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IELTS report, topic: Double line graph

describing the birth rate in China and the

You should spend about 20 minutes on
this task.
The graph below compares the changes
in the birth rates of China and the USA
between 1920 and 2000.
Summarise the information by selecting
and reporting the main features and
make comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.

The graph demonstrated some striking

similarities between the Chinese and the
US birth rates from 1920 to 2000. Both
countries experienced considerable
fluctuations in the similar period with
some lows during the 1940s and some
highs during the 1930s.
The birth rates in China rose from 10% in
1920 to 15% in 1935. Later, the figure
plunged to a low of 5% in the 1940s and
was followed by an exponential growth to
the peak of 20% in 1950. Next, the
fertility rate dropped sharply to 8% in the
following five years. Finally, the figure
declined gradually to 3% during the latter
half of the century.
Meanwhile, the US had similar birth rate
of 12% to that of China in 1920. The
figure fluctuated in between 12% and
14% during 1920s and 1930s until it hit a
low of 4% in 1945. Five years later, the
birth rate reached a peak at 15% in 1950
but it made a steady fall to the final figure
of around 7% in 2000.
This report covers the requirements of
the task. The main trends / features were
sufficiently developed. The candidate has
arranged ideas coherently, though the

use of linking words can be improved.

The range of vocabulary is adequate.
There are a few errors in grammar and
word choice, and one instance of
inaccurate data. Overall, the task
response meets the expectations and
seems good enough to achieve Band 7.
IELTS Essay, topic: The Internet and
Some say that the Internet is making
the world smaller by bringing people
together. To what extent do to you
agree that the Internet is making it
easier for people to communicate
with one another?
A global village, that is certainly what the
world feels like nowadays. With the help
of the world wide web, you can reach out
and get to know people you might never
have met in person. Articles can be coauthored, business deals can be finalized,
degrees can be earned and at times even
medical advice can be given- and all of
this is just a click away.
Electronic mail, instant messages, web
cameras and microphones; all these
gadgets and programs make the presence
of the other person more real. Who
knows; with the help of visual reality you
might even get a 3-D image of the
speaker! I believe that the Internet is one
the best inventions of the last century,
you can hardly get to miss anyone and
nobody is really out of reach. You can
keep in touch with your friends, and be
able to do your work from your bedroom
in your pajamas!
However, the internet can also be a major
source of harassment. Spammers and
hackers can invade your privacy and get
personal/confidential information, which
otherwise they will never get access to.
You are never out of anybodys reach,
unless you make a conscious decision of
not checking your email, there can be
always more work waiting for you in your
inbox and you might never have a
moment to yourself. Worse yet, if you

were a workaholic, you might never

experience that stress-free vacation ever
again in your life simply, because you
have your mobile workplace with you at
all times.
As a romantic, I will always look forward
to getting an occasional letter in the snail
mail. A personal letter, where I can sense
the mood of the writer by the slants in
his/her handwriting and get to know
him/her better. But as a type A
personality person, the internet gives me
all what I dream of in terms of
communication the speed, reliability,
and convenience of time and place. I can
certainly tolerate its shortcomings any
day, as long as it keeps me close to my
loved ones.
This is a great essay, which seems
worthy of Band 7 or perhaps even 8.
It is longer than required (340 words
instead of 250) which means that it
took you more time to write and less
time to check your work.
IELTS Essay, topic: Natural resources
cannot sustain economic growth, agree or
There is no longer enough natural
resources to sustain current levels of
economic growth. To what extent do
you agree or disagree with this
Recently, the demands of natural
resources have risen dramatically across
the world due to population growth. Some
people state that we have not enough
resources. However, there are some
individuals who disagree with this
opinion. In this essay, the issues behind
this phenomenon will be examined.
On the one hand, some people state that
if the number of natural resource will
continue to degrease we cannot have a
comfortable life because natural
resources are limited. According to a
government research in the USA shows
that if this situation will continue, the
petrol will lose in 2050. Moreover, it is
widely said that the number of population

