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BRawnflex Prime

Product No: 163

Edition: 01.12.2014

Liquid applied primer for Brawnflex Series


Health and Safety

BRawnflex Primer is a single component polymer modified

styrene base liquid, ready to use primer for BRawnflex Series.
The product is a white color liquid.

Keep away from children

Avoid contact with eyes and skin
In case of contact with eyes, rinse off thoroughly with water
and consult a doctor
Wear suitable gloves and goggles for protecting hands and
face during work
In case the product has been swallowed, seek medical
advice immediately and show the label

Areas of Application
On to the substrate as primer wherever BRawnflex series are
Suitable Substrate
Suitable substrates are all cementitous screeds and plasters.
The surfaces should be solid and free of oil, grease or dust.

Cleaning of tools and equipment

Tools as well as dirty areas have to be cleaned with water
immediately after use.

Surface preparation
The substrate to receive the coating must be sound, free from
dust, laitance, oil and grease. Substrate must be pre wetted
prior to application. Ensure that the substrate is damp with no
standing water when applied directly without primer.

Storage and shelf life:

The shelf life of the product is 6 month from the date of
manufacture when stored in shade, away from direct sunlight
between temperatures + 50C to 300C

BRawnflex Primer is ready to use single component liquid
which is applied either by brush or roller. Apply the primer on to
the damp substrate.

5 Kg and 10 Kg pail

Over coating
Over coating can be done after Primer is dried.

white color low viscous liquid

Specific Gravity

Approx. 1.00


200 250 gms per sqmtr depending

upon surface condition

Chowgule Construction Chemicals Pvt Ltd products though

are guaranteed against defective materials, manufacture, and
are sold subject to its standard terms and conditions of sale,
copies of which may be obtained on request. Chowgule
Construction Chemicals Pvt Ltd wishes to clarify that any
advice, recommendation, specification or information is
accurate and correct, though it cannot, at anytime assume any
liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of its
products. This is because it has no direct or constant control over
where or how its products are applied, and whether or not in
accordance with the advice specification, recommendation or
information given by it.

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