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May 2, 2016

The Buzz at Irmo Middle School

Irmo Middle School

6051 Wescott Road
Columbia, SC 29212
(803) 476-3600

Creating successful students for the challenges of tomorrow
School Hours:
8:20 a.m.3:35 p.m.

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PTSO Volunteer Form
New York Expedition Trip 3
8th Grade Social
Summer School Info
D5 Dance Marathon
Teen Advisory Board
Standardize Testing
SC Pass Essentials
SC Youth Diabetes



Dates to Remember:
Pulsera Project Week
May 2-6
Tues 5/3
G40 Mtg. 7:45-8:10
Media Center
Fri 5/6
FCA Mtg. 7:40-8:10
AM Room 904

Wed 5/11
SC PASS Science
Thurs 5/12
SC PASS Social Studies

Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Principal

Irmo Middle School Volunteer Opportunities:

Book Fair - Help setup and volunteer during the school day
to assist with Book air in the Library. This year the Book Fair
will be the Week of February 29th - March 4th, 2016.
School Store - This is how school Spirit Wear is sold. Duties
include ordering supplies and staffing the school store periodically during the school day
and at school sponsored on campus events.
Hospitality - Assist with obtaining food donations (purchased or homemade) and help to
setup/serve at events designed to show appreciation to teachers, staff and administrators.
Special Events - Coordinate and staff school-wide events for students and community
members, such as Walk your Child to School Day in October, Pastries for Patriots Day in
November, school dances, etc.
PBIS - Positive Behavior Incentive Program is a school behavior incentive system. Duties include coordinating with the Assistant Principal to help plan and staff events designed to recognize students for good behavior. Also may require soliciting items from
local businesses such as coupons, popcorn or gift cards for use as student rewards.
Business Partners - This is a fundraising component of the PTSO. Duties include contacting local businesses (such as Zaxbys, Grouchos, Moes, etc.) to set up Spirit Nights in
which IMS PTSO gets a percentage of the proceeds from Irmo Middle school families
who patronize those restaurants. Responsible for setting up a calendar of events and publicizing those dates through the school newsletter, social media sites and other forms of
parent communication.
Ways and Means - This is the main fund raising committee of the PTSO. Duties include
assisting Committee Chairs (Julie Gordon and Ruth Iglesias) with fundraising projects,
such as selling Google Chrome Books, Chick-fil-la Calendars, and other revenue generating events/projects.
Membership/Volunteer Coordinator - Someone who will help sell memberships and
recruit volunteers for the school. This person will organize contact information for potential volunteers They will be the point of contact for school events where volunteers are

Nurses Note:

If you have news for the

Buzz, email Allison Redick

Parents, if your child has "as needed" medicine(s) in the Health

Room, you may begin picking it up between the hours of 8:00 a.m.
and 4:00 p.m. Please be reminded that we can not send medications home with your student: a parent or guardian MUST pick it
up. Any medications NOT picked up by the last day of school will be
discarded. If you have any questions please call Nurse Jackson at
476-3609 or 476-3730.

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Irmo Middle School

PTSO Volunteer Form
20162017 School Year
Welcome to Irmo Middle School! We would love for you to be a part of the IMS Parent Teacher Student Organization! PTSO Volunteers are vital to the success of Irmo Middle School. Research shows that grades and test
scores rise for Middle School children when parents are involved. So, your involvement is more important now,
than ever. There are volunteer opportunities for to meet everyones schedule. Please join us!
Volunteer Opportunities:
Please check which areas you would be interested in serving (please see below for description of committees):
PTSO Executive Board Committees:
____ Book Fair
______ PBIS

______School Store
______Business Partners

________ Hospitality
____Ways & Means

______ Special Events

______Volunteer Coordinator

Contact Information:

1) _________________________________________




Parent(s)/ Guardian Name ______________________________________________

Email Address________________________________________________________
Mailing Address ______________________________________________________
Home Phone Number________________

Cell Phone Number____________________

Please label and return this form ASAP to the front office of the school for the PTSO Box. Someone from the
PTSO Executive Board or Mr. Jacksons secretary will be in touch with you soon.

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at Irmo

New York Expedition 2017

Open to all current 7th graders
The introduction meeting for the expedition will be Tuesday, May 10th at 6:00pm in the IMS cafe. Please come
and get information about the trip including an itinerary, web page information, fund raisers, and a possible free
expedition! The meeting should last about 30 minutes and will be informative. Sign up for the trip soon to
spread out the payments over 9 months!


