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Daet, Camarines Norte

Undergraduate Program
Prof. Ed 6a




I. Multiple Choice Test:

Choose the item that will best complete the sentence or answer the
question. Write only the letter of your choice in the blank.
1. Which of the following is the process of identifying educational goals and
the extent to which these objectives have been met? (Comprehension)
a. Assessment
c. Examination
b.* Evaluation
d. Planning
2. Teacher Tina would like to measure the level of performance of her
students, what method is she going to use? (Comprehension)
a. *Testing
c. Assessment
b. Measurement
d. Evaluation
3. In what situation you can use diagnostic test? (Application)
a. If you want to certify students mastery
b. If you want to determine if the lesson has been understood by the
c. *If you want to determine the present status or condition of the
d. If you want to identify the learning errors that is in need of
4. Who among the following teachers performed a placement test?
a. Mr. Adrian who administered a readiness test to the incoming first
year students.
b. *Mr. Jaycee who gave a qualifying test for scholarship.
c. Mr. Leo who gave a test to certify students mastery of the intended
d. Mr. Raymond who gave a quiz right after he had discussed his
5. In the test assessment a results revealed that majority of the students
have failed in the test. What is the best action that a teacher should do insure that
his/her student should learn? (Evaluation)
a. Analyze the difficulty of the test, then test again.
b. Employ item analysis and decide which item will not include to a
remedial test.
c. Give more easy questions.
d. *Reteach the items that are heavily missed.
6. The statement of Appraise the value of the property is a thought test
item for______?(Analysis)
a. Application
c. Synthesis
b. Analysis
d. *Evaluation
7. After giving the guidelines in constructing a test questions for multiple
choice item, teacher Tina ask her students to rate a given test question along the
elements. The students task is in level of______? (Evaluation)
a. Application
c. Synthesis
b. Analysis
d. *Evaluation
8. Which type of assesstment is use to compared the test results of the
learners with an absolute standard? (Comprehension)
c. Formative
b. Norm-refernce
d. Summative

9. Why norm reference assessment is suited for students who are

competitive? (Evaluation)
a. *Because comparison of child performances are present.
b. Because it tend to focus on the sub skill of the students.
c. Because mastery of learning is involve.
d. Because students strive hard to study their lesson.
10. Suppose you are an elementary teacher for grade six pupils and you want
to identify the learning errors of your students, what type of assessment are you
going to use? (Knowledge)
c. Placement
d. Summativeic
11. How can you make a complete process of assessment? (Synthesis)
a. Give a test, analyze the difficulty of the sudents, then give another
b. Give a test, get the results and inform students.
c. *Give a test, measure the results and make an interpretation.
d. Discuss the lesson, give an activity and utilize results.
12. Which is the best example of an aptitude test ? (Evaluation)
a. Chapter Test
b. Daily quiz
d. *NSAT
13. If diagnostic is given before instruction, therefore a test that is given at
the end of a course is called______. (Analysis)
a. diagnostic
c. placement
b. formative
d. *summative
14. What will be the next thing to do after getting the results of a test?
a. Evaluate the results.
b. Inform students.
c. Interpret the measurement.
d. *Measure or assign corresponding value.
15. A type of test where the results are obtained from a large group?
a. Criterion-reference
b. Formative
d. Summative
16. Multiple choice is considered as the best type of test because______.
a. it is easy to conduc t
b. it contain many responses
c. *it measures all levels of c ognitive ability
d. it posses the qualities of other type of test
17. Which guideline in test construction is not observed in this test item?
Christina wrote______. (Evaluation)
a. *It is open to more than one correct answer.
b. The stem fails to present a problem.
c. The blank is at the end of the question.
d. The lenght of the blank suggest the answer.
18.Why essay test has the highest diagnostic value in synthesizing mind
skills? (Evaluation)
a. *For it allows the test taker to use his/her ability to organize ideas.
b. For it does not required simply recall of learning.
c. For it requires the test taker to respond to all questions.
d. For it requires the test taker to provide original response.
19. How can you make your essay item clearly achieve the target for
designated learning objectives? (Synthesis)
a. *Develop a scoring guide or rubric.
b. Develop a Table of Specification
c. Inform your student the coverage of the test.

d. Provide clear description of the requested informaion.

20. As a teacher, how can you ensure to avoid or minimize halo effect, bias
and other subconscious factors in grading your essay test items? (Evaluation)
a. Ask your students to check and grade their papers.
b. *Grade the essay questions blind to the identity of your students.
c. Reshuffle the order of assessment.
d. Score one essay across all tests prior to scoring the others.

II. Completion Test

Complete the sentence with a correct responses of words or short
phrases. Write your answer on the space provided before the number.
____________21. If standardize test is administered by an experts, therefore nonstandardize test is
done by a/an__________. (Analysis) - classroom
____________22. Perodic: Teacher, District wide:__________. (Analysis) curriculum
____________23. A test should measure what it claims to measure to make
(Analysis) valid
____________24.The scope of the content must be congruent to a
(Analysis) objective
____________25. Test-retest method is used to measure the stability, while parallel is
used to test
the_________.(Analysis) equivalence
____________26-27. To reflect the degree of emphasis received during instruction, the
number of
________ must be proportioned to the degree of discussed
(Analysis) item,lesson
____________28. This how the learner perceive the attractiveness and
appropriateness of a test, this
refers to _________. (Knowledge)
face validity
___________29. When a test succeeds in determining accurately the paticular
attribute of a person
who is tested, it is said to be_________.
(Comprehension ) valid
___________30. A good test is relatively reliable to the extent that assessment
(Analysis) - consistent
III. Matching Type
Match the description in column A with the describe levels of cognitive and
affective domain. Write only the letter on the blank provided.
Column A


31. Describe the current condition. (c)

a. Analysis

32. Distinguish most likely causes. (a)



33. Follow oganizational rules and procedures. (j)



34. Suggest ideas and alternatives. (k)

d. Evaluation

35. Identify the problem. (f)


e. Guided

36. Observe organizaztional rules and pr


ocedures. (i)


37. Integrate a plan of action (g)



38. Rate each possible solution. (d)

h. Percetion

39. Support the company policy.(l)

i. Receiving

40. Use cause and effect diagram. (b)


k. Synthesis
l. Valuing

IV. True or False

Write TRUE if the statement is correct, if FALSE cross the word/s that makes it
wrong then write the correct answer on the space before the number.
the level of

41. One of the purpose of the formative assessment is to determine

competence of the students . (Analysis)

42. Criterion-reference assessment is used for survey testing.

(Knowledge) Norm reference.
43. Placement is concerned with the entry performance of the student.
(Knowledge) -diagnostic
44. True or false can provide highly reliable test scores. (Knowledge)
45. Essay items require an extensive amount of instructors time to
read. (Knowledge)
46. Essay Test Item is used to measures ability to organize ideas while
Performance Test
is used to evaluate students attitude. (Analysis)
47. Completion test doesnt required homogenous item. (Knowledge)
48. Perfect matching type happens when an option is an answer to
more than one
item. (Analysis) Imperfect Matching Type
a key.

49. The item in a multiple choice type of test which serves as a joker is
(Knowledge) Distractor

50. Stem is an optional part in a Multiple Choice Test . (Knowledge)

Stimulus material