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By: The White Gecko


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3, Xbox 360

The total Walkthrough for the highest grossing, records breaking game of all time Call Of
Duty Modern Warfare 3.
All campaign mission with locations of Enemy Intel and pictures and Video Walkthroughs
are available.
Special-ops missions and survival mode Walkthrough and tips are also available.
Multiplayer modes now available


































































Version 2.5


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Why read my walkthrough?

There are a few reasons...

1) Because it is undoubtedly the fastest produced guide with emphasis on

quality - unlike some websites which have access to the game even before
it is released and they still manage to make shit guides.

2) Quality of the guide is extremely important, but how does one define the
quality for a guide? I play the game on the highest difficulty setting and
whenever I feel that an area is a bit dangerous or needs more information
I give more information. So, depending on the game - the depth of the guide
will vary.

3) Emphasis is on the person reading this document, I make sure the way I write
this is understandable to the reader. Also, there is no possibility of you
encountering any spoilers while reading my guide. You need to enjoy the
game and it's surprises - and believe me, you will be surprised when the
game wants you to be surprised... I will not mention everything here so you
will still have a lot to look forward to. But that does not mean that I will
keep you hanging by the rope in the desert staring down a bottomless cess

4) All my guides are 100 % completion guides and there will not be even a
single thing left out.

5) All locations of collectables and other stuff are mentioned very precisely.
Also, you can find images and videos to help you understand the game better
on, even video walkthroughs for places I feel necessary
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The highest selling video game franchise of all time...

Do you need any other reason to play this game? depending on your experience in
the video gaming world, you may say yes if you are a veteran. There have been
the highest amount of rumors downplaying the quality of the Call of Duty games.
Several contenders for the spot of the greatest fps of all time also took a hit
at the latest installment - modern warfare 3. Will this be a final nail in the
coffin to a franchise that easily surpasses any other in the history of the
industry (in terms of sales). That remains to be found out. The game is out and
the reviews have already come out and boy! Everyone thinks the game is great

I have played Battlefield 3 and am not a fanboy but I strongly suggest you give
this game a chance before saying anything and joining the plethora of hateboys
who have a twisted perspective to modern gaming. And the new additions to the
multiplayer also deviate any doubts you may have and make this game an overall
fun experience.

Play it, Feel it, Do it.

Nuff said...





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This guide has been created solely with the intention of guiding players
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1.COPYRIGHT............................................................. CPY0

2.VERSION HISTORY....................................................... VHIS

3.CONTROLS [ a brief explanation]....................................... CNTS

4.THINGS TO KNOW........................................................ TTK0

4.1.COMBAT............................................................ TTK1

4.2.ENEMY INTEL....................................................... TTK2

5.WALKTHROUGH........................................................... WLK0

5.1.BLACK TUESDAY..................................................... WLK1

5.2.HUNTER KILL....................................................... WLK2

5.3.PERSONA NON GRATA................................................. WLK3

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5.4.TURBULENCE........................................................ WLK4

5.5.BACK ON THE GRID.................................................. WLK5

5.6.MIND THE GAP...................................................... WLK6

5.7.GOALPOST.......................................................... WLK7

5.8. RETURN TO SENDER................................................. WLK8

5.9.BAG AND DRAG...................................................... WLK9

5.10.IRON LADY....................................................... WLK10

5.11.EYE OF THE STORM................................................ WLK11

5.12.BLOOD BROTHERS.................................................. WLK12

5.13.STRONGHOLD...................................................... WLK13

5.14.SCORCHED EARTH.................................................. WLK14

5.15.DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE............................................ WLK15

5.16.DUST TO DUST.................................................... WLK16

6.SPECIAL OPS........................................................... SPC0

6.1.STAY SHARP........................................................ SPC1

6.2.MILEHIGH JACK..................................................... SPC2

6.3.OVER REACTOR...................................................... SPC3

6.4.HIT AND RUN....................................................... SPC4

6.5.TOXIC PARADISE.................................................... SPC5

6.6.FIREWALL.......................................................... SPC6

6.7.FATAL EXTRACTION.................................................. SPC7

6.8.HOSTAGE TAKER..................................................... SPC8

6.9.CHARGES SET....................................................... SPC9

6.10. RESISTANCE MOVEMENT............................................ SPC10

6.11.LITTLE BIRDS.................................................... SPC11

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6.12.INVISIBLE THREAT................................................ SPC12

6.13.SERVER CRASH.................................................... SPC13

6.14.SMACK TOWN...................................................... SPC14

6.15.FLOOD THE MARKET................................................ SPC15

6.16.FIRE MISSION.................................................... SPC16

6.17.SURVIVAL MODE................................................... SPC17

7.MULTIPLAYER COVERAGE.................................................. MPC0


7.1.TEAM DEATHMATCH................................................... MPC1

7.2.KILL CONFIRMED.................................................... MPC2

7.3.MERCENARY......................................................... MPC3

7.4.FREE-FOR-ALL...................................................... MPC4

7.5.DOMINATION........................................................ MPC5

7.6.GROUND WAR........................................................ MPC6

7.7.TEAM DEFENDER..................................................... MPC7

7.8.DEMOLOTION........................................................ MPC8

7.9.SABOTAGE.......................................................... MPC9

7.10.HEADQUARTERS PRO................................................ MPC10

7.11.SEARCH AND DESTROY.............................................. MPC11

7.12.CAPTURE THE FLAG................................................ MPC12

7.13.ADVANCED MODES.................................................. MPC13

8.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT....................................................... ACK0

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----> VHIS


The updated version of this guide will always be available on,

Additional content such as images and videos for collectables and other parts
of the walkthrough such as important fights, will be available on
cheatmasters in the main walkthrough itself. Also, cheatmasters may have
more in-depth additional content even as a part of the walkthrough.

Version 0.3 - 09/11/2011 - Started publishing the guide...

Version 1.0 - 10/11/2011 - Finished Campaing and going to start multiplayer

and Special Ops while adding videos and pics at

Version 1.5 - Made changes and revisions to missions and corrected all
spell errors. Added several non-walkthrough sections of the

Version 2.0 - 13/11/2011 - Finished video walkthroughs...

Version 2.5 - 14/11/2011 - Completed Multiplayer and special ops.




----> TTK0




The ways and means to get about the game is very similar to the earlier
installments in the franchise. But, here are a few tips to the newer players or
for those guys who want to brush up their knowledge.

THE MONSTER BOX - In certain areas of the game, the enemies come at you
endlessly. So, unless you move to the marked position on your
screen, you will stay here forever. This is actually quite a
common occurence and you have to move under fire sometimes.

O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? - I am referring to the guy with the "follow" marker
or in general, Price or Soap or Sandman - depending

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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on the mission you are in. These guys always lead

from the front, so stay behind them unless you are
in the monster box and have to run to the next
place. So, if you are not in the monster box, just
stay behind them and your entire squad in general.
Sometimes, it's a good thing to stay about 30 yards
behind the lead (in open area missions).

MY HIP HURTS! - Never shoot from the hip unless you are supressing. Always try
to aim down the sight - it is better and the reciol is much
less pronounced.

SINGING IN THE RAIN - Don't do this !!! do not blackout or daydream when
playing the game on higher diffuculties, your neck will
snap in milliseconds. Stay vigilante and keep focused.
There is always am enemy around the next corner so be
prepared for him (and his buddies).

MOTHERF***** - Yeah! it's a war game. Not everything goes according to plan or
as recorded in the walkthrough all the time. You will come
across places where enemies show up outta nowhere and you will
die helplessly a lot of times even before you can look. This
happens even more if you are playing the game on Veteran. This
walkthrough was written on Veteran Difficulty and I have chosen
the best way to takcle situations as possible but let's just say
that Activision is trying to show us how soon a soldier can die
in a war.


These are scattered randomly along each mission. The number of these things
in a particular mission can be see in the pause screen. They do not contribute
to the story and have nothing to do with anything. But, if you are the sort of
a person who can't sleep in the night without doing 100% of the game, then
read the walkthrough because I added the locations there...
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----> CNTS



I don't need to write down the control here because they can be accessed inside
the options in the game. But, I will mention some of the important controls

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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Left Click


Right Click

Aim down the scope

W, A, S, D

(Move) Up, Left Down, and Right


Jump / Vault




Throw Frag Grenade

Equip Special attack




Switch between Weapons



----> WLK0





| ---> WLK1

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Take cover near any of your squad mates to the left, crouch and shoot the guys
in front of you. You cannot kill all of the enemies as they just keep coming so
your best bet is to keep pushing front. You can shoot from cover while crouched
from behind one of the short cement bags - here's a pic.

Kill a few guys, run ahead to the next cover and keep repeating. Always make
sure that you are killing enough guys to clear the area you are moving to. Lob
a grenade if you see more than a single enemy bunched at a place. Try to stay
to the left of the road. Eventually an enemy armor comes in when you are 38
meters away from the target point, and there's a bloke on an MG mounted on the
vehicle. Kill him and any others around here and push forward. More enemies
come up from behind the armor so make sure you kill whomever you see before
moving up.

OBJECTIVE - Flank the Russians on Wall Street.

