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The Libertarian

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Issue 8 May/June

Aim: the creation of a

World wide Libertarian
Communist Society.

A Discussion Bulletin for the Anti

State, Non Market Sector
The purpose of The Libertarian Communist is to promote discussion amongst
the Anti State, Non Market sector irrespective of whether individuals or
groups consider themselves as Anarchist, Communist or Socialist as all such
titles are in need of further qualification. If you have disagreements with an
article in this or any other issue, wish to offer comment or want to
contribute something else to the discussion then please get in touch. If any
article focuses on a particular group then that group has, as a matter of
course, the right to reply. So please get in touch with your article, letters
and comments. You can do this by contacting
or writing to Ray Carr, Flat 1, 99 Princess Road, Branksome, Poole, Dorset
BH12 1BQ.


Page 2: The Election: Sir Cecil Richshit Speaks out

Page 3: A Society of Abundance: a quote from Murray Bookchin

Page 4: Letters: Mike and Lyla Byrne. Replying to Twelve Months on, Lib Com 7

Page 4: Corporate responsibility but to whom ?

Page 5: Edited version of “Communique from an Absent Future”.

Page 7: Tolpuddle 2010

Page 8: Capitalism, Socialism and Ethics: Lyla Byrne

Page 11/12 News and Contact details from the Anti State, Non Market Sector

The Election, Sir Cecil Richshit Speaks out

In this issue The Libertarian Communist is bending its own rules and including a
contribution from a member of the capitalist class, Sir Cecil Richshit. In the following
he argues that the Labour governments since 1997 have acted as all governments
must, in the interests of the dominant class in society. Here is what he has to say.

Dear Underlings

Firstly you need to be clear what this election and indeed all elections are really about.
Do not cling to the illusion that they are about democracy and making life better and
more comfortable for a majority of people. Those of you who bother to cast their vote
will do (or have done so) to preserve a system whereby a small minority can continue
to live a very privileged life at the expense of those whose role it is to create all the
wealth in society. So what I and the rest of my class are looking for is a government
that will take all the necessary measures to make the profit system work as effectively
as possible. Of course since it is rather uncontrollable and we may run into trouble it is
the role of the government to make the majority or a least a lot of them pay through
out the period of any troubled economic waters as we certainly are not going to see a
decline in our wealth. So just forget about stupid slogans such as “we are all in it
together”. Remember the profit system is not designed to benefit the majority and
should there be a conflict between need and profit the latter will always be given
priority. If you suffer hardships do not put the blame on us at the top it is your own
fault for being born into the wrong class.
3 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

People like myself, members of the class who own and control the means of
production and distribution and our hangers on who benefit disproportionately from
their position in society do not care much which party governs providing they govern,
as they must do, in our economic interests. If we are to see the end of a run of Labour
governments we should acknowledge their role in doing just that. Since 1997 there
has been no reduction in the gap between rich and poor. An Anatomy of Economic
Equality in the UK, reports that the richest 10% are more than 100 times more
strategic importance throughout the
than the poorest. The top 1% each have
a total household wealth of at least On the issue of global warming we are
£2.6 million and unsurprisingly it pleased to see that various labour
concludes that being born into a administrations since 1997 have not
disadvantaged background has an succumbed to the viewpoint that the
overall negative impact on life chances. profit system that we hold so dear is
Meanwhile Save the Children has incompatible with protecting the future
estimated that 13% of children in the of the planet. We need to guard against
Uk are living in severe poverty. So concessions being made which interfere
congratulations to the Labour Party. with the economic interests of the elite
in society. By this I mean that the
We are also pleased to report, contrary government which is merely there to
to the fears of some of my class just serve the interests of capital cannot be
after the election of 1997 that Labour allowed to make decisions that hinder
governments have kept organised the ability of capitalists in this part of
labour in their place by keeping and in the world to compete with those in
some cases strengthening the laws other parts of the world. Since the same
relating to trade union organisation. It can be said for governments across the
is good to see that today it is virtually world, the planet can
impossible to have a legal strike in the
UK and that recently it has been clearly
shown that the courts are more than
eager to intervene in favour of go and hang itself, profit making must
employers if workers do vote in favour take priority.
of industrial action despite all the
barriers put in their way. “Bollocks to So when you cast your vote, (or maybe
all this democracy crap”. you will already have done so by the
time you read this), be clear about what
Of course Labour governments have you are voting
never been slow to use working class for. Which ever party you may support
people, (who due to a lack of prospects the one which forms the next
have been stupid enough to join the government will be committed to
armed forces), to fight in wars to supporting the continuation of a system
protect the interests of the dominant where the gap between rich and poor
class in society. It is good to report that will grow ever wider, where the right to
leaders such as Blair and Brown have effectively confront the system, by
shown their ever willingness to carry on industrial action or on the streets will be
this tradition in protecting our interests met by the law and the armed forces of
(not yours) in supporting armed action the state if necessary, where thousands
in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. will continue to die in wars fought on
The reasons why thousands on all sides behalf of minority class interests, and
must die in such wars is to protect our the future of the planet must remain
share, (meaning the dominant secondary to the interests of economic
economic interests in society) of control growth for the sake of economic growth
over vital resources and places of
4 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