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The World Language students and teachers at Irmo Middle School are planning a spectacular school-wide project to align with our International Academic Magnet and Expeditionary Learning design principle of Service and
Compassion. It is called the Pulsera Project and many of you may be familiar
with the project from last year. If not, we are sure you are asking, what exactly is the Pulsera Project?
The Pulsera Project began in 2009 when 13 college friends were searching for adventure during
their winter break. They had been to Costa Rica (just north of Nicaragua) in previous years, but
suspected that Nicaragua, the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere could be a window to another world; one of profound natural beauty, famously friendly people, and deep economic poverty. Everyone in the crew wanted to surf, hike and explore the country, but also
wanted to help in any way they could while experiencing the rich human culture normally hidden
from tourists.
The Nicaraguan adventure soon became more than the friends had ever imagined when they
discovered a shelter for former street kids on a farm in the foothills of Managua, the capital city.
They visited the farm many times and were always welcomed like long-lost friends. When the
time came to return to the states, the young Nicaraguan people gave them pulseras (beautiful,
colorful woven bracelets) as going away presents, and this inspired the founding of the Pulsera
When the group returned home, they brought with them lots of pulseras and the inspiring story
of the shelter youths and their art. It wasn't long before the friends began selling the pulseras at
their school and began this amazing adventure! We want to do something big at Irmo Middle
that not only shapes our school, but helps to make the world a better place to live. So...check
this out!
What is it? The Pulsera Project - have a look at their website - It is very
easy to navigate. Watch the eye-opening video "color the World".
What is the timeline? May 2-6 All students participate in the school-wide CREW lesson to learn
about Nicaragua, fair-trade, and out commitment to the Pulsera Project.
May 2-6 - Pulsera bracelets from Nicaragua are sold during all lunches in the cafeteria by our
World Language students. They will be assisted by parent volunteers
and IMS faculty and staff.
We have 600 bracelets and 30 bolsitas (little purses) to sell. ALL money goes directly back to this
non-profit organization. Please help us change the world, one pulsera at a time!!

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Friday, May 13
7 - 10:00pm, IMS Cafeteria
IMS students ONLY. $10.00 per person (No Refunds).
Theme is Masquerade Under the Stars
Hors devours, dessert and drinks will be served along with a jamming D.J.

The attire is dress your best, NO BLUE JEANS! Dresses can be strapless or spaghetti strap, but MUST BE FINGERTIP LENGTH.

Tickets will be sold during 8th Grade Lunches, starting May 2 May13th
Permission forms must be turned in and any outstanding Id debts must be paid before a student can purchase a ticket.
Students will not be able to enter the 8 Grade Social without a ticket and school ID.
Dont forget to purchase your tickets!!
Contact Windy Jones @ 803-476-3658 - any questions or interested in being a chaperone.



2015-16 Summer School Information

The following dates have been approved for students who will be attending Summer
School 2016 at Irmo Middle School. We are sharing this information early with students, parents, and families so everyone can plan for their summer vacations. We are
very confident that our interactions and interventions throughout the year will minimize and/or eliminate the need for summer school for most (if not all of our students).
If you need any information about summer school, please contact Mr. Glenn Hutto,
Assistant Principal for Instruction at (803)476-3663.
The Middle School Summer School Program is designed for current 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who attend
or are zoned for Irmo Middle School and have not mastered the course standards in English, Social Studies,
Math, or Science. This program is streamlined to concentrate on academic mastery.
A. Who attends summer school?
1. Rising 7th and 8th grade students who have failed either one or two academic subjects.
2. Those students who have failed three or more classes are ineligible to attend summer school and may be retained in their current grade.
3. Out of district students cannot enroll in this program.
B. Where will summer school be held? At Irmo Middle School for rising 7th, 8th and 9th graders.
C. What are the dates for summer school? Current 6th, 7th and 8th graders will take courses offered only on
the following dates:
Week 1:

June 13, 14, 15, 16


Week 2:

June 20, 21, 22, 23


Week 3:

June 27, 28


D. What times will students attend?

Students will attend from 8:30am 1:30pm. There will be no afternoon sessions.
E. How will my student get to summer school? Parents are responsible for transportation arrangements (to and
from summer school).
F. How do I register my child for summer school? Registration packets will be available in the spring on our
website and in the main office at the school.