Shortly you will be asked to stop shooting since friendlies come in

so just follow those guys. And take cover as soon as you get onto the main road
You can just stay with Grinch or any other squad mate as they seem to select

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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good places for cover. Again, keep shooting and pushing forward. When you are
a good distance in the front, a truck with more enemies comes in and soon after
an enemy plane is spotted, as soon as you hear a squad mate shouting about it,
run ahead and to the right and follow your squad further in. As soon as you get
thru the door, look right and take out the 2 guys above the slope. Move in and
take cover - always stay behind Sandman (not directly behind him, I mean - do
not move ahead of him) There are two guys on the top floor, kill them and more
are on the bottom floor (actually on the street) to the left. It is difficult
to spot them.


More are around to the left of these guys too, they shoot at you, so just kill
some and run up to Sandman and in the room to the right is a Enemy Intel.

Go thru the room and kill the two enemies who are in the corridor to the left.
Follow Sand down the stairs and throw a 9-Bang into the next room, when he asks
you to do so. Kill the two guys in here and keep following. Shoot the guys in
the lower level and as soon as you go down there, run to cover and go prone
since the cover is too small to crouch but to kill the guys here, crouch and
look at them, go prone to avoid enemy fire and then crouch and shoot again.


This is in the back of the room sitting on a display case.

OBECTIVE - Fight your way to the Stock Exchange.

Go to the street to the left and move left and take cover. There are enemies
ahead, as soon as Sand comes here, he asks you to switch to the SM25 and flush
those guys out. Hit 1 or 2 to equip the SM25 and aim thru the scope and shoot
the guys in front of you. Move out as soon as you see your squad moving. But
run to the right and go behind the wall. More enemies ahead and on top of the
stairs to the right. Kill the ones on the bottom and then run up the stairs but
be prepared to shoot as you are moving and take cover behind the pillars on top
of the stairs as there are more enemies on the street to the left and one of
them is on a mounted MG. Do not forget to switch your weapon if you are low
on ammo, just pick up an AK from the ground as ammo is in abundance for it.

Move to the end on the top of the stairs and go back down to cover and stay
prone if you are being hit, the best place to take cover is behind your squad
mates. Kill everyone ahead and then move into the building. As soon as you are
inside pick up the next Enemy Intel which is on a crate to the left.

OBJECTIVE - Get to the stock exchange roof.


As soon as you enter the stock exchange, look left of the amoo dumps and you

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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will see it.

There is also a large ammo crate in the middle of this room. After you are done
here move up the escalator and crouch behind cover. Kill everyone ahead but
stay behind cover all the while as the enemies can get pretty close. 9-Bangs
and grenades work very well. Remember to keep pushing forward, if you stay at
one place for everything to end then you will stay there forever. The best way
to move here is from the left side of the room. Stay to the left and throw a
flashbang when moving around corners.


It is in this room near the kiosk near the stairs which lead to the upper floor

After reaching the other end of the room,

go up the stairs and when you are half way up, three or four enemies move in
from the far side ahead. Kill these guys before moving up and when you are all
the way up climb the ladder and you come to the roof. As soon as you come to
the roof, move to the right and go prone and shoot the enemy who comes at you
from the front. Look up on the grill above you and shoot the other guys, move
cautiously in crouch and kill the remaining to the right above you and move
there and take cover immediately. 9-bang the enemies and shoot them and when
you see that all are dead up near the antenna move in and place the charge.
Move back a bit and detonate it.


This is on a table to the right on the roof. The table is in the middle of
the space to the right of the antenna which is surrounded by a low cement
bag wall.

Open your predator and hit the roof across you and open it again and hit the
Hind copter in front of you. Your extraction moves in and go near it and hit
E to get in. Shoot the enemies on the opposite roof and all the while you
are in the copter, shoot at enemy copters, there is nothing much to do here,
just keep an ear out for the choppers and shoot them down as soon as you see
one. All the choppers you see are of the enemy so shoot all of them down.
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You can accelerate with W and move around with the mouse. Keep going straight
all the way behind your squad. After a while you will come to some sea mines
and you ought to manouver around them. They are the large red balls tied to
chains from the sea bed and look like this -

Keep going and if you get lost just look at the white arrow and follow the
white dot who is Sandman. When you see the vessel, you need to plant a mine on
the rear fin which is marked on the screen. Just go towards it and hit E, you
can hit E from 10-12 meters away and Frost himself will set the mine. After you
surface and get on the submarine, shoot the enemies in front of you and go into
the hatch by hitting E after Sand lobs in a grenade.

OBJECTIVE - Reach the Missile Control Room.

Inside, follow Sand and as he opens the door, be prepared to shoot straight
across you as two guys are present there. After killing them, go to where the
two guys you killed were and

move down the stairs. Move left and kill the guy

who is trying to put out the fire. Stay clear of the windows to the right as
three guys can shoot thru them at you. Stay back and kill them and one of them

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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is right next to the window, too close for comfort. If you did not get all the
three guys thru the window, move ahead and use a 9bang around the corner and
take that sucker out.

Move straight and two more enemies come down the stairs ahead of you. Go up
those stairs and Sand tells you that they are ready to scuttle the ship. This
next area is a real pain. Just to clarify - you are to the left of a door which
leads to a room with red lights. As soon as you hear Sand command you to take
point, move in front of the door and crouch immediately and shoot the guy who
runs ahead of you and the second guy who is sticking his head out to the left
side. Another guy is to the right and you can shoot at him too. Now, move
inside and you should be able to see a laser. It is coming from the left and
move close to the edge here and start shooting even before you turn around
the corner to kill the guy. Move back to the right side and be prepared as
there are three more guys to the right. Use a 9bang here and stay very close
to the edge and do not move out all the way. Just move enough to be able to
see and kill the guys ahead. Take them out one by one and do not hesitate to
use your 9bangs or grenades.


To the right of the stairs sitting on the ground near a locked door.

Move to the left side of the room and when you get to the stairs, look right
and start shooting at the two guys running at you. Don't go in, thru here. Move
right and throw a 9bang inside and shoot at them. Remember to hold the trigger
even before you look inside, this way you will stay alive. After you clear the
room, move in but there are more to the left. So, around each corner to the
left, hold the trigger, turn and kill. When you reach the end of the room, you
are to breach the door, hit E to do it but be sure to reload your gun before
you do it. Just pick up one of the enemie's guns if you are low on ammo. As
soon as you are inside, you get into slow-mo. First shoot the guy with the
knife closest to you. Then kill the two guys to the right and then the two to
the left. Move to the console and hit E.


There are stairs in this room, go up them and walk to the end to pick this up.

As soon as you come out, move to the left and jump in. You are to drive the
boat now. The only thing you need to do is to keep and eye on the white follow
marker. Do not take your eyes off it or you'll go haywire. Just stay behind the
boat and you will be fine. In the middle of the drive you will get into slow-mo
again and you need to shoot two guys who are on a boat to the left. You will
eventually get into the extract copter and there ends the defensive.
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Move to the right and look down to the front gate.

Enemies keep coming in thru the gate, shoot them as soon as you see them and
keep killing them, crouch if you are getting shot at and move back to recover.
After a while, you are called to assist Soap. Go to him and hit E. Follow the
captain into the next room and be prepared to fire to the right side as three
enemies come in fast. Move down the stairs and stay behind Price here. You can
take cover to the right of Price below the stairs - just watch out for the
enemies ahead and also the one who is on the upper floor to infront of you.
Keep pushing forward and after clearing the courtyard pick up the intel and
follow Price.


It is near the right wall just as you entered the courtyard from the building.

Take cover behind the car to the right. After shooting a few guys, Price asks
you to take out the machine gunner on the balcony. To the right of this car
ahead are stairs that lead into the house to the right side. Go in and move to
the right side and do not go down the stairs to the left just yet. You will
come to a door here and past it to the left on the other side is the MG. Shoot
him and the other guys beside him and move back inside.

There is an Enemy Intel
pickup in the room to the right in this house. Go through the back door (the
one opposite to the door thru which you killed the MG). Move down and be
prepared to kill as there are enemies to the left who come at you with a
shotgun, so be very quick and take your time here as there are more ahead. Use
a 9bang and kill. Stay behind the house till you see all your friends move
ahead of you and secure the area.

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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OBJECTIVE - Go to the weapons cache.

After they go ahead of you, move behind them but be wary of all the enemies
ahead, if you are close to your squad then shoot all the guys who are on the
buildings also. Follow Price and you will come to a metal door and then you
are asked to go thru the house.


It is to the left of the UAV.

Go inside the house and shortly you will take control of the UAV.

Move out and there are a heap of soldiers to the left. Kill every soldier you
see. You might face a copter above you which is marked by a red box around it.
You might face it now or after a little while.

Move ahead and all the while throughout this area, you will need to kill each
and every enemy you see or they will destroy the vehicle. So, take your time,
move slowly but be sure to kill all the enemies. After killing the first group
to the left move ahead and another group comes in from ahead of you. As you
go down this path, look to the left and right as there are soldiers who might
have hid themselves behind boxes. To the right are stairs from which more
soldiers pour in. Go down and turn left and you may face another chopper here.
Look at the building ahead of you and kill all the enemies on all the floors
of this building - here's a pic -

Move ahead and keep killing and you will face three choppers at once. Move left
after taking out the choppers and more enemies ahead. Move to the marker and
kill all the enemies below you and the single copter which comes at you. Keep
killing for a long time and after this area is cleared, soap is loaded onto a
copter - you may accidentally shoot Price here thinking he's enemy and this
will end the game so watch out.


