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2nd Jan 2000 (original FAQ date)

Unreal Tournament
The Complete Unofficial Strategy Guide / FAQ
: 2.0
Version Date : February 24, 2001 (02/24/01)
: Droogie
|| Seeing as how nobody listens, I have gotten many many e-mails even though ||
|| I stated I am no longer offering help. Therefore, I am removing my
|| e-mail address and website link from the FAQ. Any e-mails that do come ||
|| for whatever reason will be met with NO REPLY and an add to my e-mail
|| ban.

|| This FAQ is at Version 2.0, and as such, has had a complete overhaul.
|| The layout has been changed drastically to suit my other FAQ's. If you ||
|| find anything wrong with this FAQ, please let me know. This changing
|| will occur slowly, as I am writing another FAQ.

||E-Mail Instructions

When e-mailing me regarding Unreal Tournament, please put "UT" as the subject,
as I have my e-mail set up to automatically place these messages in a
specified folder.
Do not ask for any information, such as cheats, trainers, etc., as you will
find everything in this FAQ. If you don't find something, then rest assured
I don't know it. Any e-mails asking for something will be immediately deleted.
If you spot any spelling, puncutation, grammatical errors, or some information
is incorrect, please let me know. You will be given full credit.
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||Copyright Notice
This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It may not be reproduced by any
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Diablo II is Copyright 2000 Blizzard Entertainment. All rights reserved.
Diablo is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment.
Feel free to post this FAQ on your website, as long as it is unaltered in any
form. If you post this FAQ, please send me an e-mail informing me of this, so
I can add your site to the list of "allowed," so to speak, sites. Thank you.
||Quick Notes
The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at GameFAQ's
( and PC Gaming Network (, in
.txt and .html form.
||Latest Version: 2.0
I'm currently writing a Diablo II FAQ, which is very detailed, and I like the
layout I used for Diablo better, so I am beginning to alter the other FAQ's
I've written (Unreal Tournament, this one, and Nocturne) to look like it, so
there will be lots of updates over the next couple of weeks. I may make so
much as to break the 3.0 mark!

[1] Introduction
[1.1] About
[1.2] Contact
[1.3] Credits
[1.4] Copyright
[2] Unreal Tournament Unofficial FAQ
[2.1] Game Modes
[2.2] Game Types
[2.3] Control Setup
[2.4] Player Setup
[2.5] Game Preferences
[2.6] Practice Mode Settings
[2.7] Multiplayer Gaming
[2.7.1] Hosting a Game
[2.7.2] Hosting Options
[2.7.3] Joining an Existing Game
[2.8] Moving Around
[2.9] Jump Jump Jump
[2.10] Strafing is your Friend
[2.11] Circle Strafing is a Closer Friend
[3] Weaponry
[3.1] Impact Hammer
[3.2] Chainsaw
[3.3] Enforcer(s)
[3.4] Pulse Gun
[3.5] ASMD Shock Rifle
[3.6] Rocket Launcher
[3.7] Flak Cannon
[3.8] GES BioRifle
[3.9] Ripper
[3.10] Sniper Rifle
[3.11] Minigun
[3.12] Redeemer
[4] Items
[4.1] Translocator
[4.2] Body Armor
[4.3] Thigh Pads
[4.4] Shieldbelt
[4.5] Health Vile
[4.6] Health Pack
[4.7] Big Keg 'O Health
[4.8] Scuba Gear
[4.9] Damage Amplifier
[4.10] Invisibility
[4.11] Antigrav Boots
[5] Bots

What are "bots"?

Configuring Bots
Tips for Beating Bots
Order Your Bots

[6] Unreal Tournament World

[6.1] Environments

[6.1.1] Lava
[6.1.2] Toxic Waste
[6.1.3] Water
[6.1.4] Heights
[6.1.5] Teleporters
[6.1.6] Doors, Levers and Buttons
[6.1.7] Lifts
[6.1.8] Air Currents
[6.1.9] Traps
[6.1.10] Turrets
[6.1.11] Low Gravity Areas
[6.2] Communication
[6.2.1] General Communication Tips
[6.2.2] Communication Rules
[7] Deathmatch
[7.1] Rules
[7.2] Teamplay Deathmatch
[7.2.1] Rules
[7.3] Last Man Standing
[7.3.1] Rules
[7.4] Basic Strategies
[7.5] Advanced Strategies
[8] Domination
[8.1] Rules
[8.2] Basic Strategies
[8.3] Advanced Strategies
[9] Capture the Flag
[9.1] Rules
[9.2] Basic Strategies
[9.3] Advanced Strategies
[10] Assault
[10.1] Rules
[10.2] Basic Strategies
[10.3] Advanced Strategies
[11] Special Moves
[11.1] Hammer Jump
[12] Gaming Glossary
[13] Console Commands
[14] Cheat Codes
[15] Minimum Requirements
[16] Recommended Requirements
[17] History
[18] Other FAQ's

