly won; not found by chance,
i\or wafted on the breath of summer llream;
Bu t grasped in the great struggle of the soul,
Ilard buffeting- with acfrersc wind and stream.
Sometimes, 'mid conflict, turmoil, fear and grief,
\Vhen the strong hand of God, put forth in
Ploug hs up the subsoil of the stagnant heart.
l t brings some buried truth-seerls to the light.
Not in the general mart, 'mid corn and wine ;
Not in the merchandise of gold anrl gems;
Not in the world's gay hall of midnight mirth,
Nor 'mid the blaze of regal diadems;


o/ Dawn.

Not in the general clash of human creeds,

Nor i n the merchandise ' twixt c hurch and world,
Is truth's fair treasure found, 'mongst tares and
Nor her fair banner in their midst unfurled.
Truth springs
fiel ds,
To those thus
Iler richest

like harYest from the well-ploughed

patient toil, and faith, and zeal.
seeking her, she ever yields
treasures for their lasting weal.


Father, hear thy faint, afflicted flock
Crv to thee from the desert and the rock,
\Vhile those who seek to slay thy chilclrcn hold
Blasphemous worship under roofs of gold:
And the broad, goodly lands \\'ith pleasant airs
That nurse the grape and wave the grain, arc theirs.
Y ct lietter were this mountain wilderness,
And this wild life of danger and distressWatchings by night, and perilous flight by day,
And meetings in the depths of earth to prayRetter , far better than to kneel with them,
And pray the impious rite thy laws condemn.
Thou, Lord, dost bold the thunder; the firm land
T osses in billows when it feels thy hand.
Thou dashest nation against nation, then
Stillest the angry world to p eace again.
0 touch their stony hearts who hunt thy sonsThe murderers of our wives ancl little ones.


o.f Dawn.

Yet, mighty God, yet shall thy frown look forth

Unveiled, and terribly shall shake the earth;
Then the foul power of priestly sin and all
Its long-upheld idolatries shall fall.
Thou shalt raise up the trampled and opprest,
And thy delivered saints shall dwell in rest.


the minister's morning sermon,
IN Ile
told of the primal fall,
And how henceforth the wrath of God
Rested on each and all.
And how, of his will and pleasure,
All souls, save a chosen few,
\ Vere doomed to eternal torture,
And hcltl in the \vay thereto.
Yet ne,er, bv faith's unreason,
A s::dntlier soul was tried,
And never the hars h old lesson
A tenderer heart belied.
And after the painful service,
On that pJeasant, bright First day,
Ile walked with his little daughter
T hrough the apple bloom of )lay.

Sweet in the fresh green meadow

Sparrow and blackbird c;ung;
Abo,e him its tinted petals
The blossomi11g orchard hung.

Poems of Dawn.
Around, on the wonder ful glory,
The minister looked an cl smiled :
"How goocl is the Lord, who gives us
These gifts from his han<l, my child.
"Beho]cl in the bloom of apples,
And the violets in the sward,
A hint of the old, lost beauty
Of the Garden of the Lord."
Then upspake the little.mai1len,
Treading on snow and p ink,
" 0 father ! these pretty blossoms
Arc very wicked, I think.
"!lad there been no Ganlcn o f Eden,
There had never been a fall,
And if never a tree ha<l blossomed,
God -..vould have loved us all."

"Hush, child l" the father answered,

" B y his decree man fel l ;
His ways arc in cloml::. and darkness,
But he doetb all things wel l.
"An1l whether by his ordaining
To us cometh good or ill,
Joy or pain, or Jight or shadow,
\\'e must fear and l ove him still."
"0, I fea1 Him!'' said the daughter,
"And I trv to love him too;
But I wish he were kind and gentle,
Kind and loving as you."


ef Dawn.

The minister groaned in spirit,

As the tremulous lips of pain,
And wide, wet eyes uplifted,
Q.pestioned his own in yain.
Bowing his hcall he pondered
The words of his little one.
Had he erred in his life-long teachings,
}] ad h e wrong t o his :;\I aster done?
To what grim and dreadful idol
ITad he len t the holiest n:l me?
Did his O\Yll heart, l oYin~ and human,
The God of his worship shame?
And 1o ! from the bloom and greenness,
From the tender skies above,
And the face of his little <laughter,
He read a lesson of lo\'e.
Ko more as t he clouclv terror
Of Sinai's mount o-f l a\"\",
Ilut as Christ in the Syrian lil ies,
The vision of God l{e saw.
And as when, in the clefts of Horeb,
Of old was his presence kno....-n,
The dread, ineffable glory
'Vas infinite goodness a lone.
Thereafter his heiirers noted
In his prayers a tenderer strain,
And never the message of hatred
Burned on his lips again.
1 5S

Poems of .Daum.
And the scoffing tongue was prayerful,
And the blinded eyes found sight,
And hearts as tlint aforetime
Grew soft in his warmth au<l light.


'\ PASTOR watched the death-bed of a dying
} -\.. darling boy,
And tried to cheat his mem'ry with curious costly
nut thinking 'twas a duty, be spoke in whispered
And told the Sunday scholar how very near was
Ile put a pa!; tor's question, with Bible in his band,
Bu tone not there recorded, about some far-off land;
} le pictured fancied glories before the glazing eye,
And asked '' ith pious fervor, "No\v don't you
wish to die?"
The boy looked t'wanl the winclo,\, and saw the
hills he'd climbed;
He heard the church-bell chiming, and startecl as
it chimed~
Ile saw a weeping mother, and heard a deep<lrawn sigh,
And said w ith boyish candor, "l do not wish to
The pastor heard the answer his truthful nature


ef Dawn.

"There must be somet h ing repulsive

in the graYe:
Our proper nat ure shuns it-but why, why should
this be
ff death's the gate to glory? How comes the

nlU!>Cd ,

\Ve'ye taught our Sunday scholars, the moment

that they <lie,
They go to be more happy "-ith angels in the sky;
lt seem;; they don't belieYe u s, although they think
they do !
I3ut whose t he fault !- their nature's-or is our
doctrine true?"
The p astor checked his doubtings, and further
went his round,
To seek the sick and needy, \Yho always may be
A sense of duty nerved him to risk infection's
And soon he found before him a wretched woma n-s plight.
R elieving wants first pressing, he sp oke next of
h c1 soul,
And begged her to consider what possibly its goal ;
In hope to force repentance, he touched the sinn er' s doom,
And hinted pain eternal beyond the ynwning tomb.
With dismal eyes uplifted, she cried, with piercing look,
"I've borne too much already to t hink that's in
the Book!"



of Dawn.

Then, with a piteous effort, she asked, with

searching sture,
"'Voul<l you, kind sir, requite me with endless
torment there?"
The pastor gave no answer, for pity filled his breast,
To see a soul so wretched, and he hirnself so bl est:
He felt he could not doom he1- to endless pain an<l
woeAnd he feared the just reflection-so turne!l away
to go.
"Is mortal man more just, then, or does he pity
Than He whom men and angels, as God of love,
I cannot, should not think it-there's deeper
mvsterv here0 Lord 1 mif:c eyes now open, these mists and
don bti ngs elem."
So thinking, doubting, praying, he slowly went
his way,
To ponder o'er the lessons and visits of the day.
A sufferers casual question, "ls that, sir, in the
Had started new reflec6ons, deciding him to look.
Next day, by note invited, the pastor went to see
A brother by profession, long in the ministry,
\Vho wanted "duty" taken because of taking cold,
And "feared there might be danger, as he \Vas
growing old!"


if Daw11.

On any gloomy subject, because his nerves arc

The pastor, disappointed, sought, therefore, to retrace
His footstep's, meditating on what ha cl taken p1ace;
\Vhy many pious persons more dread of heaven
Than other carele-~s sinners of going dovvn to hell?
Another prayer ascended, for spiritual light,
To know man's real nature and destiny aright;
The answer was forthcoming, the light was on
its \vay;
But first a dawning glimmer before the light of
Kext evening a procession came wending up the
Towards the parish churchyard, while all ";as
bright, but chill;
A slow and mournful tolling kept startling all
the air,
To tell how death was marring a scene so calm
and fair.
The bell sank into silence, more gladdening notes
to hear,
\Vhich floated down the hill-side, in hopeful accents clear;
Words oft before repeated assnrne<l new life and
\Vhich now revealed the mystery in sad and solemn.

'I am the R7.::.L1 tmLcT1ox," said Jesus, ..and the


The echoes of Tm: LOGO::.., a woke, with import

Through understanding utterance they now \\ere
\ \'hich tluttere<l in the ye\\' trees like happy, liYing birds.
Ile that belie,cth in ::\fe. ri !though he now were
llcad'"y es, "dead," not "gone to hca n:n: but low in
"hades'" laicl" Jl e," yen he, has the promise, "~hall live again''
in joy,
I n resurrection glories ancl Jifo without alloy.

The preacher\ prayers were answered, the lig ht

had come at last:
I t came in ,,ords familiar. like rnem'rics of the past.
Death now \Yas seen as real-all nature telling
this\ \Thilc "resurrection'' sbo~n; us the \\ay to lire and
The ,:;un at length dc,.,ccndccl beneath tlw \\cstern

But ttashing tints no" ho" bright the

morn would hc.
It Lraced one \YClU) mortn I to meet approaching
And \\hisperecl coming glor~, for cycntidc "as
(u )




The preacher\ manner altered. more carnei;t grc\\

his tone:
He ~a\\" man surely dying" and !if{> in Christ
"Jesus a11d .Resurrccfio11,'' the good news now
God's coming Son and Kingdom, and life in his
great name.


'l 'IlR storm has broken, and the heavy blast

That stifled morn's free breath, m{d shook its
Is dying into sunshine; and the last
Dull cloud has vanh,hed from yon arch of blue.

J kno" it is but for a day; the


l\fust soon be wuged again ' twixt earth and

Another tempest "ill a rise to mar
The tranquil beauty of the fragrant even.

Ami yet I joy as storm on storm awakes;N'ot that I love the uproar or the gloom;
But in each tempest over earth that ],)reaks,
I count one fewer outburst yet to come.
No groan creation heaves is heaved in .-ain,
J:\T or e'er sh:dl be r ep ca ted; it is <lone.
Once heand it neYer shall be heaved again,
Earth's pangs a n<l throes arc lessening one by

Poems of _Daw11.
So foils tbe stroke of sorr ow, and !>O spring.;
Strnnge joy and comfort from the yery grief,
E\-en to the weariest sufferer; so brings
Each beayy burden its own sw eet relief.
One cross the less remains for me to bear;
Already borne is that of yesterday;
That of to-cla v shall no to-morrow share:
To-morrow"'s with itself shall pass away.
That which is added to the troubled past
I s taken from the future, whose !:lad s tore
Gro\\s less and less each day, till soon the last
Dull w ine of woe shall b reak upon o ur shore.
The storm that yesterday ploughed up the sea
ls buried now beneath its le,el blue;
One storm the fcvYer now remains for me,
Ere sky and earth arc made forever new.

ERILOUS times in the \Yorld arc a t handP
Perils by \Yater and p erils by land;
Perils in churches and peri ls in stnte,
Peril ~

a ttcndi ng the goou anu the great.

\Vatchman, bow rcadest thou touching this hour?

Fearful corruption in places of power;
Presidents, princes and kings in dismayTrngic unfol<lings, the ne"s of the day.
Scripture;; prophetic, discoursing on time,
Teach us the doctrine of increase of crime ;

"Ed i se!luccn shtdl wax worse and worse,

Ere greutJeh(n-ah shall "smite with a curse."

the church powerless to draw from the ;;ki c~

H elp, w hen Goliath h er urm_y llcfics?
Is there 110 ki ng in the cam p of "to-clay"?
ls the true r~rnel fallen :iway''?
ls it the sign o f the presence again
Of the ~Jessinh. in person to reign?
Has sin attained to its manhood o f power?
l s t his its zenith? ls morn ing the hour?

The son of perdition, the god of this worlcl,

Down from his kingdum of sin must be hurled;
Tares must 1:>e ga therc<l a ncl burned in the lireType of a ll Chri;;tians in name, not in power.

f esus is come! 0 let :t be known,

JehoYah's Anointed now takes the tbrone;
He takes the h elm nnd the power to command,
He'll g uide affairs on the sea ancl the land.
Jesus is come! let nil the world hear;
" \\'ho's on the Lord's side" let him drn w near.
Come with your armor, your loins girt about ;
Come with your trumpets. and join in the shout.

J erichoes

tr em Lile H nd Sod oms consume,

Kingdoms arc tottering before the "Commune;''
D aYicls, go forth \\'ith your sli ng -ston es of faith,
T <l ke ye the head<; of "the giants of Gath.''

on my sight,
0 SO;\IETL\Ipresentglirnp,,c!.
wrong, the eternal righ t ;

,\n<l step hy step, since time began,

.Progn:ss Go J',; purposes for man.

Poems of D,1w11.



GREAT p eace in Europe!

O rder reigns
From Tiber's hills to D <mube'o plains!''
So :;ay her kings a1Hl pri c~t.>; c.;o .>ay
The lying prophets of our day.

Go, 1a) to cn rth a listening ear;

The tramp of measured marche., hear,The rol liog of the cannon\ wheel,
The ,..hotted musk et's n.mnlerous peal,
T he n ight alann. the sentry's call,
The q1iick-eared sp~ in hut and hall!
From polar sea and tropic fen
The cl) ing groans of exiled men !
The bolted cell, the ga llcy's chains,
The ,.,caffold ;;moking with it~ stain;;!
Order,-the hu.<;h of hTooding >-la 1 e~ !
Pcace,-in the dungeon-vault,; and gran~s !
() f'i-;hcr ! of the "oriel \\ iJc net,
\\'ith mei:.he~ in all wa ter~ set,
\\"ho;.e fahlccl kC\s o f he:nen anrl hell
Holt ha rd the patriofs prison cell,
And open \Yi rle the banquet hall
\\'he re kings and prici;t>; hold carnirnl:
Speak, Prince and K ai1>er, Priest antl Czar!
If this be peace, pray whal is war?
\Vhitc a ngel of the Lord! unmeet
That soil accnrsccl, for thy pure feet.
Kever in SlaYer,-s clese1t flow;;
The fountain o( thy ch armed repose ;
No tyrant';; hand t hy c ha plet \1ca1cs

Pvems of ./Jawn.

Of h li e~ and of olive-leaves;
:Not with the wicked shalt thou dwell,
Thus saith the Eternal Oracle ;
Thy home is with the pure tmd free!
Stern herald of thv better dav,
Before thee to prepare thy w~y,
The Baptist shade of Liberty,
Gray, scunecl, a ncl hairy-robed, must press
\Vith bleeding feet the wilderness!
() that its Yoice might pierce the car
Of priests and princes while they hear
A cry as of the Hebrew 8ecr:
Repent! God's kingdom draweth near~



SAD is my heart, for the storm that is coming;

Like eagles the scucl sweepeth in from the

The gull sceketh shcltt'r, the pine trees are .sigh~\

And nll giveth note of the tempest to be.
spell }iath been whispered from ca\'C or from

T he shepherds arc .sleeping, the .sentinels dumb,
The flocks iire all scatterecl on moorland nnd
,-\ml no one helie\'et: that the 1\faster is come.
He's come, but whom doth he find their -..vatch
0 ,\-here-in hiR pnscnce-is faith the worlcl


ef D


T he rich , e\ ery sense in soft lu:-. ury ~lrcping;

T he p oor, scarce repelling the "olf from the
0 man, a nd 0 maiden, <lrop trifling a n d plea sure,
0 ! ha r k, while I tell of the sorrows to be.
As well mig ht I plead in the p a th o f yon glacier,
Or cry out a warning to wave of the sea.



t ime of t rouble nears, "lt hustc lh grea t ly;"

E 'en now its ripples sp an the" orhl\Yidc sea:
0 !-w hen ils waves are s w ollen to mountain:< slate! v.
\Viii the rc1;istkss b illO\n; s\ Yc_>ep o'er me?

Or, terror stricken, will I then d isco\er

A w o ndrous presence s ta n ding in g lo ry by,
Treacling the waters !-Earth's Imperial LoYer.
\Vith words o f ch eer,-" Be not afraid,-'tis l. "
Yes. a h and, s tron g . y et tender as a mother\,
Will fro m the s urgin g billows lift me o u t.
\\-ith soft rebuke, m orn lo-d11g l han a brother':-:
"Of l i ttle fa ith! 0, 'vherefore <lid,,t thou doubt?''

TILL o'er earth's sky the clouds of a nger rnl I.
God 's revenge hangs heayy o n her soul.
Yet sha ll ~d1e r ise-thougl1 first by (jod chastisedln glory and i n beauty then b aptized.

S A11cl

Y es, ear t h , thou s ha lt a rise; t hy Father's a irl

S ha ll hea l t be wound his chastening h and ha s

Sha JI judge the proncl oppressor\, ruthless sway

And burst hi:, honds, and cast his cords a wa \'.
Then on your soil sh;1ll deathless Yerdme spring;
Break forth. ye niounta1n:::, and ye Yalley~, sing!
Ko rno1e Ymir thirsty rocks shall frown forlorn,
The imbelievcr's jes.t, the heathen's scorn;
The sultry sancls shall tenfold harvests yield,
And a new Eden deck the thorny fiehl.
E'en now we sec, wide-waYing o'er the land,
The mighty angel lifts his golden \\~mcl,
Courts the hright vision of de;;ccnrling power,
Tells every gnte. and measures C\ery tO\\Tr;
.And chirlcs the tard, seals that vet detain
Thy Lion, Judah, fr~111 his destii'.ied reign!


LlTTLE while. earth's tightin~s shall be o\er;
A liltle "hile, her tears be niped away;
.A little while. the po,nr of Jcho,ah
Sh::ill turn this tlarkucol> to ~lillcnni;il Day .

A little

whik, the ilh that now o'crwhelrn men

lo the mcmorie~ of tl1c pa,;t belong;
'vhile, the Joye that once redeemed them
change their weeping into grateful song .

.A Jiltl<.' while! 'Tis ever dniwing nea1er-

The brighter dawning of that glorious day.

Praise God. the light is hourly growing clearer,
Shining more and more unto the perfect day.

Poems of D.11,111.


'l 'IJ E wrath o f G od is Jove's severity

1n c uring si11- thc z ca l of right ~cmsne ,.,s

ln OYe rcominoremedy
o v;-ron"-thc

Of ju!>tice for the w orl d's rcclre,.;,.;.

The \\'ralh of God

j,, punishment for ;.i11,

I n rncai.urc unto n ll tnu1bgrcs!>ion clue,
D i,.,cri m i 11:1 t in~ well ancl jn ... t 11ct ween
Prc,.,umt11~-l!s .~ins ancl ',.in.; oflig-hter hue.

The \\ rnth of (;od inflict s no nceclle<. pain,

l\lercly YindictiYc. or himsclf tu plea!'<';
Hut a im. the entb of mere\ to nttui11.
Uproot the n il , a ncl t hc.g-oocl iw,;n:a.-,c.

Thl' \\rnth 11f ( ;od is a consuming- firl'.

That burns while there;,. e\"il to de~trny
Or goud tu purify; 1101 can <'Xpire

Till .ill thing~ arc rclic,cd frulll sin'<. nlloy.

The wrntli uf (jucl j,., Jun.:,. parL"lltal rucl,
The 'li~olicclient !) cha,;ti,;c, ,,nlJclm-,
Ancl bend ;,nbmi ,;~~\c to the will of (;od.
Thnt love may r eign when all things a r c 111adc
T he wrath of God :'-hal l uc,er ;,lrik<.: in ,ain,
;'\or cease t o strike till sin ;,hall be no 1nore;
T ill vod his gracious p urpo,..c ,,ha l l attain ,
And earth to righteou'inCbb and peace restore.

P oems

ef Dtlw11.


RF:TTER day is coming, a morning promised
\Vhen truth and right, with holy might, shall overthrow the wrong;
\Vhen Christ the Lord will listen to every plaintive sig-h,
And stretch his hand o'er sea ancl land, \\"illt justice, by au<l by.

The boast of h a ughty tyrants 110 mon : :-;hall till

the air,
!1111. aged and youth shall love the truth a nd speed
it c\'erywhere.
Xo more from want and sorrow shall come the
hopeless cry,
But war sho 11 cease, anrl perfect peace will flour
ish by and by.

Tht tidal wave is coming, the year of jubilee;

\Vi th shout a nd song it sweeps along, like billows
of lhc sea.
T h e juhilee of nations sh all ring through earth
anti sky.
The dawn of grace draw!> on apacc-'tis corning
by a nd by.
() ! for that glorions dawning we watch and \Yait
and pray,
Till o'er the height the morning light shall drive
the gloom away;
[and sky,
And when the hea,-cnly g lory sh a ll Jloo<l the earth
\Ve'll bless the Lord fur a ll his works and praise

him by and by.


P<Jcms ef Dawn


"ES! a brighter morn i,; bre;Ll,ing,
Better clays are coming on;
.A ll the world will be awaking
.ln the new and golden dawn.
In the day of coming glory,
::\Ien will !>how fraternal hand;
Each will tell to each the sto1T,
Till it spreads to e\ery land.

On the top of Zion's m ountain,

God prepa res his houi-.e a~ai11;
. \ t its threshold spring-t- a fountain,
Flowing for the souls of men.

Fron1 the earth's remote.>t r;tntions,

.l\lc n \Yill corne to hear the wur1l;
Ancl, in all the world, the nations
Shall be nation.<; of the Lord.


\{ E.:-.: of t houg h t, Ix: up rmtl ,;tirring
Night and day.
Sow the sccll, ,,ithdrnw the c urtain,
Clear the way.
J\Ien of action, aid an<l cheer them
As you may.

There's a fount about to stream;

There's a light about to beam;
There';; a \Ya1mth a bout to glo\\-;
There'~ a flower about to b lo";

Tlwrc's a midnight hlnckne"'l> changing

lnto grn~
::'.kn of thought, and melt of action,
Clear the w:J.\ l
Once the \Yclcomc 1ight has hrukcn,
\ \ 'ho shall sa,
\\'hat the unimagined g lories
Of the dad
\\'h,1t the cyiJ tha t hhall pcri1>h
ln its ntY?
"\id the dawning. tongue and pen;
~\iii it, hopes of honest men;
Aid it, paper; aid it, type,
A id it, for the hour is ripe;
.t\ nd our earnest must not slacke:1

Into plnv.
}.kn of thougl1t, and mc11 of action,
Clear the "ay !
Lu, a cloud's about to rnn i ~h
From the da\:
Lo, t he right 's abo~1t to conqnerClear the "''". !
}.Janv a brazen wroi1g- to rrumblc
I nto clay.
\\'ith that right shall nrnny more
Enter smiliug at the cloor;
\\' ith the giant wrong !'ha l1 fall
1\(any other,.. gren t and .<;mall,
That for ages long lw\'e held us
For their pre).
:\fen of thought, <lncl men of aclion,
Clear the \\ay !






lJ -

ES1\.R"S friends? or fricn!ls of Te,;us)

Solcnrn question for to -day!
Fric1Hls of c~sar ! Frie nds of J esu;; !
Take vour sides without dela\.
] f ye pa.use for man's forhidding,
C:r-;;IJ"'s friendship ye sec11n;
tf Ye clo the Fnther's bidcling,
Scorn, reproach, ye shaJJ cml u rc. '

Frit'n<\<; of Ca.:sar ~ Frie nds of J csus !

St;ind ren~alcr\ ! your l.hoicc dcclan: !
\\'ho in truth t\\ o inasters plc:lbcs?
\\'ho mav riyal b;mncrs bear?
Jci:us' fricn~ls account bim precious,
Lose for him all other gain:
Dearer far the smile of J e;;us
Than the praise of " orl<lly Jllcn.
Free from Ca~sar. friends of Jesus!
S tand in phalanx! ne\ er t'car !
Le.Ye, se.-erel y tried. increases:
Cour,1ge yet! the Loni is near!
() rHrn rel sti 11. his na rnc confc~sing.
\\'c:ning crowns to hi~ hro,\;
Lo! hi~ hands arc full of hlc,;-;ing,
Liftetl for your succor nu"-.
C:-rsar's fricmls were w e. b 11! Tesu s
Owns ns for his fri ends !o-~hn !
\\.ha t! sl1a1l rin1l fri cndbhip plca~c us,
\\'hile the Bridegroo m i., away?

No! tlHough grnce would we surrender

Cresars things to Ca:sars care,
\Yhilst to God, our Goel, we rencJer
Filial homage, praise, nncJ pra_nr,


' ' COG?\T me the swonls that ba,e come."

LorcJ, thousands on thousands are reach-."

Lo! ttfese are too manv, and with them arc some
\\'hose he.uts and ,~hose hancJs are not steady.
lle whose soul does not burn,
Let him take up his tent ttml return."

"Count me the swords tha L remain."

Lord, hundreds on huncJreds are daring."
"These yet are too many for me to attain
To the Yictory I am preparing.
Lead them down to the brink
Of the waters of .Marah to drink."
Lord those who remain arc but few.
And the hosts of the foe are appalling.
And what can a handful such as we do?"
\\"hen ye hear from beyond, my voice calling,
Sound the trump ! Hold the light~
(;re;lt ~lidian will melt in your i,ight !''
HE beam that shines from Zion's hill
Shall lighten enry land;
The King who reigns in Salem's tow'rs

Shall all the "orl<l command.



HE world
old with centuries,
But not for these she bows her head;
Close to her heart the sorrow 1ies:

She holds so many <lead !

Sad discords mingle in her song,
Tears fa ll upon her with the dew,
The whole creation groans-llo,1 long
Ere all sha 11 be made new?
Yet Lrig htly on her smiles the sun,
A boun teous hea\'en delights to bless;
0 ! what shall Le that fairer one,
\\'herein dwells righteousness?
0 happy \\orld ! 0 holy time!
\Vhcn wrong shall die, and strifo shall cease,
And all the Lelis of heaven chime
\Vith melodies of peace.
No place shall be in that new earth
F or all that blights tbis universe;
No c\'il taint the second hirthThere shall be no more curse.
Ye broken- hearted, cease your moan;
The clay of promise da ...\'ns for you;
For he who sits upon the throne
Says, "I make all things new."
\Ve mo urn the dead, but they shall wake!
The lost, but they shall be restored!
0 ~ well our human hearts might brea k
\Vitbout that sacred word!

Pvems 1/ D,n,.,,.
Dim c~ cs, look up ! s.1<1 l1l'<lrb. 1cjoice !
!'3eeing God's bo'\ of promi,,t! through,
At sound of that prophetic Yoice:
"l will make all things new."

" }-;- ARTH to earth, and dust to dust!"
Herc the edl and the just,
Here the \outhfol and the old,
He1e the 'f~arful and the bold,
llcre the matron and the maid
in one silent hcd are laid.
Here the Yassal and the king,
Side by side, lie \Yithering:
Here the sword and i;cepter rust :
"Earth to eartl1, and dust to dust!"
Age on age hath rolled along,
O'er this pale arnl mighty throng:
Those that slumber, those that sleep,
The gra,e shall soon no longer keep.
Brothers, sisters uf the \YOrrn,
Summer's sun, or winter's sturrn,
Song of peace, ur battlc-'s roar,
~e'er could break their ~lumbers more;
Death hath kept his sullen trmt:
'"Earth to earth, and du>-t to dw;t ! "

Hut a conflict's coming fast,

Earth. thy mightiest and thy last!

Poems of Daum.
lt sha ll come in fear and ~on<lcr,
[J cralded by trump and thunder;
It 1l come in strife and toil;
1t shall come in hloo<l and spoil;
It sha ll come in empires' groans,
Burning temples, trampled thrones.
Then, ambition, rue thy lust!
"Earth to earth, and dust to dust! "
Then shall come the judgment sign;
ln the east, the King s hall shine;
Flashing from heaven's golden gate,
Thousands, thousands round his state,
Kings and Priests with crown and plume.
Tremble, then, thou soJcmn tomb;
H eaven shall open on our sight;
Earth be blest with wondrous lig ht,
Kingdom of the ransomed just!
"Earth to earth, and dust to dust!"
Then th y ::\fount, J em salem,
S hall be gorgeous as a gem:
Then shall in the desert r ise
Fruit!; of more than P~radise,
Earth by saintlv feet be trod,
One gre~Lt garden of her God?
Till are dried the martyr's tears
Through a thousand glorioui:: year s.
Kow, in hope of him, we trust:
"Earth to earth. and dust to d ust!"


on :\lount Sinai's lonely height,
Frotll ri \en roe k ',; protecting side,
Tho prophet gazed upon a ~ight
To other eyes than hi,; denied.
On his refreating form to look,
The Eternal God tlllYeiled hi,; glance:
For mortal eye could UC\ er brook
The ~plen<lor of his countenance.

The glories of that King of kings

Before his dazzled vi~ion mo,c;
.\round the mount the me,;sage nngs,
Proclaiming 1011d hi.s po" er antl loYc.

Thus, hidden ,;afc in Chri~t the Rock,

\\'e see the event..; the time..; record
~lark, peace alike, or battle\, shock,
The glorious progn.,.,: of the Lord.
Lnconscious nation=- _,.tr;light he ,,emh
lli.- mighty purpo-c tu fol Ii II;
lie otirs them up to act. or bend,,
The arrogant unto hib ''ill.
lie clothes the earth with 1ucail" and waYb
To spcc<l the triumpli of hi" power;
\'apor's expan,;i,e force con\ey,;.
.Aml lightniug io hi" llH;,,,,cng"<.:r.

>-napped a>.tmdcr h\ thl' Lord

The yukc-dclnded u;itions tied,


(JJ D1rnt1.

~o ma~ hi,,

pure, untrammeled \\'ortl

free course and be glorified.

That Harlot Church, "\\hose yampire brood

Has drenched the earth \Yi th gore unc! tears,
Drunk with the bloocl of saint;;, h as stuud
Tv,.chc centuries and sixty ycnr,,.
H e r claughtcrs now complete her roll,
All constitute the present hean:n,
H o lling togethe r as a scroll,
Soon to the burning to he giYen.

Filkd j.., her cup. God\ arm i,; hare

To satisf~ the ju,;t co111plaillt$,
Am! cries for Yeng:eance iu his car,
Of groaning million,; arnl his ;;aints.

Ring-> in our e ..m; tin.: trumpet C<l 11,

In every land from sea to sea:
Come out of her, my people al l.
I Ie r doom is Jh::ed by God\ decree,
\\'hat priYikgc it is lo scan
The scroll. re;-olving year:; mnYind,
R ead in eyents Uod's wo11drou~ plan
For ninn's etcnrnl peace dc,;ign cd .

.And ..oon our hearts' ecstatic bou1Hl

Shall mark the consummation grand,
\\'hen Chri,;t, the Son of God, j,, crowm.:d
The King or kings Ot'r C\ery Janel.
1 79

P uems

ef Dawn.


A Y down your rails, ye nations, near and for,
Yoke your full trains to steam's triumphal car,
town to town, unite in iron bands

The long-estrangc<l an<l oft-emba ttle<l huHls.

Peace, mild-eyed seraph; knowledge, light divine.
Shall send their mcssenf;ers by every line.
;..Icn joined in amity shall wonder long
That hale had power to lead their fathers wrong;
Or that false glory lured their hearts astray,
And made jt virtuous and s11bfo11e to slay.
llow grandly now these vvondcrs of
..:\re making preparation for Christ's royal way,
And with what joyous hope our souls
Do watch the ball of progress as it rolls,
Kno\ving that all as yet completed or begun
ls but the cla\vning that precedes the sun.

all God's \Yorks of nature, and of grace,
JN His
wondrous Joye and wisdom we rna y trace.

The sky, the monntain, n1lc, the simplest ~fo,,er,

;..Jay show tu m; the clothing of his power.

And as a vesture they :lre changed! How blest

To know he giveth storm or giveth rest;
_,\ nd all his works to be remembered are,
The falling leaves, the brilliance of a star.
Sought out by those who thus may pleasure find,
Searching the '\Yorks of the Eternal J\find,

Pvons if l.Jaw11.

Though eyer changing, yet he changeth neve:-,

But yesterday, to-day, the same forever.
The mountnins may 1lepart, the hills remove;
His kindne~s shall not leaye thee, or his love
E'er fail: the covenant of his peace is sure.
"Thus saith the J ,ord,'' doth make our hope secure.
O height, uncl depth, and breadth of love diYinc?
O gift unspeakable! this hope be mine.
Then, tho ugh these works dissol ve, y et in that <lay
I shall ue found in him, safe, safe for aye.


O XE \\ ith our yesterdays: folded apart,
Laid by with tbe treasures ,,.e hide in the heart,
The year that ha th left us. so silenth s hod,

lfos ~arriecl its record of earth unto God.

How strange was its mingling o f bitter and sweet,
Its trials ho\\ hcaYy, it,; pleas ures how tlect;
H ow often it;, mercies s urpri,;ed u,.,, 1tn'-'ong-ht:
How frequent the gifts to o ur hands which i t
A h1,; ! that we shudowed its glory \\ ith ,;in,
:\"or battled ils beautiful trophies to win ;
:\ml thanks unto him who g-a\e par<lun and rl'i;t,
And wroug-ht for his chilrlrcn whate\er was best.
Cometh in winier the year that i,; new.
Snow-fa 11. a nd frost-ri1~1e, and stnr-be:un, and dew,
Shine of the claisies, and bl11;;h of t h e cloYer,
Rose-cup and l ily for bees to hang O\ ..:r,
Stir of the wind in the w an~s of the \Yheal,

Pt1cms {If Dawn.

S:nile of tht: vinlet low at our feet,
Fruitage of orchard, and cluster of \inc,
Seedtime and harYe!>l, 0 man~ will be thine.
Once more in this ,ear; for what hath been ,,hall

\\"hilc lhe ri, crs of time seek eternity's sea.

So, a Ilappy Kew Y car , to the babe and the
m other,
To gentle wee sister, and rosy cheeked brother.
A Happy New Year unto all those "d10 "ait
Till the Lord opens wide the P1tradise gate.
A Happy N ew Year unto those who have learned,
llow rich arc the gucrdons which labor has ear-ned
And a Happy Kew Year to the weary, who cling
ThrntJgh sorrow and pain to the cro,;s of the

Far down thy fair yi;,ta, b1ithe X cw Y car, \\"C sec
J'hc sun g Je,;m of the beautiful SaLbath to be;
Frum afar o'er the billows of trouble we hear
The anthems of praise and the notes of good
<" h<.'er.
God spcet1 the full time" hen all idols shall fall,
And the b<H111cr of Jc,ns wayc high oyer all;
\\'hen the nations shall wnlk in the light of the

And Eden's lost yenlure tu earth be restorecL
D ear Clni,..t, by t hy pas,..ion, thy grace uml thy
Assist u,,, uplift u,, in each clourled hour,
An<l still, by denial, hc,..towal, delay,
\VhateYer is needful, 0 ! giYe us, we pray!


ef J)awn.

The year that is far aho,e rubies :oha ll be

The vear of our Jiyes that is do,,csl to thee.
..:\nli'precions an<l s.1cred our changei- shall gro\Y,
If hcnvcn-iight o'er them in tendcnw.;s glo\\.
Let the bun.lens of woe, und the conflict;; of care,
Alike be relicYed by the brenthinKS oC prnycr;
And happ~ or only rcsignc<l, let ti~ rai-;e
Ench morning ancl e,ening the i;ongs of our
pra ise.



al the porta l of the opening year.

'\\'onl~ of comfort meet us, hushing en!ry fear:
Spoke11 through the silence by our Father" n1ice,
Tender, strong and faithful, making us 1ejoice.
01nyanl, then, awl fear not, children of the dav;
For his word shall neyer, never pas~ fl\rny.

1, the Lord, atn with thee, be thou not afr<iil1;

l will h el p arnl stt-cngthen. he thou not 1li.,rnnyed.

Yes, I will uphold thee w i th my own right hand:

Thou .1rl ca !led a nd chosen in my sight to ~ta ncl.
Onwarcl. then. aml fea r not, chi ld ren of the day;
For hi,.. word ::.hall ne\cr, neYer ]XlbS awny.
For the yc-ar b efore tJ" 0 ~ what rid1 ~up plics !
Fur the poor all<l needy, liYin ~ 1-treams shall rif'e;
For the ~:1(1awl111our11fuL ~ hall his ~r:1c:e ahound:
For the faint ancl feeble, perfect str<"ngth lw found.
On\\ar<l, 1hcn , an<l fear not, childrtn o f tlic dav;
For hi,, \Ynnl ~hall nc,-er, JlC'\ er pu"s .1wny.

He w i 11 nen~r fa i I us. he ". i II nnt fnr:-a kc;

H i,; etermil covenant he will never break;


1!1 D111CJ11.

Resting on his promise, what h a n~ to we fear ?

G ou is all i:.ufficient for the coming year.
Onward, then, and fear not, children of the day;
For his word shall never, never pass away.


HHAT shall I wish thee?
\ '\ Treasures o f earth?
Songs in the spring-time,
Pleasure an<l mirth ?
Flowers on thy pathway,
Skies eyer clear?
\Ynuld this ensure th<'c
A happy ne \,. year?

\Vhat shall I "i!->h thee?

\\That can be found,
Bringing thee ;.un,.,hinc
All the year rournl?
\\'here is the tn:aS\11"<',
Lasting and d ear,
Th;1 t i>hall c11su rl' t lice
A happy new yea r?
Faith that increa~ct h,
\Valking in light,
Hope that aboundeth,
llnppy and bright:
LoYe that is perfect,
Casting o ut fear:
These shall ensure thee
A happy new year.

Poems of


Peace in the Sa \' im,

Rest at his feet,
Smile of his cuuntcnan<'e
Radiant and sweet;
Jor in his presence!
Christ ever near~
This w il I ensure thee
A happy new year.


BRIGHT new year anrl a sunny track
Along an upward way ;
And a song of praise on looking back,
\\'hen the vcar has pa>'scd awa\;
Amin goklcn' sheaves, nor '111all, nor few:
This is my new year's \,-j.,h for ~ou.


1fA Y llca\'CJ\ ,,;u,.tain thee

1.lav b y da r,

Arni 111akc lll\"

. ,.,o'mH.:rum; 1;ca1:l u{ love
Rejoi..:c through all the pleasant

Tbat Guel directs tlw feet to moye,

lnclinin~ thee, just, g~nerons, true,
~obh- tlw Christian \\ork to llo;
H on r;red anLl Jo,cd and blc%ed of God.

0 ! S\\ect may be the pathway trod:

May h ea,cnly light around tbcc shine,
Divinely blessing thee and thine.

Poems of Da1,111.


-\T is its durationCan
to the thought?

Tell e\'er\' beam the sun emits,

\\.hen in.;;uhlimcst noon he ;;it;;;
Tell e\ery light-\\-ingcd mote that >.trnys
\\'ithin its ample round of rny,.;
Tell u11 the lea n~s and :ill the bulls
Thnt crown the gardens. fields and wool1s;
Tell all the spires of grass the meads
Produce, when ;;pring propitiou;; leads
The new-born year.

nc thi!> a;;tonishing account

A l1gmcnted \\'itl1 the foll amount
Of all the drops the clouds haYe shed
\\.here 'er their watery fleeces ;.pread
'l'hrou~h all Time's lungprolracted tour.
Tell all the snnd~ the occ;H1 la\'es:
Tell :111 the changes of it~ \\;\\Cf',
Or tell. witb mo1:e lahorion" pain><.
The drop,.; it;:. mighty mai:." contains_
\\e1c there a belt that could contain
In it:; \'<ht 01b thC' e;irth a1J<l main:
\\.ith ligllrl'" "-ere it clu,;kred o'er.
..:\nd not one cipl;cr in the scure:
And coo Id yo111 la Loring thought,; as"ign
The tota 1 of the e:-:tcndcd line;
lI<nY n1st the amount, the attc111pt how vain,
To re:id cl urn ti on 's endlc~s chain:
ror when a~ OlH!l \' \'Car~ h;l\C run,
Eternity is but bc"gi"in !

Poems of D11w11.
Then think of life thou rniw."t aL1<1in,
Through years eternal to re.main,
And th~ lo\e which bought it :di for thee
\Vhen thou wcrt cloomcd no Ji fc to see;
And ~race which to it,; hounlllcs~ store
Add,, cndlc..s blessing,; eYernwrc:
And when your cup of joy run-; oycr,
Let i;ong;; of praise ri,c to the (.;i\-cr.

] 'HOU "ho hast made


home of life so pleas-

Lea,c n ot it;; tenant when it,; walls den\\';

0 Loye Divine, 0 Helper eYer present.

He tbou my 'trcngth and .-.tny ~

Be near me when n ll cl.,C' i,- frolll me drifting;
E arth. ,.,ky, home'" picture, di~,; of shi!dc and

And kindly faces to my 0\\"11 upli fting

The loYe which answer" mine.


,.f'lIEY cn ll it

goin~ (lown hill'" when we arc

g ro\\'ing ol1l,
And speak with mournful accent$ \\hen our tile
is nearh- told;
They i-igh wl;en tnlk ing of the pa~t. the days
that used to be,
A s if the future were not bright \Yi th immortality.


~ wt: are not going down-but climbing

higher ancl higher,
Until we almost see the mountains that our souls
For if the natural eye grow dim, it is but dim to
\\' hile the eye of fa ith gro,...-s keener to percei,c
the SaYior's worth.

But 0

Those by-gone days, though days of joy, we wish

not back again:
\Vere there not also many days of sorrow and of
But in the days awaiting us, the days beyond the
Sorrow shall find no p1ace, but joy unmarred fore' er bloom.
\\'ho would exchange for shooting blade the waving, golden grain?
Or when tbc corn is fully ripe, woulll wish it
green ;igain?
An<l who would wish the hoary head, sound in
the wav of truth;
To be again -encircled \Yith the sunny locks of
For, though indeed the outwurd man must perish
and decu,,
The inwarcl ma;1 shall be renewed by grace from
da\ lO d;\\' ;

Those w 1;0 are i}lauted by the Lord, unshaken in

their root,
E'en in old a~c ~ball flourish still, and still bring
forth their fruit.


Poems ef Dawn.
It 1s not yea r~ that n1ake men olrl, the spint may

he young
Though for three-score year~ and ten, the wheeb
of life have rn11:
Go<l hns himself recorded, in his ble.;sed Won\ of

That they who \Yait upon the Lord, they shall rene" their youth.
And when the eyes undimmed shall open to behold the King,
And ears not dull ,~ith age !<hall he ar melodious
anthems ring~\ncl the head no longer gray sha \I be crowned
with life, in truth,
Then sha 11 be known the lasting joy of everLlooming youth.



OFTLY, 0 softly, the years have swept

Touching thee gently with tenderest care;
they have often brought nigh
and deat h
Yet haYe they left thee hut beauty to wear;
Growing old gracefully,
Gracefully fair.

Far from the storms that arc lashing the ocean,

l'\carer each day to the pleasant hon1e-light:
Far from the wayes that ;ire big with commotion,
Under full sail and the harbor in sight;
Growing olcl cheer fully,
Cheerful a nd urighL

Poems <>./ D,u,.m.


all the wi.nds that were atherse and chilling,

Pa::-t all the island~ that lured tbee to rest;
Paf'l all the currents that uq:~ed thee unwilling-.
Fur from thy coun;e Io the home of the hlest;
Growing old peacefully,
Pcaccfo 1 and hlcst.

?\e, er u feeling of enyy and sorrow

\\hen the bright faces of children are ~een;
X eYer u year from the ,oung ''"ouldst thou borrow -Thou dost \Yl1at licth between:
Growing old willingly,
Thankful, serene.

Rich in experience that angels might covet;

Rich in a faith that bas grown with thy years:
Rich in a Io,e that grew from and above it,
Soothing thy sorrows anu hu:,hing thy fears;
Growing olu wealthily,
Loving and dear.
Heart,, at the !.OutHI of thy coming arc lightcnc<i,
Ready and willing thy hnn1l lo reline;
}.fany a fact> at thy kind \\onl hath brightenedJ tis more blessed to gi'e than rccci,e."
Gn:wi~g old haypily,
Ceasing to gncve.
Eyes; thut grO\Y dirn to the earth <llld its glory
Hil\c a S\\ eet recompense youth cannot know;
Ears that gro" dull to the world aud its stor~:
Dri11k in the ;:ongs that from Paratl.ise ftow;
(; ro\\ing oltl gracioul'!!y
Purer than snow.


no mun: m, 'ani,,hcd \ear:,:

Beneath a tender n;in.

.An April rain of smiles and t('ar:;,

::\[y he11rt is young again.