in order to secure the parasitic wealth this before though aware of World in
of the few. Common.

Yours for the retention of the profit Your introduction refers back to the
system at all costs. 1970’s LC but the ‘internal’ publication
you refer to was actually called
Sir Cecil Richshit ‘Critical Theory and Revolutionary
Practice’, dated October 1972. The
main article from that publication was
called ‘Monument or movement’
A Society of Abundance (written by a Glasgow SPGB member)
and is listed under ‘Subversion’ in the
Most, if not all groups that come under the Anti
State, Non Market sector advocate that the society on the on-line Lib Com library (which
we are aiming at will be based on free access as also has the article ‘Democracy and
opposed to a buying or selling system or barter. As Ballots – correspondence between
it will be a system of non or common ownership of Subversion and the SPGB).
the resources needed to produce and distribute the
things we need to live, and therefore a system of By the way the internal ‘manifesto’
exchange would be anachronistic. This is possible, distributed to members during the
we argue, because we now live in a society where fractious debates of that period (1972)
there exists the potential of abundance. But what we
was signed, by amongst others, two
mean by abundance is not the mad scramble for
consumer goods we see in much of the advanced names you may be familiar with – Adam
economies today. Murray Bookchin puts the case Buick (who also wrote in CT&RP ) and
for a society of abundance in the following way. John Crump.

“By material abundance we do not mean the A few of the early Lib Com supporters
wasteful, mindless “affluence “ based on false are still in the SPGB today! The rest of
needs, the subtle coercion of advertising, and the us followed the trajectory you describe.
substitution of mere objects – commodities – for
genuine human relations, self reflection, and Thanks, Mike
self development. We refer to sufficiency in food,
shelter, clothing and basic comforts of life with a On other aspects of the article Lyla
minimum of toil that will allow everyone in Bryne writes the following.
society – not a specialized elite – to directly
manage social affairs.” Quoted from Towards an “In its first year TLC has not led to
Ecological Society, “The Power to create, The Power the sector being any more
to Destroy”. Page 41 (Black Rose Books). influential than it was a year ago”.
……….. Actually we don’t know that for
sure. Generally influences in society
Letters can be growing even if they are still not
organised into more obvious decisive
action………. Besides, the What’s
We have received two letters in Happening? section of Lib Com 7 is
response to the article “Twelve pretty exciting and encouraging…
Months On” in the last issue. Mike ……… The future is unpredictable in
sent in the following letter which some ways, but there is still the chance
provides some correction and further that certain human conditions and
information to the section dealing with changes beneath the surface that are
the Libertarian Communist grouping in propitious for
the SPGB in the 1970s. communism/socialism will interact, gain
strength by unity and break through,
Dear Lib Com shedding capitalism like an old skin.
Speed of change is of course relative,
Got sent a copy of issue 7 by an AF but slower change at the beginning is
member (and ex healthier if it results in a more
SPGB/Solidarity/Subversion) – not seen comprehensive understanding of the
5 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

