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Total System a Projector


Syn-er-gy [sin-er-jee] – noun. Plural, -gies.

1. Combined action or functioning; synergism.

2. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so

that their combined effect is greater than the sum
of their individual effects.

3. Synergy Broadcast Systems’ Total System Approach.


16115 Dooley Road
Addison, TX 75001
972-980-6991 or 800-601-6991


Broadcast Market Overview
The broadcast market has long been made up of companies that
specialize in very specific segments of the market such as audio-
video routers, servers, software automation, satellite control,
archiving, streaming and file transport. The customer or a third-
party integrator had to connect the pieces and make it work.
Integrating many different elements together, while on the surface
may seem cheaper, can create problems with support, workflow,
communication and training which can result in a larger total cost
of ownership and a drain on staff time that you never get back.
A turnkey or Total System Approach can provide a more efficient
solution that not only smoothes out the integration but eliminates
many of the support issues that can often occur after the
installation is finished.
A “Total System Approach” focuses on the major components and
workflow functions required to provide a smooth operation that
eliminates as many manual activities as possible to minimize
personnel and maximize their time and effort. This results in a
system that is:
 Easier to install
 Easier to administer
 Easier to support
 More affordable

Broadcast Automation Elements

The key elements in any broadcast automation solution involve:
 Traffic and Scheduling
 Satellite Control
 Streaming and Video On Demand
 Multiple Channel or Locations

From day one, Synergy Broadcast Systems has fostered a turnkey or
“Total System Approach” to foster a more productive and efficient
workflow with as much true automation as possible to reduce staff
requirements. Here’s an overview of ways we can assist a station
to be more productive and save money.
Production requirements will vary from station to station but may
include NLE’s, tape machines, satellite tuners and controllers and
live studio or remote events that need to be recorded.
The Synergy Broadcast solution can interface via the network with
NLE’s and transfer completed files directly into the server or an
archive location. Some NLE’s, because of their file output may
require transcoding for a compatible
playback file.
ServerLINK automates the transcoding
process. Files are dropped in a watch
folder. A number of different profiles can
be created for playback, streaming or
mobile content and ServerLINK will
automatically process each file and
transfer finished files to their proper server
or storage locations.
Transcoding provides a workflow
advantage in that the NLE is not tied up
rendering a playback ready file, which
can sometimes take hours. Instead the
editor simply transfers or drops the native
file to the watch folder and continues to use the editor for other
work. This saves both staff and station (NLE) time and files can be
queued up to process on a 24/7 basis without manual intervention.
Synergy Broadcast provides encoders for encoding MPEG2,
MPEG4, Windows Media, Standard Definition, High Definition, DV
and uncompressed digital video. Encoding of live or satellite
content may be necessary to capture “B” roll, time shift a program
or other uses.
With the Synergy Broadcast solution the encode can be scheduled
and run automatically without any manual intervention as VLM
(automation software) can control and tune a satellite using our
optional Satellite Control Module to trigger the encode
automatically. After the encode is complete it is automatically
transferred for editing or moved directly to playback.
Stations still using tape or DVD’s can automatically encode taped
programming. DVD files can be ripped into an MPEG or other

format as needed. This is still a manual operation but subject to
automation in the future.
If your station is ready to make the leap to a tapeless workflow we
have your solution ready and you will be amazed at the significant
time savings you will achieve in this area.
Traffic and Scheduling
Traffic and scheduling may be functions that are separate from
Master Control depending on how you manage your station. To
help your workflow Synergy Broadcast provides multiple solutions to
address any need:
 Third Party Traffic Interface: VLM currently maintains several
third party interfaces to Broadview and Protrack for call
letter stations and Facil for PEG stations. Other interfaces are
easily written to
accommodate any
traffic system you
wish to use.
 TrafMan: VLM also
has it’s own traffic
interface for stations
that only need
assistance. TrafMan
is a network client
that enables
multiple operators to
programming. This
can be especially helpful for stations that maintain
secondary channels and don’t need to provide commercial
tracking or for stations that employ an administrative person
for scheduling rather than Master Control personnel.
 HGI: Home Grown Interfaces can be used as VLM has a
sophisticated import interface that stations can use to
connect with their existing traffic or programming system.
 Master Control operators can provide the scheduling
function by using VLM’s Event Scheduling feature to create
new events, update or delete events.

Broadcast Automation Software

Our broadcast automation software (VLM) is a feature-rich
software program built on the Windows XP Professional operating

system that can be loaded on the Playback Server or a separate
Master Control computer depending on your level of desired
VLM has been designed based on continuous customer feedback
and research on what our customers need to improve their
operations. This software includes the ability to control most
switchers, routers and third-party devices to fully automate any
element of master control including multi-channel playback,
satellite control, commercial insertion and graphics control. VLM’s
software modules and options include:
Standard Features:
 Video Catalog Database
 Copyright Tracking
 Categories and Subcategories
 Series Tracking
 Title and Format Tracking
 Event Scheduling Wizard
 Import Wizard
 Drag and Drop Scheduling
 Block Scheduling
 Copy and Paste Scheduling
 Automated Encoding
 Router Control Matrix
 Remote Access
 Error Notification System
 Emergency Auto-shutdown on Power Loss
 User Database for Security
 Full Reporting Module
 As Run Log
 RS-232/422 Device Control
 Automatic Schedule Back-Up and 7 Day Archive
Optional Modules:
 Traffic Interface
 Traffic Manager

 Satellite Tuning and Dish Control
 VDCP Control of Third Party Servers
 Control of third-party devices for bugs, station ID’s and
 Fully integrated control down to the specific project for
BugCrawler, Informa and FireBird graphics products for all
elements including bugs, logos, TV ratings, crawls, scrolls,
lower third and full page graphics projects.
 SBS Master Clock
 Third Party Master Clocks
 Automatically Post Schedule to Web
 Electronic Program Guide Interface w/ Informa
 WatchDog Monitor for various levels of redundancy
 ArcMan: an automated archive and back-up utility
 Commercial Insertion is available for a variety of networks
and satellite systems and can be triggered by time, tone or

Playback Hardware
Synergy Broadcast builds broadcast quality Digital Servers in a
variety of
configurations and
format capabilities
designed to assist any
size station from a
single channel, one
or two man
operation to a multi-
channel broadcast,
cable or satellite
network provider.
Our servers are built
on an open standard
and only use top-tier
high quality parts
from manufacturers
you trust such as Intel,
Kingston and Seagate. This ensures that your system is built to
provide years of reliable performance.

