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OJ) ^ <jLV'C


News from the Phillips family

Januar> / Februarj-1995

Volume 1

Number 1

Praise God, however, that

What a life! I heard a good
illustration about life the other day

Dr. Dobson's Focus on the

He is unchanging! He will always

love us. He will always desire for

time, however, this too shall change.

According to the Word of
God, we have a task. That task is to

us to know Him and follow Him,

share this wonderful news with the

He is not like the gods of man\

served from a distance, uncertain as

world. Our first priority is to see to

it that this good news is spread to
every narion, to every tribe, in every
language. This is a change that must
take place through us, the children of

to whether or not he is being


pagan people, who must be

appeased and feared, never to be

Family Radio Broadcast.

speaker said, many times we look at
life as "smooth sailing", when the
fact of the matter is, life is much like
"White water rafting." We are in our
boats on the river going down

known personally, always to be

stream, whether we like it or not.

Then, out of the blue, the water

His son, so we could come to Him

Him personally. WE are the ones

who have experienced the changes
that only our Sa\ ior is able to make

without fear.

in us. WE are the ones involved in

changes fi-om the calm, laz>' flow to

that of a narrow gorge, raging with
white water, speed and danger. Then
shortly, another change; the river
returns to a calm, wide flow of lazy

One thing is for certain: Life

does not stand still.

pleased. It is a shame there are

people in this world who don't
know the one. true God who sent
It is true there are

many who don't know.

WE are the ones who know


(Conihiued on page 2)

It's a Boy

It is full of

surprises, and fiill of change. Of

course, not all change is bad, or
should cause anxiety. In fact, we can
rejoice in change! For example, we
can change from our position as
sinners, condemned to eternal death,
to that of being a child of God!
Scripture states it like this...

Samuel Steven Phillips




Bom: February 23, 1995 (1:48 pm)

Once you were not a people,

but now you are the people of
God; once you had not
received mercy, but now you
have received mercy.
[1 Pet 2:10 (NIV)]
Therefore, if anyone is in
Christ, he is a new creation;
the old has gone, the new has
come! [2 Cor 5:17 (NIV)]

We can rejoice
in change!


Weight 7 lbs. 13 oz., Lenght 20.5"

Dark hair, dark eyes. 10 fingers and 10 toes'

Page 2


Recently we sent out a questionairre

to see if you would be interested in
knowing about special projects we
are raising funds for, Here they are.

As you can see, there have been

some changes. One is the change in the name of
o u r
mission. After much prayer, we have decided to incori)orate our mission
under the name of L.A.M.P., Inc.(which denotes l^tin America Mission

Project). Our minisdy continues to be the same: To share the message of

Jesus Christ in the country of Colombia.

Our mission has the direction of selected elders from the Town and Country

Christian Church (Shelbyville, IN) as well as interested elders from the

Morristown Christian Church (Morristown, IN.) We are also inviting each

Thank youfor your interest.


Upon returning to Colombia, the

van we are driving now will be
sold and the funds will go to
wards the purchase of a vehicle
for the work there.

of our supporting churches to elect one representitive from each of their

congregations to serve on an Advisory Committee.
Because of this change, we will no longer be receiving funds directed to7
"Team Expansion". ?

All support should be made out to L.A.M.P.,Inc.

*"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do*

* people lisht a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and ^
* it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine

*before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in*
i heaven."

Matthew 5:}4-16 (NIV)

a love relationship with God, and

not a relationship of fear. We are

of darkness, lighting the way to that

city of refuge and etemal light and
life, where there shall be no more

us. That is the most effective way of

pain and no more tears.

If you've not been letting
your light shine, if you've been one
of those Christians hiding your
lamp, I invite you to make the
change. Place your lamp on the
lampstand for others to see. Ask
Jesus for help, for courage, for
strength to change your ways and

sharing Jesus. We dare not hide our

shine for Him.

the ones who must share that with

the world!

How can

we make the

changes necessary to lift up the light

of Jesus to the world? We can do it

through lifting up our own Lamp

and placing it on a lampstand, so
others may see the light of Jesus in

faith from others, lest it be like

automobile fund. We pray the

sale of the van will bring enough
to have nearly a third of what we
will need to purchase an auto
mobile in Colombia.

/-CHANGES. Continuedfrom page I)

To date, we have $4,800.54 in the


Presently our monthly mission in

come is sufficient for paying our

salary (living-link), travel expenses,

postage for mailings, and miscella
neous office operating expenses.
When we arrive in Colombia, we

will need resources for the actual op

eration of the mission.

and events such as those listed on the

next page.

lighting a lamp and placing it under

For a/j example ofhow you, your

church, a Sunday School class, or

a bed, where it's light will be

youth group can help, see page 4.

useless. No! Rather, let us dare to

shine for Jesus in a world that is full


"work" funds will go for projects

Eec^kMUPct,EcDitSc April'95
The Phillips* Prayer Calander







1 Pray the Lord

prepares yom

heart to worship
him tomorrow.
Invite a friend.

6 Pray for
8 Ask the Lord
5 Pray for the
7 Pray for
4 Pray for
2 Pray for Mark 3 Continue
Stringer. He )raying for Mark Barbara, his youth in Ibague, Nestor, a brother Nestor's wife to reveal his will
to you
wife. May she ^at the Lord will in the church in and children: for
leads the church Stringer, who
in lbague. He will come home be a tme help to be preparing the Ibague, working health, safety, concerning your
soil oftheir
to get the youth and Spiritual involvement in
suffers major this month to see him in Hying
hearts to hear his program started.
health problems. his doctor for
word preached.
11 Pray the Lord 12 Pray God will 13 Pray God will 14 Pray God will 15 Pray for the
help you
many Christians
bless the
will provide
the world who
Colombia. Ask
the Lord to pour by His name. the work ofdie an automobile faithfully serve significance of suffer persecu
for the Phillips' as forwarding
Jesus' death.
tion for Jesus'
out his Spirit on May we be a
work in
name sake.
.agents and give
lamp oflove
them today.
9 Pray for the

10 Praise God

churches in

for all those who

unto die world.


as friends.

19 Pray for
20 Give praise
16 Pray the Lord 17 Pray God will 18 Pray for
will touch the be proclaimed to Teresa Dempsey Mark Dempsey to God's holy
name for the
as he carries on
the many lost
heart ofthose
many who are
souls in
Mark Dempsey's die work in
Christmas /
Bogota: for
coming to Him
Easter Christians Colombia's 10 wife), expecting
stren^ &
major cities. a baby for Sep.
in all ofLatin
in a personal



22 Pray for
Steve & Nancy
as they spend a
men and women few days with
prepared to go to Steve's family
Latin America to before leaving
21 Ask the Lord
to see to it diat
there are more

serve fiill-time.

for Colombia.