situation and a deeper knowledge of the system they operate in. In the
what we want and how to achieve it. introduction (xxiii) to his book Life Inc,
This is essential to the determined and Douglas Rushkoff states the following:
enduring dedication that will be needed “….. the corporation is itself a
to create world wide revolution and a sociopathic entity, created for the
new, sane phase of human cultural purpose of generating wealth and
evolution. expanding its reach by any means
necessary. A corporation has no use
for ethics, except for their potential
Lyla Bryne
impact on public relations and brand
image. In fact, as many on the side of
the environment, labor, and the left
Corporate Responsibility: but to like to point out, corporate managers
whom? can be sued for taking any action,
however ethical, if it compromises
In issue 5 of TLC we included an article on their ultimate fiduciary responsibility
Nestles and how they typified the gap to share price.”
between corporate rhetoric and reality. Well
the TLC does not want to be accused of
being merely anti Nestle, our aim is to rid
ourselves of the system that corporations The following piece is a edited and
operate in. Perhaps Nestles are worse than
some other corporations, perhaps they are
very much shortened version of an
bad at public relations or perhaps, to be article entitled “Communique
frank, they just don’t give a damm. From a From an Absent Future”. Part of
financial viewpoint Nestles results for 2009 this was posted on the World In
make good reading. There operating profits Common forum in April. It is dated
were (all figures in US Dollars) 14.85 billion September 2009 and the full version
(an increase on 2008) and they had a 67%
can be found on
increase in cash flow from 6.8 billion in
2008 to 16.93 last year. The IUF reports m/2009/09/24/communiquefromanabse
that Nestles will spend 9.6 billion buying its ntfutur.
own shares for the purpose of channelling it
huge cash flow in the direction of its
shareholders. As with all corporations the Communique from an absent
CEO does not fare too badly. Paul Bulcke future
has a 2 million base salary plus half a
million cash bonus and received another 8 The university has no history of its
million in various stocks and options. To own; its history is the history of capital.
help this pauper in his old age he received Its essential function is the reproduction
three quarters of a million dollar of the relationship between capital and
contribution to future pension benefits. labor. Though not a proper corporation
that can be bought and sold, that pays
On the other side of the coin the IUF point revenue to its investors, the public
out that if Nestles are really concerned university nonetheless carries out this
about the destruction of the rain forests function as efficiently as possible by
and peat fields caused by palm oil
approximating ever more closely the
plantation why are they more concerned
corporate form of its bedfellows. What
about copyright infringement than their
supply chain in response to the Greenpeace
we are witnessing now is the endgame
palm oil campaign. Meanwhile a quick of this process, whereby the façade of
glance through the IUF website reveals that the educational institution gives way
they are either in or have been in dispute altogether to corporate streamlining.
with their workforce in Russia, Indonesia, Even in the golden age of capitalism
Tunisia, Hong Kong, Argentina and that followed after World War II and
Ecuador. What is all that about a financially lasted until the late 1960s, the liberal
successful company being good for its university was already subordinated to
employees? But this is not merely about capital. Its role during the Cold War
Nestles or corporations in general but about was to legitimate liberal democracy and
6 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