The \Yest winds blow, antl, singing lu,v,

I hear lhc g-Jnd streams nm;
Tht! windows of my soul I throw
\Yide open to th~ sun.
:\'o longer fonrn rd nor behind
I look in hope or fear.
But, grateful. take the good I find,
The best of now and here.
I break rny pilgrim staff, I h)
~\~idc the toiling oar,
The an..,.el sought so for awav
l "ekome at my doo1.

The woods shall \Year their rnhe:; of praise,

Tbe !>Otlth winds sufth .,i~h
. \ml"'' eet calm cla ,--;.iii golden haze.
:\kit down the ~u~1ber ~kv.

X ut ]c,s shall manh deed and word

Rebuke an age ot' '' rong:
The grnYcn f!o\\cn; that wreathe the s\\ord
:\fake not the blade Jes,; strong.
But !'miting hand,; ,;h;tll learn to heal,To build as to destroy;
Xor le,,-; m, heart for ~thcrs feel
That I the more enjoy.

PolmS of Dawn.

.A II as God "ills. who wiseh heeds

To gi,e or to withhold.
And knoweth more of all IU\' needs
Than all iny prayers have told.
Enough that blc,.singi; uncleserYed
Have marked my erring track;That whern;oc'er m\ feet have swcncd,
His chastening tttroed me back;Tbat more and more a Prmidence
Of Joye is understood.
:\laking the springs of time and sense
Sweet with eternal good:Ancl death seems lint a COYered way
\\.hich opens into light,
\\'herein no blinded child can stray
Beyond the F.1ther's sight;-

That care and tri:tl ~eem at last,

Through memory's sunset air,
Like mountain ranges o\erpast,The purple distance fair;
That all the jarring notes of life
Seem blending in a psalm,
And all the angles of the strife
);'ow rounding into calm.

..;.\nd so the shadows fall apart.

An cl so the west wind' play:
And all the windows of my heart
I open to the <la~-.


P oems of Dawn.


1\TllA T though this earth Iy house of clay

~ink into ruin and decay,
Though health rrnd vigor pass a way,
Christ is my life.

\Yhat though fond dreams of youth are fled,

The light that shone upon my h ead
E).'.tinguished and forever dead,
Christ is my_light.
\\"hat though bright hopes now withered lie,
Like autumn leaves, all sere and drv,
Or meteors va nished from the sky,
Christ is "l.J' hope.
\\That though rude billows roun1l m e roll,
His voice the tempest can control;
They ruflle not my tranquil soul :
Chri.>t is my peace.
\Vhat though dear friends I once ca ressed
\\'ithin the silent grave now rest,
The 'alley clods a bove them pressed,
Christ c-.,cr lives.
\Vhat though perplexing paths appear.
God's word, a lamp, makes all things clear;
Onward I pass, nor evil feurChrist is my ~lay.
\Vhat though the darkness d eeper g rows,
And foes more active to oppose,
God's truth provides a sweet repose :
Christ shall appear.
1 93



ef Dawn.

the summer ruse that died ;
l l\IOUR!'\ED
I said: " It will rnlurn no more."
llut lo ! its bea uty glorified
I s:\w next summer's sun restore.
New-born, it c rowned with radiant gruce
The stalk where last year's blossom came;
I marked its hues, I knew its face;
'Twas the stlme rose-yet not the same.
I could not trace amid its bloom
The atoms of a former flower,
Nor tell what waste from nature's tomb
Had robed it for its perfect hour.
I asked not if its form expressed
The very substance that decayedBut there, in every trait confessed,
:\Iy lovely favorite stood dispbyed.
And when I kne>\" the parent tree
Had planned the rose ere spring begun,
To set its prisoned being free,
I felt the old and new ""ere one.
0 ! not in watched and labeled dust
Lies beauty's resurrection form ;
Live in God 's mind her likeness must,
His memory keeps her ashes warm.
There is no patte rn lost; where'er
The perished parcel blends with earth,
The cast no changes can impair,
Nor death deface the seal of birth.

Poems o.f Dawn.

Of en!ry face that fadci; awa) ,

~omd1ow, in cu~tody di,ini::,
The mold that shaped the featured clay
P reserves its picture, line for line.
\Vha t though thii; dmt, di ..,pcrscd complete,
Sha II never, grain for grain, be found?
'Tis hut the shoes the pilgrim's foet
Put off to walk on holy grouncl\Vhere, e,er from the grave estranged,
To life awaked, he only knows
N c w grace hath clothed his form and changed
The fa<led to the freshened rose.


Shepherrl feeds me,
THEAndLordI nomywant
shall know;

He in green pastures leads me,

I3y streams which gently flow.

Ile doth, when ill betides me,

Restore me from distress:
For his name's sake he guides me
In paths of righteousness.

His rod and staff shall cheer me,

'W hen passing death's dark vale;
My Lord will still be near me,
And I shall fear no ill.

My fo.od he doi.h appoint me,

Prepared before my foes;


ef Dawn.

\\' ith oil he doth a nnoinl Ille;

) f y cup of Lli!>s o'erflows.
His goodness shall not lea \'C me,
His mercy st.ill shall guide,
Till God's house sha ll receive me,
Forever to abide.


'[HERE are great truths that pitch their shining


O utside our walls , and though but dimly seen

Jn the gray tlawn, they will be manifest
vVhen the light wiucns into p erfect day.

* * *




Old I!wuired.
(G. H. I;

L. 111.

J. H. I7; E. II.


sweet Spirit, heavenly Dove,

\Vith light and comfort from above;
Be thou our guardian, thou onr guide;

O'er eyery thought and step preside.


To us the light of truth display,

And make us knov.. and choose thy way;
Plant holy fe;tr in every heart,
That we from God may ne'er depart.

3 Lead us in holiness, the road

\Vhich we must keep to dwell with God;
Lead us in Christ, the living way;
Nor let us from his pastures stray.
4 Teach us in 'vatchfulness and prayer
To wait for thine appointed hour;
And fit us by thy grace to share
The triumphs of thy conq'ring power.

Hymns of .Dawn.


Balerma, C. .A{.
(G. H, 1; j. /{,

17 ; E. It. t.)

thy gracious wor<l,

In meek humility,

This will I do, my tlying Lord,

I will remember thee.

z Thy body, broken for my sake,

i\ly bread from heaven shall be;
Thy testamental cup I take,
And thus remember thee.

3 Gethsemane can I forget?

Or there thy conflict sec,
Thine agony and bloody sweat,
And not remember thee?
4 \Vhen to .the cross I turn mine eyes,
An<l rest on Calvary,
0 Lamb of God, my Sacrifice,
I must remember thee.
5 Re111ember thee and all thy pains,
And all thy love to me;
Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains,
I will remember thee.
6 Then of thy grace I'll know the sum,
And in thy likeness be,
\\'hen thou hast in thy kingdom come
And dost remember me.

HJ11ms ef Dawn.


(G. H.


H! my heart is heavy laden,

\Veary and opprcsssccl.
Come to me, saith One. and coming,
Be at rest.


Hath be marks to lea<l me to him,

If he be my guide?
In his feet and hands are wound-prints,
And his side.

3 Is there diadem, as monarch,

That his brow adorns ?
Yes, a crO\VO in very surety,
But of thorns!

4 If I find him, if I follow ,

\Vhat's my portion here?
)\'! any a sorro"''> man y a con flict,
:Many a tear.

5 If I still hold closelv to him,

What ha\"e lat lU'st?
Sorrow vanquished, labor ended
J ordan!.
6 If I ask him to receive me,
\\!ill he say me nay?
Not ti 11 earth and not till hca ven
!'ass away!

Jij11ws of Dawn.


( \\-. l!.


H! tell 111e not of gold or treuE>urc,

Of pomp und beauty here on earth:
'l'here'R not u thing that gives me pleasure
Of all this wor1d displays for worth.

REF.-Each heart will :;eek and love its own;

:=-.fy goal is Christ, and Christ alone.

z The work! and her pursuits will perish ;

Oer beauty 's fading like a flower ;
The brightest schemes that earth can cherish
Are but the pastimes of a n hour.

3 Against this tower there's 110 prevailing;

His kingdom pa"ses not awuy;
llis throuc abides, despite assailing,
From henceforth unto endless <lay.

+ And

tho' a pilgrim I must wander,

S till :1bsent from the O ne I Jo,-e,
lic soon will ha\'C me with him yonder
In his own glory-realms aboYe.
Triumphantly I therefore O\vn,
My goal is Christ, and Christ alone.



lJtttulrr. C. AI.

(1~. H. Ill;




LAS! a nd did my Savior bleed?

And did my Sovereig n die?
\Voul<l he devote that sacred head
For such a worm as I ?


ef Dawn.

CHo.- J esus died for you,

And Jesus died for me:
Yes, Jesus died for all mankind;
Praise God! salvation's free.

It was because we w ere undone

He groaned upon the tree.
Amazing pity! grace unknown!
An<l l ove beyond degree!

3 \\'ell might the sun in <brkness hide,

And shut his glories in,
\\.hen Tesus, God's Anointed, died,
For 1;1an, undone by sin.

Thus might I bide my blushing face,

\Vhilc his dear cross appears;
Dissolve mv heart in thankfulness,
And melt mine eyes to tears.

5 But drops of grief can ne'er repay

The debt o( lo~e I owe:
Here Lord, I give myself away,
'Tis all that I can do.



C. ,)[.

(G. IL 10';; E. II.


LITTLE flock; so calls he thee,

\Vho bought thee with his blood;
A little tlock disowned of men,
But owned and loved o f God.


ef Dawn.

A little flock, so calls he thee;

Church of the firstborn, hear!
Be not ashamed to own the name;
l t is no name of fear.

3 Not many rich or noble called,

Not many great or -..vise ;
Those whom God makes his kings and priests
Are poor in human eyei;.

4- But the Chief Shepherd comes at length;

H er feeble days are o'er;
\Vith glory crowned, and sceptre's strength,
She reigns forevermore.


( 1.:. 11.


while ;" now he has come;
The hour dra,vs on apace-The blessed hour, the g lorious morn,
\Vhen we sh a ll see his face.
llow light our trials th en will seem!
How short our pilgrim way!
The life of earth a fitful dream,
Dispelled by dawning day~
CHo.-Then, 0 Lord J esu1>, quickly show
Thy glory and thy light,
And take God's longing children home,
And end earth's weary night.

"A little "-hile;"' with patience, Lord,

I fain would ask, "!low long ?"


ef Daw11.

For bow can I, with such a hope

Of glory an<l of home,
\Vi th such a joy a waiting me,
Not wish the hour were come?
How can I keep the longing back,
An cl bow suppress the groan?
3 Yet peace, my heart! and hush. my tongue!
Be calm, mv troubled breast!
Each passing hour prepares thee more
For e\erlasting rest.
Thou knowcst well, the time thy God
Appoints for thee is best.

The morning star already shines;

The glow is in the east.



(W. H. 63.)

! a11 for Tesus!

ran~omed pow'rs;

All my thoughts and '"ords and doings,

All JU\' davs and all n1v hours.
All-for Jesus! all
All my days and all my hours.


Let my hands perform his bidding;

Let my feet run in his " avs;
Let my eyes see]csus only; .
Let my lips speak forth hi~ praise.
All for Jesus! all for Jesus!
Let my lips speak forth his praise.

Hpnm of Dawn.
3 Since 111y eye;< were fixed on Jesus,
l\c lost sight of all besideSo enchained my spirit's vision,
Looking at the crucified.
All for J cs us ! all for Jes us !
All for J csus crucified!



8. (J. }{. 338; s. !'. 1036.)


\ LL g lory to Jesus be gi,cn,

That life and salvation arc free,
And all may he washed and forgiYen;
) -cs, .J csns has sa ,-cd even me.


CHo.-Christ Jesus is mighty to save,

And all his salvation may know.
On his merit I lean, and his blood nrnkes
me clean,
Yes, his blood has washed whiter than

From the darkness of sin nnd despair,

Out into the light of his Joye,
Ile has brought me and made me an heir
To kingdo1ns and mansions aboYc.

3 0 ! the rapturous heights of his lO\c,

The measureless depths of his grace!
).fy soul all his fulncss would prove,
And live in his loving cmbrncc.

I- In him all my wants arc supplied,

His Joye starts my hc;ncn below,
And freely his blood is applied.
His Lloo<l that mnkes whitLr than snow.

Il)mns of Dawn.




H. COl; F-. H.



65; J. H.


LL hail the power of Jesus' name!

Let rrngels prostrate fall;
Bring forth the royal diadem,
And crown him Lord of all.


Ye chosen seed of Israel 's race,

Ye ra nsomed from the fall,
Hail him w ho saves you by his grace,
And crown him Lord of all.

3 Y e saints, \vhose love can ne'er forget

The wormwood and the gall,
Go spread your trophies at his feet,
And crown him L oni of all.
4 Let every kindred, every tribe,
On this terrestrial ba 11,
To him all majesty ascribe,
And crown him Lord of all.



Old Hundred.
( G. H . I ; E. H . l ;

L. JJ.


lI. I


LL people that on earth do dwell,

Sing to the Lord with cheerful nJice:
Him sen;e \Yith fear, his. praise forth tell,
Come ye before him and rejoice.

The Lord ye know is God indeed;

\\'ithout our a id he did us make;


of Dawn.

\Ve are his flock, hetloth us feed,

..Ancl for his sheep he doth us take.
3 0 ! enter then his gates with praise,
Approach with joy his courts unto:
Praise, laml, and bless his name ah,ays;
For it is seemly su to llo.
.For why? The Lord our God is good,
His mercy is forever sure;
His truth at all times finnlv stood,
And shall from age to age ('n<lurc.



(G. H.


F.. II.


LL the way my SaYior leads me:

\Vhat have I to ask beside?
Can I doubt his tender mercy,
\\ ho thro' life has been my guide?
Heavenly peace, divinest comfort,
Here by faith in him to dwell!
For I know, whate'er befall me,
Jesus doeth all things we] I.

All the way my Sador leads me;

Cheers each winding path I tread;
Gives me grace for every trial;
Feeds me with the living bread;
Though my weary steps may falter,
And my soul athirst may be, Gushing f1om the Rock before me,
Lo ! a sp1-ing of joy I see.


of Dawn.

3 All the way my Sador 1eads me;

0 ! the fulncss of his love!
Perfec t rest to me is promised
In my Father's house above.
\Vhen my spirit, clothed immortal,
\Vings its flight to realms of day,
This my song through endless agesJ csus le<l me all the way.


A rling-ton.




C. .l[.

E. II . 214.)

soldier of the cross,

j\ ?-.I AI afollower
of the Lamb?
And shall I fear to own his cause,
Or b lush to speak his nnme?

l\Iust I Le borne to Paradise

On flowery beds of ease,
\Vhile others fought to win the prize,
And sailed through b loody seas?

3 Are there no foes for m e to face?

Must I not stem the flood ?
Is this vain world a friend to grace,
To help me on to Goel?
4 Sure I must fight if I woul<l reign;
Increase my courage, Lord;
I'll bear the toil, endure the pain,
Sup ported by thy Word.

E:(ymns ef Dawn.

5 \\' hen thine illui.triuus d:iy

~hall rise,
And all tin saints shall i-hine,
And shouts
.,ict'ry 1end the skies.
The glory, Lord, be thine.



S. Jf.


(J. H. 26(i;




can l Y"t delay

~ly little all to gi\'c?
To wean my soul from earth away
For Jesus to receive?

Tho11gh late, l aU forsake;

My "'ill, my all resign:

Gracio11s R edeemer, take, 0 take,
And seal me ever thine.
3 Come and possess me whole,
Nor hence again remove;
Settle and fix my mlvering soul
\Vith all thy weight of Joye.

+ l\.Iy

011e desire be this,

Thy love to fully k11ow;
Nor seek I longer other bliss,
Or other good belo>v.

5 1'1y life, my portion thou;

Thou allsuffieient art:
'l\ly hope, my heavenly tri::asure, no""
Enter, and keep rny heart.

.HymnS' ef .Dawn.




(J. 11. 370; G. ]{. 425; E. Jr. 9)

ye what great thing I know

delights and stirs me so?

\Vha t the high reward I win?

\Vhose the name I glory in?
Jesus Christ, the Crucified.

\Vhat is faith's founda t ion strong?

\ .Yhat awakes my lips to song?
He who bore my sinful load,
Purchased for me peace with God,
Jesus Christ, the Crucified.

3 \Vho defeats my fiercest foes?

\Vho conso1es my saddest woes?
\ Vho revives my fainting heart,
Henling nll its hidden smart?
J es us Cb1ist, the Crucified.
4 \ Vho is life in life to me?
\Vho the death of death will be?
Who will place me on his right,
\Vi th the countless hosts of light?
Jes us Christ, the Crucified.

5 This is that great thing I know;

This delights and stirs me so;
Faith in him who died to save,
Him who triumphed o'er the groxe,
Jes us Christ, the Cruci lied.

llj1J1111s <f 1Ja1uJJ.



Farfi11g l(vmn.



356; C.


7, 6 I.


gLttlness men of olll

As with
Did the guiding star behold;
As with joy they hailed its light,
Leading onward, beaming bright;
So, most gracious Lord, may we
E,ermore be led to thee.

A s with joyful steps they sped

T o that lowly manger-bed,
There to bend the knee before
Him whom Heaven and earth adore;
So may we, with willing feet,
Ever seek the mercy-scat.

3. As they offered gi fts most rare

A t that manger rude and bare;
So may we wi th holy joy,
Pure and free from sin's a lloy,
All our costliest treasures bring,
Christ, to thee; our g lorious King.

Holy Savior, every day

Keep us in the narrow way;
And, when earthly things are past,
Ilring our ransomed souls ut last .
\Vherc thcv 11ecd no star to guide,
\\There no thy glory hi<le.



ef .Daw11.


St. Thomas.
(G. H. 320; I-

S. JI.


W AKE ! and sing the song

Of Muses and the Lamb;
\.Yakt: every heart and every tongue,
To pmise the Savior's name.

Come, pilgrims on the road

To Zion's city, sing:
Rejoice " e in the Lamb of GodIn Christ, the eternal King.

3 Soon shall each raptured tongue

His endless praise proclaim;
In sweeter voices tune the song
Of l\foses and the Lamb.



(G. II. 54;


L. iV.

II. 130.)

Jerusalem, a ..,ake !
No longer in the dust lie down;

The garment of salvation take,

Thy beauty and thy strength put on.

Shake off the dust that blinds thy sight,

An<l hides the promise from thine eye;;;
Arise, and gladly bail the ligh t:
The g1e~1t Deliverer calls, Arise!

Hymns ef .DawJJ.
3 Shake off tbe bands of sad despair;
And now receive thy liberty;
Look up, thy broken h eart prepare,
And God shall set the captive free.
4. Vessels of mercy, sons of grace,
Be purged from every sinful stain;
Behold your Lord! his \Vord embri.ce,
.Kor bear his hallowed name in vain.



L. llf.



307; J. s:. 236.)

\VAKE my soul1 in joyful lays,

And sing thy great Redeemer's praise.
Ile justly claims a song from me;
His loving kindness, 0 how free !
His loving kindness, loving kindness,
His loving kindness, 0 how free!

He sn w me ruined in the full,

Y et loved me, notw ithstanding all;
H e saved me from my Jost esta te;
His loving kindness, 0 how great!

3 Though numerous hosts of mighty foes

Combine its heav' nward way fopposc,
He safely leads his church along:
His loving kindness, 0 how strong!

4 \Vhen trouble, like a g loomy clou<l,

Has gathered thick and thundere<l lou<l,
He near mv soul has al w a \s stood ;
II is loving. kindness, 0 how good!
2 12

Hymns of .Dawn.

5. And when earth's rightful King shall comet

T o ta ke his ransomed people home,
I'll sing upon that blissful shore,
His loving kindness evermore.



C. ill

(r.. 11. 58 ; J. a . 146; s. r. 355.)

I\\\' AKE, my soul, stre tch e\'ery nerve,

Ami press with vigor on ;
A heaYc nly race demands thy zea l,
A nd an immortal cro\\n.

A cloud of witnesses arnund

H old thee in full sun-c\;
Forge t the steps already trod,
And onward urge thy w ay.

3 'Tis G od's a ll-animating rnice

That calls thee from
'Tis his own ha nrl p1esents the prize
T o thin e aspir ing eye.


That prize with peer] css g lory bright,

\Vith thee, 0 Lord, we' ll gain,
\ Vhcn earth's great monarchs shall ha \'C lost
Their glory and their fame.

5 Bl est Sa vi or, in troduce1l by thc::e,

Our race have v.e begun ;
And crowned with victory, at thy fret
\Ve' ll lay our trophies down .




of .Dawn.



S. J[.

IIJ; K 11. 259; f. H. 293.)

EHOLD, what wondrous grace

The Father ha th bestowed
On members of a fallen race,
To make them sons of God.

By his dear Son redeemed,

Ily grace then purified;
'Vhat favor that we should be named
For Christ's jointheir and bride!

3 Nor doth it yet appear

How great we must be made;
But when we see our Savior here,
\Ve shall Le like our llcad.

4 A hope so much divine

May trials well endu re;
l\ lay purify our souls from sin,
.As Christ, the Lor<l, is pure.

5 :Now in our Father's love

\Ve share a filial part;
He grants the spirit from ahove
To dwell within each heart.

6 \Ve can no longer lie

Like slaves beneath the throne;
Our hearts now Abba. Father, cry,
And he the kindred owns.



ef Dawn.

Plqd'I l-!pm1.

(i;. H. 214;

F.. II.


!07; ]. U . J7i)

LESSED Bible, precious \Vord !

Boon most sacred from the Lord;
Glory to his name be given,
For this choicest gift from henven.
2 'Tis a ray of purest Jight,
.Beaming through the depths of night;
Brigh ter than ten thousand gems
Of the costliest d iadems.
3 ' Tis a fountain, pouring forth
Streams of life to gladden earth
\Vhence eternal blessings flow,
Antidote fur human "\Yoe.

!- 'Tis a mine, ay, deeper too,

Than can mortal ever go;
Search we mav for manv vears,

Still some nc,~, r ich ge1~1 ;ppears.



S. ;l/.

( G. JI. H4; E. II.

259; ].




LEST be the tic tha.t binds

Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds
Is like to that above.

Blest a re the sons of peace,

\Vhose hearts a nd hopes a re one,

.Jiywzs of Dawn.
\Vhose kind designs to serve a nd please
Through all their ac tions run.

3 Before our Father's throne,

\Ve pour our ardent prayers;
Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one,
Our comforts and our cares,
4 \Ve share our mutual woes,
Our mutual burdens bear;
And often for each other flows
The sympathizing tear.
5 \Vhen we asunder part,
0 may this mutual love
Encour;ge every fainting heart,
llis zeal and faith to proYc.
6 O u r glorious hope revives
Our courage every clay.
\Vhilc each in expec ta tion slrives
To run the heavenly way.



L n m ox.

( G. ll. 119 ;

E.. fl .

C. ,If.

166; J.



LO\V ye the trumpet, blow

The gla1lly solemn sound;
Let all the nations know,
To earth's remotest bound:
The year of jubilee ii; come,
Returning ransomed sinners home.

z Jesus, our great High Priest,

Hath full atonement made;


ef Dawn.

Ye weary spirits, rest;

Ye mournful souls be glad:
The year of jubilee is come,
R eturning ransomed sinners home.
3 Extol the Lamb of God,
The all-atoning Lamb ;
Redemption through his blood,
To all the world proclaim:
The year of Jubilee is come,
Returning ransomed sinners home.

4 Ye, who were sold for nan~ltl,

\Vhose heritage was lost,
.!\fay have it back unbought,
A gift at .fc,,:us' cost:
The year of jubilee is come,
Returning ransomed sinnen home.

The seventh trumpet hear,

The news of heavenly gra ce;
Salvation now is near ;
Seek ye the Sin'ior's face :
The yea-r of Jubilee is come,
Returning ransomed sinners home.




C. N.

II. 229; S,

r. 3.39)

RIDE of the Lamb, awake I awake~

\Vhy weep for sorrow now?
The h ope of glory, Christ, is thine;
A child of glory, thou.


of Dawn.

Thy spirit through the lonely night,

From earthly joy apart.
Hath sighed for one that's far away,
The Bridegroom of thy heart.

3 But see, the night is waning fast,

The breaking morn is here;
And J esm; comes, with \-oice of lo..-e,
Thy drooping heart to cheer.
4 Ile comes, for 0 ! his yearning heart
No more can Lear delay,
To scenes of full unmingled joy
To call his bride away.
5 This earth, the scene of all his woe,
A homeless wild to thee,
Full soon upon his heavenly throne
Its rightful King shall see.
6 His own kind hand shall wipe the tears
From every weeping eye;
And pains, and ~roans, and griefs, and fear&:
And death itself, shall die.




7, 6 I.

(J. JI. 379.)

By thy

thy birth, and by thy tears;

human griefs and fears;
thy conrlict in the hour
Of the subtle tempter's powcrSavior, look \vith pitying eye;
Savior, help us, or we die.

Iym11s oj D,1101t.

z Ily the te nderness that wept

O'er the grave "here Laz"rus slept;
Bv t he bitter tears that flowed
o;,er Salem"s lost ahodeSavior, look with pitying eye;
Savior, help us, or w e die.

3 By thy lonely hour of praye1;

By thy fearful conflict there;

l3y thy cross and dyi11g cries;
l3y thy one great sacrificcSavior, look with pitying eye;
S:n-i or, help us, or \Ve d ie.

4 13y thy triumph o'er the grn,c;

By thy power the lost to save;
By thy high, majestic throne;

Hy the empire all thine own,Savior, look with pitying eye;

Sinior, help us, or we die.

5 Ily thy kingdom promised long:

By thy power to right each wrong;
By thy cburcl! upon thy throne,
Thou wilt seek out a II th ine own;
Saving a ll of those who cry,
Savior, help me, or I die.







E. II. 260.)

the heavenly King,
As we journey let us sing;
Sing om Sa\ior's worthy praise,

Glorious in his work!> and way:..


Hymns of Dawn.

Abra'tn's favored seed be g lad;

One with Christ ye shaH be made;
Ile our human flesh assumed,
And our ruined souls redeemed.

3 Lift your eyes, ye sons of light,

Zion's city is in sight;
There our end less home sha11 be;
There our Lord we soon shall see.
4 \ \'c arc traveling home to God,
In the way our Sa-..-ior trod;
In the hoi1r of trial we
\Vatch thy footprints, Lord, to sec.

5 Fear not. brethren, joyful :,land,

On the 1orders of our Janel;
Tei;u s Christ, our Father's Bon,
Bids ns undismayed go on.
6 Lord. obediently we'll go,
Gladly leaving all below;
Blessed Christ, our L eader be,
And we still will follow thee.


(c. H. 21.)

HRIST gave his life for me,

His precious blood he shed,
That I might ransomccl be,
And quickened from the <lead.
Ile gaYc, he gave his li fe for me;
llow grateful I should be!

Ilymm of Dawn.

His F ather's house of lig ht,

His glory-circled throne,
Ile left for earthly night,
For want!'rings sad uncl lone;
Ile left, he left it all for me,
Ifaye I left all for thee?

3 He suffered much for rne,

1\Iorc than I now can know,
Of bitterest agony ;
He drained the cup of woe;
H e b ore, h e b ore i t al l fo r me,
\ Vhat have I borne for thee?
4- Ile now has brought to me,
D o,".n from his home above,
Salvation full and free,
Pardon and life and love.
He brings, he brings rich gifts to mcLord, I give all to thee.


/ Jay LJ,r.:iln.

(s. "

9, 8.


morn breaks
And a ll the midnight shallows flee;

sweetlr o'er

Tinge<l are the <fo;tant skies with glor~.

A ueacon light hangs out fur thee.
Arise, a rise, the light breaks o'er thee,
Bright from thy everlasting home;
Soon shalt thou reach thy goal of glory,
Suon sh:ilt t h0t1 share thy !:-)a,ior'i; throne.


uj ))awn.

z Lift up thy head ; the day breaks o'er thee;

Bright is the promised shining way!
Light from hemen is stream ing for thee:
Lo I 't it> the dawn of perfect clay.
R ejoice ! rejoice! in hope of g lory,
Counting all else hut Yanity:
Precious this truth; 0 seek arnl hold it,
An<l semi it forth that all may sec.


( G. U.


HRIST is come! now let creation

From her groans and trantil cease;
Let the glorious proclamation
Hope restore and faith increase.

Cuo.-Christ is come ! Christ is come!

C hrist, the blessed Prince of peace.
Christ is come! Christ is come!
C hrist,the blessed Prince of peace.
2 Earth can yet but read the story
Of his cr oss and dying pain;
But shall soon behold his glory;
For h e cometh now to reign.

3 Long thine exiles have been pining,

Far from rest and home nnd thee;
B ut in heavenly vesture shining,
Soon they shall thy glory see.
-I \Yith this blessed hope before us,
L et no harp r em uin unstrung:
Let the mighty ransomed churns
Onwnrd roll from tongue to tongue.



ef Daw1i.

Sa/>llath .JJ,m1.


(J, H. J8l; E, H. 35; S, r. 106:!.)

HRJ:-;T, the Lorcl, is risen to-duy,

Sons of men and angel,; say;
Raise your joys and tri11mpbs high;
Sing, ye he:wens-and earth, reply.

Love's recle>!ming work is done;

Fought the battle; Yictory won:
r .o ! he's risen conquernr,
And shall sink in death n o more.

3 Vain the watch, the seal, the stone;

Christ as conqueror is known;
D ea th in vain forbids his rise;
Soon he'll open paradise.
4 Lives again our glorious King;
\Vhere, 0 Death, is now thy sting?
Once be died our souls to S:t\e;
\V hc-re's thy victory, boasting Grave?


OME all ye saints to Pisgah's mountain,
Come view our home lieyond the tide:
:\Iillennial Canaan is before us,
Soon we'll sing on the other sicle.
0 there see the "white throne of glory,
An<l crowns which the saints then shall gain ;
And all who shall Io...-c Chrisr~ app earing,
~ball be blessed by his glo1ious reign.

lf;wms ef Dawn.
Cno.- 0 ! the prospect? it is so transporting,
Reapers, hasten the gath'ring, we pray ;
\Ve rejoice in the glory that's promised,
And the dawn of millennial day.

Thence springs of life will e'er be flowing,

Robing the earth in living green.
Visions of beauty rise before us
\Vhen the King and the saints shall reign.
Soon our conflicts and toils will be ended;
\Ve'll be tried and t empted no more,
And mankind of all ages a nd nations
Shall be blessed in that triumphant hour.

3 Faith now heholds salvation's river,

Gliding from underneath the throne,
Bearing its life to whomsoever
Will return to his Father's home.
They will walk 'mid the trees by the rivers,
\Vi th the friends they have loved by their side ;
They will sing the glad songs of sah ation,
And be ready to follow their guide.



Old /lmulrd,
(G, H, 1; S. P,

L. Jf.

3; J. K. 33; E. U. I.)

Jesus, :Master, Sun divine!

On these baptismal waters shine.
Thy light, thy Joye, thy life impart,
And fill each consecrated heart.

z \Ve lo\'c thy name, we love thy laws,

Ancl joyfully embrace thy 1:at1se;


ef Dawn.

\\' e'll be<1r the cru;.i., the shame, the plin,

0 Lamb of God, for u s once slain !
3 \\"e ~ ink beneath the mystic w:n-e,
Nor would we seek to save;
\Ve Yield our will to thine own moulcl,
N or would we seek our own to hold.
And us w e rise for thee to live,
0 let the H oly Spirit gi,e
The sea1ing unction from a bo" c,
The breath of life, the fi re of love.


(s. r. r.p3.)

Ol\l E , let ns anew our journey p11rsuc,

R oll round \\ith the year,
An<l never s tand still till the Master ;1 ppear.
His adorable will let us gladly fulfill,
And o ur ta lents improve,
Hy the patience of h ope, a nd the labor of lo\'e.


Our life, as a clream, our time, as a streatn

Glides swiftly away,
And the fugitive moments we \.\ould not delay.
Haste, haste ye along, dark moment1; be gone,
F or the jubilee year
Rushes on to our view, and its <lawn is now here.

3. 0 ! at c lose of our day may eac h of us say,

"l h ave fought m y way. through;
I have finished the work thou didst gi,e me
to <lo!"

( 15)


of Dawn.

0 ! that C.'lch from his Lord may recehe the

g la d ...vord,
" \Vell and faithfull\' done!
Enter into my joy, ;ind sit down on my







105; l'. P. 1113.)


my &ot11, thy i>uit prepare;

Father loves to answer prayer.
He himself has bid thee pray,
Therefore \vill not say thee nay.

Thou art coming to a King;

Large petitions with thee bring;
Por his grace and power arc such,
~one can ever ask too much.

3 L ord. I bring my burde ns all,

On th,,. name in faith I call ;
Trusti;1g in the blood o nce spilt
For release from a.JI m y guilt.
4 \ Vhcn I come to thee for rest,
\Vith thv favor I am blest,
Lord, thy bloodboug ht right maintain,
And without a rival reign.

5 Ere I

call, the answer comes,

Bringing peace 'mid earth's alarms,
God my inmost thought d oth read ;
Yes, his grace is a II I need.

ef Dawn.






O).IE, sing the Gospel\; joyful sound,

Snlrntion full rim.I free;
Proc la im to all the world around,
The year 0f Ju biIce !

Cno.-Salvation, salvi1tion,
The grace o f God doth bring;
Sal ,.a ti on, salvation,
Through Christ, our Lord ~m<l King.
::: Y e mournful souls, a loud rejoice;
Ye blind, your Savior sec!
Y e pris'ners, sing with thankful voice,
The Lord hath made you free!
3 \Vith rapture swell the song again,
Of Jesus' dying love ;
'Tis peace on earth, good will to men,
And praise to G od above!


.N eille/on.




G. II.


8, ] , d.


S. P.


thou fount of every blessing,

Tune my heart a song to raise,
Streams of favor, never ceasing,
C all for notes of heart-felt praise.
T each me some melodious sonnetGrace to gratitude d oth move.
Praise thy grace, I glory in it l
Grace so full o f matchless love.


ef Dawn.

Not alone hath grace redeemed me,

Bought me with Christ's precious blood,
Sought me out \Yhen I, a stranger,
\Vandered from the fold of God;
llut heyond this great salvation
God hath shown me \\ondrous graceCa ll'd me with a hea,'nly calling,
Ever to Lebold his face.

3 0 ! to grace how great a debtor

Dai Iv I'm constrained to be!
Lord, thy goodness, like a fetter,
Binds my grateful heart to thee.
I will tread the way appointed,
Rough and thorny thong h it be;
In the steps of thine Anointed;
'Tis lll)' privilege, I see.




r97 j E. H. 194.)


ye rlisconso1ate ! where'er ye languish,

Come to the mercy-seat, fervently kneel;
Here bring your wounded hearts; here te 11 your
Earth hath no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.

Joy of the desolate, light of the straying,

Hope of the penitent, fadeless and pure!
Here speaks the Comforter, tenderly saying,
Earth ha th no sorrow that heaven cannot cure.

3 Here see the bread of life, see waters flowing

Forth from the throne of God, pure from above;

.!Ipnns o_f Dawn.

C ome to the feast of Jove, come, ever knowing

Earth hath no sorrows b ut heaven can remove.



(F.. II. 135; J,


C. ;)[.


S. T'.


OME, ye that know and love the Lord,

And raise your thoughts above;
Let every heart and ,-oice accord
T o sing that " God is love."


This precious truth his \Vonl declares,

And all his mercies pro,e;
Jesus, the gift of gifts, appears,
T o show that "God is love."

3 Beho ld bis patience, bearing long

\Vith those who from him rove;
Soon he'll instruct earth's mighty t hrong,
And teach them "God is love."



( G. H. II:?;

S. ~ll.

J. H. 304; S. P. 557.)

ye tha t love the Lord

And let your songs abound,
\Vi th heart and voice in sweet accord,
Now spread his fame around.

Let a ll his children sing

Glad songs o f praise to God.
Y es, children o f the heavenly King
S honl<l tell their joys abroad.

.Hp11m of .Dciw11.
3 The God whose plan so high
Outstrips our highest thought,
To whum we may in prayer draw nigh,
Assured we're not forgot;
4 This loving God is ours,
Our Father an<l our Friend;
He doth employ his heavenly powers
To guide us to the en cl.

5 Soon we shall sec his face

And know his matchless worth,
And t hrough his all-abounding grace
Show all his glories forth.
6 Yea, and before we rise
To that immortal state,
The thoughts of such amazing bliss,
'Vi th constant joys elate.

7 Then let onr songs abound,

And every tear be dry;
" 'e're trav'ling through Immanuel's ground,
To fairer prospects nigh.





AUGHTER of Zion! awake from thy sadness!
Awake! for thy foes shall oppress thee no
Bright o'er the hills dawns the day-star of glallness, _






Arise l for the night of thy sorrow is o'er.

Daughter of Zion! &c.

Strong were thy foes, but the arm that subdued them,
And scattered their legions, was mightier far;
They fl ed like the chaff from the scourge that
pursued them:
Vain were their steeds and their chariots of war.
D aughter of Zion! &c.

3 Daughter of Zion ! the power that hath saved

Extolled with the harp and the timbrel should be;
Shout! for the foe is destroyed that enslaved thee,
Th' oppressor is vanquished, and Zion is free.
Daughter of Zion, &c.



( O. H. 400;

L. ,lf.

J. H . 49 ; S. P. 22.)

Savior, we thy will obey ;

Not of constraint, but with delight,
Thy servants hither come to-day,
T o honor thine appointed rite.

0 sacred rite ! by thee to own

The name of Jesus we begin;
This is our consecration pledge,
And symbol of our hope in him.

3 \Ve count ourselves as dead to sin,

And thus we're buried with our Lord;



ef JJ111c11J.

\V e plunge into the cleansing flood,

And rising, live henceforth to God.


more let sin and self-will reign

Over our bodies, reckoned dead;
But overcoming day by day,
\Ve'll grow into o ur living Head.


.Nliernl Slrcrt.



L. M


EEM not that they are blest alone,

\Vhose days a peaceful tenor keep;
The anointed Son of God makes known
A blessing for the eyes that weep.
z T he light of smiles shall fill again
The lids that overflow \vith tears;
And weary hours of toil a nd pain
Forerunners are of happier years.

3 Yes, a bright day o f peaceful rest

S uccee1\s th is dark an<l troubled night;
T hough grief may bide an evening guest,
Yet joy shall come with early light.
4 Let not the Christian's trust depart,
Though life its common gifts deny;
Though with a sinking, fainting heart,
He sometimes almost longs to die;

5 For God has 111arked each sorrov;ing day,

And numbere<l cver v secret tear;
And blissful ages yet sha ll pay
For a II his children suffer here_
232 "



t1/ D,1w11.


S. ;1. (E. JI. 9z)

L'Q.. UIP me for thc:' w ar,


And teach me how to fight:

and heart, 0 Lord, prepare,
And guide my v:ords nr.i ght.

).(y mind

\ Yith calm am\ temper ed zeal,

Let me proclaim thy plan;
i\.ncl vindicate thy gracious will
\\' hich offers life to man.

3 0 ! mav I love like thee,

In Jove decll'rc thy w ays,
help tbc blinded ones to sec
Thy truth declares thy praise.


4 And teach me, Lot(L, the art

\\'i th wisdom to remo,e

T he errors that deceiYe the heart,
A nd truth to clearly prove.

5 0 ! arm me with the mind.

}.leek Lamb, that was in thee;
And let my fcn'ent zeal be joined
\Vith grace and charity.

6 Control my every thought,

1Iy talents all enlist;
A nd may my zeal, to judgm ent brought,
Prove true beneath thy te.~t.
2 33



of Dawn.


Duke Stnet. L. lof.

(J, H . 39; ll. H. 5.) WAR!:. (s. P. 291.)

'CTERNAL God, celestial King,
.L Exalted be thy gloriOllS name;
'W hile hosts in heaven thy praises sing,
Let saints on earth thy love proclaim.


heart is fixed on thee, mv God;

rest my hope on thee alone;
I'll spread thy sacred truths a broad,
An d to mankind thy love make known.

3 Awake, my tongue; awake, my lyre;

\Vith morning's curliest dawn arise;
To songs of joy my soul inspire,
And swell your music to the skies.
4 \Vith those who in thy grace abound,
To thee I'll raise mv thankful voice;
May every la nd, the e"urth around,
Yet hear, and in thy name n-joice.


(G. H. 111; S. l'.

C. Al.
319; J. n. 18o.)

TERNAL Sun of rig bteousness,

Display thy beams divine,
And cause
glories of

Upon our hearts to !;hine.

Light in thy ligh t, 0 may we see,

T hy grnce a nd mercy prove;

Iijmms ef Dawn.
R evi\'ed, a nd cheered, and blest b y thee,
God of abounding love.

3 Lift up thy countenance serene,

And let thy happy child
Beholcl, 'vithout u cloud between,
The Father reconciled.

4 That all-comprising peace bcsto..v

On me, t hrough grace forgh-en;
The j oys of holiness bestow,
The precious joys of hea vcn.


(W. H. 102.}

ADE! fade, each earthly joy,

Jesus is mine!
Break every tender tic,
Jes us is 1~1inc !
Dark is the wilderness,
Absent the resting place;
Jesus alone can bless:
J csus is mine !

Tempt not my soul away,

Jesus is mine!
He is my only stay,
Jes us is mine !
Perishing things of clay,
Dorn but for one brief day,
Pass from my heart <n.vay,
Jesus is mine!


ef .Dawfl.

3 Farewell, ye dreams of night,

Jesus is mine!
Mine is a dawning light,
Jesus is mine!
All that my soul has tried
Left but an aching void;
J csus has satisfied,
Jesus is mine!

4 Farewell, mortality!
Jesus is mine!
\Vclcomc, eternitr !
Jes us is mine !
\Velcome, ye scenes of rest!
\V elcome, ye mansions blest l
God's love is manifest.
Jesus is mine!



(G. ){. I OJ; E , H.

L JI/.

151; ). JI. 44.)

AR from my thoughts,
world, be gone!
Let my religious
Fain would mine eyes my SaYior see;

I ,,ait to visit, Lord, with thee.


0 ! warm

my heart with holv fire,

Enkindle rn~re of pure desire:
Come, sacred Spirit, from uhove,
.And fill my soul with heavenly love.

3 Hail, great Immanuel, now divi ne!

In thee thy Father's g lories ~hine;

Hym11s of Dawn.
Thy g lorious na me shall b e a dored,

And every tongue confc3s thee Lord.




!I. I II; J.

C J[.

II. 180;

S. P.


T:'.:\THER of mercies, in thy \Vor<l

l' \\'hat endless glory shines!
Foren~1 he th\' name aclored
For these c~lestial lines.
.:. 'Tii; here the Savior's welcome voice
Spreads heavenly peace around ;
And life, and e,erlasting j<1_ys,
Attend the blissful sou nd.

3 0 ! may these heaYenly pages uc

My ever dear delight ;
A nil still new beauties nrn y I sec,
And still increasing light!
i- Divine Instructor, gracious Lord,
Ile thou forever neur ;
Teach me to love thy sacred Vford,
And view my Savior here.



C. 11[

(ll. H. 181; }. II. 149.)

1-:'ATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss

I' Thy sovereign will denies,
Accepted at thy throne of grace,
Let this petition rise.

H;mm of Dawn.

z Gl\c 111c a r.alm, a thankful heart,

From every 1nurrnur free;
The blessings of thy grace impart,
And make me live to thee.
3 Let the sweet thought that thou art mine
My every hour attend;
Thy presence through my journey shine,
And crown my journey's end.

5 1.


Autum... S, 7
(G. H. 420; R. H.

67; ~.



CATHER, while our eyes arc weeping

1' oer the spoils that death has won,
\Ve v;ould, at this solemn meeting,
Calmly say, "Thy will be done."

Though cast <lown, we're not forsaken;

Though affiictctl, not alone:
Thon didst give, and thou hast taken;
Blessed Lord, "Thy will be done."

3 Though today \ve're filled with mourning,

Mercy stl11 is on the throne;
'Vi th thy smiles of love rct11rning,
\Ve can sing, "Thy ,.,..m be rlone."
4 By thy hands the boon was given;
Thou hast taken but thine own:
Lord of earth, and God of heaven,
Evermore, " Thy will be done."

rfymm oj Dawn.



C M.




rest i:.hall be,
Close to thy wounded si<lc;
This all my hope and all my plea,

For me the Savior <lied.


:My dying SaYior and my Lord,

Fountain for guilt and sin,
Sprinkle me eyer '"ith thy hlou1l;
0 ! cleanse an<l keep me clean.

