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1 Week Pregnant

At this point you arent, quite, pregnant. For most women, especially for those who arent
planning a pregnancy, week one goes by without them realizing they are pregnant. Even
week 2 may go undetected. Lots of womens monthly cycles are variable, so most women
assume that when their monthly menstrual cycle is late, its just that late. The most
obvious pregnancy symptoms during this week are known as PMS symptoms, and include
irascibility, fatigue, mood swings.
The menstrual cycle lasts for approximately 28 days, although it can be as short as 24 days
or as long as 35. It begins when an egg leaves the ovary and travels into the fallopian
tubes, where it meets the sperm and gets fertilized. From there the fertilized egg travels
through the fallopian tubes and into the uterus, where implantation occurs.
Some people speculate a woman isnt really pregnant during the first week of pregnancy,
since fertilization takes place during the second week.

Changes in Your Body at 1 Week Pregnant

Because you are not quite pregnant, there are no noticeable physical changes during the
first week. Still, your body prepares for a pregnancy each month, so you may present some
of the fallowing: morning sickness, hormonal changes, mood swings, fatigue, tender
breasts. These symptoms vary from a woman to another, and most women dont feel these
changes until after the second week.

Your Babys Development

At this point, the egg is leaving the ovary and traveling to the fallopian tubes. As I mentioned
before, youre not actually pregnant at this time, since conception itself doesnt happen until
about two weeks after your period ends. Still, this week is included in the pregnancy
calendar to help the doctor calculate the first day of your last monthly menstrual cycle.
Its from this day that the nine-month cycle is calculated, and your expected due date is
determined (40 weeks from now).
In the next 7 to 10 days following the fertilization the cells are dividing. During the first week
the baby is called a blastocyte. You can break the blastocyte into two parts the external
part of this blastocyte will become the placenta, and the internal part will be the embryo
during the second week of pregnancy. If more than one egg gets released and fertilized,
multiple zygotes may form. The zygotes have 46 chromosomes, an equal number from
each parent, and the chromosomes have genetic material in them that determine the babys
sex, hair color, features, skin color, height, and eye color.

Pregnancy Week 1 Tips

This is the moment when you should consider working harder to achieve your goal, if you
are planning to get pregnant. If youve been monitoring your morning basal body
temperature, you will see that your temperature remains elevated beyond day 16 of your
luteal phase (post ovulation). This is the first physiological sign that youre pregnant.
Consider contacting your obstetrician for an appointment and leave behind the morning
coffee. If you take medication and have not already discussed it with your doctor, this is the
time to contact your doctor and ask questions, such as whether its okay to continue use of
your medication throughout your pregnancy, or if you need to switch or quit your medication
all together. Also, if you havent already, you can begin taking vitamins and minerals such as
folic acid.
The first pregnancy week caught me at work. I was working as a reporter for a low class
daily newspaper in my hometown. It was in May. I was so bored with all the shitty stories
that I couldnt think of anything else but babies. The sky was blue, the birds were singing
and my clock ticking. Exactly one year before, I got pregnant with a baby that died in utero
at 12 weeks. Anyways, I wanted so much to have a baby but because of the sad incident I
was pretty scared. So I have decided to wait at least one more month
But my biological clock was ticking and it fooled me! Instead of conceiving in my 2 nd
week I have conceived in my 3rd week. So, basically, this was my first week.
Check out what happens during the 2nd week of pregnancy.

2 Weeks Pregnant
It's possible to get the feeling that you're pregnant soon after you've conceived. I
really think that most women have that 6th sense to feel whats going on inside
their body. So you may experience early pregnancy symptoms, just the day after
Although you might not feel pregnant, your body is producing bucket loads of
pregnancy hormones, and your baby is growing faster than it will at any other time
of your pregnancy. Still, there are women who dont ovulate in their second week
(my case exactly), so its still too early to think about taking a test (duh!)

Changes in Your Body at 2 Weeks Pregnant

Every pregnancy is different, so it's hard to predict when and if you will notice
changes in your body, especially two weeks after conception.. Still, as I mentioned
before, there are women who just know they conceived.

Your Babys Development

Anyways, this should be the moment when mother nature comes into action and
decide what were going to have. Genetics teaches us that we have 46
chromosomes, out of which 2 are responsible with reproduction and determine the
babys sex. Every egg has an X chromosome, and every sperm has either an X (for a
girl) or a Y (for a boy) chromosome. If the sperm fertilizes the egg with an X chromosome,
youll have (exactly!) a girl. If its a Y chromosome, youll have a boy. The gender is decided
at the moment of fertilization, but you wont know until weeks later. The baby, which at this
stage is called an embryo, consists of 150 cells that will begin to divide up into three
separate layers.

During this time of transformation, the embryo simply floats within the uterus, protected by
the secretions of the uterus lining. The baby is only .1 to .2 mm long.

Pregnancy Week 2 Tips

First of all, I really encourage you to quit smoking. I know you might say that its too
early, that youll reduce the number of cigarets up until you know for sure but still

dont intoxicate your baby! You dont want him suffering from any desiese because of
you (just sayin). Also, if you have any other bad habit this is the right moment to
change. Last but not least, make an appointment and see your obstetrician. Ask him
whether you need vitamins or not uh, and take folic acid. It will only bring benefits to
you and your baby! Trust me!

Well, for me, this was the crucial moment when I wasnt supposed to have any
intercourse because I was afraid of being pregnant (remember the story...). Anyway,
nature tricked me. Its not always the 14th day after the menstrual cycle that counts .
Check out what happens during the 3nd week of pregnancy.

3 Weeks Pregnant
At this point you should, pretty much, be pregnant. Still, despite their symptoms, many women are still
unsure whether theyre pregnant or not, mostly because no test other than the BCG blood test can
confirm the pregnancy at this point. Also, this is the moment when you should consider thinking about an
obstetrician. If you dont have one, or youre unsure about selecting a good obstetrician, you

can ask your family or friends for a recommendation. Once youve made an appointment
with your obstetrician, make a list of questions for the first visit. Your questions should
include how often visits should take place, necessary changes that need to be made to diet
and lifestyle, what vitamins you should take, and whether any medications you may be
taking need to be reviewed. If this is your first pregnancy, your thoughts and emotions will
be racing, so be sure not to forget to ask about something that is important to you. I highly
recommend you write everything down.

Changes in Your Body at 3 Weeks Pregnant

Even though the baby is growing in size, during the third week many women actually lose
weight due to nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by the hormonal changes. This
can happen for the next 3 months or so at least this is what happened to me. Cramps
and vaginal discharge are also very common. So although there arent many external
changes occurring, its important to remember that the internal changes that are occurring
are critical, especially during the early stages.
Your obstetrician probably will advise you to increase your nutrient intake. Dairy products,
leafy green vegetables, red meats, and legumes are great sources of folic acid, calcium,
protein, and iron, all of which help develop strong bones, muscles, and tissues in the baby.
Plus, a healthy diet can help you to manage the mood swings brought on by the hormonal
This week you will start to feel tired and sleepy. Take a nap every time you feel so!

Your Babys Development: ball of cells!

At this point, your baby is called a morula (a ball of cells that is constantly multiplying).
About 30 hours after fertilization occurs, the morula begins to divide into two cells, then four,

then eight and so on, as it moves from the fallopian tubes to the uterus. As the morula
travels, it becomes known as a blastocyst, and it hollows out and fills with fluid. By the end
of the week implantation occurs, meaning the blastocyst attaches to the lining of the uterus,
or the endometrium. Once it has attached, the endometrium provides nutrients and removes
waste from the embryo. Specific parts of the baby are beginning to take shape. Features
such as gender and eye, hair, and skin color have already been determined, and the brain,
head, spinal cord, and gastrointestinal tract are developing. The heart starts beating, and
the size of the baby varies from .2 mm to .5 mm. This can be a very exciting time for new
parents, as they can get their first glimpse of their new baby.

