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Date : 25.03.2010
Time : 9.10 – 10.10 a.m. (60 minutes)
Year : 3 Cerdik (three)
Theme : World of knowledge
Topic : English Demonstratives
Lesson summary : Teacher begins the lesson with showing some clothes. Teacher ask pupils using this, that, these and those. Teacher
introduces the topic of today lesson English demonstratives.. Teacher start with Jazz chants. After that Teacher drill the
pupils by asking them to add the colour adjectives to sentences learn before. Teacher then ask pupil to practice verbally.
Teacher explains what English Demonstratives is and do transformation from single to plural and vice versa. Teacher asks
pupils to practice from page 31 textbook. Upon finish writing the sentences, teacher asks the pupils to pass up the
exercise book. Teacher ends the lesson by organizing the group chants competition and give presents to the best group.

Learning outcomes :
4.5 construct simple and compound sentences with guidance and independently.

Objective: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

i. Construct correct sentences using this, that, these and those
ii. Construct sentences using colour adjectives
iii. Transform singular sentences to plural sentences and vice versa.

Students’ previous knowledge: pupils have learnt about clothes

Content : Listening and speaking, grammar, writing sentences
Teaching aids : real clothes, chants card, word cards, word strips, mahjong papers, marker pens, cellophane tape, scissors, prizes
Moral values : compassion, gratitude, courage, rationality
Thinking skills : compare and contrast, give reasons,


Stages Activities Procedure Thinking Skills / Note

Moral Values

Set Induction Show some clothes Teacher displays various kinds of

(5 minutes) clothing for both male and female Bring the real objects to the
Respect class
Cap, tie, shirt, pants, jeans, trousers,
shoes, socks,
Scarf, ear rings, hair clip, blouse, skirt,
sandals, hand bag, Prepare sentence stripes

Teacher asks:
What is this?
This is a cap.

What is that?
That is a skirt.
What are these?
These are socks.

What are those?

Ear rings.
Those are ear rings.


Activity 1 Jazz Chants Teacher introduces jazz chants to Courage Prepare Jazz Chant on
(10 minutes) pupils. Mahjong paper from textbook
page 31
Teacher asks the pupils to listen to
teacher first.

Then teacher ask the student to do the

Jazz Chant according to groups.

Lastly do the Jazz Chant based on

Razin and mother

Activity 2 Let’s add colour Teacher asks pupils to add colour

(10 minutes) (adjective) in front of the object (noun) compare and contrast Prepare coloured words.

For example:

This is a blue cap.

That is a green shirt.
These are black socks.
Those are red ear rings.

Teacher asks pupils to practice verbally.

Activity3 Transformation Teacher explains the difference


between this, that, these and those by Compare and contrast Draw a table for this, that,
(25 minutes) doing demonstration. these and those
Give reasons
This is a blue cap. Marker pens to write down the
These are blue caps. transformation.

That is a green shirt.

Those are green shirts.

These are black socks.

This is a black sock.

Those are red ear rings.

That is a red ear ring.

While explaining, teacher demonstrates

using the real objects.

Pupils practice the transformation by

doing exercise on page 31,

Closure Jazz Chant Competition Teacher divides the class into 5 groups courage Chants together
(10 minutes) to compete for the best Jazz Chant
group. Prepare prizes

Prizes are given to the winning group