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Services Covered

1. Architecture

- covers architectural services in connection with
urban planning and the design, construction,
conservation, restoration or alteration of a building
or group of buildings.

Philippine Laws
RA 9266 (Architecture Act of 2004) and IRR
- covers services in connection with site, physical and
planning and the design, construction, enlargement,
conservation, renovation, remodeling, restoration or
alteration of a building or group of buildings.

-subject to the Host Countrys domestic regulations,

include but are not limited to, planning and land- - Services may include, but are not limited to:
use planning, urban design, provision of a.
planning, architectural designing and
preliminary studies, designs, models, drawings,
structural conceptualization;
specifications and technical documentation, b.
consultation, consultancy, giving oral or
coordination of technical documentation prepared
written advice and directions, conferences,
by others (consulting engineers, urban planners,
evaluations, investigations, quality surveys,
landscape architects and other specialist
appraisals and adjustments, architectural and
consultants) as appropriate and without limitation,
operational planning, site analysis and other preconstruction economics, contract administration,
design services;
monitoring and supervision of construction and c.
schematic design, design development,
project management. [Art. 2.11]
contract documents and construction phases
including professional consultancies;
preparation of preliminary, technical,
economic and financial feasibility studies of plans,
models and project promotional services;
preparation of architectural plans,
specifications, bill of materials, cost estimates,
general conditions and bidding documents;


construction and project management,

giving general management, administration,
coordination and responsible
direction or the planning, architectural designing,
construction, reconstruction, erection, enlargement
or demolition, renovation, repair, orderly removal,
remodeling, alteration, preservation or restoration
of buildings or structures or complex buildings,
including all their components, sites and environs,
intended for private or public use;
the planning, architectural lay-outing and
utilization of spaces within and surrounding such
buildings or structures, housing design and
community architecture, architectural interiors and
architectural lighting, acoustics, architectural layouting of mechanical, electrical, electronic,
sanitary, plumbing, communications and other
utility systems, equipment and fixtures;
administration, construction arbitration and
architectural conservation and restoration;
all works which relate to the scientific,
aesthetic and orderly coordination of all works and
branches of the work, systems and process
necessary for the production of a complete

building or structure, whether for public or private

use, in order to enhance and safeguard life, health
and property and the promotion and enrichment of
the quality of life, the architectural design of
engineering structures or any part thereof; and
all other works, projects and activities
which require the professional competence of an
architect, including teaching of architectural
subjects and architectural computer-aided design
[Sec. 1(4)]
2. Engineering

- activities covered under Central Product Civil Engineering (RA 544 as amended by RA 1582)
Classification Code 8672 of the Provisional CPC of - services in the form of consultation, design,
the United Nations.
preparation of plans, specifications, estimates,
erection, installation and supervision of the
**8672 of the Provisional CPC of the United construction of streets, bridges, highways, railroads,
Nations cover
airports and hangars, port works, canals, river and
1) Scientific and technical consulting services shore improvements, lighthouses, and dry docks;
buildings, fixed structures for irrigation, flood
2) Project management services concerning protection, drainage, water supply and sewerage
works; demolition of permanent structures; and
3) Engineering advisory and predesign services
tunnels. The enumeration of any work in this section
4) Engineering design services
shall not be construed as excluding any other work
5) Engineering services during the construction
requiring civil engineering knowledge and application.
and installation phase
[Sec. 2(a)]
6) Other engineering services

Electrical Engineering (RA 7920) - (1) Consultation,

Note: covers civil, electrical, and mechanical investigation, valuation and management of services
requiring electrical engineering knowledge; (2) Design
and preparation of plans, specifications and estimates
for electric power systems, power plants, power
distribution systems including power transformers,
transmission lines and network protection, switchgear,
building wiring electrical machines, equipment and
others; (3) Supervision of erection, installation, testing
and commissioning of power plants, substations,
transmission lines, industrial plants and others; (4)
Supervision of operation and maintenance of electrical
equipment in power plants, industrial plants,
watercrafts, electric locomotives and others; (5)
Supervision of the manufacture and repair of electrical
equipment including switchboards, transformers,
generators, motors, apparatus and others; (6) Teaching
of electrical engineering professional subjects; and (7)
Taking charge of the sale and distribution of electrical
equipment and systems requiring engineering
calculations or applications of engineering data. [Sec.
Mechanical Engineering (RA 8495) - (1)
Consultation, valuation, investigation and management
services requiring mechanical engineering knowledge;