Pregnancy Week 3 Tips

Check out what happens during the 4nd week of pregnancy.

4 Weeks Pregnant
At this point you should have some important signs, such as missed menstrual periods,
hormonal changes, nausea and vomiting. Still, if you dont experience the last ones, dont worry,
it doesnt necessarily mean that you are not pregnant. It may mean that you are luckier than
most women. Hee hee. Gz to you!
You may start taking pregnancy tests, but dont worry if they are not just yet positive. It depends
on the hormone levels in your body. It may still be too early for that. I know you are really
excited to confirm, especially if you have tried so hard to be pregnant, but be patient!
Changes in Your Body at 4 Weeks Pregnant

During the fourth week of pregnancy, your body is producing the pregnancy hormone HGC,
which can cause anxiety, vomiting, nausea, light-headedness, fainting, dizziness,
exhaustion, and mood swings. Your breasts will become increasingly tender and sore, and
sometimes you will notice a tingling sensation. Some women also find that their sense of
smell becomes quite sharp, which can be either good or bad, depending on the smell. You
may also feel that your favorite perfume is crap at this point. Dont worry, put it away for
now, you will like it again later Pregnancy during the first trimester can sometimes feel like
an ordeal that will never end. But try not to stress about that; your symptoms will subside
soon enough just as other symptoms kick in.
Your Babys Development: apple seed sized embrio!

This is a moment when your baby is developing very quickly. Conception, fertilization,
and implantation have all occurred, and now your baby is developing into a baby, now
called embryo. Also, the amnion sac and yolk sac develop during this fourth week. The
amnion sac fills with amniotic fluid, which protects the embryo. The yolk sac produces the
blood and helps nourish the embryo until the placenta takes over. Your babys vascular
network is growing and helping to transport blood, oxygen, and nutrients from mother to
baby by way of the umbilical cord. Your baby is about 4 mm long about the size of an
apple seed. The heart is beating, blood is beginning to pump, and organs are developing.
Pregnancy Week 4 Tips
Be happy! Start thinking positively! I told you earlier that you should quit smoking, avoid
drugs and give up the morning coffee. If you havent listen to me then well not its
another good time for that. Also, you should talk with your partner. Express your concerns
and discuss your symptoms. This could help your partner understand what youre going
through, and let them know what to expect. Make an appointment with a recommended
obstetrician. Take a nap!

When I was in my 4th pregnancy week I really knew I was pregnant. I felt so, even
though I had no intercourse during the 2nd week. The fact that I missed my menstrual
cycle really encouraged me to believe even stronger (mostly because I had it more exact
than the 5 oclock tea!). Still, all the tests were negative. Everyday I tool about 2-3 tests. I
was so inpatient to have something interesting going on in my boring life, that I just
couldnt wake. This went on for an entire, deceiving, week the result was the same:

Check out what happens during the 5th week of pregnancy.

5 Weeks Pregnant

Unless you conceived lately, by week 5 in your pregnancy, you should already know you are
pregnant. Youve missed your period, youre passing all your tests and youve begun to
experience the pregnancy symptoms, such as breast tenderness, fatigue, and nausea or
morning sickness. Its an important part of the pregnancy. In the 5th week, ultrasounds will
begin to show conclusively that theres a baby in there. CONGRATULATIONS!
Changes in Your Body at 5 Weeks Pregnant

All the pregnancy tests are positive now, because of the HCG levels in your body, that are
high enough to confirm that you are pregnant! Congratulations! You should feel proud of
yourself. I know you are experiencing some really weird mood swings we feel you, sister!
Youre not quite showing yet, but you feel bloated. Hang tight! Your abdomen wont begin
rising until about 14 weeks, but the pressure will increase and make you feel like you need
to use the restroom more often. Most people wont be able to tell by looking at you that
youre pregnant, but youll know. You may even start to glow at this point. Enjoy the changes
and take a nap!
Your Babys Development: orange seed sized embryo

By week 5 in your pregnancy, your baby is growing rapidly. It is already 1 to 5 mm long and
it looks like a tadpole, tail included. During this week, your babys vital organs are growing;
the heart, central nervous system, bones, and muscles are forming quickly from this point
on. Plus, the skeleton begins to take shape. Your babys heart is quickly developing, as it
begins to separate into four chambers and starts pumping blood. Some ultrasounds will be
able to pick up on the heartbeat as early as five weeks. The neural tube, which eventually
becomes the brain and spinal cord, begins to form. The placenta develops, and through the
placenta and umbilical cord, your baby receives nourishment. The eyes, ears, nose, mouth,
fingers, and toes also begin to show. Its a miracle going on inside you!
Pregnancy Week 5 Tips
You should start discussing about pregnancy with your partner. Also, consider visiting
an obstetrician. Remember that this is a crucial time in your life, and if you havent stopped
your bad habits or changed your lifestyle, nows the time to do so. Remember the coffee
and cygars Ive been nagging you about? LOL. Once again. Stop! This week is crucial for
your baby! Also dont forget about the vitamins (folic acid included).
Because of the loads of negative tests, I have given up. Still, there was only one test left in my
purse For almost 3 long days I looked at it but did nothing. I couldnt take another negative
test But at the end of week 5, as I came home from work tired, messed up, anxious I
gave it another shot. My husband was at workso I had the whole house to myself. He didnt
have to know if I failed to produce hormones again. So I went to the bathroom, delivered a

wonderful speech to myself, and then well you know I peed on the stick (LOL) and
carefully put the test down. It was a SUCCESS! I finally got one right! You can imagine my joy.
The first thing I did when my husband came home was to congratulate him. He couldnt believe
we finally got pregnant (Im saying we because weve been through this anxiety together). I was
so happy that I kept the test in my purse for the next 9 months.

Check out what happens during the 6th week of pregnancy.

6 Weeks Pregnant
You are now at the halfway point through the first trimester. You are 100% pregnant with
a wonderful baby that is definitely growing, changing, developing.
Changes in Your Body at 6 Weeks Pregnant
Now you are starting to experience all the pregnancy symptoms, including intense food
cravings, morning sickness, mood swings, nausea, fatigue some women at this point
start the gain weight, while other lose weight (my case). These pregnancy symptoms are
due to the fast rate at which your baby is growing, but there are a few things you can do to
ease the pains. Many women gain about five pounds during the first trimester, but many
others lose weight during the first six weeks of pregnancy due to the nausea and morning
sickness. Theres no need for worry, either way. All women are different and have different
experiences with their weight during pregnancy.
Your Babys Development: hear the heartbeat!
At this point, your baby is going through visible changes. The eyes and nostrils are
forming. Your babys arms and legs look like stubs that are beginning to protrude from the
body. The babys heartbeat is an astounding 100 160 beats per minute (twice as fast as
yours). The blood is circulating, and the lungs, intestines, liver, and pancreas are all
forming. Your baby is approximately inch long, and resembles a lentil bean. At six weeks
pregnant, the baby is able to make its first movements, but dont expect to feel them! I know
that as a first time mom you may want to suddenly look pregnant and feel all the cool stuff
like heartbeats, kicks but, sadly, youll have to wait a little more. Your baby is just too
small for that. You should stick to just feeling pregnant. Expect to even look pregnant later.
Pregnancy Week 6 Tips
During this week you should make your first obstetrical test, and also the first
ultrasound. You will finally be able to meet your baby!
Also, it is really important to be careful about consuming food. Just because youre
pregnant doesnt mean you should be eating for two. Try to consume only 300 extra calories
per day (the equivalent of a bagel) and keep your weight gain to a minimum. Also, split
larger meals into smaller meals and munch throughout the day. This will help you control the
morning sickness, which is much worse on an empty stomach.

