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Mobilink Human Resource Department

Banking on your mobile phone
To set standards of excellence in microfinance and related services including branchless banking and to
achieve exceptional values for our shareholders and employees.
Mobilink plans to achieve this by:

Inspiring and motivating its people.

Developing its people to strive for higher standards.
Driving an open minded and enterprising corporate culture where people through leadership at all

levels dare to dream, dare to try, dare to fail and dare to succeed.
Attracting and recruiting the best talent

Core Values

Equal opportunity
Equitable growth

Mobilink has a very defined and well-structured department and its various policies of keeping each
employee productive part of the organization are intoned with the corporate worlds requirement. Human
are the basic tool for having competitive edge in the market for most of the organizations and Mobilink is
one of these. Mobilink has one of the best HR systems in Pakistan that gives it an edge over its

Employee Services:
Pay roll
Leave and Medical Record
Policies &Procedures

Final Settlements and provident funds

Employee record & Recreation

OD &effectiveness:
Training management

Performance Management

Employees Retention

Orientation and employee Communication

Staffing and compensation:

Staff plan & HR budgeting

Management trainee & internship program

Interviewing & Selection

Compensation, benefits & Incentives

At MOBILINK the people have been empowered to a large degree by minimizing out dated rules
/regulations and plan to further eliminate the bureaucratic barriers to capitalize on their ingenuity and
talent. There is a whole process behind HR Strategy. The top team continues to play its role in providing
the guidance and support to people at all levels. The HR (peoples) function ensures that it leads the
transformational change by nurturing a climate, which would help in converting the huge potential at
disposal of the company into world-class performance

HR Practices at Mobilink
Some basic HR practices being carried out at Mobilink are
Performance Appraisal system
Training & Development
Occupational Health Measures
Reward Management

Recruitment & Selection

Career Planning & Development
Research & Development
Employee Relations

Performance Appraisal
Reviewing performance and taking positive steps to develop employees further is a key function of
management and is a major component in ensuring the success of the company through effective
employee performance. Although the appraisal process is conducted at each department by their own
supervisors through interviews or written forms, the screening process is carried out by the HR
department itself .However, due to certain policies of the management, the confidentiality of the system is
very high. Though we did manage together some information regarding the system and how it leads to the
development of the employee, we were not able to attain the complete system with supporting data. A
review is about ensuring people know what levels of performance are expected of them and then taking
action to ensure they are trained and developed to perform effectively.

Appraisal Policy:
The intent of these appraisals is to review current job performance and responsibilities, set goals and
discuss further opportunities with reference to past performance at Mobilink

Performance Review:
At MOBILINK a review is intended to be an open and frank discussion between an employee and their
Team Leader/Manager. Generally there are two elements: First is the element in which discussion takes
place over the strengths and areas which need to be developed as displayed by the job holder over the past
12 months. The performance is of course judged comparing the performance against the core indicators of
Job. The second element is concerned with discussing the training needs/inputs activities that are
considered to be appropriate to help the jobholder overcome some of development areas discussed in the
review and also those activities that are deemed appropriate to build upon their current strengths.

Appraisal categories:
Appraisal category

Definition of category

% of employees which can be

Outstanding (OS)
Exceed expectation (EE)
Meet expectation (ME)
Improvement needed (IN)

Superb performance
Better than expected
Manages to meet expectations
Not been able to meet

rated in this category



Training and Development

The second step of the appraisal process after reviewing is the training and development of the employee.
Now Mobilink focuses keenly on the weaknesses of its employees in order to identify and eradicate them.
Training is a planned effort to facilitate employees learning of job-related competencies and overcoming
their weak points. These include knowledge, skills or behaviors that are critical for the success up job
performance. At MOBILINK, there is a continuous assessment of the technical and managerial skills. For
the further enhancement of these skills formal training programs are offered at all levels. The employees
are provided with opportunities to put these skills into practice, in preparation for the move to a
managerial role. Training is viewed at MOBILINK as a way of creating intellectual capital. Employees
are expected to acquire new skills and knowledge, apply them on job and share this information with of
their employees. The training is cross-functional for sharing of skills. The employee are trained
periodically either locally or abroad according to preplanned schedules.
The objective of such training is to upgrade the capabilities of employees. If an employee attends an
overseas training then he/she has to serve the company for a certain period after the date of completion of
training subject to the cost and duration of training itself. In case an employee leaves the company during
this period he/she will have to pay the amount specified at that point in time.
Training Method:
On Job Training

special Training Sessions


Team Building


Problem Based


Refresher Courses

Types of Training in Mobilink

On a general basis the training done in Mobilink can be divided into two categories:

Soft skill training

Technical Training

Mobilink Performance Management System:

Though the management claims that their Performance Measures are congruent to strategies, reliable and
acceptable but they emphasized that the main strengths of their systems are the validity and specificity.
The performance measurement systems used at PMCL are valid. As stated by the management, the core
job areas extensively. They are not only aligned with the companys strategic objectives but are also free
from deficiency. Contamination is acceptable as a few things extra from the actual job requirements are
The performance measure used at PMCL has a very high specificity because it guides the employees as to
where they lack and how can they improve.