in the world will increase. This will make

the amount of natural resource decrease.
On the other hand, there are some
individuals who disagree with abovementioned perception. The demands of
natural resources will be lessen owning to
improving the technology. For example,
the developments of technology such as
electronic cars gave a positive impact in
the society. By using this, we can decline
the consumption of natural resources.
Eventually, we will not need natural fuel.
In my opinion, decreasing of natural
resource is quite crisis, I think the loss of
it give a negative impact in the society
because even we wont have a
comfortable life any more.
In conclusion, I agree with the idea that
there is no longer enough natural
resources to sustain this situation. In
order to defense our life, the
governments every countries should
tackle this issue.
This essay needs work, in particular
in the areas of grammar, sentence
structure and word choice (mouse
over the words in blue will show
suggested corrections). The
arguments could have been more
convincing. The word count is only
245, whereas at least 250 words are
required to avoid being penalised.
Overall, this looks like a Band 5.5
Modern medicine helps to live a
longer life. Do you agree?
The modern medicine is very important
for living a long life. It is depend on new
technology. People take very easy and
quickly. Also modern medicine is very
quick absorbing to human body. It is helps
to back to normal for people health
condition. Therefore I agree that the
modern medicine is helps to live longer.
First of all, the modern medicine can
prevent incurable diseases. Doctors can
find some diseases very early. Then
doctors can give suitable medicines to

patients. New modern equipments are

helps doctors is going to correct way. Also
intelligent people in the world live a long
life on helps from modern medicine. That
is very important in the human society
because their creative things are coming
with them and they can help others for a
longer time when they are living in long
life with comfortably.
Beside, old population is increasing in the
country. It is badly effect in countrys
economy and especially for third world
countries. But old people are very
important in human society because their
experience definitely helps to living safely
and planning to new project. Experience
is better than qualifications However, old
people are living a long life; it is helping
others to live a long life because we can
get advice from them and they are
covering our culture and society.
Moreover, modern medicine is being
addictive for some people, so that they
cannot live without medicine. They should
take medicine all their lives. Also modern
medicine is very expensive. Therefore
most of poor countries couldn?t take
modern medicine and it has taken a
commercial shape, also it is depending on
money. In the modern medicine have not
facts of human kindness. People who
have money can take modern medicine.
But indigenous medicine has well human
friendly shape. It does not depend on
To summarize; in my personal view,
modern medicine is helping to live a long
life with comfortably. Modern technologies
are being supported to find unburnable
diseases very early. So doctors can take
correct path immediately. Therefore, may
I not hesitate to agree with the above
mentioned statement.
Your essay has several confusing
sentences, where your meaning is
You mix advantages and disadvantages
of the modern medicine in one paragraph
when you should divide them have

advantages in one paragraph and

disadvantages in another.
If you agree with the statement, you
should have 2 paragraphs supporting
your opinion and one supporting the
opposite opinion, in your essay it is 2
against and 1 for.
IELTS Essay, topic: Environmental
Nowadays environmental problems
are too big to be managed by
individual persons or individual
countries. In other words, it is an
international problem. To what
extent do you agree or disagree?
An essential problem of the 21st century
is world pollution. Currently the
environment is so contaminated that
urgent measures should be taken. A
single individual cannot be blamed for the
world pollution, however every person
should take care of his or her habitat. In
addition, it is vital that environmental
issues are treated internationally.
Lately, many presentations, conferences
and international summits are held to
deal with waste treatment, recycling, and
soil and water contamination. For sure
joint efforts and consolidation can only
help in the mutual war towards the
ongoing environmental disaster. For
instance, governments should offer
support to companies and organizations,
involved in manufacturing, industry or
agriculture in order to find environmentfriendly approaches. These could be
special law regulations, recycling
programs, helping courses in order to
implement ISO certificates and many
However, the influence of individuals over
environment should not be ignored. If we
do not confess that our planet is our
home, we will never be able to take
adequately care of it. We have to
contribute every day to the preservation
of nature and environment. For example,
always remember to save energy by
switching off lamps, computers and