3 " 'ash 1ne, an<l make me thus thine own;

\\'ash me, and mine thou art;
\Vnsh me, but not mv feet alone~ly hands, my hea~l, my henrt.

4 Th' atonement of thy blood ~Lpply,

Till faith to sight improve;
Till hope in foll fruition die,
And all my soul be loYe.




S. ,l[.

(~:. H. ll4; J. H. 266; G. H.


"fOREVER \dth the Lonl ! .,

Amen, so let it be!
Life from the dead is in that word,
'Tis immortality.
2 39

Hymns ef Dawn.

Here '\1..-e are being sp ent,

As pilgrims here we roam,
Yet nightly pitch our moving tent
A days march nearer home.

3 "Forever with the Lord!"

Father, thy blessed will
\Ve'rc learning daily through thy \Vord,
And seeking to fulfill.

1 And when our latest hrnath

Shall rend the vail in twain,
Through meri t of our S:l\ ior's deat h
\Ve hope this bliss to gain.

5 With thee the promised throne

Then evermore to share,
\Ve'll gladly make thy glory known,
Thy praises everywhere.



{G. Ii. 16.)

REE from the law, 0 happy condi tion!

Jesus, our Lord, hath purchasecl remission ;

Cursed by God's law and bruised by the fall,
Grace hath redeemed us unce for a ll.
Cno.-Once for all! 0 ves ! we belieYc it;
Once for i1ll ! by faith we receive it;
Lo, at his cross a 11 bllf<lens w ill fall;
Christ hath redeemed us once for all.

Nuw w e arc free, there's no condemnation ;

Jes us will soon perfect our salvation;


of Dawn.

His kingJ om soon shall rule over all,

SaYing the willing from the fall.

3 Children of God, 0 glorious calling!

Surely his grace will keep us from falling;
Passing from death to life at his call,
Blessed salvation! once for all.



Duke Street.

L. i i<!,

(E.. JI. 5; S. P. 76 ; J. II. 39.)

all that dwell below the skies,

Let the Creator's praise arise;
L et the Redeemer's name be sung,
Throug h every land, hy every tongue.

Eternal are thy mercies, Lord;

Eternal truth attends thy word;
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore,
From age to age forevermore.

3 Your lofty themes, ye mortals, bring;

In songs of praise exulting sing;
The great salvation loud proclaim,
And over praise the Savior's name.
4 In every land begin the song;
T o every land the strains helong;
In cheerful sounds all voices raise,
And fill the world with joyful praise.




of Dawn.


Retreat. L. .lf. \E. H. 198.)

~RO:'\l c~cry stormy wind that blows,

From eYery swelling tide of woe,;,
There is a culm. a sure retrea t:
'Tis found beneath the mercy-scat.

2 There is a place where Jesus sheds

The oil of gladness on our heads;
A place than all besides more s weet ;
It is the blood -bought mercy-seat.
3 0 ! w hi th er coulc1 \Ye flee for a id.
\Vhen tempted, desolate, dismayed?
Or how would hosts of foes defeat,
Had s uffering saints no mercy-seat?
4 There, there on eagle wings we soar,
And sin and sense molest no more;
.And heaYcn comes down our souls to greet,
" ' bile glory crowns the mercy-scat.


.l.abmt. S . .11.
(G. H. II2; J.11. 304; S. P.


IVE to the winds thv fears;

Hope, and be undismayed;

God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears;

God shall lift up thy bead.

Through wa>es, and clouds, and storms,

He gently clea rs thy 'my;

Poems of .DawJI.

\\'ait thou his time, so shall this night

Soon end in joyous day.
3 Still heavy is thy heart?
Still sinks thy spirit down ?
Cast off the weight, let fear depart,
And every care be gone.
{ Leave to his sovereign sway
To choose and to command:
So shalt thou gladly own his way,
H ow wise, how strong his hand !

5 Far, far abo\e thy thought

His counsel shall appear,
\Vhen folly be the work hath \Yrought
That caused thy needless fear.



Sunny SM'.>.

8, 7 d.
(~. I'.

(J. H. 44r.)


things of thee arc spoken,

.Zion, city of our God.
c whose word cannot be broken
Formed thee for his own abode.
On the Rock of Ages founded,
Naughtcan shake thy sure repose;
\Vith Salvation's walls surrounded,
Thou shalt triumph o'er thy foes.

Built upon this sure foundation,

Zion shall in glory rise;
Men shall call th\' walls Sahation,
And thy gates "shall be named Praise.



])aw n.

The redeemed of every nation

Shall with joy thy glory see,
And find rest from tribulation,
llope and life and peace in thee.

3 Then the streams of living waters,

Springing from eternal love,
Will supply thy sons and daughters,
And all fear of want remove.
\Vho need faint while such a river
Ever flows their thirst to assuage?
Grace, which, like the Lord, the giver
Never fails from age to age.
4 \Vho would faint while such a prospect
Urges on to faithfulness,
Though thy present mournful aspect
Seem no cause for thankfulness?
Look not at the things beside thee;
Those behind thee ha vc no worth:
Let the glorious hope before thee
Fill thy heart with rapturous mirth.



.New llavm.
(G. H. 117.)

LORY to God on high!

Let heaven and earth reply,

"Praise ye his name!"
His love and grace adore,
Who all our sorrows b ore;
Sing loud forevermore,
" \Vorthy the Lamb!"


of Dawn.

z \Vhi le the blest heavenly throng

Gratefully join in song,
Praising his nameY e who have felt bis blood
Sealing your peace ,vith God,
Sound his dear name abroad,
"\Vorthy the Lamb!"

3 Join, a ll ye ransomed race,

Make earth a holy place,
Praising his name.
I n him let al I rejoice,
Singing with heart and voiceC hrist is our blessed choice,
" \ Vorthy our King !"

+ Soon shal I all sorrow cease;

For lo ! the Pri nee of Peace
Come th to reign;
To him our songs we bring ;
H ail him our gracious King;
\Ve'll through all ages sing,
" \Vorthy t he Lamb! "



(G. H. 61.)

bury thv sorrow

Go The
wo~ld has it~ share ;

Go bury it deeply,
Go hide it with care ;
Go think of it calmly,
When curtained by night,
Go tell it to Jesus,
And all will be right.

H_ymn.s of Dawn.

Go tell it to Jesus,
He knoweth thy grief;
Go tell it to Jes us,
He'll send thee relief;
Go, gather the sunshine
He sheds on thy way;
He'll lighten thy burden,
Go, weary one, pray.

3 Hearts growing iiweary

\.Yith heavier woe,
.N'ow droop 'mid the <larknessGo, comfort them, go!
Go bury thy sorrows,
Let others be blcst;
Go, give them. the suni;hine;
Tell Jesus the rest.



L. Jl.


u. 38; S.



OD is the refuge of his saints

\.Vhen storms of sharp distress in\"adc;
Ere we can offer o ur complaints,
Behold him present with his aid.


There is a stream, whose gentle flow

Supplies the city of our God
\Vith peace, and joy and blessing now,
E'en in our narrow trial road.

3 That sacred stream, thy holy \Vonl,

O ur grief allays, our fear controls ;
Sweet peace tby promises afford,
And g iv e new stren g th to fainting souls.

Hy mns


ef Dawn.

(G. H. JO.)

OD loved the world o f sin ners lo;;t,

And ruined by the fall ;
S a lvation full at highest cost,
H e offers free to all.

C110.-0 ! "twas love, 'twas w ond rous love,

The love of God to m e;
I t brought my Savio r fro m above
T o die on Cah ary.
:;: E'en now by faith I clai m him mine,
The risen Son of God :
R edemption by his death I fin d,
A ncl cleansing throug h his blood.

3 Love brings the glorious fu lness in,

A nd to his saints ma kes k nown
The blessed rest fro m in hre<l s in,
Throug h fait h in C hrist a lone.
4 B elieving souls, rejoicing go;
There shall to you be g iYen
A glorious fortaste, e\en now,
The peace and joy of heaven.
5 O f victory nffw o'er Sa tan's power
Let ull the ransomed sing,
A nd triumph now in every hour,
Through Christ, the Lord, our K ing.


IIymns of Dawll.



A rlint:lon.


(G. H . ll5; E, H. 214; J. H. 142.)

OD moves in mysterious way,

His wonders to perform;
He plants
the sea,



And rides upon the storm.


Deep in unfatho mable mines

Of never-failing s kill,
He treasures up his bright designs,
And works his sovereign will.

3 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take ;

The clouds ye so much dread
Arc big with mercy and shall break
In blessings on your head.
4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,
But trust him for his grace;
Behind a frown ing providence
H e hides a smiling face.

5 His purposes ...vill ripcn fast,

Unfolding every hour;
T he bud may have a bitter taste,
But sweet will be the flov,er.
6 Blind unbelief is sure to err,
And scan his work in vain ;
God is his own interpreter,
And he wi ll make it pla in.

IIy11111s of Dawn.


ridaal Street.

L Ill.




OD of my life, to thee I call;

Affiicted, at thy feet I fall;
\Vhen the great water-floo<ls prevail,
Leave not my trembling heart to fail.

Friend of the friend1css aml the faint,

Where shall I lodge my <leep complaint?
\Vhere, b ut with thee, whose open door
Invites the helpless an<l the poor ?

3 Did ever mourner p lead with lhcc,

And thou refuse that mourner's pie::?
Does not the word still fixed remain,
That none shall seek thy face in vain?
4 Poor though I am, dc;spisc<l, forgot,
Y ct God, my God, forgets me nol;
And he is safe and must succeed,
For whom the Lord voucl1safes to plead.




Hebron. (J.


L. Jf. (s. r. 13.)

38; s. I'. 38; G. 11.


OD of my life, through all my days

My grntefttl powers shall sound thy praise;
The song shall wake "vith opening Jight,
And warble to the silent nig ht.

\Vhen anxious cares would break my rest,

And griefs would make me sore distrest,
Thy t uneful praises, raised on high,
Shall ch eck the murmur and the sig h .

Iymns of Dawn.
3 \\' ere half the breath that 's Yainly spent
To heaven in supplication sent,
Our cheerful song would oftener be,
" Hear w hat the Lord hath d on e for me.

4 Yes, done for me;

Lord, I confess
Th_\ wisdom and thy righteousness,
And a ll my days sha 11 therefore be
Of praise a tribute, Lord, to thee.



(G. H. zo4; E. H. 277; \\'. H. 16.)

"OD has promised a glorious clay,

( J And by faith we now see it dnnv near ;
Our Redeemer has opened the way,
And soon will its gloty appear.
Ctto.-In the sweet by and by,
'" c shall meet to be parted no more:
In the i;weet by and by,
\\e shall m ee t on eteroity's shore.

There t he dead sha ll arise from the tomb,

And the liYing tu health he restored;
And away from all sorrow and gloom,
They'll be led by the life-giv ing Lord.

3 A highway shall there be cast up,

.And the stones shall h e a ll gathcrctl out ;
And errors no weak ones shall trip,"
And no lions of vice s talk about.
4 There nothing sha ll hmt nor offend,
In God's kin gdo m of glory and peace;

I I;111ws <if D aum.

The wic ked their ways shall amen d,
A nd the righteous t hei r j oys shall increa se.

5 There God's hand shall all tears ,,ipe away ;

H e'll the joys of his favor restore;
And the l ig ht of that g lorious day,
\ Vill bring life, j oy and p eace ever111ore.


St. 1lforti1< 's. C. Jlf. (J. H. 136.)

OD ~

ha n d tha t sa ves, though k in<l, !'eems

rough ;
His me t hod:- :oom eti mei; rnde;
Fra ii shrink ing na ture cries, " E no ugh! "
Y e t proves the Lord is good.

The temple stones God n ow prepares

O ft cry, '"You hurl me sore:"'
The Sc ulptor seeks t heir p erfectm:ss,
A nd trims them more a nd more-

3 U n ti l, by dint of st rok es and blows,

The shapeless m:iss a ppears
Sy mme tric, polished , bea utifu l,
T o sta nd t h' eter na l years.
4 The beaten sheaves, all thresh ed am\ torn ,
And tra mpled unfler feet,
Yield forth, when tribulation's o'er,
Their g rains o f g olden wheat.

5 Out of the crushed and m an g led grapes,

C om es forth the sparkling wine;
If Gotl but still my p ortion is,
Be su ch experience llline.


ef Dawn.

6 Kept while the furnace, heated white,

Shall purge the dross away!
Thy judgments, Lord, are true and right,
And brighter every day.


Wimdrous Gift. S . .ill. ( C.



RACE ! 'tis a charming sound,

Harmonious lo the car;
liea,en with the echo shall resound,
And all the earth shall hear.
z Grace first contrived a way
To save the fallen man~
.Anti all the steps that grace display,
\Vhich drew the wondrous plan.
~ Grace taught my roving feet
To tread the hea\enly road;
And new supplies each hour I meet,
\Vhile pressing on to God.
4 Grace all the work shall crown
Through everlasting days;
It bys in bea\en the topmost stone,
And well deserves our praise.


I Iebrun. L. ]ff.
( <;,

H. 212; ]. H. 22; S. l'.


REAT God, indulge my humble claim;

G Be thou my hope, my joy, my rest;

The glories that compose thy name
Stand alt engaged to make me blcst.


o/ Dawn.

Thou great and good, thou just and wise,

Thou art my Father and my God;
And I am thine by sacred ties,
Thy son, thy servant bought with Llood.

3 \Vi th heart and eyes, and hftcd hands,

For thee I long, to thee I look,
As travelers in thirsty lands
Pant for the cooling water-brook.

4 E'en life itself, without thY love,

No lasting pleasure can -afford;
Yea, 'twould a tiresome burden prove,
If I were banished from thee, Lord.

5 I'll lift my hands, I'll raise my voice,

\Vhile I have breath to pray or praise:
Thy work shall make my heart rejoice,
And fil1 the remnant of my days.


Jdd more. L. .J{. (J. ll. II S.)

REAT Husbandman, at thy command,

Saints sowed thy seed with liberal handAnd, mindful of thy hcan:nly call,
Onward they went, forsaking all.

On through the sad and weary year~

They sowed the precious seed "\Vith tears,
And stayed their hearts in faith sublime
\Vith prospects of the harvest time.

3 l'\ o longer saints in sorrow go,

In tear;e; and sadness forth to sow:

Hymns of l)czwJJ.

For he who bade them sow and v.1 cep

Hath called them n o"\V in joy to reap.
4 Now doth the joyful reaper come
Bearing his sheaves in triumph home;
The voice long saddened now doth sing,
And loud their songs of triumph ring.

5 E'en here, on this side Jordan, stand

The gathered sheaves from every land;
And he that sowed, in joy doth reap,
And hancst home together keep.


Zion. 8 , 7, 4. (E. 11. 156; ). n. 521; s. P. 814.)

UIDE me, 0 thou great Jehovah,

Pilgrim through this barren land;
I am weak, but thou art mighty;
Hold me with thy powerful hand.
Bread of heaven,
Feed me till I want no more.

Open now the crystal fountain,

\ Vhence t he healing streams do flow;
L et the fier y, cloudy pillar,
Lead me all my journey through.
Strong Deliverer,
Ile thou still my strength and shield.

3 A s I near the time of trouble,

Bid my faith in thee increase;
\Vhile the thousands roun<l arc fall ing,
Keep me, keep in perfect peace.
Refuge! Fortress I
Thou hast ;:et thy Joye on me.


" ro. (J. n. 577.)
to the brightness of Zion';; glad morn111g !
Joy to the lands that in darkness have lain!
ll\lshe<l be the accents of sorrow and mourning!
Zion, in triumph, begins her glad reign.




Hail to the brightness of .%ion's glad morning,

Long by the prophet;; of Israel forctol<l !
H a il to the millions from bondage returning!
Gentiles and JC"\YS the blest ,jsion behold.

3 See, in the desert rich flowers are !:pringing;

Streams ever copious are gliding along;
Loud from the mountain-tops echoes are ringing,
\Vastes rise in verdure and mingle in song.
4 See the dead risen from land and from ocean;
Praise to Jehovah ascending on high;
Fall'n arc the engines of war and commotion;
Shouts of sah-ation are rending the sky.



Greenland's I<y JloU1tlai11s.

( J.


430; s.



AIL to the Lord's Anointed,

Jehovah's blessed Son!

Hail, in the time appointed.
His reign on earth begun!
H e comes to break oppression,
To set the captives free,
To ta ke a way transgression,
And rule in equity.





H e comes with succor speedy

To those \vho suffer wrong;
To help the poor and needy,
And bid the weak be strong;
To give them songs for sighing,
Their darkness turn to light,
\Vhose souls, condemned and dying,
\Vere precious in his sight.

3 To him let praise unceasing

And daily vows ascend;
Ilis kingdom, still increasing,
Shall be without nn end:
The tide of time shall ne\er
His covenant remove;
Ko; it shall stand forc\'er,
A pledge that God is love.


Uxbr idge.

L. N.



54; J. n. 43.)

APPY the man who learns to trace

The leadings of Jehovah's grace;
By w isd om coming from above,
He reads and learns that God is love,

\Visdom divine! who tells the price

Of wisdom's costly merchandise ?
\Visdom to silver we prefer,
And gold is dross compared to her.
3 Her hands are filled with length of days,
True riches and immortal praise;
H er ways are ways o f pleasantness,
And all her paths lead unto peace.


H;11111s ef .Dawn.

4 H appy the m <in \\ho wisllo m gain.~ ;

Thrice ha ppy who his gue't n~tflins:
H e owns, and ~hall forever own,
\\Tisdom un<l Christ are truly one.


J/arwel!. 8, 7, 7 d.

(J. 11. 496; s.



! ten thousand harps a nd voices

Sound the notes o f prai.-c a hove;

reigns and he;iven rejoices:

J es us r eigns, he ru Jes in love.
See, he comes tu take earth's throne;
Soon he'll rule the world alone:
Hallelujah! hallelujah! halldujah ! amen.


2 J e~us,

hail! " hose glor}' brightens

All below and gins it worth;
Lord of life, thy s1nile enlightens,
Cheers and charms th\ saints on earth.
\\' h en we lhi nk of Ion lik6 thine,
Lord, w e O \Yll it love divine:
Hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! amen.

3 King of glory! reign foreYcr,

Thine an everlasting crown;
K othing from thy love shall SC\ e r
Those whom thou shalt call thine own;
Happy objects of thy grace,
Destined to behold thv face:
Hallelujah! hallelujah ! hallelujah! amen.

( 17)

Hymns ef Dawn.



Hrr,,mrd. C:

M. (J. J{.

20 5.)

the glad sound! the Lord has come,

The Savior promised long;

Let every heart prepare a throne,

And every voice a song.
I le comes, the "Sun of Righteousness,"
To roll earth's clouds away,
.Ancl make jts desert wilderness
Bloom in eternal <lay.

3 He comes the prisoner to release,

In Satan's bondage held;
The gates of death before him burst,
Sin's binding fetters yield ..
+ He comes the broken heart to bind,
The wounded soul to cure,
And, with the treasures of his grace,
To enrich the humble poor.

5 Our glad hosannas, Prince of Pe<ice,

Thy welcome shall proclaim,
And heaven's eternal arches ring
\Vith thy beloved name.



Rathbun. 8, 7,
(E. JI.


G. H.


W, H. 105.)

:.J ARK! the notes of angels singing,


"Glory, glory to the Lamb!"

A1l in heaven their tribute bringing,
Raising high the Savior"s name.

Hpnns of Dawn.
Ye for whom his l ife wa~ g iYen,
Sacred themes to you belong:
Come, ai-sist the choir of hciwen;
Join the eYerlasting song.
3 Filled with holv emulation,
Let us yie with those above :
Sw e~t the theme, a free sal\'atiun,
Fruit of everlasting loYe.

4 E n dless life in him possessing,

L et us praise his p recious name ;
(;; 101-y, honor, powe1, tmd blessing,
He forever to the L amb.


P. Jl (J.



ASTE, my dull so11l, arise!
Shake off thy care;
Press for the promised prize,
i\I igh ty in prnyer .
J esus has gone before;
Count all thy sufferings o 'er;
He all thy b urdens bore;
] es us


Souls, for the m arriage feast

Robe and prepare Holy must be such guests;
Jesus is there !
Saints, wear your victory palms,
Chant your celestial psalms;
Ilride of the Lamb, thy charms
0 I seek to wear.



ef Dawn.


for the promised throneCrowns we sha ll wear;

Chri;:;t reigns, h ut not alone\\T e soon s hall share.
0 ye despised ones, come;
Pilgrims no more we'll roam:
Sweetly we'll rest 11t home;
] esus is the1e.


(W. }(. 58; G.




A VE you h eard the re" so1;g? that most

b eautiful song,
The i;ong which the ~aints now may singHow the old harp of ).loses and sweet flute of
'Vith harmonious 111elolly ring?

'Tis the song of the Lamb onrn hy I\loses fore-

In the symboh and typci; of God's la";
As the dawn of the day doth those symbols

\Ve bchol<l what we ne'er Lefore saw.
3 0 ! what visions of g lory a rc brought to faith"s
v iew,
Of glory which :ill soon shall see;
For t he great King of Glory shall make all
things new,
.And 0 I what rejoicing thercll be.
4 Thyworksgreat and marvelous, Almighty Loni,
Are glorious indeed in our sight;

lly11111s 1!/ Dc1wn.

Tl1y way,; j u-.t and t n tt-, t hou

blc~ t ~ i 11g


the " oriel,

\Ve acknowledge are perfectly righL
5 0 ! who shall not filially fear tlice, 0 Lord,
Ami thy righ teous w ays own as the best?
Soon all nations sha ll worship and praise before thee,
\Vhen thy judgments are made ninnifest.

6 Tune your ,-oices, ye saint!:i, for this


An<l earth ~hall with melody ring;
Let the grand ' harp of God'' loudly swell the
re frain,
For tributes of praise all may b1ing.

7 God's \\ord is tha l harp, which has long b een

Arni men heard but cliscorchrnt it~ notes;
Xow as tuned are its cho rds from )loses to I ohn,
Ilo w gmndly sweet melody iloats.

8 IL wiTI float ocr the world in a ra pturous strain,

Of glory and peace an<l good " i ll,

And all then shall hear and may join the refrain,
And joy shall the hearts of all thrill.


(t:. ){. 31.)

VE you on the Lord believed?
f" Still there's more to follow;
Of his grace haYe y0u received?
Still there\1 more to follow;

Ilp1111s (I( .D,11,11.

0 ! the grace the Father shows!
Still there's more to follow;
Freely he his grace bestows,
Still there's more to follow.
Cuo.-?-.Iore and more, more and more,
Always more to follow;
0 ! his matchless, boundless love!
Still there's more to follow.

z Have you felt the SaYior near?

Sti11 there's more to foJlow;
Does his blessed presence cheer?
Still there's more to follow;
0 ! the }o,-e th11t Jesus shows!
Still there's m~re to follow;
Freely he his lo,e bestows,
Still there's more to follow.

3 Have you felt the Spirit's power?

Still there's more to follow;
Falling like the gentle shower,
Still there's more to follow;
0 ! the power the i::pi rit shows,
Still there's more to follow;
Freely God his power bestows,
Still there's more to fo1low.


Sunny S1ilc. 8, 7. {J .H. 441.)

what God the Lord hath spoken:

0 my people, faint and few,

Comfortlcss, aillicted, broken.

Fair abodes l build for vou.

Ilyl/l11s ef .Dawn.

Scenes of heartfelt tribulation

Shall no more perplex your \vays;
Y ou sh a ll name your walls "Salrntion,"
And your gates shall all be "Praise."

There, like streams that feed the garden,

Pleasures without end i;hall flow,
For the Lord, your faith rewarding,
All his bountv shall bestow.
Then, in undist~rbed possession,
P ence and righteousness shall r eign;
Never shall you feel oppression.
H ear the voice of 'var again.
3 Ye. no more your suns <lescencling,
\\'nning: moons no more shall see;
But, your griefs forever ending,
Fintl eternal noon in m e:
God sha ll rise, a1Hl, shining- o'er you,
Change to day the gloom of night;
Ye~, the Lord shall be your glory
And your everlasting light.



.-I/let/cl. 7.

(w. n . ro5; ~:. 11. 175.)

l_I EA VEN LY Father, I " otdcl wear

Bridal garments, white and fair;
Bridal vesture, unclefiled,
Thon clost give unto thy child ?
Take the raiment soiled away,
J would fain cast off to-day;
Clothe me in mv bridal dress,
Beanlifu l with holiness.


ef Daw11.

3 T.e t me wear the \vh i1c robe here,

Purchased by my Savior dear;
Holding fast his hand, and so
Through the vrnrld unspotted go.


Y11re111b11r,1;. 7.
(t:. n. 260; J. H. 3/8.)

Father. sovereign Lord,

thy glorious n a me adored!
Lord, thy mercies never fail;
Hail, celest ial goodness, h ail!

Though unworthy of thine ear,

Deign our humble ~ong::; t() hear;
Purer prn.i~c we hope to bring
\\' hen around th~- throne we sing.

3 \\"hile on earth we lunger stay,

c:uirle 011r foolstep i; in thy way,
Ti ll W<' come to d\Yell with thee,
Till we ;;ball thy glory sec.
4 Then thrnugh ages yet untold,
Counting mercies manifold,
There, in joyful songs of praise,
\Ve'll triumphant voices raise.


{G. }{. 3z7.)


EA VENLY Father, we 1)csccch thee,

Grant thy blessing ere ""e part:
Tnke us in thy care and keeping;
Guard from e vil every h eart.

CHo. -BJe,.,,, the word.; ,, h idl hu\e hccn spoken,

llear our pru~er und cheerful strain ;
GiYc n s, Loni, a consl;mt to\...en
That Thou dost with us remain.

Let tby Spiri t, Lord, go with u,.,

Be our comfort antl our st:1\':
Grateful praise to thee we r ender,
.For t be jo~ we feel to-day.

M ay thy '-;pirit dwel l within us,

1Iay our Siluis thy temples be,
:\I ny "c trea J the path to glory,
Le<l a n(l guider! still by thee.


( <;. II. ,)76.)

'El\ LY Fa the1. ''"~ thy children

I {E..:\\
(,a thered round our n:.en Lord.
Lift our hearts in earnest pleading:
0 re\ive us by th y wor<l !
Cno.-Send refreshing, send refreshing
From thy presence, gracious Lord!
Scn<l refreshing, send refreshing,
And reviYe us by tby w ord.

Grac ious gales of heavenly blessing

In thy lon to us afford:
L et m feel thy Spirit's presence,
0 re viYc w; hv tb\ word!


4 Dawlf.

3 \Veak a nd weary in the conflict,

" \\Trestling no t with flesh and blood,"
Help us, Lord, as faint we fa1ter;
0 revive us by thy worc.l !

+ \Vith thy strength, 0

J\faster, gird us:

Thou our Guide and thou our Guard;
F ill us with thy Holy Spirit;
0 revive us by thy word.


Fderrrl Stred.

.l. ill.




E dies! the Friend of sinners dies!

Lo! Salem's daughters \Yeep around;
A solemn darkness veils the skies.
A sudden trembling shakes the grounrl.

Here's love and grief heyond degree:

The Lord of glory dies for man!
But lo ! what sudden joys we sec,
Jesus, the d c.'ld. rc,-i,cs nguin !

3 The rising ChrL-;t forsakes the tomb;

In min its bonds forbid his rise;
Cherubic legions guard him home,
And shout him welcome to the skies.
4 \Vipe now yom tears, ye saints, and tell
lio\y high yom great Deli\erer reigns ;
S ing, he accomplished all things well,
And led the mon~ tcr D ea th in c hains.


ef Dtt1l'!t.

5 0 ! Lin! foreYcr, wondrous King !

llorn to recleern, and strong to save;
0 Death, thou monster, where's thy sting ?
And where's thy Yic tory, boasting Grave ?





W. H.



U. 180.)

E leadeth me, 0 blessed thought!

0 words with heavenly com fort fraught!
\\' hate'cr I do, w herccr l be,
Still ' tis God's hand that lcadeth me.
REF.- He lea<leth n1e ! he leaddh me~
l:h his o\\'n hand he leadeth me.
Iiis fai thful fol lower J \\'Ollld be,
For by his han d he leadcth me.

Sometimes 'mid scenes of deepest g lootU,

Some times where Eden's bo \\'e rs bloom;
By w a ters s till, o'er troll bled scaStill ' tis hii. hand that lcadc th me .

Lo1d, I \\'Ould clasp thy hand in mine,

l.\" or ever murmur or repi neCon tcnt whatc\cr lot J sec,
Since 'tis my God that leadcth 1110.

4 And ""hen m ,. task on earth is done,

\Vhcn by thy. g-race the ,ietory'i; won,
E'en death's cold \\a,e l \\'ill not flee,
Since God through J orcfan leadeth me.



ef D11w11.


5, i




ERE o'er the ea,rth a,; a stranger l roam,

Herc is no rest, here is no rest;
Here as a pilgrim I \.Yander alone,
Yet I am blest-I am blest.
For l look forward to that g lorious <lay,
\\' hen sin and sorrow will Yanish away,
1ly heart doth leap while I h ear Jesus say,
There, there is rest, there is rest.

z llcrc flerce temptations beset me around !

Herc is no rest, here is no rest;
Here I am grie...-ed while my foes me surround;
Yet T am blest-I am blei-t.
l,et them redle me <UHi scoffttt lllY name,
Laugh a t my weeping, en<leaYor t~ s hame,
I will go forward for thi~ is my theme,
There, there is rest, there is rci;t.

3 llerc :ire allliction>( and trial>- i,cn::rc:

H erc is no rest, here is 110 resl;
H \!re I must part w ith t h e fri endi:: I bold <lea r;
\'et I atn hlcst, 1 am blei;t.
Sweet is the promise I rcatl in his word,
Blessed are thev who have died in the Lord;
They will be c~lled to receive their reward;
Then we slrnll rest, we shall rest.
This world of care i s a wildcrnp;s state,
Here is no rest, here is no rest;
Here I m ust bear with the world a nd its hate.
Yet J am blcst, I am hlcst.

.HJmns ef Dawn.
Soon i;h all I he from the wicked rdeased.
There 5hall my jo\ with t he Lord he increased,
Soon i.hall the ,~e'arv foreYCr he hlei;t,
There, there is re;t-there is rest.





L. J(.

JI, IOJ; S, P, 29; ]. tr, 44;


II. I 51.)

IGH in the Heaycns, eternal Goel,

Thy goodness in fu ll glory shines;
Th.v truth s hall break thrnugh eYery cloud
Tba t nils and darkens thy designs.
2 ForC\'Cr firlll thv justice st:ind:;,

Asmountains their foundations keep;

\\"ise are the wonders of th\ hamls,
Thy judgments arc a mighty deep.
3 Thy providence is kin<l and large;
Both man nncl beast thy bounty share ;
The whole creation i,; thy charge,
B11t sain ts a re thy p ecu liar care.

God, how excellent thy grnce !

\\!hence all our ho p e a n d comfort springs;
".i\I id earthly woes we .i;weetly rest,
Under the shadow of thy wings.



lf7/mvf. 8, 7.

(s. r. 1287; J. u. 387; G. H. 422.)


:J OLY Spirit, bn n ish sadness:

Pierce the clouds of weary night;

Come, thou source of joy and gladness,
Breathe thy life, an<l spread thy light.

Ilpnns of Daw11.

From the height which knows no mca!-.ure,

Af.. a gracioui; shower de~cend,
Bringing down the richest treasure
.:\Ian can wish, or God can send.

3 Author of the new creation,

Come \Yith unction and with power;
~lake our hearts thy habitation;
On our souls thy graces shower.

4 Hear, 0 hc.-ar our supplication;

By thy Spirit, God of peace,
Rest upon this congregation,
\Vith the fulness of thy grace.





40; .. }[. 87; W. }[. 00.)

OLY Spirit, faithful guide,

EYer near the Christian's side,
Gently lead us Ly the hand,
Pilgrims in a desert land.
\Vea1y souls for aye rejoice,
\Vhile they hear that sweetei;t \oice,
\Vhisp'ring softly, Tra\ele1-, come;
Follow me, I'll guide thee home.

Ever present, truest Friend,

Ever near thine ai1l to ]encl,
Lea\e us not to donbt und fear,
Groping on in darkness drear.
\Vhen the storms are raging sore,
Hearts grow faint, and hopes g-ive o'erAh, then whisper, Traveler, come!
Follow me, I'll guide thee borne.

Hpnns ef Daw n.
3 \\"hen our clan' o f toil i;ha ll cease,
\\' aiting sti ll .for sweet relea se,
~othing left but time for prnyer,
\Va iting to be gathered there,
\Yacling deep the di:;urnl flood,
Trusting still in J cs us' bluod\Vhisper s\-.:eetly, TraYeler, come!
Follow me, I'll guide thee home.



A r/i11gto11.


G. ll.

11 5; J. tt. 142.)

L.{ OPE of our hearts ! 0 L ord, nppcar,

r Thou glorious Star of day!
Shine forth and chase the d reary night,
\\'ith all our fears, away.

z \ Ve've waited long, we're waiti11g still,

Longing with thee to Le.
Our eye is on the royal crown
Prepared for us and thee.
3 0 ! the b les t hope of sharing, Lorcl,
Thy glory from above,
I s l inked with that most preci1rns thought,
Thine everlasting love;

4 And with the joy, the holy j oy,

Unminglcd, pure and free,
Of union with our living !Iead,
An<l fellowshi p with thee.

5 This joy e'en now in part is ours,

This fellowship begt1n;
But 0 ! what rapture s hall w e know
\\'hen victory's fully ,von.

.fl)11ws of


6 There, near thy heart, 11pon the Lhrone,

Th\' ran~omcd bride !-hal l H ' C
\\' hat grace was in the bleeding Lamb,
\\"ho llied to nrnke her free.

0 ! what arc all our snlrring~ bcrc,

1f, Lord, thou count m; meet
\\'ith that cnraplurcll hol'l t' appear,
.\nd worship at thy feet!



I'ortug 1uu f fy m11.




133 ; >. P. 155.)

0\V firm a foundation, ye saints of the Loni,

la id for your faith in his excellent \ Vonl !
\\' hat
snv thnn to \'OU he hath said?
You, who unto Jesus-for refuge have fled.

I1 hmore nu; he


In every condition, in sickness, in health,

l n po,crty's ntle, or abounding in wealth,
At home and abroad, o n the land or the sea ,
_.\ s thy days may d e manLl s hall thy strength
e \ei- be.

3 \\' hen through the deep wate n> I cal1 thee to go,
The rivers of woe shall not thee overflow;
F or I wiJl be with thee thy troubles to bless,
i \ nd sanctify to thee thy deepest distress.

t \\' hen through fiery

trials thy pathway i;;hall lie,

l\Iy grace all-sufficient shall be thy supply;
The flames shall not hurt t hee- I only design
Thy clross to consume, ;lll<l thy gold to refine.


ef Dawn.

'\ The soul that on Jesus doth lean for repose

I 'll never, no, ne..-cr, desert to bis foes ;

That soul, though a host should endeavor to
I'll ne\er, no, neYer, no, never for8akc.



Co11trast. 8. (s. P. 1036; J, H. 6oo.)

O\\T happy and blessed the hours

Since J esus I always can see!
Sweet pros pects, sweet b irds, and sweet flowers,
lfaye a 11 gained new sweetness to me;
E ' en when the great sun shines but dim,
Aud fields strive in vain to luok gay,
While I am so happy in hilll,
December's as pleasant as :May.

His name yields the richest perfume,

And sweeter than m usic his voice;
His presence disperses all gloom,
And makes all within me rejoice;
I shoul<l, were he always thus nigh,
Have nothing to wish u r tu fear;
Xo mortal so happy as I ,
:My summer would last all the year.

3 Content with beholding his face,

My all to h is pleasure resigned,
_No chang::s uf season or p lace
C:\n make any change i n my inind:
\ Vhile blest with u sense of his love,
A palace ~l toy would appear;
And prioons would palaces proYc,
If Jesus still Jwelt "ith me there.

Jl..111111 ,.

o/ Dawn.

~ 1\ly Lord, l nm sure I am thine,

And thou art my sun and my song,
~ o lonKer I languish a nd pine,
Xur e'en are my winters so long:
\j \- doubts a1~d mv fears all have tluwn,
;l'hy soul-cbeeri~1g plan now I see;
Thy wisdom and glo ry have shone
From out thy b lest \\'ord upon me.


Su, AjtoJt.


(J. n. 415.)

-JO\V blessed, how g lorious, how joyful to feel

The lo\ e everlnF;ting, of F;onship a seal,
love that is perfect, the Joye that is pure,
That we may " ith p a tience all things well endure.
:;: I want to foel humble. more simple, more mild,
\Jure like my blc;;t \ faster, and more like a
:i\lore trnstful, more tbankful, more JoyeJy in
1\fore watchful, more prnyerfol, more lovi11g
and kind.
3 I wan t the pure wisd o m that comes from above,
T hn t warns those in danger with tenderest lo,-e ;
I want the sw eet spirit o f Jesus, m y Lord,
And p erfect accordan ce w ith his bles~cd "\YOrd.


wan t tu touch lightly the t hings of this earth,

Esteeming t hem only of trifling worth;
From sin <UH.I its bondage I woulu be set free,
And Jin:, my dear Savior, ]i\c only for thee.

Jlp1111s ,<!/ Dt1w11.



C. ,1[.
329; E. It, 1,)5.)

B aler11u1.

(J. H. 163;

S. I'.

the name of J esus sound,;

1-{ 0\\'In sweet
a belic.-er's car!

It soothes his sorrows, heals hi~

And dri,es away his fear.


It ma kes the \YOunded spirit " hole

.And cal ms the troubled brea st;
'Tis manna to the hungry soul,
And to the weary, rest.

3 Dear name! the rock on which \Ye bui ld,

Our shield and hiding place;
Our never-failing treasure, filled
\\Tith houndless ~tores of grace !


our Shepherd, Sa .-ior, Friend,

Our Prophet, Priest, and :Kinj:!,
Our h earts in gra ti tu de ascend;
A ccept the 1)raise we bring.

.) \\Tc would thy boundless lo ve p roclaim

\\' i lh e,ery fleeting brea th;
And sound the music of thy n a me
A b road through all the earth.




L. Jj[.

(E. H. I98.)

to leave the '':oriel ll\vhile,

l 1 0\YAndsweet
seek the presence of our Lord!

Dea r S a.-ior, on thy people smile ;

Draw near according- to thy w u nl.

Jlj11111s tf


z From busy scenes we now retreat,

That we may here converse with thee.

0 Lord, behold us at thy feet;

Let this the gate -0f heaven be.
3 Chief of ten thousand, now appear,
That we by faith may sec thy face.
0 speak, that we thy voice may hear,
And let thy presence fill this place.




L. AI.

(5, P, /02; W. II. ll3; J.




O\V vain is all beneath the skies!

How transient every earthly b1iss !
How slender all the fondest ties
That bind us to a world like this!

z The evening cloud, the morning dew,

The withering grass, the fading flower,
Of earthly hopes an: emblems true,
The glory of a passing hour.
3 Rut though earth's fairest blossoms die,
And all beneath the skies is Yain,
There is a brighter age now nigh,
Beyond the reach of care and pain.
4 Then let the hope of joys to come
Dispel oui cares, and chase our fears:
Since God is ours, we're tnn-eling home,
Though passing through a Yale of tea1s.
. 276



of .Dawn.

S. ~lf. (J. H. 276.)
(J. H. 304; c. H. uz; S. 1-.557.)



O\V ...vise are God's commands!

How sure his precepts are!
\Ve cast our burdens on the Lor<l,
And trust his constant care.

B eneath his watchful eye

His saints securely dwell;
The hand which bears all nature up
Doth guard bis children well.

J \\"hy should this anxious lo;t<l

Press down tll\ wearr mind?
H aste to thy hea~enlv Father's throne,
And sweet refn;sh;nent find.
4 Jlis goodness stands approYed,
Unc hangC\l from day to day.
\\"e'Jl drop our lmrdcm at his feet,
.And bear a soDg a\nty.





A1I sogla<l that our Father in heaven

Tells of his love in the book he has given.
\Vonderful things in the Bible l see;
This is the dearest, his great Joye to me.

CHo.-I am so glad my Father loves me,

Father loves me, Father loves me,
I am so glad m y Father loves me,
Y cs, he loves eYen me.


of Dawn.

Father ]u,es me ancl I knO\\' I lme him.

LoYe sent his Son my lost soul to redeem;
Yes, 'twas his lo,e and his mercy so free;
0 ! I nm certain my Father Ion; me.

Cno.-I am so glad


Father !oYes me.

3 Kot only my Father, but his blessed Son,

LoYes me and cares for my wants eyery one;
Je;.us so freely his life ga,e for me,
?\o clearer proof of his lo...-e could there be.

C110.-I am so glad that Jesus lo,es me.

4 0 ! for such Joye I would make some return;
J.\Iy hmnblc off'ring I'm sure he"ll not spurn:
Lord, here I give my poor life unto thee;
Through it may prarses redound unto thee.

Cno.-I gladly take thy favors so free,

Favors so free, fa,ors so free,
I gladly bike thy fayors so free,
Favors lo even me.


(w. n. 27.)

"I Al\f
the door," come in, come in,
And leave without nil fear and sin;
The night is dark, the :,torm is wild,
0 ! come \\ithin, thou \\' Cary child.

'I am the door," whose heavy lock

Bars out all strangers from the flock,
And guards my Father's precious fold:
Come in from darknes~ and from co1d.

.Hjwns c>.f Dawn.

3 "l am the door,'' no longer roJ.m;
H ere are th~ treasures, here thy home;
I purchased them for thee and thine,
_\nd paid the price in blood of mine.

+ "I am the cloor," 111.- Fatht::r 'n1it~

To make thee heir.of rich e,;tates;
C ome in " ith thankful h eart;; and prai~e,
And \\'alk in heaven's appointed ways.


(\.. H. 420; E. !l.

8, 7.

S. 1'.



waiting, eyer " aiting,

For the brighter, better day,
Just beyond the clouds and shadowi;,
That surround my lonely way;
F or n clay of light and gladness,
Such as earth has n i;:Yer known,
\\' hen in equity and justice,
Christ shall reign on D:lYid's throne.

z. All the prophets of past ages

Saw its brightness from afar,
And in words sublirne have spoken
Of the peace and glory there.
They have slept in those g reen vallcp,
\\' hich in weariness the)' trod;
Soon they'll come 'vi th songs of triuni ph,
To the holy mount of God.
3 Xo" the world is full of suffering,
Sound<> of woe fa 11 o n my cars,

Hymlls of JJawn.
Sights of wretchedness and sorrow
Fill my eyes with pitying tears.
'Tis the earth's dark night of \\eeping;
\Vrong and evil triumph now;
I can wait, for just before me
Beams the morning's roseate glow.
4 I am waiting, hoping, praying
For Messiah's glorious reign,
For I know he'll rule in justice;
Right and truth will triumph then.
\Vorldly pleasures cannot win me,
\Vhile I wait for that bright day,
\Vorl<lly sp lendor cannot charm me,
\Vhile its light beams on my way


(r., H. 156.)

BRING mr sins to thee,

The sin;; i cannot count,
That all may cleansed be
In thy once opened fount;
I bring them Sador, a ll to thee,
II The burden is loo great for me. n
z I hring my grief to thee,
The grief I cannot tell;
No words shall needed be,
Thou knowcst all so well;
I bring the sorrow laid on me,
JlO loving Savior, all to thee.II
3 ) fy joys to thee I bring,
The joys thy love has ghen,
That each may he a wing


.H;11ms of D,iwn.
To lift me nearer hea...-en;
I bring them, Savior, all to thee,
11\Vho hast procured them all for me.II


life I bring to thee;

I woul<l not be mv own,
0 Savior, let me be
Thine ever, thine alone.
heart, my life, my all I bring
j\To thee, my Savior and my King. Jl



Just As I Am.
(<~. li.

54; >:. H.

L. 111.

I.)O; S. P. 282.)


to thee, I come lo thee,

Thou precious Lamb who dierl for me;
I rest confiding in thy word,
Aml cast my burden on the Lord.


z l come to thee with all my grief,

To find in thee a sweet relief;
Thy blessed na me my only plea,
\\' ith this, 0 Lord, I come to thee.

3 I come to thee, whose so\ereign power

Can cheer me in the darkest hour;
1 come to thee through storm and shade,
Since thou hast said, "Be not afrai<l."
4 I come to thee th all my tears,
My pain and sorrow, griefs and fears;
Thou precious Lamb who died for me,
I come to thee, l come to thee.

Hjmns of Dawn.