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Spring standardized testing season is upon us. Irmo Middle School will administer
SCPASS and EOCEP assessments to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders on the following dates:
Wednesday, May 11th- Science
Thursday, May 12th - Social Studies
Monday, May 16th - EOC, English 1 Honors Only
Tuesday, May 17th - EOC English 1 Honors Only
Wednesday, May 18th - EOC Algebra 1 Honors Only
Thursday, May 19th - EOC Algebra 1 Honors Only
Parents and/or guardians, there are several steps you can take to help maximize your childs performance on
these exams:
1. Make sure your student is present for each day of testing. Schedule all appointments outside the testing window. If it is absolutely necessary, schedule afternoon appointments as we will test each morning.
2. Take away their mobile devices, gaming systems and/or TV to eliminate distractions. Students need 8 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to perform at optimum level.
3. Each morning, make sure your student eats a healthy breakfast.
4. Ensure your student reports to school early (8:00am).
5. Make sure that all 6th graders bring their Chromebooks to school fully charged on testing dates, as their assessments will be administered online.
6. Talk with your child about all three exams (SCREADY, SCPASS, and EOC) to help reduce test anxiety, encourage your child to focus and put forth their best effort when encountering difficult questions on the
test and remember to praise your child when he or she performs well on assessments such as the EOC, which
provides instant feedback.
Students, here are a few steps you can take to enhance your performance during testing:
1. Arrive early on test day.
2. Be comfortable but alert.
3. Stay relaxed and confident. When nerves take over, remember to take several slow, deep breaths and relax.
4. Try to answer questions in a strategic order; that is, answer the easy questions first to build confidence and
tackle the difficult questions last.
5. Leave mobile devices at home or shut them off completely once you enter the campus.
6. A final step for students is to review their tests after completion, making sure they did not forget to answer
any questions, miss-mark any answers, or made any other type of careless mistake.
These few simple steps could help Irmo Middle School students earn exemplary results. For more information
about testing you may contact Sheila Inabinet (Guidance Director, 476-3670) or Glenn Hutto (Assistant Principal
for Instruction, 476-3612). Additionally, you can visit the South Carolina Department of Education website for
additional information.

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South Carolina Youth Diabetes Association (SCYDA) is pleased to announce that

camp applications are now available online at: We offer two
summer camping opportunities in 2016:
1) CSE-Midlands in Batesburg from June 4 - 8
2) CSE-Upstate in Marietta, SC from July 16 - 20.
Camp Sweet Escape promotes healthy diabetic habits, independence, and a support network, all of which can
make all of our jobs more rewarding. Whats better than watching a child grow and mature in a healthy, selfsufficient way? We encourage everyone who is interested to apply early while space is still available!
At SCYDA, we feel that children with diabetes need ongoing support for the best outcomes and dont think this
should stop after Camp is over. Therefore, we are also busy with several other advocacy projects, including
our goal of providing a Diabetes Emergency Supply Kit (D.E.S.K) to all South Carolina public schools, maintaining
the current opportunity for free continuing education credits for schools nurses (co-sponsored by SC AHEC),
and supporting diabetes education for foster parents and SC Department of Social Services caseworkers.
As a previous public school nurse in the Lancaster County School District, I know first-hand how crazy busy
your job is. Although I apologize for requesting you add something else to it, I feel you understand how vital it is
to help students with diabetes learn to better care for themselves.
I think we have a mutual goal: we want all children to grow into healthy, responsible adults that can help make
the world a better place. To accomplish our goals we really need your help. Specifically, we need your help promoting Camp Sweet Escape to students & families and your help developing new sources of funding to support
these projects. Lets work together to make this happen.
Take the lead. Please consider Dress Down for Diabetes Day in April 2016. Funds raised at your school can
be earmarked to ensure children with diabetes from your school are able to attend Camp Sweet Escape. Its
Ask your school administrator to consider a faculty (or student) Dress Down for Diabetes Day. This could be
a jean day or t-shirt day, etc.
Pick a day in April 2016 for your Dress Down for Diabetes Day.
Charge $5.00 for each faculty participant (or $1.00 per student participant). (We had an awesome bookkeeper
at the school I worked in; she would always volunteer to collect the money for this. I didnt really have to do a
thing except talk it up.)
Send the money to SCYDA with the name of any children in your school with diabetes that you would like to
financially support.
If you dont have any children with diabetes at your school, please know there are many other financially challenged children with diabetes in the state that could benefit from your efforts. Again, I know you are very busy,
but I ask that you please take the time to help these students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to
attend camp.
Thank you for all that you do for these children and families. You DO make a difference!
Warmest regards,
Traci P. Scott, RN, CDE
(803) 804-4978

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