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Peer Technical Assistance Match

Improving Outcomes for Children and Families through Monitoring and


May 13-14, 2010

Renaissance La Concha Resort

1077 Ashford Avenue
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

Meeting Objectives
By the end of the Peer TA match, we will have:
1. An understanding of the specific practice standards used in Florida and Georgia to ensure quality
outcomes for children and families;
2. An understanding of specific quality assurance methodologies and tools used to monitor placement
3. Identified specific data indicators Puerto Rico should track to better monitor placement providers;
4. Establish strategies to address internal and external barriers; and
5. An action plan detailing Puerto Rico’s next steps.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

8:30am Breakfast

9:00am Welcome
Denise Marquez
Executive Director, Administration for Families and Children

Jorge Cabrera
Senior Director, Strategic Consulting, Casey Family Programs

9:15am Purpose and Introductions

Traci Savoy
Manager, Systems Improvement Methodology, Casey Family Programs

Holly Merz
Systems Improvement Analyst, Casey Family Programs

10:00am Setting the Context for Our Work: Puerto Rico’s Development of a Monitoring and
Evaluation Unit
 Provide brief background information on Puerto Rico’s efforts to develop a monitoring and evaluation
unit, including desired outcomes.

10:30am Break

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10:45am Discussion 1: Measuring Success in Florida and Georgia

 Each team will provide an overview of:
o How its child welfare system is structured.
o Child welfare demographics (e.g. number of children in care, rates of permanency).
o Various methods and strategies they have used to monitor and assess their foster homes
and congregate/residential care providers.

12:15pm Lunch

1:15pm Discussion 2: Developing Performance Standards

1. Identify strategies to engage providers in the development of practice standards.
2. Discuss and identify specific standards that can be used to monitor and evaluate placement
3. Discuss how performance standards can be built into contracts with placement providers.
4. Discuss how to integrate Federal requirements with local performance standards, including licensing

2:45pm Break

3:00pm Discussion 3: Is This Working? Evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement

1. Identify quality assurance methodologies and tools which can be used to monitor placement
2. Discuss and identify specific data indicators that will be critical to track and analyze to support
ongoing monitoring activities.
3. Discuss and identify which programmatic aspects are most important to monitor.

4:15pm Closing Remarks and Overnight Reflections

5:30pm Please join us for dinner and informal networking with the consulting team.

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Friday, May 14, 2010
8:30am Breakfast

9:00am Welcome, Overview of the Day and Reflection on the First Day’s Work

9:30am Discussion 4: Open Dialogue

 Address remaining questions from the Puerto Rico team before building their action plan. This may
include further discussion of engaging the provider community and/or other topics.

10:30am Develop Puerto Rico’s Action Plan

1. What has Puerto Rico learned?
2. What are the next steps?

11:30am Closing Comments

Noon Adjourn
Box Lunches Provided

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