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After you are yourself again, run like hell towards the marker and stop in the
playground to pick up the intel which is on top of the slide. And when you are
in a landslide, control you character so he does not hit any debris. Stay to
the left and after you hit the water, the mission ends.
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Follow the President and move to the marked location. After a short while, you
will hear from someone that the plane has been hijacked. Move to the door ahead
and stand to the right and after people come in, shoot them and pick up their
weapon and move to the next room. When you come to the next room, stay to the
right again and shoot the enemies. This area is really self explanatory. All
I can say is that move very slowly. Do not rush out of cover and into the
next room too quickly. When you have cover. Stay behind it and make sure the
area ahead is clear before moving out. Also, whenever going in or out of a door
there will be enemies in the next room so be prepared and do not move out of
cover until you kill all of them. It is difficult ot explain and I think the
video will do a better job so just check out the video walkthrough below.


You will eventually go down some stairs to go towards the safe room. The intel
is in a room just as you come down the stairs.


When following the commander, you will come to a fallen tree that is blocking
your path, the intel is just past this tree.

After the plane crash lands you need to search for the president. Follow the

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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commander and when you get to fighting ground mvoe to the left. Move to the
left most part - as left as you can go and fight from there. Kill everyone here
and move ahead when the commander is moving. When you reach the other end of
this area, another group of baddies comes in from the right and you can kill
all of them in one go. Move in and keep killing any who come across you. When
you get to the president.... well, watch it for yourself.
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When you are asked to crouch, move next to Soap or Price and duck till you hear
Price say "Move" again. Keep moving and take out the three guys ahead when
Price asks you to do so and move ahead. Again, after moving in for a while,
you will see some enemies who are about to kill a person. Kill all the enemies
here an move ahead. Stay behind Price and follow his instructions. Stay close

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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to him at all times and go prone when asked to, stop when asked to and kill
when asked to... it's all "yes sir" here so follow the instructions closely.

When you are asked to get on top of the roof, go up the stairs and look down,
equip your sniper and be ready. First, two guys come from the house just left
of where Price and Soap are standing. Then another two from the house to the
left of the road. More come in from the road ahead. After that, those guys will
move into a house and come out and are attacked. Stay here itself even though
Price asks you to come to him and kill the guys below. After you are sure you
killed everyone, go ahead and jump down but be ready for more guys who may
come from the right.


When you are down, look for a building which has the American flag on it's side
the intel is inside it.

If you were on the roof for a long time then these guys
would have passed the road to the other side in which case you can shoot them
from behind.


While down here, look for a Water tower to the left of the road. The intel
is in the building closest to the tower.

Kill everyone here and proceed to Price and keep shooting all
the way. After you clear this area, follow Price and climb the ladder and fall
down again.

Duck behind cover and kill the guys ahead. A truck carrying a 50 cal comes in
from the left and another from the right. After taking out the guys on the
guns, move to the truck closest to you and get on the 50 cal. Take out the
guys to the right, the only chance of your survival is guaranteed if you kill
each and every one of these guys. The Captain will keep shouting the contact
positions so hear him out but always keep an eye to the right since enemies
keep coming to the right continuously. After you are hit by the mortar, run
behind Price and you will eventually fall down from the roof into a shed. An
enemy runs at you so shoot him and another one is dead ahead holding a gun.
Price shows up anytime now so follow him ahead and another gunfight ensues
here and you have to kill the guys on the roof tops.

Another couple of enemies show up in the far side ot the right, just look at
where Price or Soap are shooting and you can spot them but stay behind cover.
Now when Price asks you to man the mortar, run from the left and go on top of
the structure where you just killed the two guys. Hit E near the mortar to
equip it. Shoot at the gunners ahead and a target comes in from the right. Make
sure you killed all the guys here and look left and hit the two targets and
a rocket launcher shows in the middle area. After him, another target with a

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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group of enemies comes from the right. Just be sure you killed everyone at
a particular target before moving to the next. Get down the ladder behind you
and go back to Price.

After you come out of the tunnel, follow Price and kill everyone on the way.
You will move into a warehouse but it is filled with bad guys so stay outside
and shoot the ones ahead of you and only then move in and take out the guys
in the warehouse and follow Price out of it. Stay a good 10 meters behind Price
and Soap and kill everyone ahead of you in the upper floors of the apartment.
The best place to take cover is behind a wall which is behind the place where
Price takes cover.

You can finish everyone from behind here and when they move out, stick to this
wall to the right and at the end of the wall, look up on the building to the
right as two enemies come in from here. Push forward but stay behind Price and
Soap. Shortly after, you see a chopper and Price tells us that the cargo is
being moved. Now you need to rush but do not be too hasty as there are a lot
of enemies around this place. They are in the buildings to the left and right
if you so be very careful while moving. Try to stay with Soap and take cover
near him. You do not need to spend any time here, just kill the guy who is
shooting at you and run ahead. When you get near the curch and are on top
of the stairs, take it slow and as soon as you are on top of the last stair,
move back down as the church door breaks down and two hyenas and tangos come
out. Just shoot the Hyenas or if they are on you hit F only and only when asked
for - not early or late.


In the far end of the church on top of a table,

Move into the next area by hitting E near the door.

You will automatically catch the hyena and take the pistol, shoot the two guys
to ahead of you and you will kill the hyena but unfortunately the cargo is
already on its way to Europe.
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23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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Keep moving ahead killing all the enemies. Your squadmates call out the
location and number of enemies so stay focused and move along with them. There
are one or two or atmost three guys you need to kill at once so no trouble
there. In the last room you need to kill three guys and then shoot thru the
glass and fall down.


To the opposite of the warehouse doors is a small room to the left where the
intel can be found.

Run ahead and crouch behind the wall to the right. You can run to the left
diagonally to get to cover. Move ahead and kill everyone you can. After
clearing the area move to the highlighted truck door and open it. After that
enemies move in from the right so take cover and start blasting them one by one

This is an extremely strange mission since all you need to do is push forward.
You don't need to kill too many enemies as they are falling back and trying to

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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escape. So stay a good distance behind your squad when moving into a new area.
And if they are not moving ahead, move in, shoot any enemy you see and proceed
from cover to cover. Heck, you can finish the first half of this mission
without pulling the trigger (exaggeration - do not try this at home ;p)


You have to open the door of a truck to progress the mission, before that go
on top of the platform infront of you. Follow the catwalk and go up the stairs
to the second floor.

So, keep moving from cover to cover, there is plenty of cover to be found so
do not worry about it, just keep pushing. When you get on the truck, always
keep you eyes to the right train and kill any enemy you can. Do not gaze away,
fixate your stare onto the train.


In a short time, you will come to an escalator. On top of the escalator is a

news stand and the intel is behind the counter.

After you are stopped, follow your mate ahead. You will come to the entrance of
a tunnel to the left and enemies come out of it. I call this place the tunnel
of death. If you do not push forward the enemies keep coming continuously. And
this is a very narrow tunnel and you will die easily. So as soon as you enter
this place run to the cover in the middle and kill the guy crouched here. Three
guys are to the right and one may be up the stairs, so kill them and rush up
the stairs and move to the left. If anyone comes up, kill them and look down
to the left of the stairs for an enemy. Kill him and run behind cover ahead.
Rush to the right tunnel and kill the guy around the corner but do not go in.
Throw a 9bang inside and just peek around the corner and kill the four guys
who are to the right of this area and the three to the left and move in. Keep
pushing, move ahead and you will come to two escalators. Take cover behind the
box to the right and two enemies show up on top of the escalator. Shoot them
and run up. And those guys throw a grenade down the escalator, you can pick it
up or just move past it. Two enemies show up on the top and one guy is to the
immediate right behind the box as you come out of the escalator. Do not move
ahead, lob a grenade to the diagonal left of the room, move in and kill
everyone and you will come to another escalator. Throw a grenade up and kill
the guys here and move out. Stand near the blockade and shoot the truck.

You are holding a camera now, move ahead when your wife asks you to and...
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Video Walkthrough available at -

You are now on a Principal level rescue mission to extract the Vice President.

OBJECTIVE - clear the way for the tanks.


When you come to the streets, you will come across a crashed airplane on the
right of the street. Go inside for the intel.

As you get down from the copter, follow your squad mates. Stay behind the
group so you know what's coming. Move along with them from cover to cover
behind the rocks and when you get to the wall, tanks come in and smoke the
enemy at which point you are requested to sweep the area ahead. About 8-10
enemy soldiers show up ahead but they shoot at the tanks so just make sure
you get all of them. After clearing out this place, run ahead towards the
marked location and stay behind cover and take out the enemies ahead and keep

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


24 of 60

pushing forward. When you get to the end of this road, your pointer shifts to
the left about 230 meters ahead. You are going to have a hell of a time going
past this 200 meters. It is a straight piece of road but the real problem is
the amount of foot soldiers ahead. The enemies just keep coming and coming,
keep killing and push forward.