Career Planning & Development

Mobilink aces much competition in the telecom industry so now they are focusing on career Management
of their employees in which they enable the employees to better understand and develop their career skills
and interests and to use these skills and interests most effectively both within the company and after they
leave the firm. Career planning is the deliberate process through which someone becomes aware of
personal skills, interests knowledge, motivation, and other characteristics; acquires information about
other opportunities and choices; identifies career related goals and establishes action plans to attain
specify it goals. Importance of Career planning in todays competitive world is as important as any other
HR function. Retaining your valuable Human resource today is one of the biggest challenges that
organizations are acing. So, HR needs to come up with new strategies. Career planning and development
is one of the basic tool and strategy organizations are using for retaining their employees. This function
actually makes employees feel that they are important to the organization and Mobilink wants them to be

at the top in their careers. However, at Mobilink this function is not fully performed or we should say this
function is not performed satisfactorily. There are some policies on these but those are not recognized that
Promotion Policies
The new company structure is in five layers, comprising associates, specialists, managers, directors and
chief officers; in that order starting from the bottom and working towards the top rung of the ladder. Until
approved otherwise, it would be mandatory for the employees to spend the following maximum period at
each level before a promotion to the next level depending upon availability of a slot: Associate 3-4 years
Specialist 3-4 years Manager 2-3 years Director According to the president decision Chiefs According to
the president decision

Reward System
Mobilink considers its employees not just as a cost but also as a resource in which the company has
invested rom which it expects valuable returns. Pay policies and programs are one of the most important
human resource tools for encouraging desired employee behaviors. The advantage of paying above the
market average is the ability to attract and retain the top talent available, which can translate into highly
effective and productive work force. The incentive schemes and incentive objective have been clearly
communicated to all individuals and depends on their performance and appraisals.
Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards include

Base Pay


Seniority Pay

Merit pay

Incentive pay

Pay for knowledge

Pay for skills

Task identity

Skill variety

Task significance



Gap Analysis



Types of Reward system:

1. Base pay
3. Short/Long term Incentives
4. Income protection
5. Work/life focus
6. Allowances
7. Relational returns

Measurement approach:
Behavior approach

Result approach


Trait approach

Measuring Behaviors:
o Simple rank order
o Alternation rank order
o Paired comparison
o Forced distribution
o Essays
o Behavior check lists

Mobilink is giving all the

intrinsic and extrinsic
rewards. But all the rewards
are on entirely on the basis
of their performances. They
are not focusing on income
protection throughout their
life. This means if they are
not tolerating any less work
from their employees for
the reward system

Mobilink is providing both

intrinsic and extrinsic rewards
on Exceptional performance in
a project, Targets
achievements, Special
assignments and they provide
them with rewards like
Medical car, Life insurance
Vacations Relocation,
Recreation Club Policy Travel,
Mobile phone, Business
mobile phone policy, Official
Blackberry Policy, Life
insurance, Medical entitlement

Mobilink is not using any

specific measurement
approach for performances.
They should use behavior
and result approach
according to the
organizational work

Mobilink is using MBO as

their approach for the
measurement of performance.
MBO focuses only one sources
of performance information
that is direct supervisor.

Large number of employees

is working in Mobilink and
for that they should simplify
their measuring behavior of
performance as related to
comparative or absolute

Mobilink has characterized

their employees in four rank
orders which are OS, EE, ME
and IN. Forced distribution is
used in Mobilink and specific
percentage of employee is
alloyed for each category.

o Critical incidents
o Graphic rating scales

Components Appraisal Form:

1. Basic employee information
2. Accountabilities, objectives, and
3. Competencies & indicators
4. Major achievements & contributions
5. Employee comments

Management Practices: 1.
Personal-Developmental Plans
2. Developmental Activities

Direct Supervisors Role


360-Degree Feedback Systems

Raters training program:

It is important to make sure that the
supervisors who are rating have a clear
understanding of how to conduct for
which trainings are organized.

Mobilink should have the

system in which supervisors
check and rate the
employees first on their
performances and then
employees rate themselves.
Rather than supervisors rate
after employees.

Mobilink is using an online

system in which employees
grades themselves on the form
given to them. They rate
themselves on the rating scale
of 1 to 5.

Mobilink is using MBO

which focuses on only one
source of performance
information i.e. direct
supervisor. If Mobilink
implements 360-Degree
Feedback Systems instead
of MBO approach then
supervisor will get plenty of
information and after doing
gap analysis he can screen
out the more accurate
information on different
performance dimensions.
That will be helpful in
crafting better Personal
developmental plans

Personal developmental plans

are made for each employee in
Mobilink. If any deficiency is
identified then it is addressed
through developmental
activities including on-the-job
training, courses, mentoring,
job rotation & temporary
assignments. But this all
developmental planning
process only relies on the
information provided by direct
supervisor as Management by
Objectives is implemented
instead of 360-Degree
Feedback Systems.

Raters training program

should be introduced as
even in self-evaluation
supervisors should play
their role.

Mobilink has introduced selfevaluation system in which

supervisors role is minimized
and due to which no attention
is placed on raters training.

Performance-Management Process:


Performance Planning

Performance Execution

Performance Assessment

Performance Review

Performance Renewal

Retirement Benefits

Transportation Facility

Team work

Mobilink has not organized

a thorough or complete
PMS implementing
program like preparation,
communication plan etc.

Mobilink should introduce

retirement benefits.
Gender discrimination
should be avoided and
transport facility for both
male and female employees
should be introduced.

Team work should be

promoted even if on
temporary grounds

Mobilink PMS is online where

employee receives appraisal
form through email and then
sends it to Line Manager for
approval and after
commenting receives back.

Mobilink does not offer

retirement benefits.Mobilink
does not provide transport
facility to male employees.

Mobilink promote individual

performance rather than team