[1] Introduction
[1.1] About
===---===--Thank you for reading my Unreal Tournament FAQ,
the first person action game from Epic Games and
GT Interactive Software. This FAQ is unofficial,
meaning it is in no way supported by Epic Games
or GT Interactive Software. Any feedback would
be appreciated, so send me some at
Request a game and I will try hard to get a FAQ
for it. Don't forget to check out my website at for the latest update
to this and other FAQ's.
[1.2] Contact
Feel free to contact me at with
any information you want. When e-mailing me, don't
ask for the following:
- illegal things for Unreal Tournament (cracks,
warez, etc.)
- any Unreal Tournament info. Everything I know
is in this FAQ and will be in upcoming versions.
[1.3] Credits
First off, I want to thank Epic Games for creating
a marvelous game, and GT Interactive Software
for publishing it.
I'd like to thank all other FAQ writers, because
this is where I got the Table of Contents and
layout from.
Finally, all my friends who have helped me doing
by providing information and proofreading this for
[1.4] Copyright
Unreal Tournament Copyright 1999 Epic Games Inc. All
Rights Reserved. GT is a trademark and the GT logo
is a registered trademark of GT Interactive Software
Corp. Unreal and the Unreal logo are trademarks of
Epic Games Inc. All other trademarks are the
properties of their respective owners.
This FAQ is copyright 1999 Droogie. It may
not be distributed in any form without
author's permission. This FAQ may only
be found at GameFAQ's (,
Video Game Strategies (,
Cheat Code Central (,
Gaming Addiction (
and The Cheat Empire (
Other users may post it after obtaining my permission, and if
you post it, it's your job to get the updated versions. If

you can't bother getting the updates, don't post it at all.

===---===---===---===---===---===--[2] Unreal Tournament Unofficial FAQ
===---===---===---===---===---===--[2.1] Game Modes
===---===---===--There are three game modes in Unreal Tournament:
Singleplayer Tournament, Practice and Multiplayer.
Singleplayer takes you through Deathmatch,
Domination, Capture the Flag and Assault, working
your way up to Unreal Tournament Grand Master
by defeating the current champion Xan.
Practice mode is basically the same as multiplayer,
except you fight "bots" instead of human opponents.
You control everything in a practice match.
Multiplayer is the bread and butter of Unreal
Tournament. Here is where you see if you've
got what it takes. You'll fight human opponents.
[2.2] Game Types
===---===---===--There are six game types in Unreal Tournament:
Deathmatch: The classic style deathmatch, it's
every man for himself, a shoot
everything that moves game.
Team Deathmatch: Same as deathmatch above,
except there are two to four
teams made up of a number of
players, trying to outkill
the other teams.
Last Man Standing: A variation on deathmatch,
every one starts with a
certain amount of lives, and
once they are gone, you are
out until the next match.
Domination: Two to four teams are split up on
a map that holds "control points".
To secure a control point, a member
from one team must run over it. You
get 1 point every four seconds you
own a control point.
Capture the Flag: The good 'ol game. Two teams
fight against each other,
trying to bring the others
flag back to theirs to score
their team a point.
Assault: An interesting game, people are split
into two teams, the Attackers and
Defenders. The Attackers must complete
certain objectives while the Defenders
have to stop them. Then the roles

get reverses, and the Attackers become

[2.3] Control Setup
When setting up your controls, make sure you have what
you need in a general area, so you don't have to search
for it. My controls are:
Move Forward
Move Backwards
Strafe Left
Strafe Right
Primary Fire
Mouse Button 1
Secondary Fire
Mouse Button 2
Mouse Button 3
Use Item
Next Weapon
Mouse Wheel Up
Previous Weapon
Mouse Wheel Down
Next Item
Small Thumb Button
Large Thumb Button
**This setup is made with the IntelliEye Explorer mouse.
[2.4] Player Setup
===---===---===--The Player Setup menu will let you customize your online persona.
To access this menu, go to Options, then select Player Setup. You
can alter many different features. These are explained below:
Name: Your character's name.
Team: What team you want to join when you connect to a game (this
can be overridden by the server settings.
Class: It doesn't matter what class you choose; they each have the
same abilities. It all depends on what you like best.
Skins: You can also choose your skin. Like the Class, they're all
the same and depend entirely on what you like.
Face: Choose a face.
Voice: Choose the voice you want to hear when you die, and when
you taunt people.
There is also a hidden model and voice, Xan. To unlock it, you
need to complete the Single Player Tournament by defeating Xan.
Once he's dead, you can select his voice and model. There is also
a way to unlock him without having to beat the game; check
Section [12 Cheat Codes] to find out how.
[2.5] Game Preferences
===---===---===---===--To access the Preferences menu, go to Options and select
Preferences. There are seven tabs under this menu:
Video: Set you screen resolution, color depth, texture and
skin detail, brightness and GUI attributes.
Audio: Set your message preferences, sound quality and the
music/sound volume.

Set your weapon hand, view bob, game

speed, dodging attributes, weapon flash and gore level.

Controls: Customize your controls.

Input: Configure preferences for your joystick, configure your
mouse characteristics, autoaim and lookspring.

Configure your Heads Up Display (HUD) settings.

Network: Set your connection speed and stat logging.

[2.6] Practice Mode Settings
===---===---===---===---===--Match Type: This tab allows you to change the following settings:
Tournament Deathmatch: Deathmatch with Tournament rules
Tournament Team Game: Deathmatch with teams
Assault: Team game with Attackers and Defenders
Domination: Two teams who compete to control the control points
Capture the Flag: Team game where each team tries to capture the
others flag.
Last Man Standing: Deathmatch where you have to try even harder to
stay alive as you have limited lives.
Click the "Mutators" button to go to a box where you can activate
special game functions. Each has it's own description when you
click on it.
Under the "Game Rules" tab, you can change the following:
Score Limit: Sets the maximum score that will end when one
person/team reaches it.
Time Limit: Sets the number of minutes before the match
switches if the Score Limit hasn't been
Max. Connections: Sets the maximum amount of people you
want to have connected to your server.
This option is only available if your
hosting a multiplayer game.
Weapons Stay: If you check this, weapons will stay after
someone picks one up.