5 T o thee 111y trembling spirit fli.:s

\\-hen faith seems weak and comfort dies ;
I bow adoring at thy feet,
And hol<l with thee communion sweet.

6 0 wondrous ]oyc ! what joy is mine,

To fee 1 t he1 l I am truly thine.
Thou precious Lamb who died for me,
I come to thee, I come to thee.







P. ,lf.


F I in thy likeness, 0 Lord, may

And shine a pure image of thee,
I shall be satisfied wben I can break

The fetters of flesl1 and be free .


know this stained tablet mu><t fir!'t be wa.;;hcd

And there thy brig-bt feature,, be drawn:
I know I must l'uffer the darkneo;s of n ight
To welcome the com ing of dawn.
3 ..:\.ml 0 ! the blcst morning already is here.
The shado-..vs of ea rth soon shall fade:
And soon in thy likeness I'll with thee appear,
In glory and bean ty arrayed.
4 \\.hen on thine o-..Yn imngc in me thou bast
\Vithin thv blest mansion. and when
The arms o( mv Father encircle his child,
0 ! 1 shall
satisfied then.




ef D,1wn.

(CT. H. 112; S. P.

S . I.I.

J66; J.



F on a quiet sea

To,rnrd home I calmly sail,

\\'ith grateful heart, 0 God, to thee,
I'll o"n the favoring gnle.

z But when the surges rise,

And rest deb,- to come,
Blcs t be the tcn{pcst, kind the storm,
\\.hich clrh-es me nearer homc.


bhal I the "a \'t'S and storm,;

All Yic.:ld to th\ control;
Tlw will ba;1ish all alurm,;,
And darknc,;s from my 'oul.

4 Teach me, in c\cn "tall'.

To make th,- ,yj]) 111\' own:
Ancl while th~ joy" of ~...eni-c depart,
To lh-e hy faith alone.


(t;, H. 196; \\-_ IL 12.)

HA YE entered the rnllcy or hlc~~ing ,o


And I cs us a bides with me there;

And his spirit ancl bloocl make nw clean,ing

And his perfect lo\c ca.~teth 011t fear.



of Dawll.

CHo.-Therc's joy in the rnlley of blessing so

Here Jesus his fulness bestows;
\\' e belie,c and receiYc and confess him,
Our refuge from all e<~rthly woes.

There is peace in the ,-alley of blessing so sveet,

And plen ty the Janel <loth impart;
And there's rest for the weary, worn traveler's
And joy for the sorrowing heart.

3 There is love in the ,-alley of blei;sing so s\veet,

Such as none but the blood-vYashed may feel;
H ere h eaven comes down redeemecl spirits to
H erc Christ sets his covenant &cal.
4 There's n song in the valley of hies.sing so
That only the drgins can singAll na tions shall worship and bo\'\" at thy feet,
T o th' honor and praise of our King.


(G. 11. 67; S.



HEARD the voice of J esus say,

"Come unto me and rest;
Thy load of care thou mayst lay down
And be no mo re distressed."
I came to J esus as I was,
\Yeary, and worn, and sad;

11;11ms of D 1iw11.
I found in him a resting-place,
And he bath made me glad.
:: I heard the voice of Tcsus sa Y,
"Hehold, I freely giYe

The living water; thirsty one,

Stoop down, and drink, unu live!"
I came to Jesus and I drank
Of that life-giving stream;
~ly thirst was quenche<l, my soul reviYcd,
And now 1 )iye in him.

3 I heard the voice of Jesus say,

"I am this dark world's Light;
Look unto me, thy morn shall rise
And all thy day be bright!"
I looked and saw my star of hope,
My Sun of Righteousness.
0 ! soon 'twill rise and fill the earth,
.And all the nations bless.



The Watclurs.

7, 6.

(J. 11. 621.)

no life divided,
0 Lord of Life, from thee;
In thee is life prodded
For all mankind and me:
I fear not death, 0 Jesus;
Mv life is hid with thee;
Thy 'power soon shall free us
From death eternally.


of 1Jaw11.

z I fear no tri bu la tion,

Since, whatsoe'e1 it be,
It makes no separu tion
Between my L ord an<l me.
Since thou, mY Lord un<l Teacher,
HnBt claime~l m e for thine own,
E'en now with thee I'lll richer
Than monarch on his throne.

3 Thus, while o'er e:\rth I wander,

J\Iy heart is light a nd blcst,

My treasure is up yonder,
My heart is there at rest.
0 blessed thoug ht! I'm trying
To live to p1case the Lord,
In faith and hope rejoicing,
Through his m ost precious \Vord.



(G. H. 307.)
KKO \ V not whul awaits me;
God kindly veils mine eyes;
And o'er each step of my onwanl wa.)
Ile makes new scenes to rise;
And every joy h e scn lls me, comes
A S\veet an<l glad surprise.

Cun.-\Vhcrc he may lead , I'll follow;

My trust in him repose;
And every hour in perfect peace
I'll sing, he knows, he knows,
And every hour i n perfect peace
rll sing, he knows, he knows.

}fymns of lJcrn.!Jt.

z One s tep i sec before me' Tis all I need to sec ;

The light of heaven more 11rig-htly shines,
\Vhen earth's illusions flee;
An d sw eetly, through the silence, comes
His loving, "Follow m e.''

3 0 blissful lack of wisdom !

'Tis blessed not to know ;
H e holds me with hi s own right hand
And will not let me go,
And lulls my troubled soul to rest
In him w ho loves me so.

+ So on I

go, not knowing ;

I would not if 1 might;
I'd rather walk in the dark with Go1l
Than go alone in the light;
I'd rather walk by faith with him
Than go alone by sight.


Ketreat. L. JU.
(E. H. 198; G. H. 54; S. P.


KNOW that my Redeemer lives;

What joy the blest assurance gi\-es !

H e lives, he Jives, who once was dead ;
He lives, my everlasting H ead !


lives to bless me with his love ;

lives, who bought me with his blood\
Ii ves, my hungry soul to fee<l;
li,es, my help in time of need.

1Jpnns u/ Dmo11.
3 He lives, and grants me daily s trength;
Through him I soon shall conquer death;
Then all his glories I'll dedare,
That all the world his life may share.



(G. H. 90.)

it all with Jesus

Long ago;
my sins and \>vcakness,
And my woe.
Human sins once slew him
On the tree.
I heard the spirit's whisper,
'Tis for thee;
II: From my heart the burden
Rolled away-Happy day~: I\

z I leave it all with Jesus,

For he knows
H ow to steal the bitter
From Hfe's woes;
ll ow to gil<l the tear-drop
\Vith his smile,
}.fake the desert garden
Bloom awhile;
fi: \Vhcn my weakness leanetlt
On his might, all seems light.: II

3 I leave Hall with Jesus

Day by day;
Faith can firmly trust him,
Come what may;


ef Dawn.

Hope has chopped her an<.:hor,

F ound her rest
In the calm sure h a ,en
Of his breast.
II: Love esteems it heaven
To ~1 bide at his side.: !I


I'. ~[.

t hee,

( \\. IL 97; J.



1 Joye thee, I Jo,c thee, my

I 1o\e thee, my S a ,ior : I lo\e thee, my God;

l lore thee, 1 i.;,ye thee, :mcl that thou cl~st know;
But bow much 1 love thee, 1 ncYer can show.

\Y01u.lro n~ account!
j oys arc triumphant, I !'land 011 the mount!
I gaze on my treasure, and long to be there,
\VithJesus my Savior and a ll saints to share.

I'm huppy, I'm happy, 0


3 0 Jeo.ns, my Sador, with thee I nm b lest !

}\[y l ife and salvation, my joy.a nd my rest!
Thy nat11e is my theme, and thy Joye is 111y song.
Thy grace doth inspire both my h eart a nd my

4 0 ! who's like my Savior? he's Salem'~ bright

The sweet song of }.foses he's given me !o :;ing:
J'll praise him, I'll praise him, w ith heart and
with will,
\Yhilc his blessed work here m y moments do

H;11ws of Dawn.



Sit irlaud. S. Jlf.
(J. H. 306; 1;, H, 2 11 ; ~" J', 619.)

thv w ill, 0 God!

Thy blessed, per fec t will,
which this once r ebellious heart
Lies satisfied and still.

1 love thy w il1, 0 God!

It is my joy, my r es t :
It g lorifies my common task,
It makes each trial blcst

3 I love thy -..v ill, 0 God !

The sunshine or the ra in.
Some days are brig h t with praise, and some
Sweet with flccep ted pain.
4 I love tlw wil1, 0 God !
0 hea; my earnest p lea,
T ha t as thy will is tlone in hea ven.
It mav be clone in me.


11'oodla11d. C. J[. (J.

11. I 58; S. P.


steal a while a \\'ay

From every cumber ing car~,

And spend the hours of closing day

In hmnblc, grate ful prayer.
I love in solitu<le to shed
The penitential tear,
A nd a ll his promises to plead,
\\' bere none b ut G od can hea r.
29 0


ef Dawn.

3 I love to think on merciei: past,

And future good implore,
..:\nd a11 my cares and sorrows cast
On him -whom I adore.
4 l love bv faith to take a dew
Of h1:ighter scen es beyond ;
The prospect doth my strength renew,
And hence my songs abound.

5 Soon shall eart h's days of toi l be o'er,

Its darkness passed away;
lts storms and trials but prepare,
And lead to endless day.



(G. H.

39 ;

S. P.


LOYE to tell the story

Of gracious, heavenly love;
llow J csns left his glory,
That wondrous love to pro,e.
I Joye to tell the stor v,
Because I know it'-s true;
It satisfies my longi ngs,
As nothing else '\-voulu do.

C110.-I love to tell the Ston !

'Twill be my theme i;1 glory.
To tell the old, old story
Of gracious , heavenly Ion:.

1 lo\'e to tell the story!

)fore wonderful it-seems
Than all the golden fancies
Of all our golden dreams.


ef Dawn.

I love to tell the story!

It did so much for me;
And that is just the reason,
I tell it now to thee.
3 I love to tell the story l
'Tis pleasant to re1;eat
\Vhat seems, each time l tell it,
J\cfore wonderfully sweet,
I love to tell the story,
For some ha ,e ne\er heard
The message of salvation
From God's own holy \\"ord.
4 I love to tell the storv !
For those who knO'w it best
Seem hungering and thirsting
To hear it, like the rest.
And when, in scenes of glory,
I sing the new, new song,
'Twill be the old, old story
That I ha,e lon~rl so long.


{f;, H.


E. H.


and I'm a stranger,

I,MI acanpilgrim
tarry, l can tnrry but a night;

Du not detain me, for I am going

To where life's waters arc ever flowing.

C 110.-l'm a pilgrim and I'm a stranger,

I can tarrr, I ca n tarry but a night.



z There the sunbeams are ever shining,

0 ! my longing heart, my longing heart is there;
Soon to this country, sin-dark and dreary,
\Vill come the sunlight of heavenly glory.

3 Of that city to which I journey,

My Redeemer, my Redeemer is the light;
There is no sorrow, nor any sighing,
Nor any tears there, nor any dying.




C. llf.

(J. H. 205.)

to own my Lord,
I'MOrnotto ashamed
defend his cause ;
Maintain the honor of his word,
The glory of his cross.

Jesus my Lord! I know his name;

His name is all my trust ;
Nor will he put my soul to shame,
Nor let my hope be lost.

3 Firm as his throne his promise stands,

And be can well secure
vVhat I've committed to his han d!;,
Till the decisive hour.

4 Then will he own my humble name

Before his Father's face,
And in the New Jerusalem
Appoint .~Y soul a place.



of lJawn.

(G. H. JI E. R. 173.)

thee every hour,

1fost precious Lord !

No tender voice like thine

Can peace afford.

RE1-.-I need thee, 0 ! I need thee;

Everv hour I need thee;
0 bless me now, my Savior!
I come to thee.
z I need thee cverv hour;
Stay thou near by;
Temptations lose their power
When thou art nigh.

3 I need thee every hour,

In joy or pain;
- \Vith me dear Lord abide,
Or life is Yain.

4 I need thee every hour;

Teach me thy will;
And thy rich promises
In me fulfill.



(w. x. 34,)
1\' God I have found a retreat,
\Vhcrc I can sccurclv abide;
No refuge, no rest so complete,
And here I intend to reside.


ef Dawn.

Ctto.-0 ! what comfort it b rings,

l\Iy soul sweetly sings,
I am safe from all danger
While under his wings.

I dread not the terror by night;

No arrow can harm me by <lay;
His shadow has covered me quite,
My fears he has driven away.

3 The pestilence walkilig about,

\Vhen darkness has settled abroad.
Can never compel me to doubt
The presence and power of our L ord.

+ The wasting destruction at

No fearful foreboding can bring;
\\'ith Jesus my sonl doth commune,
His perfect saka ti on I sing.

5 A thousand may fall at my side,

Ten thousand at my right han.d;
Above me his wings a rc spread wide,
Beneath them in safety I stanrl.
6 His truth is my buckler and shield,
His love he hath set upon me;
His name in my heart he hath sealed;
E'en now his salvation I see.



("w. H. 59, G.



some way or other the Lord will provide:

It may not be my way,
It may not be thy way;




And yet, in his own way,

" The Lord will provide."
Cho.-Then we'll trust in the Lord,
And he will provide ;
Yes, we'll trust in the Lord,
And he will provide.

z A t some time or other the Lord will provide

It may not be my time,
It may not be thy time ;
And yet in his own time,
" The Lord will provide."

3 D espair then no longer; the Lord will provide;

And this be the tokenN o word he has spoken.
\Vas ever yet broken.
" The Lord will provide."



Bernett. C. M. (J. H. 190.)

?\ memory of the Savior's love

We keep this 1imple feast,
\Vhere every consecra ted heart
Is made a welcome guest.

By faith we take the bread of life

Which this doth symbolize;
This cup in token of his blood,
Our costly sacrifice.

3 This cup shall e'er recall the hour

\\'hen thou did'st s et us free ;

.llj1mm ef lJaum.
Soon with new joy in kingdom power
\Ve'll drink it, Lord, with thee.

-!- \Vhut Tapturous joy shall then he ours,

Forever, Lord, with thee!
Clothed with our resurrection powers,
Thine endless praise sha 11 be.



Rathbun. 8, 7.


H. 409; W. H . 105 ; E. H. 58.)

the cross of Christ I glory,

I.N Towering
o'er the w recks of time;
All the light of sacred story
Gathers round its hea<l sublime.

'Vhen the woes of life o't!rtake me,

Hopes deceive and fears annoy,
N'cYcr shall the cross forsake me;
L o! it glows with peace and joy.

3 \Vhen the sun of life is beaming

Bright and clear upon my way,
From the cross the radiance streaming
Adds new lustre to the day.

4 Rnne and blessing, pain a nd pleasure,

By the cross are sanctified;
Peace is there that knows no measure,
J oys that through all time abide.

.HJ11ms of




(\\', H .


N the rifted Rock I 'm resting,

Sure and safe from all alarm;
Storms and billows have united,
All in vain, to do me ha nn:
In the rifted Rock I'm resting;
Surf is dashing at my feet,
Storm-clouds dark are o'er me hovering,
Yet my rest is all complete.

CHo.-In the rifted Rock I'm resting,

Sure and safe from a ll alarm;
Storms and billows haye unitc<l,
All in vain, to do me harm.


a stormy sea I've traverse<l,

Many a tempest-shock haYe known;
Have been driven, without anchor,
On the barren shores aucl lone.
But I now have found a ha\-en
Never mo\'ed by tempest-shock,
\Vhere my soul is safe forever,
In the blessed rifted Rock.


Duane St. L. Jl d.
(E. H. 174; S. P. 758.)

thy grncious hands I fall,

And with the arms of faith embrace;
0 King of glory, hear my call;
0 raise me, heal me by thy grace.


ef JJ.ium.

Now righteous through thy grace I am;

No condemnation now I dre<ld;
I m:>te saln1 tion in thv name,
Alive in thee, my living Head.

z Still let thy wisdom be my guide,

Nor take tl1y flight from me away;
Still with me let thy grace abide,
That I from thee may never strny:
Let thy word richly in nie dwell,
Thy peace and love my portion be;
My joy to endure and do thy will,
Till perfect I am found in thee.
3 Arm tne with thy whole armor, Lonl;
Support 111y weakness with thr might;
Gird on thy thigh thy conquering sword,
And shieltl me in the threatening light.
From faith to faith, from grace to grace,
So in thy strength shall I go on,
Till J appear before thy face,
An<l glory end what grace begun.


{G. H. 171.)

Zion's Rock abicling,

~Iy soul her triumph s ing~;
In his pavilion hiding,
I praise the King of kings.


Strong Tower is he l
To him will I flee ;
In him confide, in him abide;
~Iy Strong Tower is he!


ef Dawn.

z \Vild waves arc round me swelling,

Dark clouds above I see;
Yet, in my fortress dwelling,
l\Iorc safe I cannot be.

3 l\1y tower of strength can never

In time of trouble fail:
No power of Satan ever
Against it shall prevail.


(G. H. 367.)

SA'Va way-worn traveler

In tattered garments clad,
Yet struggling up the mountain,
His face \Yould make you glacl.
His back was lnden hcaYy,
His strength was a lmost gone,
Ile shouted as he journeyed,
De]i,erance will come.

C11 0.-Thcn palms of Yictory, crowns of glory,

Palms of victory I shall wear.

z The summer sun was shining,

The sweat was on his brow,
His garments worn and dustv,
II is step seemed yery slo\v ~
But he kept pressing onwa rd,
For he was wending home,
Still shou ting a1> he journeyed,
Dclh-crance will come.


o/ Daum.

3 The i;:ongsteri;: in the arbor

That stood beside the way
\ ttrac tee! his attention,
Inviting his delay:
His watchw ord still " 'Us "Onward!"
Y ct sw ifter did he run,
S till shouting <U; he journeyed,
Deliverance will come.
4 I ,;aw him in the even ing:
The sun was bending low,
H e'd ovcrtopped the monutain,
An<l reached the rn lc below;
I I e saw the golden ei ty1I is everlasting homeAnd s houted loud, H osanna,
Deliverance has come!

T heard the song of triumph

They sang upon that shore,
:-;aying, Jesus has redeemed us,
From death foreYennorc;
T hen casti ng his eyei. backward
On the race which he h<lrt nm,
lie shouted loud, H osanna,
D e liverance has come!


(\\', H .


STAND all astonished with wonder,

And gaze on the ocean of love;
And over its '.\'aves to my spirit
Comes peace, like a heavenly dove.




C110.-The cross now coYers my sins;

The past is under the 'blood;
rm trmting in Jesus for all:
:\ly will is the will of my God.

z I


and wrestled to win it,

The blessing that setteth me free;
Hut when I had ceased from my struggles,
His peace Jesus gaye unto me.

3 H e laid h is hand on me and h ealed me,

And bade me be even whit whole;
l touched but the hem
his garme11t,
And glory came thrilling my soul.


4 The Prince of my peace is now present,

The light of his face is on me;
0 listen! belov.ed, he speaketh:
"l\Iy peace I will give unto thee.''



(<;. ll. 224.)

'\'E fou nd a friend; 0 ! $ UCh a friend !

He }o,ed me ere l knew h i1n;
lie d rew me with the cords of loYe,
An<l thus he bound me to him.
~\.nd 'round 1nY henrt still closely twine
Those tics ,;.hich naught can s'eyer,
For I am his and he i;; mine,
Fol'e,er and forever.

I've found a friend; 0 ! such a friend!

lle ga,e his life to save me;
.-\nd not alone the gift of lifr,
13ut his own self he g~n-e me.


ef Dawn.


that I have my own I call ,

I hold i t for the GiYer;
).{y heart, my strength, my life, my all,
Arc his, and his forever.
3 I \e found a friend; 0 ! such a friend!
So kind, and true, and tender,
So wise a counselor and guide,
So mighty a defender!
From him who now doth love me so,
\Vhat po-.\'cr my soul can seYer?
Shall life or death, or any foe?
:'.\'o; I am his forever.


Varina. C. 111.
(G, H.


S, P.


WANT a principle within,

or jealous, godly fear;
A sensibility of sin,
A pain to feel it near;
1 wnnt the first approach to feel
Of pride or fond desire;
To catch the \rnndcring of my will,
And quench the kindling fire.
z From thee that I no more may part,
No m<,re thy goodness grieve,
The filial a we, the loving heart,
The tender conscience give.
OJ1ick as the apple of an eye,
0 God, mv conscience make;
.t\ wake mr ~oul when sin is nigh,
Amt keep it still awake.

H .)'mfiS

ef D awn.

3 If to the r ight or left I stray.

That moment, Loni, reprove;
And le t thy goodness chase a \\'ay
A ll hindrance to thy lo\e.
0 ! may the least omission p ain
l\Iv well-instructed soul,
Anl send me to the blood again,
\Vhich makes and keeps me w hole.






sing for J esus:

\Vit h his blood he bought me ;

And all along m y pilgrim way

H is Joying hand has broug ht me.

C1w.- O ! yes, I'll sing for J esus,

Y es, I'll tell the story
Of him w ho did r edeem us,
The Lord of 1ife a n d g lory.

z Can there o \er take me

A ny dark tlisastcr,
While I sing for Jesus,
J\fy ever blessed )Jaster?

3 I w ill sing for J esus;

His name alone prevailing
S ha ll be my sweetest m usic,
\Vhen hearl and flesh aro failing.
4 Sti ll I'll sing for J esus;
0 ! how will 1 adore hi m,
Among the cloucl o f w it nesses
\\' ho cai;t the ir crown s befote him.



ef .Dawn.

(r.. H. 229.)

\VILL si!lg of iny Redeemer

And his wond'rous Ion! tu me:
On the cruel cross he suffered,
From the curse to set me free.
C110.-Sing, 0 ! sing of my Redeemer;
\Vith his blood he purchased me;
On tbe cross he sealed my pardon,
Paid the debt and made me free.

z I will tell the wondrous story,

!low, my lost estate to sa\'e,
In his boundless love and mercv,
He the ransom freely gave.


3 I will praise my dear Redeemer,

Ilis triumphant power to save,
How the victory he giveth
Over sin nnd death and grave.

I will sing of my Redeemer,

And my call to glory too;
Il e from death to life hath brought me,
HeaYenly glory brought to view.



(W. H.


G. H . .20.)

\VILL sing you a song of that beautiful land

Prepared by our Lord for his own,
\Vher~ no storms ever beat on the glittering
For the years of eternity-home.


Hymns of DaW1t .

0 ! that home of the soul! In mv visions a nd

Its brig ht jnsper walls I can sec,

Till [ fa nc v b ut thinlv the ,ail interyenes

.Uctweeri" t ha t fair ~itv and me.

3 An u u cha ngeable home i;; for you and for me,

\Vhere J esus of Nazareth stands;
The King of all kingdoms forever he' ll be,
And his saints will be crowned at his hands.

4 0 ! how sweet it


be in that beautiful land,

So free from a ll sqrrow and pain,
His songs on o ur lips, and his work in our hands,
To meet one another again.



Diuiplt. 8, 7. d.
(\\'. H.

76; J.



E SUS, I my cross have taken,

All to leave, nnd follow thee;
\ Veak and poor, d espised, forsaken,
Thou from hence my all shal t be.
Perish every fond ambition,
All l'\e sought, or hoped, or known,
Yet, how rich is mv conditio n !
God and Christ arc still my own.

Let t h e world despise and leave me,

The\' ha\e left mv Savior too ;

Former friends an~ ~vont to leave me,

Thou art faithful, thou art true.


of Dawn.

Anc.l while thou shalt smile upon me.

G o<l of wisdom, love and might,
Foci> mav hate, and friends mav scorn me,
Sbow .thy face and all is uright.


ma\ trouble and distress me,

This but <lrives me nearer thee:
Life with trials hard may press me,
Soon my rest \vill sweeter be.
0 ! ' tis not in grief to harrn me
\Vhil e thy loYe is left to me;
0 ! ' twc rc not in jo\' to charm me,
\\'ere that joy ~n"mixe<l "ith thee.

4 Go, then, earthly name nnd treasure;

Come, reproach, and scorn and pain;
In thy service pain is pleasure,
\Vith thy favor loss is gain.
I ha,e called thee, Abba, Father:
I ha,c set my hea rt on thee;
S torms may how l and c lou ds may gather:
All must work for good to me.

5 Soul, then know thy full salvation;

Rise o'er sin, and fea1-, and care:

Joy to find, in every station,

Something still to do or benr.
Think wha t spirit dwells within thee:
Think what Father's smiles arc thine;
Think how Jesus died to save thee;
Child of heaven, canst tho u repi ne ?



ef Dawn.


(G. K. 45 i W. H 78.)

ESUS, keep me n enr the cross;

There a precious fountain,

Free to all-<l healing streamFlows from Calvary's mountain.

Cuo.-ln the cross, in the cross,

Be 111)' glory ever;
Till my raptured soul shall _find
Rest beyond tbe ri \'er .

Near the cross, a trembling soul,

Love and mercy found me;
There the Lright and morning star
Shed its beams around me.

3 Near the cross I'll watch an<l wait,

Hoping trusting ever,
Till J reach the golden strand,
Just beyond the river.



1Jm11is. S. 1V.
(G. }[. 114; j. JI. 293; E. II. 259.)

ESUS, my strength, my hope,

On thee I cast my care;

\Vith humble confidence look up,
An<l know thou h car'st my prayer.
Give me on thee to "ait,
Till I can a II things do;
On thee, almighty to create,
Almig hty to renew.



ef Dawn.

z I want a sober inind,

.A self-renouncing will,
That tramples down and casts behind,
The baits of pleasing ill;
A soul inured to pain,
To hardship, grief, and loss;
Bold to take up, firm to sustain,
The consecrated cross.

3 I want a godly fear,

A quick discerning eye,
Thnt looks to thee when si n is near,
And secs the tempter fly ;
A !<pirit still prepared,
And armed ,.,.-ith jealous care;
Forever standing on its guard,
And watching unto prayer.



,Jfarfyu. 7.



374; W,

H . 125; J:. H . 202.)

ESUS, refuge of my soul,

_ Let me to thy bosom fiy,
\\'hi le the raging billows roll,
While the tempest still i~ high;
Hide me, 0 my Savior, hide.
Till the storm of life is past!
Safe into the haven guide,
0, receive me home at last!


Other refuge have J none;

Rungs my helpless soul on thee;
Lea Ye, 0, leave me not alone!
Still supportand comfort me;

Hy11111s of Dawtt.
All my trust on thee is stayed.
All my help from thee J bring;
Cover my defenseless head
\Vith the shadow of thy wing.

3 Thou, 0 Christ, art all I want,

All J. need, in thee 1 find;
Thou didst strengthen me when faint,
Now my eyes no more are blind.
Thou of life the fountai n art;
Rich supplies I find in thee,
Springing up within my heart,
Rising to eternity.



lJuke Street. L. JI[.
5; S. P. 76; ]. H. 39.)

(E. II.

ESUS shall reign '\vhere'er the sun

Does his successive journeys run;.

His kingdom spread from shore to shore,
Till moons shall wax and wane no more.

From north to south mankind will meet,

To pay their homage at his feet,
\Vhilc all the world shall own the Lord,
And savage ti-ibes attend his \vord.

3 To him shall endless prayer he ma<le,

And endless praises crown his head.
His name like sweet perfume shal l rise
\Vith every morning sacrifice.
4 People and realms of every tongue
Shall praise his name with sweetest song,

Jipnns of Dawn.
And loud their ..-oices shall proclaim
Honor and blessings on his name.



Ortom1i/k. C ,lf.
( S. P.

355; J.

IL 146; !-:. H.

68; W. H. 122.)

ES US, the very thought of thee

J Brings comfort, peace and rest;

0 ! how I long thy face to see,

And be forever blest.

:;: No voice can sing, no heart can frame,
Nor can tbe memory find
A sweeter sound than) esus' name,
The Savior of mankind.
3 0 hope of e,ery contrite heart,
0 joy of all the meek,
To those who a~k. how kind thou art!
How good to those who !.eek!

4 But ,drnt to those who find? Ah! this,

Nor tongue nor pen can show:
The love of Jei;us, what it is,
None but his loved ones know.
5 Jesus, our only joy be thou,
As thou our prize wilt be;
In thee he all our glory now,
.And through eternity.



ef .Dawn.


1Vdton. L. M. (s. P. 13.)

E SUS, thou everlasting King,

Accept the tribute which \,c bring;
Accept thy well-dcscnc<l renown;
\Ve glory in thy kingly crown.

Let every act of worship be

Like our espousals, Lord, to thee;
Grant a blest hour of joy and love,
Communion like to that abo\e.

3 The gladness of this happy day!

0, may its joys forever stay!
Let not our faith forsake its hold,
Nor hope decline, nor love grow cold.
4 Let every moment, as it flies,
Increase thy praise, enhance our joys,
Till we are made to share thv name,
As bride of Gocl's anointed Lamb.


F'edera/ Slrtel. L Jf. (s. P. 60.)

ESGS, thy spotless righteousness

~\ly rniment is, my glorious dress;

'JY1i<lst heavenly hosts in these arrayed,
\Vith joy shall I lift up my head.

Bold may I stand in thy great day,

For who aught to my charge shall lay?
Fully absolved from sin I am,
Through faith in thine all powerful na me.


of Dau!ll.

3 Thou holy,meek, unsp otted Lamb

\Vho from the F a ther's bosom came;
\\' ho <lied for all mankind to atone,
X ow as 111 y b lcsse<l L ore.I 1 own.

4 .And now I sec were sinn ers more

Than sands upon the ocean shore,
Thou hast for all a ransom paid,
For all a full atonement made.


Autumn. 8, 7.




G. H . 420; E. ff.


ESUS wept in sorrow over

One who trusted in his name,

\\"ho, beneath death's sullen power,
Fell a victim 'mongst the slain.
There his sympathy we SC<',
In lho.<;e tears at Bethan~-.

Throul{h those tears he spoke ~weet comfort

T o the hearts bc1eaved and i-a<lShadowed forth his coming powerYet to make the whole earth glad.
Yes. his power too we se::e,
In his work at Betha ny.

3 There he bade all hearts look forward

To his king1lom soon to come,
\Vhere with resurrection power
He'd recall the dead ones home.
0 ! what glory thus we see
In that type at Bethany.
3 13

IIpm1s ef .Daum.
4 \\'hen the pangs of sorrow seize us,
\Vhcn the wa\es of trouble roll,
\Ve may bring our cares to Jesus,
Comfort of the weary sou I.
For his love and power we see,
In his work at Bethany.



Retreat. I.. ,)[.
(E.. H. i 98.)

ESUS, where'er thy people meet,

There they behold thy mercyseat;

\Vhere'er they seek thee, thou art found,
And every place is hallowed ground.

For thou, within no walls confined.

Dost dwell with those of humble mind;
Such ever bring thee where they come,
And, going, take thee to their home.

3 Great Shepherd, good, and \vi~c, and tme,

Thy former mercies here renew:
He~e, to our hearts thyself reveal,
And let us each thy pre;;encc feel.
4 Herc may we prove the power of prayer
To strengthen faith and lighten care;
Here teach our hope and trust to rise;
Rc,eal thy glory to our eyes.

31 4

H_ymns of Dllw11.



Antih. C. N.


572; E. H. 50.)

OY to the world! the Lord is come!

Let saints rejoice and sing !

H e comes to claim his Yirgin bride,
Her triumph soon to bring.

z Lift up your heads, ye fainting souls!

The sig ns long pro mised read.
1fossiah 's cha riot on ward r olls;
He soon the world will lead.

3 .Joy to the wor 1d ! the Lord ~ha II reign !

Let men their songs employ;
\\'hile field and wood, and hill and plain,
Repeat the sounding joy.
4 ll e'll rnle the world with truth :rnd grace;
The nations all shall pro,e
The blessings of his righteousness,
And wonders of his love.
5 Glad tidings of great joy to a 11 !
Through thi-s blest gospel flow;
A sweet relief from every ill,
An<l rest from all our woe.
6 Joy to the world! the L ord is come !
0 earth, receive thy King!
Let eyery heart prepare him room,
And grateful tribute bring.
J l5


of Dawn.


7 Joy

to the world! the Lord is come!

Angels and men rejoice !
The jubilee will soon begin;
Praise God with heart and voice!

8 All nature's voices loud proclaim

The praises of ou1 King!
Ye winds and floods and thunders loud,
Ye may your tributes bring.

9 Thou sh ining sun, thou smiling flower,

Ye waving fields of grnin,
Thou murm'ring zephyr, strcnmlet's song,
Bring in the minor strain.
xo And everything in which is breath
May lift a tuneful song;
The woods may clap their g iant hands,
And roll his pra ise a long.

Thus may the orchestral chorus ring

O'er mountain, hill and plain,
Anil melodies of earth an'd heav'n
Join in the glad refrain.


Joy to the world ~ the Lord is come !

Let praise all tongues employ;
In loftiest, sweetest harmonv,
Express yoll1" hetutfelt joy.



ef lJaw11.


1Jm11is. S. I/.


14; ].

H. 29.) i E. Ii.


thou my way, 0. Lon.I;

Myself I cannot guide;

Nor <larc l trust my falt'ring steps

One moment from thy side.

z I can not Jin aright,

Sa \e as l ' m close to thee ;
l\Jy h eart \\"oukl fail without th ine aid ;
Choose thou my way for me.
3 F or every joy of faith,
And e\ery liigh designF or all of good my soul cun know,
The glory, Lord, be thine.

4- Free grace my pardon seals,

Through the atoning blood :
Free grace the full assu ra n ce brings
Of peace with thee, my God.

5 0 ! speak, and l will hear;

Command and l (>bey;
l\fy willing feet with joy shu ll haste
To run thy righteous way.

6 Keep thou my wand'ring heart,

And bid it cease to roam;
0 ! b ear me safe through earthly strife,
To Paradise, my borne.






lhtlllt>f. 8.





G. H. 42l ; ]. Jr.


and henn' laden,

\\anting help in tii~e of nee<l,
Fainting by the way from hunger,
"Bread of life," on thee we feed.

z Thirsting for the springs of waters

That, by Jo ,-e's eternal law,
From the stricken rock are flowing,
"\Veil of life,'' from thee we <lraw.
3 In the land of cloud and shadow,
\Vhere no human eve can see,
Light to those who si-t in darkness,
" Light of life," we walk in thee.
4 Thou the gruce of life supplying,
Thou the crown of lift: wilt giyc;
Dead to sin, and daily dying,
Life of life, in thee we live.



Lischn-. H. lll. (s. r. 1018.)
ET earth and heaven agree,
"' Angels and men be joined,
T o celebrate with me
The Savior of mankind;
To adore the all-atoning L amb,
And bless the sound of J esus' name.

3 18

1fymns if D,1w11.
2 Jc,,us ! transporting sound!

The joy of earth and hcayen !

-:\'o other help is found,
1\o other name is ghen.
By which we can saln1tion hllve;
Fo1 Jesu;; came the world tu su\e.
3 0 ! for a trumpet voice,
On all the world to call!
To bid their he<irts rejoice
In him who died for all!
For a ll my Lord was crucified;
For all the world my S1n-ior diec.I.



Hcnoanl. C. Jf. (J. JJ. 205.)

mortal car attend,

LET everye\ery
heart rejoice;

The trumpet of the gospel souncls
\Vith an imiting ...-oice.

Eternal \\'il;'clorn ha Lb prepared

A ;;oul-redving feast,
And bids our longing appetites
The rich provi.~ion taste.

3 Hq ! ye that pant for living i;treaml',

\\Thy pine away and die ?
Herc you may q ucnch your longing thir~t
From springs that never dry.
-1- Abundant grace and blessings here

In rich profusion join;

Salvation in full measure flows
Like floods of mi]k and w ine.

5 The gates divine of he:.iv' nly grace

Are open to our pra yer:s;
And \.dlen we come to seek supplies,
God grants us our desires.



n. 190.)
ET us rejoice in Christ the Lord,
Berrien. C. llf. (J.

\Vho claims us for his own;
The hope that's built upon his word,
Can ne'er be overthrown.

Though many foes beset us 'round,

And feeble is our arm,
Oiir life is hid with Christ in God
Beyond the reach of harm.
3 Though now he's unperceived by sense,
Faith sees him always nearA guide, a glory, a defence,
To save from every fear.
4 As surely as he overcame,
And conquered death and sin,
So surclv those who trust his name
his triumph win.



Wt>mlland. C. }If.
(S. P.

366; J. JI. 158.)

minds the vrnrld pursue;

has no charms for me;
Once I Rdmired its trifles too,
But grace hath set me free.

II; 11111 s of Daum.


lh plc.bure$; can n o longer please,

X or happiness afford ;
Far from my thoughts be joys like these,
Since I han found the L ord.

3 A s by the light of opening- tlay

The i<tars are all concealed,
So earthly pleasures fade away
\Vhen Jesus is revealed.

Creatures no more di..-ide my c hoice;

I bid them all depart;
His name, his love, his gracious voice,
H ave fixed my roving heart.



(G. H. 198.)
IFT up, lift up thy voice with singing,
.; 0 earth, with strength lift up thy voice!
Gods kingdom to the earth i!'i coming,
The King is at thy gates- rejoice!

Ctto.-Arise and shine in vouth eternal;

Thy light is con;e, thy King appears!
Beyond this cen tury's swinging portal.
Breaks the new dawn- the thousand
years !

Ancl while the earth with strife is riven,

And envious factions truth' do hide,
Lo! he, the Lord of earth and hea \en.
Stands at the door and claims his bride.


ll_r11111s of Daum.
3 Lift up th) gates! bring forth oblations!
The Lord of earth hi~ message- sends ;
His \Yord, a sword, \\ill smi te the nations;
His name, tbe Christ, the K ing of kings.
4 H e's come! Jct all the earth adore him;
The pa th bis human na ture trod
Spreads to a roya1 realm before him,
The L1FE of life, the \Vorrn of Gonl



our heads, desponding pilgrims;
Give to the winds your needless fears;
He ,...-ho hath died on c:1hary's mountain,

Soon is to reign a thousand years.

Cuo.-A lhousand years! earth's coming glory!

'Tis the g lad <lay so long foretold;
'Tis the bright morn of Zion's glory,
Prophets foresaw in times of old.
2 Tell the whole world these blessed tidings;
Speak of the time of rest that nears;
Tell the oppressed of every nation,
Jubi1ee lusts a thousand years.
3 \ Vhat if the clouds do for a moment
Hide the blue sk y where morn appears?
Soon the g lad sun o f promise gi ven
Rises to shine a thousand years.
4 H aste ye along, ages of g lory;
H aste the glad time when Christ appears.
0 ! thnt I mav he:: one found worth\
To reign ":ith him a thousand y~ars.



?f Dawn.



L. .II. (S. P. 1.,


up your
ye mighty gates!
I I.FTBehold!
the King of glory " aits;

The King of kings is drawing near,

The Savior of the world i.,; here.

The Lord is just, a helper tried ;

\lercy is ever at his side.
His k ingly crow n is holincs$,
His scepter one of righteousness.

3 0 ! blessed they, and greatly blest,

\Vhere Christ is ruler and confessed!
0 happy hearts and happy ho1nes,
To w h om this King of triumph comes!
4 Fling wide the portals of your heart:
.Make it a temple set apart
From earthly use for heaven's employ,
Adorned w ith pra)'er, and love, and j oy.
5 Recleemcr, come! I open wide
My heart to thee: here, L ord, abide!
Let me thy constant presence feel,
Thy grace and love in me reveal.

6 0 ! come, my Sovereign, enter in;

Yet more thy nobler life begin;
Thy word and spirit guide ns on.
Until the g lorious crow n be won!
32 3

If) mm




11 'itrwitk. C .ft!.


H. 202 ; S. I'.


G. H. 2 IJ.)

IGHT of the world, shine on our ,;ouls;

Thy grace to us afford;
.And \\bile we meet to 1cun1 thy truth,
Re thou onr teacher, Lorcl.

As once thou didst thy word expound

To those \Yho walked with thee,
So teach us, L ord, to understand,
And its blest fulncsi:: ~ec-

3 lts richness, sweetne::;::;, power an d depth,

11.s holiucss discern;
Its joyful news of saYing grace
By blest experience learn.

-} Help us each other to assist;

Thy spirit n ow impart;
Keep humble, but with love inspire
To t hee and t hine, each heart.
5 Thus may thy Word be dearer still,
And studied more each day;
And as it richlv dwells within,
:J'hyself in it" display.


(W. H. 94.)

IKE the soun<l of manv waters

Rolling on through ~ges long,
In a tide of rapture breakingHark ! the mighty choral song !


o/ Dawn.

C110.-llallelujah ! hallelujah!
Let the heavenly portals ring!
Christ has come, the King of glory!
Christ the Lord, l\lessiah, King.

z Lo I the l\lorning Star appenreth;

O'er the world his beams are cnst;

He the Alpha and Omega,

He, the Great, the First, the Last.
3 Sa\'ior, not with costly treasure
Do we gather at thy throne;
All \\'e ha\'e, our hearts, we give theeConsecrate them thine alone.



Hmwell. 8, 9.
!068; J. U . 496.)

(G, H. 227; S. I'.


in bondage we h;He waited

For the dawning of the light;
Error's chains we\e felt ancl bated
Through the long and weary night.
Kow the blessed light appearing
Fills our hearts \Yi th joy and peace,
Doubt and fear for aye dispelling:
0 ! what rest in this release!

Lorcl, we rccogniF-e its fountain,

In thy long-luokcd-for return,
In thy glor.Ycrowned mountain.
H ow our hearts within us 1.mrn !
Lo, in all the clear fulfilling
Of old prophecy an<l type,
32 5


of Dau11J.

Now we see thy king<lom coming;

For the time is fully ripe.
3 0 ! we long to see thy glory
S treaming wide o'er all the earth;
EYcry error, old and hoary,
Flee to realms that gave them birth.
For this gloriow> culmination,
Not for long shall Zion wait:
Soon will come her coronation;
Lo, her King is at the gate.
4 Bride and Bridegroom, then appearing,
Shull illuminate earth's gloom;
And the nations will he ~houting,
Lo! our King! rnake room, nuike room.
0 ! the times of glad refreshing
Soon shall bring- a sweet release,
Through the glorious reign of blessing,
Through the might~ Prince of Peace.



( (;, I!.


OOK, ye saints, the sight is glorious;

See the .. ).Ian of sorrows " now;

Conqueror, he's c rowned victorious;
EYcry knee to him shall bo\\'.
Cuo.-Hail him!
Hail the
Hail him!
Hail the

hail him! angels, hail him!

Savior, King of kings!
h ail him! nations, hail him !
Savior, King of kings.




z I fo i l the SaYior ~a n ge l s, hail him !

R ic h the trop h ies Jesus bri ngs;
ln the sca t of p o\,er crown him,
\ \'bile the ya ult of he:\\cn rings.
3 Sinners in dcri~ion crow ned him,
:\locking thus the Sa viur"s claim;
Saints a nd a ng-els Huong around hilll,
o\\' 11 his t i tle, praise his name.

+ Hark!

the burst of acdanrntion !

Ilark ~ thc;::c loud triumphant chords!
Tc"u' takes the highc,;t ~t:ation;
0 ! ''hat joy the sight allonl~?


S w111J'S1ife. 8, 7.
(J. H. HL)

, dismiss us with tby blessing,

Hid us now depart in peace;
Still on heavenly manna feeding,
Let our faith and Joye increase.
Fill each soul "-i th cono<O In lion;
C' p to thee our hearls we rnise:
\ Vhen we reach our b li,-sful sta tion ,
\ Ve will render nobler praise.



Z ion. S, 7, 4.
(~:. H.

i56; s. '"Sq ; J.B. 5n.)

O R D, dismiss us \Yith thy blessing,

Fill our hearts with jo} nn<l peace;
32 7


ef D11w11.

L e t us each, th) l oYe posse::.,,ing,

Triumph in re<leemir.g grace.
0 ! refresh m,
Traveling through this wilderness.

Thanks we give, and adoration,

For thy gospel';; joyful sound;
1\'lay the fruits of thy sah ation
In our hearts and liyes abound;
May thy presence
\Vith us cyermor e be found.


Uxbriri,!{r. L. .lf.
(!'. P. 5+; J. H . 20; 1,, H. 91. )

I am thine, e ntirely thine,

Purchased a11d saved bv blood of thine ;
ith full consent thine I ~,mild be,
And own thy sovereign right in me.

Thine would J li\'e, thiue wo11l1l I die,

Be thine through all etern ity:
T he ,ow is past beyond repe:tl ,
And now I set the sol emn seal.

