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Howard Schwartz, LPC

Cell: 508-581-0914

Professional Loss Prevention Safety leader with significant supply chain and retail experience with a successful track
record of delivering results in the areas of cargo loss, Environmental Health and Safety, security, auditing, training,
investigations, and shortage control. Exceptional ability to build business partnerships and enhance collaboration with
stakeholders to improve operational and safety efficiencies to achieve key corporate goals. Thrive at adapting to a fast
changing environment coupled with the ability to multitask.

Project Management
Security/Safety Audits
Regulatory Compliance
Business Continuity
Vendor Management

Budget Controls
Internal Investigations
Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Program Development
Emergency Management

Global Loss Prevention Manager
Staples, Inc.

Managed Environmental, Health, and Safety, security in multiple DC/FC locations both regionally and
Enforced compliance of standards governed by OSHA, FDA, CTPAT, and DOT.
Created and implemented company-wide guidelines and audit tools for all aspects of EHS, inventory control and
physical security.
Ensured on-site Loss Prevention staff were effectively trained to meet established protocols as related to Safety
and Security.
Achieved a cargo loss budget of .10% by formulating a process to analyze daily shrink/cargo loss data, enabling
management to take corrective action.
Managed projects for the design, purchase, and installation of security equipment in both new and existing
buildings utilizing current technology.
Delivered a 2% to 5% project savings as a result of established dynamic relationships with vendors.
Developed effective safety procedures utilizing solid training, root cause analyses, communication, and safety
awareness resulting in Workers Compensation expense reduction by 21% or $125,500.
Received Customer Service Award for providing exceptional service and leadership in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

Senior Facilities Coordinator

Staples, Inc.



Coordinated repairs, contracts, and maintenance for over 250 retail stores and DC/FC locations in the New
England, New York and New Jersey area.
Excelled at project management as it related to store openings, installation of equipment, fixtures, alarm
systems, HVAC projects, Novar Energy Management Systems, and re-lamping of stores across the US.
Worked effectively with outside vendors to maintain excellent business relationships to help control supply and
labor costs.
Established workable budgets for stores to effectively control cost of maintenance and repairs.


Howard Schwartz, LPC

Loss Prevention Supervisor

Staples, Inc.

Assisted in the creation of this new position in two major retail distribution centers that supplied product to
over 375 stores with over 400 employees.
Major focus of this start up position was the development of an effective audit program to manage shrink,
inventory control, safety, and physical security at all levels.
Developed and conducted processes for internal and external investigations as it related to the DC.
Established an effective training program for the 3rd party guard service company to be effective in meeting
company goals and guidelines.

B.A., Business Administration
Thiel College

Greenville, PA

Interviewing Techniques, Wicklander and Zulawski
Manager |Trainer, National Association of Safety Professionals
HACCP Certification
Hazmat General Awareness
Basic Course of Training for Reserve/Intermittent Police Officers, State of Massachusetts.
OSHA 501 Training course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards General Industry
OSHA 510 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Construction Industry.
Loss Prevention Certified (LPC), Loss Prevention Foundation

ASIS Member since 2012, First Organization to offer a credential specifically for security managers, member since 2012.
AED| CPR| Basic First Aid| Blood-Bourne Pathogens, Certified Trainer, National Safety Council.