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What is an AWS region?

A region is a geographical area that consists of different availability zones.

Each region consists of 2 (or more) Availability Zones.
Which statement best describes Availability Zones?
Distinct locations from within an AWS region that are engineered to be isolated
from failures.
Describe Availability zone
Distinct locations from within an AWS region that are engineered to be isolated
from failures.
An AWS VPC is a component of which AWS service?
Networking Service.
What is a VPC?
Virtual Private Cloud
Which AWS service is specifically designed for developers to upload their
code to and then it will automatically handle the provisioning of those
resources that are required to host that code?
Elastic Beanstalk
Which AWS service allows you to run code without having to worry about
provisioning any underlying resources (such as virtual machines, databases
Amazon's highly scaleable DNS service is known as...
Route 53
Which AWS compute service is specifically designed to assist you in
processing large data sets?

Elastic Map Reduce

What is the difference between Elastic Beanstalk & CloudFormation?
Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the deployment, from capacity
provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling to application health monitoring
based on the code you upload to it, where as CloudFormation is an automated
provisioning engine designed to deploy entire cloud environments via a JSON
Which AWS service is used a CDN to distribute content around the world?
Where would be a durable place to store flat files on the AWS p
Which AWS service would be the best choice for long term data archival?
What AWS service consists of the following database services; SQL, MySQL,
MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Aurora, Oracle?
Relational Database Services (RDS)
What AWS service would you use primarily for data warehousing?
What AWS service is used for collating large amounts of data streamed from
multiple sources?
You need to create new users to access the AWS console and to set
password rotation policies for these new users. Which AWS service would
best fit your requirements?

Identity Access Management (IAM)

You need to supply auditors with logs as to who provisions which resources on
your AWS platform. Which service would best suit this?
You need a configuration management service to allow your system
administrators to configure and operate your web applications using Chef.
Which AWS service would best suit your needs?
You are a digital media agency and you need to convert your media files in to
different formats to suit different devices. Which AWS service should you
consider using to meet these needs?
Elastic Transcoder
Which statement best describes IAM
IAM allows you to manage users, groups and roles and their corresponding
level of access to the AWS Platform.
Which is NOT a feature of IAM?
Allows you to setup biometric authentication, so that no passwords are
Power User Access allows....
Access to all AWS services except for management of groups and users
within IAM.
You are a solutions architect working for a large engineering company who are
moving their existing legacy hardware to AWS. You have configured their first
AWS account and you have set up IAM. Your company will be primarily based
out of West Germany, however they will have a small subsidiary operating out

of South Korea and you will need an AWS environment configured there as
well. Which of the following statements is true;
You will need to configure Users and Policy Documents only once, as these
are applied globally.
You have a client who is considering moving to AWS services and do not yet
have an account. What is the first thing the company should do to set up an
AWS Account?
Set up an account using their company email address.
You are a security administrator working for a hotel chain. You have a new
member of staff who has started as a systems administrator and they will need
full access to the AWS console. You have created the user account and
generated the access key id and the secret access key. You have moved this
user into the group where the other administrators are and you have provided
the new user with their secret access key and their access key id. However
when they go to log in to the AWS console, they cannot sign in. What could be
the cause of this?
You cannot log in to the AWS console using the Access Key ID and Secret
Access Key, instead you must generate a password for the user and supply
the user with this password, as well as the unique link to sign in to the AWS
What is an additional way to secure IAM for both the root login and new users
Implement multi-factor Authentication for all accounts.
By default when you create a new user in the IAM console, what level of
access do they have?
No access to all AWS services.
In what language are policy documents written in?