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1. The five advantages of young marriages.





More likely to develop similar tastes
Tremendous physical energy, great vitality and good health.
Super abundance of romantic love
Explain each.
Sex- it offers young couple to prevail of sex that has no guilt, rather than
premarital sex which is considered at some point is immoral.
Flexibility- couples has more time together and can adopt to each others
More likely to develop similar tastes- couples has more time to know each
other, and know each others like and dislike, they can develop similarity on
tastes, like hobbies, food, TV shows and etc.
Tremendous physical energy, great vitality and good health.- couples are
healthier and can offer each other more time and effort.
Super abundance of romantic love- more time to have romantic moments
together as a couple.
The five disadvantages of young marriages.
Money trouble
Cultural gap
Interfering in laws
Pre-marital pregnancy
Explain each.
Money trouble- often teenage husbands are jobless; those who work earn so
Immaturity- being self-centered, unable to compromise other points of view.
Cultural gap- difference in culture and tradition that one cannot get used to.
Interfering in laws- in laws, often criticize, meddle, demands from young
Pre-marital pregnancy- certain circumstances might happen that pregnancy
may occur before marriage, and the couple is still not ready for the
The General Topic of the reading text entitled "Letter to a Daughter.
Persuading the daughter to not marry.
Limited topic.
Advantages and Disadvantages of young marriage

7. General idea of the text.

It is not right to marry at a young age.
9. Summary of the text
It is about the letter of the father to his daughter stating that he is happy
about his daughters decision but technically gives a long lecture about the
disadvantages of marriage.

10. Why did the author of the text write it?

The author wrote it because he wants to make teenagers realize that
marriage at such a young age can be very difficult for the couple.

11. Why do you think that sex is the most ancient and urgent problem of mankind?
Because teenagers are very much curious on the range of their ages. It is the
state where a lot of things can happen. A lot of things are discovered.
12. Why do you think that having tremendous physical energy, great vitality and
good health advantageous to young marriage?
Because they can be able to work hard with their young bodies and enjoy
their lives.
13. Do you agree to the author's idea that one of the deadly factors that are
disadvantageous to young marriages is the interfering in-laws?
Yes, because the parents wont trust their children to hold off on their own
especially with their young age.
14. Why money troubles are the most frequent single cause of teen-age marriage
Teenage marriage threatens money because they should be at school for
their age. They could get a regular job if lucky but without a degree or experience,
they wont earn much.
15. If you were a parent, what would you do to stop or control your children from
getting into teenage marriages?
I will open up a discussion to them about sex, marriage, risks and other
teenage curiosities before they can even do it so that they can already understand
what is at stake when they commit it.
16. If you were a teenager, which would you prefer, to marry at a very young age or
to wait for the marriageable age based on the standard of the 1987 Philippine

I will very much wait for the marriageable age based on the standard of the
1987 Philippine Constitution. There is a lot of time in my hands.

17. (Situations)
A. Lessons learned from the life of Emily.
Sometimes, its okay to listen to your parents even if they dont want to
explain everything to you because they want the best for you and they want to
protect you from the harms that may come to you. Now that Emily didnt listen to
her parents, she is suffering at her worst.
B. Three insights that you have gained from the life of Mr. James Santos and his
wife, Mrs. Sarah Santos.
First, when parents properly raise their children, no matter how many, they
will become already entitled to privileges no one can imagine because of their
systematic Christian way which sums up the morality of all their children. Second,
the more they love their children, the more they will be loved back. I gained this
insight at the end where even if their children already have prestigious jobs, they
still hang out with their parents because they love each other. And lastly, Mr. & Mrs.
Santos did not engage to marriage early because their jobs made them raise four
children and let them finish their studies. It only proves that marrying at a right time
secures a brighter future.

1. Title of the World Youth Day '95 theme song.

Tell the World of Gods Love
2. Who loved the world?
3. How did He love the world?
He gave us his only Son.
4. Who is Jesus Christ?
The only Son of God.
5. Who is the only son of God?
Jesus Christ.
6. Who is our savior?
7. Who is the most precious one of God?
Jesus Christ
8. What has God sent us?
His message of love
9. Whom has God Sent to bring the message to everyone?
We, the people
10. How should the message be taken to everyone?
In a voice loud and clear.
11. Whom should we tell about God's love?
The world
12. How is God's love described in stanza 3?
The greatest love the world has known.
13. What should we do to those who have walked astray?
Lead them home.
14. What should we do to the world's darkest corners?
Fill it with His (God) light from up above.
15. How should we tell the world of God's love?
Personal and our thoughts
16. What is the theme of the poem?
The love of God.
17. Why do you think has the author of the poem written it?
To tell of God's love
18. Why do you think that God so loved the world?

Because we (the world) are all His children.

19. Why do you think should the message be taken to everyone in a voice loud and
For everyone to hear and understand.
20. Why should the world's darkest corners be filled with God's light from up above?
So everyone in the dark and are lost can see how God had loved them.
21. Why should we search the world of those who have gone astray and lead them
For them to know God's love.
22. If you were God would you love the people of this world so much?
I would be selective. Which is why the real God made a good choice.

23. If you were Jesus Christ, would you obey God, youre Father, by offering your life
for the salvation of mankind?
Yes, I would.
24. Are you willing to tell the world of God's Great love to man?
Yes, Im willing to tell the world of Gods Love.
25. What does "True Love" mean?

26. Do you agree to the Idea -"Generosity is giving out of love without limit even if it
27. Paraphrase or give the meaning of each stanza. (Stanzas 1, 2, 3, 4.)
1 God loves the world so much that he sacrificed even his only son.
2 God sends us His message of Love, loud and clear to everyone.
3 We, the people, must spread this Love through giving it to other people in
4 Even if we thought of the world as a dangerous place, His Love will save

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