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Unusual and imaginative illustrations, carefully arranged into 4 major divisions

quadrupeds, birds, fishes, and insects include realistic and fanciful depictions
of virtually every real animal, plus such fantasy creatures as unicorns, dragons,
and basilisks. Indispensable volume of royalty-free graphics for immediate use by
commercial and graphic artists.
1300 Real and Fanciful Animals from Seventeenth-Century Engravings (Dover
Pictorial Archive) Paperback

by Matthus Merian (the Younger) (Author) , Carol Belanger Grafton (Editor)

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Animals: 1,419 Copyright-Free Illustrations of Mammals,

Birds, Fish, Insects, etc (Dover Pictorial Archive) Paperback
by Jim Harter (Editor)
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This extraordinary collection of engravings provides designers and commercial artists with a
magnificent sourcebook of Victorian-era plant images all royalty-free. Included are 2,400
crisply detailed illustrations of hundreds of plants from lilies, lichens, mushrooms and
marigolds, to poppies, palms, maples, and mosses.
Selected from rare publications dating from the 1840s to the turn of the century, the illustrations
encompass a wide range of plant species and classifications: garden flowers, cactuses,
bromeliads, ferns, deciduous trees, evergreens, grasses, legumes, orchids, nightshades, and
many more. All are identified with Latin or common names and are arranged alphabetically by

family. Also presented are specialized appendices on edible foods, medicinal herbs, and plants
used in decoration and in graphic design, including borders and motifs.

Created during a period when wood engraving had reached its zenith and become a greatly
refined art, these splendid royalty-free illustrations will be an indispensable and inspirational
resource for artists and craftspeople working in a variety of areas. The collection will also delight
botanists, gardeners, and collectors of old engravings, all of whom are sure to treasure this
tribute to the beauty and infinite variety of the plant kingdom.

Plants: 2,400 Royalty-Free Illustrations of Flowers, Trees,

Fruits and Vegetables (Dover Pictorial Archive) Paperback
by Jim Harter (Editor)

Treasury of Animal Illustrations: From Eighteenth-Century

Sources (Dover Pictorial Archive)

Wondrous panorama of the animal kingdom, with

detailed reproductions of over 600 rare engravings: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish,
crustaceans, insects, some plants all identified. Royalty-free illustrations for designers and
craftspeople. Excellent sourcebook for students of natural history.

Heck's Pictorial Archive of Nature and Science (Dover

Pictorial Archive, Vol. 3)

Drawn from a monumental six-volume compilation of

illustrations and information covering an enormous range of subjects, this beautiful volume
focuses on images of nature and science from the 19th century. Includes meticulously
reproduced steel engravings of star maps, animals, plants, minerals, fossils, geological
formations, human anatomy, and much more.

Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures: 1,087

Renderings from Historic Sources (Dover Pictorial Archive
Drawing on fifty centuries of human history, this encyclopedic collection of images is filled with
demons, monsters, animal-gods, totemic figures, and other supernatural beasts from the darker
realms of man's imagination. Works range from prehistoric rock paintings to the drawings of Max
Ernst, from the masks of black Africa to the gargoyles of Notre Dame.

The Mythical Creatures Bible: The Definitive Guide to

Legendary Beings
Fabulous animals, specters from the shadow world, nature spirits, and sacred beings: these are
the monstrous, marvelous, and mythic creatures that have come down to us in folklore and
legend. Some probably have their origins in reality; others spring completely from the imagination
and they are all here, in this stunningly illustrated bible. Its rich in history and images, and
international in scope, covering dragons and serpents; weird insects like the Aztec Itzpapalotl;
zombies, golems, and banshees; the watery Undine; the Monkey King, Sun Wukong; and much,

much more. A fascinating and informative work.

Giants, Monsters, and Dragons: An Encyclopedia of

Folklore, Legend, and Myt

"Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! have nothing on Rose, at home in a thicket of
menacing creatures."Choice
We have always conjured up creatures never seen in nature, from flying horses and two-headed
birds to fire-breathing dragons and enormous killer skunks, as well as fantastic distortions of our
own image, from giants to nubile maidens. In these pages you will meet extraordinary beings
from Hindu and Navajo religions, Scandinavian tales, Russian folklore, Lithuanian stories, Irish
oral history, American tall tales, and Aztec myth. Just some of the monstrous entourage: Baku, a
benevolent Japanese monster with the body of a horse, the head of a lion, and the legs of a tiger,
who helps people by devouring their nightmares. Kurma, the giant tortoise of Hindu myth,
whose upper shell forms the heavens and lower part the earth. Missipissy, the feared fish
serpent of North America's Great Lakes region. This illustrated encyclopedia not only identifies
and describes individual beasts in their cultural context but also groups them together across
cultures and discusses common mythological strands and conceits. 60 b/w illustrations.

Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins: An

by Carol Rose

A fabulously entertaining work with over 100 delightful illustrations--Library

Journal callsSpirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins its "favorite work of 1996."
In more than 2,000 alphabetically arranged entries, readers will meet angels, demons, elves,
encantados, fairies, familiars, keremets, nats, nymphs, and many other strange beings from
around the world. Carol Rose introduces the reader to the little--and not so little--folk, delightfully
various and, at the same time, strikingly similar from country to country. Wherever humans have
lived, the supernatural beings have dwelt alongside us. People serve to explain the
unexplainable--the strange disappearance of a traveler in a dark wood, that odd thumping in the
attic, the fresh cream turned sour overnight. Often they reveal the stoic humor with which human
societies have faced their difficulties. But whatever their source, our guilts, fears, dreams, or

imaginations, the spirits have fascinated and enchanted us through the millennia. Chosen
by Library Journal as a Best Reference Source.

The Fairy Bible: The Definitive Guide to the World of

Fairies Paperback
by Teresa Moorey

Fairies of the water, air, and earth, the trees and

flowers, the house and hearth: all these mysterious, elusive creatures materialize on the
pages of this distinctively beautiful guide to fairyland. Illustrated throughout with
captivating artwork in glorious color, it examines fairy legend and lore through the ages
and leads us into fairy cities, landscapes, rings, and paths. Find out what clothes they
wear (fairies can be fussy about their dress), what they like to eat and drink, and what
plants and animals they cherish. Discover the secrets of fairy festivals, and the various
names they like to be calledincluding the Little Folk and Good Neighbors. Altogether, its
a privileged glimpse into a paradise that vibrates at a different frequency than oursand
that few can ever see.

The Angel Bible: The Definitive Guide to Angel Wisdom

Angel lore, angel stories, angel advice, and angel wisdom: whether youre seeking guidance,
healing, or inspiration from these heavenly messengers, youll find it in this splendidly illustrated
Angel Bible. Its filled with enlightening knowledge: youll learn about angelic calling cards,
messages, and visions, and discover how to sense an angels presence, create an angel altar,

keep an angel gratitude book, and meditate and dream with the angels. Find out about angels of
many lands and their hierarchies, and explore the connections between angels and astrology,
colors, crystals, essential oils, kabbalah, and the chakras.
A quick reference guides you directly to those angels who can offer immediate assistance and
teaches you how to call on them for help in any situation.

The Spells Bible

Best-selling author Ann-Marie Gallagher has penned the authoritative guide to practical spellcraft
with The Spells Bible. This can't-miss title shows readers exactly how to improve their lives with
natural magic.
Whether the problem is related to love, work, home or family, there's something here to cure what
ails. This practical, step-by-step book includes clear instructions for casting more than 150 spells.
Readers will also learn about the impressive history of witchcraft and its relevance to everyday
modern life. The Spells Bible is perfect for anyone who wants to move through life in a more
positive direction.

The Astrology Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Zodia

Many of the millions who read their daily horoscopes want a better understanding of astrology-and here is the perfect, comprehensive, and great looking guide to teach them. Written by one of
the world's most popular contemporary astrologers, and filled with magnificent illustrations, it
covers both traditional and modern forms in a way that beginners can easily understand. The
zodiac, elements, qualities, polarities, planets, house, and aspects all receive detailed attention,
along with advice on putting it all together and creating a chart. There's plenty of practical
guidance for every aspect of life: on how to live in harmony with a particular zodiac partner,
identify the career that fits an astrological personality, and use astrology to recognize health
problems and find appropriate remedies.

Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells

Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting

Pure Magic is a practical crash course for anyone who's ever envied TV witches. Or women who
always seem to get the job, apartment, or date they want. Or people who can make their dreams
come true. Judika Illes has written a spellcasting primer in down-to-earth language. "I consciously
set out to write a book that would be different from any other on the market," Illes writes. "This
book is jargon free. It contains information usually handed down from teacher to student. It
focuses on the practical aspects of spellcasting in a clear and nonjudgmental way. . . . No
specialized metaphysical training is required." What is required is that we become aware of the
natural rhythms, energies, powers, and patterns of Earth and her diverse inhabitants. Pure Magic
offers a plethora of individual spells, plus concrete advice on how and where to practice magic, to
rightly use words of power, and to cleanse, protect, and enhance your magic self. Work your way
through it's easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan, and all will become clear. Learn to listen to Mother
Earth, focus on your magical allies, gather the simple equipment Illes outlines, and follow the
straightforward instructions, and you will soon be constructing your own spells and experiencing
magic in your everyday life. Pure Magic is a book that beginners will follow rigorously and
advanced spellcasters will refer to again and again for guidance and inspiration.

* Magic 101: this book is a complete course in real magic--how and why it works.
* Pure Magic is a perennial, from an author with a great track who knows what she's talking
In The Encyclopedia Of 5,000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts,
independent scholar, educator and author of several books of folklore, folkways, and mythology
Judika Iles enables the reader to enter the world of folklore, myth and magic with binding spells
and banishing spells, spells for love, luck, wealth, and power, as well as spells for spiritual
protection, physical healing, and enhanced fertility drawn from Earth's every corner and spanning
5,000 years of magical history.

Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of

Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses

Enter the World of Spirits!

The Encyclopedia of Spirits is a comprehensive and entertaining A to Z of spirits from around this
world and the next. Within these pages meet love goddesses and disease demons, guardians of
children and guardians of cadavers. Discover Celtic goddesses and goddesses of the Kabbalah,
female Buddhas, African Powers, Dragon Ladies, White Ladies, Black Madonnas, the Green
Man, the Green Fairy, lots and lots of ghosts, djinn, mermaids, fairies, and more. From the
beneficent to the mischievous, working with these spirits can bring good fortune, lasting love,
health, fertility, revenge, and relief. Discover:

The true identities of over one thousand spirits (as well as their likes and dislikes)

How to communicate with specific spirits for your own benefit

How to recognize these spirits when they manifest themselves

The mythological and historical events associated with specific spirits

The colors, days, numbers, and astrological signs associated with specific spirits

The Encyclopedia of Spirits also provides an overview of the role of spirit communication
throughout history and a general guide to working with spirits. No matter what your life's problems
or desires, this book can guide you to the right spirits who can help fulfill your dreams. For the
spiritual adept, the amateur, or the simply curious, the Encyclopedia of Spirits will inform, inspire,
and delight.

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (Llewellyn's

Sourcebook Series) (Cunningham's Encyclopedia Series

Do you work magic with herbs? Do you use them in spells, for talismans or simply use their
innate powers? If you don't have Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, you need to get
it right away. This book has become a classic in its field. Paul Beyerl, a respected author on herbs
calls it "an essential reference book by students of herbalism and magick alike Scott's
personable charm touches every page I highly recommend this book." And Jeanne Rose,
famous author of books on herbs and developer of an herbal course says "I love books like this
It is accessible, easy to read, and with its encompassing index (all too often neglected), simple
to use as well." Over 200,000 people already have this book and use it frequently.
In this edition of the book (it's expanded and revised on the 15th anniversary of original
publication) you will find the magical properties and folklore of over 400 herbs! You'll also find lists
of herbs based on their magical powers, their genders, their planetary rulers, and more. Perhaps
the most important list is the folk name cross-reference. With that information, when a recipe calls
for "bramble, " you'll know it needs blackberry. Or if the magic calls for "enebro," you'll know you
that is juniper.
The main part of this book is the listings of the herbs. Each one includes names, associations,
and magical attributions. Violets can be used for protection, luck, love, and more. Primrose is for
protection and love. Garlic is for protection, healing, exorcism, lust, and prevention of theft.
This book is considered a classic. It is probably consulted more than any other book on this
subject. If you want to learn the secrets of magical herbs, this book is a must!