to reproduce an imaginary society of denounce the privatization of the

free and equal citizens. university and its authoritarian system
of governance, we do not seek
But if this ideological function of the structural reforms. We demand not a
public university was at least well- free university but a free society. A
funded after the Second World War, free university in the midst of a
that situation changed irreversibly in capitalist society is like a reading room
the 1960s, and no amount of social- in a prison; it serves only as a
democratic heel-clicking will bring back distraction from the misery of daily life.
the dead world of the post-war boom. Instead we seek to channel the anger of
Beginning in the 1970s, capitalism the dispossessed students and workers
entered into a terminal downturn in into a declaration of war.
which permanent work was casualized
and working-class wages stagnated, We have seen this kind of upsurge in
while those at the top were temporarily the recent past, a rebellion that starts
rewarded for their obscure financial in the classrooms and radiates outward
necromancy, which has proved to encompass the whole of society. Just
unsustainable. two years ago the anti-CPE movement
in France, combating a new law that
The old student struggles are the relics enabled employers to fire young
of a vanished world. In the 1960s, as workers without cause, brought huge
the post-war boom was just beginning numbers into the streets. High school
to unravel, radicals within the confines and university students, teachers,
of the university understood that parents, rank and file union members,
another world was possible. But their and unemployed youth from the
mode of radicalization, too tenuously banlieues found themselves together
connected to the economic logic of on the same side of the barricades.
capitalism, prevented that alignment (This solidarity was often fragile,
from taking hold. Because their however. The riots of immigrant youth
resistance to the Vietnam war focalized in the suburbs and university students
critique upon capitalism as a colonial in the city centers never merged, and
war-machine, but insufficiently upon its at times tensions flared between the
exploitation of domestic labor, students two groups.) French students saw
were easily split off from a working through the illusion of the university as
class facing different problems. In the a place of refuge and enlightenment
twilight era of the post-war boom, the and acknowledged that they were
university was not subsumed by capital merely being trained to work. They
to the degree that it is now, and took to the streets as workers,
students were not as intensively protesting their precarious futures.
proletarianized by debt and a Their position tore down the partitions
devastated labor market. between the schools and the
workplaces and immediately elicited
That is why our struggle is the support of many wage workers and
fundamentally different. The poverty of unemployed people in a mass gesture
student life has become terminal: there of proletarian refusal.
is no promised exit. If the economic
crisis of the 1970s emerged to break As the movement developed it
the back of the political crisis of the manifested a growing tension between
1960s, today the economic crisis revolution and reform. Its form was
precedes the coming political uprising more radical than its content. While the
meaning we may finally supersede the rhetoric of the student leaders focused
cooptation and neutralization of those merely on a return to the status quo,
past struggles. the actions of the youth – the riots, the
cars overturned and set on fire, the
We seek to push the university blockades of roads and railways, and
struggle to its limits. Though we the waves of occupations that shut
7 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

down high schools and universities – youth, they perceived it as a movement

announced the extent of the new of entrants – that is, of that portion of
generation’s disillusionment and rage. the proletariat that sought entrance to
Despite all of this, however, the the labor market but was not formally
movement quickly disintegrated when employed in full-time jobs. The
the CPE law was eventually dropped. uprising, strong in the schools and the
Ultimately the movement was unable to immigrant suburbs, did not spread to
transcend the limitations of reformism. the workplaces.

The Greek uprising of December 2008 Our task in the current struggle will be
broke through many of these limitations to make clear the contradiction
and marked the beginning of a new between form and content and to
cycle of class struggle. Initiated by create the conditions for the
students in response to the murder of transcendence of reformist demands
an Athens youth by police, the uprising and the implementation of a truly
consisted of weeks of rioting, looting, communist content. As the unions and
and occupations of universities, union student and faculty groups push their
offices, and television stations. Entire various “issues,” we must increase the
financial and shopping districts burned, tension until it is clear that we want
and what the movement lacked in something else entirely. We must
numbers it made up in its geographical constantly expose the incoherence of
breadth, spreading from city to city to demands for democratization and
encompass the whole of Greece. As in transparency. What good is it to have
France it was an uprising of youth, for the right to see how intolerable things
whom the economic crisis represented are, or to elect those who will screw us
a total negation of the future. over? We must leave behind the
Students, precarious workers, and culture of student activism, with its
immigrants were the protagonists, and moralistic mantras of non-violence and
they were able to achieve a level of its fixation on single-issue causes. The
unity that far surpassed the fragile only success with which we can be
solidarities of the anti-CPE movement. content is the abolition of the capitalist
mode of production and the certain
Here content aligned with form; immiseration and death which it
whereas the optimistic slogans that promises for the 21st century. All of
appeared everywhere in French our actions must push us towards
demonstrations jarred with the images communization; that is, the
of burning cars and broken glass, in reorganization of society according to a
Greece the rioting was the obvious logic of free giving and receiving, and
means to begin to enact the destruction the immediate abolition of the wage,
of an entire political and economic the value-form, compulsory labor, and
system. exchange. Occupation will be a critical
tactic in our struggle, but we must
Ultimately the dynamics that created resist the tendency to use it in a
the uprising also established its limit. It reformist way. The different strategic
was made possible by the existence of uses of occupation became clear this
a sizeable radical infrastructure in past January when students occupied a
urban areas, in particular the Exarchia building at the New School in New York.
neighborhood in Athens. The squats, A group of friends, mostly graduate
bars, cafes, and social centers, students, decided to take over the
frequented by students and immigrant Student Center and claim it as a
youth, created the milieu out of which liberated space for students and the
the uprising emerged. However, this public. Soon others joined in, but many
milieu was alien to most middle-aged of them preferred to use the action as
wage workers, who did not see the leverage to win reforms, in particular to
struggle as their own. Though many oust the school’s president. These
expressed solidarity with the rioting differences came to a head as the
8 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