J Here, at the cross where flo\YS the blood

That bought my dying :>oul for God,
Thee, nn dear :!\faster now I call,
And co1~secrate to thee rny all.
4 Do thou assist thy feeb le one
The great engagement to perform;
Thy Krace can foll assi1;t unce lend;
And on that grnce I Jure <le pend.



ef Dawn.

Shir/rind. S . .If.


6 19;


IC. 21I; ). H. 306.)

ORD, I delight in thee,

And on thy care ckpend;
To thee in every trouble flee,
:.\ly best, 111y truest Friend.

\Vbcn nature's strt'ams are dried,

Thv fnlne~s is the same;
\Viti; this ,,-j]) I be satisfied,
.And glory in thy name.

3 \\'ho makes mv life secure.

\\Till here all good provide;
\Vhile Christ is rich, can I be poor?
\\'hut can I want beside?

4 I cast nw care on thee!

I trim~ph and ador e:

Henceforth my grent concern shall be
To love and pleai.e thee more.




(S. P. II IJ.)

ORD, no hour is half so sweet,

From blush of morn to e,ening star,
As that which calls me to thy feet,
The ever blessed hour of prayer.

Blest that tranquil hour of morn,

lllest tha t solemn hour of c >'C,


<if .DclWll.

\\'hen, un wings of prayer upborne,

CumL'ring cares of earth I lea\'e.

3 Then my strength by thee renewed,

And transgressions all forgi,'n;
Thou dost cheer my solitude
\\'ith the peace and joy of hc;n'n .
.~ \Vords can't tell "hat sweet relief
For mv ''"ants I here do tindStrengtl{ for warfare, bairn for grief,
]03 and hope and peace of mind.

5 Hushed is doubt, and eYen fear;

~\nrl I seem in heav'n l~ ~lay;

E'en the penitential tear

\\'ith softest touch i~ wiped away.

6 Till I reach that blissful ~hure,

This my priYilege shall be,
Here my soul to thus outpuur,
Simply, ferYently to thee.



lftmf. L. ,J/.
(". P. 4i;




ORD of my lifr. to thee I wll;

Affiicted, at tll\ feet I fa JI;
\\'hen the grc:i t tro~1hle-flood" preyail,
Leaye not my trembling heart to fail.

z Friend of the friend)e,,s and the faint,

\\'here shot1ld I lodge my deep complaint?
\\'here, but ,,-ith thee, who,,e open door
lmites the helplc!>s and the poor?

Jlymns ef lJa w 11.

3 Ditl e\ er mo urner plead with thee,
And thou refuse that m o11rner's plea ?
Docs n ot the promise still remain,
That none shall seek thy face in vain?
4 Poor though I be, despised, forgot,
Yet Christ, my Lord, forgets me not;
His promises I daily plea<l,
And he supplies my eYery need.





q 9.)

O? the day of God i:; breaking;

Sec the gleaming front afar!
Sons o f earth from slumber waking,
Hail the brighl aml ~lorni ng Star.

CHo.-Hear the call! 0 gird yoiff nnnor on,

Grasp the Spirit's mighty sword;
Take the hclmel of ,,aha t ion,
Presi;ing on to batllc for the Lorcl !

Trnst in him who

j.., your Captain;

L et no hca rt in tenor 'l 11:1 i I;
J csus leads the g a th' ring kgi<m.
In his name we shall prcYaiL

3 Onward marching, firm an<l ;:teady,

Faint not. fear not Satan's frown,
For the Lord is with ym1 always,
Till you wear the victor's crown.
4 Conq'ring bands with banners waving,
Pressing on o'er hill and plain,


of .D,1w11.

Ne'er shall halt till swells the anthem,

"Christ o'er all the earth doth reign!''


Greenvilfl:. 8. 7.

(J. II. 4 7$ j E. II. 96; 5. !'. 801.)

divine, all !o,e excelling,

Joy of heaven, to earth come;
Thou ha"t inade with us thy dwelling,
Love doth all thy finors crown.
Father, thou art all compassion;
Pure unbounded Joye thou art;
Thou hast brougbt to us salvation;
Thee "c loYe with all our heart.

: 0 Almighty to deliver!
Let w; more thv life receive;
Dwell in us, and 'ne\'er, never,
Never more thy temples leave;
Thee we \Yould be always pleasing,
Love thee as thv hosts ab ove,
Sene and praise thee without ceasing,
\Vitnessing to thy g reat love.
3 Finish, Lord, thy new creation;
Pure and spotless let us be;
Show us all thy great salvationThinc shall all the glory be.
Changed from glory into glory,
Till \Ve see thine O\Y n dear face;
Till we cast our crown.c; b e fore thee,
Lost in \'fo ncler, Joy e a nd prai!>e.





(W. H. 92.)

O\'E of Jes11s, all divine,

-' Fill this longing heart o f mine;
Ceaseless struggling after life,
\Yeary with the endless strife.
llles1:;cd Savior, lend thine aid;
Lift thou up my fainting- head!
Lead me to my long-sought re1:;t,
KeYer more by cares opprest.

Thvu alone m \" trust shall he,

Thou alone C.'l.nst comfort me;
Only, jei'us, let thy grnre
Be my shichl and hiding-place;
Let me know thy saving po"ver
In temptation's fiercest hour;
Then, my Savior, at thy side
Let me e\"ermore abide.

3 Thou bast wrought this fond desire,

And thou dost w ith hope inspire;
Thou <lost wean from all bel>w;
Thee, an<l thee a lone to know.
Tho u, who hast inspired the cry,
Thou alone canst satisfy;
L ove of Jesus, all divine,
Fill this longing heart of mine.


Ortonville. C. .,i f.
(J. H. 146; S. P, 355; F- H. 68; \\', R. 122.)

TIC sweetness sits enthroned
Upon the Savior's brow;


Hymns ef Dawn.

head with radiant g-lorie,- crowned,

l[ is lips ' dth grace o'erflo"

?\one other could \\ith him colllpare

Among the son,; of men;
He's fairer too than all the fair
Who fill the heavenly train.

3 I le saw men plunged in deep distress,

And flew to their rel ief;
For 11s he hore the shameful cross,
And carried a II 0 \11' grief.
4 <3od's promises, exceeding great,
He rnakes to us secure;
Yea, on this rock our faith may re;; t,
Immovable, secure.

0 ~ the rich depths of Joye divine,

Or grace a boundless store!
Dear Savior, since I'm owned as thine,
I cannot wish for rnore.


( G. II. 140.)

"\IAN of sorrows!" what a name


For the son of God who came,

Ruined sinners to reclaim !

Hallelujah! what a Savior!

Bearing shame and scoffing rude,

In my place condemned he stood;
Scaled my par<lon with his blood;
llallelujah' what a Sinior !

Hj'11ms ef Dawn.
3 Guilt.1, 1ilc, a nd hcl p lc%, we:
Spotle:-s Lamb of Go<l was he.
"Full atonement!" can it be?
Hallelujah! what a SaYior !

Lifle<l up was he to die,

"It is finished," 'vas his en.
?\ow in heaven exalted high,
Hallelujah ! what a SaYior !

5 \\'hen he comes. our glori<>U<; King,

A II his ransomed home to b ring,
Then anen- this song wcll <sing:
Hallelujah! w hat a Savior!



\J AKY ,;Jeep, but not foreYcr;

There will be a glorious dawn;
\\'e shall meet to part, no. neYer,
On the resurrection morn.
From the deepest ca ,-cs of ocean,
From the desert and the pla in,
From the yaJley and the mountain.
Countle~" th~ongs shall rise agai11.
Cuo.-?-.Inny sleep, but not foreyer:
There will be a glorious dawn;
\\e shall meet to p itrt, no, ncYer,
On the resurrection morn.

\\hen we see a precious blossom,

That we tended with such care,
Rudely taken from our bosom,
Ho,\ our aching hearb llcspa ir !


of Dt1wn.

R o u111l it,,, little grn,e we linger

Till the setting sun is low,
Feeling all our hopes have perished
\ \' i th the flow 'r we ch erished so.

Y cs, tht:y r;lcep, but not forever,

In the lone and silent gran:;
Illc~l'ccl promise! they shall waken;

!ei:;u s tlied

the lost to rnvc.

11; the dawning of the morning,

\\' hen this trouhled n ight is o'er,
All these buds in heauty blooming,
\\~ e'll rej oice to see once 111ore.



SwNt Jiou1t. 11.


P. 1501; J. ll.


scenes of confusion and creature com

How swee t to my soul is com munion wi t h sn i nts !
T o kno w at the ba nquet of blessing there's m om,
An1l feel in the presence of Jesus at home!
H ome! home! sweet, sweet ho1ne !
Prepare me, dear Sa vi or, for glory, my home.

z Sweet bonds that unite all the children of peace;

And thrice precious Jes u s, whose love cannot

Though having thy presence w here;'er I roam,

I long to behold thee, in glory, at home!
Home~ ho me! sweet, sweet h ome!
Prep are me, dear S:ixior, for g lory, my home.

Hymns of Daw n.

3 \\'hile here in the valley of conflict I s tay,

O ! give me submission and streng th as my day.
In all my afflictions to thee would I come,
Rejoicing in hope of my glorious home.
Home! home! sweet, sweet home!
Prepare me, dear Savior, for g lory, my home.



INE eyes can sec the glory of the presence


o f the Lord;
He is trampling out the \Yinepress where his
grapes of wrath are stored;
I see the flaming tempest of his swift descending sword;
Our King is marching on.
CH"O.- G1ory, Glory, Hallelujah, etc.

I can see his coming judgments, as they circle

al l the earth,
The signs and groanings promised, to precede
a second bir th;
I r ead his righteous sentence, in the crumbling
thrones of earth:
Our King is niarching on.

3 The ''Gentile Times" are closing, for their

kings ha\e had their day;
And with them sin aml sorro"v 'l.vill foreyer
pass aw.i.y;
For the tribe of Judah's Lion now comes to
hold the sway:
Our King is marching on.


.Hym>1s of .Dawn.
tj The se\enth trump is sou nding, and our


knows no defeat.
Ire w ill sift out the hearts of men b efore his
judgment seat.
0 l he swift, my soul, to welcome him, be jubilant, m',' feet:
Our King is marching on.



(E. H.

148; G. H. 136; W. H. 7.)

ORE love to thee, 0 Christ!
l\ More Joye to thee!
Hea r thou the prayer I make
On bended knee.
This is my earnest plea:
l\fore love, 0 Christ, to thee !
More lo\'e to thee I
]'\.fore love to thee!

z O nce earthly joy I craved,

Sought peace and rest;
Now thee alone 1 seek ;
Give what is best.
This all my prayer shall be:
More love, 0 Christ, to thee !
More love to thee !
]\.fore love to thee !

3 Let sorrov do its work,

Send grief and pain;
Sweet are thy messengers,
Sweet their r efrain,


t?/ lJ111NI .

\\' hen they can sing with me,

:\fore love, 0 Chris t, to thee!
More love to thee !
J\Iorc Jon to thee!
4 T hen shall mv latest breath
\Vhispcr thy prni,;c;
This be the parting cry
l\I \' heart shall raise;
This. still its prayer shall he:
:;\lore love, 0 Christ, to thee!
l\Iore lo\'e to thee!
l\forc Jo,c to thee!



(w. n.



wheresoe'cr thou art, .

1\ A t the cross there's room.
Tell the burden of tlw heart;
At the cross there's' room.
Tdl it in thy Savior's car,
Cast a \\av thine cycry fea r,
Only speak and be will hear;
At the cross there's room !

z H aste thee, wanderer, tarry not;

At the cross there's room.
Seek that consecrated spot;
At the cross there's room.
Heayy laden, sore oppressed,
Lon can soothe thy troubled breast;
In the Sayior find thy rest ;
At the c ross there's room l

3 Blessed thought! for every one

At the cross there's room.
L ove's atoning "ork is done;
At the cros there's room.
Streams of boundless mercy flow,
Free to all who thither go;.
0 ! that all the world might know
At the cross there's room!



l\'no Han n.
(E. 11.




11 7.)

Y faith looks up to thee,
l\ Thou Lamb of Calvary,
Savior divine:

N O"\V hear me ,,;bile I pray;

Take all my guilt away;
() ! let me from this <lay
Be wholly thine.

z May thy rich grace impart

Strength to rny fainting heart,
~Iy zeal inspire;
As thou hast died for me,
0 ! may my loYe to thee
l'ure, warm, and changeless beA liYing fire.
3 \Vhilc life"s dark maze l tread,
And griefs around m e spread,
Be thou my guide;
Uid d a rkness t urn to day;

Jiymns of n.1wn.
\\'ipc son'o\v's tears away;
Nor let me ever stra v
From thee aside. "'
4 \Vhcn en<ls life's trarn;ient dream,
\ \Then death's cold, sullen stream
Shall o'er me roll,
Blest Savior, heav'nly dove,
:Fear and distress remove;
Bear me on wings of love,
A ransomed soul.






(G. H. 25; W, H, 57.)

fY The
God, I have foun<l
thrice blessed ground.
Where life and where joy and true comfort abound.
Cno.- Hallelujah ! Thine the glory!
H allelujah! Amen!
H allelujah! Soon in glory!
\ \'e'l l praise thee again.
'Tis fou nd in the blood
Of him who once stood
My refuge and safety, my surety with God.

3 He bore on the tree

The sentence for me,
And now b9th the surety and sinner are free.
4 And though here ;;o low
'1Iid sorrow and woe,
H ow blessed this hope of the gospel to know !

.Hjm11s of Dawn.

5 And this we shall findFor such is his mindThis gospel will open the eyes of the blind.


St, Morti11'.<, C. ./JI.
(F:. H. 85; J. H. 136.)

~ ,{Y

God, the spring of all my joys,

T he sou1ce of my delights,
T he g lory of my brightest days,
And comfort of my nigh ts!


In darkest shades, if thou nppear,

:My da,Yning is begun;
Thou art 111y soul's bright morning star,
A nd thou my ri_sing sun.

3 The op ening heavens around me shine

\Vith beams of sacred bliss,
And all thy promises combine
:My lo nging soul to bless.
4 My soul woul d keep the narrow way
Jn footprin ts of my Lord,
And run v.ith joy the shining path,
Directed by thy \Vord.




Rockingham. L. ,11.
IOJ; S. P. 29; ]. H. 44; E. H. 15 1.)


gracious Lord, I own thy right

To every senice I can pay,
And call it my supreme delight
To hear thy dictates, and obey.


t!/ D.iw11.

z \\hat is my being but for thee,

Its sure support, i ts n oblest end:
'Tis my delight thy face to SC<',
And serve the cause of such n Frien(\.

3 I would not sigh for worldly joy,

Or to increase 111y " orl<lly good;
~o r

future days nor p owers employ

To spread a sounding name abroad.

4 'Tis to mv Savior I would live,

To bin} who for m y ransom died;
' or could all worldly honor give
Such bliss as cro\vns me at his side.

5 His work shall future ages bless,

\Vhen present evils are no more;
And all the world shall then confess
His wondrous love, his sa,ing power.



( w.

H. IOO ; G.H. 162.)

~ 1y

hope is built on n othing kss

1' Than Jes us' b loo<l and righ teousncss;
l dare not trust the swectest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus' name.
Ctto.-On Christ, the Solid Rock. I stand;
All other ground is sinking snnd.

z \\"hen darkness seems to vni l his face,

I rest on his unchanging grace;
In eYery high irnd stormy gale,
~Iy anchor holds within the vail.


o.f .D.1wn.

3 His oath, his cov"nant antl his bloull

Support me in the 'whelming flood;
\Vben all arounrl my soul gives 'Nay,
He, then, is all my hope and stay.


(W. H. 22.)

~ .1Y life flows on in endless song;

J.\ AboYe earth's lamentation,

I catch the sweet, not far-off hymn,
That hails a New Creation.
Through all the tumult and the strife,
L hear the music ringing;
It finds an echo in rn.y soulBow can I keep from singing?
z \\'hat though my joys and comfort die!
The Lord my Savior liveth
\\'hat though the darkness g:~ther round!
~ongs in the night he giveth.
" o sto-rm can shake my inmost ca irn,
\\'hile to that refuge clinging;
Since Christ is Lord of hcav'n .antl earth,
How can I keep frolll singi11){?

3 l lift mine eyes; the cloud grO-\\-s thin;

I see the blue al.Joye it:
And <lay by day this pathway l>lllOoths,
~ince first I learned to Joye il.
The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart,
A fountain ever springing;
All things arc mine since l am hisHow can l k eep from singing?

If) mns ef




Sessio11s. L. JU.
( >. P. 98; G. II. 215; W. Jr. 120.)

'{y Lord, how full of sweet content

l\ My years of pilgrimage are spent!

\Vhere'er I dwell, I dwell with thee,
In hea\'en, in earth, or on the sen.
~ T o me remains nor place nor time;
1\J y country is in e\ery clime;
I can b e calm a mt free from care
On any shore, s ince thou art t here.
3 \\.hile place we seek, or place we shun,
The soul tinns happiness in none;
Rut with a God to guide our w;iy,
'Tis eq ua I joy to go or stay.
4 Cou ld I be cast where thou art not,
That "ere inneed a drcanful lot;
Hut regions none remote I call,
Secure of finding Goel in all.


Si. Jlarthts. C. ill.
H. 85; J. H. 136.)


l ,{ Y Father, my almighty Friend,

When I begin thy praise,
\Vhere will the growing numbers end?The numbers of thy grace.
2 I trust in thv eternal word:
Thy good~ess I adore:
0 ! ghe me grace through Christ, my Loni,
That I may sene thee more.




of Dawn.

3 )ly feet shall travel all the length

Of the celestial road;
And trea<l, courage, in thy strength,
The narrow way to God.
4 Awake! awakc ! my tuneful po,-.;ers,
\Vith this delightful song;
And entertain the darkest hours,
N" or think the season long.


(G. H. 142.)

'J fY His
song shall be of Jes us,
mercy crowns my days:
He fills my cup with blessings,
And tunes my heart to praise.
l\ly song shall be of Jesus,
The precious Lamb of Goel,
\\'ho gave himself, my ransom,
\Vho bought me with his blood.

z )Ty song shall be of Jesus,

\\' hen, sitting at his feet,
I call to mind his goo<lnci;s
In meditation sweet.
My song shall be of Jesus,
\Yhatever ill betide;
r11 sing the grace thut saves n1e
And keeps me at his side.


song shall be of Jesus

\Vhile pressing on my way
To reach the blissful region
Of pure an<l em.lless <lay.

Jlj'!lms of Dawn.
And when my soul shall enter
The gate of Eden fair,
A song of praise to Jesus
I'll sing forever there.


Laban. S. Jf,
166; J.

(G. JI. lI2; S. P.




soul, be on thy guard;

Ten thousand foes arise;
The hosts of s in a re pressing hanl
To draw thee from the prize.

0 ! watch, and fight, and pray;

The battle ne'er give o'er;
Renew it boldly every day,
And help divine implore.

3 Ne't;r think the vicfry won,

N'or once nt ease sit down;
Thine arduous work will nnt be done,
Till thou hast gained thy crown.



Shirland. S. 1lt.
(>. r. 6 19; G. H. 2lI; J. l {, ,')00.)

' [ Y soul, weigh not thy life

Against thy heavenly crown;
]\"or suffer Satan's deadliest strife
To beat thy courage do"n.

\Vith prayer and crying strong.

Hold on the fearful fight.
An<l let the breakiug day prolong
The wrestling of the night.


Hymns ef Dawn.
3 The battle soon will y ield
If thou thy part fu I fi1;
For strong as is the hostile shield,
Thy sword is stronger still.
4 Thine armor is divine,
Thy feet with promise shod;
And on thy head, ere long, shall shine
The diadem of God.

185.nuh S/. f..PRAISE
11[. (s.
S; J.

l!.. ){.




\{Y soul, with humble fervor raise

Tu God the voice of .grateful praise,
And all thy rnnsome<l powers combine,
To bless his ::ittributes divine.

Deep on my l1eart let memory tnicc

His acts of mercy and of grace,
\Vbo, with a Father's tencler care, me when sinkiiig i n despair.

:; H e led my longing sou l to proye

The joy of his forgiving loYc.
And when I <li<l his grace request
Ile led my weary feet to rest.



St. Thomru. S. ,if.
(J. H. 274; S, I'. 527 ; F.. H . 241; r.. H. 320.)

"\{Y times are in thv hand:"

1\Iy God, I wish them there;
1\Iy life, my friends, my soul I leave
Entirely to t hy care.


of bawn.


times a re in t h ,- ha nd,"
ha tevcr thcv m av be;
Pleasing or p ai n fu l, dark or b right,
As b est may seem to thet::.
\ \1

3 ":\fy times are in thy hand;"

\Vhy should I doubt o r fear?
11y Father's hanci will n ever cause
H is child a needless tear.



(W. H. 40.)

AUGHT of m eri t or of price

R ema ins to j ustice due;
Jesus d ied , and p aid it allY es, all that I did owe.
C Ho.-Jesus paid it all,
All the debt I owed ;
Jesus died and paid it a ll,
Y es, all the debt I owed.
z \ Vhen he fro m his lofty throne
S toop ed down to do a nti d ie,
E very thing w a s fully do ne ;
" 'T is fin ished! " wa s his cry.
3 \ Veary not, 0 toiling one.
\Vha te'erthv conflict be ;
\ Vork for him\vith cheerful hi::art,
\Vho suffered all fo r t hee.
4 B ring a willing sacrifice,
T hy soul, to J esu s' fee t ;
Stan d in him, in him a lone,
A ll g lorious a nd complete.

. 349

Hymns tf .Dawn.


Bethany. 6, 4.
( J. H. 42;;


14i ; S.


l223. )

EAREH, my Go<l, to tht:e,

N enrer to thee I
E'en though it be a cross
That raiseth me.
Still all JllY song shall be,
Nearer, my God, to thee!
Nearer, my God, to thee!
Nearer to thee !
2 Though like a wanderer,
Daylight all gone,
Darkness comes oYer me,
1\1y rest a stone,
Yet even here I'd be
N carer, m v God, to thee!
Nearer, m).- God, to thee!
Nearer to thee !
3 Bright doth thy truth app-ear
Shining from heaven;
This light thou sendest me,
In mercy given,
Ever to beckon me
Nearer, my God, to thee!
Nearer, my God, to thee .!
N earcr to thee I
4 Lord, I would scale the height,
Nearer to be;
My soul would wing its flight
~1ickly to thee.

- 350

lfyv: ns

of Dawn.

0 ! may each dav Lear me

l\'et1rer, my G od. l o thee!
Nenrer, mv God, to thcf': !
N e:ucr to thee !


Howard. l: JI.
(J. H. 205.)

~ ~o

longer far from rest I roam,

1\ A nd search in vain for bliss;
.MY soul iii satisfied at home;
The Lord my portion is.

z His \\'ord o f promise is my food;

His S pirit is my guide;
Thus daily is my strength renewed;
:L\[y wan ts, too, are supplied.
3 For him J count as gain each loss;
Disgrace. for him, renown ;
\\'ell may I glory in his cross,
\\'hile he prepares my crown.



1Joylsto11. S.


(W. lJ. 1 23; G. H . I I 3; K ll. l [4;




OT a ll the blood of beasts

On J cwish altars slain
Could give the guilty conscience pt!ace,
Or wash away the stain.
35 1

llpnns of Dawn.

z But Christ, the heavenly Lamb,

Takes all our sins away;
A sacrifice of nobler m\me
An<l richer blood than they.

3 l\I y soul looks back to see

1.'he burden he did bear,
\Vbile pouring out his life for me;
And sees her ransom there.

"NOT my own," but saved byJesu.c;,

l \Vho redeemed me by his blood,

Gladly l accept the message;
I belong to Christ, the Lord.

CHO.-" Not my O\\n !" 0, "not my

] csus, I belong to thee !
All I have antl all I hope for,
Thine for all eternity.


z "Kot my own!" to Christ, my Savior,

I, believing, trust my soul;
EYerything to him comrnittccl,
\\'hile eternal ages roll.

3 "Kot my own!" my time, my talent,

Freely all to Christ I bring,
To be used in joyful service
For the glory of my King.




ef Dawn.


./)mm:,, S.

l G. H. 114 ;



542; J. II. 293; J-:. H. 259.)

\ i OT to oun>elves aga in,

n Nut to the flesh w e liYe ;

Not to the world henceforth ;;hall we
O ur strength, our be ing g ive.

The tim e past of o ur lixes,

S ufficeth to h aYe w rought
The fleshly w ill, w h ich only ill
H as to us ever brought.

3 X'o truce with vanity,

Or this world's idle show;
Lust of the flesh and eye, or pride
Of life, we shall n ot know.

4 Dead to the w orld, a nd all

I ts g ayety and pride;
To its va in pomp and g lory be
Forev er crucified.
S \Vhen he who is our li fe
Appears, to take the th rone,
\Ve, too, sha 11 be revealed, a nd shine
In glory like his own.

6 Shine as the sun sha ll " 'e

I n the bright kingdom then ;
Our sky without a sing le cloud,
Ourselves without a stain.



of Dawn.

7 Like him we then shall be

Transformed and glorified;
For we shall sec him as he is,
And in his light abide.



( R. H

L Al.

O\V let our souls on wings sublime

Rise from the trivial cares of time,
Draw back the parting vail, and sec
The glories of eternity.

The joys of time, of little worth,

Should not confine our thoughts to earth;
\Vhy grasp at transitory toys,
So near to hea Yen's eternal joys?

3 Shall aught beguile us on the road,

The narrow wav that leads to God?
Or can we loYe"earth's ties so well,
As not to long \\'ith God to dwell?
4 Lon.I, we woul<l grasp the joys divine,
Find present joy in works of thine,
And press a~ong the narrow way
That leads to realms of endless day.


(G. B. 46; \\'. H. 24.)

of the purified! bliss of the free!

I plunge in the crimson tide opened for

Il_ymns ef .Dawn.
O'er sin and unclcaoness exulting I stand,
And point to the print of the n ails in h is
Cuo.-0 ! sing of his mighty love,
Sing ot his mighty loYe,
Sing of h is mighty love ! J\J ighty to saYe.

0 bliss of the purified! Jesus is mine ;

No lo nger in dread condemnation I pine;
In conscious sahation, I sing of his grace,
\Vho lifteth upon me the lig ht of his face.

3 0 bliss of the purified! bliss of the pure!

~o wound h ath the soul that his blood can
not cure;
No sorrow-bowc<l head but may sweetly find
And be in his presence forevermore blest.

4 0 Jesus, the crucified ! thee will I sing,

1\Iy blessed R edeemer, my God and my King!
"!\1y soul filled with rnpture shall shout o'er the
And triumph o'er <lea th in the" Mighty to save."



A rid l: I'.


(E. U. 167; S. P. 868; J. U. JJ2.)

we speak the matchless w orth,

0, coulu we sound the g lories forth!
\Vhich in our Savior shine,
\Ve'd soar and touch the heavenly !>trings,


Hymns of Dawn.
And harmonize all earthly things,
In strains of praise sublime.

The music of the spheres should tell

llow he created a 11 things we11,
\Vhich grace clit:ine had planned;
~\nd every n1diant human face
Should speak of his reclecrning grace,
At Joye's inspired comm:mrl.

3 In him hff\v grace and g lory meet,

l n matchless beauty, fair and sweet,
Should then to ~;n be shown;
Jn loftiest songs of sweetest praise
\\' c would to everlasting days
11ake all his glories known.
4 0 ! the delightful day will come,
\\Then Christ, our Lord, will bring us home,
And we shall see his face.
Then, with our Sa\'ior, Brother, Friend,
Ablest eternity we'll spend,
Triumphant through nis grace.



St. 1lim-ti11's. C. ;l l
(J. n. 136; F.. B.. 85.)

FOR a closer walk "ith God,

To glorify his name,
To let my light shine on the road
That leads men to the Lamb!

z The dearest object I ha Ye known,

\Vbatc'er that object be,

Hp1111s ef Dawn.
I want to banish fro m thy throne,
And worship only thee.
3 Lord, give me grace to walk with thee
Through pain, or loss, or shame,
That every act may henceforth be
An honor to thy name.



Evan. C 111.

JI. IO]; E. lf.

FOR a faith that wil1 not shrink,

Though pressed by every foe;
That w ill not tremble on t he brink
Ofanyearthly woe;

That will not murmur nor complain

Ben ea th the chastening rod,
But in the hour of grief or pain,
'Vill lean upon its God;

3 A faith that shines mor e bright and clear

'Vhe n tempests rage without;
That when i n danger knows no fenr,
In darkness feels no doub t;
4 That bears unmoved the world's dread frown,
Kor heeds its scornful smile;
That seas of trouble cannot drown,
J\'or Satan's arts bcgui1c;
5 A fa ith that keeps the narrow way,
Till life's last hour is fled,
And with a pure and stea<ly ray
lllumes a dy ing bed.

Jljmns of Dawn.
G Lord, lead me to a fai th like this,
Through trial though it be;
For 0 ! the rest of faith is bliss,
The bliss of rest in thee.



Howard. C llf. (J. JI, 205.)

F OR a heart more li ke my God,

From imperfection free;
A h eart comformed unto tbv \Vord,
And pleasing, L ord, to thee;

z A heart resigned, submissive, meek,

My great Redeemer's throne,
Where only Christ is heard to speak,
\VhereJcsus reigns alone;
3 A humble, lowly, contrite heart,
Relieving, true and clean,
\ Vhich neither life nor death can part
From him who dwells within ;
4 A heart in e very thought r enewed,
A nd full of love di vine,
Perfect, and right, a nd pure, and good,
A copy, Lord, of thine.



St. 1lfartins. C. .1l. f.
H. 136 ; E. l{. 85.)


a thousand tongues to sing

:M y great Redeemer's praise,
The glories of my God and King,
The triumphs of his grace!


ef Dawn.

Jesus! the name that soothes our fears,

That bids our sorrows cease;
'Tis music in the sinner's ears,
'Tis life, and health, and peace.

3 H e breaks the power of reigning sin,

And sets the prisoner free;
His bloo<l can make the foulest clean;
His blood availed for me.
4 He speaks, and list'ning to his voice,
N'ew life the <lca<l rccei\e;
The broken, contrite hearts rejoice;
The humble poor believe.


Hmdqn. (E. H. 9; G. H. 425.)

FT in danger, oft in woe,

On,yard, Christians, onward go:
Fight the
maintain the strife,

Strengthened with the bread of life.

Onward, Christians, onward go,
Join the \\ar and face the foe:
\Vill ye fleein danger's hour?
Kn(nY ye not your Captain's power?

3 Let your drooping hearts he glad;

:March, in heavenly armor clad:
Fight, nor think the battle long,
Victory soon shall be your song.
4 Onward, then, in battle move,
1\lorc than conquerors ye shall prove;
Though opposed by 1nnny a foe,
Christian soldiers, onward go.

Ilj1m11s c!f Daw n.


Ariel. l: P. J[.
(S. P. 868; J. H. 332 ; !::. H. 167. )

GLORIOGS hope of heavenly love!

It lifts me up to things above;
It bears on eagle wings;
It gives my joyful soul a taste,
And rnakes me, even here, to feast
\Vith Jesus' priests and kings.

R ejo icing now in earnest hope,

I stand, and from the mo unta in top
S ee all the la nd below:
Rivers of milk and honev rise,
And all the fruits of Pur~dise
In endless plenty grow.

3 0 that I might at once g o up!

:No more on this side f orda n stop,
But nO\v the land posses<> !
T here rlwells the Lord, o ur righteousness,
Ile'll keep his own in perfec t peace
And e verlasting rest.



Balemw. C. ill.
(s. P. 329; J. II. 163; ll. R 135.)

GOD, our strength, to thee

\Vi th grateful h earts we raise;
T o thee, and thee alone, belong

All worship, love and



lij>mns <if Daw1t.

z In trouble's dark a nd stormy hour

Thine e-.u hath heard our prayer ;
And grnciously thine arm of power
Hath saved us from despair.
3 An<l thou, 0 ever gracious Lord,
\Vilt keep thy promise still,
If, meekly hearkening to thy \Vor<l,
\Ve seek to do thy will.
4 Led by the light thy grace imparts,
Ne'e1 mav we bow the knee
To idols, which our wayward heart~
Set up ins tea d of thee.

5 So shall thy choicest gifts, 0 Lord,

Thy faithful people bless;
Thy favor and thy grace afford
Our truest happiness.






HAPPY day, that fixed my c hoice

On thee, my Savior and my God!
may this glowing heart rejoice
And tell its raptmes all abroad.

Ctto.-Happy day, happy d ay,

\Vhen Jesus washed my sins nway !
Uc taught me how to wutchand pray,
And live rejoicing every day.
H app y day, happy day,
W hen Jesus washed my sins a\vay.


ef Dawn.

z Now rest, my long dhided heart:

Fixed on this blissful centre, rest;
Nor e,er from thy Lord depart,
\Vith him of every goucl possessed.

3 Yes, happy every day has been

Since I am his and he is mine.
He leads me ancl I follow un,
Directed through the \Vord divine.



Cftme Awa)'. P.

,1{. (J.



HAIL, happy day, that speaks our trials

Our Lord has come to take us home;
0 hail, happy day I
No more by doubts or fears distiessecl,
\V c now shall gain our promised rest,
And be foreverbl~st! 0 hail. happy day!
vcll loud the glad. note, our bondage now
is over;
The Jubilee proclaims us free:
0 hail, happy clay!
The day that brings ;1 sweet release,
That crowns our J cs us Pri nee of Peace.
And bids our sorrows cease ! 0 hail, happy
3 0 hail, happy d;1y ! that ends our tears :ind
That brings us joy without alloy;
0 hail. happy day!
There peace shall wave her sceptre high,

s ..


Hymns of Dawn.
And Joye's fair banner greet the eye,
Proclaiming yictory ! 0 hail, happy day!
4 \\'e hail thy bright beams, 0 morn of Zion's
Thy blessed light breaks on our sight;
0 bail, happy d ay !
Fair Beulah's fields before us rise,
And sweetly burst upon our eyes
The joys of Paradise! 0 hail, ha ppy day!

5 Thrice hail, happy d ay! when rarth shall

sm ile in gladness,
And Eden bloom without a tomb ;
0 hail, happy day!
\Vhere life's pellucid waters glide,
Safe by the dear Redeemer's side,
Forever we'll abide! 0 hail, happy day!



TV,,odlmzd. C. /If.

(J. H. 158 ; S.



HAPPY they who kno w the Lord.

\\Tith whom he deigns to dwell;
He feeds and cheers them with his word,
His arm supports them well.

To them, in each distressing hour,

llis throne of grace is nc.u;
And \vben they plead his Joye and po,ver,
He stands engagecl to hen.r.

3 He helped his saints in ancient days,

\ Vho trusted in his name;

Hjomns o/ Dawn.
And we can witness to his praise;
llis love is still the same.
4 His presence sweetens all our cares,
And makes our burdens light;
A word from him dispels our fears,
And gilds the gloom of night.
5 Lord, we expect to suffer here,
Nor would we once repine;
But give us sti\1 to find thee near,
And keep us wholly thine.






(G. H. 244.)

IIO\V happy are we

\ Yho in J cs us agree,
And expect soon his kingdom to share!
\\'e will sit in his throne,
And his glory make known,
And his praises shall sound everywhere.
Cno.-0 ho\\' happy are we
\Vho in Jesus agree;
How happy, how happy are we!
Now united to him,
E'en on this side the stream
Of the Jordan that licth between,
\\' e rejoice in his grace
And the smile of his face,
\\'hi le the glory and cross both are seen.


Hymns ef Dawn.
3 \\'e remember the \Yon!
Of our crucified Loni
\\' hen he went lo prepare us a place" l \\ill come in that clav
And will take you awav,
.And admit to the light. of my f~1cc."
4 Lo ! our King from the skies !
Hark! he bids us ari~e
To the mansions of glory above,
0 ! with joy we'll ascend
And eternity spend,
ln proclaiming his \Yon<lerfol love.



Cmwcrt. r2, .9
(G. H. 244.)

HOW happy are they

\Vbo the Savior obe,,

Aml ha,e laid u p their trca~ure al.Jove!

Tongue can never express
The -sweet comfort and peace
Of a soul filled with heannly love.
That sweet comfort is mine,
S ince the farnr divine
I received through the blood of the Lamb;
\Vhcn my heart first believed,
\\That a joy I received,
\\"hat a heaven in his blessed name!

3 'Tis a heaven below

:My Red eemer to k now;


ef Dawn.

Even angels can do nothing more

Than to fa 11 a t his feel;
And the story repea t,
And the Savior of sinners adore.

4 Jesus all the day long

ls my joy aod my song.
0 that all his 8alvation may see!
Ile hath loved me, I cried,
He hath suffered and died,
To redeem and from d eath set me free.



.lfelmore. L. 111.
(J. Il. I r8.)

LORD, thy promise<l g race impart,

chief concern shall be
consecrated heart.
To Ji,e and speak aml toil for thee.

Joyfully in thine em ploy,

The thought shall till my soul with joy,
That my imperfect work shall be
Acceptable through Christ to thee.

2 \Vhi le

3 Thy watchful eye pervadeth space,

Thy presence, Lord, Jills every place;
And wheresoe'er my lot muy be,
Sti ll shall my spirit cleave to thee.
4 Renouncing every worldly thing,
And safe beneath thy shclt'ring wing,
:My sweetest thought henceforth shall be,
That a ll I want I timl in thee.

Hymns ef Dawn.



Sessions. /,, .ll.
(>. I', 9S; G.

H. 215;


H. 120. )

.) LO\' E divine, that stooped to share

Our ioharpest pang, our bitterest tear!
On thee we cast each earth born care,
.Feeling a t rest while thou ~rt near.

z Though long the weary way we tread,

And sorrow crown each lingering year,
No path "e shun, no darkness d reau,
Our hearts still whisp' ring, Thou art near!

3 \Vhcn drooping pleasure turns to grief,

And trembling faith is changed to fear,
The murmuring "\Vind, the quiv'ring leaf~
Shall softly tell us thou art near.
4 On thee we cast our burdening woe,
0 Love divine, forever dear;
Content to i;utler while we know,
L iYing or dying, thou art near.



(G. ll. 28; W. H. 55.)

NE more day's work for Jesus,

One less of life for me I
Ilut heaven is nearer,
And Christ is dearer
Than yesterday, to me;
His love and light
Fill all my soul to-night.





Cuo .-One more da vs work

One more d:\y' ;; work
One more da \s work
One 1ess of toil for

for Tesus,
for "Jesus,
fur "l csus,

One more chn-'s work for lesus !

Ilow glori~m; is my King'!
'Tis joy, n ot duty.
To show his beauty;
l\h soul monnts on the wing
At the mere thought,
llow Christ my life has bought.

3 One more days work for Jesus!

How sweet the work has been,
To tell the ston.,
To show the glory,
\\'here Christ's flock enter in!
How it did shine
In this poor heart of mine!
-1- One more day's work for Jesus!

0 yes, a weary day;

But heaven shines clearer
And rest comes nearer
At each step of the way;
Arid Christ in all,
Before his face I fall.

5 0 blessed work for Tcsus !

0 rest at Terns' feet!
There toil seems pleasure,
:\Iy '-Yants are treasure,
Anci" pain for him is sweet.

llym11s of Dawn.
Lord, if I may,
I ' ll serve another day!

211. .




NE offer of salvation

O To all the worl<l make known;

The only sure foundation
Is Christ, the Corner S tone.
CHo.-No other name is given,
No other way is known.
'Tis Jesus Christ, the First and Last;
He saves, and he alone.

z One door to life eternal

Stands open wide to-uay;

It leads to bliss supernal ;

'Tis Christ, the living way.
3 l\'Iy only song and story
l s, Jesus died for me;
)Iy only hope of glory,
T he Cross of C a lvary.





Sicily. 8, 7.
827 ; J. ll. 388; E.



KE there is above all o thers

\V ell deserves the name of Friend;
His is love beyond a brother's,
Costly, free, and knows no e nd.




of J)awtt.

\Vhich of all our friends, to sa,e us,

Could or would ha,e shed his blood?
But our Sa yior died to have us
Reconciled in him to God.

3 \\'hen he liYed on earth abased,

Friend of sinners was his name;
Now above all glory raised,
He rejoices in the same.


(w. II. 71.}
~L Y

thee, mv soul's Redeemer!

\Vhom ha.-e I in heaYen beside?
\Vho on earth, with love so tender,
All my wand'ring steps will g uide?
Cno.- Only thee, only thee,
Loving Savior, only thee.

Only thee! no joy I co,et

But the joy to call thee minej oy that gives the blcst assurance,
Thou h;tst owned and sealed me thine.

3 Only thee! I ask no other;

Thou art more than all to me;
Present life, or present comfort ! resign them all to thee.
4 Onlv thee, whose blood bas cleansed me,
\ \7 ould my raptured vision sec,
\Yhile my faith is reaching upward,
Ever up,,ard, Lord, to thee.

Ilyuws of



SumtpUe. 8, 7. (J.



XLY waiting till the dawning

l s a little brighter grown,
Only waiting till the shadows
Of the world's dark nig ht a re flown,
Till the sha<lo\YS all shall Yanish
In the blessed, blessed day;
For tbc morn, at last, is breaking
Through the hvilight, soft and gray.

Only waiting till the presence

Of the Sun of Righteousness
Shall dispel the noxious vapors,
I gnorance, and prejudice ;
Till the glory of the sunlight
Of the bright ?ilillenninl day
Scatters nll the mists of <lnrkness,
Lights the gloom with henling ray.

3 \Vaiting for the restitutio n,

Promised in the holy \Yon!;
\\'hen our race. r edeemed and rise:i,
KnO\.\.' and loni their Sa\'ior Lord.
\ \'hen each man shull love his fellow;
Justice give to each and all;
Dwell in love, and dwell in Jesus,
\Vho redeemed them from the foll.



(w. H. 19.)

N'O\V I see t he crimson wave,

The fountain deep and w1de;


ef ])awn.

The blood which Christ so freely gaYe,

\Vhich all our sins will hide.
Cno.-The cleansing stream, I see, I sec!
An<l now b\ faith it cleanseth 111e.
0, praise th.e Lord, it cleanse th me!
It cleanseth me, yes, clcanscth me!

I see a new creation rise,

Through merit of his blood;
I see tbe <lead of earth arise,
Washed in the cleaming flood.

3 They rise to walk in hea ,en's light,

Forever free from sin,
\Vithheartsmadepure and garments white,
And Christ enthroned within.
4 Amazing grace! \vhat joy to know
The virtue of his bloo<l !
Our Father's wisdom planned it so;
His Son our ransom stood.

216.Zion. 8,THE
7, 4. (s. St4; J.


E. H.


N the mountain's top appearing,

Lo! the gospel herald stands,
\Velcome news to Zion bearingZion, long in hostile lands:
Mourning captive!
God himself shall loose thy bands.
Hath thy night been long and mournful?
Ha,e thy friends unfaithful pro,c<l?
lia\e thy foes been prou<l and scornful,

Hymns of Dawn.

By thy sighs and tears unmoved?

Cease thy mourning;
Zion still is well beloved.

3 Go<l, thy God, will soon exalt thee;

He himself appears thy Friend;
All thy foes shall fail to halt thee;
H ere their bnasts and triumphs end.
Great deliv'rance
Zion's King begins to send.
-1- Peace and joy shall soon a tten<l thee;
All thy "'' arfare will be past;
God, th\' Savior, doth defend thee;
Yicto'ry is thine at last.
All thy conflicts
End in everlasting rest.





7, d.

(J- IL 374; S. P. /27-)

thy- Church, 0 Power <lh-ine ~

Cause thy glorio us face to shine,
Till the nations, from afar,
Hail her as their guiding star;
Till her light, from zone to :tone,
M akt:s thy great salvation known.

Then shall she, with lavish hand,

Scatter blessings o'er the land;
Earth shall vield her rich increase,
Every breez~ shall whisper peace.
And the world's remotest bound
\Vi t h the voice of praise resound.



ef Dawn.

Sessions. L .11.








H. 120.)

C'R Heavenly Futher and our Frien<l,

Behold a cloud of incense rise:
The prayers of saints to heav'n ascend;
Hear thou thy humble children's cries.

Regard our prayers for Zion's peace;

Shed in our hearts thy lo,c abroad;
Thy gifts abundantly increase;
Enlarge and fill us all, 0 God!

3 Before thy sheep, great Shepherd, go,

And guide into thy perfect. will;
Cause us thy hollowed naiue to know;
The work of faith in us fulfill.
4 IIe1p us to make our cal I ing sure;
0 let us all be saints indeed,
And pure, as thou thyself a r t pure,
Conformed in all things to our Head.

