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Children need guidelines for acceptable, appropriate pro-social behaviour through positive
reinforcement and acknowledgment of behaviour such as sharing, turn taking etc.
Behaviour such as hitting, biting, kicking, scratching or any other form of physical, emotional
or verbal abuse will not be tolerated among the children.


To endeavour to ensure the safety of everyone in the preschool during times of conflict.
To give children appropriate guidance for pro-social behaviour and teach them conflict
resolution skills.


Strategies :

* Teachers will make sure every child is given respect and dignity.
* Teachers will be role models for appropriate behaviour.
* Teachers will give positive guidance promoting appropriate behaviour having regard to the
child’s stage of development and understanding.
* Limits will be set for behaviour.
* Children will be encouraged to use assertive methods of communication with others.
* Teachers will help children to explore peaceful methods to resolve conflict. These will be age
appropriate, according to the children involved.
* Teachers will use inclusive time-out or redirection to another activity if the behaviour is

Immediate Strategies :

* Ask the child displaying the inappropriate behaviour to stop.

* Give attention to the victim.
* Explain why the behaviour is not appropriate.
* Suggest or ask for a way to solve the conflict and a way to make amends for the harm done to
the victim.
* Ensure both parties are satisfied with the outcome.
* Reinforce appropriate behaviours.

Long Term Strategies :

* If inappropriate behaviour continues, relate concern to parent of child.

* Use observations to find out what triggers the behaviour.
* Teachers will plan a method of management and communicate this to the child displaying the
inappropriate behaviour, e.g. inclusive time out, redirection to another activity.
* Teachers will be consistent.
* Teachers will seek help from outside agencies if plan is not working.

Prohibited Actions:

At NO time will any staff member, adult or other child at angelcare, subject any child to:
* Physical ill treatment (intentionally hitting or shaking or hurting or threatening to do so);
* Solitary confinement; OR
* Immobilisation (except temporarily holding to ensure safety of other children); OR
* Deprivation of food or drink; OR
* Loud, aggressive, abusive or threatening language; OR
* Frightening, threatening or degrading actions.


C.C Staff manual