occupation unfolded. While the student ahead. And in Greece the unions
reformers were focused on leaving the revealed their counter-revolutionary
building with a tangible concession character by cancelling strikes and
from the administration, others calling for restraint.
shunned demands entirely. They saw
the point of occupation as the creation As an alternative to being herded by
of a momentary opening in capitalist representatives, we call on students
time and space, a rearrangement that and workers to organize themselves
sketched the contours of a new across trade lines. We urge
society. We side with this anti-reformist undergraduates, teaching assistants,
position. While we know these free lecturers, faculty, service workers, and
zones will be partial and transitory, the staff to begin meeting together to
tensions they expose between the real discuss their situation. The more we
and the possible can push the struggle begin talking to one another and finding
in a more radical direction. our common interests, the more
difficult it becomes for the
We intend to employ this tactic until it administration to pit us against each
becomes generalized. In 2001 the first other in a hopeless competition for
Argentine piqueteros suggested the dwindling resources. The recent
form the people’s struggle there should struggles at NYU and the New School
take: road blockades which brought to a suffered from the absence of these
halt the circulation of goods from place deep bonds, and if there is a lesson to
to place. Within months this tactic be learned from them it is that we must
spread across the country without any build dense networks of solidarity based
formal coordination between groups. In upon the recognition of a shared
the same way repetition can establish enemy. These networks not only make
occupation as an instinctive and us resistant to recuperation and
immediate method of revolt taken up neutralization, but also allow us to
both inside and outside the university. establish new kinds of collective bonds.
We have seen a new wave of takeovers These bonds are the real basis of our
in the U.S. over the last year, both at struggle.
universities and workplaces: New
School and NYU, as well as the workers We’ll see you at the barricades.
at Republic Windows Factory in Research and Destroy.
Chicago, who fought the closure of their
factory by taking it over. Now it is our Tolpuddle Festival 2010
This year’s Tolpuddle Festival will take
To accomplish our goals we cannot rely place on Friday July 16th to Sunday July
on those groups which position 18th.The Libertarian Communist will be
themselves as our representatives. We hosting an Anti State, Non Market stall on
are willing to work with unions and the Saturday and Sunday and anyone in our
sector is invited to lend a hand. I am in
student associations when we find it
contact with Freedom to get literature from
useful, but we do not recognize their a variety of groups in our sector. Hope to
authority. We must act on our own see some of you there. The Stall has cost
behalf directly, without mediation. We £50 so contributions to this would be very
must break with any groups that seek welcome.
to limit the struggle by telling us to go
back to work or class, to negotiate, to
reconcile. This was also the case in
France. The original calls for protest
were made by the national high school capitalism, socialism and ethics
and university student associations and
by some of the trade unions. Lyla Byrne
Eventually, as the representative
groups urged calm, others forged
9 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