everything that we do not use. Our next

obligation is to separate waste and throw
bulk only in the designated areas. Driving
vehicles can also be environment friendly.
For example, we have to avoid
accelerating the engines too rapidly or
using the air conditioning in the country,
where it would be better to save energy
and simply open the windows.
To sum up, environmental problems
should be handled by local and
international authorities as well as
individuals. Every single person should
take care of the environment, moreover
we have to bring up our children to be
conscious citizens of a clean and
preserved planet.
This is a very good essay, a Band 7+
candidate. The structure of this
essay and sentences is correct as
well as the spelling and punctuation.
Good job!
IELTS Essay, topic: Computers in the
We are becoming increasingly
dependent on computers. They are
used in business, crime detection
and even to fly planes. What things
will they be used for in future? Is this
dependence on computers a good
thing or should we be more
suspicious of their benefits?
Today computers are used almost
everywhere, it is impossible to imagine
our life without PCs, Internet, mobile
phones and other computer devices. It is
reasonable to think that people look
forward to the future of computers. In
what field will be computers used for and
what role will human has in this world in
Besides, computers make our life easier,
we can easily get information about any
product we plan to buy or place we plan
to visit in a second using a personal
computer and Internet. Scientists predict
that in the nearest future it will be
possible to smell a new perfume using the
Internet and watch 3D scenes at home

like we do in the movie theater. According

to forecasts of HR agencies machines will
replace jobs of cashiers, and civil and
military pilots. Some corporations in Japan
are already selling
housewife-robots, which help old people
to keep their homes clean.
Despite the fact that computers help us,
they make us dependent. Apparently,
people spend more time behind monitors
than ever before. And some of them feel
a need for more time to be spent with
people in live contact. In addition, a
breakdown of one of the important
modules of a specific computer can entail
serious consequences. Suffice to mention
the computer problem that occurred in
the end of 1990s, a problem related to
the coming year 2000 (Y2K) and
catastrophes that were predicted.
Fortunately imminent disasters did not
happen. However, it is difficult to imagine
what could be if all the predictions came
We live in a technological era, computers
penetrated everywhere with all benefits
they provide and all dangers they hide.
However we are satisfied with them and
sometimes we even thank them because
they help us in communicating, studying,
doing business, entertaining and saving
lives in critical situations.
Great essay, all the task points are
covered, good language and
structure. It would probably receive
a Band 7.
IELTS Essay, topic: University money
better spent on libraries or sports
Universities should allocate the same
amount of money to their sport
activities as they allocate to their
libraries. Do you agree or disagree?
Yes, I do feel that universities should have
an equal budget for their libraries as well
as _ sport activities. It is our general
belief that a good player can not be _
good student and hence we restrict our
childrens sport activities at college level.
Moreover, an academic degree has much

more value than sport activities which

naturally compels students to focus more
on their studies than their interest in
Most of the universities keep sports at
last number of their priority list, because
of which good players do not get enough
facilities and equipments to improve their
skills and eventually they loose their
interest.Universities can play _ substantial
role in shaping this upcoming talent by
providing good trainers and equipments
which is otherwise too expensive to
afford. Also it will attract other students
towards sports and inculcate importance
of physical fitness in them.
Universities should produce genious in all
fields rather than only concentrating on
progress of scholars. Hence, I feel that
universities should allot equal amounts of
money to liabrary as well as sport
Your essay too short, the
introduction is good, as is the first
paragraph but you must offer more
arguments regarding why you agree
or disagree. There are many
spelling, punctuation and article
errors. The essay is easy to follow
but has the appearance of the writer
running short of time.
IELTS Essay, Topic: Is financial education
at school a must?
Financial education should be a
mandatory component of the school
program. To what extent do you
agree or disagree with this
In many countries the discussion about
financial education are getting more
serious due to financial problems of
young generation. Some people believed
that financial education should be
considered a mandatory subject at
school. read comment
The common problem for those young
people is that they dont know how to
spend money in right way. As we can see

many advertisements often carry out the

message, Only 10 dollars a week, no
deposits which is misleading those
young one think that living in debt is
normal. Financial education is one of the
solutions for this problem we mention
above. The basic idea of financial
education as a core school subject is to
teach those young ones to understand
the concept of using money and to
estimate a risk of borrowing money to
buy something in the future.
However, theres another factor we need
to consider about. In my opinion, the role
of financial education is getting more
important and it should be a part of the
school program but the parents are also
important and have responsibility to
teach their child to learn how to manage
the money. More than 70% of young
peoples money is come from their
parents. In addition, it has to be
considered that a student might become
money-mind person, talking about money
all the time in class or even in a public
place. It can be harmful for some
students and affect their normal social
In conclusion, I believed that financial
education will have a positive effect on all
young ones and other subject such social
commutations should be considered just
as important as financial education.
This essay needs work. It covers the
task and presents enough arguments
for and against, the structure on the
essay level is fine. However there
are many poorly structured
sentences, many inappropriate
expressions and many grammatical
errors (see comments underlined in
blue for more details). Overall, this
looks like a band 6 6.5 essay.
IELTS Essay, topic: Should students
Some people think that students who
dont take a break in studies
between the high school and the
university are at disadvantage
compared to students who travel and