29 Pray today
24 Pray God 25 Ask the Lord 26 Ask God to 27 Pr^ for Juan, 28 Pray for
today. Seek to will make safe to help you know bless Nancy's Nancy's brother. Loyda, Juan's for Steve's sister,
wife. She is
Cindy. It's her
serve and ob^. the w^ for the what to pr^ as mom,Olga. Ask Pr^ the Lord
Phillips family's you support this Him to give her will lead him in expecting a baby birthday! She's
Seek His
blessings ofjoy! Spiritual growth.
ministry in
also expecting a
in June.
strength to do
baby in June.
what pleases
23 Seek God


30 Pray God
will glorify His
name in every
church united
under His


serve Him.

Esi^ jjjmjh'OR

The PhilHi^s' Prayer Calender






1 Pray this
will lbe a

grea^ year

for peaceful

for th<} ad
of tie

in lives of
the mis
sionaries in

gosppi in

S Ask the

6 Pray for

7 Pray the

Lord to
show his

Steve &

Lord will

love and
comfort to

you know
who may
be hurting.


Nancy as
they plan
their next
few months

spent in the

13 Ask the

funds for
an automo

bile in

the church

in Ibague,



with health



College in

19 Pray for


20 Ask the
Lord to
bless Ron
and Carol



God to

21 Pray for
God to pro

sermon this

our for



vide for the

needs of
the mission
to be met

agents and


the Cele
Service of
the New
Life Chris

Church, in


for Steve to

28 Pray
for your

have God's



ment in
world evan



and guid
ance in his
work &


powen and


t Pray the

3 Pray for

Lord allows

the immedi
ate release
of the mis

4 Pray for
the Holy
Spirit to
move many
in Colom
bia to wor

hostage in

ship tomor



9 Pray for

10 Pray for

health and

the adapta

11 Pray for
Nancy to
day. It's

Nancy's re

made with
the arrival


work!pe is

tions being

her Birth


of baby

doing in


of our sins.

Be fa|ithful.

16 Petition
the Lord to

help you
draw near
to him in

your daily
study and

17 Seek
the Lord's
will as to

how you
may pray
for us to



18 Praise
the Lord for

for all of
our many

and spiri

22 lAsk

23 Pray

24 Pray

God to be

for Steve

working to
provide a

today. It's

for Mauricio
Acosta as

his Birth

he joins the

house for


us tfpon

work with

our retum


to Copm-


25 Praise
the Lord for
the workers

he has pre
pared to
sdtve as
elders &



26 Pray for

lov^ &


IS F*raise
14 Pray for
Andrew , the Lord for
Jeus to pay
who will
the penalty

Lord to
bless Mark
& Barbara

for the

growth of

8 Priise
Gdd fpr His



29 As k the
Lord tc prepare the
hearts of
man y

youn^ peopletd



30 Jennifer

31 Pray

Phillips trav

Jennifer is
in her en-

els to Ro
mania to

day! She is
a missionary
to the Or


deaver to
show them
the love of

April's I

Calander j
on reverse!

Q: Why do you want to have a

Praying for the young people so

they will be interested and
receptive to the messages we

Eventually we hope to reach into

ministry to the youth In


will share.

The Lord has placed on our hearts

a burden to reach out to the youth,


Much is being done, and has been

done, as far as evangelism to adults

the poorer sections of town by

renting a place to have the same
type of program. Only in this
case it would probably be on a

and small children is concerned.

Saturday, and we would offer

and meet them on their level.

Steve & Nancy

Q: What are your plans for the
immediate future?

Not so with the youth. This is a

breakfast to children of less

fairly new area for mission work in

fortunate families.


I feel the Lord has

raised us up for this work.

Q: What about ways to edify

them In the faith?

Lord willing, we will be

1 ministry through small

spending the next nine

weeks or so packing and



2 Sunday School classes

3 Christian Service Camps


spend time with my folks in

Pennsylvania, and a few
days with my sisters in
Texas, before flying out of
Houston on May 8.

4 Retreats

5 Involving

Christians in outreach to

their fiiends and family.







biggest prayer concern?

Q: What are your plans

for when you actu



UOur enemy, Satan, has had


his stronghold in Colombia

for many years and isn't
about to give up his
of authority
without a fight. We must
pra>' for the safety of the


We plan to spend a week or

so visiting Nancy's family.
Steve (with Hannah) and Nancy (with Jessica)
Then we will go to the city
of Ibague (pronounced: eemissionaries, as well as for the
ba-*gay) to look for a place to live.
Q: If your focus is evann
of the people to whom
We will also begin a youth ministry
gelism to youth, how do
in a new church that has been startedI
you plan to reach out to
vwe will be teaching.
A second concern is the
there by veteran missionary, Mark:
them with the message of
matter offmancing the work. We are
i] need of "work funds".

/' Our purpose:\


to assist the local \

church in becoming a \
ministry to the whole family,
Our focus:

. the evangelization of the a

\ young people in Ibague,^

\ and their edification

\ in the faith.

Tutoring in English to open

confident the Lord will provide just


doors and make first contacts.

what we need.

Teaching Bible stories to die

suggest a way for anybody to be


neighborhood children every

in such a way so as to be
able to give a little, and do a lot!
Anyone who reads about
need should pray two things: for
God to provide for our needs, and
for God to lay on their hearts a

Sunday afternoon.
Opening our house to those
who live around us.

I am

Using puppets, flannelgraph,

and film projectors to teach.
Visits from Bible characters


every once in a while should

understanding that their small

donations can make a big difference!

draw some interest too.



What I'll do is




An Amazing truth!
Have you ever wondered
why advertizers pay big bucks to
show tiieir products? Think about it.
They know that if, for example, they
advertize on television, their ad will
be seen by a vast majority of

Let's assume they

600,000 times $2.00 each equals

Praise the Lord with us for the
$1,200,000.00! The company makes
birth ofour healthy little boy.
v" Pray for Nancy's quick
To see a large need and
recovery from labor, delivery,
ignore it is to doubt you can by any
and from surgery to reprir a
means help. Yet, If you would be...
tear in the c-section scar from
one of 150 people giving $10 / month.
her two previous pregnancies.

one of 75 people giving $20/ month.


$200,000 to advertize, and thirty

million viewers see it. If, as a result,
only two percent buy the product, and

the company makes two dollars profit

from each item sold, it was well
worth the investment ofadvertizing!