Stay with your squad and move ahead of them only if they are not moving and the
path is clear. Stay behind cover all the time and look for enemies from the
left and right of the road. Take it slow. If you are having trouble, stay
behind the tanks and shoot from here - do this only in the beginning of the
path. When you get to about 40 meters move to the right of the road and go down
the lower path to the right. Progress from here.


You will come to a broken portion of a bridge near the tanks. The intel is on
the ground behind a brick wall behind you to the left.

When you get to the end of the path you will be asked to go left. Shoot to kill
and move left, after you clear out this place, you will be asked to man the
MG on the tank. Hit E near the tank to man the MG. All you have to do is look
around and shoot. First enemies come in from the right and after you move ahead
you will hear someone say that they are retreating into the garage. Look in
front and shoot the guys running into the shutters. Inside the garage all you
need to do is aim and hold the trigger. If the gun gets too hot, it will stop
for 2 seconds and come back to work. When surrounded by enemies do not stop
and shoot, just hold down the trigger and move the aim like a mad man.

OBJECTIVE - Locate Goalpost.


You will come to a building with the name Teknikor. As you enter it, look to
the right and the intel is in the cubical closest to the wall.

You will come out of the tank shortly and when that happens, run ahead behind
Sandman. In the next part, a few ground troops are visible and in comes a
light armor vehicle holding more enemies. Stay behind cover and shoot the
enemies. Move ahead when possible near Sandman and follow him.

You will come out and back onto the road again. Duck behind cover, try to stay
close to Sandman behind him and kill all you see. After you move ahead a bit
go into the building to the right and proceed from there. 9bangs and grenades
work very well in here. Keep moving up and close to Sandman and after a long
time in the apartments, you will go out to the streets again. Move diagonally
to the left side of the streets behind cover and fight you way along. When you
get to the end, the marker will show to the right and Sandman will speak to the
base and tell them that you guys are near the convoy but cannot move in yet.
At this point, you will see more bad guys ahead of you. After you clear this

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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area, follow Sand and go up the stairs and you are to breach the door. Hit E
near the door and you are in slo-mo again. Kill the enemy in the middle a bit
to the right who is holding a gun to the delegate first. Then move on to the
guy who is closest to you to the left and continue to kill everyone else, your
bullets will not harm the friendlies (I think ;p ) so do not worry.
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In the building which is closest to the wrecked ship, in the last room of the
second floor. This building has the emblem of an Eagle in front of it.

Stay with Price or Soap behind cover and shoot out everyone. Try to stay to the
right of the road because if you take cover to the left in the first part of
this mission, you need to deal with enemies who are on roof tops to the right

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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very far away. Move in and you will be asked to use the remote gun. Shoot at
the red squares and after that get back to the normal shooting. Keep moving
on but be careful as the enemies on this level appear from all places so look
into any buildings near you on the upper floors. After you use the remote gun
for the second time, look in front of Soap and kill anyone near him and run
towards him and take cover behind the wall ahead of him and slowly move to the
right and look in thru the window and kill anyone you see. You will be asked to
use the remote gun again so just use it and proceed thru the window into the
building and kill the guy in the upper floor and go to Price and Soap who are
moving into the target building. Stay a good distance behind Price and follow
him. Keep scanning for enemies and when you are ready to breach the door, move
near it and hit E.


In Waraabe's office which you are about to enter.

Do not shoot Waraabe but kill the guy straight ahead of you and the others.
Move towards extraction after that and...

Ambush... Take cover quickly and shoot at the enemies while Price finishes his
conversation with Nikolai. There are guys on the roofs of the houses in front
of you. Here's a pic...

So, kill these guys and there are more in the building to the right on the
upper floor near the windows but they may be killed by your squad. Move near
Soap and kill the rest of the guys, use a 9bang whenever you want to here.
After you move ahead a timer starts and you have 2mins and 42 secs to reach
the secondary LZ.


In the end of this area is a building with a banner that reads " Noro Suuo
Money Market"

But the path ahead is filled with scum, so be careful. Stay

behind cover and look for the next piece of good cover ahead of you and move

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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there whilst shooting an enemy or two. When the game saves you should be near a
building with a path to the left and an enemy comes up on the roof to the right
and more enemies on the second floor of the building ahead. Look at where price
is and move to his left and before moving clear of this building into the next
lane, lob a 9bang and kill the guy on the roof and the one in front of you.
Cautiosly move ahead and keep your eyes on the roof and the upper floors. As
soon as you move clear of this building, look to the right and you will see
enemies who are shooting at your mates. Take them out and clear the building
from which the guys were shooting from the upper floor and move to to the
right of the building. Wait for Price and follow him into the next area to
end the countdown. Stay behind the cover and knock everyone out here and
move to Price and keep going and shooting along the three floors of the
building and when you get to the top, you need to use the remote gun again.

But, the chopper crashes and Price asks you to jump off the roof, look behind
you and run to the edge and jump off.

I really like this part. Just keep following Price and shoot only when he asks
you to. A bit ahead after you kill running enemies from behind, enemies will
shoot from ahead. Kill them and move on. In the next area where you see Nikolai
ahead, shoot the lights which look like this -

to kill the enemy but you don't need to fight here, run to the left of Nikolai
and go prone and when Price asks you to lift him. Hit E near him and lift him
up and run behind Price, the rest is simple.
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OBJECTIVE - Rendezvous with the GIGN squad.

Stay behind Sandman at all times. When you get down to the street level out of
the building, Sandman asks you to hit the bookstore. Look right onto the road
and you will see a truck carrying a couple of soldiers. Kill them and stay
outside the bookstore and shoot at the enemy who are on the second level on
the top.


On the second level of the bookstore next to a window.

Go in and kill the rest who are to the right end of the room. Go to
the upper level and kill everyone there - stick close to Sandman. After you
secure the bookstore, go back to the lower level and exit thru the door and
follow Sand to meet up with the GIGN.

OBJECTIVE - Follow the GIGN leader [SABRE]

Stay behind Sandman and you will shortly be in a gunfight. The best way to
aproach this fight is to go straight thru the first door you come in from and
move straight into the next building ahead but kill the one or two guys who are
close to you. This building is the one to the right from where Sandman take
cover after he mentions the RPG. Go thru here and you will come to a door to
the left. Thru this door you can massacre the enemy but be careful as you may
not be able to spot all of them (the ones in the distance). So, kill the closer
guys first and move out. Keep going and eventually your squad moves up the
stairs on the street and Sabre from the GIGN asks you to follow him. Do so and
you will come to a street filled with the bad guys.


After you start following Sabre, look to the right and go in the second
building here and it's on a table.

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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Stay close to Sabre and take cover behind the walls to the left or the right.
When Sandman comes in, he goes down the stairs here and near a door to the
right which gives cover, so you can beat him there for cover too. You will be
asked to mark the enemy infestation with gas grenades - do so by hitting 4 and
throw the grenade in the middle of the enemy. The spot will be hit but there
still may be a couple of guys, kill them and follow Sabre. You will come to
another street when the pilot announces that he is ready for another run. Stay
below the little stairs here. You will not be prompted on the screen but the
pilot announces it and you can put another marker in the middle of the enemies.
After this, a tank comes in from the left, put another marker on it and move to
Sabre. The pilot announces that he can make another hit so just throw another
grenade. If you cannot hear the pilot properly then just keep hitting the 4
button to see when you can throw a grenade.

OBJECTIVE - Follow the GIGN Leader thru the Catacombs.

Sandman opens up a manhole, go in with them and you will come to the catacombs.
To minimize detection Sabre says that he will be the only one to use a light.
So, you have a small light beam to look at; things are getting interesting now!
Anyway, stay behind the squad and follow them thru the combs.

Shortly, when you are in the middle of the catacombs in the room with the
skulls where one of your squad mates inquires as to how many people are buried
down there, if you stay behind the GIGN leader (who has a follow tag on him).
As you move out of this room, he comes across a metal door and an enemy pushes
it onto him from the other side, kill the enemy and look straight and kill
the next guy too and follow Sabre. After you are flash banged, shoot everyone
in here except Volk who has a capture tag on him.


To the left of this room...

After clearing this room

run behind Volk - you don't need to sprint, just run.


On the floor in the second level..

Clear out the next level

too and 9bang works well here. Go out and when you come near the exit door,
stay clear of it, run to its left or right for cover, kill the enemy closest
and throw a 9bang and run for your life towards the blue truck and hit E.

OBJECTIVE - Capture Volk.

You are on the passenger seat, so start shooting everyone infront of you.

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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After the vehicle moves, you are asked to get in the back seat. There is a MG
which you can swap to here, just hit E. Shoot anything that moves and when a
truck is in pursuit, just shoot the guy on top mounting the MG first and the
driver next. Killing the driver is enough to stop the trucks. About four trucks
come behind you and also a plane (sheesh!)

You are asked to ride shotgun again, this time Volk's car is infront of you.
Shoot it and shortly you will be in a slo-mo. Shoot the two soldiers in the
back seat (one of them sticks his head out). And then Volk is successfully
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| IRON LADY | --> WLK10


As soon as you move front, your extract plane is blown to bits and comes
crashing at you so as soon as you see the plane come down, run back.

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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There is a bus towards the morthwest sides of the tanks which you have to
destroy. The intel is in there.

