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Miranda Spry

Health Science 200

Academic Plan

English 212 Topics in Critical Writing

BIOL 105C - Human Heredity (GE4)
RS 100 - Introduction to the Study of Religion
GER 111 - Elementary German I (GE9)
GER 112 - Elementary German II (GE9)
GS 100 - Introduction to Gender Studies (GE10)
HUM 210 - Introduction to the Humanities
MUS 117D - Musical Experience: the Piano
BIOL 104B - Human Biology (GEC4)
MATH 120A - Algebraic Methods: College Algebra
MATH 140 - Introductory Mathematical Analysis
PHYS 111 - General Physics I (GE4)
PHYS 111L - General Physics I Lab
HIST 100C - Hist Surv: U.S. Since 1877
ART 130! - Art and Understanding (GE2)
BIOL 105A - Science of Life (GE4)
SOC 280! - Global Cultures (GE8)
GEOG 101! - Introduction to Physical Geography
PHYS 106A - Earth & Space Science: Physical Geology
FREN 111 - Elementary French I
FREN 112 - Elementary French II
RPW 210 - Rhetoric, Culture, & Power
BIOL 105B - Environmental Dynamics
BIOL 111B - Principles of Experimental Biol: Zoology
PHYS 106C - Earth & Space Science: Astronomy
SOC 112 - Introduction to Anthropology
English 204*05 The Good Life:
Biology 111A Prin Exp Biol: Biology
Chemistry 111 General Chemistry I Lecture
Chemistry 111L General Chemistry I Lab
PHIL 205B! - Professional Ethics: Health Care
BIOL 232 - Physiology & Anatomy I: This class will help me understand
the tissue of the body and the skeleton. That will be important as an
Occupational Therapist because Ill have to know how these parts of the body
heal and recover.
BIOL 233 - Physiology & Anatomy II: This class is more focused on the
systems of the body (cardio vascular and repertory systems). This could help
me in my future career to help me understand how to help my future patients
HS 220 - Information Management in Health Care and Medical
Terminology: This class will help me in the work place because it talks about
how to use medical instruments and technology.
KINE 372 - Motor Learning & Development: This class will teach me to
understand motor development and how people learn.

Miranda Spry
Health Science 200
Academic Plan

KINE 374 - Kinesiology & Functional Anatomy: This class is about the
bodys movements, so it will explain to me how each part of the body should
be able to move (neck, back, arms, etc. ) It will be useful to my future career
because I will need to know how to help my patients move their body in order
to get the best recovery results.
KINE 374L - Kinesiology & Functional Anatomy Lab: Muscle testing will
be a part of this class and demonstrating the information learn in KINE 374.
This class will show me how to work with the muscles.
KINE 376 - Exercise Physiology: This class shows you how to exercise
while focusing on different systems in the body like heart and metabolism.
This will be useful in my future career because I will need to know how to tell
my patients the kind of exercising they should be doing to help them best.
KINE 376L - Exercise Physiology Laboratory: demonstrating activities
and labs focusing on the cardiovascular, endocrine, and metabolic systems.
Showing me how to perform certain exercises on people.
OT 302 - Foundations in Occupational Therapy: Introducing what
occupational therapy is about along with therapeutics. Also talking about the
history of occupational therapy and the clinical aspect will be discussed. This
class will tell me the basics of what my career will be about.
OT 304 - Therapeutic Occupation: The course is focused on occupation
synthesis along with exploring learning how to design and know how to
choose which options to perform. This will help me with my patients because
its teaching me to know how to come up with an option of which
therapeutics I should give to me patient.
OT 413 - Developmental Structure Neurologic Cond: studying the brain
and muscular systems of the brain. Explains things that could be wrong with
the brain (diseases or injuries) and how to treat them. This will help me when
working with patients with neurological problems.
OT 423 - Development Structure Orthopedic Cond: This section will be
more focused towards the skeleton like with injuries and diseases with the
system. This will help me with my future because there would probably be a
high rate of bone problems and this would show me how to deal with them.
OT 433 - Developmental Structure Across Lifespan: This class talks
about the body in different stages of life with a focus of pediatrics and
geriatrics. This would help me be more specific to a patient based on where
theyre at age wise in life and to treat them base on that.
OT 443 - Dev Structure Psychosocial Cond: This is more of a focus on
diseased patients with the focus of psychosocial and the development of
psychopathological studies. This would help me in my chosen career because
Ill need to know how to be prepared for any type of patient and their
psychological problems.
PSYC 210 - Applications in Human Development: This class focuses on
the stages of development throughout a lifespan. I will need to know this to
know how to help someone at any stage of their life.

Miranda Spry
Health Science 200
Academic Plan

PSYC 346 Neuropsychology: This class focuses on basic

neuroscience, brain behaviors and disease of the brain. I will need to
know this to determine my route to help the patient.

These core classes will teach me about the body and how it works. They will help
me to learn how to help others when they need to relearn and how to change their
everyday lives to help them. Overall just help me understand what occupational
therapy is made up of.