You see, 2% of 30 million is


one of50 people giving $30/ month,

we would reach our goal of $1,500
needed monthly "work" support for
sharing the message of Jesus in u"

Will you please consider helping?

As of April 1st, all support checks should be made to L.A.M.P.. Inc.

Shelbjville, IN. 46176. Or call 1- 317-398-0285 for more info.

One of the needed

ingredients for a

for sharing

Pray the Lord will allow us to

get all of Samuel's papers in
order, quickly, so we can





Seek the Lord's provision for

our mission work.

and seat to our forwarding agent, Ron Kessler at 2701 S. Miller St.,

successful mission is



Pray God will send his Holy

Spirit ahead of us to prepare
the hearts and minds of many
young people to receive his
message of grace.

A second ingredient
is fmancial support.

Rejoice with us in God's

presence, because He is
wonderful, loving, and full of

The flour used to


Prayer. You are an added

'5' Pray the Lord's hand will be
strand in our prayer line to
Christ on
with us as we pack and prepare
the mission
The money used to carry out
heaven. One missionary said
for the return trip to Colombia.
the work comes fi'om many
his prayer supporters were
Pray he will provide assistance
individuals, like yourself.
for us as we will be travelling
his "lifeline;" holding him
with two toddlers, an infant,
safely and giving him a way
lots of luggage!
will not make a cake, one person's
home from the spiritual darkness of
effort cannot entirely support a work. u" Seek the Lord's protection
the mission field. We ask you to add
We understand that it is a matter of
your prayers to ours and those of
over all Colombian Christians.
working together. All ofus put in our
many others so our work may go
Pray for veteran missionary
small, but important part, and the
forward, blessed by God, and
Mark Stringer's health.
Lord blesses and multiplies.
unhindered by our enemy.
make tlie cake is made fi'om
thousands of heads of wheat.

9119^ 'NX 'siRAXqiatis >4

^s Jinw S IOZ,C

-DHi -dwvi

L. A. M. P. . INC.

Dear family, friends and supporters,

June 15, 1995

'se are tinally back in Colombia, after a wonderful 362 days in the United
States. We are glad to be back, and want to thank ail of you who made our
deparr.ure such a nice experience. To those who helped pack, load, unload and

Thank you!

Let me share with you about our travel day, May 6th.

After doing final

packing" the night before, Nancy and I averaged about 45 minutes sleep. We got
up bright and early and took a tally of our suitcases and carry-ons to figure out
how much damage was going to be done to our wallet, due to having to pay excess
baggage fees. We came up with a r.otai of fifteen suitcases, foot-lockers, or
boxes; three carry-ons; two child car-seats, a stroller and fold-up crib for
Samuel; two adults, two children and a baby in tow. Over the phone we had been

told we would have to pay S80.00 per piece for any baggage over eight checked
pieces and four carry-ons.

we had been praying the Lord would help us get by without having such a
massive expense in moving. We knew others were also praying. And still others
made special donations to help with these excess expenses. So with faith and
confidence, we set out for the airport bright and early (6 A.M.) and arrived at
Pittsburgh nternational by 7 A.M.

Thank the Lord we arrived early. We had no problem getting someone to help
us get all of our stuff to the check-in counter. There the gentleman asked if
we understood there would be excess baggage fees charged due to the large amount
of items we were checking in. I responded that I understood and explained that

when you're a missionary and have to pack up your life and take it with you the
luggage tended to add up.

Then the Lord worked a miracle. The gentleman at the check-in counter
talked with a fellow worker and she noaded her head. They allowed us to check
twelve pieces tree instead of eight. Then he courtesy checked the stroller, the
fold-up crib, and the two car seats! We oniy had to pay for three excess pieces!
From Pittsburgh we flew to Houston, where we met family. They brought
another suitcase which we had left our there since Christmas.

We took it to the

ticketing counter to check it and the lady asked to see our tickets.

She saw we

had paid excess baggage in Pittsburgh and asked if we had already paid for this
one too. (Now to be honest with you, I knew I could have told her "yes" and she
wouldn't have known any different. But I knew that wasn't what Jesus would want
me to do).

[ told her they didn't charge us for it because we didn't have it

with us yet. She began writing and filling out a tag to put on the suitcase,
then she put. in on the conveyor behind her and stapled tlie claim ticket in our
ticket booklet. She smiled and said, "Have a nice flight". The Lord worked
again and saved us another S80.00!

Isn't He wonderful?

The next miracle was getting all of our stuff to our place of storage until
finding a place to live. I had contacted a fellow missionary and asked him to

bring his car to meet us at the airport.

I asked him to try to get a couple of

otlier cars there too. We found three cars were awaiting us. One was a Renault
4, one was a Renault station wagon (small) and one was the missionary's car which
would lake our family and !.he suitcases we would be living out of for the next
few weeks. We asked God to work a miracle and shrink everything so it would fit.

He did! If we had one more piece or one more person we would have had to pay for
a taxi to move us! Again the Lord saved us money, and the insecurity of taking
a taxi which can be dangerous at night.

Ail in all, your prayers and ours were answered bigger and better than we
could have imagined!
God was indeed "'ith us throughout the trip giving us
strength to travel (after such little' -est the night before). He caused our
children to be well behaved the whole d ay, and nobody got sick or out of hand!

We worship and serve a Mighty Goa who lo<|)ks


May He be praised for showing hi

out for His children and their every

nself faithful.

May 23, 199")

We've been here now for a coupie oJ weeks and we are beginning to feel some
Some are jasy to accept, and some are hard.
example, in any U.S. office a person is attended to with respect and honesty,
Here, if the worker that is attending y ou feels like being nice, you're doing
of the cultural differences.


If, however, the worker decides

no good reason,


feel important, they may tell you, for

They sometimes like to feel they

come back in the aft^rnoon.

have the power to have the iast word

Sort of



feel small



On the other hand, when you travel around and see the barrios and people,
The poverty is
eat here. After awhile a person begins
to get used to it because it is every^ lere. But after taking a break in the

you begin to feel sad.

States, we feel the snocking realitv of the situation.

Life here is hard


most Colombians.

The vast majority of people earn

ery little money.

They strive to exist

on what they earn. A person who earns ninimum wage earns the equivalent of 78
cents per hour. In a month they only ea n $141.00. And although in almost every
house you will find a color televisioh, the fact of the matter is that they
purchased most of their personal belong ngs with Christmas bonuses and borrowed
money. Almost very penny that enters tli ' house from jobs is for the daily bread,
the electric bill,a nd rent. It is dif icult to see so many people work so hard

and really have a very poor l ife in geiji eral.

