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Our life is given to us by God and we must learn to take care of it even the life of
others. We are the creation of God that should be taking care of His other creations. As human
beings, we learn to be humble and respect the life of others but the most important thing about
us, humans, is our Love. We are the creation of God that is created to love and to be loved back
thats why we have our families for us to learn to love and know God. As people of God, our
family is the most important thing in this world and we do everything for our family. It is the
nature of humans to love and learn to love others yet there are still people that tend to be
consumed by hatred and sin. The people who are consumed by evil does not appreciate and take
care of life. Life is a gift given by God and every gift we receive, even from anyone, must be
appreciated for it is a blessing some cant even have. Actually, Life is the greatest blessing
anyone could receive from God and to give life to others is one of the greatest thing anyone
could ever do. In our life, Love and family are also sacred things in this world and to just abolish
such things is a sin.
As we live in this world, we continue our life by having families and raising
our children to continue ones legacy through Love and care. Human beings love to
take care and to take care is to love the others life as your own, sometimes more
than your own. Love is the reason we make and form families but before having a
family, we first go through the sacrament of Marriage for us to have the blessing of
God. Everything about life is all about love and yet we still see and experience a lot
of imperfections and immoral activities such as abortion. Abortion has always been
considered a sin and very immoral for it aborts the life an unborn. Any form of
removing life from others will always be considered as a sin and in Abortion life is
removed from a baby that is yet to be born. Abortion is against the Ten
Commandments for it kills; it kills the life of a fetus that already has a beating heart.
As servant of God, I stand against abortion for to create life is a choice and to end
life should not be an option, ever. A lot of women turn to abortion because it was
unplanned and unwanted but in the first place, they should have known the
consequences of having intimate connections with the opposite sex and not having
the right responsibility.
Life is full of choices and we must take full responsibility for it no matter
how bad it may get. But the thing is, we should always know what is right and to be
grateful for what we have. We may never know that these things are the greatest
blessings God has given us. Abortion is a choice and will always be a choice. It is
also a choice not to have the choice of having Abortion someday. So in life, one
must be disciplined and still responsible for ones action.