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PharmEvo (Pvt.) limited, incorporated on October 7th, 1999, is a healthcare
company, which is engaged in the creation, development, manufacture and
marketing of pharmaceutical products, including over-the-counter (OTC) medicines,
medical equipments and infant formulas. The Company competes with Top national
companies & improves its rating every year as it remains one of the fastest growing
companies in Pakistan.
PharmEvos principal pharmaceutical products include medicines in therapeutic
areas: respiratory, anti-virals, central nervous system, cardiovascular, metabolic,
anti-bacterials & oncology. The Company operates in following primary areas of
business: Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, medical equipments and infant formula.
PharmEvo partners with following international groups for bringing best quality
products to its consumers, Bioton (Poland), Lactalis (France), Omron (Japan) etc.

Business Development:
International partnerships have always been an important element in PharmEvos
success and will continue to play a pivotal role in companys future.We plan to
develop our business by Licensing or Acquiring Proprietary / Patented products to
market in our part of the world,

PharmEvo Offers:
Established and proven sales and marketing success record in countries
where we operate.
An aggressive management team and supportive corporate culture.
Proven product development and regulatory affairs capability.
Flexible and creative approach to collaborations.
The ability to respond quickly to opportunities.
We are seeking Proprietary, Patented, Generic Plus, and New Drug Delivery Systems
products to market through our established sales, marketing and distribution

Our Focused Therapy Areas Are

Anti-Infective, Gastroenterology, Cardiovascular, Endocrinology, CNS, MusculoSkeletal, Respiratory, Blood & Blood Forming Products, Nutrition, Oncology, Women
& Child Health, Probiotics and Biotechnology / Biosimilars.

We are already in agreements with some global HealthCare companies from Europe,
Americas and Asia.

International Presence
As part of our evolving global aims, we are showing our presence in many countries
around the world. PharmEvo holds more than 200 marketing authorizations of its
products in overseas markets and number is increasing ever since.

Focused Overseas Markets

1. South America
2. Central Asia
3. Middle East & Africa
4. Asia Pacific

PharmEvo at a Glance
Top Locations:

PharmEvo Products:
PharmEvos products for anti-virals are Tenova (Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumerate).
Products for Psychiatry are Klevra (Levetiracetam), EvoKalm (Quetiapine) & Estar
(Escitalopram). The Companys products for cardiovascular are, Lowplat, Lowplat

plus, ARBI, Telsarta,Ramipace, Tansin, Nuval and Xplendid. Diabetes portfolio

includes, Evopride,Inosita & Innogen. Orslim (Orlistat) belongs to Anti-obesity
Our gastroenterology portfolio carries, Zoltar, Fasteso & Actiflor. Antibiotics are ,
Evofix, EvoTaxime, Evozid, Evorox & Cefipime. In oncology our products are,
Trugem, Oncotaxel & Oxalitin. Orthopedic areas include Nise, Spedicam, Anex &
Mezrel. Onita, Gouric, Ibandro & Bonedol make up the Osteoporosis & Gout portfolio
whereas Eposino is used in Nephrology.
Celia is infant formula with unique variants & Omron carries state-of-the art
medical equipments.

Social Responsibility:
In pursuance of our commercial objectives we never lost sight of our responsibility
to contribute for the betterment of our society and we remain committed to balance
environmental stewardship with our corporate goals. PharmEvo is at the forefront of
supporting educational activities esp. among doctors as we continuously award
merit scholarships to the outperforming students of medicine and dentistry .In
addition to that we have also supported various libraries countrywide by donating
books, setting up learning resource centers, students counseling services etc.