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Regulations: R-2013
Third Semester
M.E. Communication Systems
CU7211 Innovative System Design Laboratory
Time: 3 Hours

Maximum Marks: 100

1. a. Design and Implementation of LMS, RLS adaptive filters and Kalman filter to remove
additive white Gaussian noise with different noise standard deviation from speech signal
in MATLAB. Compare the performance in terms of SNR and MSE.
b. Design and Implementation of LMS, RLS adaptive filters and Kalman filter to the
estimation of channel and compare its performances.

2. Design and implementation of MIMO OFDM system for Image and video signal
transmission in MATLAB.

3. Design and implementation of adaptive Echo/Noise canceller using feedback suppression

techniques and adaptive beam forming based noise suppression techniques



4. Compare the performance of lossy and lossless image compression algorithms in


5. Implementation of maximum a posteriori (MAP) based algorithms in Wavelet domain

for despeckling of SAR images in MATLAB. Compare the performance over other
spatial domain techniques.

6. Design and implement vector median filter for colour image filtering in
MATLAB. Compare the performance of the algorithm to the independent
median and adaptive
median filtering of each component separately and plot the performance graph in
terms of PSNR, MAE and SSIM quantitative metrics.

7. Performance evaluation of Medical Image segmentation using K-means, FCM, Active

contour model, Level set method, Grow cut method for the following biomedical

Brain, Lever, Lungs and Mammogram in MATLAB.


8. Implementation of Image Resolution Enhancement algorithms using Lanczos, Bilinear,

Bicubic and non linear interpolation techniques for Satellite and test images in spatial
domain and wavelet domain in MATLAB.

9. Implementation and performance analysis of modulation and demodulation schemes


10. Design and implementation of RF circuits like amplifiers, mixers and oscillators using
any antenna design tool.
11. Design and analysis of antenna arrays by using MATLAB (Horn, Dipole, Loop, Array,
Yagi-uda, Helix antennas).

12. Design and implementation of broad band micro strip antenna in various bandwidth
using any antenna design tool.

13. Design and implementation of RF based Industrial Wireless Device Control System.(100)

14. Detection and Prevention of various attacks in MANET and VANET using NS2. (100)

15. Design and development of Traffic Signal Control System for Emergency Vehicle. (100)

16.Design and development of RTOS based automated irrigation system for power and
water saving mechanism.

17. Design and implementation of Real time automation of Green house farming with
wireless sensor networks.

18.Design and implementation of tag-reader mutual authentication protocol for RFID



19.Design and implementation of Priority based scheduling for home energy management.
20.Design and implementation of GPS based Geographical location Identification System.

21. Design and implementation of IR LED and LDR based Heartbeat Monitor with display
on Computer/PC.