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Profile of V S Badri Narayanan

V S Badri Narayanan, the Course Director, is an MBA from University of Madras and a Post
Graduate in International Business from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi.

Badri is a software product aficionado and believes firmly that India’s dream of superstar
status in the global arena can be catalyzed by the products business.

He has a rich experience of more than 22 years in successfully marketing & selling software
products & tools, both “Made in India” as well as global branded products from reputed
players during his stints with well known organizations like Wipro, Polaris & Kumaran
Software. He is currently the CEO of NRich Software P Ltd where again he has created
thousands of customers for its software products using innovative practices.

He has sold these products to Enterprises, SMEs, IT companies and consumers both in
India & abroad. His experience spans a wide variety of application areas such as project
management, database software, conversion tools, translation tools, retail automation, mini-
ERP, analytical and statistical software, call-centre, personal finance to name a few.

He has built and managed different kinds of channels such as International distributors,
VARs, Government agencies & Individual dealers both in the domestic market as well as
abroad. He has also created alliances with international hardware and software vendors like
IBM, Oracle & SAP to promote the software products & allied services in those markets.

Having observed the level of preparedness and the skill set of those selling software
products in different markets, Badri has prepared a Training Program specially for them in
the form of NRich*ExSell. This is a highly experiential program & is designed to benefit
those selling software products regardless of the application area, price point or the target
segment. He has condensed some of the best practices and some soul-searching
exercises into this Program. He has spent many years researching to get the right mix of
sales effectiveness and has now brought all his knowledge to you in a platter.

Badri has also done extensive research into the software products being developed and
sold in the Indian market. On the basis of this research, he has identified the difference
between successful products and the failures as “Market Readiness”, which is 100% internal
to the product organization. To help product companies, he has developed a powerful
diagnostic Service called NRich*Scan to assess their current levels of market readiness on
more than 50 parameters and to identify the gaps therein.

Badri has written many articles on many dimensions of software product business which
have been featured in magazines and in his blog Rapidly Impact Millions

He can be reached on (0) 996 222 99 88 or