May 29, 1995

What is eleven year old, bacilj ir] need of repairs, not safe to drive more
than 10 miles out of the city, with hundreds of thousands of miles on it, with
one flat tire, one headlight, one warkling windshield wiper, a horn that works
half the time, full of bangs and denrs a nd scrapes, wi_th_an interior that looks

like it hasn't been washed in the eleven years of it's life, a motor that is
about shot, and would he lucky to lirih g 5300.00 as a trade-in in


the United

It's my brother-in-laws '84 Rei ault taxi, which he's trying to sell at

a fair market value of around 57,650.00

That's more than what we were able to
save in our whole year in the states! As you can see, automobiles in Colombia

are quite expensive. The van we drove i!n the states, which we're asking around
52,500.00 for, would bring around 514,000.00 here. Unfortunately, the Colombian
government does not allow the importatl 3n of used cars.
Honestly, we cannot see investing 58 or 310 thousand in an automobile that
is going to need constant repair and con stant upkeep. We can't afford that kind

of car.

Even though we don't have the funds yet, we will probably need 520 to

S25 thousand to invest in a car or van t lat will be new and will serve our needs

for many years with no worry or fear k^f breaking down every time we go out.
However, at this time we can't afford t at kind of car either. What we need is

We have gone to the Lord in prayer.

needed tool for the ministry.

We have asked him to provide for this

We have asked him to place upon your heart an

amount uhich you can give for this need.

We ask you to give in faith that He

will provide the means to do so.

We apologize that this arrived to you so late. We have been unable to send
this off to the states due to being away from a modern and/or printer.

There are

few technological conveniences here, except for those which the Lord has provided
for us to bring.


August 1995

Please pray each day for Steve's family: their health and safety. Please also pray each day
for the item listed next to the day's number. You will in this way be directly involved in
world evangelism, uniting yourself with Steve and Nancy as they pray daily for the needs
listed below.

1 St
Pray for the upcoming revival which will be held in Ibague. Pray the Lord works
in the hearts of many to draw them to the revival(Aug. 3-6)to hear the message ofthe
gospel presented.
Pray for the people in the church, that they will be bold and loving: Bold to tell
their friends and neighbors about the revival. Loving the friends and neighbors enough to
invite them to attend.

3rd through 6th

Pray for the speaker at the revival, Jorge. Pray the Lord speaks
through him in a powerful way,to move through the word ofthe gospel and the Spirit of
Christ, touching the lives ofthe listeners and motivating change. Pray also for the music
director and missionary, Martin Sanders.

Please pray in the following days for the Spiritual awakening ofeach ofthe persons listed.
Seek the blesshg ofthe Lord upon each. Ask the Lord to lead these people to a better
understanding of who Jesus is, and just what He can do for their fives, should they submit
to his saving grace and his divine authority as Lord.


Javie/ - a fourteen year old who was baptized in July in a youth camp, but has

attended chirch only one time since.

Antc-nio - an eighteen year old who was baptized in March but hasn't come to
church much because his family does not seem to support his new found faith.
Wilson - a fourteen year old who's family is studying the Bible. He seems
interested hut hasnt made any decissions yet.
10th Jhcn - a thirteen year old brother of Wilson. His situation is the same.
1 ith Sandra - a nineteen year old sister to Wilson and Jhon. She knows about the Lord
and loves-to study the Bible, but she seems unready to make any decisions. I suspect it is
because she may feel she has to "give up" some ofthe life she is enjoying now as a young

12th Magda - an eighteen year old sister to Wilson, Jhon and Sandra. She has a lot of
interestin the things ofthe Lord also, butjust hasn't made any decisions.
13th Kathy - a twelve year old who's mother wasjust baptized. She visited the youth
group :br the first time last week.
14th Marcela - a ten year old who's mother was baptized also. She is a cousin of
Kathys and came last week for the first time.
15th Yisell - a twelve year old sister ofMarceia's. She also attended for the first time
last veek.

16th Wendy - a ten year old who actively participates in King's Kids: a group of young
pecjle dedicated to sharing the gospel message in song and with choreography.


Fernando - a twelve year old brother to Wendy. He also participates in King's


18th Adriana - a fifteen year old who attends youth group. She has a lot ofinterest in
knowing more about the Lord. Pray for her family also, as she lives with an aunt.
19th Monica - a twelve year old cousin of Adriana's. She also attends youth group
faithfully, with a desire to know more. Pray for her family, as she and her cousin and three
other children live with her parents in one room and share two beds.


Luis - a ten year old fnend of Adriana and Monica. He has attended faithfully

since the first time he came. He is anxious to know more about the ways ofthe Lord. His

parents do not attend. Pray also we get a chance to visit with his parents and invite them
to know more about the Lord.

21st Luz Angela - She is fourteen. Her situation is exactly the same as that ofLuis.
22nd Gulianno - a twenty-two year old who has been a Christian for ten years. He has
attended a couple of youth meetings but has been away fi"om the Lord for a number of
years. He says he really wants to follow the ways ofthe Lord. Pray the Lord helps him
live the Christian life he has been called to live.

23rd Gerardo - A twenty-nine year old who gave his life to the Lord almost a year ago.
He hasn't, however, learned to live a life dedicated to following the ways ofthe Lord.
Pray he accepts an invitation to participate in a discipleship training program I am planning
to begin later this year.

24th Marleny
- An eighteen year old who knows Mark & Barbara Stringer. She
has attended one church service, probably out of curiosity. Pray the Lord opens the door
for an opportunity to share his love with her and her family.
25th Dario - a twenty-four year old neighbor of ours. He is single and drives a taxi. He
has an interest in knowing more about the Bible.

26th Rosa - Nancy's aunt. She lives pretty far from where we are, but sheneeds a
personal relationship with Jesus just the same. The doctors found a lump in ler breast last
week and tests have not yet been done to determine if it is cancerous or benign. Pray this
trial moves her closer to the Lord, and motivates her to get her relationship rijht with
Him, and not with some "religion".

27th Jorge - Nancy's uncle. He has some spiritual and mental problems. He has tried a
couple oftimes to commit suicide due to periods of deep depression. Pray he inds the
Lord and is set free from this illness.

28th Mark Stringer - our fellow missionary. He is fifty-four years old. He is taking
blood thiimers to help his health. Pray for his continued strength, and renewed tealth as
he is a big motivation for the people here, and a true example of Christian love.
29th Barbara Stringer - Mark's wife. She is also a big encouragement. She is loved by
the people in the church. Pray she is strong and healthy too as she continues to serve the


Pray for the organization ofthe youth and discipleship ministries. Pray Stev? has

the wisdom and motivation necessary to carry out these two very important ministrts.