work after high school before further

continuing their education. Do you
agree or disagree?
Nowadays, in our competitive world, to
succeed, knowledge from school and
university is not enough. Therefore,
students who study from the school to
university get fewer benefits and
contribute less too, compared to those
student who travel or work and get
experience and skills before going high.
There are two following reasons to
support for my opinion. I refer to the
group of people who study from school to
university as group A and the other
group as group B.
Firstly, at school and university, what
group A gains is almost entirely theory,
theory and theory. Of course, theory is
very neccessary, however, you cant do
everything with just theory. You must
have praticeable experience. This is what
group A lack very much. Although in the
third of forth year at university, group A
can be apprentices in some companies, to
help them approach their future jobs,
they arent trained well because of the
short time spent working. And the real job
is still very strange to them. After
graduating, without experience, group A
students cant accomplish their work
perfectly. On the other hand, it takes
them time and money to keep up with
other experienced students and they may
be scorned. Therefore, group A students
can contribute less than group B who
have the two most important things: skills
and experience.
Secondly, as group A students are
contributing less, they surely get less
benefit. Moreover, many companies
which employ people in group A have to
train them from ground-up. These
companies take this cost from group As
salary to reduce the risk of their
employees leaving to other companies
after being trained. So, less benefits are
unavoidable and certain, Whereas group
B members are more loyal and effective

workers. They also have useful

experience and skills. Besides, their
education is the same as or even higher
than that of group A. As the result, group
B gets more benefits absolutely.
In conclusion, I think a student should
travel or work before going to the
university. That way, not only will they
have basic knowledge but also skills and
experience which are useful for them to
get a good job and have a brilliant future.
This essay is too long (350 words
instead of 250). To fight this
problem, try to write in a more
general form and provide fewer
details. The use of language and
ideas are good and so is the essay
structure. Seems worthy of Band 7.
IELTS Essay, topic: the positive and the
negative sides of globalization
Even though globalization affects the
worlds economies in a positive way,
its negative side should not be
forgotten. Discuss.
In the present age, globalization is
playing an increasingly important role in
our lives. But in the meantime whether it
is a blessing or a curse has sparked a
heated debate. Some people argue that
globalization has a fundamentally
beneficial influence on our lives, while
many others contend that it has a
detrimental effect as well.
A convincing argument can be made
about globalization not only playing a
pivotal role in the development of
technology and economy, but also
promoting the cultural exchange between
different countries. To start with, it is the
globalization that impelled many
corporate to become international groups,
thereby making a contribution to the local
technology and employment. Specifically,
when a multinational group establish a
factory in a developing country, the new
equipment, the new management skills
and the job vacancies are all in the best
interest of the local society. Moreover,
people worldwide can get to know each
other better through globalization. It is

easy to see that more and more

Hollywood blockbusters show cultures
different from American, some recent
examples are Kungfu Panda and The
Admittedly, the profit driven side of
globalization has severely affected young
people. Today, in the metropolises in
different countries, it is very common to
see teenagers wearing NIKE T-shirts and
Adidas footwear, playing Hip-Hop music
on Apple iPods and eating at KFC. The
culture that took a thousand years to
form just seems similar in these cities; it
seems as though you can only distinguish
them by their language. Meanwhile, in
some developing countries, sweat
workshops are always a concerning issue.
For instance, reports show that some
teenagers employed by NIKEs
contractors work in smelly factories over
14 hours a day, but are only paid fifty
cents per hour.
To sum up, I would concede that
globalization does come with some
adverse effects. Despite that fact,
benefits created by it far outweigh the
disadvantages. Overall, I am convinced
that we should further promote
globalization and meanwhile the local
government should take measures to
combat culture assimilation and sweat
This essay is extremely long (338
words instead of the advised 250265). It has a sound structure, your
position is clearly expressed, the
information is well-organized, and
structure-wise the sentences are
fine. The vocabulary is impressive
and there were only a few
grammatical errors (see comments
underlined in blue). Overall, this
seems to be a band 7.5 + essay.
IELTS Report, topic: Line graph describing
the consumption of fish and meat
You should spend about 20 minutes on
this task.