Dont forget to take your vitamins, or, at least, the folic acid!
In my 6th week I was craving for baked peppers with mashed potatoes and chicken. But
mostly I cared about the baked peppers. I was desperate about it! I couldnt focus on my
work, I felt like crying and sleeping all the time


Check out what happens during the 7th week of pregnancy.

7 Weeks Pregnant

Now you are midway through the first trimester and everything is moving quite quickly,
dont you think? If you havent looked into getting an OB/GYN, now is probably a good time
to do so, as critical tests and check-ups will be necessary from now until the birth of your
baby. Dont be ignorant! Its your baby were talking about here
Changes in Your Body at 7 Weeks Pregnant
At this point the linea alba should start showing. That is a small swelling in the lower
abdomen. In most cases, though, the baby is too small to be causing this, and its more
than likely due to the bloating. Youll be suffering pregnancy symptoms, including aches and
pains, headaches, fatigue, morning sickness, tender breasts, and cravings, oh, the craving!!
You may find yourself craving foods that you once thought were disgusting. You may also
be surprised to see that you may crave for the paint on the walls! Dont laugh its not my
English, its true! Some women experience some really weird cravings! This is normal, and
as long as its healthy for your baby, its okay to indulge (but please, stick to food. Dont lick
the walls, LOL). One of the major changes that occurs in your body during the seventh
week is the development of your mucous plug. Your cervix is forming a plug in the opening
of the cervical canal to seal off the uterus for protection. Youll eventually lose this plug
when labor and childbirth are close.
Your Babys Development: blueberry sized embryo!
Now your baby is the size of a blueberry, up to 13 mm in length. The facial features are
really beginning to come into focus, as the mouth and tongue are forming. The eyes begin
to form too, and the retina and lens have attached themselves. During this week your baby
is developing its own blood type. The muscles, bones, and organs continue to grow, and the
intestines and appendix are fully formed. The liver has begun to produce red blood cells.
Your babys toes and fingers can be seen in an ultrasound but I doubt anyone will show
them to you because they are really, really small. The teeth and the tongue are forming
inside the mouth too, although they are not yet visible.
Pregnancy Week 7 Tips
I am nagging you again about the folic acid! It will only last 5 more weeks. Then Ill stop.
Hee hee.
Talk to your doctor! Make sure youre taking in the correct foods, medications, and
nutrients. Everything you put in your mouth from this week on has a significant effect on
your baby. It may also be a good idea to look into a support group at this point, as your
hormones will continue to rage. Having others around who understand and know what
youre going through is good for a mothers soul. Be strong!

I remember watching everyday for that line on my abdomen. And it really annoyed me
that it didnt show. I considered it as a proof of me being pregnant. Silly me.
Also, because we spoke about cravings I dont know about you but mine were really
weird. Despite the constant craving for baked peppers, I couldnt tolerate even water! Not
even a sip. I hated my make up products, I hated my husbands perfume, and I hated
everyone who was eating near me. I was pretty annoying in my 7th pregnancy week

Check out what happens during the 8th week of pregnancy.

8 Weeks Pregnant

This is also the stage at which you begin all the paperwork required by the government to
officially record your baby with the registrar. This will get your baby a birth certificate after
the birth. You are more than halfway through the first trimester, so get ready!
Changes in Your Body at 8 Weeks Pregnant
Until now, many changes have already taken place in your body. Your uterus is growing as
the baby grows, and is about the size of a grapefruit at this point. Your breasts will be
growing more sensitive as they begin to prepare for lactation. Your breasts may even
develop small, dark veins, due to the increase in blood supply, but this is not always the
case. You may experience cramping or pain in your abdomen due to the growth of the
uterus. Dont worry if you are sicker than ever. Its natural. The burnt sensation is ok as well.
It means that your baby is growing.
Your Babys Development: one inch baby!
This is the end of the embryonic stage. Soon, your baby will start the fetal stage, once it
loses its embryonic tail. The little bean is approximately an inch long and weighs close to
three grams. As the intestines grow longer, they run out of room within the abdomen,
causing them to protrude into the umbilical cord until week 12.

The gonads are forming into testicles or ovaries, but you wont be able to tell yet.
Ossification begins to occur, and the joins are taking shape. Webbed feet and hands begin
to grow longer and separate, and if you look closely you can almost count all twenty fingers
and toes! The facial features are also coming into focus. The nose is clearly visible, and the
ears are growing and shaping internally and externally. The jawline and mouth are also
clearly visible, and the teeth are where they are supposed to be. Congratulations!!
Pregnancy Week 8 Tips
You should consider looking for pregnancy bras and maternity clothes. It is important to
feel comfortable, and, preferably, depending on your placentas position, you may need
to forget about those high heels.
You can now start buying maternity books and read all you can. Continue taking your
prenatal vitamins or, you know, the folic acid (4 more weeks and you wont be hearing
this from me anymore).
Ive looked through my pregnancy diary and found some really nice entries from the 8th
week. Apparently this is the point where I have decided to make my blood tests and I
found out that I have thrombophilia (a condition where the blood has an increased tendency
to form clots), which may be responsible for the first pregnancy loose. I remember taking my
vitamins and progesterone. This is the point where I took the really stupid decision to let

everyone at work know Im pregnant. It wasnt pleasant as they needed me to be their porter.
So, because of the pressure that my boss put on my back, I started my medical leave.

Check out what happens during the 9th week of pregnancy.

9 Weeks Pregnant

During the ninth week of pregnancy, you will have to prepare for your second (for some it is
still the first) prenatal visit with your health care provider. To make things easier for your
doctor, you may want to write down some things about yourself, including medications,
exercise habits, eating habits, and medical history. Your baby is stronger every day, and the
critical period is about to end. Just hand on tight.
Changes in Your Body at 9 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is developing as your uterus is still growing (it should be close to the size of a
cantaloupe at nine weeks pregnant). Youre probably feeling extra bloated and maybe a bit
lethargic, but remember that this is mainly due to the hormones that are floating around in
your system. You may be noticing weight gain, but its likely more due to water retention
than the baby. Other experience the weight loss, which is also natural, due to the morning
sick and the vomiting. Many women experience severe mood swings and other pregnancy
symptoms during this week, but its really natural!
Your Babys Development: Finally fetus!

Your baby is now finally out of the embryonic period! We can now talk about a fetus. At just
an inch long, your baby still weighs around three grams, about the same as during the
eighth week of pregnancy. Most of your babys physical features are in place, such as the
head, legs, and arms. The head is the largest of the extremities. During the ninth week your
baby begins to put on weight. The tail should have disappeared by now, and the organs and
muscles should be functioning on their own. Although the sex organs are developed, your
doctor wont be able to distinguish them yet. So dont rush to find out. You will still have to
wait for at least a couple of weeks.
Pregnancy Week 9 Tips
First of all dont forget about the folic acid. Secondly, the diary! It will really help you
get rid of all the unnecessary stress and anxiety caused by hormones. You should also
learn to keep communication lines open with your partner. This will help him understand
what you are going through and why. The way you are feeling right now is completely
normal, even though its probably anything but normal for you. Talking with others,
especially your partner, will help everyone understand what is going on.
In the first trimester I had so many weird dreams about babies. Most of them occurred,
though, through the 9th pregnancy week. I dreamt about a tall, thin girl, with medium,
blond hair, of about 9 years old. And it came in my mind every single night during the 9th
week. Someone told me then that Im pregnant with a boy, because it is known that
dreaming of girls in pregnancy announce the exact opposite. It sounded weird but
truth is it really was a boy.