5 Take the dear purchase of thy blood.

Thy blood hath washed us whiteas snow;
Present us sanctified to God,
In us thy grace and glory show.



Welton. L. 111. (s. P. l J.)

RENDER thanks to God above,

The fountain of eternal love,
\\Those mercy firm through ages past
Hath stood, and shall forever last.


.Hymns of Dt1w11.

\Vho can his mighty deeds express,

only ...-ast, but numberless?
\\hat mortal eloquence can raise
His tribute of eternal praise?

3 Extend to me that favor, Lord,

Thou to thy chosen shalt a fford;
At thy return to set men free,
Let thy salvation visit me.

4 0 m ay I worthy prove to sec

Thy sain ts in full prosperity,
That I the joyful choir may join,
And count thy people's triumph mine!



Swed H0111t. (w. ff. 74; s. r. 1501 ; J. u . 45S.)


who arc weary and la den of soul,

Oppressed a n<i dis tressed under error's
I\lay find in the gospel a bles~ed relief,
A halm for all sorrow, a solace for grief.
Cuo.-Rest, rest, s\eet, sweet rest!
In the gospel o f ~rnce
There is sweet, blessed rest.

\Vho trusts in that wonl has the S\\'eet hope

of life,
An end of confusion and error and slrifc.
Its grace it impart.> to the trnlh-secking soul,
\Vho humbly submits to its righteous control.

3 On thatsacre<l page, 0 , what glory now sh ines!

.1\.s God's holy Spirit illumines its lines,



ef Dawn.

Displaying his plan in which all may rejoice,

And praise h_im fore,er with heart and with

4 Rest! rest! 0 how blessed this sweet rest at last!

Like music at even when labor is past;
Like dawn after darkness, 1ike health after pain;
Like sunshine of gladness that follovs the rain.


(c.. H. 350.)
SA\TIOR, precious Savior,
\Vhom yet unseen we loyc;
name of n;ight and favor,
All other names above!


Cuo.-\Vc worship thee! we bless thee! ,

To thee alone we sing!
\Ye praise thee and confess thee
Our Savior and our King.

z 0 Bringer of Salvation,
\ho wondrously hast wrought,
Thyself the revelation
Of love beyond our though t!

3 In thee all fulness dwcllcth,

All grace and power divine:
The glory that excellcth,
0 So9 of God, is thine.
4 0, grant the consummation
Of this our song, a boYe,
In endless adorn tion
And everlasting love.


of Dawn.

Cuo.-Thcn shall we praise a n tl bless thee,

\Vhcrc perfect praises ring!
And evermore confess thee
Our Savior and our King.






the shadows arc deep,

A n<l rough seems t he pa th to the goa 1,
And sorrows, how often t hey .c;wccp,
Like t em pests, down over the soul !

C1io.-To the Hock thn t is higher than I,

() then tu the R uck let me tlyTo the R ock t hat is higher thnn l.

0 l sometim es so long seems the day,

And sollletimes s" h eavy my feet;
But, toiling i11 life's du~ty \Yay,
The Rock's blessed >ihadow, h ow sweet!

3 0 ! near t u the Hock let me keep,

Or blessings or sorrows prevail,
Or climbing the mountain-way steep,
Or walkin g the shadowy vale.


B11iley. (J.

H .


SOOX we'll sing the clepth of matchlc;,s love,

\Vhy Christ, why C hrist our King was slain;

As onward ages ceaseless move,
Eternally we'll reign.

Hymm ef Dawn.
Come, Sa\-ior, let thy reign begin;
Come, still each nott: of war;
\Ve long to sing an en<l of sin,
In praise that~ounds, that sounds afar.
z \Ve pray and ]ong to sec the morning dawn,
Tht: bright, the bright eternal day,
\Vhen tears are wipt:d and sorrows gone,
And clouds have fled away.
]\fay glowing lovt: inspire our hearts,
And praise our tongues e mploy;
\Vt:'ll watch and pray till s in departs,
Then strike the harps, tht: harps of joy.


(G, ll.


bitter pain of sorrow

That a time could e ver be
I proudly said to J esus,

All of self, and no ne of thee."

z Yet he found me ; I beheld him

B leeding on th' a ccurst:d tree;
And rny wistful hea rt sa id faintly,
" Some of sel f and some of thee,"

3 Day by day his ten<ler mercy,

Healing, helping, foll a nd free,
Brought me lower, while I whispered,
"Less of self aud more of thee."
4 Higher than the highest heaven,
Deeper than the deepest sea,
Lord, thy lo\-e at last has conquered" .J\ 'onc of self and a ll of thee."

Hymm of Dawn.

225 .


Zion. 8, 7, 4.
( r. 814; J- re. 521;


1r. 156.)

THOU God of our salvation,

Our Redeemer from nil sin,
Thou hast called us to a station
\Ve could ne'er by merit win.
0 ! we praise thee,
vVhile we striye to enter in.

z In the footprints of our Sa,ior,

\\'c will dailv strive to walk;

And the alien {,orkJs disfavor
Shall but sen<l us to our Rock.
How its \
Do refresh thy weary flock !

3 \\'e, like him, would hear the message

Of our heavenly Father's grace; .
Show how he redeem.e<l from bondage
All our loE>t and ruined race.
0 ! what mercv
Beams in his all-glorio us face!
4 Then we'd seek the mel'k an<l lowlv,
Show them their high-calling's J}eightHow the called ancl faithful holy
Shall, with Christ, soon reign in light.
0 ! such favor
\Ve could never claim by right.

"'hen we've borne our faithful witness

To thy grand and \YOJH.lrous plan,
Gathered out thy fairest virgins

Hymns ef Dawn.
To be wedded to the Lamb,
\Vith ,vhat rapture
\Ve'll receive the victor's palm!

6 Then with him in glory reigning,

A 11 the sons of men to bless,
Earth, no more thy name profaning,
Soon shall learn of rig hteousness;
And thy wisdom,
Every tongue shall then confess.



fldo..e1i. {w. H. rn9 ; J.



THOU, in whose presence my i;oul takes

On whom in affliction I call;
J\ly comfort by day, and my so11g in the night,
.J\fy hope, my salvation, my a ll!

\\' here dost thou, at noontide, resort with thy

sheep ,
T o feed in the pasture of love?
For w hy in the va lley of death should I '.Veep ,
Or alone in the wilderness rove?

3 K,, longer I wander an a lien from thee,

O r cry in the dest:rt for bread;
l\!y tahle is furnished with bounties so free,
My soul on thy \Von! is well fed.



;lidmore. L. ill (J.



TIIOU to w hom, in ancient time,

The lyre of H ebrew bar<ls was strung,


<!/ Dawn.

\Vhom kings adored in song sublime,

And prophets praised with glowing tongue;
z Not now on Zion's height alone
The fosored worshiper inay dwell,
Nor where, at sultry noon, thy Son
Sat weary by the patriarch's well.
3 From every place below the skies,
The grateful song, the fervent prayer,
The incense of the heart, may rise
To heaven, and find acceptance there.
4 0 thou to whom, in ancient time,
The holy prophet's harp was strung,
To thee at last, in every clime,
Shall praise arise and songs be sung.


Woodland. C. 1ll.



366; J- n. 158.)

TIIOU who driest the mourner's tear,

lJ ow dark this world would lie,
lf, when deceived and wounded here,
\Ve could not fly to thee!

z But thou wilt heal the broken heart

\Vhich, like the plants that throw
Their fragrance from the wounded part,
Breathes sweetness out of woe.
3 0 ! who could bear life's stormy <loom,
Did not thy wing of love
Come gently wafting, through the gloom,
Our peace-branch from above?

llymns of .Dawn.
4 E'en sorrow, touched by heav'n, grows bright
\Vith tnorc than rapture's ray,
As darkness shows us worlds of light
\Ve never saw by J ay.





TO be nothing, n othing,

Onlv to lie at h is feet,

A broke~ and emptied vessel,
For the Master's use m a de meet.
Emptied, that he migh t fi ll m e,
As forth to his ser vice 1 go;
Broken, that so, unhindered,
His life through me might flow.

Cno.- 0 ! to be nothing, nothing,

Only to lie at his feet,
A bro-ken and emptied vessel,
For the 1faster's use made meet.

z 0 ! to be nothing, nothing,
Only as led by his hand;
A messenger ut his gateway,
Only waiting for his comman d;
Only an instrument ready
His praises lo sound at his will;
\Villing, shoul<l he n o t require mu,
In silence to wait on him still.
3 0 ! to be nothing, nothing,
P ainful the humbling may be;
Yet low in the dust I'd lay me
Tlin.t the world my Savior might see.

}fy11/llS of ./),111.IJI.

R ather be noth ing, not h ingTo him let their voices be raised;
He is the fountain of blessing,
Y cs, worthy is he to be praised.



(G. 11. 168.)

U R lamps arc trimmed and burning,

Our robes arc ,\hi le and dean,
\Ve'ye tarried for the Bridegroom,
And now we'll enter in.
\Ve know 've've nothing worthy
That we can call our ownThc light, the oil, the robes we wear,
Are a11 from him alone.

CH<1.-l3ebold, the Bridegroom cometh !

And all may enter in,
\Vhosc lamps arc trimme<l and burning,
\Vhosc robes arc white and clean.

z Go forth-we soon shall see him;

The 'vay is shining now ,
All lighted with a glory
Kone other coulu bestow.
His gracious invitat1on
Beyond deserving kind,
\Ve gladly own and take our lamps,
And joy eternal find.

3 \Ve see the marriage splendor,

\Vithin the open door;
\\'e know that those who enter
Are blest forevermore;

Jfymns of .Dawn.
W e see our King, more lovely
Than all the sons of men;
\Ve haste because that Joor, once shut,
Will never ope again.


St. Tlt0mas. S. }.[.

0. H. 2 74; S. P.527.)
UT of the depths of woe,
To thee, 0 Lord, I cry;
Darkness surrounds me, but I know
That thou art ever nigh.


Humbly on thee I wait

To bring deliv'rance in.
E'en now wide springs theeastern gate,
And rays of dawn stream in.

3 0 ! hea rken to my voice,

Give ear to my complai nt ;
Thou bid d'st the mourning soul rejoice,
Thou comfortest the faint.
4 G lory to God above!
The 'whelming floods will cease;
For, lo ! the swift-returning dove
Brings back the sign of peace.

5 Though storms his face obscure,

An<l dangers threaten loud,
Jehovah's covenant is sure,
His bow is in the cloud.



ef Dawn.


(r.. H. r55.)

' VHE RE arc the reapers tbat g-arner in

The grains of the ' vheat from the tares of
' Vi th sickles of truth must the work he done,
And no one may rest till the harvest home.

Cuo.-Few a rc the reapers; Lord, we w ill join

And s hare in the work o f the hanest t ime.
0 who will not help to garner iu
The grains of w h eat from the tares of sin.

Go out in the by-ways and search them all;

The wheat may be there though the weeds are
Then search in the highway anrl pa~s none by,
Bnt ga ther f1:om all for the calling hig h.

3 The tiehls are all ripening, and far and wide

The world now is waiting the harvest-tide;
But reapers are few and the work is g reat;
The 1\Iaster calls and we must n ot wait.

+ So come with your sickles, ye sons of God,

And l et not the wheat under foot be trod.
" 'ork on till the Lord shall say you, 'Ve1ldone !
Then share ye his joy in the harvest home.



Rockingham. J.. JI.[.
{s. 1'. 29; r.. H. 103; ]. JI. 44; t:. H. t5!.)

EACE, troubled soul ! thou need'st not fear;

Thy great Provider still -i s near;




o.f Dawn.

\\' ho led thee la~t will lead thee still;

Be calm, and sink into his \\ill.

The Lord, .,.ho built the earth and sky,

In love now hearkens to thy cry:
Hi~ promise thou may'st freely claim:
.A~k and receive in Jesus' name.

Open to God thine inmost heart;

Ile will his comfort then impart ;
He " ill h is grace most freely give,
And peace and joy, thou s halt receive.

4 Rest in his Joye though storms pre,ail,

No storm can there o'envhel111 tin soul.
>Je'er let thy faith and courage fri"il,
Ill shall \York good by his control.


L. ,1[.
(c;. JI. [ ; S. P. 3; ]. H. 33; E. H , !.)
Old Hu11d1-etf.

whom all blessings flow;
Praise him, all creatures here below;

Praise him aloud "dth heart antl voice,

And always in his Son rejoice.



JVilmot. 8, 7.
(~.I'. 1287 ; G, H. 422;

J. H. 387.)

RAISE, my soul, the King of heaven;

To his feet thy tribute bring;
Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiYen ,
EYermore h is p raises sing:

Hjmms ef Dawn.
Tla lklujah ! hallelujah!
!'misc tl1c everlasting King.

z Praise him for his grace an<l

fin or
To our fathers in distress:
Prni::;e him, still the same as t:Ycr,
Slow to chi<lc, and swift to bk;,s:
Hallelujah! hallelujah!
Glorious in his faithfulness.

3 F,.ther-like, he proves yet i:pares II',

\\'ell our feeble frame lie knows;
In his hands he gently bear::; us,
Rescues uii from a 11 011 r foes:
llallclujah ! Ilallclujah !
How his plan bis wisdom :;hows.




7 (\\". H. 105;



the Lord, his glories show,

Sain ts within his courts bdow,
Angels round his throne aho\e,
.All that sec and share his Ion~.

Earth to heav'n, and hcav'n to earth,

Tell his ""O!Hlers, sing his worth;
Age to nge, aml shore to shore,
Praise him, praise him evermore!

3 Praise the Loni, his rncrcit'S trace;

Praise his providence and grace;
A II that he for man ha th tl one;
A II he sends us through his Son.

II) 11ws of' JJ,1w11.

4 Stri11gs ancl voices, hands and hearts,
In the concert b ear your parts;
All tha t bn:a the, your L ord a dore,
}'raise him, praise h im evennore !



Sicily. 8. 7.
(E. II. 15 ; J. H. 172; S. P. 827-)

S E the L oni! ye hcaven s, a don: him \

l ) RAII'raise
h im, ungels in the height ;
~\In ;md

moon, r ejoice before him ;

him, all ye stars oflight.

Praise the Lord, for he hath spoken ;

\\'orlds his mig h ty voice obeyed;
La \Y S whichne ,cr shall be broken,
F or their guida nce he hath made.

3 Prai'e the Uml, for he is glorious;

Never shal l his pro111i;..e fail;
lle shall m ake his saints victorious;
S in and death sha ll not p reva il.
4 Praise the G od of o ur sa lvatio n ;
H osts on high, his po wer procla im ;
H eav en and ear th, and al l creation,
Laud a nd magnify his name.


Sicily. 8, 7.
(F., H. 15; J. JI, 172; S. P. 827.)

PR AHISeavenly
tr ut h has reached
to him,

w h ose kind favor

our ears



of D,iwtt.

:'-fa\ ib sweet, r eY iYing saYor

Fill our h earts and calm our fears.

Truth, how sacred is the treasure!

Teach us, Lord, its wnrth to know;
Y nin the hope, and sbort the pleasure,
\\' hich from other source.., flow.

3 \\' hnt of truth we haYe been hearing,

Fix, 0 Lord, in eYery h enrl;
In the day of thine appearing
)lay we share thy people's part.



Scssimzs. I.. ;)[.




C. H. 2lj; W. JI. 120.)

)RAYER is appointed to comey

The blessings Gotl d esigns to gi \e.

Jn eYery case should Chri,;tians pray.

If ne:u the fount of grace they"d Ji,e.

If pain afflict, or " rongs oppress;

Ifcares d istract, ot" fears dismay;
If want deject, if sin d is tress,
1 n eYery case, still watch a nd p ray.

3 'Tis prayer supports the soul that's \\eak,

'l'bough thought be broken, language lame ;
Got! through his \ Vonl to us doth speak:
.All<l we to him inJesus' n ame.

4 D epend on him; thou canst not fail;

Bnt ask according to his ,,ill;
The n always shall thy prayer prevail,
And nothing


t o thee work ill.




of Dawn.

(W. H. 61.)

RECIOlJS Jesus, how I love thee!

And I know thy love is mine;
All my little life I gin: thee,
Use it, Lord, in ways of thine.
Use my warmest, best affections,
Use "my memory, mind and will;
Then with ull thy loving spirit
All myemptiedruitme fill.

CHo.-All of earth and all of heaven,

All I "van.t I find in thee;
Jesus, Jes us, precious Jes us,
Thou art all the \.vorld to me.

Vain the vorld its pleasure boasting,

Vain the charms ofcarth to me;
Gold i01 dross, aml riches worthless,
If they turn my heart from thee.
Dearer, nearer than a brother,
Source of all my happiness;
Comfort too, in every sorrow,
Ever near to help and bless.

3 Lord I touch thy sacred garment,

Fearless stretch my eager hand;
Virtue, like a healing fountain,
Freely flows at love's command.
Lo! he turns and looks upon me
\Vith those wornlcr-spcaking eyes;
Vain my soul essays to answer,
I am lost in sweet surprise.

J.lj11111s oj Dawn.
4 0 ! how precious, dear R edeemer,
lb the Joye that fills my soul.
I am thine and h:wc this token
\Vhilc I'm running for the goal.
L o! a new creation da;Yni11g;
Lo! I rise to life diYine;
In my soul an Easter morning;
I am Christ's, and Christ is mine.



8. 7. (E.


6;; C. Jt. 4zo.)

)RECIOUS 11iomcnts, rich in Llcssing.

At the throne of grace I spend;

All my joys and griefs cxpres,,ing,
To my best and truest Friend.
IIerc I tind that sweetcommunion
\Vith my Father and my Loni,
Earnest of that blessed union
Promised in the Holy \\"urcl.

z Christ says, Come, thou heavy laden,

I will give thee sv>eetest rest;
All t he way my feet ha\'e trodden;
Come to me when sore opprest.
T ake my easy yoke upon you,
R est from earthly care and strife;
I ;vill sweetest comfort give you,
\Valk with me the vays of life.
3 Lord, we praise thee for this blessing,
F or this privilege so sweet,
For thy tender love's caressing,
For this s ure and safe retreat.

H;Jims of Dawn.

Never weary of our coming,

Never spurning our request;
\Vitb complaint or with rejoicing,
Still thy love is manifest.


(G. H. 50; E. 11. 153.)

RECIOUS promise God hath given

To the ,.,,.eary ones who try
Treasure to lay up in heaven,
"I will guide thee with mine eye."

Ctto.-I will guide thee, I will guide thee,

I will guide thee with mine eye;
In the way which I \vill show thee,
"I will guide thee with mine eye."

When temptations almost win thee,

And thy trusted watchers fly,
Let this promise ring within thee,
"I will guide thee \vith mine eye."

3 When thine earthly hopes have perished,

In the grave of years gone by,
Let this promise still be cher ished,
"I will guide thl!e with mine eye."
4 By nnd by the heav'nly treasures,
).foth and rust coulcl ne'er destroy,
Thou wilt find laid up in glory,
Guidecl to them by mine eye.



ef Dawn.

(W. H. 101.)

RECIOUS Savior, thou hast saved me;

Thine, and only thine, I am;
0 1 the cleansing blood has reached me,
Glory, glory to the Lamb!
CHo.- G lory, glory, Jesus saves me!
Glory, glory to the Lamb!
0 ! the cleansing blood bas reached me ;
G lory, glory to tbe Lamb !

Long my yearning heart w as trying

To enjoy this perfect rest;
But I gave all trying over:
Simply trusting, I was blest.

3 Consecrated to thy service,

\Vhile I live I 'll live to thee;
I \Yill witness, to thy g lory,
Of salvation full and free.
4 Trusting, trusting every moment;
Saved from sinby power divine;
H ave I love? thou didst impart it;
H ave I light? the light is thine.

5 Glory to the blood that bought me!

G Jory to its cleansing power!
Glory to the grace tba t keeps me !
Glory, glory, evermore!



of Dawn.


J-Iorton. 7.
{E. II. 106; S. P. I !13.)

RINCE of peace, a ccept my v..ill;

Bid this struggling flesh be still;
Bid my fears and doubtings cease,
Hush my spirit into peace.

Thou hast bought me with thy blood,

Opened wide the g a te to God.
Peace I crave, and it must be,
Lord, in being one with thee.

3 :May thy will, not mine , be done;

l\fay thy will und mine be one;
Banish self-will from my heart,
And thy perfect peace impart.

4 Savior, at thy feet I fall,

Thou my life, my hope for all t
Let thy happy servant be
One forevermore with thee.





EAPING all day w er e the virgins fair,

Patiently toiling in faith and prayer,
Seeking the wheat from the dawn till night,
J ewels to shine in the morning light.
0 ! rich will the harvest be.
C110 .-Reapc1l from the garde n, or reaped frolll
the rock,


d. I.Jaw11.

R eaped from the wayside, the" heat from

the stalk,
Gathered from w ealth or from poverty,
Grand and blest will the harvest be.

Reaping all day though their foes were nigh,

Saving the wheat that it should not die,
Gath'ring the jewels bright and fair,
Sorting them out with tender care.
0 ~ grand will the harvest be.

3 R eaping fro m seed that was sown in tears.

Gath'ring the fruit of laborious years,
Looking i n hope for the harvest home,
Reapers and sowers together come.
0 ! sweet will the meeting be.


(G. H. 405.)

! Redeemed!
0, sing the joyful strain 1
Give praise, give praise,
And glory to his name,
\\"ho ga\e his life our souls to save,
And purchased freedom for the slave!
CHo.-Redeemed !
R edeemed!
R ecleemed !

redeemed from sin and all its

redeemed! eternal life


redeemed by Jesus blood:

redeemed ! 0 prnise the Lord !

Hjrmns cf .Dawn.

Redeemed ! redeemed\
The word has brought repose,
And joy, and joy,
That each redeemed one knows
\Vho sees his si ns on Jesus laid,
And knows his blood the ransom paid.

3 Redeemed l redeemed !
0, joy tha t I should be
In Christ, in Christ,
From sin forc\cr free!
Forever free to praise his name,
'Vho bore for me the guilt and shame.



(G. B. 24; W. H. 57-)

EJOICE and be glad!

The Redeemer has come !

Go look on h is cradle, his cross, and his tomb.

Cno.-Sound his praises, tell the story

Of him who was slain;
Sound his praises, tell with gladness
He liveth again.

Rejoice and be glad!

It is sunshine at last!
T he clouds haye departed, the shadows are past.

3 Rejoice and be glad!

For the blood ha th been shed,
R edemption is finished, the price hath been paid.

4 Rejoice a nd be glad!
i\ ow the pardon is free;
The just for the unjust hath <lied on the tree.

.JI; 11111s ef Dawn.

5 Rejoice a nd be glad!
For the Lamb that was slain
O 'er death is triumphant, ancl liveth again.
6 Rejoice and be glad!
For our King from 011 high
Has come for his jewels, his kingdom 1s nigh.

7 Rejoice and be glad !

For he cometh to reign
In triumph and glory; 0 sing the g lad strain.
Cll o.-Suund his praises, tel I the story
Of him who " as slain;
:-:;01md his praises, tell with gladness
He cometh to reign.





! rejoice ! the promised time is comI\)EJOICE


Rej oice ! rejoice! the wilderness sha ll bloom;

J\nd Zion's children soon shall sing;
The deserts ail arc blossoming.
Rejoice! r ejoice! the promised time is coming;
Rejoice! rejoice l the wilderness shall bloom.
The gospel banner, wide unfurled,
Shall w ave in triumph o'er the world,
And every creatnr(', bond or free,
Sha ll hail the glorious jubilee.

z Rejoice ! r ejoice! the promised time is coming ;

Rejoice! rejoice! J erusalem shall s ing.



From Zion !.hall the law go forth,

And all sha II hear, from south to north.
Rejoice! rejoice! the promised time is coming- ;
Rejoice! rejoice! Jerusalclll shall sing;

And truth shall sit on eYerr hill,

And bles,,ings How in every rill,
Arn.l praise !.bal l every heart employ,
Ancl every voice shal l s hout for joy.

3 Rejoice! rejoice! the promised time is coming;

Rejoice! rejoice! the "Prince of peace'' shall
And lambs may with the leopard pby,
For naught shall harm in Zion's way:
Rejoice! rejoice? the promised time is coming;
Rejoice ! rejoice~ the "I-'rince of peace" shall
The sw ord a nd spear, of needless worth
Shall prune the tree nncl plow the earth;
For peace shall smi le from shore to shore,
And na tions shall learn war no more.



(C.R. 154.)

T the story o'er and o 'er

Of grace so full and free;
I love to hear it more and more,
Since grace has rescued me.
Cuo.- The ha] f was never told,
The half was neyer told,
Of grace dhine, so wonC:erful,
The half was never told.

Hymns ef D,1wn.

01 peace I only knew the name,

N'or found mr soul its rest,
Until the swect-Yoiccd angel came
To soothe my weary breast.

3 ::'\Iy highest place is lying low

At my Redeemer's feet;
No real joy in life I know,
But in his sen-ice sweet.
4- And o h, whatrapture will it be
\\ith all th e host a boYc,
To sing through all eternity
The "onders of His l!n.:c.



Boylston. S. 11l
(E. JI. ll4; J. H. 266.)

EST for the toiling hand,

Rest for the anxious brow.
Rest for the weary, way-sure feet,
Rest from all labor now.

Rest for the fevered brain,

Rest for the throbbing eye:
Through these parched lips of clay no more
Shall pass the moan or sigh.

3 H.c;.t, weary one, a while,

Till Christ shall bid thee rise;
And soon, as from refreshing sleep,
Thou'lt wake "ith glad surprise.


of Dawn.

Soon, soon, from out the d ust

Shall all come forth and sing;
Sharp has the frost of winter been
But brightly shines the spring.

Let hope cheer those \Vho weep;

E'en now the rays of dawn
Above the eastern hill-tops creep\ Y e're near the light of morn.


(S. P. lt 24; C. H. ti6.)

cleft for me,

R\ OCKofages,
I am hidclen safe in thee:

Hidden here from all my foes,

.None can harm though all oppose:
For though justice once condemned
Lo"e did this blest shelter send.

\Vho aught to my charge shall lay,

Hidden in this rock a lway?
L ove did for mv sin atone;
I shall l ive thr~u~h Christ a lone.
I need fear no evil thing
While by simple faith 1 cling.

3 Could my tears forever flow,

Could my zeal no languor know,
The~e for sin coLL1d not atone;
Thou hast s<Jved and thou alone.
In my band no price I br i ng;
Simply to thy cross I cling.
40 1

.lljwws oj Dawn.



(c. 11.

4i W. H. 4; E. II. t84.)

A.FE in tbc arms of Jcsus,

Safe from corroding care,
Safe from the world's temptations,
Sin cannot harm me there.
Free from the blight of sorrow,
Free from al I doubts and fears;
Onlv a few more trials,
o nlr a few more tears!

Ctto.- Safc in the a rms of J csus,

Safe in his loe to rest,
0 how my heart rejoices !
Sweetly my soul doth rest.

J esus, my heart's clear refuge,

Jcsus has died for me;
Firm on the Rock of Ages
Ever my trust shall be.
H er e let me wait with p atience,
Wait t ill the nigh t is o'er;
\Vait till the glorious sun light
Rises to se t nu m ore.


Sabbath J[orn. 7, d.

(J. H. 381;

S. P.


AFELY through another " eek

God has brought us on our way.
L et us no\Y a blessing seek,
\\a iting in his cour ts to -day-


of Dc1w1J.

Day of all the week the best,

Emblem of eternal rest.

\Vhilc we seek supplies of grace,

Through the <lcar Re<leemer's name,
Show thv reconciled face;
Take ~way our sin anJ shame.
From all worldlv cares set free,
l\fay we rest thi~ day in thee.

3 Here we come thy name to praise;

Let us feel thy presence near;
May thy glory meet our eyes,
\Vhilc we join in worship here.
Here afford us, Lord, a taste
Of our everlasting rest.



.Si'dlJ' 8. 7' 4
(Ii. H. 15; ]. H. l p j S.

r. 8z7.)

AIKTS of God, the dawn is brightcnin

\Vi th the glory of the Lord;

O'er the earth the fidd is whitening;

Kow recall the Master's wordPray for reapers

In the harvest of the Lord.

Long we've sowed with toil and sadness,

\V ecping o'er the waste around;
i.Jow we gather grains of gladness;
Ripened wheat may now be fouml.
Blessed reapers!
How their joys may now abound!

Ilymns of Dawn.
3 Xow. 0 Lord, fulfill thy p leasure,
Use thy consecrated band,
Culling out thy precious treasure
From the tares o'er all the land.
l\Iake us reapers,
\Ve're awaiting thy command.
4 Soon sh all end the time of reaping,
Soon the happy day willcome,
And with joy we shall be keeping
God's eternal ha rvest ho me.
0 what rapture!
Never, nevermore to roam.



H. 175; s. r. 1405.}
ALVATION! 0 the joyful sound l
\Vhat tidings for our race!
Dcliv' rance for the world is found,
Through God's abounding grace.


C. JI. (J.

z Salvation! let the tidings fly

The sin-cursed earth around!
Raise the triumphant notes on high,
And let your songs abound.

3 Salvation! 0 ye weary souls,

It brings you life and peaceEternal life, eternal health.
And joys which ne'er shall cease.
4 Salva tio n ! 0 ye toiling sa ints,
Hy fai th yehayeit n O\\;

_Jfy111ns of D,1w11.

The promise is your d aily strength,

\Vhile to God's will ye bow.

Salvation! 0 the blessed work

\Vith Christ you shall enjoyOf bearing it to all mankind-Your future blcst e mploy.

6 Salvation! 0 our Father, God,

And thou, his blessed Son,
T he plan is w ise, and just a nd g0-0d,
The wondrous work well done.

7 Salvation! 0 the blessed theme

Shall fill the world with joy!
\Vhen all its mighty work is seen,
Praise shall all tongues employ.



Ward. L. l1f. (s. P. 47; J. H. 38.)
Welton. (s. P. lJ.)

AVIOR divine, n ow from above,

Assist me with thy heaYenly grace ;
Empty my hea rt of earthly love,
And for thyself prepare the place.

0 l let thy sacred presence fill,

And set my longing spirit free,
\Vhich seeks to have no other wiJJ,
But day by day to follow thee.

3 \Vhile now on trial here bclo,v,

No other good will I pursue;
I bid this world of noise and show,
\\' ith a11 its glittering snares, adieu.


of Dawn.

-} That path with patient care I seek,

In which my Savior's footprint!' shine ;
Kor could I trust, nor \vould I speak
Of any other way tban thine.

5 H enceforth may no profane delight

Divide this consecrated soul ;
Possess it, thou who hast the right,
As Lord and Master of the whole.

6 Naught that's of earth do I desire,

But let thy spitit "vith m e rest;
Only for this w ill I inquire,
And thus w ith thee 1 shall be blcst.


SAvroR, LEAD us.

8, 7, 4 (E.. u. 145.)
AVIOR, likP. a shepherd lead us;
).foch we need thy tender care;
In thy pleasant pastures feed us,
For our use thy fold prepare:
Blessed Jesus,
Thou hast bought us, thine \V e are.


\Ve arc thine ; do thou befriend us,

De the guardian of our way;
Keep thy flock, from foes defend us,
Let us never go astrny:
Blessed Jes us,
Hear, 0 hear us when we pray.

3 Thou hast promised to receive us,

Poor and needy though we be;
Thou hast mercy to relieve us,

Iljm1u of Dawn.

Grace to cleanse, a nd power to free:

B lcssetl J csul',
\\'e have fully turned to thee.
4 F ully let us have thy favor,
Fully we would do thy will;
Blessed L ord and only Savior,
\Vith thy love and likeness fill:
Blessed Jesus,
Thou hast loved us, love us still.


( G. 11.


AV IOR, more than li fe to me,

I am clinging, clinging close to thee;
Let thy precious blood applied
Keep me ever, ever near thy side.

Cuo.-Every day, every hour,

Let me feel thycleansing power:
1\Iay thy tender love to me,
Bind me closer, closer, Loni, to thee.

z Through this trial state below,

Lead me ever, ever, ns I go;
Trusting thee, I cannot stray;
I can never, never lose 111)' way.
3 I would love thee more and more,
Till this fleeting, fleeting life is o'er;
Till my soul has gained the bliss
Of a higher, higher state than this.
4 Then I'll see what thou hast wrought ;
Then I'll love thee, love thee as I ought.


.Hj1mns ef Dawn.
Looki ng bac k, I'll praif.c the way
Thon hast l ed me, led me, day by day.



(G. ll. 26; E. 11. 218.)

AVIOR, thy dying love

Thou gavest me,

Nor would I aught withhold,
Dear Lord, from thee.
In lo\e my soul would bow,
My hea rt fulfill its vow,
l\l yself an otrring now ,
I bring to thee.

Jesus, our mercy-scat,

Covering me,

My grateful faith looks up,

Savior, to thee.
Help me the news to bear,
Thy wondrous love declare,
Spread thy truth everywhere,
D ea r Lord, for thee.
3 Give me a faithful heart ,
Likeness to thee,
That each departing day
Henceforth may see
Thy work of lov~ well done,
Thy praise on earth begun,
Some vict'ry for truth won,
Some work for thee.

Jf;m11s ef Dawn.
4 Lord, l would follow thee
In all the w ay
Thy '"eary feet have trod;
Yes, if I may.
Help me the cross to bear,
All thy fair graces wear,
Close watching tmto prayer,
Following thee.

5 All that I am and have-Thy gifts so free-

All of my ransomed life,

Dear Lord , for thee!
And when thv face I see,
Thy sweet" \Vell done" shall be,
Through all eternity,
Enough for me.

260. 8. 6.


(" Slwwers iJf Blcssinr." Page J3-)

E.:\D out thy light anu truth, 0 Lord ;

L e t them our leaden; be
To guide us to thy holy h ill
\Vhere we shall worship thee.
Send out thy light o'er fond and,
Till every heart shall bow to thee.
Cuo.-Scnd out thy light,
Thy light and truth, 0 Lord.

z Send out thy light and truth, 0 Lord,

\Vhere sin's dark shadows fall;
Arouse the soldiers o f the cross
T u heed the trnmpet's call;

If) mns of Dawn.

Send out t hy truth where error reigns,
And cleanse away its crimson stains.
3 Sen d out thy light and truth, 0 Lord;
The blessed tidings spread
Till, by those sweet eYangel tones,
All nations sha 11 be led;
Send out thy light, 0 Morning Stai,
And beam upon the isles afar.

+ Send out thy light and

truth, 0 Lord,
And let t he beam s of dav
Break through the dismal gloom o f night
And guide men in thy way.
~end out thy truth, 0 speed the hour
\Vhen all the world shall know its pov,er.



f-(d.nil Stred. L

JI. (s. r.


I , for fear of feeble man,

Refrain from showing God's great plan?
lTnder a coyer hide mr light,
\Yhile thousands grope in cheer\ei:;s night?

Shall I, fur this ;yorld's mean renown,

Regard a mortal';; smile or frown?
I-Iu-..Y then conld I my trial stand?
Or what excuse could I command?

3 Lord, I would loyal prove to thee;

Let thy reproaches fall on me;
To spend my days in thine employ
Shall be my chiefes t earthly joy.

I Ipnn s

of Daum.

.J 0 '. \\hat arc all earth's gilded toy!>

Compared with heaven's eternal joys?
Or c\eu to the feast now sprca<l,
For pilgrims through the desert led?

5 0 ! sweeter far the wi1derness,

\Vitb all its bleak, wild barrenness,
Than all the city's pomp and pride
\\Tithout my heavenly Friend and GuiLle !

6 Its m:inna is a foretaste sweet

Of hcin-enly bounty all complete;
Its cloudy pilbr, guiding light,
Are t>arnests of the future bright.

7 This path I therefore humbly tread,

In footprints of om living Ilcad,

In hope rejoicing as I g-o

In him who leads and loves me so.


(G. H. 199.)

HALL we meet beyond death's ri\-er,

\\There its surges cease to roll?
And in all the long forever,
Sha11 we rest from its control?
Yes, we'll meet, yes, we'll meet,
Yes, we'll meet bevond the riyer;
)'.cs, we'll meet beyo;,d the river,
\Vhere there's life for every soul.

Just beyond the time of trouble,

\Vhen our King has gained control,
4 11

H;mns ef Dawn.
Da \\ ns the glorious, bright forever,
\\'hich shall gladden eYery &oul.
\\Tc shal l meet, we shalt meet,
\\-c shall meet beyond the trouhle;
\Ve ~hall meet bevo-nd the trouble,
\\hen its surge; cease to roll.

3 0 ! how glad, in that blest. harbor,

\Yhcn this stormy time is o'er,
.Men will be to cast their anchor,
On eternity's blest shore!
Ther s hall n~eet, they shall meet,
They shall meet
that blcst harbor;
The\ shall meet in that hlcst harliorA.nd be blest for eyennore.



that gloriou.; heavnly city!

0 that New Jerusalem!
I l ow 'twill i:;hinc in all its Lcauty !
'Twill be gorgeous as a gem.
\\re shall meet, we shall meet,
\\re shall meet in that fair cit\;
\Ye shall meet in that fair city_::_
l n the ~ ew Jerusalem.

5 \Ve shall meet our loved and lost ones,

\\ h en the surges cease to roll;
Sin and death, and c,ery evil,
Then shall yield to Christ's control.
\\" e shall meet, -,.ye shall meet,
\Ve shall meet bevond all trouble;
\ ,.e shall meet bcyo;'..d all trouble,
\\'hen the surges cease to roll.

lf.J 11ws of D.z;un.


{G. H.


l ).I PLY trusting e\ery day,

Trusting through a stormy way ;
EYcn when my store is smallTrusting Jesus, that is all.
,Cno.-Trusting as the moments fly,
Trusting as the days go by;
Trusting him whnte'er befall,
Trusting J esus, that is all.

2 Brightly doth hi~ spirit shine

Tnto this poor heart of mine;
\\'hilc he leads l cannot fall;
Trusting Jesus, that is a ll.

3 Singing, if my wny is clear;

Praying, if the path is drear;
If in danger, for him call;
Trusting Jes11s, thnt is all.
4 T rusting him till death is past;
Trusting him for life at last ;
Till "ithin the jasper wall,
Trusting Jesus, that is all.



( (~, H. 282; E, ll.


IXG them over again to me,

\ V ondcrfo 1 words of 1ifc !

Let me more of their beauty see,
\\'onderfnl words of life!
\Vords of life and beauty,
Teach me faith and duty;


ef lJaw11.

Beautiful words ! wonderful words!

\Von<lerful words of li fe!

z Christ the blessed One gins to all

\Von<lerfol words of life !
Brother, list to his loving call,
\ Vondcrful words of life!
All so freely given,
Blessed boon from heaven.
Beautiful words 1 wonderfnl words!
\Vonderfol words of life!
3 Sweetly echoes the gospel call,
\V ondcrfu1 words of life !
Off'ring pardon and peace to all,
\Vonderful "onls of life!

Praise the Lord forever

For these " ords of favorBeautiful words! wonderful words!
\V onderful words oflife !


Re/momt. 8, 7. (s. r. 1144.)

ING with all the sons of glory,

Sing the resurrection song!
Dea th and sorrow, earth's dark story,
To the former days belong.
All around the clouds are breaking,
Soon the storms of earth sha ll cease,
In God's likeness nian, awaking,
Comes to e\'erlasting peace.
z 0 " hat g-lory, far exceeding
All that eye has ytt pen:ehed !
'P 4

Jlptl llS

t:/ Dt1t(ll/,

Holiest hearts, for ages plead ing,

Never that full joy concei\'ed.
God has promist"d, Christ prepares it,
There we soon God':; friends shall meet ;
En!ry humble spirit sha res it,
There our joy shall be complete.



Jloyl.<to11. S. ,1[.
(G. H. li3 ; J. H. z66; 1':. J[. Ii4; \\'. ll. 123.)


OLDIERS of Christ, arise,

And put your a rmor on,
in the strength which God supplies
Through his eternal Son;
Strong in the Lonl ofhosls,
And in his mighty po\ver;
\\"ho in the strength of J esus trusts
ls more than conqueror.

Stand, then, in his great might,

\Vith all his strength endued ;
But take, to arm you for the light,
The panoply of God ;
That hav ing all things done,
And all your conflicts past,
Ye rnay o'ercorne, through Christ alone,

And stand entire







H ebron, 1.. .111.

38; r.. H. 212; J,



o let our daily lives express

T he beauties of true holiness;

H.Jmm tf lJaw/J.

So let the Christian graces shine,

That a ll may know tbe power d ivine.

z L et Ion and faith and hope and joy

13c pure, and free from sin's alloy;
L et Christ's sweet spirit reign within,
And grace subdue the power of sin.

3 Our Father, God, to thee we raise

Ottr prayer for help to tread thy waysFor w isdom, patience, love and light,
For grace to s peak and act aright.



Coro11atirm, C. ;l[.
(J. JI. 64; G. II. lOl ; S. I'. 362.)

OON" all shall hail our J esus name;

Angels shall prosti-.tte fall;
For him the brightest glory claim,
And hail him Lord of all.

z The risen saints shall sound the lyre,

And as they sound it, full
Before his face, who formed their choir,
Ami hail him Lord of all.

3 The remnant saved from Israel's race,

R edeemed from Israel's fall,
Shall praise him for his \Yondrous grace,
And hail him Lord of all.
4 Gentiles shall come, and coming sing,
Throughout this earthly ball,
H osannas to our hc:ntcnly .King,
And ha il him Lord of a l l.

Hjmm ef .Dawn.



Eian'1ell. 8, 7.
(s. P. 1068; E. ll. 145.)

OON shall countless hearts and voices

Sing the song of jubilee;
Blessed song! the song of :Moses,
Earth's new song of liberty.
Hail Messiah! great D eliverer!
Hail ~1essiah ! praise to thee !

z 0, the rapturous, blissful story,

Spoken to Immanuel's praise!

And the strains so full of glory,
That unnurnberecl -.:oices raise!
Now a sea of bliss unbounded
Spreads o'er earth through endless days.

3 While our crowns of glory casting

At his feet, in rapture lost,
\Ve, in a nthems everlasting,
Mingle with th' angelic host.
Hallelujah! hallelujah !
Earth's desire and I srael's boast.

4 Yes, he reigns, the great Messiah,

\Vith the heav'nly glory crownedI srael's hope and earth's desire,
Now triumphant an<l renowned.
Huil .'.\fessiah ! reign forever!
Hail Immanuel! worthy found!



ef Daw11.


(W. H.

95: J.



O ON shall restitution glory

'Bring to earth a blessed rest;
And the poor, and faint, and weary
Shall be lifted up and blest.
Cuo.-Thcre is rest for the wearv,
There is rest for the weary,
There is rest for the weary,
There is res t for a ll.

J nst beyond the coming trnuble

See the reigning Prince of pe:u.:e !
L o! God's kingdom now is com ing,
.And oppression soon must cease.

3 H e's now gath'ring: out his jewels,

Those who with him soon shall reign;
And earth's weeping ancl sad fare>Yells
Soon shall change t o joyous strain.

4 S ing ! 0 sing ! ye heirs of glory,

Shout the tidings as you go !
Publish wide redemption's s toryAll, its healing balm should know.
S T ell ho w Eden's bloom a nd beauty
Once again shall be restored,
l\Iaking all man's wide dominion
As the garden of the L ord.
6 Tell how Satan's dark dominion
S hall at once be overthrown,
41 8


Hpnns ef Daum.
And from out dea lh \; gloomy prison.
All earth's Joyec\ ones soon shall come.
7 0 yes. sing, ye heirs of glory,
Shout your triumph for and near;
Let the notes of praise and singing
Sweetly fall on sorrow's ear.



jigtf()/. L.





H. 59)

C'OON shall the joyolls song arise,

._) Through all the hosts beneath the skies,
That song of triumph which records
That all the earth is now the Lord's.

z Let all the gentile kingdoms be

Subjected, mighty Lord. to thee!
.Ancl o,er land, and stream, an<l main,
Now waye the sceptre of thy reign.
3 Soon shall that glorious an them swell,
And host to host the triumph tell,
That no rebellions foe remains,
But over all the SaYior reigns.



ltbb. 7, 6. d.
(J. r. u59; .ll. M . 234.)

TAND up! stand up for Jesus!

Ye soldiers of the cross;
Lift high his royal banner,
lt must not suffer loss;


of Dawn.

From vict'rv unto ,ict'rv

His a nnv- he shall lea(!,
Till eYery foe is ninquisherl.
And Christ is Lord i ndeerl .

Stand up! stand up for Jesus!