Set whether players have to confirm their readiness

before the match will start.

Under the "Game Settings" tab, you can change the following:
Game Style: Choose from three different choices: Normal (like
the original Unreal), Hardcore (default, with more
damage) and Turbo (fast movement).
Death Messages: Choose between "Classic" or weapon-based
death messages.
Game Speed: Turn up or slow down the game speed.
Air Control: Configure how much control you have when you're

Translocator: Choose whether or not players can use the Translocator

Under the "Bot Settings" tab, you can change the following:
Skill: Choose the skill level of the bots'.
Number: Choose how many bots you want in the game. The max is 32.
Configure: Customize the different bots' name and appearances.
Auto Adjust Skill: If this is checked, the bots' will adjust to how well
you are playing. If you are seriously killing them,
they will get better. If they are seriously killing
you, they'll get easier.
Random Order: If this is checked, Unreal Tournament will automatically
choose different bots' from the list.
[2.7] Multiplayer Gaming
===---===---===---===--This is what you've come for. The main thing behind Unreal Tournament.
Below you'll find the information you need to connect to a game, or to
host a game of your own.
[2.7.1] Hosting a Game
===---===---===---===--To host a game, click on Multiplayer, then select
Start New Internet Game.
[2.7.2] Hosting Options
===---===---===---===--All the options are the same with the
exception of a few:
Force Team Balance: If the teams become uneven, the server will
change players around to even them up.
Force Respawn:

After someone dies, you can force them to

respawn instead of allowing them to do so

There is also a new "Server" tab, where you can alter the
Server Name: The name you want other people to see when
connecting to your server.
Admin Name: Your name here. Leave blank if you want.
Admin E-Mail: Your e-mail address here. Leave blank if you want.
MOTD Line 1: The first line of the Message of the Day. Leave blank if
you want.
MOTD Line 2: The second line of the Message of the Day. Leave blank if
you want.
MOTD Line 3: The third line of the Message of the Day. Leave blank if
you want.

MOTD Line 4: The fourth line of the Message of the Day. Leave blank if
you want.
Advertise Server: Allow your server to be shown when people refresh
their list.
ngWorldStats Logging: Enable the statistical logging.
Optimize for LAN: If you want your server to be made especially for
people who have a LAN, then check this box.
Game Password: Setting a password will only allow people who know the
password to enter your server.
Admin Password: Set the Administrator password, so when a person who
knows the password joins the game, they will have
access to the Administrator options, such as kick and
WWW Remote Admin: Check this box if you want to be able to connect
to your server with administrative features through
TelNet or something similar.
WWW Username: Select a Username that you will enter in TelNet or
something similar when connecting to your server.
WWW Password: Select a Password that you will enter in TelNet or
something similar when connecting to your server.
Webserver Port #: Leave this set to the default setting of 80.
Click "Start" to begin the game. If you want to start the server,
but not play in the game yourself, choose "Dedicated". This will
quit Unreal Tournament and launch the server.
[2.7.3] Joining a Game
To join a game, click Multiplayer and select Find Internet Game.
This will launch the Unreal Tournament game browser. From here, you
can choose a different tab to choose a different type of game. The
different tabs are:
News: This is where important information will come up when needed.
UT Servers: This will display a list of all the UT servers running.
LAN Servers: This tab will display LAN only servers.
Populated Servers: This tab will only display those games that have
players in them, and all empty ones will not be
There are also game specific tabs which will display only servers
running that game.
[2.8] Moving Around
When playing, keep moving. Don't stop for anything. A still
target is an easy, not to mention stupid, target. Moving around
will give the enemy a much harder chance of hitting you.
If an enemy is chasing you, never run away with your back toward
him. Fight him, even if it means your life. You'll hurt him if you

attack, but if you run directly away from him, he'll get you and he'll
have perfect health. If you must run from him, turn around and run
backwards, so you can take shots at him while your running.
[2.9] Jump Jump Jump
Jump all the time. If your moving and jumping from side to side, your
enemies will have a tough time targeting you. Jumping forward and
backward is much better then standing and jumping straight up. But
what are you doing standing still, anyway?
[2.10] Strafing is your Friend
Learn to strafe, and you'll soon be a great player. Strafing around
corners is a lot better then turning around, because if there is danger
right behind a corner, you will be able to easily target the danger
instead of having to turn and line yourself up, which can give the enemy
the time he needs to kill you.
[2.11] Circle Strafing is a Closer Friend
===---===---===---===---===---===---===--This can be a hard technique to learn, but it
in the end. What circle strafing is, you are
circle, with your crosshairs on the target at
your traveling in a complete circle, but your

will pay dividends

strafing around in a
the whole time. So basically
not losing track of the target.

[3] Weaponry
===---===--[3.1] Impact Hammer
PRIMARY ATTACK: Charged long enough, this will kill with one shot.
SECONDARY ATTACK: This is less powerful, but it has the advantage of
splash damage.
[3.2] Chainsaw
PRIMARY ATTACK: Somewhat damaging attack.
SECONDARY ATTACK: A move that will attack in a decapitating motion.
Connecting with a headshot will immediately kill your
[3.3] Enforcer(s)
===---===---===--PRIMARY ATTACK: Fires bullets and is pretty accurate.
SECONDARY ATTACK: Fires bullets more faster, but isn't as accurate.
[3.4] Pulse Gun
PRIMARY ATTACK: Shoots out energy pulses rapidly.
SECONDARY ATTACK: Fires a constant stream of energy.
[3.5] ASMD Shock Rifle
===---===---===---===--PRIMARY ATTACK: Bolt of energy that fires instaneously.
SECONDARY ATTACK: Fires a slower, bigger bolt that has splash damage.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Fire the SECONDARY attack, then fire the PRIMARY attack.
The second time you fire, make sure you hit the bolt. This
causes more damage.

