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Exodus 31: Skills, Resources, Labor and

Fair Trade Act

A bill based on the lesson of Bezalel on increasing trade, creating
jobs through training up a skilled work force, managing and
reallocating resources in the right places to increase economic
growth for the 13% living in poverty and Middle Class Americans.

Leasing, Privatising or Opening up all Federal land to allow for

Fracking and Drilling for Oil, Uranium and all the above energy
Repealing the Clean Power Act, rebuilding factories back up putting
Coal workers back to work.
Small Towns and Urban Areas Across America are allowed to apply
for Economic Freedom Zone Status, where every single Tax
revenue collected by the local government stays in the area to
build up infastructure, roads, hospitals, schools and clinics.
Reforming the Corporate tax rate to a Flat Tax Rate of 10% to
bring in more revenues and Corporate Inversion 2 Trillion Dollars
of American money overseas to come back to rebuild America's
infastructure and provide affordable community colleges and
technical schools with Engineering, Science, Mathematics,
Aerospace, Trades and Welding Programs and courses.
All Federal Poverty Programs shipped back to the States to be
managed by State and Local governments designed to get people
into jobs and employment.
Defunding the Department of Education and returning all Education
funding with a 4% increase back to the States and Local level.

Amendments to NAFTA removing Mexico and only

keeping the agreement between Canada and United
States of America.
Give Permission for the Keystone Pipeline to be built.
Giving Contracts to Private Companies to rebuild, repair
and insect new pipelines Across America, to deliver
clean water, natural gas and other chemicals safely.
Repeals Dodd Frank and repeals all regulations on
small businesses and community banks.
Eliminates property Taxes on all working class and
middle class people but increases property taxes on the
rich by 5%
Illegal Immigrants without a Criminal record can come
out of the shadows, pay a fine $300 and are eligible for
a green card if there are employed, have a job, not on
welfare, not on public assitance, do not have a criminal
record, are not in a gang and do not have any
connections with narco terrorists in South America.
Importing Tropical Timber from West Africa and using it
to build affordable housing for Veterans to end veteran

Auditing the Federal Reserve and Congressional monetary policy to

get back to the gold standard.
Giving contracts to private sector mining companies to mine for silver,
bronze and gold increasing and creating mineral mining jobs across
A government funded program for poor minority kids to teach them
Carpentry, welding, painting and brick laying skills and help them
find employment in this fields.
Importing Myrrh trees from Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea and eastern
Ethiopia and finding land in the urban areas and planting them which
the trees can be used to start business in manufacturing Myrrh incense
fragrance and oil for export around the world.

Stopping Government waste and funding research and

plants into turning plastics into Diesel, Wax and Grease.