31st Pray for yourself: our prayer supporters. Pray with me that the Lord leads pu to
grow as a result ofthis direct involvement in world evangelism! May God bless yod

HELLO TO THE FAITHFUL: to those who are faithful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and

therefore faithful to the prayer and financial support of His work here in Colombia.
Today I am sitting in my office thinking,"How can I fit all that I have to share in one
newsletter? It is indeed a LOT that I want to share, and I thank you for being interested in

knowing what it is. I suppose the best way is to divide this letter into sections. Then, as you
read a section you can mark it off and go on to the next as time permits. May God bless you as
you read this letter.
IBAGUE(The city where we live).

Welcome to Ibague (pronounced ee - ba - GAY,with the accent on the Gay). This city is
located in the Andes Mountains. If you look on a map that shows the geography, you will notice
three branches running south to north through the middle of Colombia. We are close to the
vertical middle of the central branch, placing us almost in the center of Colombia. We are
located on the eastern side of the mountains, and due to our altitude we enjoy an average annual

temperature of around 72 degrees. The highs get up to around 85 some days, and at night the
temp, dips down to around 65 degrees. It is a very comfortable climate to live in.
If you could see this city from a distance you would notice it is built up-hill. The eastern
most end is almost like living in the plains because it is fairly flat. It is also lower than the
western end. The western end is surrounded on three sides by beautiful mountains. (Back in

West Virginia we might say it's in a "holler," only the mountains here make the beautiful hills of
West Virginia look very small).

The population ofIbague is around 350,000. The people here are pretty friendly and Avill
dare to talk to a stranger, as opposed to Bogota. The population is also growing rapidly because

many Colombians are "finding out" about the beauty ofthis city, and the relative security.
Unfortunately jobs are hard to find.

If you came to live here you would find the bus routes fairly simple. Taxi's don't use
meters to figure out charges because the basic charge for a short route is 700 pesos(about 80

cents). A "long" route, which might last about 12 to 15 minutes and be around five miles out of
the city could cost about 1000 pesos(about $1.20). The city has about four main streets running
up-hill, and "down town" is only about 8 blocks long by four blocks wide.

After three LONG weeks of searching we finally found a house to suit our needs. It is
located in a barrio called La Granja(The Bam). The house is two stories, with a nice patio for

the girls to play out back. It has the basics of a kitchen, small living room, small dining room,
and garage on the first floor. Upstairs we have three bedrooms and the family room. In the patio
we have a place for the washing machine, a storage room,and a small room with a smaller
bathroom which is usually used for a maid's quarters, but we plan to use it for guests. The dining
room has plenty of windows allowing light in from the patio, and allovvdng us to keep an eye on
the gjrls as they play.
We live on a street that has a policeman stationed two houses down,24 hours a day. The

reason is that tiiere are three police officials who live here too, and they require aroimd-the-clock

security. It give us a little more peace of mind having the office and the equipment in the house.
We also don't worry so much about a thief breaking in while we're away at church.
Within one block from the house we have two bread stores,four mini-stores, a small fruit
& vegetable market, a meat store, a small hardware store, two video-rental stores, three hair
styling shops, a drug store, and two ice-cream shops! We also have a supermarket and a

commercial center(mini-mall)four blocks away,a large fresh fruit & vegetable market about six
blocks away,and we are only about ten blocks from down-town(walking up-hill to get there).

The church is in a barrio called Helen(Bethlehem). It is located in the upper end of the

city for now. We are meeting in a rented house. Presently the room where we hold services is
only big enough to hold fifteen people comfortably. We squeeze in another 15 children or so in
small chairs placed up front. We also put chairs outside the double doors on the sidewalk, and
we can get about 60 people participating in the service. A few weeks ago we had 65 in
attendancelThe church also purchased some property about mid-way between where it is located
now and the other end of the city. The lot is in some kind oflitigation so the church doesn't hold
the title to it yet. Therefore we not build any pennanent structure yet. We are praying the papers
go through quickly because, as you see, we need the space.
We are putting up a temporary structure on the lot, however,to allow for growth. We are
considering beginning two services on Sundays, one at each location. The idea is to have a
united celebration service in one location on Sunday mornings. Then in the afternoon each
location could hold services in their own place for those who live closest. Please pray about this
as we are already building and hope to have the "new" location ready in about three months.
Pray the litigation is settled quickly (because it could take years!) and the church receives the
property legally and completely without any strings attached. Pray also for the continued growth
of the church here in Ibague.

Youth meetings began the second Saturday of June. We began with an average attendance
of four. Within fourth week we had nine attend. The next vveek (which was last week) we had
fourteen in attendance! There are a lot of youth in the church, and many outside the church who
are aware of their need to seek Christ. As I've said many times before, it just amazes me the

number of young people in Colombia who are looking for the truth - which we know can be
found in Jesus Christ!

In our meetings we have been studying in the book of John. We are answering each week
the question "Who is Jesus?" We are using a chapter a week to find the answer. Up to now the
kids seem to be interested in knowing who he is. I am praying, and ask you to pray, for them to
leam to love Jesus so much, and realize that He loves them so much,that their only possible
response will be to accept him as their Savior and Lord. As it is, of the nineteen youth who have
attended at least once, only three have been baptized. What a field ready for harvest!
Youth meetings have had kids from 10 to 29 years old. We are in the process of dividing
that into smaller, more manageable groups. Our plan is to meet on Saturday, from 5:00 to 6:30
PM with those who are from 10 to 14 years of age. Then we plan to meet from 6:30 to 8:00 with

the "singles"(ages 20 and up). Sundays we plan to meet with the youth ages 15 to 19, from 5:00
to 6:30 PM. Our goal is to start these divided meetings the second Saturday in August. It will
make our original group seem much smaller, and each of the two other groups will be very small
at first. But this way we can offer to address the needs of each age group accordingly, and pray
this will encourage each participant to bring their friends to that meeting.

There are many needs to be met here as far as ministry is concerned. It is frustrating at
times to think I am only one person and I can only do so much. That used to frustrate me a lot!
But the Lord has taught me that he gave each of us certain gifts to be used for His glory. He

taught me that we need to focus on using those gifts for him,rather than focus on trying to do a
thousand and one things He hasn't prepared us to do. I used to think the only answer was to
encourage more missionaries to come and fill these needs. Now I think differently. (Though this
does not reduce the need I see here for many, many more missionaries; people who love the Lord

and who are willing to sacrifice their way of life to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost
and dying people)!