Check out what happens during the 10th week of pregnancy.

10 Weeks Pregnant
Wow! Its already 10! Your baby is completely out of the embryonic stage and fully into the
fetal stage. The best news about the tenth week is that there is less risk for congenital
abnormalities. You and your baby are not fully in the clear when it comes to avoiding
abnormalities or deformities, but the most critical weeks of development are over. With
continued care and medical attention, you are well on your way to having a healthy baby.
You will still have to take your folic acid supplements for the following two weeks.
Changes in Your Body at 10 Weeks Pregnant
Your baby bump still isnt visible, unless you are at your second/third/ pregnancy
(check out mine, down below). Anyway, at this point you either gained, or lost, one to
three pounds, depending on your condition. The bloated feeling hasnt gone away yet, but
as you reach the end of your first trimester, other pregnancy symptoms such as morning
sickness are subsiding. Hopefully during the tenth week you are feeling much more positive
about your pregnancy, since your first check-up has come and gone and you have been
able to hear your babys heartbeat. This moment can be very exciting for future parents, and
that can offset the negative emotions brought on by the heightened levels of estrogen and
progesterone within your body. Hang in there!
Your Babys Development: a lime sized fetus!

You have been told up until this point that your baby is growing rapidly. Now that he or she
has reached the fetal stage, however, growing rapidly doesnt come close to describing
what is going on. Last week, your baby was the size of a large grape. This week, your baby
is the size of a lime. Thats quite a difference, and week-to-week from here on out, your
baby will continue to grow at this rate. As internal organs continue to grow, your babys vital
organssuch as the kidneys, liver, intestines, and brainstart functioning on their own.
Over the course of the next three weeks, your baby will also grow significantly larger.
Details such as toenails will begin to appear, and if you look closely enough, you may be
able to see peach fuzz on your babys skin.
Pregnancy Week 10 Tips
This is annoying but please take your folic acid! Its for your babys sake.
Other than this, you may consider talking to your partner about your feelings, include
him in your pregnancy plan thats gonna help you three (you, him, the baby, duh)
bound. You may also want to begin shopping for maternity clothes, including your partner in
this process, too. Preparing for the baby together can add excitement and joy to both of
your lives. This is very important, as your hormones will continue to rule your emotional
states for some time.

I remember everyone telling me that I should wait only two more weeks until I get rid of
the morning sickness and the burnt. I really thought I wouldnt be able to make it. I
couldnt enjoy anything from my pregnancy at this point but soon I learnt to love my
condition. Sure, that happened once I entered the second trimesterbut well get there.
Heres a photo of my 10th week baby bump. My skin was really dry I hated it.

Check out what happens during the 11th week of pregnancy.

11 Weeks Pregnant

During the eleventh week of pregnancy, many changes are occurring with you and your
baby. You may have heard your babys heartbeat (through Doppler), and seen its new
linings. At this point you can start enjoying yourself, you should get out more often and
take a nap every once in a while.
Changes in Your Body at 11 Weeks Pregnant

This is the moment when your physical appearance is starting to say that you really are
pregnant. Sure, dont expect a large bump. Your baby is still small. Anyway, at this point
youre gaining weight, your breasts are becoming larger (dont expect miracles all of a
sudden) and may be quite tender, and your abdomen may appear distended. Now you may
also feel constipated. That is normal. Uncool, but normal.
You may also notice changes in your hair, toenails, and fingernails, which are likely growing
like crazy. This, like most everything else, is due to the increase in hormones in your
system. Pregnancy affects every cell of your body in some way. If you think you can feel
your baby kicking well think again. Its probably just gas. It is also normal to feel hot
flashes or to be warmer than usual; this is due to the increase in the amount of blood in your
body. As the first trimester comes closer to its end, most women should gain approximately
two to five pounds, but dont be afraid if you lost weight. You wont be losing anymore.
Prepare for the normal comeback.

Your Babys Development: silent dancing!

Your baby is now 2 and a half inches long, and it weighs half an ounce. T he head
makes up half of that size. The fingers and toes are completely separated, and you can
count all 20 of them by the end of the eleventh week. The babys bones are hardening, but
the skin is still transparent.
Surrounded by amniotic fluid, your baby has learned to swallow. The organs are continuing
to grow and form, and some of them should already be functioning. Within the next three
weeks, the baby will double in size. More blood vessels will appear in the placenta to
provide your baby with the nutrients and oxygen it needs to grow so quickly. The ears will
move to the correct position, from the neck to the side of the head.

Pregnancy Week 11 Tips

This is the last time Im telling you to take your folic acid supplements. Hee hee. Other
than that, it is important to remember eating properly, without any exaggerations. f you

have gained more than the two to five pounds, you may want to rethink your eating habits,
as you really only need an extra 300 calories a day to ensure that your baby is healthy. A
good pregnancy weight gain for someone of normal weight is thought to be about 25
pounds. Start taking long walks with your partner. This will help you bound, spend some
quality time together and also, being used to physical exercise will help you through labor.

This week was really stressful to me, mostly because of the lost pregnancy that occurred
during the 11th week, due to my undiagnosed thrombophilia. During the 11th week I was still
dealing with the uncontrollable sickness, I felt dizzy all the time, and my stress level was higher
than a woman in her menopausal. Also, I felt terribly hot (and I dont mean sexy).
Heres a photo of my 11th week baby bump:

Check out what happens during the 12th week of pregnancy.

12 Weeks Pregnant
If anyone tells you that week 12 is an important milestone in your pregnancy, you should
be listening to them. This week really is crucial, and full of significance. Firstly, it
represents the end of the first trimester and the end of the most critical stage of your babys
growth and development. Secondly, after three months pregnant, many women feel more
secure in spreading the good news of the pregnancy, and the chances of miscarriage
decrease significantly.
Changes in Your Body at 12 Weeks Pregnant

Your uterus is now protruding above the pubic bone, and through weeks 1216 you will
definitely start showing. Some moms will get that glow, but others experience more
negative changes in their skin. You will see that the areolae darkens, and freckles and spots
begin to appear around the body. Still, this is not a rule. You may be lucky enough to have a
clear and clean skin. Unfortunately, some women begin to get dark brown patches of skin
on their faces during this week. Large doses of Vitamin A would normally be the cure for
this, but large doses of Vitamin A should be avoided while you are pregnant, since it has
teratogen effects (meaning that it may cause the baby different malformations. But lets not
talk about that, for it is not the case). Heartburn is more frequent due to the increase of the
same progesterone hormone that is continuously playing with your emotions. To help
reduce heartburn, you should try to eat small portions more frequently, avoid foods that
commonly cause heartburn, and stick to high fiber foods. Eating fresh yogurt helped me a
lot. I have experienced heartburn since week 6 and it only cooled down after one yogurt
Your Babys Development: ball of cells!

Your baby is getting stronger day by day. This is a very exciting week for your baby. The
vocal cords form during this twelfth week, and the nails on all 20 fingers and toes become
visible. The intestines are still growing, and they now have room to move into the abdomen
area. More facial features come into focus, such as the eyebrows and lips. The brain
continues to develop as it makes hormones of its own, and the nerve cells multiply rapidly.
As the brain and muscles develop together, natural movements such as bending of the
arms, clenching and opening the fists, and twisting of the wrists and elbows become more
frequent but you still wont be able to feel them. Sorry. Not just yet.
Pregnancy Week 12 Tips
Go for a walk, do everything that helps you relax, eat healthy food, watch a movie, read a
book. It is important to keep in touch with your feelings and express them. You may also
want to sign up for prenatal lessons. Thats a good idea. Dont forget to write everything
you feel in a diary.