You will be in control of the Warhammer and you get to use cool weapons on the
enemies who are shown by a red box. You can switch weapons by hitting either
1 or 2. There are three weapons. First is a grenade launcher, second is a MG
and the third is a missile launcher. Just hit the targets in red and don't
shoot the buildings till you get the affirmative to shoot buildings with
enemies inside them.

You will be back on the ground now under heavy MG fire. Follow Truck to flank
the MG nest. Up top, switch your pistol with the sniper near the left door
overlooking the courtyard and use it on the MG and the guys near it, here is
a pic of where the MG is -


There is a building to the left of the one from which you jump, its a glass
building. Go in and to the second floor.

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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After you take out the sniper, fall down and follow your guys to the right side
run right and start shooting from there. After you kill the guys ahead, your
squad moves up, follow them. They get on top of a central monument. Go near,
but do not go on the top of the monument yet. Move to the left and start
shooting the guys on the balcony and the window with the sniper, here's a pic-

Now, after them, go to your friends and look around for rocket launchers and
the MG which is mounted and take care of the guys in the front and keep going.

You will be in control of the Warhammer again. Take out aything that moves, I
just switch to the 40mm (grenades) and start shooting like crazy, when there
are choppers around, take them out with the 25mm (MG). The targeting is twisted
so you have to forget the crosshair and see where the rain of bullets is going
to hit. After going for a while, you will be on the ground again. Move right
immediately and pick up one of the Javelins - exchange the rocket launcher you
have. There are two tanks ahead. Just right click and lock on and shoot. After
the two tanks, pick up your weapon (if you did not switch the rocket launcher
earlier) which should be on the ground where you switched it for the Javelin.

Move in front and you will be asked to mark the spot so throw a grenade in the
middle of the enemy. Alway stay with your squad and keep your head down behind
cover. You do not need to shoot here. Keep your shooting to a minimal. Just
stay behind cover and when asked to, mark the spot by throwing a grenade. It is
very important to stay with your squaf when they are moving ahead as if you
stay back and throw the grenade in the front, it will hit them and the game is
over for friendly fire. After you use the grenade marker for about three times
and are behind a cracked portion of the road, enemy choppers come in, so just
throw another grenade otwards them and they will go down, be wary of the ground
troops since all of them do not die and a couple of them will be alive here and
there. After the choppers are done for, stay put and watch the show and your
support will come behind you so just follow Sandman to the chopper and get on
it and move out.
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23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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Fall into the water and follow Price and Soap. Stop when they stop and move
they move. You will meet up with the resistance then follow Soap out of this
place to the left.


You will come across a helicopter and after that you will be in a hotel. The
intel is on the counter.

You will come out and Soap asks you to go prone, do so and when asked to take out the two snipers on the roof, Soap handles the one on the bottom. You
have a Sniper and a pistol. Equip your pistol and exchange it with an AK-47
which is dropped on the groud near one of the dead guys. Follow Soap again, and
do what he says. You need to be so close behid him that Yuri ought to be able
to smell his ass.


In this place is a statue. The intel is in a tent which is behind the statue.

After moving thru a building, you will come out and friendlies show up on the
roof to the left and you will be in a fire fight again. Stick to Soap and
keep killing. When you move a bit forward, Soap will ask you to take out the
tank in front of you. There is and RPG beside where he is. Go there and go
prone. Shoot the tank by moving to the right of the cover. You need to hit the
tank twice to destroy it. Then follow Soap again to the left side into another
building. You will be out on the street again and two gunners are in a building
ahead and you need to take them out. Throw a 9bang ahead and quickly stand and
shoot the two guys and go prone again. Follow Soap, you will come to a place
where he asks you to get low and a civilian can be seen running into the next

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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room and being shot. Soap then throws a grenade and kills two guys and moves
into the next room. Here's a pic -

Don't go there, stay here and look to the right because enemies come in here
from the road, kill them and follow Soap again and end this mission.
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Makarov's convoy arrives and Yuri checks them thru the scope. Look around and
watch the convoy. After this, Soap asks you to find Price in your scope. Look
at the top of the hotel, Price keeps flashing a light at you so he is not that
difficult to find. Price comes down and you need to shoot the enemies on the
balcony and the ones inside after Peice breaches it.


Price soon carries Soap and gives you a gun. Go in the first building and the

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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intel is straight ahead in a corner.

Pick up Soap and follow Price. Price carres Soap in a while and you have to
clear the place. Shoot the two guys who come up front and go right and shoot
the two guys in that room and kill the rest and move out. Kill the guys outside
to the right and try to stay close to Price. He yells "On the roof, right side"
you can kill the two guys who are on the roof of the building you just came out
from or take cover near the statue Price and Soap are at and after Price opens
the door, sprint inside.

I found it best to stay a good length behind those guys and kill everyone who
is ahead of them. Move in front of them only when Price asks you to otherwise
stay a good 20-30 feet behind them and kill the enemies. Price keeps calling
out where the enemies are coming from so pay attention to him and kill the
enemies. You will eventually move across this area and into another building
with the resistance. When the enemy starts to shoot in from the window, crouch
and follow Price out of here and hit E near the marked door.

It's the year 2011. Follow Makarov and the instructions on the screen.
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23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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Follow Price, take out the goggles and go prone when he asks you to get down.
Stay very close to Price and follow his every instruction.

This is a great place to get the "JACK THE RIPPER" achievement. Just knife the
guys infront of you by going to them, but do not go far away from Price and do
not go out in the open. Use only the knife in this part. Price asks you to
take out a guy infront of you so use the knife.


You will be asked to escape the castle and will come to a building with all
kinds of communication devices. The intel is in a small room in the northwest.

When you are inside the dungeon with the prisoners around, Put night vision
back on and start shooting the guys. If you kill two or three prisoners then
you end the game so don't shoot them. You will eventually come near a room with
lights so Price asks you to take night vision off. Kill the guys in the next
room across you and also in the lower floor. Stay very low and move forward
after killing a few guys or else you will be stuck here forever. Follow Price
out and about the bridge. Hit the trigger only after you hear Price say "Go".
Then follow him again.

Start shooting as soon as you fall down and stay low. There are enemies to the
left of this room so prone and crawl to the door and throw a 9bang out and
kill those guys. You will come outside again and it is dark. Use the night
vision if you want to but you are not prompted to do so, so it's your wish.

You will come outside to this area - here's a pic-

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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This is the place where you see three guys running out of the room and there
are enemies outside who come from the left and right and Price eventually
jumps down from here.


If you follow this right path, you will find the intel in the next room.

Then do not follow Price, instead go to the right where you saw the enemies
come from and enter the door and you will be on top of the wall area. There are
enemies around each corner so start shooting just as you are about to turn a
corner also, some enemies hide behind crates and come out suddenly, so shoot
those guys. I found this approach easier than following Price and taking fire
from all directions. You will join Price soon and come outside where you see a
tank move across the bridge he rigged. Blow it.

You will move across the bridge and will be assaulted by a group so be ready
to open fire. Follow Price and take cover. Shoot a few enemies and Price will
run to a vehicle, run after him but do not run in the open. Move right from
where Price was taking cover and move to the vehicle and hit E near the door
to enter, shoot wildly and soon you will fall off the mountain path and Price
asks you if you have the reserve chute. As soon as you fall off, start hitting
E so that you open the chute on time.
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23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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If you are playing this on veteran, then this will be as hard as hell...
You start off with the two most badass weapons in the game - little solace.

As soon as you land the copter sprint like hell to the left and jump over the
pipes and take cover here. Peek to the left and shoot the guys who keep falling
from the upper floor. Move in and look right and kill everyone else then follow
Sandman upstairs.



The intel is on this floor in a cubilce to the left.

Wait for all of your squad to move in and go in and move

right and start shooting as soon as you are clear of the wall. Move further in
killing anyone else and after clearing this floor. Run up and sprint to the
right end of the room and go prone, move ahead slowly, crouched and start
shooting the guys coming in and to the left ahead. After clearing this room,
go up and when you are on the roof, move to the left most end, go prone and
move forward. A guy may come in straight ahead so shoot him and keep going.
When you are near the stairs (small 3 or 4 steps) look right shoot like mad.

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


39 of 60

Move ahead and take out your sniper and start shooting the guys on the opposite
roof ahead. Another team comes in from a copter and land on the roof from
which you just shot down the enemies. More enemies come in from the door which
is to the left, take care of them quick.

Look down when you are asked to and take your special marker and
click once near the back of the tank and again a little bit in front of it.
The tank will be destroyed but two more will come. Repeat the procedure.


You will run thru the road here and will come across a book store to the
right at the end of the road. Inside....

After you get to street level. Shoot anyone ahead and do not go down in a
hurry. Just kill a few enemies and after you are asked to destroy the tank.
Move left and pick up and RPG and hit the tank. Take your gun back and move
ahead very slowly.


To the left of the main road (while following Tanks) is a building and you can
go in. The intel is inside.

When you get to the main road where you are asked to follow
tanks. Move to either the left or right of the road and find some good cover.
Stay here, take out your sniper and start shooting. If your squad moves ahead,
the you too move and find the next cover and start shooting again. It helps to
stay a good 20-30 feet behind your squad. You will eventually make it to the
other end of the road and after the blast, follow Sandman.