[3.6] Rocket Launcher

PRIMARY ATTACK: Fires rockets, up to six (while holding the FIRE button).
SECONDARY ATTACK: Fires grenades that bounce, up to six. (while holding the
FIRE button).
THIRD ATTACK: Queue rockets with the PRIMARY fire, and just before you
launch them, hold down the SECONDARY fire, and the rockets
will come out in a tight group, rather than a spread.*
FOURTH ATTACK: Keep the Rocket Launcher crosshairs on an enemy for long enough,
and they will turn red. Now fire, and the rockets will track
the enemey.
* Thanks to MJ_MASTER for the Third Attack.
[3.7] Flak Cannon
===---===---===--PRIMARY ATTACK: Scatter shot of shrapnel.
SECONDARY ATTACK: Explosive ball that will kill with one shot if the
target is not wearing armor.
[3.8] GES BioRifle
===---===---===--PRIMARY ATTACK: Fires globs of radioactive waste.
SECONDARY ATTACK: Hold down the fire button to release a huge globs
of radioactive waste.
[3.9] Ripper
===---===--PRIMARY ATTACK: Disks that bounce around before finally exploding.
SECONDARY ATTACK: An explosive disk that explodes on contact of anything.
[3.10] Sniper Rifle
PRIMARY ATTACK: Fires an instantaneous bullet.
SECONDARY ATTACK: Adjusts the zoom view.
[3.11] Minigun
PRIMARY ATTACK: Rapid fire spray of bullets.
SECONDARY ATTACK: Even faster firing rate, with less accuracy.
[3.12] Redeemer
PRIMARY ATTACK: Fire a nuclear warhead.
SECONDARY ATTACK: Fire and guide a nuclear warhead.
===---===--[4] Items
===---===--[4.1] Translocator
===---===---===--This item will drop a beacon that you can leave for any amount of time.
When you use the secondary fire, you will teleport to that location. If
an enemy destroys it and you teleport to it, you will be killed, giving
the enemy who destroyed it a point.
[4.2] Body Armor
===---===---===--Your armor decreases when you take hits from other players, the environment or

yourself. Your armor starts at 0. The maximum armor you can have is 150. The
Thigh Pads (below) add 50 to your armor, the body armor adds 100 to your
armor count, and the Shieldbelt adds 150 to your armor count.
[4.3] Thigh Pads
These will give you added protection against enemy attacks for the time
it lasts, but not as much protection as the Body Armor.
[4.4] Shield Belt
===---===---===--This is the most powerful item in the game. It will provide you with
protection from all attacks and environmental hazards.
[4.5] Health Vile
===---===---===--This will add +5 to your health, taking you over the regular 100.
[4.6] Health Pack
===---===---===--You start the game with 100 health. The maximum allowable health limit is 199.
If your health is at 0, your dead =(. The Health Vile (see above), will add
+5 to your health, which will take you over 100 health if needbe. The Health
Packs add 20 to your health, up to your regular 100. The Big Keg 'O Health
will instantly add 100 health, past the normal 100.
[4.7] Big Keg 'O Health
===---===---===---===--This will take your health up 100, even past the regular. So if your
at 100 health, this will boost it to 199.
[4.8] Scuba Gear
===---===---===--This is automatically activated when you go underwater. It will provide
60 more seconds breathing time while your under.
[4.9] Damage Amplifier
===---===---===---===--This item will kill with one shot with most weapons (except the Enforcer and
other low powered weapons). This lasts for 25 seconds.
[4.10] Invisibility
This powerful powerup will make you virtually invisible, and the only people
that can see you will be the ones right next to you, and even that's
hard. It lasts for 45 seconds.
[4.11] Antigrav Boots
These will allow you to jump much higher then usual and reduce the amount
of damage you take on falls. It can only be used for three jumps, and it
can't be turned on or off, so don't jump after getting them unless you need
to jump high.
[5] Bots
The bots in Unreal Tournament are undoubtedly the most intelligent bots
in any game. They will give you as much a challenge as a human opponent

[5.1] What are "bots"?

===---===---===---===--"Bots" are robots in a game that have AI, or Artificial Intelligence. They
are programmed to mimic the human brain and to fight as a human would.
They pick up weapons, fire at you, retreat, capture flags, capture control
points, attack, defend, cover, etc.
[5.2] Configuring Bots
===---===---===---===--You can configure the bots to your liking, using a wide range of options.
The options are:
Class: Same as what you did for the Player Setup.
Skin: Same as what you did for the Player Setup.
Face: Same as what you did for the Player Setup.
Name: Choose a name for this bot.
You can also define the bots' behaviors:
Favorite Weapon: Bot will use this weapon and search for it whenever
he can.
Accuracy: Can the bot hit a moving target at 1000FT away, dead center
in the head during heavy winds, or can he not hit the broad side
of a barn?
Alertness: Is the bot paranoid and very alert, or would he not know if
hold a gun to the back of his head?
Camping: Will the bot hide by a weapon or spot and take shots as people
pass by, or will he throw himself into the middle of a firefight?
Combat Style: Is the bot an "in your face" fighter, a sniper, a coward, or a
"run in, shoot, run away, run in, shoot, run away" fighter?
Jumping: Is the bot on steroids and jumps around the whole arena or is he
scared of heights and remains on the ground?
[5.3] Tips for Beating Bots
- Bots don't always look behind them when they're running. Use this
opportunity to gun them down.
- Usually, bots only stand still when they're waiting for an elevator.
This is a good moment to kill them.
- Most bots run a pattern for each level. Figure out this pattern
and you'll be able to kill them before you know it.
- In team games, the bots will sometimes give you useful information.
Listen to them.
- Bots will sometimes camp out by a powerup, such as a shield belt. They
won't expect you, so sneak up behind them.
- Don't try to fight a bot one on one, in the face. At higher skill
levels, they will destroy you.
- Some arenas have traps. Try to catch the bots in them, as they almost