In the present age of humanity global Humanitarian principles however have

communications have multiplied survived so far and continued to
making information available from all develop here and there, and are
the interconnected fields of endeavor. perhaps more influential than they are
It has never been more possible for thought to be by some. For example,
people to share knowledge for mutual despite the U.N. being set up within
benefit; but access to and application of capitalism, and in many ways under the
knowledge is prevented by the auspices of the U.S. business empire,
numerous shackles on ideas and to have any credence, it’s statements of
actions which are necessary to maintain purpose have to be based not only on
minority rule. the integrity of states and financial
ownership (which are merely constructs
Ideas about democracy, human rights for serving the minority owning class) -
and environmental justice are among but on valuing human health in the
those that have developed though widest sense, scientifically understood,
interaction, but their dissemination and and on democracy.
implementation, as with other
information, is held up, or is much The harm that can be done by violence
slower than it need be, and in some is recognized. Hence terrorism and
places there has even been a reversal wars of aggression are illegal. It is held
of development of ideas and practice in unlawful that states, communities or
these respects. These problems are all individuals should be coerced by
caused and/or held in place by the violence or threats of violence or
present system – capitalism - in which economic pressure without reason
the owning minority must prioritize being demonstrated concerning self
financial profit to keep their power, and defense or defense of others. It is
the working majority generally do the stated as a founding purpose of the
work that the profit motive dictates – U.N. that it provide for disputes to be
and in the way that the profit motive settled with negotiation and democratic
dictates that it should be done - to get procedure. Inherent in this is the
money just to survive. This puts realization that this is the way for
innumerable preventions, obstacles and reasonable beings to behave, i.e. that
distractions in our way; from this is the informed ethical choice.
indoctrination into believing that
capitalism is a necessary system for our In practice of course, in capitalism,
wellbeing to the unnecessary poverty despite the stalwart efforts of many,
and war that it produces. law making, and general policy making
and implementation are affected and
It is significant that, in capitalism, manipulated such that more often than
people who have organized to not what happens is the complete
campaign and take action for opposite to the stated intention. There
democracy and for human rights, other are many cases of U.N. employees
animal rights and environmental justice committing the kind of crimes that they
are in constant conflict with business are supposed to be preventing, but I
interests and with governments. There would argue that this is largely due to
are also many people who have been ignorance produced by the system and
overwhelmed by the chaos, the horrific the pressures it imposes. Peace keepers
suffering, the waste of previous efforts have been put in situations in which it
and the waste of present resources that is impossible to carry out the assigned
happens as a matter of course in this task due to the power of the minority
aggressively competitive, divisive, financial interests involved in the
psychotic system. conflict and due to having insufficient
resources and support themselves.
Despite having to function in such a
10 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

corrupt and insane system, there are

also U.N. employees who work Capitalist governments are highly
compassionately and diligently to pressured by the general financial
protect and promote health and priorities of sustaining capitalism and
democracy, for instance conducting the particular financial priorities of the
research into poverty and disease, minority capitalist class where power
studying the causes and effects of resides due to capitalist laws of
climate change, monitoring elections, ownership. There is immense wealth
bringing food and medical aid, and in behind certain lobbying groups and the
war zones as peace keepers and most powerful states or economic
observers – not infrequently being groupings have extra ‘rights’ of veto at
killed or injured. the highest level in the U.N and else
where. Indeed this is the only way that
However, the belief amongst U.N. they agree to take part. Minority rule is
workers, or any one else, that the U.N. dictatorship of some sort. In ‘the west’
as it stands in capitalist system is there is simply an extra layer of
primarily for peace, health and mendacity; the dictatorship is disguised
democracy world wide is an illusion, by a façade of democracy behind which
because minority ownership generally a wealthy minority have inordinate
means minority power in the U.N. as power by ‘owning’ the means of life and
everywhere else. And even if this the mass media.
domination by the most powerful
minority groups is not accepted (where For many, the façade is not really
there are majority votes against), needed, as they simply prize capitalism
within capitalism it will in one way or and capitalist morality; the laws that
another be imposed, whatever harm justify minority ownership, lack of
this does to the chances of peace, control of their own lives for the
human health or democratic systems. majority, home repossessions, poverty,
harsh punishments, war and mass
For example, numerous U.N. starvation. However, to return to my
resolutions against actions by Israeli point above, even as we stand,
forces in Palestine have been surrounded by capitalist propaganda,
completely ignored. The Israeli health and democracy including human
government and business interests can rights are there as stated aims. I.e.
get away with this because the U.S. not they are accepted as what should be
only turns a blind eye, but actively and thus as what is ethical in that
supports them by supplying funding sense. Governments in the main pay lip
and military equipment. This is mainly service to U.N. principles, and they try
because U.S. business interests want to to persuade us that they have noble
keep Israel as a strategically important intentions to do with human wellbeing –
and nuclear armed U.S. base from and many believe their own lies. So
which to control the resource rich why the pretence? Presumably it has to
Middle East. As well as blocking peace be done to maintain sufficient support
initiatives, reasons given to the U.N. for from the majority – which in turn
sanctions or war are usually fabricated means that the majority have a moral
or insincere and hypocritical. ‘Bringing sense of direction beyond the capitalist
democracy’ to Afghanistan and Iraq law of ‘power from financial ownership’,
actually meant military and corporate ‘prioritise financial profit’ and ‘might is
take over with positive media coverage right’.
and funding for election candidates who
support this. Again, the real reasons (or Some of the major supporters of
causes) are to do with extending or capitalism would like it to be ethical
protecting the business interests of a concerning human welfare, but it
minority. cannot be, because its driving principle
11 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

