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Being from a family of doctors , choosing medicine as a speciality for me was a

natural choice. Early on during MBBS at the Madras Medical College , one of the
premier institutions in India I realized that I enjoyed both Medicine and Surgery.
Otolaryngology appeared to be a field which would satisfy my desire to dabble in
both. Hence I decided to pursue it as my specialization. However , it is only after
starting my residency in otolaryngology at the B.Y.L Nair Charitable Hospital that my
skills were honed. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr Bachi.T.Hathiram and Dr.
Vicky S. Khattar I learned to handle busy OPDs catering to more than 600 patients
per day, Wards with more than 50 patients at a time , and was priviledged to attend
OT where I saw and participated in procedures from nearly every otolaryngology
However it is during this tenure that I was also introduced to the real problems
facing the poorer section of the Indian populace. Patients would travel 4 hrs to visit
the OPD, wait 2 hours more in the queue for a 2 minute consultation with us. They
would wait patiently for months till their scheduled date of surgery , and yet would
call us angels to be helping them. This made me think often , do I deserve so much
love , so much trust? And thus I promised myself I will do all I can to prove myself
worthy of it. A rich mans trust must be bought , but does that make the freely given
trust of a poor man any less important?
I have tried throughout my tenure to remember the lessons I have learned from my
teacher and mentor, to treat patients with compassion and respect , and to always
remember that every man has an equal right to the best health-care we can
I participated in multiple surgical and speciality otolaryngologic outreach camps
with the encouragement of my teachers and noticed that in no other field is the
lacuna of up to date and modern surgical treatment greater than in my own field.
Sub-speciality trained otolaryngologists are few and far between in India, and the
dearth is massive especially outside the major metropolitan cities, primarily
because there exists not even one accredited fellowship programme for any
otolaryngologic sub speciality in this country.
The poor patients resort to otologic surgeries with hammer and gouge , and
obsolete procedures like the Caldwell Luc procedure even now due to the lack of
alternatives. Yes, as a doctor it is my dream to bring sub-speciality training and atpar standard of care to India at an affordable rate for the common man.
It is with this goal in mind that I wrote the USMLE examination and secured 255 in
step 1 and 263 in step 2 ck. My dream is to acquire expertise in otolaryngologic subspecialities at par with that of otolaryngologists in the USA. I am also very
interested in research and relevant academics as I find it whets my appetite for
I bring with me a fresh perspective to healthcare , where we work in resource
strapped conditions and strive to provide the best health-care possible with what we

have. I believe there is much I can learn from my colleagues and my seniors in this
country , and hopefully share my love for academics, otolaryngology and the joy of
patient care . I firmly believe that this interaction has the potential to enrich both
me and the institute I shall work with , for , by broadening our horizons & with
mutual co-operation , we will be able to pursue our shared goal of allieviating
suffering and disease beyond our limitations.