In my 12th pregnancy week, my baby has received his first gift: it was a bag of really
useful products from some girls on a website I wrote articles for, called
That was the most wonderful thing that has happened to me by then because I had the
chance to feel my pregnancy better. I know it sounds weird, but having something
material, something tangible related to the baby, made me really believe it was there

Check out what happens during the 13th week of pregnancy.

13 Weeks Pregnant
Congratulations! You have made it through your first trimester and now, at thirteen weeks
along, youve entered your second trimester! Youve still got a long way to go, but the worst
of it should be over as long as you stay healthy, eat right, and exercise accordingly. Dont
forget about the long walks Ive been nagging you about
Changes in Your Body at 13 Weeks Pregnant

I have good news for you! The pressure on your bladder begins to subside as the uterus
grows up and out of your pelvic bones. The bad news is that as your waistline thickens and
the pressure is relieved from your bladder, you may begin to experience abdominal pains.
You may also begin to experience round ligament pain as the ligaments that support your
uterus stretch and pull. This pain can be severe, and it may cause you to think that you
need to seek medical attention. While this pain is common and normal, you should always
call your healthcare provider if you have questions. If these pains are accompanied by
blood leakage or any other type of fluid loss, you should definitely make an appointment
with your healthcare provider immediately, as this could be a sign of something much more
serious, such as miscarriage. You are still experiencing heartburns, and your breasts are
still growing and are probably extremely sensitive due to the colostrum they are producing.
You may also have some yellowish leaks. Dont worry, thats normal, indeed.

Your Babys Development: functional intestinal system!

At this point, your baby is almost three inches long and weighs between 0.7 and 0.8
ounces. Also, it starts to look more like a baby, only extremely tiny. Its eyes are moving
away from the sides of the head and are drawing closer to one another, and the fine hairs
that make up the eyebrows are coming together. As your baby continues to grow, so does
its abdomen, allowing the intestines to continue to move into their proper place. The
pancreas begins to produce insulin, which is critical for regulating sugar levels after
childbirth and later in life. As the bones continue to harden, the placenta provides nutrients,
vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and oxygen. The placenta also allows the transfer of blood
via the bloodstream from you to your baby. By the 13 th week, your baby hits another
milestone: it has a functional intestinal system. Good job, mommy!
Pregnancy Week 13 Tips
You should start applying lotions or creams that stop the stretch-marks from forming. I
hope I will write an article on how to make those efficient lotions at home, soon.
Remember to walk as much as you can, make exercises and eat healthy.

At 13 weeks I went for another ultrasound test. Everything seemed just right. I also took
the double test for Downs syndrome (I will soon write an article on that). At this point my
baby measured 6.6 centimeters. He was such a sweetheart sucking his fingers. His
daddy knew by then that hes a boy. He felt so (or, more exactly, he wanted so).
Heres a photo of Johnny. I loved this capture so much I even had it on my smartphones


Check out what happens during the 14th week of pregnancy.

14 Weeks Pregnant
You have just entered the second week of your second trimester. That really is something, dont
you think? So let me congratulate you!! From now on you should take more time to connect to
your baby and dont forget to watch what you eat!
Changes in Your Body at 14 Weeks Pregnant

I have good news: most of the worst of your pregnancy symptoms have probably
disappeared by this point, or are just about to. As your waistline continues to expand, you
will continue to gain weight, which is normal. Dont let yourself fooled by those who
encourage you to eat for two. Thats crap. Do so and youll give them plenty satisfaction
when youll have more than extra on yourself. Still, dont get me wrong. This is not the best
time in your life to be on a diet. Eat anything you want, but dont exaggerate! Your spots and
freckles will continue to darken and your breasts will continue to be sensitive, possibly
growing in size as you prepare for lactation. You may find new moles on your body, but this
is normal. Mood swings tend to increase during the second trimester, but talking with a
support group, your partner, or your healthcare provider can help with this problem. Also,
physical exercises and long walks help!
Your Babys Development: ball of cells!

At your next screening appointment you will be really happy to see more than shades.
Finally, your babys body is catching up with its rather large head, and its starting to look
human. The ears and eyes continue to shift into their correct positions, as the ears move to
the sides of the head and the eyes draw closer to one another. As the neck grows longer,
your babys chin lifts from its chest. The muscle reflexes continue to develop, but the baby is
still too small for you to feel any of the resulting movements. The baby is drawing all its
nutrients directly from the placenta, so again, its very important you watch what you put into
your mouth. The baby is fully developed and is growing larger, and the system is continuing
to expand. During an ultrasound examination, youll be able to see that the baby is opening
and clenching its fists and spreading its fingers apart. Also, you may have the surprise to
see your baby sucking its fingers! Theyre adorable. The babys heart is beating twice as
fast as yours, but this is normal. The baby is three inches long and weighs nearly an ounce
by this week. Your baby will be able to suck his or her thumb at this stage, and make facial
expressions like frowning and squinting. Plus, the liver of the baby begins to produce bile
while the spleen begins to produce red blood cells.
Pregnancy Week 14 Tips
Listen to your needs and cravings. Again, eat all you want, but dont exaggerate. Dont forget to
drink at least 2-3 liters of water. Start an exercise routine, after discussing it with your doctor.
Read maternity books, buy maternity clothes, wear a proper bra feel pregnant and enjoy
every moment!

In my 14th pregnancy week I had no time to waste. I finally felt perfect with my condition. I
loved being pregnant. I took care of a 7 years old (my grandson) who kept squeezing
toys under my dress so that the baby wont feel alone. Theyre all so sweet!! He kept
telling me that I am going to have a boy, just because he wants so.
Anyway, I remember feeling beautiful. The good part of pregnancy has just begun!
Heres a picture from then:

Check out what happens during the 15th week of pregnancy.

15 Weeks Pregnant
Everyday will help you feel even more beautiful and relaxed. Most of the worst pregnancy
symptoms, like nausea, morning sickness, and fatigue, are decreasing more and more as
the days go by. The pain that comes at the end of the pregnancy is far off, so you can finally
sit back and enjoy the fact that you are pregnant. Dont forget to do whatever helps you
relax and enjoy yourself!
Changes in Your Body at 15 Weeks Pregnant

The fifteenth week is not one of the most important moments in the pregnancy, mostly
because it doesnt herald significant changes within your body. It is quite natural if you have
gained a little more or a little less than that two pounds. The toughest situation moms-to-be
face during this week is that the ligaments that support the uterus are continuing to grow,
causing sharp pain in the abdomen. But you will get used to that soon.
Your Babys Development: it can now hear you!