is for capital accumulation, which enables us to prevent and to ease

means that financial profit must suffering and to bring wellbeing and
come before our needs for wellbeing. It enhancement of life.
is inherent to capitalism that it is non
ethical with regard to health, the To deny that socialism is ethical in this
environment and democracy; and sense would be to a) deny the
hence to sell itself it has to pretend to existence of core values that we need
be and/or pervert ethical concepts to motivate us to get rid of capitalism
and/or distract people from awareness and to explore the potential of human
of our common interests and the cooperation using equality democracy
potential of peaceful cooperation. Thus or b) refuse to accept the way that
in capitalism so much information is ethical terms are being used the world
withheld, obscured, or partially over to express dissatisfaction and
presented so as to give a false frustration with capitalism, to express
impression, and people are set against that its deceptions are wearing
each other. This largely happens increasingly thin, and to completely
without conscious intent due to the sweep them aside, so that the benefits
simple passing on of indoctrination. of socialism may be clearly seen.

Conversely to capitalism, socialism is

inherently ethical with regard to health, The following quote is from Towards
the environment and democracy. This is an Ecological Society, Murray
because it is produced by 1) knowledge Bookchin page 66.
of how workers are exploited by a
ruling class, 2) knowledge of how the
processes of exploitation affect us, 3) "Accumulation is determined not
knowledge of a different system in by the good or bad intentions of
which it is possible for the world to be the individual bourgeois, but by the
free from oppression and deprivation, commodity relationship itself, by
so that communities can make what Marx so aptly called the
decisions for themselves and directly cellular unit of the bourgeois
for wellbeing 4) wanting and choosing economy”.
this different system. The capitalist “To appeal to his human interests
case is full of deceptions and over his economic ones is to ignore
divisiveness; where as the socialist the brute fact that his very
case relies on the truth and authority is a function of his
compassion. material being. He can only deny
his economic interests by denying
Votes do not really count, or the his own social reality, indeed, by
resultant changes that benefit workers denying that very authority which
are not safe unless there are no other victimizes his own humanity. It
powers that can usurp their power; and requires a grotesque self
in capitalism there are always other deception, or worse, an act of
powers at work. The only way to solve ideological social deception, to
this problem is to change the system. foster the belief that this society
Socialism is about the power of the can undo its very law of life in
majority to unite for this purpose; to do response to ethical arguments or
away with a ruling class and instead to intellectual persuasion."
establish the equality democracy of
common ownership and free access.
This is wanted because this is how we What’s Happening?
can cooperate for mutual benefit;
because this makes it possible to put an News and contact information from
end to war and poverty; because this the ASNM Sector.
12 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

