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Paper 2

Section A
[15 marks]


Which word would best describe the goods with this sign?
A Fragile
B Durable
C Precious
D Fragmented

Heavy vehicles
are prohibited

Based on the sign, which of the following vehicles will be considered as having made an illegal Uturn?
A Vans
B Jeeps
C Lorries
D Four-wheel drives

Sunglow Ice Cream Parlour

Sundaes, sherbets and ice creams of all flavour
Buy one and get a second one at 50 %
For dine-in only
Please present this coupon to enjoy the offer.

What makes this advertisement attractive?

A It is for people who dine in.
B It advertises a type of ice cream.
C A customer must present the coupon at the counter.
D It has a good offer for anyone who purchases two items.

Increase in Carbon Monoxide 2000 2006









Based on the line graph, which of the following statements is correct?

A The price of cars has decreased over the years.
B There is an increase in the number of cars on the road.
C More and more people take the public transport to work.
D The number of pedestrians will decrease correspondingly.

Audit Clerk

Minimum SPM
Able to work independently
Computer literate MS Office
Good command of spoken and written English and
Bahasa Malaysia

Apply with personal details and curriculum vitae to:

Human Resource Manager
Lotto Design Sdn Bhd
88, Perangai Industrial Zone
46000 Senawang
(Only short-listed candidates will be notified)

What qualifications must a candidate possess?

A Able to audit office accounts
B Completed tertiary education
C Conversant in and able to write in two languages
D Computer literate and able to write software programs

Greeting cards are still the preferred choice when it comes to sending
greetings appropriately. Family members, especially adults like
grandparents, great uncles and aunts would appreciate cards rather
than an SMS greeting. Festivals are opportunities for companies to
send greetings to all their staff, customers and clients. It would not be
appropriate in this case to send an SMS. Moreover, receiving an SMS
is still not comparable to receiving a greeting card. We are all humans
driven by emotion and when a sender makes the effort to send a card,
it matters a lot to the receiver.

Based on the text, which of the following would most probably not mind receiving an SMS greeting?
A Friends
B Relatives
C Employees
D Casual acquaintances

What would the sending of greeting cards say about the sender?
A The sender is sensitive and caring.
B The sender is responsible and careful.
C The sender is insensitive and careless.
D The sender is fastidious and meticulous.

A waitress marriage to a wealthy man turns sour when the husband
starts abusing her. She realises that fleeing is the only way to freedom.
She runs away with her daughter and later returns to take her revenge.
She undergoes self-defence training and takes on her husband.

From the movie synopsis, which of the following statements best reflects the storyline of the movie?
A A lady has married well and can lead a wealthy life.
B A lady takes revenge on her husband for abusing her.
C A lady runs away to escape further abuse from her husband.
D A lady has learned self-defence to protect herself and her daughter.

Questions 9 15 are based on the following passage.

The book, The Cloudspotters Guide, published by Gavin Pretor-Pinney explains the process of cloud
formation the science bits. It is rather whimsical with pictures of clouds that bear a striking __9__ to a
map of the British Isles or two dancing cats. The cumulus looks like UFOs and __10__ even when there
is a breeze. Cumulonimbus clouds __11__ form extraordinary formations. Night clouds are only __12__
against a dark sky when the sun has set but still lights the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Cirrocumulus
clouds often indicate __13__ weather. Staring at clouds is like doing nothing and thats the __14__ reason
why it is a good thing to do. Gavin believes that there is a latent cloudspotter inside every adult. Clouds
are one of natures most fantastic displays but people forget to __15__. It is worthwhile to do it often as it
puts us in tune with the pace of the world.

A liking
B similarity
C closeness
D resemblance

10 A hover
B hovers
C hovered
D hovering
11 A can
B could
C would
D should
12 A lighted
B printed
C visionary
D noticeable
13 A deteriorate
B deteriorates
C deteriorated
D deteriorating
14 A worst
B correct
C precise
D necessary
15 A look up
B look after
C look down
D look through

Section B
[10 marks]
Questions 16 25
Read the advertisement below carefully. Then, complete the diagram that follows.

International Ornamental Fish and Accessories Exhibition
Aquarama is all set to intrigue and excite as it marks its 10 th anniversary.
24 27 May
World Trade Centre, KL
Largest one-stop ornamental aquatic event in Asia.
Spectacular range of products, services, accessories, equipment and latest technology
Showcased by more than 200 exhibitors from over 24 countries
10 000 sqm exhibition space
Event Highlights
International Fish Competition
Marine Fish Competition
New Products Display
Farm Visits
Trade Seminars
Trade Days
24 25 May 10 am 6.00 pm
26 May
10 am 1 pm
Admission by registration (for related trade only)
Dress code business attire
Open to Public
26 May
2 pm 6 pm
27 May
10 am 7 pm
Admission is free
Tank starter-kit giveaway for first 200 visitors (adults only) on public days.
Bring this voucher to redeem kit at hall entrance.