Playback Servers are customized for each client to provide the
level of speed, channel output, format and storage capacity
needed with an eye toward future expansion. For clients who have
already invested in other server brands we also offer VDCP control
protocol as an option, so your investment is safe.

Channel Graphics and Digital Signage

Three integrated graphics products deliver high quality graphical
effects for channel branding as well as digital signage control for
station outreach to screens in your facility or publicly located
screens in malls, hospitals, campus locations, etc.
 BugCrawler is a downstream device that provides overlay
capability for crawls, scrolls, bugs, logo’s, TV ratings,
emergency messages, program alerts, news
tickers, weather updates and similar activity.
BUGCRAWLER BugCrawler is tightly integrated into VLM and
specific triggers can be launched for multiple
automated events. BugCrawler includes eight
layers of text or graphics as well as a 3D cube, sphere and
pyramid and is ideal for overlay and lower third projects.
 Informa is a full screen graphics solution for upstream or
downstream use. Informa projects can include up to 20
layers of text, graphics and photos as well as our 3D cube,
sphere and pyramid that can be resized for graphics and
text. Informa provides crawls,
scrolls, station ID’s, logos,
bugs, TV ratings, emergency
messages, weather updates,
automated “you are watching” and “what’s up next”
promo’s, full screen Electronic Program Guide to announce
upcoming scheduling and more. Informa can also display
complex data in multiple row and column formats. Video
squeeze and video-in-a-window effects are available
 FireBird includes the features provided by BugCrawler and
Informa and adds both a multi-format digital server
application and an internal router. This means FireBird can
FIREBIRD be used for Playback as well as a Secondary Server for
back-up purposes in addition to serving up graphics for
crawls, scrolls, logo insertion, TV ratings, full screen displays,
video squeeze, emergency messages, weather updates
and other digital effects.
 Access all three products remotely using InformaWeb. This
web-based interface is used to update projects and

emergency messages on one or more units at any time.
InformaWeb improves your ROI significantly because you
can farm out the up-date responsibility for projects that
pertain to groups beyond your immediate station staff. By
designing templates for each group and authorizing web
access you can push the labor and responsibility of the
updates outside of your staff without sacrificing quality thus
saving money.
 Dashboard is used to access BugCrawler, Informa and
FireBird to queue up and trigger live updates. It can also be
used to trigger emergency alerts, weather updates, traffic
information and other time sensitive activities.

In addition to server
storage, VLM can
manage archive and
back-up activities
using our ArcMan
software module. This
is a fully integrated
option that can be
used to back-up
multiple servers and
computers and
manage storage as
part of Network
Attached Storage,
Storage Area Networks
and Synergy
Broadcast’s own
Digital Archive Unit. ArcMan utilizes custom, automated routines to
check and back up multiple locations one or more times per day.
A manual trigger is also available.

Streaming and Video On Demand
Television is no longer just about TV. Viewers expect to receive their
programming in multiple ways to match up with their new
technology-based time habits. SBS includes both streaming and
video on demand options for single or multiple channel facilities.
This means you can offer your viewers both broadcast
programming as well as video
on demand to their computer.
Realtime streaming and VOD
over a network or the Internet
are integral parts of our
solution. Stations with
secondary channels or extra
channel capacity can also
enable video on demand on
these channels by utilizing our
Web interface to provide
viewers with the ability to select
programming on their own. If the channel is showing graphics
viewers can select and view a program instantly on their TV. If
programming is on the channel from another user the second
user’s program will play after the first is finished and let the second
user know when it will begin.

Managing Multiple Stations

Facilities with multiple stations or locations use VideoCourier to
distribute both content and schedules to remote multiple sites using
VideoCourier’s transfer engine to manage remote or lights out
facilities for cable or multi-channel stations. Configurations are
available for both one-way or two-way movement of files.

VLM includes a robust reporting system for both “as-run” and
general reports. As-run reports can be configured for automated
or manual access.
A separate software module called DataSwapper can be
configured to automatically report results to Traffic or other entities.
Once configured these reports will trigger automatically each day.

Total Solution Approach

Synergy Broadcast’s Total Solution Approach provides tighter
integration, smoother workflow and a smaller total cost of
ownership over the life of your broadcast system. You save on
training, upgrades and support and reduce the potential multi-
company support issues faced by traditional integration projects.
Call us at 800-601-6991 to experience the Total System Approach
for yourself.

About Synergy Broadcast Systems

Synergy Broadcast Systems is located in Addison, TX (Dallas). Founded in 1987 to serve the
education, cable, broadcast, government and healthcare markets the company’s solutions help
facilities manage and utilize video content in the most efficient and effective manner to capture,
catalog, organize, archive, report and deliver video for broadcast, video on demand, streaming
and digital signage. The company’s systems are modular, economically scalable and forward-
focused to provide solutions that solve video organization and delivery problems and provide
migration options for future growth and expansion. For additional information call 800-601-6991 or