The graph below shows the

consumption of fish and different
kinds of meat in a European country
between 1979 and 2004.
Summarise the information by
selecting and reporting the main
features and make comparisons
where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.

graph illustrates the quantities of fish and
different kinds of meats consumed in a
European country between the time
period of 1979 and 2004. Over this span
of 25 years, the consumption of beef,
lamb and fish have all decreased while
the consumption of chicken has
dramatically risen.
The biggest consumption in 1979 was
beef (about 220 grams per person was
consumed every week) while the lowest
consumption in 1979 was fish (around 60
gram per week was consumed by a
person). The amount of fish which was
eaten has remained almost constant at
about 50 grams from 1979 and 2004. The
trends of beef and lamb consumption
were similar, with decreases in amount in
between the years. While beef
consumption had declined from over 200
grams per person per week to around 100
grams during 25 years, lambs was
starting 150 grams to approximately 50
grams at the same period.

In contrast, chicken consumption had

grown up gradually to year of 194,
reaching a peak at 250grams per person
every week in between 1994 and 2004.
This report covers the requirements
of the task. The main trends and
features were sufficiently developed.
The candidate has arranged ideas
coherently, though at times they
report data in a repetitive way. The
range of vocabulary is adequate.
There are a few errors in grammar
and word choice (mouse over the
underlined words shows suggestions
for improvement). Overall, this task
response meets the expectations
and seems good enough to achieve
Band 7.
IELTS Letter, topic: Complaint about a
You have bought a new laptop computer
and in a few days of purchase discovered
a major flaw. Write a letter to the
company. In your letter
- introduce yourself
- explain the situation
- say what action you would like to
company to take.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction
with a laptop computer I bought in your store
four days ago.
As soon as I turned on the computer, I
realized that Windows operating system was
not installed in it, although the offer said it
was included. In addition, I chose a gray
laptop and the one I received is black.
Moreover, the default language of the laptop
is Japanesse and I havent been able to
change it to my native language, which is
English. To make matters worse, the memory
specifications of this laptop are not the same
as the ones that I read in your catalog.
I definitely need this situation to be solved as
soon as possible. I made the decision to buy
the laptop at your store, because of previous
good recommendations some friends of mine
gave me about your store. However, after this
experience, I feel deceived.
I would like you can send me the laptop I first
chose at your store, including all the
specifications were shown in the offer. If I

dont get a quick response to my request, I

hope a full refund of the payment I already
Thanks in advance for your response.
Yours faithfully,

This is a good letter, all it need is a
little more attention as there are
certain language inaccuracies (see
comments underlined in blue).
Overall, this looks like a Band 7
IELTS essay plan Should developing
countries receive non-financial help?
Today we are sharing some ideas for
writing an essay on the topic below,
which was recently seen in the IELTS
exam in Dubai, UAE. Below you will find a
list of arguments that can be used in your
own essay.
The arguments are independent, and you
can use any or all of them. To get your
work checked and marked by a teacher,
please get instructions on this page.
Writing task 2 topic
Even though developing countries
receive financial help, poverty is still
an issue. Some say they should be
receiving other kind of help, to
eliminate poverty. To what extent do
you agree or disagree? Give
examples and suggest what other
form of help can be offered.
You should spend about 40 minutes on
this task and write at least 250 words.
Introduction version 1
Millennia have passed but the problem of
poverty still hounds mankind. So-called
developed countries have largely tamed
this issue; however, developing countries
are still suffering despite receiving billions
of dollars in the form of international aid.
It is clear that simply providing monetary
assistance will not be sufficient and
radical approach is required on the part of
the rich nations to deal with the menace
of poverty in the Third World.
Introduction version 2
In the wake of the present financial crisis
that has swept across most of the rich
world, questions are being raised as to