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews (Llewellyn's

Practical Magick

One of the secrets of real magic is that it is controlled by the mind. The more things in your ritual
to help your mind associate with your goal, the more powerful your ritual may be. Colored
candles, scented oils, natural incenses, and more all add to the impact of the magic you wish to
do. But how do you know which incense to burn? Is it possible to add scented oils together to get
a more powerful oil? And how do you make your own appropriately-scented tools?
The answers to questions like these and hundreds more can be found in The Complete Book of
Incense, Oils and Brews by world-famous author Scott Cunningham. This is a greatly expanded
and rewritten version of The Magic of Incenses, Oils and Brews. It includes over 100 new
formulas, proportions for each element of the recipes (the most requested feature from his
previous book), how to substitute ingredients, and much more. Besides the formulas, it also
includes the exact methods of making all of these scented tools, including how to extract the
essences from the herbs.
Each one of the formulas in this magic book is precise and easy to make. Do you need luck?
Take 2 parts vetivert, 2 parts allspice, 1 part nutmeg, and 1 part calamus, grind them together as
finely as possible, then sprinkle the powder in a circle around you, beginning and ending in the
East and moving clockwise. Sit within this circle and absorb the powder's energies. Also included
are other ways to use magical powders that will have you coming up with your own ideas for
them, too.
There is a legion of recipes for incenses. There are three for the sun and two for consecrating
talismans. There are incenses for each of the astrological signs and ones to help you study better

and gain success. You'll also find incenses for each of the planetary influences. There are four for
Saturn alone!
This compendium of magical lore is a vital tool for every magical person on any magical path,
whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic

(Llewellyn's Practical Magick Series)

A treasure trove of practical magic for both novices and more experienced practitioners . . .
beautifully crafted spells that invoke the alchemy of possibility.PanGaia
A leaf from an oak tree . . . a wildflower . . . water from a sparkling stream . . . dirt from a cool dark
cavethese are the age-old tools of natural magic. Born of the earth, possessing inherent power,
they await only our touch and intention to bring their magical qualities to life.
The four elements are powerful magical tools. Using their energies, we can transform ourselves,
our lives, and our world. This much-loved, classic guide offers more than seventy-five spells,
rites, and simple rituals you can perform using the marvelous powers of the natural world.
Scott Cunningham was a greatly respected teacher and one of the most influential members of
the modern Craft movement. A practitioner of elemental magic for twenty years, he wrote more
than fifty books, including the seminal Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.

The Master Book of Herbalism

The Smithsonian Book of Books

Through more than 300 glorious illustrations from library

collections around the globe, you'll discover a wealth of book lore in these pages and gain a new
appreciation for the role of books in human society, from our earliest attempts at writing and
recording information to the newest electronic books; from sumptuous illuminated and bejeweled
medieval manuscripts to Gutenberg and the invention of movable type; from the diverse arts and
crafts of bookmaking to the building of magnificent libraries for housing treasured volumes; from
the ancient epic of Gilgamesh to the plays of Shakespeare and the tales of Beatrix Potter; and
from the earliest illustrated books to revolutionary science texts.

Alchemy & Mysticism: The Hermetic Museum

(25th) Paperback August

A fantastic journey through the history of esoteric lore: the

great work of the alchemists (TASCHEN's 25th anniversary - Special edition) The Hermetic
Museum takes its readers on a magical mystery tour spanning an arc from the mediaeval
cosmogram and images of Christian mysticism, through the fascinating world of alchemy to the
art of the Romantic era. The enigmatic hieroglyphs of cabbalists, Rosicrucians and freemasons
are shown to be closely linked with the early scientific illustrations in the fields of medicine,
chemistry, optics and colour theory. The author: Alexander Roob studied painting at the University
of Fine Arts, Berlin. From 2000 to 2002, he was a professor at the University of Fine Arts,
Hamburg. He has been teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart since 2002.

Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy Paperback

A ground-breaking modern manual on an ancient art, Real

Alchemy draws on both modern scientific technology and ancient methods. A laboratory scientist
and chemist, Robert Allen Bartlett provides an overview of the history of alchemy, as well as an
exploration of the theories behind the practice. Clean, clear, simple, and easy to read, Real
Alchemy provides excellent directions regarding the production of plant products and transitions
the reader-student into the basics of mineral work--what some consider the true domain of
alchemy. New students to practical laboratory alchemy will enjoy reading Real Alchemy and
hopefully find the encouragement needed to undertake their own alchemical journey. Bartlett also
explains what the ancients really meant when they used the term "Philosopher's Stone" and
describes several very real and practical methods for its achievement. Is the fabled Philosopher's
Stone an elixir of long life or is it a method of transforming lead into gold? Judge for yourself.