16 Date

17 Venue



18 No. of exhibitors

19 Exhibition space



Section C
[25 marks]
Questions 26 31 are based on the following passage.

To stay well hydrated, fluids play an important role in our body. With a demanding lifestyle,
the intake of fluids is often overlooked until the point of dehydration. Until you suffer from a
sweating brow and a parched mouth, you probably dont give much thought to fluids.
Events Highlight
Establishing a fluid plan, like a healthy eating plan, is important in ones daily life. Fluid intake
can vary from water, fruit or vegetable juices, isotonic drinks, milk and water-laden fruits and
The average adult loses about one or two litres of fluid daily through perspiration,
urination, breathing and bowel movements. We lose more fluids if we are physically
20 ____________________
While the individual needs do vary depending on body weight, climate and activity level, it is
generally recommended that we drink at least eight glasses (based on 240 ml per
glass) per day, 10
which will
Marine Fish Competition
For public
Trade Days
Our body contains up to three quarters water, which is why it is crucial to keep our
levels of fluid intake adequate. Every part of our body, from the individualcell
to the entire
circulation system, depends on fluid. Our kidneys, which filter out impurities from the
Farm Visits
bloodstream and excrete it through urine needs a minimum of one litre of fluid to function
properly. Without fluid, an individual will die within three days, whereas we
survive for up
21 can
to eight weeks without eating food. That is how crucial it is to keep yourself hydrated!
24 Admission
22 Admission
Thirst is not a good indicator of the fluid requirement for an individual. In fact, it is a
sign that the body has entered a mild dehydration state. It is important that we replenish our
body even before thirst sets in. Fluids_______________________
in moderate amounts should be drunk for every hour of
the working day. Some people overlooked fluid intake for different reasons. Some forget, some
say it is too troublesome while others say they do not want to go the toilet so frequently.
Nowadays, theres such a variety of fluids to choose from. Water, the old time great
choice can be drunk warm or cold. A slice of lemon added to water is such a refreshing change.
A glass of milk comes with calcium, protein and fluid altogether. Isotonic drinks are good for
subjected to hot and humid conditions
23 Dresswhere
code sweat is inevitable and especially
those who are active or engage in prolonged activity. They promote hydration by increasing
palatability. Fresh fruit or vegetable juices are a good way to start the day as they provide
vitamins and minerals. Fruit and vegetables in their original form contain up to 70 to 80 %
water. Tea, whether green, black or oolong, has been shown to contain flavonoids.
So, how do we make sure we get enough fluids? Drink a variety of fluids to prevent
boredom or taste bud fatigue. Leave a mug or container of fluid on your worktable and
replenish your mug frequently. When you stop for a break, take a drink to cool yourself. Carry
a drink with you wherever you go in your car or in your bag. If you are exercising or if the
weather is very hot, remember to flood your body with more fluids.
(Adapted from Sunday Star, 2006)


26 (a) From paragraph 1, what is the role of fluid in our body?

[1 mark]

(b) From paragraph 2, how does the body lose fluid daily?
[1 mark]
27 From paragraph 3,
(a) What is the function of the kidneys?
[1 mark]
(b) Which sentence shows that it is crucial to keep the body hydrated?
[1 mark]
28 From paragraph 4, why do some people overlook taking in fluid throughout the day?
[1 mark]
[1 mark]
29 From paragraph 5,
(a) How do isotonic drinks help people who are extremely active?
[1 mark]
(b) How do fruit help to keep the body hydrated?
[1 mark]
30 From paragraph 6,
(a) What is the meaning of taste bud fatigue?
[1 mark]
(b) List two ways of making sure we get enough fluids.
(i) __________________________________________________________________________
[1 mark]
(ii) __________________________________________________________________________
[1 mark]

Paper 2
10 A
11 A 12 D 13 D 14 C 15 A
16 24 27 May
17 World Trade Centre, K L
18 more than 200
19 10 000 sqm
20 International Fish Competition
21 Trade Seminars
22 By registration
23 Business attire
24 Free
25 Tank starter kit
26 (a) It keeps the body well hydrated.
(b) Through perspiration, urination, breathing and bowel movements
27 (a)They filter out impurities from the bloodstream and excrete it through urine.
(b) Without fluid, an individual will die within three days.
28 Some forget, some say it is too troublesome while others say they do not want to go the toilet so
29 (a) They promote hydration by increasing palatability.
(b) Through their vitamins and minerals and water content
30 (a) A feeling of boredom due to drinking the same fluid
(b) (i) Leave a container of fluid on your worktable and replenish it frequently / When you stop for a
break, take a drink.
(ii) Carry a drink with you wherever you go. / When exercising or in hot weather, drink lots of fluids.