always run into traps.

- When you run around corners or obstacles, the bots sometime lose track
of you.
- Don't play God. Unless you're the ultimate player, you won't stand a
chance at defeating them on the Godlike difficulty. Turn it down and
don't play hero.
[5.4] Order Your Bots
You can give bots orders, and they'll do what you tell them too. In a
Capture the Flag game, lead one or more bots to your flag and order it
"hold this position". Send some other bots to capture the flag and the
rest to whatever they want.
[6] Unreal Tournament World
[6.1] Environments
===---===---===--[6.1.1] Lava
===---===--Lava is dangerous to you, and your enemies, so use this to your advantage.
If you see an enemy running by a lava pool, use the Rocket Launcher or
Shock Rifle to knock him in. This counts as suicide and the enemy will
loose 1 point. If you happen to fall in, you'll be able to survive for
3 or so seconds before you melt.
Example map: LavaGiant (CTF-LavaGiant)
[6.1.2] Toxic Waste
Exactly the same as Lava, but green instead of orangey red. Knock enemies
into here and laugh to yourself heartily.
Example maop: Gearbolt (DOM-Gearbolt).
[6.1.3] Water
Water, unlike Lava and Toxic Waste, is safe to go in. You'll sometimes
find powerups and weapons hidden underwater, so don't be afraid to go
searching. Just remember to come up for air.
Example map: November (CTF-November). A lot of maps have water.
[6.1.4] Heights
Heights is another danger all combatants must face. You'd be wise to try
and knock opponents off of huge heights with the Rocket Launcher or Shock Rifle,
as this will count as suicide and subtract 1 point from them.
Example map: Almost every map has a dangerous level height.
[6.1.5] Teleporters
Teleporters are spread throughout certain levels and usually transport
you to predetermined areas of the arena. After teleporting, be sure not

to stand on the teleporter, as someone can come through and telefrag you.
Example map: Hyperblast (DM-Hyperblast).
[6.1.6] Doors, Levers and Buttons
Unlike other first person shooters where you press a key to activate
a door, button or lever, in Unreal Tournament, you just walk up to it
to activate it.
Example map: Almost every map has doors, levers and/or buttons.
[6.1.7] Lifts
Lifts can be a dangerous tool, as standing waiting for them can leave
you open to attack. They transport you between different levels.
Standing under lifts will cause damage, but not too much.
Example map: Quite a few maps have a lift of some sort.
[6.1.8] Air Currents
Only available on certain arenas, they let you float up or down. Be
careful, though, as too far a fall can kill you.
Example map: Floating Pyramid (DM-Pyramid).
[6.1.9] Traps
Some arenas contain traps, such as "The Pressure Chamber". Be sure to watch
these areas, and catch opponents off-guard.
Example map: The Pressure Chamber (DM-Pressure).
[6.1.10] Turrets
===---===---===--Some Assault arenas have guns and turrets that belong to the defending
team, which attack the attackers as they near objectives.
Example map: Mazon Fortress (AS-Mazon).
[6.1.11] Low Gravity Areas
Some arenas have areas that are low gravity. You'll be able to jump to
extreme heights, but you won't have near as much control while in the air.
It's also easy to float into outer space and die, so be careful.
Example map: Morpheous (DM-Morpheous).
[6.2] Communication
Communicating with your teammates is a sure-fire way to win, especially
during Capture the Flag and Domination matches.
[6.2.1] General Communication Tips
===---===---===---===---===---===--- Listen to your teammates, because they usually have something of
importance to say.
- If you want to say something only your team should know, be sure to hit

the team chat key, R by default.

- If you're about to do something, such as go for the flag, tell your team
so they can stay on defense.
- If you see something happen that everyone should know about, tell your
- If you need health or ammo, let your team know so they don't hog all the
[6.2.2] Communication Rules
- If someone gets a good shot on you, don't insult them. Congratulate them
on pulling off such a great shot.
- You may join a server and see that all the names resemble each other.
This could be a clan game. If someone asks you to leave, don't bitch;
leave and find another server.
- Some people who are new to the game, called "newbies", may ask questions.
Take the time and answer them. Just think... you're giving help to a
future fragger.
- DON'T SPAM! This is the most annoying thing you can do.
- Don't complain about campers. Just because they camp doesn't mean they
suck. If you are getting tired of campers, just leave and find another
- Don't complain about other players. Just because they have a faster
connection to you, doesn't mean they deserve being bitched at.
- If someone is lagged out, you can tell. They will be standing still,
and won't react if you move around them or fire. It's not fair to these
people if you frag them in their state, so leave them and come back to
fight later.
- If you join a game and notice that the teams are completely unbalanced,
join the team with the lowest players. Hey, after reading this, you
should be good enough to go against all those others and win, right?
[7] Deathmatch
Deathmatch is the most common type of game, and in Unreal Tournament, there
are three versions of it; Classic, Teamplay and Last Man Standing.
[7.1] Rules
===---===--OBJECTIVE: Kill everything. Pretty straightforward, eh?
SCORING: One point per kill. One point is deducted for killing yourself
or by dying by the environment (lava, toxic waste, drowning, etc.).
ENDING: When a player reaches the Frag Limit set by the server, or when
the Time Limit is reached, the arena changes.
[7.2] Teamplay Deathmatch
Same as Classic Deathmatch, but two to four teams must kill the members
of the opposing teams, without killing their own.