After you cross the Lobby, check under the staircase. This is in the building
after the fight below.

As soon as you come out of the building, enemies move towards you from the
building ahead, so run for cover. Throw a grenade or two and knock them out.


When you come to the stairs leading to the roof, go behind the stairs and you
will find the intel.

Stay on top of the stairs and kill the guys below. Follow Sandman and you will
come to a door you need to breach. As soon as you hit E the door is blasted
from the other side and you take a pistol from Sandman. Shoot the guy to the
left first and then the right guy. Run ahead and...
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23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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Move to the left of the elevator. As soon as it stops your guys will shoot the
ones closest. Two more come in from far ahead so shoot them and if you are
crouching to the left then you would miss the RPG blast.

After the lift stops falling, switch to night vision and shoot ahead. You can
move clear of the door to the left, so do so if you need cover. Follow
Grinch and Price and do what they are doing. You are prompted to take out your
night vision goggles but you can continue with them on because I found it
easier to spot the enemies.


In the area where you are prompted to take off night vision, there is a room

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


41 of 60

full of computers to the left. The intel is on the cabinet in the end of the

Keep moving forward after clearing an area. The

enemies are limited so you can shoot them all out before moving ahead. Truck
saws open a door and when he does that, be prepared to kill as there are guys
right behind the door. There is a room to the left of the window thru which
everyone is shooting at you - go there for a clearer view of the enemies.

Eventually you come to a stairwell leading back up and near the exit door Sand
will ask overlord for air support. When he kicks open the door, you ought to
see four enemies dead ahead. Shoot them and follow Price out. Shoot a few more
below you and hop the rail to the left to go down and get behind cover. You
will come to another wide open area and you need to keep movin forward all the
time to progress, so move from cover to cover at all times. Stay to the left of
the area. At some point ahead, Sandman will request for heavy fire and Overlord
rains fury on the mine so much that the ground begins to shake. Sandman asks
everyone to move into the mine. Get to the trench ahead and throw a 9bang in
the air and run like hell - you will know when you come to the trench, just
run ahead after Sandman asks us to move in.

Inside you are to breach a door, don't shoot as the President's daughter is
past it. You will need to move deeper into the mine for the president.
Stay behind your squad and as you move in, there are enemies on both sides.
Move further and you will see a rescue target in the distance below you. And
about fifteen enemy soldiers there. Stay back a bit and kill all of them and
move to their position. Rapple down and run right for cover as soon as you land
as you will be under fire. Stay to the right and shootout all the guys and move
ahead. Folow Price and set the charges. Be prepared to shoot in slo-mo, kill
the guys to the left of the president first and right-click to see thru the
scope to kill the guy holding the president only after you land from the fall.


In the room wher the President was held captive, look back and go there and
the intel is on a barrel.

Follow Price out, there's a MG here which you can use but don't use it on
Veteran difficulty because you will surely die. Use it only if you are on lower
difficulty. Crouch behind cover and take everyone out below you in the front.
Throw in a 9bang if you have one and move out and kill everyone you see and
move back. The chopper arrives shortly and you are asked to move out. Follow
your squad down and and RPG will hit you. You are pulled away at which point
you will get a gun, shoot at whomever you can...
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| DUST TO DUST | --> WLK16

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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Now you are in the shoes of the almighty Captain Price - nothing can kill him..

You are covered with the heaviest armor and you can take a lot of punishment.
But, kill the enemies quickly because you can still go down. Move down the
road killing all the enemies and shoot at any cars that come at you.

Stay to the right of the road when you near it's end so that you can take cover
behind a car - cover from RPG.

When you get near the complex, RPGs show up on the second floor - one each
near each glass pane up there. Shoot them quick and move in. Don't shoot the
civilians running out of the entrance.

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


43 of 60


After you go up the stairs, go around to the right and near the bar is the
intel item.

Inside, more to kill, keep killing all

the way. When you come to the lift, civilians come out of it so don't shoot
them. When you are in the lift, a chopper moves to extract Makarov so shoot
down that chopper and alas... the armor get shredded - but we don't need it
ayway (or do we?)...

Jump to the lift across you and it moves up. You will have 4mins to get Makarov
before he bails. Equip your MG and be ready. This place is another little hell
hole. Always stay behind cover and kill people. As soon as you don't see any,
run ahead and take cover next. Keep doing this.


In the first room to the left, after you exit the elevator it's on a poker

The best thing to do here is to

move front and kill the enemies ahead of you. After this just as you come to
the railing of the balcony, look right, enemies keep coming in from a place
across you. You can kill them off easy an this will save you a lot of grief.
Stay there and keep shooting anyone that you can see. Look at the video
walkthrough if you are having a lot of trouble. Here's a pic of the area you
need to shoot those guys from -


In the end of this place is a bar with "OASIS" written on it. It's on the

You need to circle this entire area so you may have to stay here a long time.
Take it slow, you have heaps of time, so be slow. Use your 9bangs and grenades
when you have to, don't save them for later. Use them whenever you feel like it.

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


44 of 60

You will eventually come to the restaurant and will be hit by rockets. You will
lose all your weapons but Makarov is escaping, run to the markers shown and
jump near the edge to hold onto the chopper. Next is a series of quick time events.
First F then F. After you fall down, you will need to keep hitting left click to
get near him. Then all remaining quick time events are all E, if the E is blinking,
then hit E continuously and if not hit it once.

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----> SPC0



This portion of the game is much better than the campaign. You will need to
re-run some operations which you have encountered thru the campaign but with
a heavy twist.

The following are more of descriptions of the missions, I will add detail
whereever necessary and also, more in depth guides for these will come up in
the near future (2-3 days)...



This is a normal obstacle course. To get three stars, you need to complete the
course within 27 seconds. It is really tough to get a three star on this since the time
keeps running out.

The best course of action is to use two assault rifles, so just swap your
pistol with any other rifle in front of you.

During the course, you cannot stand at a place even for a second. You need to
keep moving and when there is nothing to hit, sprint. Take out a board as soon
as it pops up and try not to reload your weapon. just switch it. Also, to
preserve ammo shoot each target only once so that you don't need to reload and
you can finish the entire course with the two rifles you have without reloading
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23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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I really like this one. If you choose to do this in Veteran, you have 1min 50
seconds to capture the president.

Explaining this is a waste, so check out the video above - it's only 2mins
long. But, here are some pointers anyway - Do not switch your AK with anything
else and do not use your second weapon. Reload only when you are out of ammo
because if you keep reloading, you will lose a lot of time. You will need to
play this a few times to know where the enemies are coming from...
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This is very easy, even on Veteran.

Two guys come at you from the left and right ass you are about to enter the
sub. Inside you will need to go thru the doors shown by the white marker, but
the doors only open when you have killed everyone in this area and the area
below it, which can be accessed by the stairs. Or you can also shoot everyone
below provided you can see them thru the grill.

After passing two rooms, the wheel is in the third room, make sure there is no
one around you when using the wheel because it needs to be held (hold the "use"
button) for a long time just like the detonator on the hatch of the submarine.

When you come back outside, two copters drop off bad guys, the first near you
and the second on the other end of the sub. Kill all of them and wait for your
extract to arrive.
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23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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| HIT AND RUN | --> SPC4


A fine mission. Some hostages are being held by local thugs and their two
leaders are present here too.

You need to kill the two targets shown on your screen and then rescue the

You are on a balcony and in a short while an enemy chopper shows up, use the
stinger beside you on the chopper. Don't go down yet, stay on the balcony for

You start off at one end of the place with a Sniper (Dragunov). Use the sniper
on everyone you can see ahead of you. Kill every last guy before proceeding.
The first target is initially present in a building and if you kill enough guys
he show up on top of that building so you can kill him easy. Move to the right
end of the balcony and you will see more enemies ahead, kill all of them and
when you cannot kill anyone else, move back to the position you started at and
keep the sniper with you but change your second gun with a Machine Gun here on
the floor, both are Mg's so just pick one and go to the second target and kill
him off. You need an MG because you will face another copter soon and there
are no more stingers around so MG will do fine.

If you killed all the guys from the balcony itself, then there are not
too many to kill. After the second target, move to the hostages and release
them, but do not throw the grenade to show your location yet. Wait for a little
while and another enemy chopper shows up. Use your MG on it. If you need cover,
move to the left of the container where the hostages are and jump down and move
among the various things for cover.

After you destroy the chopper, find a real good place for cover around here.
Then throw the grenade in front of you and the gate ahead which is opposite to
the hostage container opens and hordes of enemies come thru it. At the same
time, a countdown timer starts showing the time for the exfil to arrive.
Survive till the counter reaches to zero and you will have won it.
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Another extensive mission. There are six samples of the toxin you need to

You are in a Jaggernaut suit and have air support - still, you will find this

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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very difficult. Stay behind cover at all times even though you are in a
Jaggernaut suit and take it slow. Kill the enemies infront of you and when you
have air support then throw the marker grenade where the enemies are and the
rest is just collecting the samples.