One important answer to fulfilling the needs within the local church on the mission field is

to prepare the local people to do it! They too have been given spiritual gifts with which to serve.
We must have patience with them and edify them and motivate them to put those gifts to use.
That is one of ftie directions I can see the ministry going. I am doing youth ministry so I can lead

and teach by example. Also I am involved in this ministry to prepare youth to one day serve. I
have a burning desire to teach others to do the work. I desire to multiply myself. Then I will be
free to move on to another mission field and share Christ vrith others as prepared men and

women cany on the ministry of this local church, and even go out into the world to serve as
missionaries and repeat the process.

Please pray for wisdom in planning and preparation to cany out the ministry objectives set
before me. Pray also for the Lord to send children of His, willing to be trained and prepared to
serve. Pray He will help us plan and prepare and cany out our action plans to reach our goals on
the mission field in an accurate and efficient manner. We truly need the Lord's help to not get

distracted from our mission goals, and to not get bogged down with "other" less important
keeping in touch

You can send us E-mail via Compuserve at box 75714,40. We check our mail on Monday
and Thursday nights. Or you can write us and send it to STEVE AND NANCY PHILLIPS
A.A. 038


We will do our best to answer your cards and letters.

Dear Partners in Prayer,

Thank you so much for being united in such a special way with our mission work! You're prayers are
important, and felt. We ask the Lord's special blessing on each of you and your families.
One of you sent us a letter(Thank you)and mentioned he had placed the prayer calendar on the table
where the family eats. That way as the family gave thanks for the Lord's provision, they could also pray for the
need ofthe day. What a great idea!
Let us fill you in briefly on our work and lives.
We are busy(as usual). There are more people visiting the church than we have time to get out in a week
to visit. I am praying they can continue to visit without the need for an immediate visit. We are already holding
a number of studies between Mark, Benjamin (Colombian), and myself. There is also the need to study with the
new converts to train them up in the Word. I am working on a series oflessons for them to study, from day to
day in their homes. We may also start a "New Converts" class during one ofthe services.
I don't know how to keep up. Nancy said it best the other day: do what you can in a day and go to bed
giving thanks to God for what you were able to accomplish. She's right. We can't do more than that. I do,
however, know ofa way to do more. The only thing is, it takes a long time to get the plan in motion. It's called
duplicating myself. There has been a real lack oftraining for Colombians to teach them how to do the basics of
the work. Each Christian should be prepared to at least share their faith. And we have a number ofsimple
studies that they could work with, vrithout having to have a "deep knowledge" of God's word.
I am beginning the process of"duplication" with my brother-in-law: Gamaliel. Hejust came in this
week. We will begin classes on a daily basis, as well as practical training in the ministry. I will immediately get
him involved in teaching some evangelistic materials (the studies I mentioned). He will also be learning some
English and Computer. Praise the Lord for him. He is struggling with what to do with his life. He's 19 years old
and isn't studying in any university. He decided to come to the "seminary ofreal life"(ha ha)and put his time to
good use preparing himselffor the ministry. I ask you to pray for him, so he will have such a love in his heart for
the Lord and for serving him that he will not be able to get distracted by the "world's" offerings of bigger and
better and higher paying. The Lord really needs more workers here: and what would be better than a Colombian
ministering to his own people?
Pray about how Gamaliel will support himself. We are going to give him room and board at our own
expense. We pray the mission has sufficient funds to purchase some materials he will need for studying. We also
would like for him to find some sort of part time job so he can have personal income to purchase needed
clothing, hygiene items, and whatever else he considers needed.
Pray also for me. I will need to spend time discipling him so in the future we will be two working for the
Lord, and not just myself. I am also praying I can find some other young men who are interested in preparing for
the ministry. This way in some ofthe classes offered more than one can participate. It would be better to spend
an hour teaching three together, rather than spend three hours teaching each one. This is a very needed ministry
at this time. Colombia is opening up for the accepting ofthe gospel, and we need workers prepared to lead the
new churches that will be opening up in the near future.
As you can see, we are excited about this work! It is serious business, and urgent business. We need the

Lord's strength and wisdom to move ahead in Colombia with the good news ofJesus Christ. Pray for us as we
continue on in the task.

May God bless you all.

PS. Nancy and Barbara Stringer just started leading ladies' meetings at the church on Thrusday afternoons.

Pray they have a lot of success helping the ladies grow in their faith and learn to serve others in love. Also pray
it will be a means to reach other ladies who might not otherwise come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


Each day you pray mark[X]offthe item you prayed for.

[]1 Pray for Guliarmo, a young man baptized 8/13
[]2 Pray for Sandra, a young woman baptized August 13.
[]3 Pray for Steve & Nancy, celebrating their 7th Wedding Anniversary
[]4 Pray for Magda, a young woman who was baptized 8/13
[]5 Pray for Mark Stringer's health and healing. He has problems with his heart.
[]6 Remember Mark's wife, Barbara. Pray for her ministry with children.
[]7 Thank God for the opening ofthe people's hearts to hear the good news!
[]8 Interceed for Marco, a young man who has cancer and is seeking God.
[]9 Pray for Gamaliel, Nancy's brother, as he prepares for the ministry.
[]10 Ask God to bless the members ofthe Belen Christian Church.

[]11 Praise God for giving to US the ministry of reconciliation.(I Cor. 5)

[]12 Pray for Mark & Teresa's Dempsey's new-bom baby boy(bom 8-12-95)
[]13 Diana is 20, single and has a 2 month old baby. She wants to know Jesus.
[]14 Sneider, a 21 yr. old girl lives w/ Alexander & is expecting(March 96). They've been coming to young
adult group and have an interest in the Lord. Pray for their acceptance ofthe message ofJesus' unconditional

[]15 Pray for God to bless Steve with talent for guitar playing. There is a real need in the church and he is
practicing daily.
[]16 Pray for the Lord to bless Steve and Nancy with a well organized schedule so they may accomplish much
in little time.

