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Pucktronix tabulaRasa FAQ

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last modified 07.12.2012
greg surges
What is the tabulaRasa?
The tabulaRasa is a digital wavetable oscillator with voltage control of frequency,
waveform selection, and the amount of interpolation between waveforms. The
tabulaRasa consists of two components: a hardware synthesis module which can
integrate into a modular synth system, and a software application which allows the user
to create their own custom waveforms. These waveforms are then transferred from the
computer to the tabulaRasa module through a standard SD card slot.
As of 07.11.2012, the tabulaRasa is open source and hosted at http://
Do I need an Arduino to use this?
No, pre-programmed ATmega328 chips are generally available from Greg Surges.
However, it is also possible to burn your own.
How are waveforms stored? What about i/o resolution?
All the waveforms are stored as byte arrays, for 8-bit resolution. Output is PWM. The cv
inputs are 10-bit.
I like tonal sounds, can it do 1V/octave?
Yes, it can do 1V/octave. If it's not scaling the way you want, you can swap R10 with a
20k trimpot in series with a 10k resistor, then put a 20k trim between R19 and R20.
Where are some examples?
What are the PCB dimensions?
The board is 3.85" x 3.15"
How does the interpolation control work?
The waveforms are stored in 64 paired 'slots'. The waveform select control selects the
current slot, and the interpolation control does a crossfade between the two waveforms
in that slot.

How are people mounting this?

Here are some user panel designs:
Is there a Bill of Materials?
Where can I find *part*?
SD Socket:
SPDT Pushbutton:
Here is a Mouser cart which contains everything except the Sparkfun components:
Do I need 1% resistors or other precision components?
No, 5% tolerance will work fine. You can also use a 3k9 resistor instead of 3k8 for R21.
Just use a standard 3.9k instead-it's within the 5% tolerance range - the capacitor it
forms a filter with is going to be 5% tolerance anyway, so no need to be too critical with
the value.
How should I format my SD card?
FAT16, and you don't need a large size. A few MB will be plenty.
Can it run on +/- 15V?
Users have reported it running fine on +/-15V with no modifications.