A few twists are introduced in this mission, one is that the enemies can also
use their own air support markers and theirs emit red smoke. So, everytime you
see red smoke clear the hell outta that place. After the first two samples, you
will climb a ladder and past it in the room are enemies and the second twist
is that they have glass shields and they run into you if you are too close and
kill you, so first kill the ones without a shield and to kill the guys in the
shield, use a frag grenade and if they are not being hit by the grenade, then
put a 9bang near them and run to them and melee them or shoot them if you can.
Your second weapon is a grenade launcher, you can use it too.

After collecting the fourth sample, you will move to the next location pointed
by the marker and out of this house, you will face an enemy Jaggernaut - that's
the third twist. He obviously is very difficult to kill and do not just stand
in one place and do a mexican showdown. Run back to cover, throw a 9bang and
shoot him or get real close to him and melee him a few times but he needs to be
dazed so using the 9bang is a neccesity. There is an ammp crate near the
fourth gas sample. After that, collect the last two and you are done here.
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The person in charge of the camera / sentry turret needs to shoot all enemies
he can see, the person on the ground needs to activate the next camera location
and keep the killing to a minimal.

The person incharge of the camera can switch between different cameras after
the person below has hacked the systems. Keep switching between cameras to
kill enemies coming from both sides constantly.



Depending on how fast you do it, this mission can take from 10 - 30 mins to

The point here is to collect five papers containing intel. These papers are
dropped by enemies when you kill them. When and by whom or where are they
dropped is completely random.

The best method of approaching this mission is to stay behind cover and kill

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


48 of 60

everyone you can and then wait for more to show up and if more do not show
up then move slowly for a bit till they show.

You will encounter enemies with guns and also dozens of Hyenas. I hope you can
quick kill a Heyna, because you are going to do it a lot of times. Just Hold
F when asked to on the screen when a Hyena is over you. Better yet, kill it
before it can come near you, but you need to spot them and that's the problem.

The spawn of the enemies is very strange because they seem to spawn at a
distance and when you walk forward a bit, they show up real close to you too.
There are also sentry turrets to make things more difficult. But, they can be
destroyes easy. If you can sneak up on them, then just melee them or if you
need to shoot from a distance, do so and they will get fried. You can collect
the first three intels at once, so just stick to a place and start shooting.

After collecting the first three pieces of intel, you need to move to a safe
house which is in the other end of the map. The safe house is not marked by the
marker. WHen you collect the first three intels, a marker will show the entry
to the next half of this area and the safe house is at the end of this place.
You have to shoot your way through and there will be a lot of shooting and a
lot of Hyenas too. Just take it slow and when in end, collect the remaining two
intel pieces to complete the mission.
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This is an extremely easy mission, provided you hold your nerves. This mission
is a stealth rescue.

The enemy AI gets better as the difficulty increases and on Veteran difficulty
the enemies can detect you faster and are more vigilante in their rounds and
the copter's spotlight is also faster. Also, in Veteran, the enemies can see
their dead comrades and call for back up. So, as soon as you see an enemy
approach a dead body, kill him too.

All in all, you may need to kill a few and can just go past a few but it is
much safer if you killed everyone. Patience is of utmost importance.

When you get to Alana, a slo-mo takes place and kill the left guy first and
hit right click to look thru the scope and shoot the guy who is holding Alana
next but be careful because he keeps shaking her and shoot only when her head
is down.



23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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This is much easier than the last one. 33 seconds for Veteran. After you breach
a door, you will get into slo-mo, the best way to save time is to hit only one
bullet to each board when in slo-mo.
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Another stealth mission, only more challenging. The mechanics of the game are
same as the Hostage Taker mission, except the hostages are all arouund the
place in this one and if you are seen then the enemies will kill the hostages
who are following you.

To make a hostage follow you, kill the guards near him and go to him and hit E.

Take it slow, the hostages are on the streets and in the buildings too, so
check all the buildings as you pass them. The hostages are not shown by a
marker, so you will have to find them yourself.



In the beginning of this mission, you are under an onslaught. There is a timer
which tells us how much time the help will take to come here. Survive till
then and after the help arrives (a copter) clear out the entire area. You will
need to kill a lot of guys to clear the entire area out so keep killing and
when the LZ is clear, the copter lands. You board it and get to the next
location on a roof top.

You need to go two floors under where a bomb is placed. You will need to hold
E to arm the bomb but holding and arming will take a long time so make sure
that enough guys are dead before trying to arm it. Also, the enemies here are
infinite so you have to arm with some present around, just crouch and arm and
then get out of here.

It is not as easy as it sounds because there are tons of enemies to kill in the
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The Jaggernaut suit again! with a twist. There are invisible IEDs on the
ground and to mark them, you need to use a UAV and send a missile down to hit

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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the ground, try to hit in the middle of a few IEDs to show them on your screen.

The enemies come in dozens. So, kill all of them before defusing an IED. Just
repeat the process for all the IEDs. One tip is that, when you are done with
a batch of IEDs and are going to send a missle down from the UAV, first find
plenty of cover inside a building and then try to kill all the enemies who run
in a bunch and do not look to target the IEds, look to kill as many enemies as
you can and the IEDs will come sooner or later.




You start in a vehicle with a grenade launcher with you. Foot soldiers and
vehicles come after you and you can only use the greade launcher to take care
of them.

If you are playing on veteran then you need to be very quick - quicker than
Quick Draw MC.Graw. Shoot at enemies and hit them, the moment you see them.
After you get out of the vehicle, you will come to a building which leads to
the catacombs. This place is just crawling with enemies. Stay at one spot, kill
everyone and only then move ahead.

When you get to the server room, sweep the area clean before going in. After
you kill everyone here, start the download and now a horde of enemies come at
you. You should take cover behind the table to the left of the download
terminal. Its a white table and if you go behind it, you will have the wall
as protection, here's a pic of the table...

Stick to the table and look to the left and kill everyone who comes in. There
are guys with riot shields, so be very careful. Use all your 9bangs and frag
grenades here and also the grenade launcher, if you have any clips left.
After you clear the whole of this area, take the drive and pick up a riot
shield - why? you ask, you will know very soon.

Take the shield and change guns if you need to, there are a lot of guns which

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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the dead guys left for us. Go back to the top and soon an enemy in a Jaggernaut
armor comes at you. He is holding a MG and you will be in a world of pain if
you did not pick up the riot shield - especially on Veteran difficulty.

He cannot penetrate the shield so just use more 9bangs (if you have any left)
and charge at him, yes sprint at him with the shield and melee him - it works,
but try to lure him back down to the server room first - just keep backing
and shooting till you get him down. Then use any remaining grenades you have
and go back to the top and continue your killing after you are done here. It is
your choice to ditch or keep the shield.
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| SMACK TOWN | --> SPC14


When you are in the copter, kill everyone you can on the ground. After a while,
enemies start appearing on the roof tops so start scanning all the rooftops
around you and kill everyone in sight. After you land, stay where you landed
and pick up the sniper to your left. You should carry a sniper and an MG thru
this mission. The sniper is especially important because you will not be able
to see the enemies half the time when you are on the ground.

You will need to find them thru the scope of your sniper when you are hit, by
the direction of the shot you received which is shown by the blood trail on
the screen (the arc of red that shows whenever you are hit).

So, stay here and empty the streets, move a bit and if you see more, kill them
all. So basically, whenever you see an enemy, there are more around here so
stop, pick some cover and splatter their brains. There are two stacks of
contraband you need to destroy, the first is in a house to the left of where
you landed. Be very careful when going inside houses as they are filled with
enemies so use your 9bang.

The second is to the right on the roof of another house but you cannot access
it from the house, you need to get there from the house behind the one with
the contraband. Here are pics of the path you need to take...

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


52 of 60

The above is of the house you need to go in and climb the stairs, put in a
9bang and assault the place and move up the ladder to the right of the stairs.

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


53 of 60

Then turn left and sprint and jump to the house ahead of you and look at the
ladder that reaches to the roof of the house to the left. Sprint and jump there
and go up and plant the C4.

A copter some in to extract you and so do more enemies. Kill all of them
before you get to the copter for a safe extraction.
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The XM25

is back again. The mission is to collect three Russian envryption

codes from the trading floor of the stock exchange. The outside area is full of
enemies and they just keep coming. The area outside has like 55 guys for you
to kill.

Then move into the stock exchange and refill your ammo from the ammo crate.
Go to the trading floor and clear out the entire place - about 20 guys here.
Only after the whole place is empty, move in and more guys come in. Kill them
and proceed to take the codes. As soon as you pick up one of the codes, bad
guys come from the stairs which you took to get to this floor, so look back
and use your XM on them.

After you collect all of the intel, you need to get to the roof of this place
for extraction, its the same like the first mission in the campaign. But, when
you get to the roof, you will be under fire from enemies who are on the rooftop
of adjacent buildings. You can actually start the upload and duck behind cover
somewhere around here and not kill at all, but it is advised that you kill them
because shortly, they will throw toxic gas at you and ther area will be flooded
by it and you need to clear out of there and find the next cover. Around near
50% of upload, enemies start coming from behind you and now you need to fight.
Just to the right of the antenna is a place with low cement bags making a wall.
Go here and go prone and look to the gap in this cement bag wall and start
shooting anyone who gets close. The mission will automatically end when the
upload is finished.

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


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No one really likes to play this mission, I found it extrmely difficult to find
a player and I got only two matches in 4hrs of waiting.