Stand in his strength alone;
The a rm of flesh will fail vou,
Y e dare not trnst your o~vn;
Put on the gospel ar.mor,
And, watching unto prayer,
"'here duty calls, or d anger,
De never wanting there.

3 Stand up! stand up for J esus!

The ::.trifc will not be long;
This day the noise of ba tt Jc,
The next the yictor's song;
To him that overcometh
A cro\\ n of life shall he:
He with the King of glory

Shall reign eternally.



(G, H.


UX of mv soul, mv Father dear,

I know no night ,,hen thou art near.
0 ! mav no earth-born clouu arise
To hid~ thee from thy sern1nt's eyes.


Shielrl of my soul, though tempests rage,

And 'gainst me hosts of foes engage,
My refuge and my fortress thou,
Before thee every foe must bow.


of DawJJ.

3 Thy grace and glory thou do~t ~iYe

To those wbo near thee ever live;
And no good thing dost thou withhold
From sheep wh-ich stray not from thy fold.
4 Thy choicest treasure, e'en thy Son,
T h y well-beloved and only one,
Freely thou gavest once for me,
From sin and death to set me free.

5 Yea,

thou who sparedst not thy Son,

\ Vhose sacrifice our ransom won,
Shalt, with him, all things freely give;
He liYes, a pledge that we sha ll live.



8. d.

(G, H.

77; ;:,



\V, H.


hour of prayer! sweet hour of



T ha t calls me from a world of care,

J\nd bids me at m, Father's throne
2\Iake all my wants and wishes known!
l n seasons of di stress n nd grief
l\h soul has often found relief,
A~1d oft escaped the tempter's snare
Hy thy return, sweet hour o f prayer.

Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer!

Thy wings shall my petition bear
To h im whose truth and faithfulness
Engage the waiting soul to bless.


ef Dawn.

A n ti since he bids me seek his face,

his word a nd trust h is grace,
I'll cast on him my every care
And wait for thee, sweet hour of prayer.



.Rocking/tam. L. .II.
(S. P. 29; G. IL IOJ; J. H.

44; E. Fl. 151.)

\ \'EET is the work, my God, my King,

To pra ise thy name, giye thanks and sing;
To show thy love by morning light,
And talk of all thy truth at night.

Sweet is the day of sacred rest;

No earthly care shall fill my breast;

0, may my heart in tune be found,
L ike David's harp o f solemn sound!

~Jy heart shnll triumph in the Lord,

And bless his work s, an d bless his word.
llis works of grace, ho,..,- bright they shine!
How deep his counsels! how divine!

4 And I shall share a glorious part

\ Vhcn grace hath well refined my heart,
And fresh supplies o f joy are shed,
Like holy oil, to cheer my head.

5 E'en now J see, a nd hear, and know

More than I hoped for here below,
And every pow'r finds sweet em ploy
Proclaim ing tidings of great joy.



ef Dawn.



Sidly. 8, 7. (J. H. 388.)

\VEET the moments, rich in blessing,

\Vhich before the cross I spend;
Life, and health, and peace possessing,
From the sinner's dying Friend.

Truly blessed is this station,

Low before his cross to h e,
\Vhile I see d ivine compassion
Beaming in his gracious eye.

3 Here it is I find my heaven

\Vhile upon the cross I gaze;
Love I much? I've much forgiven;
l'm a miracle of grace.
4 Love and grief my heart dividing,
\Vith my tears his feet I'll bathe ;
Constant still, in fai th abiding,
Life deriving from his death .

5 H ere, in ten<ler, grateful sorrow,

vYith my Saviorwi11 I stay;
H ere, fresh hope and strength will borrow.
Turning darkness into day.


Hortou. 7 (s. P. 1II3; E. H. I06.)

AKE my life and may it be,

Lord, acceptable to thee;
Take mv hamls, and let them move
At the i~upul)>e of thy love.


ef Dawn.

CHo.-A II t<> thee, a 11 to thee,

Consecrated, Lord, to thee.

Take my feet and let them be

Swift o~ erran, Lord, for thee;
Take my voice and let it bring
Honor always to my King.

3 Take my lips and let them be

Move<l with messages from thee;
Take my sih-er and my gold;
Nothing, Lord, would I withhold.
4 Take my moments and my days;
Let them flow in constant praise;
Take mv intellect and use
Every pow'r as thou shalt choose.

5 Take mv w ill and make it thine;

It shall be no longer mine;
Take mv heart, it is thine own;
Thus in. me thyself enthrone.

6 Take my lo>e, my God; I pour

At thy feet its treasure-store;
Take myself- wish to be.
Ever, only, all for thee.


(G. H. 72; W. ll. 8.)

'AKE the name of Jes us with you,

Child of so1Tow and of woe:
It will joy and comfort gi,e you;
Take it, then, where'er you go.


ef Dawn.

C110.-Precious name! 0 how sweet!

Hope of earth a nd joy of heaven 1
Precious name! 0 how sweet!
H ope of earth and joy of heaven.

z Take the name of Jesus ever,

A s a shield from every snare;
\Vhen temptations rounrl you gather,
Breathe tha t holy name in prayer.

0 the precious name of Jcsus !

How it thrills our souls with joy,
\Vhen his loving arms receive us,
And his songs our tongues em ploy!

4 At the name of Jesus bowing,

Falling prostrate at his feet,
King of kings soon ~tll shall hail him,
\Vhen his vict'ry is complete.



Jfigt!ol. I.. .M.
138; ). H. 59)

(S. P. J

" '!"AKE up thy cross," the Savior said,

"If thou wouldst my discip1e be;
Deny thyself, the world forsake,
And humb ly follow a fter me."

Take up thy cross; Jet not its weight

r~ill thy weak spirit w ith alarm;
His strength sha ll bear thy spirit up,
An<l brace thy heart and nerve thine arm.

.Iiy111m ef Dawn.
3 Take up thy cross, then, in his strength,
And cal mly every danger brave;
'Twill guide thee to a better home,
'Twill lead to \"ictory o'er the graYe.

4 Take up thy cross and follow Christ;

Nor think till death to )a, it down;
For only he who bears the cross
1'.Iay hope to wear the glorious crown.


(G. H. 329.)

' ELL it out among the nations, that the Lord

is King;
Te11 it out! Tell it out!
Tell it out among the nations; bid them shout
and sing:
Tell it out! Tell it out!
Tell it out with adoration, that he shall increase:
That the mighty King of glory is the King of
Tell it out with jubilation; let the song ne'er
Tell it ou t! Tell it out!

z Tell it out among the people, that the Savior

T ell it out! Tell it out!
Tell it out among the heathen ; biu them break
their chains:
Tell it out! Tell it out!
Tell it out among the weeping ones, that Jcsus


ef Dawn.

Tell it out among the weary ones, what rest he

g ives;
Tell it out among thesi nners,that hecame to save:
Tell it out! Tell it out!
3 Tell it out among the people, Jesus' reign begins:
T ell it out! Tell it out!
Tellitout among the nations, he shall vanquish
Tell it out! Tell it out!
Tell it out among t he highways and the lanes
at home;
Let it ring across the mountains and the ocean's
That the weary, heavy-laden need no long er
Tell it out! Tell it out!


Gremland'1 Icy Mountain!. (s. P. 7 79.)

HE church's one foundation,

Is Jesus Christ, her Lord;
She is his new creation
By water and the \:V ord.
From heaven he came a nd sought her
To be his holy bride;
With his own blood he bought her,
And for her life he died.
z Though, with a scorn ful wonder,
Men see her sore opprest
By foes too great to number,
By trials sore uistrest,


ef Dawn.

Y et saints their watch are keeping;

T heir cry goes up, " How }ong ?"
And soon the night of weeping
Shall change to morn of song.
3 Mid toil and tribulation,
And tumult of her war,
She wail!; the con~ummation
Of peace forever1~ore;
Till, with the vision glorious,
H er longing eyes are blest,
And the great church victorious
Shall be the church at rest.



Day Dawn. 9,8. (s. p,1420.)

HE flush of morn is on the mountains

To drive a\vay the night of sin;
Lift up your heads, 0 hind'ring portals,
And let the King of Glory in!
CHo.-He comes, he comes, the King of Glory!
The light of life upon his brow.
Hail him ! ye nations, hail him! hail him!
The King of kings, behold him now.
z The flush of morn is on the mountains,
And onward'steals to farthes t plain.
Awake, 0 earth! the day is dawning;
He comes whose right it is to reign.
3 Though round about him clouds and darkness
Obscure the beams of dawning day,
Above the clouds, upon lhe mountains,
The watchers see the morning ray.




ef .Dawn.




Uxbridge. L. Jl.
54; J. H. 20; E. a. 9r.)

hea\'ns declare thy glory, Lord,

all the realms of boundless space

The soaring mind may roam abroad,

And there thy power and wis<lom trace.

z Author of nature's wondrous laws,

Preserver of its glorious grace,
\Ve hail thee as the great First Cause,
And here delight thr ways to trace.

3 And \vhi1e bright visions of thy power

The shining worlds before us bring,
The earthly grandeur, fruit and flo\ver,
The praises of thy bounty sing.
4 But not alone do '\vorlds of light,
And earth, display thy grand designs;
'Tis when our eyes behold thy \Vord
\\' c r ead thy name in fairest Ii nes.

5 \ Vide ;is creation is thy plan,

Deep laid in wisdom's mighty rock;
The course of ages is its span;
'Tis for thy universal flock.

6 It compasses the wants of man

And lifts him from the mire of sin;

It starts hiin on the way to life,

And shows him how to enter in.

7 In Christ, \vhcn a ll things are completeThc things in earth and things in heayen429

Ilymns of Dawn.
The hea,'ns and earth shall be replete
With thy high praises enr giYen.

S By faith we sec thy glory now.

\\'e read thy wisdom, love and grace;
In praise and adoration bow,
And long to see thy glorious face.

9 Called, Lord, by thee, to highest place,

To presence of thy glory bright,
0 ! for such condescending grace
How can we speak thy praise aright?





Blrssi,,g-pa,r;e 81.

,.l 'IIE Lord is my Shepherd; J shall not want;

He maketh me clown to lie
In pastures green; he leadeth me
The quiet waters by.
Ctto,-His yoke is easy, his burden is light;
I've found it so, I've found it so:
He leadeth me by day and by night,
\Vhere living waters ftow.


soul crieth out: " Restore me again,

And give me the strength to take
The narrow path of righteousness,
E'en for his own name's sake."

3 Yea, though I should walk in the ntllcy of

Yet why should I then fear ill;
For thou art with me, and thy rod
Anti staff me comfort still.



of Dawn.


Slzir/and. S. JI.
ZI I ; J. H. 306.)

(s. r. 619; G. H .

Lord is risen indeed;

The grave hath lost its prey ;
\Vith him shall rise the ransomed seed,
To live in endless day.

The Lord is risen indeed ;

He lives to die no more ;
He lives, a nd will his people lead,
\Vhose curse and sbame he bore.

3 The Lord is risen indeed;

Attending angels, hear!
Up to the courts of heaven, with speed,
The joyful tidings bear.

4 Then take your golden lyres,

And strike each cheerful chord;
Join, all ye bright celestial choirs,
To praise our risen Lord.


H ebron. L.
(S. P.



G. H. 212; ]. H. 40.)

'f'HE Lord

my pusture shall prepare,

And feed me vvith a shepherd's care;
llis presence shall my wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful eye.

\Vhen in the sultry glebe I faint,

Or on the thirsty mountain pant,
43 1


ef Da1t1t1.

To fertile vales and dewv meads,

l\1y weary, wandering st~ps he leads.
3 Though in a bare and rugged way,
Through devious, lonely wilds I stray,
Thy bounty shall my pains beguile;
The barren wilderness shall smile.

-t Though through the vale of death I tread,

\Vitb many dangers overspread,
.:\Iy steadfast heart shall fear no ill;
F or thou, 0 Lord, art with me still.



.S'l. Jfnrtiu 'r. C. .lf.
(J. II. 136; ~:. H. S5.)

'l'HE Lord, our Savior,

will appear;
His <lay is now at hand;
The sig ns make kno\vn his presence here ;
The wise shall understand."

He comes to ta kc his power to reign

O'er earth with all his saints;
Tesus, the Lam b of G od, once slain,
Will end her long complaints.

3 The prince of darkness he'll destroy;

The hosts of sin o'erthrow ;
Satan shall then no more annoy,
For Christ shall reign below.
4 Then those who suffered in his name,
\V ho did obey his word,
Raised high in glory, shall proclaim
The goodness of their Lorc.1.



ef Dawn.

5 Tbc ,,onders of that happy age

\\'hat mortal coni c) declare?
\\c \'icw with joy the sacrecl page,
For we can read them there.



SI. ,l[nrtin '.r. C. Jll.


136; Y.. JI, 85.)

'l'lIE L or<l's my S heph erd, I'll not '.Ya nt :

Ile makes me down to lie
In pastures green; he leadeth me
The quiet waters by.

z )fy i:;oul he cloth restore again;

And me to walk doth make
\Vithin the paths of righteousness,
E'en for his own name's sake.

3 Yea, though I walk tluo' c:cath's dark va le,

Yet will I fea r n o ill;
For thou art with me. a nd thy rocl
And staff me com fort still.
4 A table thou hast furni shed me
ln presence of my foes;
.:\Iy head thou dost with oil a noint,
And my cup overflows.
5 Goodness and mercy all my life
Shall surelv follow me;
And in God'~ ho11se for evermore
i\ly dwelling place shall be. .


}lymm of D.1w11.



Arid. C. P. M.

(J. II. 332.)

'l 'HE night is spent, the morning ray

Comes ushering in the glorious day,
The promised time of rest.
Hark! 'tis the trumpet sounding clear;
I ts joy ful notes burst on the ear,
Proclaiming tidings blest.

The harvest of the earth is ripe;

The dead who sleep in Christ awake
In likeness oftheir Lord.
To life immortal they arise,
Inheritors of Paradise,
\Vhere death finds no abode.

:; Stupendous scene! Those men of old,

Prophets who ha \e the story told
Of t h is tran scenden t ua,;
The p atriarchs, iipostlcs, too,
\Yho li,ed and died with this in view,
1 n glorious array.

4 Now enterell in to their reward ,

These faithful servants of the L ord
H ave not served him in vain;
A band of heaven's rovaltv,
In glory and in majesty,
O 'er all the earth they reig n .


<f Daall.

8, 0. \ W. H. 20; l'. 652; C. H. 91;

E. R.



' l 'HERE is a fountain tilled with blood,

Drnwn from Jmmanucrs Yeins;
And sinners plunged beneath that flood
Lose all their guilty stains.

z The dying thief rejoiced to :;ce

That fountain in his dav,
J\nd there ma\ all, e'en ,;ile as he,
\\ash every.. sin away.
3 E'er since bv faith I saw the stream
Thy flowing \Vounds supply,
Redeeming love has been my theme,
And shall be till I die.
4 Then, in a nobler, sweeter song,
I'll sing thy power to saYe,
\\'hen this poor, lisping, stam'ring tongue
Lie~ silent in the grave.



(G. "){. 15; W. B. Ir.)

'! 'HERE is a gate that stands ajar,

And through its portals gleaming,
A radiance from the cross afar
O'er all the earth is st['eaming.
0 depth of mercy! can it be
That gate was left ajar for me?
For me, for me?
\\'as left ajar for 111e?


o.f Daw11.

That gate ajar stands free for a ll

\\'ho seek through it salvution;
The rich and poor, the great and small,
Of eycry tribe and nation.
0 depth of mercy ! yes, 1 sec
That gate was left ajar for me;
For me, for me,
\Vas left ajar for me.

3 Press onward, then, though foes 111ay frown,

\Vhile mercy's gate is open;
Accept the cross, and win the crown,
Love's cyerlaslin}!" tok en.
\Vhat depth8 of mercy! () how free!
That gate was left ajar for me;
For me, for me,
\Vas left ajar for m e.

4 Re,ond the river's brink we'll lay

'i'he cross that here is gi vcn,
And bear the crown o f li fe away,
And praise the King of heaven.
0 heig ht of glory! yes, I see
A crown of life reserYed for me;
For me, for me,
A crown resencd for me.



StsstNts. L. ,)[.
( S. P.


G. H . 215; \\'. H. 120,)

H ERE is a Cod-all nature speaks,

Thro' earth, and air, and seas, and skies:


<!/ D 1nt11.

See! from the clouds his glory breaks,

\Vhen the first beams of morning rise.

The rising sun, serenely bright,

O'er the wide world's extended frame
Inscribes, in characters of light,
His mighty :.\faker's glorious name.

3 Ye curious minds, who roam abroad,

And trace creation's wonders o'er,
Confess the footsteps of your God,
And bow before him, and auorc.


Siloam. C. 111. (J. u. 186.)

r}"'HERE is an eye that never sleeps

Beneath the wing of night;
There 1s an cur that never shuts
\Vhen sink the beams of 1ight.

There is an arm that never tires

\Vhcn human strength gives way;
There is a lo\e that nc,er fails
When earthly lo,es decay.

3 0, weary sonls with cures oppressed,

Trust in bis loving might
\Vbose eye is over all thy ways
Through all thy weary night;
4 \Vhose car is open to thy cry;
\Vhosc grace is full an<l free;
\Vhose comfort is forcYcr nigh;
\Ybat'er thy sorrows be.


ef Dawn.

5 Draw near to him in prayer a nd praise;

Rely on his sure word;
Acknowledge him in all thy ways,
Thy faithful, loving Lord.



/hward. C. JI.!. (J. B. 205.)

' l 'HERE is a safe and secret place

Beneath the wings di,in e,
R esened for every child of grace
Hy faith who says, 'Tis mine.

The least and feeblest here may bide,

And rest secure in God;
Hcneatb his wings thev safely hide,
\Vhen dangers are abroad.

3 The angels watch him on his way,

And aid with friendly arm;
And Satan, seeking out his prey,
May hate. b ut cannot harm.
4 H e focds in pasture!' large and fair,
Of Jo,e and truth divine:
0 chil<l of God. 0 glory's heir,
How rich a lot is thine !

5 A hand almighty to defend,

An ear for every call,
A hidden life. and in the end,
Glory to crown it all.

Hymns of Dawn.



(G. H. 8o.)
is life in a look at the Crucifie<l One ;
0 yes, there is Ii fe there for thee:
, Simply look unto Christ and by faith be thou


LJnto him who was naile<l to the tree.

CHo.-Look ! look! look an(l Jiye !

0 ! look now, by faith, to the Crucified One;
There"s a full pledge of life there for thee.

z 0 !

\Yh v was he there as the bearer of sin.

If o~ Jesus thy guilt was not laid?
0 ! why from his side flowed the sin-cleansing
Jf bis dying thy debt hath nut paid?

3 Lt is not thy tears of repentance, and prayers,

But the blood, that atones for the soul;
\\. e simply accept of the work for us done,
And rejoice that he ma keth us whole.

+ ~une need doubt their welcome, since God has

Jesus Christ tasted <lea th for us all;
.Aud again in the end of the age he'll appear,
And restore what was lost hy the fall.
5 \Ve take with rejoicing from Jesus, nt once,
The life everlasting he gives:
\\e haye the assurance of life without end,
S ince Jesus, our righteousness, lives.

Hpnns o.f Dawn.



(w. H. 104.)

HERE'S a wideness in God's mercy

Like the wideness of thct sea;
There's a kindness in his justice,
Though severe his judgments be.


the Scriptures, search and see

\Visdom's wondrous harmony.

There's no place where earthly sorrows

Are more felt than up in he:wen;
There's no place were earthly fni linKs
Han~ such kindly judgmen t given.

RE1-.-Senrch the Scriptures, search <tnd sec,

God in mercy judgeth thee.
3 For the love of God is brooder
Than the measure of man's mind;
And the heart of the Eternal
ls most wonderfully kind.
REF.-Search the Scripture~, search an<l see
God's great kindness unto thee.
4 But men make his love too narrow
Hy false limits of their o\\'n,
And they magnify his vengeance
\\'ith a zeal he will not own.
REF.-Search the Scriptures, search and see
God's grand law of equity.

5 If our faith is hue and simple,

\\'e will take him at his word,

.Hymns of Dawn.
A11J our lhcs wi11 be nil sunshine

In the :.weetness of onr Lonl.

R .hl-'.-Scarch the Scriptures, search and sec;
Let their records. g lad<len thee.



(c. n. 41.}

rfIIE 'vhole
worl<l was lost in the darkness
of sin;
The light of the woYlcl is Jesus;
Like sunshine at noonday, bis glory shone in:
The light of the world is Jesus.
Cm).-Comc to the Light; ' shining for thee;
Sweetly the Light has dawnecl upon me;
Once I was blitl<l,but now I can see:
The Light of the world is Jesus.
:z No darkness have we who in Jesus abide;

The light of the world is Jesus;

\Ve walk in the light \\hen '"e follow our Guide:
The light of the wor1<:l is Jesus.

3 For <l wellers in darkness with sin-hlinrled eyes,

The light of the world is Jesus;
They'll wash'athis hiddin.e;, and light will arise:
The light of the " orld is Jesus.
4 No need of the sun in the city to come,
The light of the world is J csus;
All nations shall walk in the light of the Lamb:
The light of the world is Jesus.



of Dawn.


Iforum. 7. (s.



E. H .


HEY who seek the throne o f grace

Find that throne in eve ry place;
If we live a life of prayer,
God is present everywhere.

In our sickness or our heal th,

In our "ant or in our wealth,
If we look to God in prayer,
God is present eyery where.

3 \V hen o ur earthl y com forts: fail,

\\'hen the foei; oi life prevail,
"Tis the time for earnest p rayer ;
God i,; present everywhere.

-+ Then, my soul, in every strait,

T o thy Father come and wait;
H e will always hear thy p rayer,
Tho u shalt have his tender care.


.htkrnl Str,d. L ,l[. {s. P. 6o.)

rl'HO UGH all the " orld my ch oice deride,

Y et J esus shall my portion be;
F or I am pleased ;vith none beside;
The fairest uf the fair is be.

Sweet is the vision of thy face,

And kindness o'er thy lips is sh ed;
Love1r art thou. and foll of grace,
And g lory beams around thy h eat!.

Hpnns ef Daum .

3 Thy sufferings I embra ce with thee,

Thy poverty and shame ful cross;
T he p leasures of the 'vorltl I flee,
And deem its treasures only dross.

4 Be daily dearer to

my heart,
And ever let me feel thee near;
Then willingly with all I'd part)
Nor count it worthy of a tear.





Jl11/er111a. C.


329; J, R. 163 ;


H. 135.)

r{' IIO UGH earth born sha dows now may shroud
T hy thorny palh awhile,
God 's hl~ssed \Vord can p art each cloud,
A nd hid the sunshine smile.

O nly b elieve, in living faith,

l:l is Joye and p ow er d iv ine,
A n d in each trial , e 'en in d eath,
His light shall round thee shine.

3 \Vhen tempest clouds are dark on high,

His bow of love and p eace
Shines sweetly through thy t roubled sky,
A pledge that storms sha11 cease.

4 H old on thy way, with hope unchille<l,

By faith and not by sight,
And thou shalt own his word fulfilled,
"At eve it shall be lig ht."


Hjmns ef Dawn.



L)'OllS, JO, II.



413; s.



rl 'HOuGII troubles assail and dangers affright,

Though friends should all fail and foes all
Yet one thing secures us, whatever betide;
The promise assures us, "The Lord will provide.'"

The birds, without barn or store-house, are fed;

From them let us learn to trust for our bread;
His saints " hat is fitting shall ne'er be denied,
So loug as 'tis written;The Lord will provide."

3 \Vhen Satan appears to~~top up our path,

AnP, fills u.> with fears, -..rn triumph by faith;
He cannot take from us. though oft be has tried,
The heart-cheering promise, "The Lord will

4 lie tells us we're "eak, our hope is in Yain;

The good that. "\Ye seek ''"c ne'er i::.hall obtain;
But when such suggestions our graces ha Ye tried,
This answers all question.,, 'The Lord will pro, iclc.. ,

~ os1rength

ofour own, nor goodne...s we claim;

Our trust is all thrown on Jesus' dear name:
In this, our strong to\ver, for safety we hide;
The is our power, "The I,onl will provide."

6 'Vhen life sinks apace, ancl cfoath is in view,

The word of his grace shall comfort us through:
!'\ot fearing nor doubting with Christon our side,
\V c're sure to die feeling, "The J .ord will pro\itle."



ef Dawn.


Zion. 8, 7, 4.



814; J. H. 521; >:. H. 156.)

rl'HOU hast said, 0 blessed Jesus,

"Take thy cross and folJow me."
'Tis because thou wouldl~S t have us.
Reign forevermore with thee.
. Lord, I'll take it;
Help me so to follow thee.

While this liquic+tomb s uneying,

Emblem of the dismal grnve,
Thee I'd follow, humb ly praying;
Life itself I woulrl not save.
So I'll enter,
As thon enteredst Jordan'~ w:ne.

3 Fitting sign, which thus reminrls mf',

SaYior, of th y loYe for me,
And this coYe~an t wh ich hinds m e
In it~ deathl ess bonds to thee.
0 ! w hat pleasure
In this fellowship with thee!

4 Though it rend some fond affection,

Though I suffer shame or loss,
Yet the fragra11t, blcst reflection! am now where Jesus was'Vill revive me,
When I faint heneath the cross.








HOU, my everlasting portion,

)fore than friend or life to me,
All along- Ill}' pilgrim journey,
Savior, let me walk wilh thee.
Close to thee, close to thee;
A ll nlong my pilgrim journey,
Snvior, let me walk with thee.

z Not for case or worldly pleasure,

1\or for fame my prayer shall be;
Gladlv will I toil and suffer,
Only let me walk with thee.
Close to thee, close to thee;
Gladly would I toil and suffer,
Only Jct me v..alk with thee.
3 Lead me through the vale of shadows,
Bear me o'er life's fitful sea;
Then, the g a te of life eternal
)lay I enter, Lord. with thee.
Close to thee, close to thee;
Then the gate of lffe eternal
)lay J enter, Lord, with thee.





Laban. S. 111.
557; G. H. 112; J.



'l'HOU Refuge of my soul,

On thee, "\vhen sorrows rise,
On thee, when waves of trouble roll,
)fy fain ting hope r elics.

lfj'11111s of Dauu:.

To thee I tell my grief;

For thou alone canst heal:
Thy word can bring a sweet relief
For every pa:in I feel.

3 Dear Lord, where should I flee?Thou art my only trust;

Ancl still my soul would cleave 'to 'Ll1ee,
Though prostrate in the dust.



Shirland. S. M.
(s. P. 619; G, H. 2II; J. H. 306.)

'l'HOU ever present aid

ln suff'ring and <listress,
The mind which s till on thee is stayed
Is kept in perfect peace.

The soul by faith reclined

On the Redeemer's breast,
'~lid raging storms, exults to find
An everlasting rest.

3 Sorrow and fear are gone,

\Vhcne'er thy face appears;
It stills the sighing suff'rers moan,
And dries the widow's tears.

4 It hallo\vs every cross;

It sweetly comforts me ;
)du kes me forget my every loss,
And find iny a ll in thee.

l!p1111s ef Dawll.
:> Jei,us. to who111 l fly,

Doth all my needs foltil;

\\'hat though.created streams are dry,
I have the fountain still.
6 Stripped of each earthly friend,
l find them all in One;

And peace anJ joy which never end

A bounJ in Christ alone.



Duke .\~rc<'f. L. 1ii,
(S. l'.

76; J. II. 39;

E. II.


rl 'HY presence, gracious God, afford;



to receive thy word;

Now let thy voice engage our ear;

LorJ, speak, and let thy servant hear.

z Distracting thoughts anti cares remoye,

And fi x our hearts itnd hopes above;
\Vi th heavenly truth may we be fed,
And sa tisfied with living bread.
3 To us the sacred word apply,
And may it give new energy;
0 ! may we, in thy faith a nd fear,
Be profited by what we hear.
4 Father, in us thyself reveal;
Help us to learn and do thy will;
Thy heavenly grace in us display,
And g uide us to th~ realms o f day.



ef Daw11.


(S. I'.

Sessions. L. J[.
98; G. H. 215; W. U. 120.)

rl'HY will be done! I wil1 not fear

The fate provided by thy love;
Though clouds and darkness shroud me here,
I know that all is bright above.

The stars of heaven are shining on,

Though these frail eyes arc dimmed with tears;
Tbe hopes of earth indeed are gone,
But are not ours th' eternal years?

3 Father, forgive the heart that clings,

Thus trembling, to the things of time;
And bid my soul, on soaring wings,
Ascend into a purer clime.
4 0 let not doubts disturb its trust,
Kor sorrows dim its heav'nly love;
Nor these afflictions of the <lust
My inmost calm and peace remove.


Ward. .1,. 1lf. (s. P. 47; J. R. 38.)

"'JIS finished!"

so the Savior cried,

And meekly bowed his head and died.
'Tis finished ! yes, the work is done,
The battle fought, the vict'ry won.

'Tis finished! this that heaven foret9l<l

By prophets in the days of old;

And truths are opened to our view,
That holy prophets never knew.

( 2 9)


ef Dawn.

'Tis finished ! Son c f God, thy power

Hath triumphed in the awful hour;
Thy life for ours the ransom paid,
And free from death s hall " e he made.

'Tis fini shed ! let the joyful sound

Be heard through a ll the nations round;
'Tis finished! let the triumph rise
And swell the chorus of the skies!


(G. H.

145; E. II. 254.)

r[O the work! to the work! 0

ye servants of
Let us follow the path that our Master has trod;
\Vith the balm of his counsel our strength to
Let us do with our might what our hands find
to do.

CHo.-Toiling on, toiling on, toiling on, toiling on,

Let us hope and trust: let us watch and pray
And labor till the work is done.

To the \.York! to the work! let the hungry be fed ;

To the founta in of life let the weary be led.
In the cross and its banner our glory shall be
\Vhile we herald the tidings, Salvation is free!

3 To the work! to the work! there is labor for all;

Soon the kingdom of da rkness am.l error shall fall
And the name of Jehovah exalted shall Le .
In the loud swelling chorus, Salvation is free!


ef Dawn.

+ To the w1Jrk ! to the work! in the strength of the

J\nd the smile of his face slwll our labor reward
\\' hen as kings a nti as priests over earth we
s h<1ll l>e,

Making k nown unto all that salvation is



Ammz. I.. JI/. (s. I". 763.)
Ware. (s. r. 29l.)


Zion, lift thy head

From llust and darkness and the dead!
Though huml>lcd long, awake at length,
And gird thee \vit~ thy Savior's strength.

Put all thy beauteous garments on,

And let thi11e cxccllcncc be known.
Decked iu the robes of righteousness,
The world thy g lory shall confess.

3 No more sha 11 foes unclean invade,

And fill thy hallowed courts with dread;
Xo more shall sin's defiling host
Their vict'ry, and thy sorro,vs, boa!-.t.
4 God, from on high, has heard thy prayer;

His hand thy ruins shall r epair;

!\'or will thy watchful J\fonarc h cease
To guard thee in eternal peace.

5 Yea, soon astonished men shall sec

The laurels of thy victory;
And thou. \\ith grace a nd glory crowned,
1lay's t la,ish blessings a ll around.

45 1

'.ff';'11111s of .Daum.



Welton. l. J[. (s.



PO::\ the gospel's sacred page

The gathered beams of ages shine;
For, as it hastens, every age
FulJils its prophecies uivine.

z On mightier '"ing, in loftier flight,

From ve;ir to year the truth shall soar;
And., as it soars,-its blessed light
Shall scatter Jarkness more and 111ore.


glorious still, as centuries roll,

S hall truth's fair banner be unfurled,
Cntil in strength, from pole to pole,
It~ radiance shall o'ertlow the world-

4 Flow to restore, but not destroy;

As when the cloudless lamp of day
Pouri; out its floods of light and joy,
And sweeps the lingering mists away.



Pmilmcc. 'l, 6, 8.
(J. H. 6r2; W. lL 96.)

rAIN, delusive world, ndieu,

'Vith all thou callest good!
To my Lord I 'vould be true,
\Vho-bought me v.ith his blood.
All thy vanities must go;
I have no pleasure in 1hy pride;
Only Jesus will I know,
And Jesus crucified.



of .Dawn.

Christ to know is li fe and peace,

And plcasurn without end;
This is all m y happiness,
On Jes us to depend;
Daily in his grace to grow,
And ever in his faith abide;
Only J esns will I know,
And Jesus crncified.

.1 0 that all would now unite

This saving truth to prove;
See the length, ancl breadth, and height,
And depth of Jesus' Ion!
Fain I would to all men show
The bloocl liy faith alone applied;
Only Jesus will I know,
And Jesus crucified.



liorton. 7.



1113 ; E. u .. 106.)

TAIT, my soul, upon the Lord;

To his gracious promise Oee,
Laying hold upon his \\'ord:
"As thy days, thy strength shall be."
If the sorrows of thv case
Seem peculiar still to thee,
God has promised needful grace:
"As thy days, thy strength shall lie."

3 Days of trial, days of grief,

In succ, ssion thou mav'st see;
This is still thv sweet re"'Iief:
"As thy daJS, thy stre ng th shall be."

Hymns of Dawn.



Amboy. 7. (J.



\){AKE the song of jubilee!

\'\ Let it echo o 'er the sea! ..:ome the promised hour;
Jesus reigns with sov'reign power.
Hark! the desert lands rejoice;
And the islands join their voice;
Joy! the whole creation sings,
J esus is the King of kings!


\Vake the song of jubilee;

Let it echo o'er the sea;
Let it sound from shore to shore;
Jes us reigns for evermore !
Ile shall reign from pole to pole,
With illimitable svrny;
He shall reign when, like a scroll,
Thrones and kingdoms pass a way.


(5. P.

Warwick. C. ii!.
678; G. !I. 213; J. }!.


\\ TALK in the light! so shalt thou know

That fellowship of love
His Spirit only can bestow,
\\ho reigns in light abo\c.

\Valk in the light! and thou shalt find

Thy heart made truly His
Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined,
lo whom no darkness is.


ef Dawn.

3 \ Valk in the light ! and thou shalt own

Thy darkness pass~d away,
Because that Light hath on thee shone
In which is perfect day.
4 Walk in the light! thy path shall be
Peaceful, serene, and bright;
For God, by grace, shall dwell in thee,
And God himself is light.


7,io,.s Gwry. 8, 7. (s. P. 8o8.)

tell me, does the morning
fair Zion's glory dawn?
Have the signs that mark its coming
Yet upon thy path way shone?
Pilgrim, yes! arise! look 'round thee!
Light is breaking in the skies J
Gird thy bridal robes around thee;
.Morning dawns! arise! arise!

\ Vatchman, is the light ascending

Of the grand Sabbatic year ? .
Arc the voices nO\.V portending
That the kingdom's very near?
Pilgrim, yes, I see just yonder
Canaan's glorious h"eights arise;
Salem, too, appears in grandeur,
To\v'ring 'neath its cloudless skies.


see ! the land is ne<tring,

\\' ith its vernal fruits and flowers 1
On ! just yon c.ler-0 how cheering !
Bloom foreyer Eden'i; bowers.

lij'mns oj Dawn.
H ark! the choral stra ins are ri nging,
Glorv to t he L amb of God!
Blcssin'gs to mankind he's bringing,
Even though with chastening rod.



;,l[orning Star. 7. (s.



1FA TCII~'fA~,

tell us of the night\ \ \Vbat its signs of promise are.

Traveler, o'er yon mountain's height,
See that glory-beaming star!
\\' atchman , docs its beauteous ray
Aught of hope orjoy foretell?
Traveler, yes, it brings the <layPromised day of Israel.

' \Vatchman, tell us of the night;

Higher yet that star ascends.
Tra \eler, blessedness and light,
Peace and truth its conrse portends.
\\fatchman, w ill its beams alone
Gild the spot that ga ,.e thein b irth?
TrnYeler, ages are its o"n;
See, its glory fi)],, the ea rth.

3 \Vatchma n, tell us of the night,

For the morning seems to <lawn.
Traveler, darkuess takes its flight,
Doubt and terror are withdrawn.
\\fatchman, will earth's sorrows cease,
And U od 's will on earth be done?
Traveler, yes, the Prince of peace,
Earth's appointed King, has co1ne !

Hymns ef .Dawn.



(HYMNS O!' ~l::>RN!NG,


1\ TE 'VE

been watching, we've been waiting,

For the bright, prophetic. day:
\Vhen the sh ad O\vs, wearv shadows,
From the v;orld shall roll away.

CHo.-\Ve are waking, for 'tis morning,

And the beauteous <lay is dawning;
\\Te are happy, for 'tis morning;
See! the shadows flee 11. way.
J,o ! he comes! see the King draw near!
Zion, shout! the Lord is here.

\Ve'ye been watching, we've been \vaiting,

For the star that brings the day;
For the night of sin to vanish,
And the mists to roll a way.

\\re',-e been watching, we\e been waiting,

.For the beauteous King of day.
For the chiefest of ten thonsand,
For the Light, the Truth, the \Vay.

+ \Ve begin

to see the dawning

Of the bright Millennia l day;
Soon the shadows, weary shadows.
Shall forever pass away.


(G. JJ, 24; W.


57 ;

l \ TE

1'. H. 219.)

praise thee, 0 God, for the Son of thy love,

\Vho <lied for our sins a nti ascended above.

Hymns of Dawn.
Ctto.-Irallelujah ! thine the glory: hallelujah!
Hallelujah! thine t heglory:re\iYeusagain.

0 God, for the Spirit of light

That shines on thy pages, and scatters our night.

z \\' e prnisc thee,

3 \Ye praise thee, 0 God, that the kingdom is

That the Sayior has come, and will shortly


(G. H. 7; W. II. 23 ; E. H. 273.)

\\,TE shall meet beyonc\ the river

l3y and by, by and by;
And the darkness shall be over
By and by, by and by.
\Vhen the toilsome journey's done
And t he victory is won,
\\' c shall shine forth as the sun,
By an d Ly, by and by.

\Ve shall strike the harps of glory

By and by, by and by;
\Ve sh a ll sing redemption's story
By a nd by, by and by;
And the strains forevermore
Shall resound in S'\YCetncss o'er
Yonder everlasting shore,
.Hy and by, by and Ly.

I:i.Jmm <f Dawn.

3 \Ve shall sec an<l b e likeJe,.;ns

B y and by, by and by;
To himself he will receive us
By and by, by an<l by.
Then with joy we shall fulfil
All God's blessed, holy will,
And adore and praise him still
By and by, by and ~Y

Yes, our tears shall all cease flowing

By and by, by and by;
And with power we shall be showingIly and by, b y and byA ll the wealth of grace divine,
All the depth of wisdom's mine,
Making truth and virtue shine
Ily and by, by and by.


8, 7. (c. 11. 29;


ll. 165.)

THAT a friend \Ve have in J esus,

\\ All our sins antl griefs to bear!
\\'b3t a pri \ilege lo carry
E\erything to him in prayer!
0, what peace we often forfe it!
0, what needless pain we bear!
All because we do 11ot carry
Everything to him in prayer.
2 Have "''.e trials and temptations?

Is there trouble anvwhere?

\Ve should neyer be discouraged;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.


ef Dawn.

Can we fin<l a frien<l so faithful,

\ Yho will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every w eakness;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.
3 Arc we weak and heavv-ladcn,
Cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Savior 1 still our refuge!
Take it to the Lonl iu prayer.
Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?
Take i t to the Lord in prnyer ;
In his arms he' ll take and shield thee;
Thou wilt find a solace there.



Avon. C. .III.

(E. H.

135; s.



\\THAT poor, despised company

Of traye}ers are those,
\Vho walk in yonder narrow "ay,
Beset by many foes?

Ah, they arc of a royal line,

All children of a King,
Ilcirs of eternal life divine,
And lo! for joy they sing!

3 \Vhy do they, then, appear so mean?

And why so much d espised?
Because, of their rich robes, unseen,
The world is nol apprized.

4 But w hy keep they that narro" ro::.d,

T hat rugged, tho rny maze?

IIymns of Dawn.
Ah, that's the way tlicir Leader trod ;
They love an<l keep his ways.


Roddn![ham. L. ill.


29; G, H. IOJ; J, H. 44i 1'. }(. 151.}

'\\!HAT various hindrances we meet

In coming to the mercy-scat~
Yet wbo, that knows the worth of prayer,
B u t wishes to be often there?

Prayer makes the darkest clon<l withdraw ;

rrnycr climbs the ladder Jacob sa-..v;
Ghes exercise to faith and love;
Brings e...-ery blessing from aliun:.

3 Restraining prayer, we cease to fight;

l'rnyer keeps the Christian's armor bright;
And Sa tan trembles when he sec-s
The weakest saint upon his knees.



Hrn<ani. C. JI[. (J.



1.'THEN a~l.thy mercies, 0 my God,

Jl.fy nsmg soul Slll'Vt')'S,
Tran~ported " ith the view, I'm lost
In wonder, love and praise.

0, how can words with equal warmth

The gratitude declare
That g lows -..vit h in my inmost heart?
.Hut thou canst read it there.

Hpnns ef Dawn.
3 Through all eternity, to thee
A grateful rnn g I'll raise .
.Aud iny eternal joy o.hall Le
To herald wide thy praise.


Dul.e Stred. L. , l/.
(s. P. 76; J. H. 39; I-~ R . 5)

1\\ 11EJ.On which

r s urvey the \\"Ondrous cross
my blessed S:n ior died,

All earthly gain I count bu t loss:

How empty all its show and pride!

I would not seek in earthly bliss,

To find a rest apart from thee,
Forgetful of thy sacrifice
\Vhich purchased lifo and peace for me.

3 I'm not nn own, denr Lord-to thee

).Jy eYe;y power, by right, belongs;
::\ly privilege to sen~ I sec,
Thy praise to raise i n tuneful songs.
4 .And so, beside th y sacri lice,
I would lay do~~n my little all.
'Tii> lean and poor, I nn1st confess;
I would that it were n ot so small.

5 Hut then I know thou dost accept

~1y grateful otr'ring unto thee;
For, Lord, ' tis lo\e that doth i t prompt,
.And love is incense sweet to thee.




t?/ Dawn.


Jlartin. 7, ti.




~:. H. 202.)

1\rIIE="! I dew the cruel cross

\\'here rny loving SaYior died,
A ll the bitter pain and loss
Ilorne to save his foture bride,
0 ! w hat language can express,
0 ! what ministril's can show,
All my heart's d eep thankfulness,
LoYe which in my hear t doth glow?

z Ilow cou ld l in earthl y tlross

Find a satisfaction i'.iow?
Sweeter far to share the cross
Anrl beneath its weight to bow;
For communion sweet i find .
In this straight arHl narrow way,
\Yith his loye and help so kincl
For my comfort, strength and stay

3 Forward to th e future joy

All my longi11g hopes aspire,
Anrl for this world's mean alloy
{ will not henceforth inquire.
0 ! the joy of that bl est hour
\\'hen, in glory, Christ I'll meetRaised hy him to queenly power,
In his righteousness complete.

4 Every painful circumstance,

E,,-cry sorrow I ma,. know
\\Till that glory lm t e~hance_:_
Hcayenly Joye the brighter g low.


of Dawn.

LoYC, so proyerl. is sweeter far

T han the trophies won by pride;
:i\aught this mutual love, can mar;
Through all ages 'twill abide.


(G. H. 336.)

TUIIEN the Lord from hca\'n appears

\ \ \ Vhcn arc banished all our fears,
\ Vhcn the sleepers from the tomh
\\'ith t he watchers reach their home-

CHo.-Then enthroned, our Lord, "ith thee,

\\'c shall reign eternally.

z \\' hen our eyes the King shall !.CC

In his glorious m:ijesty,
\Vhen to him we're called above,
Partners of his joy and love3 D ebtors to his matchless grnce,
At his feet our crowns we'll place ;
And as ages roll along,
Still we'll sing the glad nc-..Y song.
1- Let this hope now purify
Those who on thy word rely;
Comfort to our hearts afford;Come and fill us now, 0 Lord.



(G. :a. 225.)

THEN the storms of li fe a rc raging,

\ \ Tempests wild on sea and land,

Hymns of Dawn.
I "ill seek a place of refuge
In the shadow of God's hand.

,,ill hide me, he "ill hi<lc me,

\\' here no hnnn can e'er betide me;
He will hi<lc me, safeh- hide me,
In the shadow of his.hand.

z Though he may permit affiiction,

'Twill but make me long for home;
For in love, and n ot in anger,
1\11 his chastcnings " ill come.