why governments of these nations are

giving financial aid to the developing
countries when this money yields little
tangible results. Intelligentsia has
proposed non-monetary measures to help
poor countries deal with the problem of
poverty more effectively. I sincerely agree
that the age-old system of pouring money
into the bottomless pit of developing
nations should be changed for good.
Argument 1
Poverty alleviation programs are nothing
less than large scale national projects. In
most of the cases, developing countries
lack experience to implement these
projects. Rich nations, with their proven
track record in such ventures, can provide
great help by providing the know-how and
guidance in implementation of the right
Argument 2
The root cause of poverty is not shortage
of money but lack of knowledge on how
to generate wealth. It has been aptly said,
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a
day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him
for a lifetime. Developed nations need to
take active interest in education and skill
development of citizens of poor countries.
Argument 3
Programs that link aid to performance are
bound to offer better results. The
governments in the Third World have
wrongly found a virtue in being poor, as
they know they are likely to get financial
aid on humanitarian grounds. This leaves
them with no sense of accountability. If
rich nations toughen their stand and
provide aid only when improvements are
visible, based on predetermined criteria,
we are more likely to see reduction in
Argument 4
The whole practice of offering financial aid to
developing countries has to be reworked.
What are the reasons for a country like India,
which is the tenth largest economy that rubs
shoulders with powerful nations on several
international fora, to continue being one of
the biggest recipients of international
monetary help? International aid agencies still

provide financial assistance on the basis of

the number of underprivileged people in a
nation. This logic is flawed; hence, they need
to devise new ways to help reduce poverty in
these countries.
In conclusion, there is an urgent need to
change the antediluvian system of providing
financial aid to developing countries. Instead,
education, skill development, and
performance linked schemes need to be
emphasized to bring hope to the lives of the
poor in developing countries.
Millennia, hounds, tamed, radical, menace,
Third World, swept across, yields, tangible,
Intelligentsia, bottomless pit, alleviation,
know-how, generate wealth, aptly, bound,
virtue, humanitarian grounds, toughen
IELTS Essay Plan Will a larger number of
sports facilities help improve public health?
Today we are sharing some ideas for writing
an essay on the topic below, which was
recently seen in the IELTS exam in Saudi
Arabia. Below you will find a list of arguments
that can be used in your own essay.

The arguments are independent, and you

can use any or all of them. To get your
work checked and marked by a teacher,
please get instructions on this page.
Writing task 2 topic

Some say that public health is important

and there should be more sports
facilities. Others say that they have
small impact on individuals. Discuss both
views and give your opinion.
You should spend about 40 minutes on this
task and write at least 250 words.
Public health has been the primary concern
not only for civilians but also for governments
around the globe. However, when it comes to
measures of its improvement, views differ
View 1 arguments
1. Since sports facilities are of great benefit to
citizens physical health, it is absolutely
necessary and wise to enhance their numbers
for the sake of the improvement of public
2. Sports facilities that are easily found and
controlled can provide great convenience to
people who have paucity of time to take
physical exercises more flexibly.

3. Sports facilities are particularly welcomed

by senior citizens and youngsters whose
health is vital to the whole society. Therefore,
more sports facilities should be built to meet
the great demand of citizens of all ages.
4. There is no doubt that taking regular
physical exercise reduces the incidence of
obesity and heart diseases to some extent, so
that increasing the number of sports facilities
in the local communities can help some
people to establish an active lifestyle, thereby
improving their health condition.
View 2 arguments
1. It is a fact that only a minority of people
utilize facilities at sports centres to keep fit,
which means the vast majority of people do
not benefit from this programme.
2. Some people argue that the use of sports
facilities is restricted by time, seasons and
location. Therefore, they are not suitable for
all citizens, especially those working from
9am till 5pm.
3. Modern diseases are triggered by various
factors, such as eating unhealthy food and

neglecting regular checkups. Hence, it is

recommended that governments and health
authorities put health education among the
masses high on their agenda and raise public
awareness on health issues. This can be
accomplished by delivering information on
how to lead a healthy life to every household,
and putting stringent regulations on the fast
food industry.
Improving public health requires a combined
effort and no single action can resolve the
problem effectively. In addition, although
solving the problem is not insurmountable,
yet a long term commitment by both
individuals and governments is required.
paucity, stringent, vital, incidence, obesity,
triggered, advocate, accomplish, neglecting,
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