If you are on the thunderhammer then juse keep raining hell fire on the things
and enemies below. You have to make sure the path for your teammate is clear.

Zoom in to look at the place in front of your team mate and start shooting.
keep switching between different weapons to avoid any stalling. The whole
mission really depends on the guy in the sky.

The player on the ground is at the mercy of the skyman and has to be really
carefull while moving, it you got a douche in the sky (which I did both the
times). Then you will need to do all the work, provided he can atlease take
out the occassional copter and truck....

Everybody hates this mission......

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Listing seperately for each map is a mega waste of resources to this world.
Nothing changes from map to map, except difficulty, which means that more
enemies come at you than the last difficulty and some of them have better
weapons and protection (you are just going to love the armored Jaggerauts of
the final four maps - try killing them with a pistol for a challenge - all
six of them I mean ;p (on wave 30 I guess?).

It really is fun only if you got a buddy playing with you, so try these with
another player. After a while it gets boring playing all those waves alone.

Also, I have listed the survival mode after the missions because it is advised
to level up as much as you can before you can start playing survival mode to
conquer all. Level up till 22 atleast before going on a co-op match else the
other guy will have tons of grief because of you. Levelling up to 22 is real
easy and it can be done fast and in a day.

The thing is simple -

You are in an area deep inside enemy lines and there is not extraction
available for you. You will have to outlive all of the enemies. There are a
total of 30 waves of enemies. The following are tips for the survival mode maps

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


55 of 60

1) Keep changing your weapons - You will start off with very basic weapons
based on the difficulty you are playing on and the map. If you want to play the
entire 30 waves with the same guns, then you are nuts. Enemies keep getting
better and better with each progressing wave and you just cannot kill an
armored Jaggernaut with a pistol (believe me, I have tried).

2) Save Money -

The best way to save money is not to purchase any weapons. Are

you thinking this is in contradiction with the first tip? well, the thing you
need to do is check what weapons the enemies are carrying and pick their
weapons up if they are different. Keep picking up weapons from the ground which
the latest enemy dropped and repeat this every two or three waves. This way
you can save thousands of dollars. In fact, never buy any weapons. You can take
out the little helicopters with any assault rifle you have. But, yes I know
that ammo doesn't come with the weapons, so as soon as you finish as wave, you
will have break time, look around and pick up a weapon and go to the gun supply
and buy ammo for the weapons. You need to do this only once for every gun
change so you start off with enough ammo. Then pick up all the ammo from the
guns the enemies drop when you kill them. If you are not getting any ammo from
the guns they drop it means that the guns have changed, also if you are finding
it harder than usual to take down an enemy, it means that you need to change
weapons as soon as possible.

Use the money later for riot or delta squads and air strikes, this is money
well spent and also take any care packages if you want to. This way you can
also use weapons which have not been unlocked yet (you need to level up to
unlock new weapons and attachments and various other stuff.

3) Don't save too much money - There is an achievement if you finish a map in
survival mode with 50000$ left in your kitty. Try this achievement only on
low difficulty maps (if you are new to games and I am saying that you are not
a professional gamer - you are a professional gamer if you spend half of
each day gaming). So, use your money for riot squads, air strikes bombs and
what not. Don't try to save money too much or you will fry. You can actually
get to 15 waves without using any money (only on ammo refills occassionally).
Also, buy bodyarmor for all maps 25 and above.

4) Learn to read the map -

There is a mini-map on your screen which shows all

the enemies around your position. This is especially helpful if you have
helicopters or Jaggernauts in your wave. The map shows the position of the
enemies and where they are. This is very important if you need to evade, and
especially usefull against copters.

5) Keep Moving -

Even if you do not move, you will be forced to move because

of the onslaught of the enemy. But, it is better to move from cover to cover
all the times so that you have enough space to run around without being
surrounded by enemies. In fact, the best way to tackle enemies is to start
running in one direction as soon as they start to spawn, because they spawn
all around you in the beginning. If you run straight soon enough, you may get

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


56 of 60

them from a single direction which is much better than having them come from
all around you.

6) Advanced Tactics - Do not engage enemies if they are in a group or use

predator missiles to clear out the group. If you are facing a large group, then
it is best to run away from there and look back and shoot the one or two that
follow you and run again. This is very important on higher level waves. If you
are having trouble killing all the Jaggernauts (on higher levels). Try to
bring all of them in one place, run around and make them follow you and then
drop a predator on their ass. Yup, all of them in one blow. Same goes to groups
of enemies. But make sure that the sky is clear and you are not doing this
when they are below a building, also try to maintain your distance when the
missile drops.

Remember that on higher difficult maps the forces get better like you will face
Jaggernauts with riot shields and more armor (like they did not have enough
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----> MPC0


The multiplayer of the game - as always - is the most interesting part. It was
reported the over 500,000 players were online the day of release of the game
and it obviously is going to increase.

The multiplayer is tryly special because of the variations in the modes and
the number of modes. This truly out classes any other FPS game and will keep
you coming back for several months.

The multiplayer is an extremely huge aspecct of the game and is obviously

better than Campaign or Special-ops simply because of the reward system, the
perks and ofcourse the joy of a kill - streak.

As usual you level up very often and new rewards are unlocked all the time
and this keeps you coming back for more. Rewards are in terms of weapons and
their attachment unlocks and various second weapon unlocks along with many
perks - the list never ends (figure of speech). So, if you still are wondering
why Call of Duty sells as many copies as it does - look no further than the
multiplayer of the game.

The following is a brief explanation of each multiplayer mode. If you see that
something is wrong or if you feel more stuff needs to be added, then please

23-11-2013 12:54 PM


57 of 60

mail me -


If you do not know what a team deathmatch is, then you obviously have not been
paying attention in the last 12 years.

All players are randomly divided into two teams - Spitznaz or Delta. The
objective is to kill any member of the opposite team you see. You will re-spawn
each time you die as soon as you hit the "use" button. If you do not hit the
use button to re-spawn, then you will be kicked from the game for inactivity.

There is a frag limit which each team must achieve and when a team reaches the
frag limit, the game ends with the victor being the team that reached the kill


It's just like the team death match but, you reach the kill confirm limit by
picking up the dogtags of dead enemies. You need not kill an enemy to take
his dogtag, you can just run in and pick it up. If you pick up the dog tag
of a fallen team mate you get points for "Kill Denied" and if you pick up the
enemy tags you get the same points for "Kill Confirmed".

Just keep running around the map to collect those tags.


This is both Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed put together with no parties.

Your team gets points with each kill and collection of the dog tags.


The classic deathmatch, popularized by Unreal tournament. It is every man for

himself, kill anything that moves. You will re-spawn at any random location
of the map after you are killed.


Three flags are present in this map. There is a score limit that each team need
to obtain to win the match. The three flags are fixed in one location and you
obtain them by standing near them when no enemies are near-by.

Your team get a boost to the points with each kill they do as a result of
having a flag. So, if you control more flags, then you will get a higher boost
to the points - plain and simple.


23-11-2013 12:54 PM


58 of 60

Basically the same as Team Deathcmatch, Kill Confirmed and Domination, the only
difference is that there are more players now and the mode is randomly selected
by the host server.


I call this the easy kill mode - because you can see enemies more often and
also, kill them as a result of knowing their location.

When first blood is drawn, a flag is dropped on the ground. If a player picks
up the flag, then he is visible to everyone playing by the means of a flag
marker. The other team will try to kill the player holding the flag and will
take control of the flag.

The team with the flag currently gains bonus points for each kill they make.
The player with the flag need not stay in one place and can continue playing
the game normall, but he will have a big target on his head.


There are two bomb sites and two teams. The attacking team needs to take
control of a bomb site and plant a bomb and protect a site till it detonates you will see the time remaining on your screen to the top-left. If both bomb
sites are not destroyed by the end of the time, then you will get extra time.

Also, each team reverses it role after the first round.


A bomb site is assigned to each team. But there is only one bomb. Players will
have to take the bomb to the enemy site and detonate it. The team that
detonates the bomb first wins.


After a headquarter is located. You need to capture it and safeguard it. Your
team gets bonus points while they hold the HQ. The other team can detroy the
opposite team's HQ to make another HQ spawn.

You will not be able to re-spawn if your team is holding a HQ and will have to
wait till the enemy destroys it.


Two teams, one objective - one team defends it. The other tries to destroy it no respawns - just like a game called counter strike - classic bomb squad match


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There are two flags. The point of the mode is to bring back the enemy flag to
your base.


Unlocked after level 19 these are the modes that really test your skill as a
player and this is standard gaming right here.

Team Tactical mode randomly chooses among the various basic modes and the
teams have only 4 players each.

In the Mosh Pit, you will play all the basic modes one by one, one after the
other - just like the playlist of your iPod.

All hardcore modes show very limited HUD, you will not see many elements which
are displayed in the normal modes and also, the damage dealt by weapons is
substantially increased and you can kill friendlies with your fire...

Barebones mode has the server select randompy between Team Deathmatch, Kill
Confirmed and Domination without any kill streak awards - it means that no one
gets a Jaggernaut suit or Predators or any other kill streak awards.
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Firstly, thank you for reading this. I also would like to thank
Wise Buy Now, LLC ( for gifting me the game and supporting


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