3. Accountancy

- accountancy services covered under Central

Product Classification (CPC) 862 of the Provisional
CPC of the United Nations, except for signing off of
the independent auditors report and other
accountancy services that requires domestic

(2) Engineering design, preparation of plans,

specifications and projects studies or estimates for
mechanical equipment, machinery, or processes of any
mechanical works, projects or plants; (3) Management
or supervision of the erection, installation, alteration,
testing and commissioning of mechanical equipment,
machinery, or processes in mechanical works, projects
or plants; (4) Management, supervision, operation,
tending or maintenance of any mechanical equipment,
machinery or processes in mechanical work, projects
or plants; 5) Management or supervision of the
manufacture, sale, supply or distribution of mechanical
equipment parts or components; (6) Teaching of
mechanical engineering professional subjects in
government recognized and accredited engineering
schools; and (7) Employment in government as a
mechanical engineer, or certified plant mechanic if the
nature and character of his work is in line with his
profession requiring professional knowledge of the
science of mechanical engineering. [Sec. 2(a)]
R.A. 9298 and IRR
(Philippine Accountancy Act of 2004)
- include, but not limited to: the practice of public
accountancy, commerce and industry, academe, and
government; rendering services such as the audit or

4. Nursing

5. Dental

licensing in ASEAN Member States [Art. 3.1]

verification of financial transaction and accounting

records; or the preparation, signing, or certification for
clients of reports of audit, balance sheet, and other
financial, accounting and related schedules, exhibits,
statements or reports which are to be used for
publication or for credit purposes, or to be filed with a
court or government agency, or to be used for any
other purpose; or the design, installation, and revision
of accounting system; or the preparation of income tax
returns when related to accounting procedures; or
when he/she represents clients before government
agencies on tax and other matters related to accounting
or renders professional assistance in matters relating to
accounting procedures and the recording and
presentation of financial facts or data. [Sec. 4]

- nursing care by a nurse that encompasses

promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative
practices which may include education and research
[Art. 2.7]

R.A. 9173 (Philippine Nursing Act of 2002)

- includes, but not limited to, nursing years during
conception, labor, delivery, infancy, childhood,
adulthood and old age;
- primarily responsible for the promotion of health and
prevention of illness. [Sec. 28]

- not expressly specified and enumerated, but R.A. No. 9484

covers both the general and specialized practice of -general practice of dentistry only; dental hygiene and
dentistry [Art. 2.3]
dental technology not included

6. Medical

7. Surveying

- not expressly specified and enumerated, but R.A. No. 4224

covers both the general and specialized of medicine - (a) who shall, for compensation, fee, salary or reward
[Art. 2.3]
in any form paid to him directly or through another, or
even without the same, physically examine any person,
and diagnose, treat, operate or prescribe any remedy
for human disease, injury, deformity, physical, mental,
psychical condition or any ailment, real or imaginary,
regardless of the nature of the remedy or treatment
administered, prescribed or recommended; or (b) who
shall by means of signs, cards, advertisements, written
or printed matter, or through the radio, television or
any other means of communication, either offer or
undertake by any means or method to diagnose, treat,
operate or prescribe any remedy for any human
disease, injury, deformity, physical, mental or
psychical condition; or (c) who shall falsely use the
title of M.D. after his name. [Sec. 10]
-refers to one or more of the activities, which may R.A. No. 4374 (Geodetic Engineering Law)
occur either on, above or below the surface of the land or the sea and may be carried out in association
with other professionals as defined by the
International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), as
reproduced in Appendix II of the MRA on
Surveying Services.