[]17 Pray for the other people who receive this prayer calendar, that they will faithfully pray daily for the needs

[]18 Ask God's blessing on the Phillips family as they carry out his work in Colombia.
[]19 The church in Ibague will soon be moving to another (bigger) building. Pray the Lord uses this for growth
and not allow this to discourage some.
[]20 The youth group is growing (spiritually and in potential numbers). Pray for the Lord to use this as a means
to bring many youth to a saving knowledge of his Son, Jesus Christ.
[]21 Today is the Vernal Equinox. Try standing an egg on it's small end and then pray for the Lord to provide
food, clothing and shelter for all ofthe believers in Colombia.(Some are very, very poor).
[]22 Pray for Adriana(a 15 year old). She wants to be baptized into Christ.
[]23 Pray for Adriana's family. There are eight ofthem who live in one room and share two beds.
[]24 Pray for Jesus Antonio, a young man baptized past March. He receives a lot of pressure from his nonChristian family.
[]25 Benjamin is a Colombian national who helps a lot in the church. He & his family lead a different home
Bible-study every night ofthe week. Pray for him, his wife and two children.
[]26 Ask the Lord to guide us into a new convert's program,to strengthen those who decide to follow Jesus,
strengthening them in their faith the first few months oftheir "new" life.
[]27 Pray for Lida, a woman who comes to help clean twice a week. She is very poor and is seeking the Lord.
Pray He gives her understanding and faith.
[]28 Ask the Lord to provide funds for a needed automobile for the mission work in Colombia.
[]29 Pray for the health and safety ofthe Phillips family (parents & relatives in USA,Jenny in Romania, Steve &
family in Colombia).
[]30 Ask the Lord to provide YOU with an opportunity to share your faith with a fnend today.



What a wonderful weekend (Sept. 29 - Oct. 1)! First we had our inauguration ofthe new church building

Friday night. Praise the Lord we had 111 people attending! What a wonderful blessing to have so many come to
hear the word ofGod preached. They were able to see and feel the excitement ofthe church members over the

opening ofour new structure. We pray many will return in the days ahead, and that we will have an opportunity
to share the Gospel with them.

Saturday was another wonderful day! All ofthe evangelical churches ofIbague united and we marched

for Jesus! We had well over two thousand people present, marching up main street carrying banners to glorify
Christ, with singing and shouts ofpraise! We marched to a local ampUtheater where various Christian groups
performed and then the assemblyjoined in songs ofworship, and heard a message preached. It really let Ibague
know that the Christians are on the move and we are not afimd to show the world whom we stand for.

Then Saturday night we returned to the new church location for another evening ofsinging and preaching
and fellowship. My brother-in-law, Gamaliel, and I led the worship service both this and the night before. Mark
Stringer,the veteran missionary here, played accordion in each service.
The next day we had our first Sunday morning worship service in the new location. We celebrated the

i-ew birth oftwo sisters into the faith as they arose fi*om the watery grave ofbaptism, inaiigiirating our new
baptistry. (Before, we had to wait until it was possible to get transportation to a local river for the baptisms.
This proved expensive and as a result many were unable to go). We had seventy-five in attendance.
Things are moving along with the woric. In our last campaign we had two people say they wanted to

proclaim Christ as their Lord and Savior. We have been studying with them since, and they set Wednesday
night, the 18th ofOctober, as the date for their baptisms. Their names are Maria del Carmen(the mother), and
Marco(her 22 year old son). It is a Joy to see the changes they have made in their lives since coming to know
about Jesus and what he did for them!

I(Steve)have a special request to ask ofyou. Marco,the 22 year old, is very, very interested in
dedicating his life to the Lord, and doing all he can for Him. I see him as having great potential for a future role

as a leader in the Lord's church(which is what the Lord has called me to work toward; "To evangelize, edify,
and equip young people in Colombia to reach out to their own country with the gospel ofJesus Christ").
The request I ask ofyou is to plead with our Loving, Awesome,and Powerful God for the life ofMarco.

He was diagnosed as having cancer in his lymph nodes. The doctors said there is nothing they can do for him

and they give him two to three years to live. God is not limited by modem medicine. God can heal him! Pray,
please,for his healing.

Life on the mission field is challenging at times. There are days when everything is positive and good,
and there are days when it is a real stmggle to accomplish anything. Keep our mission in your prayers. Keep us
and our work in your petitions before the Lord. Pray also that we can be a comfort and a strength to Marco and
his ^mily. Pray the Lord will reveal himselfto the Colombian people, and specifically to Marco's family hy
healing this young man. Jesus still works miracles! Let us pray for him to show his power and love in the life of
this young man.

Thank you for your love and support. May God bless each ofyou today. May he make you and your
church alive for His purpose and His praise.

2701 S Miller Street


Shelbyville, IN 46176-9301

Mission Services Association

Research Department
P.O. Box 2427

Knoxville, TN 37901-2427



! ! I;


Last week we had a four hour torrential rain pass through the city. On the upper end of

town there are a couple of barrios built at the base of a mountain. The rain came down and
washed a huge amount of mud and debris down the hill. It was so much that in the streets of
those barrios there was a three foot river of mud rushing by.

The people least affected had^out three feet of mud deposited in their houses after the
flood waters receded. The people most affected (those closest to the mountain)lost their
houses and everything. Some houses were destroyed (knocked down)while others were filled
with mud to within two feet of the ceiling. Can you imagine your whole first floor, every room and
hallway, FULL of mud to the height ofthe hanging pictures?
The government stepped in immediately with heavy equipment to remove the mud. We

have pictures of 24 hours after the tragedy and it is incredible just how much more sludge there
was to remove. The next cfcy"there were other mud slides in other parts ofthe country. Praise
the Lord, here in Ibague the incident occurred between two and five pm and NOBODY lost their
lives! What a miracle!


Many of you like to know what a day with the Phillips family is like. We would like to
share a week with you. Our "day off' is Tuesday, in which we spend time as a family and do
special things with the kids. Wednesday is errands/office day. It is a day spent preparing for the
week's lessons and commitments. Wednesday night we have Bible study at the church.

Thursday is spent visiting in the earlier part ofthe day. Nancy attends Ladies Meeting on
Thursday afternoon (2:00 to 5:00). Thursday night is a class at our house on The 7 Habits of
Highly Effective People. Presently there are six young adults (ages 19 to 22)taking the course.
Friday night is our young adult Bible study. We change locations for this study fi-om month to
month, and we are enjoying Spiritual growth, as well as growth as a "community". This is much
like a cell group.

Saturday morning Nancy goes to market. When she gets home Steve goes to the
church to practice the songs for Sunday with those who play instruments in the worship service.
He is learning to play guitar. Practice is fi'om 10:00 am till noon. Saturday aftemoon is busy too.
Steve and Gamaliel(his brother-in-law) go to the church at 2:00 pm to help any youth who may
want to come in for counselling or help with homework. 4:00 pm begins the youth meeting and
there are games, Bible study, and activities associated with the theme of the study. Meetings
usually end somewhere around 6:30 pm.