Your baby is now about four inches long and weighs somewhere around 1.75 ounces. A fine
hair called lanugo covers the skin, keeping your baby at a constant body temperature. The
lanugo does this until the baby is born, and it disappears just before birth. There are
chances that you see it even after birth. During the fifteenth week, many good things are
happening inside the womb. The biggest thing is that the bones in the ear are hardening,
and your baby is now able to hear sounds, including your heartbeat, speaking, and
breathing. So this is a great time to start singing to your child. Speak to it as much as you
can. Your baby will fall in love with your voice and will find shelter in it. Many future parents
begin to put headphones on the belly during the second trimester, playing soft music to
keep the baby calm. Although the baby is moving around a lot, there is still a little bit of
waiting until you truly feel the baby kick. But not so long! One new thing that you may feel
are the occasional hiccups. These movements will be felt more easily and more often later
in the pregnancy. Your baby is making faces, squinting and frowning, and sucking on their
thumb. Since last week the arms and legs have grown longer than the head. This is
significant, since the head has been the biggest part of the fetus until now. Taste buds are
forming, and the fingernails and toenails are growing longer by the day. Enjoy every single
Pregnancy Week 15 Tips
Dont forget to relax as much as you can. Start singing to your little one. Also dreaming of it may
help. Do everything it takes to be in harmony with yourself.
On my 15th pregnancy week I took some time to travel along with my husband. We
wanted to do something relaxing before the baby came. So we went on a trip to
Transilvania. Since my husband doesnt have a driving liecence and Im passionate about

driving, you can guess who stood up so many hours on the road. Exactly: me! And the
great thing was that I didnt feel anything: no pain, no nausea, no stress, no sickness. It
was perfect.


Check out what happens during the 16th week of pregnancy.

16 Weeks Pregnant
Your body is going through a lot of change, you may be absent minded the only thing you can
think about is the baby, and thats great! I have good news this week you may be able to find
out its gender and also feel its movements! Congrats!
Changes in Your Body at 16 Weeks Pregnant

The biggest change you will notice in your body at 16 weeks is the look and size of your
breasts. Milk glands start production and veins become more visible as the blood flow
increases. You may be feeling an increased weight in your womb as your waistline
continues to stretch and expand. Pregnancy back pains are also due to begin, as most
women gain five to ten pounds at this point. This is the moment when you start to glow!
Enjoy every little detail!
Pregnancy Week 16 Tips: is it a boy or a girl?

At this point your baby measures about 4 inches and about 3.9 ounces. The facial
muscles continue to develop, allowing him or her to make all kinds of different facial
expressions. One great thing is that from now on you may be able to find your babys
gender! During this weeks ultrasound the doctor will be able to distinguish whether your
baby is a boy or girl. The genitals are fully developed and can be seen with ease during the
sonogram. As your baby continues to grow you may be able to feel movement, which can
first be noticed between 16 and 20 weeks. The development of visual sensitivity at this
stage is also amazing. Babies have been seen protecting their eyes from bright lights with
their hands at this point. Breathing on its own, he or she is able to inhale and exhale the
surrounding amniotic fluid. Your baby also begins to build fat underneath the skin, which
acts as insulation. The urinary and circulatory systems are functioning and your baby is able
to pump about 25 quarts of blood daily. Its movements are strong and some women can
feel them like fine butterfly wings flap.

To me, this was an important moment in my life for I had the chance to feel my baby for
the first time. It is really hard to describe the happiness I felt, but one things for sure: I
will never lose this feeling. It was 5 oclock in the morning and I was still on my trip. My
husband and I were sleeping in a cold, medieval hotel room in Transilvania. Something
woke me up it seemed like another episode of pee in the night and go back to sleep if
you canonly this time I felt something new. As I touched my belly, a fast thrill took
over me. I started counting. I was my babys heartbeat: 160 bpm. Im pretty sure I never
felt anything so perfect in my entire life that was the first proof my baby wanted to join
us in this wonderful trip called life.


Check out what happens during the 17th week of pregnancy.

17 Weeks Pregnant
Now you should feel much more comfortable with your pregnancy and you may have
even considered finding out your babys gender. This is a great time to travel, to eat
whatever you like and feel beautiful!
Changes in Your Body at 17 Weeks Pregnant

At 17 weeks you will begin to show. Your abdomen grows as your internal organs move
around, providing space for the uterus and baby. Your uterus begins pushing your intestines
up and outwards, towards the sides of your abdomen, allowing you to feel your uterus more
when youre standing rather than sleeping or lying down. There may be an occasional pain
in the legs called sciatic nerve pain, which can be excruciating for some women. The cause
of the pain is usually pressure on the nerve caused by the growing baby, and it can
sometimes be alleviated by avoiding standing in one place for too long, or by putting pillows
under your legs while sleeping at night to provide support. Your doctor may be able to
suggest other ways to relieve the pain. Sweating may increase as the blood volume
increases. Also, some women experience vaginal discharge and/or nasal congestion. This
is normal and goes away after child birth. Dont you worry about anything. Theres no time
for that. You should enjoy the congratulations received for the pregnancy. Still, if this is what
you want, you can still hide it. Its up to you!
Your Babys Development:

Your baby is now about 5 and a half inches long and weighs close to five ounces, more than
the placenta at this stage. The umbilical cord is growing in length, strengthening and
thickening. Loud noises can easily startle your baby, as their sense of hearing is developing
rapidly. The bones are fully formed and the ears have moved into their final resting spot on
the sides of the head. Your babys arms and legs have grown enough so that it wont look
like an alien anymore. Adipose tissue develops and helps to regulate the body temperature,
and vernix develops over the babys skin. The little skeleton transforms from cartilage to
bone, although the bones remain flexible to allow for passage through the birth canal. If
your baby is a boy, this is the moment to form prostate glands.

Pregnancy Week 17 Tips

You should seriously consider using lotions or creams for your skin. Some may be found in the
supermarket, other at the drugstore, and other can even be made at home. Dont neglect this
aspect for you may regret it later. Also, dont take any medication that your doctor hasnt
prescribed. It could harm your little one. Also, relax more, sleep, read, do whatever it takes to
feel good! Enjoy yourself!

This is the moment when I found out little Joan was, actually, having a penis. I must admit that it
was a little deceiving at first, mostly because I knew my husbands reaction (that stupid I was
right and you were wrong, dooda, dooda song), but then I got all filled with joy. Now my baby
could have a name and not only be baby. Not to mention that I could finally start looking for
baby clothing and accessories. That was great!

Check out what happens during the 18th week of pregnancy.

18 Weeks Pregnant
During the 18th week of pregnancy you may start to feel an increase in appetite.
Remember to eat all you want, but avoid unhealthy food and excesses. You can feel your
baby movements at this point, so enjoy every single signal you receive!!

Changes in Your Body at 18 Weeks Pregnant

You feel pregnant and look pregnant (if you want to show, of course, otherwise it shouldnt
be much of a problem). Your waistline is probably expanding greatly during this week. If you
take two fingers and place them just below your belly, you can feel your uterus. Its still the
size of a cantaloupe. Some women have gained up to thirteen pounds by the eighteenth
week, but every woman is different. If youve gained more or less, talk with your doctor to
make sure you are on a healthy track. By now you should have already made friends with
the restroom, because you definitely visit it frequently. Hee hee.
Constipation is something normal from now on too. So dont worry, and, most importantly,
dont use any pill to get rid of it. Eat fruits and vegetables and drink water or natural juices. I
will write an article soon about the healthiest and also tastiest juices you can make at home.
Your Babys Development: Your baby is listening to you!

Your baby is now about 5 and a half inches long and it weighs 5.25 ounces. As its bones
ossify, or harden, the legs are affected first. The bones in the inner ears also harden, and
your babys hearing becomes much more acute. Youll find that your baby starts to kick and
react to loud sounds as the part of the brain that sends and receives nerve signals
develops. If youre having a girl, during this week her uterus and fallopian tubes will form
and move into the correct positions. However, thats not something you can see but you
can see its gender at ultrasound, if you havent already!
Pregnancy Week 18 Tips
Relax, take it e-e-a-a-sy.. Take time to talk to your baby!! Play music, ask dady to step in and
help you communicate. It is really possible that you havent felt its movements, but you will
soon do. So stimulate him/her! However, you will be the only one to feel that, for the next period.
Dont forget to enjoy everything you do.
Oh, and I advice you to keep a journal (diary). One day you will enjoy it more than you think.
Plus, it helps you feel good.
I was so happy with my baby boy at this point I started looking for blue stuff, baby rooms,
strollers, beds anyway, its still too early for that. I wanted to see my baby, but I didnt want

him to hurry, anyway. I really, really enjoyed being pregnant, even though I was really all the
According to my diary, in my 18th pregnancy week everybody continuously asked me why I was
sad but I wasnt. I was just a little bit confused with all the change in my body. Also, I hated
that nobody believed I was pregnant. They all argued that my bump was too small but it was
more than ok. I know now.

