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1. The company has to come with an idea of Retail stores of food products










inauguration of such stores should be accompanied with the food products

being sold at a discounted rate and all the products should be brought
under this initiative with products like food processing.
2. The company can come up with new initiatives to tie up with the Retails
food joints Like Mc Donald, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Smoking Joes etc and
other food joints so that they use Aashirvaad atta at a discounted rate or
discount coupon can be given to the outlets if they are using this product
of ITC.
3. The company can launch a new idea where they can export branded
Atta to other exporting countries where they are already exporting wheat.
Aashirvaad brand Atta was exported to New Zealand, Australia, US and
Canada but the government has imposed certain restrictions on such
exports for ensuring food security on wheat based products. The company
can suggest that value added food products should not be banned from
exporting but some certain restrictions can be imposed on the company to
import an equivalent amount of wheat in the country.
4. ITCs growing presence in agriculture, food and personal care products
is enabling a synergy of R & D capabilities to venture into future products
which can be aimed at nutrition, health and well-being. This special
attention can be used to take care of the various health disorders in the
country and several long term arenas can be created for these unique
propositions. These R & D centre can be used to address the areas of
heart related and diabetes related problems. The company is already
moving in this direction by setting up R&D centre at Bangalore which will
provide the requisite platforms to deliver such future products.
5. The company can approach the government or distribute their food
products & other categories in Military canteens and can sell them to

NGOs that gives the evening meals to the children as part of mid-day
meal scheme.

This report is all about the ITC limited company. ITC limited is the company
having the following sub categories which includes Food, Personal Care,
Cigarettes and Cigars, Branded Apparel, Education and Stationery
Products, Incense Sticks and Safety Matches, Hotels, Paperboards &
Specialty Papers, Packaging, Agri-Business and Information Technology.
ITC is the sixth largest company of FMCG in the world. ITC being the first
Indian company and the second in the world over to win the prestigious
Development Gateway Award. It won the $100,000 Award for the year
2005 for its unique innovation as ITC e-Choupal initiative which has gained
the popularity among the masses in rural India.
Contains the strategic analysis of the firm ITC and its nearest rivals.
Contains a study of the important intrinsic and extrinsic variables in
the form of a PESTEL analysis as well as a deeper understanding of
the path followed by the ITC.
Important events/initiatives leading to the success of ITC
Industrial analysis of ITC through Porters five forces and its
comparison with its major competitor in FMCG segment HUL.
Analysis done with Internal & external factors of the firm
This projects deals with the various business processes & product
categories identified by the FMCG Company, as well as comparing its
unique positioning with respect to its competitors. Our project is mainly
concentrated on the comparative analysis of ITC and competitor HUL. The
source of information is secondary that is through internet and different
newspapers and sites of ITC and HUL as well as some of the journals.


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