3 Enemies may stri ye lo injure,

Satan all his arts employ:
God "ill turn what seems to har111 me
Into eYerla.sting j oy:

t So, when here the cross J"m bearing,

j\feeting storms an<l billows wild,
Jesus for my soul is caring:
Kaugh t can harm his Fnthcr's child.


ll'imf. L. .If. (s. r. 47; J. ff, 38.)

THERE two or three, with s weet accord,

\\ :Meet in thy name, 0 blessed Lord!]\f cet to recount thine acts of grace,
0, how thy pre5cncc tills the place!

There thou hast promi,-ed, Lord, to be,

To bless the little company;


o/ ])awn.

A nd while we offer prayer and praise,

0 ! may we lear n more of thy ways!
3 0 ~fill our hearts with heaYen)y love,
.AnJ may we at its impulse mo,e,
That all around may clearl_\ see
That we have been, dear Loni. with thee.



Dwzbar. .5: J[. ti. (s. P. 5So.)

n 7110 in the Lor<l confide,

\ \ And in his precious blood,
I n storms and hurricanes abide
Firm as the mount of God.
Steadfast, and fixed, and su re,
His Zion cannot move;
His faithful people stand secure
In Jesus' guardian love.

As 'round J crusalem
T he hilly bulwarks rise,
So God protects a n d co,ers t hem
From all their enemies.
On every side he s tands,
And for bis Israel cares;
And safe in his almighty hands
Their souls forever bears.



(G. U .


1\TIIO~I han 1, Lord, to he lp lmt thee?


one but thee~ Xone but thee!




of .Dawn.

A od this my song through life shall be,

Christ for me! Christ for me!
He hath for me the trod;
He ha th redeemed me by his blood;
He reconciled my soul to God.
Christ for me! Christ for me!
I envy oot the rich their joys;
Christ for me! Christ for me!
I covet not earth's glittering toys;
Christ for me! Christ for me!
Earth can no lasting bliss bestow;
"Fading" is stamped o n all below;
l\fine is a joy no end can know.
C hrist for me! Christ for me!

3 Though poor and humble be my lot,

Christ for me! Christ for me!
He knoweth best; I murmur not;
Christ for me l Christ for me!
Though vine and fig-tree blight assail,
T h e la bor of the olive fo il,
And death o'er fl ock s a nd herds prevail,
Christ for me ! Christ for me !
4 Though I am no'y on hostile ground,
Christ for me! Christ for me!
And foes beset me all around,
Christ for me! Christ for me!
Let earth her iierces t battle wage,
An<l foes against my soul engage
Strong in his strength, I ' ll stand their rage;
~hrist for m e ! Christ for nie !

.!Iymns of .Duwn.




l[. 9~.)

\ TOUR harps, ye tear ful saints,

l Down from the ..,dllo-..\'s take;
:Ko more by llah'lons streams sit <lown
And weep for Zion's sake.

The Spirit of our God

Hath tuned the harp <livine,
And now, in grandest h armon y,
Its melodies combine.

3 A wake its n otes of joy

That tell of Zion's peace,
And how, through everlasting years,
Iler glory shall increase.

+ Take dovrn

the harp diYinc,

Sweep o'er its many strings;
They call to Zion, Rise ancl shine !
T hy God salvation brings.

5 J\I o more an exile roam ;

Accept thy liberty;
God calls his faithful people home,
Sets error's captives fre e.

6 Let such go up and build

The temple of our God.
And let their souls, with courage filled ,
Publish the n ews abroad.
7 God' s temple soon shall rise
Above the wrecks of time;

Hymns ef Dawn.
And then its finished mysteries
Shall glow in light sublime.



.Zion, 8, 7, 4.

(J, IL 521; S. P. 814.)


stands with hills surroundedZion, kept by power divine.

All her foes shall be confounded
Though the world in arms combine.
Happy Zion!
'Vhat a favored lot is thine!

Every human tic may perish,

Friend to friend unfaithful prove,
:Mothers cease their own to cherish;
Heaven and earth at Inst remove,
Ilut no changes
Can attend Jehovah's love.

3 In the furnace God may prove thee,

Thence to bring thee forth more bright,
But will never cease to love thee;
Thou art precious in his sight.
God is with theeGo<l, thine everlasting light!

POE~tf S


A Dir~e. *
A H appy New Year.
A Life Well Spent.
A l .ittle I .ight.
A Little Talk \\'ith Jesus.
J\ Little While.*
A T.ittle \Vhile.
All Things New.
' All Things New.
Amen, Amen.
A l'erfctl Trust.
A Present Help.
Ascend, nelovt'd.
,\ Solitary \\'ny.
At Lasl

(;r,,, Crn j'.






.1-: C. Bro7.wziug.

L . .if. . J/r.1w11kr.

J. c.




lie Strong.
Be Vigilant.*
Bringing Home the Flock.

I 1l

Sarah f),,,ufffry.

Chriot our Teacher.

Chrh.t All in All.
Christ Within.
Church of Got!.
Clear the Way.
Coming By and Hy.
Count Your Blessings.
Courage! Morning Dawns.
Courage! My Soul.
Courage ! Press on.


F. 1~. /frrutJ:~a!.
C/111 rkr 1ll11c!:ay.



Pout rlcmin.![.




ef Poems.

Deeds, not \\' ords.

l>elivernnce. *
Divine Guidanc~. *
Doubt Him .Kot.


I 1. ,)/. .A7ml>all.


ll'm. Cullen .R1ya11t.


Mrs. )(. R. Smitli.




Enter In.*
Even so, Father.

Ruhoj> Hebe1-.


Jbs. /Jerrick Johnsq11.

F aultk,-s.

Fill"d with Chri,r~ Fulne..s.

.follow the Pattern. *
From Darkness to Light.
Full Consecration.







Gideon's Tiand. .
God Bies; Thee. *
God Know>.
()od's \Yorks.
Go, Labor On.
Grace Sufficient. *
Great Truths.
Growin;; in Grace.

10: Cd!et!y.

I 74

F. R. ll7uk11.


I 14


;.: A'. ilt1''tr;,at.



Have Faith in Cod.

Ile Careth For \'ou.
He I~estoreth my Soul,
He that Scatlereth Increa~eth.
His Will, Kot ~line, l:lc Datte.
How Reade~t l11ou?
How \Ye Learn.
Hymn of the Walden..e~.

Jlrs. Charles.
,Jin-. !J. 11: .Brow11.



11'. C. Bryant.

I Can Tru!>t.
I Cannot Do \Yithout 111ee.
I Count Xot His the Happiest I ife.
If I Could Know.
If We Are Christ's. .
I nto His Marvelous Li~ht.
Is It For Me?
It IIastelh Greatly.

r: R. I!aruergal.





JV: Baka.




Jfrs. JJ. r: Red.

Francis j111wier.

Joy Cometh.
Jesus of !\azareth.




Index n.f l'oems,

Jesus Only.
Let Not Doubts ll'crwhclm.
Let Us Uo Forlh.
Life's St01m> Are l'a.,,,inr:.
L igl1t nn<l T ruth. <:
Light Ahead.
Lord, G ive Me Thi....
Master, Say On.
Meat in D ue Sea!>On.
My One Talent.
My l'rayer.
My Psalm.
My Sacrifice. *
My Song.
New Year's 'Vishe;.
Only Thy Way, 0 Go<l.
Onr Blesse<l II npe.
Our Bow of Promise.
Our Hand; of l'r11yer,
Our Master.
0 Use Me, Lord.
Perfect Lo"e.
Perilous Times.
Press On.
Put On Thy Beautiful Robes.
Rcsnrrcction. *
Right the l':ithwny.
Salvation Fu'l (l.ucl Free.
Steadfast, Immovable.
Summer Days to V>llle.
Sweet J formony at Lnsl.
Take H eart.
Tell Me Abou t the Master.
T empted and Tried.
The Aged ~ainl. *
The Tieam.
The Before the
The Ble.'-!.t:'d H':Jbe. *
The Bloo1!-Boug t R ohe.
The J3ride of the Lamb.
Tl'ie Lord my Shepherd.



Horntiu.s llnnar.
llomtius Bonar.


Fro11cis J..'. Ilavaga/.


Prof. Upham.


J. G. IVltittier. 145

G. Whittier.

Ve.rta A: J ohnson.
F. R. Havergal.
Cl1arlotk J.: Bates.


Jfrs. lVhittuy.
J. c. IVhittier. <JS

J (;. lVhillier. 51
r: R. Haverga!. nS


171tro11 Bnn:ou.

1 94


J (;.


JT. E ..Kimzey.
H. G. Cui;mess.




Jiu/ex <if l'ocms.

The Call Divine.
The Chri>\ian's Trne Support.
'l he Church of Goel
111e Coming Storm.
The Cost of Discipleship. *
The Day h At H and.
The Day of His Preparation ....
Cl1t1s. Jfock"J"
J. G. IVhillier.
The Mini!.ter's Daui('hler.
The Nominal Chureh.
The Oath-Cl::ul J'rorni.~e.
Jlrs. l: J: .Russell.
The Old, Old Story.
J. G. IV!littier.
The l'eace of Europe.
1he Prayer of the Cou,ccratcd.
The Refinitig.
There's Only One.
The Secret of His Pre!\ence.
The Time is Short.
The Transformation.
. Jr.
The Triumphs of Christ' Kingdorn. *
The Vista of the Year. 'k
J[rs. .Herrick Johnson.
The Voice in the Twilight.
S. Ro.>:111111 TVince.
The Wings of Faith.
P C. lVilsvu.
The Wrath of God.
Francis .!!. IIavngal.
The Year Before Us.
Thy Kingdom Come.
J. G. Whittier.
Thy Will Tle Done.
A. P. )filler.
To-Day I Seem tll Understnn<L
.fosefltine Pollart!.
To Jesus Always.
_/. E. /'11.g-e.
Tmnsvusc and Parnllcl.
True Jleauty. *
Trust Him :.-.lore.
Tru~l in the Lord.



W aiting and Watching.

Wait on the Loni.

L. S. Cuthbert.
S. JI. HoJ..i;tltJn.

Wait on the Lord.

\Ye Shall ne Llke Him. "'
We Thank Thee.
What a Frie.n<l in Jesus!
\\'11om Will Ye Serve?
\Vhy Do~t Thou Wait.
Why ShonId I Fear?
\Vorkers and \Vinricri;.



L. S. Cutlibert.




-First Li11f!.Abide, ~weet Spirit, hc11v1:nly Do..e.
According to thy grariou< \\'orcl. *
jrr.r .lftm<;:<>w<'YJ'
Ah, my heart is hcnvy lad~n.
Ah, tell me not of gold or trea.c,urc.
Alas! and did my Savior bleed?*
. IVatts.
A little flock, so calls he thee.
A little while! now he lias come. *
All for Jesu.~, all for J esus.
, )fary l.J. James
i\11 glory to J csus'he given.* Jifrs. Annie fVit1c11111eyer.
All hail the power of Jesuo' name.
E. Pcrrond.
All people lh:tt on earth do dwell.
fViu, Kethe.
All the way my Savior lc:tds me.
Fanny J. Crosby.
Am I a soldier of the cross?
./. lValts.
1\nd can I yet delay? *
Charles tVesley.
Ask ye what great thing I know?
J. S B. 11Io11sel.
As with gladness men of oh.l.
TVm. C. Dix.
Awake, and ~ing t he song.
1Vm .lln11wumd.
Awake, Jcrnsaltm, a wake!*
C/u,,./es 1'Vesley.
Awake, my soul, in joyful lays.*
Snm'I ftferlley.
Philip Doddridge.
Awake, my soul, :.tretch every nerve.
& hold, what won<lr<>11~ gi-ace.
Bl~d Dible, prccimL' \\'ord !
Blcst be the tie that binds. *
Blow ye the trumpet, blow.*
Rride of lhc L amb, awak<:: ! awake!
By thy birth, and by thy tears. *






j oh1t Fawcett.
C. 1Vesftoy.
Robt. Grant.



I11dc.x <>/ Jlj,,,ms.


the h.-a1euly King. *
jolw Cmuick.
Christ gave his life for mt:. *
Fran as R, //anrgal.
Christian, the morn breaks sweetly o't:r thee. lfjo.r. l.:m/iu;r.
Chrbl is come! now let <'Ycation. *
J. R. Jlfacduff.
Chri>t, the Lor<l, is risen to-day. *
C. H'eslq.
Come, all ye saints, to Pbgah's mountain. *
Come, Jesus, 1\laster, Sun divine. *
C. Wesley.
Corne, k t us anew our journey porsue.
John J\nofolt,
Come, my soul, thy ~uit prepare.
I'. P. Bliss.
Come, s ing the gospel'> joyful sound .
R. Robinson.
Come, t hou Fount of every blcs~ini:.
T. .lloore.
Come, ye <li,consolate, where'E'r ye laugui,h.
Come, ye that know and lo~e the L ord.*
Come, ye that love the Loni. *

Daughtn of Zion, awakt> from thy saclnt>Ss.

Dear Savior, we thy will ol><::y. *
Deem not that they are blcot alone. *
Equip me for the war. *
Eternal l.ord, cele>tial King.
Eternal Sun of Wghte(.usness.






C. lfr;a11!.


C. TVisky.
Jf;u, TT'ranghrmz.
C. ll'cs/ey.


1'11111 Ged1nr<ft.
Give to the winds thy fears.
J. A'e'it/011.
Glorious things of thee are spoken. *
Jas. Alim.
Glory to God on h igh.
Go, bury thy ~or<ow.
/. l Vi1tts.
Cod is the refuge of hb ~ainb. *
God loved the ,\orlrl of silmcrs lost.
,I/rs. ,v. Stod:ton.
(jod moves in a mysterious way.
Wm. Cowper.
Gcxl of my life, to thee I call.
Cod of my life, throu"h all my day>. *
F. Dod<fri<(<;e.
God has prombed a giorious day.
.l/r.r. C. T. Russell.




Fade, fade, each earthly joy. *

/lomtius flo11ar.
iar from my thought.>, ,ain worltl, he gone. *
/. fVatts.
Father of mercies, in thy \\'ord. .
Father, whate'er of earthly blb:;.
Amlll Steele.
Father, while our eyes arE' weeping. * '.ln1>m11.r Jlastin,1;.r.
Forever here my r c;t ~hall be.
Jas. ,)/on~t;o1urry.
Forever with the Lorn. *
I'. l'. Bliss.
Free from the Jaw, 0 happy condition!
From all that dwell below the s\,ie,, ;:.
/. f.Vatts.
ff. Slowe/I.
From e,ery storrny wind that blows. *













Index of Ilymns.
God's hand that sa,es, though kind, seems rough.
(;race! 'tis a charming sound.
I'. Doddn"<(r;-.
Great God, indulge my humble claim.
I. fVatts.
Great Husbandman, at thy command. *
Guide me, 0 thou great Jehovah.
HZ T1''i!liams.


Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morning.

Hail to the J.oni',; Anointed.*
Jas. ;lfontgonwy.
Happy the man who learns to trace. *
C. I-Vesley.
Hark! ten thousand harps and voic.:es. *
Thos. J,.e!le)'
Hark! the glad sound! the Lord has come! * P. Doddridgt.
Tlark ! the notes of angels singing.
Haste, my dull soul, arise!
Il ave you heard the new SOL1g ?
3frs. C. J'. Russell.
l lave you on the Lord believed?
P. P. Bliss.
Hear what God, the Lord, hath spoken.
IVm. Cowper.
Heavenly Father, I would wear.*
.lury Larcom.
Heavenly Father, sovereign Lord. *
Benj. fVilliams.
Heavenly Father, we beseech thee. *
Fanny J. Crosb)'
Heavenly Father, we, thy children.*
E. iVathrm.
He dies, the Friend of sinners dies. *
I. {Vatts.
He lcadeth me: 0 ! blessed thought.
Jos. II. Ci/more.
II ere o'er the earth as a otranger I roam. *
High in the hca"ens, eternal C.:od.
Holy Spirit, ba11i,h sadness. *
Pflul Gerhardt.
Tloly Spirit, faithful guide.
;J/. 11/. / fWls.
Hope of our hearts, 0 Lord, appear.
How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord. * C. A"rith.
II ow happy and blessed the hours. *
J. l\'twton.
How blessed, how glorious, how joyful to fed. * .
How sweet the name of Je;;us sounds!
J. Newton.
[low sweet to leave the world a while!
llow vain i:; all beneath Lhe skies! *
David E. Ford.
llow wise are Cod's command;;!
P. Doddridge.
I am :;o glad that our Falhei- in heaven. *
P. P. Bliss.
I :un the door; come in, come in.*
D. lVi!liams.
I am waiting, ever waiting. "*
J ])ring my sins to thee.
;.: R .f!avergal.
I tome to thee, I come to thee! *
If J in thy likeness, 0 Lord, may awake. *
If on a quiet sea. *
. A. ,~f.. Top!tu!y.
I have entered lhe valley. *
;1rs. A. IYitte11111eyer.











Index of l(vmm.
heard the rnice of Jesus say. *
If. .Bonar.
know no life divided. *
Carl Spitta.
know not what awaits me.
.\Jary C. Brrrinard.
know that my Redeemer lives. ><
Salil' l J/,dlev.
left it a'l with Jesus.*
Elim Ii. /Vi"ll;s.
r love 1hee, [ love thee, I love thee, my Loni. * J. lnga/15.
I love thy will, 0 Cod.
[ love to steal a while away.*
11/rs. P. fl. llruwn.
[ love to tell the story.*
,lfiss A ate Ha11kev.
I'm a pilgrim, and I'm a stranger.*
,1/rf, ,Jf. Shlnd/;,.,
I'm not ashamed to own my Lord.
/. JVatts.
I need thee every hour.
ii/rs. A. S. llawks.
In God I have found a retreat.
. Jas. 1\'icholson.
In some way or other, the Lord will.
11/rs. ;Jf. A, Cook.
In memory of the Savior's Jove.*
11/rs. C. T Russell.
In the cross of Christ I glory.
John BO'"<ilring.
In the rifted Rock I'm resting.
Into thy gracious bands I fall. *
JV. C. Dess/er.
In Zion's Rock abiding.
P. P. Jlliss.
I am a way-worn traveler.
J.E. 11/atthias.
I w1nd all astonished with wonder.
ff: F. Crafts.
I've found a :Friend, 0 ! such a Friend.*
I want a principle within. *
C. Wesley.
I will sing for JC!ills.

Jlrs, F. JI. Cates.

I will sing of my Redeemer.*
F. P. Bliss.
I will sing you a song.*
Jlrs. F. ,1.r. Catt's.

JesllS, I my cross have taken. *

If. F. f.ylt'.
Jesus, keep me near the cross.
Fanny J. Crosby.
Jesus, my slrength, my hope.
C. lVtslry.
Jesus, refuge uf my soul. *
C. /Vu!ey.
Jesus shall reign whcre'er lhe ~un. *
I. IVatts.
Jesus, the Yery thought of thee. * .
Jesus, thou everlasting King. *
I. JVatts.
,\ ~ Zinoendmj".
Jesus, thy spotless righteouwess. *
Jesus wept in oorrow o\'er.
3/rs. C. 7: Russel!.
Jesus, where' er thy people meet.*
!Fm. Cuwper.
Joy 10 the world, the Lord is come! *
Keep thou my way, 0 Lord.
Laboring and l1eavy laden.
Let earth and heaYen agree.




I Io


I 15




I 20

I 24
I 25


I 3I




S. B . .l/onsell.
C. lVts!q.


Index of fl)lmns.
Let every mo1tal ear attend. *
I. TVL1tfs.
Let us rejoice in Chr:st, the Lord.
Let worldly minds t be world pursue.
J. Nn.tJton.
Lift up, lift up thy voice with singing. * ill. A. Lathbwy.
Lifl up your heads, desponding pilgrims.*
Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates. 'k
Ceo. ffl',issel.
Light of the world, shine on our souls.
IJke the sound c,f many walers.
F.J. Crosby.
Long in bondage we have waiten.
.1llrs. C. T. Russell.
I.ook, ye saints, the sight is glorious. *
Tlws. Kelley.
Lord, dismi'5 us with thy blessing.
Edwin Smyth!!.
Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing.
/Faller Shirley.
Lord, I am thine, entirely thine. .
Sam'I /)avies.
Lord, I delight in thee.
John RJland.
Charlotte Elliott.
Lord, no hour is half so sweet.
Loni of my life, to thee I call.* .
U'm. Cowper.
Lo, the light of God is breaking.
JV. 7'. S'ierwin.
Love divine, all love excelling. *.
C. lVesley.
Love of Jesus, all divine.*
F. Botto111e.
Majestic sweetness sits enthroned.
S. Stennett.
Man of sorrows! \\'hat a name!
. P. P. Bliss.
Many sleep, but not forever.*
11/rs. ,V. A. Kidder.
Mirl scenes of confmion.
D. Denham.
Mine eyes can sec the glory.
More Jove to thee, 0 Christ.
J/rs. E. Prenh'ss.
Mourner, wheresoe'er t110u art.
F. J. Crosby.
My faith looks up to thee.
Ray Pa/mer.
iVly God, I have found.*
My God, the spring of all my joys.* .
I. lVc11ts.
l\Iy gracious Lord, I own thy right.*
P. Dodt!n';:e.
My hope is built on nothing less.
.E. A/ofe.
My life flows on in endless song.
F. J. llart!ey.
My Lorrl, how folt of sweet content.
,.1r Cuyon.
My Father, my almighty Friend. *
I. 1Vatts.
My song sh:i.11 be of Jesus.
11/rs. Vim Alstp1e.
My soul, be on thy guard.
G. llmth.
:My soul, weigh not thy life.
My soul, with humble fervor raise. *
.f .fl. Livingstone.
1Vi11. ;;: Lloyd.
My times are in thy han<l.
Naught of merit or of price.
lJfrs. Sarah Adams.
Nearer, my Goe.I, lo thee. *

* .


J 50

l 57

I (io

l 62
17 I


Index of lfymns.
~o longer far from rest' I roam.
Not all the blood of beasts.*
Not my own, but saved by Jesus.
Not to ourselves again.
Now lel our souls on wings sublime.

I. lVatls.
E. }\!atlan.

hli" of the purified.

r: Bo/tome.
coultl we speak the matchless worth. *
S. JJ/erlle;'.
for a closer walk with God.*
/Vm. Cowper.
for a faith that will not shrink.*
TV:.//. Bathurst.
for a heart more like my Cod. -~
C. /Vesley.
for a thousand tongues to sing.
C I Vesley.
Oft in danger, ofl in woe.
]{. K. 1V/1ite.
0 glorious hope of heavenly love. .
C !Vesley.
0 God, our strength, to thee our song. * .ffmriet Auber.
0 happy day, that fixed ~y choice. *
I'. Doddridge.
0 hail, happy day, that speaks our trials ended.
0 happy they who know the Lord.
0 how happy are we. "'
P. P. L?liss.
0 how happy arc they.
C. tvi,s!ey.
Jean P. Oberlin.
0 Lord, thy promi,ed grace impart. *
0 love divine, that stooped to share.
0. IV. llo!mn.
One more day's work for Jesus.
Anna /Varner.
One offer of salvation.*
I'. .!'. Bliss.
One there is ahoYe all others.
Only thee, my soul's Redeemer.
F. J. Crosb;,_
Only waiting till the dawning.
0 now I see the crimson wave.
11/rs. I'. .!'aimer.
On the mountain's lop appearing. *
Titos. J{dfey.
On thy Church, 0 Power divine.*
.llarriet Auber.
Our heavenly Father and our Friend.*
C. ivesley.
0 render thanks to God above.
0 saints, who are weary.
ii/rs. C. 7: Russell.
0 SaYior, precious Savior.
;:.: R. lliwergal.
0 sometimes tl1e shadows are tleep.
;;:, Johnson.
0 soon we'll sing the depth of matchless love.
0 the bitter pain and sorrow.
Theo .illonod.
0 thou God of our salvation.
ilfrs. C. 1'. Russe/{.
0 thou in whose presence.
Jos. Swain.
U thou to whom, in ancient time.
John Pierpo11t.
0 thou who driest the mourner's tear.
Titos. 11/oorc.
U to be 1101bing, uothing!
Ceo1:!{1'mur JJ.f. Ta;for.






21 J


22 5

I nJ;.x of IIJ,mns.
Our lamps are trimmed. *
Out of the depths of woe. *
0 where are the reapers? *

Ceo. F. Root.
]as. .il/on{~mllery.
E. E . .Rexford.

Peace, troubled soul*

S. Ecking.
l'rabe God, frorn whom all blessillbTS flow. ~
Praise, my'soul, the King of heaven.
Praise the I .ord, his glories show.
If'. P. I1,te.
Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore.
Johll Ji.'emptho;,,e.
Praise to him uy whose kind favor.
Prayer is appointed to comey. *
Jos. llart.
Precious Jesus, bow I love thee.
J< Bottome.
l'recious moments, rich in blessing.
lJirs. C. T. Russell.
Precious promise God hath given.*
.LV. .tViles.
Precious Savior, thou hast saved me.
L. JJf. Rouse.
l'rince of peace, accept my will. -~
J)fary Barber.

Reaping all day were the virgins fair. ilfrs. C. T. Russell.

Redeemed! redeemed!
E. Aatlum.
Rejoice and ue glad. *
H. Bonar.
Rejoice I rejoice! the promised time is coming.
Repeat the story o'er and o'er.
I'. I'. .Bliss,
Rest for the toiling hand. * .
H. Btmar.
Rock of Ages, cleft for me.*
A. ;lf. Toplady.

F. J. Crosby.
Safe in the arms of Jesus.
Safely through another week.
John ATewto11.
Saints of God, the da'rn is brightening. *
Salvation! 0 the joyful sound!
,Mrs. C. T. Rursell.
Savior divine, now from above.*
A. Bo11n:~no11.
Savior, like a shepherd lead us.*
D. A. Thntpp.
Savior, more than life to me.
Jo: J. Crosby.
Savior, thy d}~ng love. *
S. D. Plulps.
Send out thy light and truth, 0 Lord. * F. G. Burroughs.
Shall I, for fear of feeble man.
fl/rs. C. T. .Russell.
Shall we rneet beyond death's river? fl/rs, C. T. .Russell.
Simply trusting every day.*
E. P. Stitet.
Sing them over again lo me.
I'. P. BliJS.
Sing with all the sons of glory.*
JV. J. Irons.
Soldiers of Christ, arise.
C. lVesley.
So let our daily li~es express.
11/rs. C. T. Russell,
Soon all shall hail our Jesus' name. .
Soon shall countless hearts and voices. *

I11de:c of ff;mm,

Soon shall restitution glory. *

.Afr s. C. T. Russell.
~oon shall the sweet, g larl ~011g lll'isc. *
Jfrs, l"oke.
Stand up, stand up for Jesus.
Geo. lJuifieM.
Sun of my soul. *
Jlfr.t. C. T. Russrll.
Sweet hour of prayer.
11: 11: f.Vaiford.
Sweet is the work, my Go<l, my K ing.*
I. IV-itts.
Sweet the moments, rich in hie.sing.*
J- Allm.
Take my life, and may it ht-. *
F R. Hnvergnl.
Take the name of J esus with you.
.l/n. LJdia Baxter.
Take up thy cross, the S1\\iot said.
C. lV. E verest.
Tell it out among the nations.
F flav,.rga/.
The Church's one foundation. *
S. J- Stone.
The flush or morn is on the mountains.
The bea,ens decll'U'~ thy glory, Lord. ,Jfrs. C. T. Russell.
The Lord is my shepherd.
The Lord is risen indeed.
T. A"i:l/ey.
TI1e Lord my pasture shall prepare.
Jos. ..ddt!ison.
The Lord, our Savior, will appenr.
The Lorri's my Shephen.l; I 'll not want.
Frances Rouse.
The night is spent, the morning ray.
There is a fountain filled witb hlood.
rrm. Cowper.
There is a gate that stands ajar.*
Jlfrs. L;t!ia Baxter.
There is a God, all oatire speaks.
There is an eye that never sleeps.*
J- A. Wallace.
There is a safe and secret place. *
Hemy r: Lyle.
There is life in a look.
A,,,,.1;,, .~f. !lull.
There's a wideness in God's mercy. *
The wl1ole work! wa~ lo~t.
P. P. llliss,
They who seek the throne of grarf'. .
Oliver l/olrfm.
TI1ough all the world noy choice dt:'ride.
(;, /,.rstugm.
Though earth-born shadows now may shroud. .B. }Jarton.
Thougb troubles assail a ud dangers affright. J ohn ,\'r;11ton.
Thou bast said, e:i;alted J estl3. *
Thou my everlasting portiou.
F. J. Crosby.
Thou refuge of my soul.
A1111a Stale.
Thou ever present aid.
. C, /Vestry.
'lby presence, gracious God, afford.
John Fnwatt.
11>y will be done! I \di! not fear.*
J. Roscoe.
'Tis finished! So the Savior cried.*
Sam'/ Stmnett.
To the work, to the '' ork.
F. J. CrnrbJ'
Triumphant Zion, lift thy bead.
l'liilip Doddridge.





/na.-C oj .ff):mns.

l"pon the gospel'> sacred page.

John Bown'ng.


C. l/ esle)"


\\'ait, my ~oul, upon the Lord.

lliJ1. /''. L loyd.
\\'akc the sow,: of j uhilee.
Lonord H1,,-qn,
\\'alk in the light; so shalt lhou kn.m-. Ber1111rd Rarto11.
\\'atchman, tell me, does the morning. *
S. S. Rnwer.
'Vatehman, tell us of 1he n ght. *
John Bu-,,,ring.
\Vc',e been watching, we've been waiting. *
We p r:li'e thee, 0 God.
TVm. P. ,lfftd.:oy.
\Ve shall meet beyond the river.
John Alkillsm1.
What a friend we ha,e in Jesu;;.
H. B o11<ir.
What poor, despised company.
\Vhat various hind rnnces we meet.
l/ }u. CmfeJ',
\Vl-ien all thy mercies, 0 my (.;ucl.
J. A,ldiso11.
'\'hen I suney the \\'Ondrous cross. * le!rs. C T. Russd!.
When I Yi\w the cruel croo>.
, J/r.r. C. T. Ru.rsdl.
\Vhen the Lord Cron\ h eaven nppears. * G,.o, C. 1\eedlw111.
\Vhen the storms of life ar<! raging. A/iJs JI. R. Serl'oss.
\\' here two or three with s weet accord. *
S. Stmndt.
Who in lh ~ Lord confide.
C. ll~sley.
Whom have l to h elp thee?
R. C. HJ/15.

3 16

''ain, delusive world, ndicu.


Your harps, ye lremblins saints. *

Zion stands witb hill~ surrounded.




Jin C. T. Rwsd!. 332

r: Kedey.


High in !he heavens, Eternal God.
Tht' heavens declare thy glory, I .onl.
There is a God, all nature >peaks.


Rlessecl Bible, precious \\'on!!
Father of mcrc1e~, in lhy "'ord.
There's a wideness in God's mercy.



Go<l rno,es in a mysterious way.
Grace! '"fis a charming sound.
How wise are God's commands!
In God I ha,c found a retreat. .
In some way or other, the Lord will provide.
Precious promise Go<l hath given.
The Lord my pasture shall prepare. .
There is a safe ancl secret place.
They who seek the throne of grace.
Though trouble assail and dangers affright.
\\'hen the stonus of lifi: are ra.:..,,;ng, .
Zion stands with bill:; surroou<lc<L






Topical /ll<ln: of llymns,

Alas! and did my S:wior h'.ce<l?
A ll glory to Je,us be gi,en.

All hail the power of' name!

J\>k ye what great thing I know?
Christ gave his Jjfo for me.
Come, sing the gospel's joyful sound.
Free from the law, oh, happy con<litio11 !
Gocl ]o,cd the world of si11ners lo.;t.
In the croos of Christ J glory.
In the riftei Rock I'm restin!,!.
In 7ion's Rock abiding.
I will sing of my R edeemer.
Je>.us, keep me near the cm' '
},fan of sorrows! \\'l1at a name !
My ho;x i; Luilt on notliing l~s.
Naught of merit or cf price.
Not nU the blood of beasts
0 bliss of the purified
One ofTer of snlrntion.
One there is abo\c all other,,
0 now 1 see the crimson wave.
Redeemed! redeemed!
Salvation! 0 tlic joyful sound.
Sing them over again to me.
The Church's one foundation.
T here h a fountain fillecl with b!00<I.
T here is a gate that stands ajar.
T here is life in a lool<.
The whole world wa lost.
'Tis fini,herl ! So the Savior cried.
\\'hen l suney the wondrous cross.
\Vhen 1 view the cruel cross.

Blow ye the trumpet, blow.
( hri.,t is come! now let creation.
H ail to the 1...-0rd's Anointt-d.


r(lpict1! /11d~x qf ll_vmm.

Hark! ten thousand harps and \'ice$.

Hark the glad ~ound ! the Lord is come.
Ha\'e you heard the new song?
I will sing you a song of that beautiful lancl.
Jesus shall reign where'cr the sun.
Joy to the world I t he I .onl is come. .
l\line eyes can see the glory of the presence of the Lord.
0 hail, happy day !
Soo11 all shall hail our Jcsu~' name.
Soon shall countle:s heart,; >Lnd ' 'oices.
Soon shall restitution glory.
Soon shall the joyo110 song arise.
Tell it out among the nations.
The flu;h of morn is 011 Lhe mountains.
The Lord, 011r Savior, will appear.
The night is spent, the morning ray.
Upon the gospel's sacred page.
Wake the song of jubilee.
When the Lord from heaven appears.


A little flock, so calh he thee.
All the way my Savior lead;; me.
Blest he the tie that l>inds.
Go, bury thy ~orrow.
Ha,c you on the Lore! hclien:d?
He leadeth me! 0 blessed 1bough1 !
How happy and blessed the l1ours. .
H ow sweet tlie n ame of J esus sounds. .
I love tht'e, I Jo,c thee, l Jo,e tht't', my God.
T will sing for Jesus.
Jesns, th e very thought of lhee.
Jesus, thou everla~ting King.
Jesus, where'er thy people meet.
Majestic s\\'eetness sits enthroned.

'Mid scent!!> of confu~ion and cre:Uure complaints.

More Jo,e to tliee, 0 ~' hrist.
No longer far from rc;t I roam.
0 could we speak the matchles:; worth. .
0 thou in wha;e prc>encc my ~oul takes delight.




2 70
31 I
3 14

"/ii}irt1! /11d1.r o/ llymm.

Precious Jesu.~, how I loYc thee !
T he Lord is my shepherd, T shall not wanl.
T he L ord's my ~hepherd, I'll not want.
~What a friend we ha,e in J esus.
Wbat poor, <lespise<l company.

All for J esus, all for Jesus.
And can I yet d elay?
Fnrlc, fatle, each earthly joy.
Far from my thoughts, vain \\'Oriel, be gone.
H ow blessed, h ow glorious, how joyful to feel.
I stand all a.'tonisbed with wonder.
Jcsus, I my cross have takco.
Let worldly minds the world p ursue.
Lon i, T am thine, entirely thine.
) l y gracious Lord, l own thy right.
Xot my own, but sa,ed Ly J esus.
~ot to ourselvc.~ again.
~ow let our souls on wings sulilime.
0 the bitter pain and ;orrow.
0 thou God of our snlrntion .
0 to be nothing, nothing !
Prince of p eacr, nccept my will.
Savior, thy dying love.
Take my life, and may it he.
Thou ha,t saicI, () blessrd Je~us.
T h y will be done, I will not fear.
Ya!n, <leln::hc worl<l, n<licu.


I bring my sins t o thee.
I come to thee, T come to th ee.
I know no life d i\ided.
I know not wh::.t awaits me.
I know that my l{t:deemcr lives.
I'm not ashamed to own my L<lrd.


I C>g
II l


'll>j>irnl /11de.r: o.f lf.,l'mllt.

I',c found a }'riend, 0 such a Friend!
thy spotle~~ righte<>lhness.
Let us rejoice in Chrbl, the Lord.
Lor<I, I delight in lhce.
J\ly faith looks up to thee.
~ly limes are in thy hand.

0 happy day, that foetl my choice!

0 love tli,ine, that ~toopw. Lo ~hare.
Out c>f the depths of woe.
Rock of ages, cldl for me.
Safe in tbe arm~ of Tesu~.
Sador, more than life lo me.
Simply trusting e1cry day.
Sun of u1y SQul, my l'athc::r dear.
\\'ail, my soul, upon the Lord.
Who in the J .ord confide.
\\'horn have l, Lord, to help, but thee?


Ah! 1ny heart is h eavy laclen.
Come, ye disconsolate, whcrc'cr ye lan~uish.
Deem not that they are hlest alone.
Give to the wincls thy fcnn;.
God is the refuge of bis saint;.
1 fear what God, the ) .ord, hn\h spoken.
How firm n foundalion, ye saints of the Lord.
I am so glad that our Father in heaven.
I heard the ,oi cc of Jcsus say.
l lefl it all with J esus.
~Io urn er, whcresoe' er thou art.
On the mountain's top appearing.
0 saints, who arc weary and laden of soul.
0 sollletimes the shadow~ are deep.
0 thou who d rie!>t the mo11rncr's tear.
l'eacc, troubled soul , thou need'>t not fear.
Take the name of Jesus ";th you.
There i,; "n eye that never ole~ps.
Though earth-born ~hadows now may shroud.







Il Z


2 16






Topt'ral Inrk.t of


Ah ! tell me not of golc! or treasure.
Happy !he ma.11 who learns to trnre.
I love thy w ill, 0 Cod,
I stand all astonished with wonder .
( l for n closer walk with l;od.
0 for n faith that will not shrink,
() for a heart more like my C o<l.
Repeat the story o'er and o'er.


Am I a soldier of the cross ?
As with gladness men of old,
Awake i Ill)' soul, stretch e,ery nerve.
ny thy birth and by thr tears.
Come, my soul, thy suit prepare.
Fquip me for the war,
Vernal ~llO of righteousness.
F::tthcr, whate'er of earthly bliss.
Fore,er here my rest shall be.
From ev<'ry stonny wind that hlow., .
Great Cod, indulge my humble claim.
(;ui<ll' me, 0 thou great Jehovah.
Hnstc, my clnll soul, arise.
Ileannly Fmber, l would wear.
Hca,enly Father, w,creign T.ord.
I lcmcnly Father, wt>, thy children.
I Joly ~pirit, banish sadness.
Holy Spirit, faithful guide.
If on a quiet sea.
I ueed thee every hour.
Into thy gracious hands T foll.
I want n principle within.
Je~u~, my ~Lreng!h, mr hopt>.
Jcsu~, rt>fugc of my ~oul.
Keep tho11 my Wit], 0 Lord .
Light of tl1c world, shine o n our wuJ.,,
Lord of my lift>, to t hee I call. .














Topical htdu of Hymns.

Love of Jesus, all divine.
My soul, be on thy guard.
J\ly soul, weigh not thy life.
Near er, my God, to t hee.
0 Lord, thy promised grace impart.
On thy Church, 0 Power divine.
Our heavenly Father and our Friend.
0 render thanks to God above.
0 Savior, precious Sa1ior.
Prayer is appointed to convey.
Safely through another week.
Savior <li1ine, now from aL01c.
Saior, like a shepherd lead us.
Shall J, for fear of feeble man.
Soldiers of Christ, arise!
So let our daily lives express.
Thy presence, gracious Cod, afford.
\Vatchman, tell me, docs the morning.
Watchman, tell us of the night,
\Ye \'e been watching, \i.-e'vc been wailing.
\\'hat various hindrances we rneet.



2 19








32 3

How s"eet to leave the world awhile!
I have entered the valley of blessing.
I love lo steal a while away.
Laboring aud hea1y laden.
Lift up your hemh;, ye mighty gates.
Lord, no hour is half so sweet.
:'IIy life Oows on in endless song.
l\[y Lord, how foll of sweet content.
0 happy they wlio know the Lord.
0 how happy are we!
0 bow happy are they!
Only thee, my rnul's Redeemer.
hedous moments, rich in blessing.
Sweet hour of prayer.
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing.
Though all the world my choice deride.




1 79






Topiw! llulex of .flj,m11s.

Thou, my e"erlao1ing portion.
T hou refuge of my boul.
Thou ccr pr<!.c;ent nid.

Walk in the light, so ~halt thou know.

\Vhere lwo or three with sweet accord.


Great IIusbandmau, at thy command.
l loe to t ell the story. .
l .o, the Day of Go<l is breaking-.
Oft in clanger, oft in woe.
One n:ore day's work for Tesus.
0 wlle1e are the reapers tf1at garner iii.
Saints of God, the d awn is brightening.
Send out thy light and lruth, 0 Lo1d.
Stand up, stand up for J e:mi;.

Sweet h the work, my God, my King. .

To the work, lo the work, 0 ye servants of Go<l.



2 10






A little while, now h e has corne.
Awake! J eru,;:1.leu\, awake !
Behold what woudrou;; grnce.
Bride of the L ano I;, awa11e! awake!
Children of the heavenly King.
Cllri;tian, the morn breaks sweetly o'er thee.
Come, all ye ,;aints, to l'ii;gah's mountain.
Come, ye that loe the Loni.
IJ:.u1glltcr of Zion, 1nrnke from thy sadness.
Forc,.er w ith the L ord.
Glorious thin~ of t hee are spoken.
l;od has promi;,ed a glorious day.
II ail to the brighlne$.5 of Zion's glad mom in;::.
H ere o'er the earth as a strani:-er I room.
H ope of our hearts, 0 L ord appe:n.
I am woiling, ever wailing. .
tf I in thy likeness, 0 Lord, may awake.
I'm a pilgrim and I'm a .Gtronger.











Tvpiml Index o/ /jymm,

I am a way-worn traveler.
Li ft up, lift up thy ,-oice with singing.
Lift up your heads, dcspond:ug pilgrims.
Like the sound of many waters.
Lung in bondage we ha,e wnite<l.
I .ook ! ye saint-., the sight is gloriou~.
0 g~orious hope of heavenly lo,e.
Only wailing till the dawning.
On the mountain's top appearin:;.
0 soon we'll sing the dc1xh of matc11les~ lo,e.
0 thou to whom, in ancient tiu1e.
Our lamps are trimmect and burning.
Rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is coming.
Sing with all the son.s of glory.
Triumphant Zion, lift thy head.
\\'e shall meet beyond the river.

1 27
15 1
1 52




3 10
3 20


All people that on earth <lo dwell.
Awake, :in<l sing the song.
Awake, my soul, in joyful lays. .
Come, thou fount of every blessin!{. .
Come, ye that know and love the Lord.
Eternal Cod, celestial King.
From all that dwell below the skies.
Glory lo God on high.
God of my life, through all my days.
Hark! the notes of angels sieging.
Let earth and heaven agree.
Love divine, all love excelling.
)ly Father, my almighty Friend.
i\ly God, I ha,c found.
;\ly God, the spring of all my joys.
?\ly song shall be of Jesus.
'.\ly soul, with humble fcr,or rai3c.
0 for a thousand tongues to ~ing.
0 God, our streni,>th, lo thee our song.
0 thou God of our sal vation.
Praise, 1ny i;oul, the King of b ca\cn.
Praise the Lord, his glories show.









1 75


22 5


Topiral Inda <if Hy111m.

l'rnie tbe Lord, ye heavens adore him.
Prai~e to birn hr whose kind favor.
Precious Savior, thou hast sa1cd me.
Rejoice and he glad.
We praise thee, 0 C..:od,
\\'hen all thy mercies, 0 my C..:o;l.
\'our harps, ye trcmbli11g saints.


31 9

33 2

RAPTISM.-(See aho Corn,e~ration. )

Come, J esus, '.\faster, Sun divine.

lJear Savior, we thy will obey.
T ake up tby cross, the Savior said.
Thou hast s.Ud, 0 blessed Jesus.




According to thy gracious Word.

I le clies, the Friend of sinners dies.
In memory of tlie SaYior'.s love.



}'atl1er, while our eyes are weeping.

H ow vain is all beneath the skies.
jc,,us wept in sorrow o,er.
;\Jany sleep, hut not forc1er.
:\ly hope is built on nothing less.
Re:.t for the toiling hand.
Shall we tneet beyond death's river?







Abide , sweet Spirit, hc:l\'cnly Dme.

H eavenly ]ather, \le beseech thee.
Lord, dismbs us with thy blessing.
Lord, <li~rnis> us with thy blessing.
l'n1i:;e Goe.I, from w!1om all bles~i"l."' now.




Topiml Ji1dtx of 1!;11111;.

"I l!E :-~~\\ \ I \K.

Come, ld u, ant"\\~ our jonrm.. y 1mr.--m.


F..l'>fE J<.

( "hriot, Ilic Loni, i> rioen lo-day.

The Lor<l is ri,,ell inilee(L





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