should not invite a bloody struggle and

The following is from the Radical History should do all we can to prevent modern
Network of North East London (RHN). day fascists getting political
By the time you receive this issue that non positions by voting against the BNP and
event called the General Election may well their Euro mates.
be over but this is well worth including,
Of course not all parliamentary
although we would not endorse all of it.
candidates are careerists on the gravy
train but, with the best will in the
Our five-minutes-every-five-years
world, their efforts are quite unable to
worth of "democracy" happens on 6
change the country, or even parts of
May. But is there anyone out there who
it. Those on the political left should see
still believes that the world, owned and
the futility of seeking political
run by a partnership of private property
representation and get down to
and state regulation, is in any way
organising against poverty, ill health,
controlled by electing members of
illiteracy and homelessness all over the
parliament? That the great
world. This point was made by the
dictatorship of modern society is
early libertarians against those who
supervised by the House of Commons?
wanted political parties for change in
That any social control exists over
the long lost history of the last
bankers running up massive debts to
centuries. Many ordinary people,
someone or other, or over police seen
following the Chartists, campaigned for
murdering and attacking people on
the Right to Vote for all. We now find
television, or over judges finding them
our choice limited to Tweedle Dee or
NOT GUILTY? Or any of the tin pots? or
Tweedle Dum and a new choice faces
any MPs claiming expenses? or any of
us. What we need is not new leaders
the "celebrities "?
but a new system. Peter Kropotkin was
right, Marx and Lenin were wrong, and
But people know the real situation and we should learn from past mistakes.
we should not waste time and effort
repeating it. Our energy should go in
Elections are not just a subject
outlining our alternative:
for abstaining or ridicule and derision
but a time for serious argument and
• Every workplace, administrative unit, debate. People may still believe in
public institution, housing estate, politicians, we have to argue hard to
media outlet, bank, be taken into expose every promise, word, dot and
common ownership and run by
comma of this short-sighted option, not
eltected committees
just seek to impose it. A recent
• That federations of these councils or
discussion sparked off by the People's
communes are co-ordianted for
Manifesto came up with some
greater administration
interesting ideas -
• All private and state property is
abolished and replaced by a network
of these collectives • Arm pensioners on request so that
they can rob banks to get enough
money to live
Voting only keeps the present gang in
• Put a 'None of the Above' option on
charge. Perhaps one sole exception is
ballot papers
voting against fascists . Some people
• Disguise leopards as foxes to give the
say democracy gives us space to
gentry a scare
operate as socialists but this space was
• Make the police wear 'I'm Here To
not won by voting but by direct action
Help' badges
in the forms of strikes, riots,
• Those in favour of ID cards with
occupations, demonstrations and nothing to hide should be banned
suchlike. Voting will not keep out the from having curtains
fascists if the ruling class decide on
fascism to keep us down, as they did
And so on, very amusing, but it doesn't
with Hitler and co in the1920s. But we
change the basic facts - the rich get
13 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

richer while we still have no control Email

over our lives. For us the best option
is a hung parliament, which they all are
against. Use the As stated previously very good for
discovering groups that do, or have made
system for its own destruction, vote
up the Anti State, Non Market sector. Like
tactically for a hung parliament and all discussion forums it sometimes suffers
watch them squabble, while we get on from discussions that go on too long but it
and organise. is well worth exploring as some of the posts
give out information you might not have
RADICAL HISTORY NETWORK OF NORTH picked up elsewhere. Some of the news
EAST LONDON (RAHN) DETAILS NEXT PAGE from this section has come from this
source. So join the forum and help take if
Radical History Network of North East forward.
Anarchist Federation:
Email: Postal Address BM Arnafed, London WC1N 3XX. Email
The piece on the previous page refers to a
meeting due to be held on Wednesday May
5th, Vote for a New Society not a A new pamphlet has recently been
Political Party. published, An Introduction to Anarchist
The group covers subjects that are, “local, Communism. Must get a copy myself as I
topical or of special interest”. It is broadly am just getting into Kropotkin The
Libertarian Socialist in outlook. Manchester website is well worth a visit for
looking at texts from former organisations
World Socialist Movement/SPGB: such as Solidarity, Subversion and Wildcat. Postal Industrial Workers of the World: www.

address: 52 Clapham High Street Or P/O Box 1158, Newcastle
London SW4 7UN. Upon Tyne, NE99 4XL Email:
Forthcoming Meetings Get in touch if you want advice on
employment law, if you want to join as an
All to be held at the above address on individual or if there is support for
Saturdays commencing at 6.00 PM organising at your workplace but you do not
wish to pay high dues or get involved with
June 5th “Slums and Slumps: Housing under large bureaucracies.
Capitalism”? – Speaker Paul Bennett.
Much the same applies to the next group.
June 19th “Class Struggle and Climate
Change – the Politics of Personal Solidarity Federation.
Consumption “ – Speaker Paddy Shannon. or PO Box 29,
South West D.O Manchester M15 5HW
July 3rd “Business Growth in conflict with the Email:
Environment” – Speaker Glenn Morris;
Northern Anarchist Network (NAN)
Another place to keep up with news from
around the world from a Libertarian
If you want further information on the Communist view point. Also has Library,
conference or the group contact: Brian History and Gallery sections as well as
Bamford, 46 Kingsland Road, active online forums.
Rochdale, Lancs Ol1 3HQ or email
Wrekin Stop War
This can be found at or contact
World In Common: Duncan Ball, 23 Sunderland Drive, Leegomery
14 The Libertarian Communist Issue 8 May/June 2010

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