[7.2.1] Rules
OBJECTIVE: Have a higher score than the other teams by killing them off.
SCORING: One point per kill. One point is deducted for killing yourself
or by dying by the environment (lava, toxic waste, drowning, etc.).
ENDING: When a team reaches the Frag Limit, that team wins. The team with
the highest score when the Time Limit reaches wins.
[7.3] Last Man Standing
===---===---===---===--In LMS, each person has a limited amount of lives, and they lose one
every time they die. After you've used all your lives, you must wait
until the next arena to play again.
[7.3.1] Rules
OBJECTIVE: Kill as many players as possible while dying as little as
SCORING: You lost a point after each death. Killing others deducts one
point from their score.
ENDING: Be the last one with any points left to win.
[7.4] Basic Strategies

Know the level

Use the mouse to look and aim
Develop a pattern that will take you through weapons, health and powerups
Learn from better players by watching them in spectator mode
Grab everything you can, even if you don't need it, so your enemies can't
have it
Control powerups, especially the Big Keg 'O Health and the Shieldbelt.
Set your weapon priority
Use the right weapon for the right occasion
If you have lag, work through it. It will make you a better player if you
can snipe a moving target with 1000+ ping
Look behind you at times to see if anyone is following you
Keep away from walls, as the splash damage from explosive weapons can kill
Try to avoid water, or at least go in when no one is around. You move
slower and are easier to hit
Never stop moving. A still target is an easy target.
Strafe as much as you can
Listen closely to sounds. Footsteps and gunshots can tell you where
something is happening
Attack from above, if possible. Players usually have a much harder time
hitting targets above them

[7.5] Advanced Strategies

- Most powerups respawn from 60-90 seconds, so count down and make your way
to them when they're about to respawn
- When using an explosive weapon, aim for the feet so the splash damage
will harm them no matter what
- Aim for the head with certain weapons, as head shots are more rewarding
than body shots

- Aim where you think the player will be in a second, as this will guarantee
a it. This is especially important in heavy lag conditions
- Knock your opponents around using the Rocket Launcher or the Shock Rifle.
This will keep your opponents confused
- Use the Translocator to get yourself out of trouble fast
- Strafe around corners, so you can immediately see people and will be
able to attack them faster
- Learn to circle strafe, as it will pay dividends in the end
[8] Domination
Domination is a game in which teams must fight to control "control points"
throughout the arena.
[8.1] Rules
===---===--OBJECTIVE: To score the most points by holding "control points".
SCORING: Run through the Control Points to capture them for your team.
For every four seconds you hold one, you gain one point. Most
arenas have three control points; holding all three for five
seconds will score your team three points.
ENDING: Once the score limit is reached. If the Time Limit is reached,
the team with the highest score wins.
[8.2] Basic Strategies
===---===---===---===--- Guard the Control Points
- If an enemy is heading toward a control point, shoot at the floor of the
control point to knock the enemy away
- If someone is guarding a control point, save some supplies for him/her
- Communicate, communicate, communicate!
- Attack in groups. Some of you may die, but you stand a better chance of
grabbing the Control Point
[8.3] Advanced Strategies
- Set the Translocator beacon on a Control Point, and as the enemy comes
to grab it, teleport and telefrag him
- Set the bots (in single or practice mode) to "freelance" so they will
try to gain control
- Spread out, so not all of you will die by an explosive
- Use powerups wisely
[9] Capture the Flag
Players split up into teams and attempt to get the others flag and return
it to their flag to score a point.
[9.1] Rules
===---===--OBJECTIVE: To capture the other teams flag more times then they can.
SCORING: One point per capture. The team who reaches the Frag Limit wins.
When the Time Limit is reached, the team with the highest score
ENDING: The team with the most captures wins the match.

[9.2] Basic Strategies


Know the map. Knowing where the flag is gives you a distinct advantage
Defense is key to winning
Communicate, communicate, communicate!
Attack in groups. Some of you will die, but there's a better chance of
getting the flag
Provide cover fire if you see your flag carrier being attacked
Don't block the way of the flag carrier; give him a clear path
Avoid water at all costs when carrying the flag, unless you are 105% sure
no defenders are near you
Follow your flag carrier. If you see him/her, follow him and protect him
from people who attack
If you have the enemies flag, and yours is gone, hide.
Cover all the entrances to your flag