Alien Practice Allowed

- either in independent practice or in collaboration
with local licensed Architects in the Host Country,
where appropriate subject to domestic laws and
regulations of the Host Country governing the
practice of architecture thereto. [Art. 3.3.1(c)]
1. Architecture

Philippine Laws
RA 9266 (Architecture Act of 2004) and IRR
-subject to reciprocity, domestic qualification and
-independent practice is not allowed;
-requires the foreign architect to work in collaboration
with a Filipino counterpart, a locally registered
architect. [Sec. 38(c)]
**The Filipino counterpart may be a Philippine
architect, partnership or corporation [Sec. 3(31)]

2. Engineering

-merely allowed to practice in collaboration with a

local professional engineer;
-private/ independent practice is not allowed [Arts.
3.3.1 (c) and 3.3.2]

Civil Engineering (RA 544 as amended by RA 1582)

subject only to reciprocity and domestic qualification
and requirements;
- practice (either private individual or through
employment) not expressly prohibited [Sec. 25]
Electrical Engineering (RA 7920)
subject to the non-availability of a local specialist,
reciprocity and domestic requirements (except taking
of the Philippine Board exam);
-private practice prohibited;
-requires employment of one Filipino understudy;
-scope of practice limited only to the particular work

for which they were contracted [Sec. 14, 38]

Mechanical Engineering (RA 8495) - subject to the
non-availability of a local specialist, reciprocity and
domestic requirements;
-independent/private practice prohibited
- only for technical officers, training officers or
consultants in such special branches of mechanical
engineering [Sec. 31, 39, 45]

3. Accountancy

4. Nursing

- only limited to practice in collaboration with

designated local accountants within the area of
- not allowed to engage in independent practice
[Art. 4.3.2]

R.A. No. 9298 and IRR(Philippine Accountancy Act

of 2004)
- subject to reciprocity and domestic laws;
- covers only teaching and specialized practice;
-for consultancy, subject to the non-availability of a
qualified Filipino accountant

- promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative

practices which may include education and research
but subject to activities allowed by the host
country[Art. 2.7]

R.A. 9173 (Philippine Nursing Act of 2002)

- subject to the prior approval of the Commission and
other domestic requirements, limited only to those who
are (1) internationally well-known specialists or
outstanding experts in any branch of specialty of
nursing; (2) those who are on medical mission whose
services shall be free in a particular hospital, center or
clinic; and (3) those employed by schools/college as
exchange professors in any branch of specialty

nursing.[Sec 21]
- activities and engagements not expressly specified
and enumerated; but covers both the general and
specialized of dentistry
-subject to domestic laws of the host country [Art.

5. Dental

6. Medical

R.A. No. 9484

- -subject to reciprocity, domestic qualification and
- foreign dentists allowed are those (a) commissioned
dental officers of the army, navy and air force of any
foreign country whose operations in the Philippines are
permitted by the government while rendering dental
service as such for the members of said forces only;
and (b) of dentist and oral surgeons from other
countries who are invited for consultation,
demonstrations, medical missions or under an
exchange visitor program as a member of a teaching
faculty: Provided, That in such cases their work shall
be limited to the specific- task assigned to them, and;
Provided, further, That a special permit has been
previously granted by the Board and the Commission
stating therein the duration of such permit: Provided
furthermore, That the Board may designate the
accredited professional organization, through its
constituent chapters and affiliates, to monitor such
activities. [Sec. 24]

-activities and engagements not expressly specified R.A. No. 4224

and enumerated; but covers both the general and -subject to reciprocity, domestic qualification and

specialized of dentistry
-subject to domestic laws of the host country [Art. - limited practice only
(a) Physicians and surgeons from other countries called
in consultation only and exclusively in specific and
definite case, or those attached to international bodies
or organizations assigned to perform certain definite
work in the Philippines, provided they shall limit their
practice to the specific work assigned to them and
provided further they shall secure a previous
authorization from the Board of Medical Examiners.
"(b) Commissioned medical officers of the United
States Armed Forces stationed in the Philippines while
rendering service as such only for the members of the
said armed forces and within the limit of their own
respective territorial jurisdiction.
"(c) Foreign physicians employed as exchange
professors in special branches of medicine or surgery
whose service may, upon previous authorization of the
Board of Medical Examiners, be necessary.
"(d) Medical students who have completed the first
four years of medical course, graduates of medicine
and registered nurses who may be given limited and
special authorization by the Secretary of Health to

render services during epidemics or national

emergencies whenever the services of duly registered
physicians are not available. Such authorization shall
automatically cease when the epidemic or national
emergency is declared terminated by the Secretary of
Health. [Sec. 12]

7. Surveying

R.A. No. 4374 (Geodetic Engineering Law)

-subject to reciprocity (requires home country to
impose strict and absolute equality with its citizens);
-independent practice not expressly allowed nor
prohibited. [Sec. 31]