Check out what happens during the 19th week of pregnancy.

19 Weeks Pregnant

The nineteenth week of pregnancy is a very important week for both you and your little one.
There are many critical changes happening. As the middle of the pregnancy term
approaches, you are probably feeling more comfortable with your pregnancy and the
changes in your body. Dont worry, though, if you still feel confused. Its the hormones
Changes in Your Body at 19 Weeks Pregnant

As you go deeper in your pregnancy, it is normal to see some body changes, duh! Captain
obvious! Still, dont expect an exploding bump! That still wont be the case for the next
few weeks, at least. You may experience dry, flaky skin. Thats also normal, and it is caused
by the increased blood volume. Your tendency to dehydrate and your sensitivity to heat will
increase, so its important that you continue to provide your body with plenty of fluids; water
is best. Also, you can drink natural juice (stay away from coke!! Thats no natural juice!).
Avoid artificial sweeteners. Try to keep your skin lubricated with lotion as much as possible.
This can help to prevent skin problems. I told you previously that you should start using a
special lotion/oil against stretch marks
Your Babys Development:

Your little one is not about 7 and a half inches long and it weighs almost 7 ounces!! Way to
go! Its arms and legs are proportional. Also, the scalp produces hair, and the skin is now
covered with fine hair and a creamy material called vernix that protects it. The babys
hearing is almost fully developed too, so dont forget to play sweet music, to talk to him/her
and ask daddy to do so, as well! As the bones continue to harden and the muscles become
stronger, your baby becomes more active. Movements are felt more often, but the baby
sleeps up to 20 hours a day. The baby may become more active when you want to sleep or
relax. That little prick inside you seems to want you tired! Joking! You will enjoy that a lot!
Trust me!
Pregnancy Week 19 Tips

Again, music, stories, voices, everything! Take long walks in the park/on the beach/at the
countryside. Do whatever relaxes you most and dont expect anyone to really youre
your babys movements, except yourself, of course. That can be pretty annoying from time
to time for you may see that the baby stops moving EXACTLY when someone touches
your bump. Its normal. But feel lucky! You are the only person your baby is reacting to. You
must love that.
Oh, and dont forget to use lotions to prevent those nasty stretch marks. You really dont
want your body to look like a battlefield at the end of these 9 months. Im not saying those
lotions help 100%, but if you use them regularly, your skin will gain elasticity and will be able

to come back to its natural form later, without leaving too many tracks. Its ok to have some
pregnancy signs after all, but lets that just be the baby, ok?
During my pregnancy, I really endured a high level of hormones turning me into a little
drama queen (pregnandzilla, lol). I used to get sad about almost everything. And that was
stupid of me. Everyone around me told me to be careful with my emotions because they
influence the babys personality. Sure, tell a overloaded with hormones future to be mom
that she needs to stay calmand you may get punched in the face. Dont tell me I didnt
warn you. Hee hee
Anyway, I read a lot during my pregnancy and in my 19th week I really couldnt do
anything but read. Literature, motherhood books, baby care books anything! I coulndt
even sleep I dont know what has gotten into me

Check out what happens during the 20th week of pregnancy.

20 Weeks Pregnant
CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now halfway through your pregnancy, and as many
babies are delivered before 40 weeks (Im talking here about 36 to 40 week births), you
have made it through half pregnancy! You deserve a reward! Youve survived the worst
part: fatigue, morning sickness, nausea and other pregnancy symptoms so far. You are
probably starting to feel better at this point, but you may still experience some fatigue and
pain. During this week there are many exciting developmental changes happening with your
Changes in Your Body at 20 Weeks Pregnant

This is the point when you may experience back pains and breathing trouble. The babys
growth has reached the point at which the baby is pressing on your internal organs, making
it hard to breathe. The top of your uterus is parallel with your belly button, and youve
probably gained close to fifteen pounds. From this week on, you can expect to gain up to a
pound per week.
Also, you may experience heartburn, indigestion, constipation, and a continuous need to
pee. This is all normal! Still, avoid using any pills without talking to your obstetrician

Your Babys Development: Ears are fully functional.

Your baby is quite big now. At 11 ounces and a little more than 7 and a half inches long,
your babys growth has slowed in recent weeks, but it will begin to accelerate again from the
twentieth week forward. Youre probably feeling your babys movements more frequently as
he or she tests the boundaries within the walls of the womb. Your baby at this point is
covered in lanugo (you know, that fine hair I told you about earlier), and its hair (on scalp) is
starting to grow. The lungs are not yet mature, but the baby is breathing. A dark green sticky
substance called meconium is being produced. Meconium consists of cell loss and amniotic
fluid that has been swallowed with digestive secretions. Lanugo (fine hair) still covers the
body, and the hair on the scalp is growing quickly. The ears are fully functioning on their
own now, so its important to spend time in calm and quiet environments, as your baby
sleeps for an average of 20 hours per day. Also, be careful what you say or hear. You dont
want your baby to be stressed or to learn bad words, right? LOL.
Pregnancy Week 20 Tips
This is a point when constipation + hormones +baby bump = hemorrhoids. I know this is
a subject that many people hate, but its true. Pregnancy may cause them. If you have
trouble going out, use only natural methods, like eating fruits that help you go out, such
as apples, pears, melon drink much water and dont force yourself to release the

pain. Also, wash using mild water (not cold, not hot), and bicarbonate (baking soda). It
destroys all the germs that may affect you and it helps the healing.

You need to continue to incorporate plenty of iron into your diet, as your baby is using much
of the iron that you take in. Dark fruits and vegetables, eggs, chicken, dried fruits, wheat
germ, oatmeal, spinach, and other leafy vegetables are all good sources of iron.
Take long walks, talk to your baby, listen to relaxing music, wear comfy clothes, use
lotions to prevent stretch marks be happy!
Too bad I cannot find a photo of my 20th week bump. Anyway, my diary (I told you to keep
a diary, havent I?). So heres an entry from when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Enjoy!
My dearest baby, I cant believe how small you are! I sneezed this morning and you
immediately scarred out and changed your position. I felt every little bone of yours, as
you turned over. I think you even poked me, with your tiny little arms. Youre just a little
pearl looking for the perfect position to dream. I love you so much. You are everything
that I ever dreamt of. You give me the strength I need to succeed. Without you Id be
nothing. I cant wait to feel you more than just moving inside me. I love you.

Check out what happens during the 21st week of pregnancy.

21 Weeks Pregnant
You can be happy now. You managed to get over the first half of your pregnancy just fine.
From now on you just need to enjoy being pregnant. Dont worry about anything. Your
baby needs you to be positive and help him or her grow just fine.
Changes in Your Body at 21 Weeks Pregnant

By week 21, you should have gained around fifteen pounds. Anyway, this depends on your
initial weigh and your food habits. You will continue to gain up to a pound of fat each week.
As your uterus moves a half inch above your belly button, your abdomen is pooching out, so
you may start to look pregnant... This is the moment when most women start to experience
cramps and tendrils... To relieve the pain, try elevating your legs by using a pregnancy
pillow, or even a regular pillow. Position your legs somewhere above your body, especially
when you are resting. This will also help your ankles, thighs, and feet when swelling occurs.
Your appetite is also increasing, and although some people may advise you to increase
your calorie intake by no more than 300, it is okay to eat up to 500 calories more per day at
this stage. Just make sure you keep your doctor advised of your eating habits to ensure you
are staying healthy. Also, dont forget to drink much water.
Your Babys Development: banana sized baby!