[9.3] Advanced Strategies

- Use a "minefield" defense. Keep littering the floor by the flag with
toxic waste from the GES BioRifle if it's available. Be careful; if
Friendly Fire is enabled, this can be bad for your team
- If you see the flag carrier being attacked by more than one person, jump
in front of him and die for him
- Let players with a low ping be on defense so there's a better chance of
your flag staying where it is
- If you die near the flag, stay dead. You can tell your teammates about
what is happening
- When running with the flag, turn around and lay down some toxic waster from
the BioRifle to discourage people following you
[10] Assault
Assault is a game where a team of attackers must complete certain objectives,
and the Defending team must prevent them from doing that.
[10.1] Rules
===---===--OBJECTIVE: Attackers must complete the objectives (review them by F3) and
the Defenders must prevent them. After the Attackers complete
or fail their objectives, the roles switch.
SCORING: There is no scoring in Assault. Just complete the objectives.
ENDING: Once the Attackers complete the objectives, the game restarts, with
the Attackers on defense. The new Attackers must complete the
objectives in the time it took the old attackers too.
[10.2] Basic Strategies
===---===---===---===--- Attack in groups. You stand a much better chance of accomplishing
the objectives with a group of people
- Stock up on ammo
- Don't hog ammo, as everyone will need the firepower
- If your near the objective, focus on that, and forget about the
- If someone picked up a Big Keg 'O Health, send them first. They'll
have a much better chance.

[10.3] Advanced Strategies

- Spread out
- Control the powerups
- Use the Sniper Rifle if you're on defense, because most attackers will
come from the same way, and you can easily pick them off
===---===---===--[11] Special Moves
===---===---===--[11.1] Hammer Jump
===---===---===--Charge the PRIMARY attack of the Impact Hammer, then aim at the ground.
Jump, and at the top of the jump, release the fire button. You will lose
a bit of health, but you'll jump much farther.
[12] Online Glossary
"Did you see that LPB telefrag me? I respawned right in front of him and he
fragged me like I was a HPB newbie!"
Do you understand that? Well, I've compiled a list of online gaming terms,
so you'll soon learn to talk the "gaming lingo".




Shortform for Artificial

Intelligence. Refers to
the bots means of thinking

"The bot AI in Unreal

Tournament is sweet"


A person who stays in one

spot and shoots at people
as they pass

"Damnit I hate campers"

Cap it

Shortform for "Capture the


"Hey Droogie, cap it



A group of players who

play together. Usually
fight other clans for fun

"I belong to a clan of

elite players"


Shortform for Capture the


"I want to play a game

of CTF"


Shortform for Deathmatch

"I had this sweet DM game

last night"


Shortform for First Person


"Unreal Tournament is a
good FPS"

Frag 1

To kill someone

"I need to frag that guy!"

Frag 2

A player's score

"YES! I have 20 frags!"


Shortform for Good Game

"That was a GG"

Gibs 1

Blown up body parts

"There's nothing but gibs"

Gibs 2

To kill someone so
violently, that there
is nothing left

"The Rocket Launcher gibs

people good"


Shortform for High Ping

Whiner. Someone who has
a slow connection to the

"I feel sorry for that HPW"

IP Address

The Internet address for a


"My IP address is"

Lag 1

Packet delays sent from your "Ouch. This server has bad
computer to the host

Lag 2

To experience lag


for a lag


Shortform for Low Ping

Bastard. Someone who has a
fast connection to the

"That LPB is cleaning up!"


A modification of a game,
usually user made. A MOD
adds new features.

"The new MOD for UT looks



Someone who is new to the

game and doesn't know much

"Look at the newbie trying

to shoot the flag!"


How fast your computer is

connected to the server. A
low ping is good; a high
ping is bad

"My ping is great!"


Coming back to life after

being killed

"I'm respawning way too

much today"


The computer hosting a game

"This server is really fast"


Flooding the chat with

"Damnit stop spamming!"
repeated, nonsense messages.
Also referred to as "flooding"

Telefrag 1

When you teleport onto a space "Don't stand in teleports

occupied by another player
or you'll get telefragged"

Telefrag 2

Scoring a telefrag

"I have bad lag"

for Local Area

"I love playing LAN games"
A network of
connected together
free game

"I telefragged that guy!"

[13] Console Commands
Bring up the console with the ~ (tilde) key and enter any of the following




Brings up the video card

selection menu


Show objects of different

classes whose names conflict


Runs with the log window



Disable DirectDraw support


Disable DirectSound support


Disable garbage collection


Disable 3D Hardware support


Disable AMD K6-3D support


Don't show log window


Disable KNI (PIII) support


Disable MMX support


Disable sound


Disable warning message boxes

on screen


Run in "safe mode"; same as if

UT crashes


Run as a dedicated server


Run with no log window and no

error messages displayed; if
there is a critical error, UT
will just quit


Specify the .ini file to use;

normally UnrealTournament.ini


Specify the .ini file for userspecific configurations;

normally User.ini


Change the specified log file;

default is UnrealTournament.log


Sets the "home" IP address


Sets the UDP port for the

Internet server


Sets the .ini file for reading





MENUCMD {menu} {menuitem}

Brings up an Unreal Tournament

menu item

SAY {message}

Broadcast a message

SETNAME {name}

Change your name

SETTEAM {name}

Change your team; {name} = team



Kill yourself

TEAMSAY {message}

Broadcast a message to teammates




ADDBOTS {number}

Add more bots to the game

KILLALL {class name}

Kill all actors of a certain



Kill all bots

SLOMO {number}

Sets game speed; 1.0 is normal

SUMMON {class name}

Spawns an actor of the specified


VIEWCLASS {class name}

Cycle through the positions of

the specified class



ADMIN {command}

Perform a console command


Switch to a different level

ADMIN SET UWeb. Webserver bEnabled True

Enable remote admin webserver

ADMIN SET UWeb. Webserver bEnabled False

Disable a remote admin webserver

ADMINLOGIN {password}

Login as an administrator


Logout of administrator mode

KICK {playername}

Kick the specified player

KICKBAN {playername}

Ban a player by IP address; you

must edit your .ini file to
unban this player

* = Thanks to DarkStriker for these commands.