Sunday finds us in worship service at 10:00 am. Steve plays guitar to help lead the
worship. Sunday aftemoon we meet at 5:00 pm for evening worship. Presently Steve is
teaching Sunday afternoons a course on The 13 Keys to Spiritual Understanding. It is a course
designed to help the new believer understand the basics of the Christian faith (ie. What is the
Bible and where did it come fi'om? Who is God,the Holy Spirit, Jesus? Prayer. The Lord's

Supper, etc). Steve writes these lessons fiom week to week, and when the 13 week course is
over it will be presented again as a "class" for new behevers. At the moment all who desire to

attend Sunday evenings are learning. The idea is ibr all behevers to understand these basics to
help the church remain steadfast in the Bible's tea(fhings on these subjects. The hope is to
motivate and help the behevers become "disciplin<;id" in their Christian walk(making disciples),
After such a long and hectic week, Monda>p are spent working in the office to finish up
some tasks that were not attended to earlier in the week. It is a work day, but spent at an easy pace. It
IS on

Mondays that Steve works on lessons that are beii|iig prepared to give to the new
believers. He works on the layout, correction ani^ printing ofthese lessons. Presently he and
other missionaries are working together on the fo|[|<owing 1. an evangelistic study called The Five
Spiritual Laws,2. The First 40 Days(a 40 day hoi|ne-study for new converts), and 3. writing the
13 Keys to Spiritual Understanding.
Steve presently jokes about the hours in Ibi]gue. He asks people ifthe hours are shorter

here, because he just can't seem to find enough ti^i<e to do all there needs to be done! But we
praise the Lord together that there is a lot to do, o^therwise we might get bored, have tiihe to think
about home and missing all of you, and feel veiy homesick as a result. We thank you for your
prayers and encouragementrihisv^klTVESlf]inpOTtantr-Soidsnaie-betfig^wori toThe Lor^^d
disciples being made as a result ofthe Lord's woiIK through us. We praise Him!




Pray for Steve and his family; for their safety and health.
Pray for Paul and Sherri, missionaries planning to arrive here this month.
Pray for Cristin, a new missionary on the field, working here in Ibague.
Pray for Maria del Carmen and Marco, new behevers, baptized and growing in the faith!
Pray for the victims ofthe landshde: relocation and help.
Pray for Marco's brother, Alexander. He needs to submit to the Lord.
Pray for Alexander's expecting hve-in girlfiiend, Sneider. She wants to get her life right

with God.


Pray Alexander and Sneider are led ofthe Lord to commit to marriage.
Give thanks today for the Lord's workers in Colombia. Pray for their safety.
Pray for the youth group, that the young kids decide to follow Jesus first!
Pray for Magda,a 17 year old who needs to understand her commitment to the Lord comes


26th - Pray for her Sandra, 18, who also needs to grow in her commitment.


Pray for Nancy as she teaches the children on Sunday nights, while Steve teaches.
Pray that Gamaliel can leam to be a self-starter, self-motivator: important in the ministry.
Pray for the Christian influence to be felt the world over this Wednesday.
Pray for Jessica, Hannah & Samuel: Spiritual, emotional & physical development.


1 St

Pray for the Lord Jesus Christ to display his love among the nations.
Pray for the young adult group, meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m.
Pray for the youth group, meeting today at 4:00 p.m.
Pray for Paul and Sherri's new ministry here in Ibague.
Pray for Paul and Sherri and boys: that they find the right house to rent.
Pray for our annual meeting of Christian Churches, starting today for 1 week.


Give thanks today for our wonderful supporters. Without you our work is impossible.
Pray the Lord provides funds for an automobile for this woilc.
Pray today for preparations that are being made for a youth camp(18-20th).
Pray for all the missionaries' safety as they work in Colombia.
Pray for the Lord to send young men to Steve to be trained up in righteousness.
Pray for the men of Colombia to desire to know the truth found in Jesus' word.
Pray the Lord continues to open doors in Ibague for the evangelization ofthe lost.
Give God thanks for the hope ofsalvation which we have in Jesus Christ.


ii (

2701 S Miller Street

Shelbyville, IN 46176-9301

Mission Services Association

Research Department
P.O, Box 2427

Knoxville, TN 37901-2427

On pt


!) t

I i;

i ;

i M

December 6, 1995

^ ^

Hello family, supporters, and friends.

Well, here it is again, Christmas! What a wonderful time ofthe year! What a blessing it is to know that the
world is taking time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. May you and I take time to reflect on this amazing
event in the midst of all of the holiday rush, activity, and purchases. May our holy-<lay be a celebration of the true
reason for the season, and not merely a celebration of a time to celebrate.
We are happy to report that this has been a great year for us and our ministry. We began the year in the States,
visiting with you all, and we are ending the year working diligently in the work the Lord has called us to, of which you
are an integral part. We praise Him for the blessing of sending us here, and the blessing of sending you to support us.
For that we give Him thanks for calling us and for encouraging you to participate in this ministry.
Since arriving here in Tbague we have seen much accomplished for the glory of God. We rejoice in the fact that
the most important advances for the kingdom have been an adding of86 new members to the body and Kingdom of
Christ among our ten Christian churches here in Colombia. In Ibague we had a total of21 baptisms so far. We are also
rejoicing over the fact of many contacts with whom we are still sharing the gospel and who may soon be baptised. God
is doing GREAT things here in Colombia! Rejoice with us and praise Him for his grace, mercy and love!
This week we are in a meeting of all ofthe Christian churches of Colombia. We are planning the year ahead, as
well as sharing our victories and trials ofthe year just ending. Please be in prayer for all of our churches here in
Colombia, that the Lord can work through us to reach many with the message ofreconciliation.
To end out the year, this newsletter will include some miscellaneous items ofinterest. Thank you so much for
your constant prayers. God is able to do mighty works, and we trust in him with our whole heart, soul and mind. We
know that He is involved in this work, and part ofthat is due to your prayers ofintercession.
May God bless each of you richly, and may he continue to bless you throughout this Christmas and New Year
In fJis Love,
From the Forwarding Agent:
Another year is about to come to an end.. We have been very fortunate this year at L.A.M.P.,Inc. We have not
been in the RED all year. There have been times when we have had to take money out ofthe car fund or the furlough
fund to pay Steve's salary, but the LORD has blessed us with money to always put the money back into these accounts.
It is important that you remember that even though we have plus balance at the end ofeach month, I need to have
$1800.00 the first day ofthe month to pay Steve's salary. He has billes he needs to pay. I want to thank each and every
one of you for the support finacially and through your prayers. I know that without YOU this mission project would not
be possible. Please keep praying for the continued saving ofpeople in Colombia and through out the world...
Ron Kessler


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