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To customize Windows 8 services configuration and to change services startup type, you'll need to
openServices Manager. You can open it by using any of following ways:
a.Move your mouse cursor to bottomleft corner of screen and rightclick on the corner, you'll see a menu
containing various system shortcuts. Its called "Win+X Menu" because you can also access it by pressing
WIN+X keys together. Now click on "Computer Management" option and it'll open a new window.
b.Open My Computer and you can click on "Manage" button present in the ribbon.
c.If you have enabled My Computer icon on Desktop using Desktop Personalization window, you can right
click on the icon and select "Manage" option.
OnceComputer Managementwindow is opened, click on "Services and Applications > Services" in left
side pane. It'll show the services configuration screen.

2.Alternatively, you can directly open the same screen usingservices.msccommand in RUN dialog box.
3.Once you access services manager, you are ready to configure Windows 8 services startup type. You can
sort the services by their startup type by clicking on "Startup Type" column. It'll help you in find all running
services easily and quickly.
4.Now you can doubleclick on a service and read its description to know whether its an important service or

not. If you think the service is not important, you can set itsstartup typetoMANUAL.
If you are unsure which services should be set to manual, following is a small list of services which can be
safely set to manual without causing any problem to your Windows:
Computer BrowserIf your computer is not connected to any network
Diagnostic Policy Service
Distributed Link Tracking Client
IP Helper
Offline Files
Program Compatibility Assistant Service
Portable Device Enumerator Service
Print SpoolerIf you don't have a printer
Remote RegistryYou can set it toDISABLEDfor Security purposes
Secondary Logon
Security Center
ServerIf your computer is not connected to any network
TCP/IP NetBIOS HelperIf you are not in a workgroup network
Windows Error Reporting Service
Windows Image Acquisition WIA
Windows SearchIf you don't use Windows builtin Search feature frequently
5.Once you change services startup type, close services manager and restart your system to take effect.
Now you should notice a little bit improvement in your system performance. If you face any problem, you can
restore the services startup type to automatic using services manager again.
We'll post our master tutorial to make Windows 8 super fast very soon. so stay tuned...