Cycle through brightness values


Cancel an "open" command that

is trying to connect to a
network server


Plays the specified CD track


Identify your CPU speed

DEMOPLAY {filename}

Plays a recorded demo

DEMOREC {filename}

Record a demo to {filename}


Disconnect from the game server


Play in Windowed mode

EXEC {filename}

Execute the commands in the



Quit the game to Desktop


Refresh lighting, 3D hardware,


FOV {angle}

Sets your field of view


Shows a list of color depths

supported by your 3D hardware


Shows the current color depth


Shows the current resolution


Hide actors during the game


Change to a certain track;

0=ambient, 1=action, 2=suspense


Change your network data rate;

2600=modem, 5000=ISDN,

OPEN {url}

Opens a local map or an Internet



A3D 2.0 occlusion factor


A3D 2.0 maximum node distance

s_reflect 0 or 1

A3D 2.0 reflections

s_occlude 0 or 1

A3D 2.0 occlusions

s_wavetracing 0 or 1

A3D 2.0 wavetracing


A3D 2.0 reflection gain


A3D 2.0 reflection delay


A3D 2.0 max. number of polygons


A3D 2.0 max. number of

reflection polygons


A3D 2.0 smallest polygon size


A3D 2.0 large polygon size


A3D 2.0 sources


Sets resoultion and color depth;

W=width, H=height, D=depth


Stop recording or playing a demo


Opens "Advanced Options" window


Reconnect to the Game server


Take a screenshot; will be saved

in the System directory with a
name of Shot0001.bmp,
Shot0002.bmp, Shot0003.bmp, etc.


Toggle fullscreen mode on/off


Types text on the console

===---===---===--[14] Cheat Codes

===---===---===--Please don't use Cheat Codes if you can help it. It seriously ruins the
To activate these cheats, press the ~ (tilde key) to bring down
the console. You will first need to type "iamtheone" (without quotations) to
activate the cheats. enter a code, press ENTER and close the console by
pressing the tilde key again. These codes only work in single player and
practice mode.



God Mode
Walk and fly through walls
All weapons (except Redeemer) and ammo
999 ammo for all weapons you have


Lets you fly

Turn off ghost and/or fly mode
Toggle time freeze on/off
Kill yourself

To enable the boss skin without having to beat the single player tournament,
browse to your Unreal Tournament directory, and open the "user.ini" file
with Notepad, WordPad or some other text editor. Backup this file before
editing it. Add the two lines:
This will give you access to the Xan skin in Player Setup.
[15] Minimum Requirements
CPU: P200MHz
Memory: 32MB RAM
HD Space: 120MB
Audio: Windows 9X Compatible Sound Card
Video: PCI Local Bus Video Card
OS: Windows 9X, Windows 2000, Windows NT4
===---===---===---===---===--[16] Recommended Requirements
===---===---===---===---===--CPU: P266MHz
Memory: 64MB RAM
HD Space: 605MB
Audio: Windows 9X Compatible Sound Card
Video: 3D Accelerator
OS: Windows 9X, Windows 2000, Windows NT4
[17] History
Version 2.0 (13th Aug 2000):
- slowly adjusting layout to match my other, newer FAQ's
- slowly making it look nicer
- slowly rearranging it
Version 1.9 (26th Jan 2000):
Big update for 1.9 =)
- fixed Domination game info
- changed some Game Preferences options
- added info for Rocket Launcher
- added info for GES BioRifle
- changed wording for the Invisibility powerup
- corrected the spelling of "boots" to "bots". Boots. Hehe
- added an example map where an environmental hazard can be found under [6.1]
- changed some Basic Strategies around and made some of them easier to
understand to newbies
- added specific number statistics to the Health items to make it easier for
- added a fourth attack for the Rocket Launcher

- added info for the thid attack for the ASMD Shock Rifle
- fixed a grammer error in Basic Strategies
Version 1.8 (20th Jan 2000):
- corrected a few spelling errors
- changed definition of HPB (High Ping Bastard) to HPW (High Ping Whiner)
- added "iamtheone" (to activate the cheats) to the cheat section (thanks
to MeltDown)
- corrected some Domination info
Version 1.7 (19th Jan 2000):
- changed spelling from "altar" to "alter" in a few areas (thanks to
PsOmA for pointing this out)
- changed information for Damage Amplifier (thanks to DFire for the
correct info)
- changed information for Lifts
- fixed some grammar errors
Version 1.6 (17th Jan 2000):
- incorrect info for Big Keg 'O Health (thanks to Pii314159 for pointing
it out)
- mispelled "unlike" with "unlock" in [6.1.6] - fixed (thanks to Pii314159
for pointing it out)
Version 1.5 (7th Jan 2000):
- removed a few nonsense things
Version 1.4 (6th Jan 2000):
- fixed the indexing of 6.1
- 7.4 and 7.5 index didn't match with 7.4 and 7.5 content - fixed
- fixed the spelling of Translocator
- added
- fixed
- added

1.3 (4th Jan 2000):

more contact info up top
more spelling errors
the cheat to get the boss armor without beating the game

- added
- added
- fixed

1.2 (3rd Jan 2000):

the "Third Attack" for the Rocket Launcher
[13] Console Commands
some spelling errors

||[18] Other FAQ's Written
|| Diablo II
|| August 12, 2000 (Still Writing)
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