Your baby has now grown almost as big as your placenta. It is weighing about 11 ounces
and has around 8 inches in length. He or she is now about the size of a banana! Hee hee...
Your baby continues to swim around his or her warm cozy home, and his or her blood
circulation is fully functional. The umbilical cord also continues to thicken and grow in
length. The digestive system keeps maturing, as the intestines begin to contract and relax
on their own. The digestive system also gets practice working due to the amount of amniotic
fluid your baby swallows on a regular basis. The eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed
at this point, and the fingernails and toenails completely cover the tips of your babys
Pregnancy Week 21 Tips

As your weight increases, you will notice that you are learning a new way to walk.
Sometimes you may faint, so it is important you wear loose, comfortable clothes, and try
wearing flat shoes instead of heels. Also, dont forget to use lotions against stretch marks.
You dont want to have them all over your body, dont you? Also, some women experience
weird or unhealthy cravings for cigarettes, ashes, or beer. These are all prohibited while you
are pregnant, so stay away from them! Also, dont eat loads of chocolate for you may end
up with an highly-energized baby!
In my 21st pregnancy week I had a really hard time controlling my hormones, and, of
course, my nerves. I yelled too much at anyone and I was so pissed on everything that I

almost fainted. I dont know what has gotten into me. I could feel my baby shaking,
telling me to calm down

Check out what happens during the 22nd week of pregnancy.

22 Weeks Pregnant

There are many noticeable changes happening to your physical appearance during this
twenty-second week of pregnancy. You will notice a growth in size everyday, and you will
enjoy that a lot! Your baby is talking to you through kicks. He or she will tell you whether
what you eat/drink/see/hear/do is ok or not. Some women even use their babys kicks as
decision makers. Hee hee
Changes in Your Body at 22 Weeks Pregnant

The most noticeable change in this twenty-second week is going to be your weight gain. As
your baby grows and your waistline expands, you can expect to gain close to a pound per
week. If you weighed fifteen pounds more than at the start of your pregnancy last week and
you have stayed on a healthy, well-balanced diet, chances are you have gained about a
pound. Keep in mind, though, that every woman is different and every baby develops its
own way, following its own rhythm.
Vaginal discharge is common for all women at this stage, and is due to the increase in blood
flow. You are probably able to feel your babys movements more frequently at this point, so
enjoy that!

Your Babys Development: spaghetti squash

At this point, your baby is about 11 inches long and weighs somewhere just under a pund.
So your baby is the size of a spaghetti squash during this twenty-second week. He or she is
still very thin due to the lack of fatty tissues, but this will soon change. The skin is still
wrinkly and covered with lanugo, but the internal organs are growing fast and the eyelids
and eyebrows are becoming distinguishable. Even the eyes have formed fully, but the irises
(the colored part of your eye) still lack pigment.
The sensory system is also developing. Your baby learns his or her sense of touch and
begins rubbing his or her face, neck, torso, and legs. If you are having a girl, the uterus,
ovaries, and egg cells are fully formed. You may want to take your triple screen test at this
point. This test can reveal the chance that a mother is carrying a fetus with neural tube
defects or Down syndrome.
Pregnancy Week 22 Tips
I am nagging you again about using lotions against stretch marks, and about drinking at
least 2 liters of water. But youll get used to that :D.This is a time when everyone you
come into contact with realizes you are definitely pregnant due to your physical appearance.
Many people, without thinking, automatically reach out to rub your belly. Some moms do not
care, but most feel uncomfortable with this. It is important that you know what to expect at

this point, and if you do not wish to have others rubbing your tummy, then be sure to tell
them so!
During my 22nd pregnancy week I was pretty active, and I felt good. This was the moment
when Ive done most of my genetic screening tests that confirmed my thrombophilia.
Also, this was the moment when I was diagnosed with tachycardia and High blood

Check out what happens during the 23rd week of pregnancy.

23 Weeks Pregnant

This is a wonderful moment when you feel every kick, hit or punch
your baby is giving you. You know That pit in your stomach. The
butterflies. The times when our palms start to sweat, because you
are expecting another sign. Anyway, as the second trimester
comes closer to its end, the prenatal testing procedures with your
healthcare practitioner are critical to keeping track of your babys
growth and development.
Changes in Your Body at 23 Weeks Pregnant

As your stomach muscles continue to stretch, your uterus rises about 1.5 inches above your
belly button. By now you may have gained another poundsince last week. The increase in
blood volume in your lower part of your body will cause you to feel like you need to use the
restroom more frequently. The increased amount of blood flow will also cause some women
to experience vaginal discharge, although in most cases, this is normal. I told you earlier
about hemorrhoids as well. Dont neglect them. Take good care of your body, use mild water
to clean your anus. I know its not fancy at all to talk about this, but it is important. Continue
to meet with your healthcare provider and ask any questions you may have regarding this
weeks changes in your body.
Your Babys Development:

Your baby is now a little more than one pound in weigh and 11.4-11.5 inches in length. At an
ultrasound, your baby might resemble a little doll. Your baby is forming pigmentation at this
stage, and as the fat develops, the skin remains loose, since skin is produced much more
quickly than fat. You may also feel kicks and punches as your baby moves within the uterine
walls. This can be a very exciting time.
Pregnancy Week 23 Tips

Remember how I told you the weeks before that you must be cheerful and happy? Well, Im
telling you this again! Its important to remember that stress can affect your baby. I know
those bloody hormones are taking over you but you can seek support from the mommy
communities online, you can talk to a family member that you are closer to or you can just
go shopping! Do exactly what makes you happy!
Also, dont forget to use a lotion or oil against stretch marks. You wont regret it later ;). You
may not see them now, but dont wait for them to appear, to take action and concur against
them. It is easier to prevent than to cure!

During my 23rd pregnancy week I felt really tired. I used to have nightmares, Ive always
been hot, nothing really pleased me, I was sweating like a pig and I kept having those
weird dreams about a baby that was getting its arm out of my belly, in order to strangle
me. My doctor told me that it was my throat because of the high hormone level.
Anyway, that was a pretty weird week, but it was the last time I got the chance to be
stupid about it. Starting week 24, my whole world changed. You will see how next week!

Check out what happens during the 24th week of pregnancy.

24 Weeks Pregnant
Congratulations! You have reached your 6th month! Undergo a glucose test to check for
gestational diabetes, which tends to occur during this time. Almost 25 percent of expectant
moms develop this type of diabetes, so this screening is done between the 24th and 28th
week of pregnancy to make sure everything is going well for both you and your baby.
Changes in Your Body at 24 Weeks Pregnant
This is a wonderful time. I bet you are pretty excited about the fact that you are already 6
months pregnant! Still, this is a moment when your body changes a lot, and you start to
feel new symptoms. Have you heard of Braxton Hicks contractions? No? Well, if you feel
like your bump is tightening and then it goes loose again, you know you have
contractions. But it is no need to call the hospital! These are false alarms! Chill.
These are due to the tightening of the uterus that happens from time to time. Your body
is preparing for delivery.

You are probably showing quite a bit more, as your uterus has risen to about two inches
above your belly button. As the skin continues to stretch around your abdomen and breasts,
you may notice that they have become dry and itchy. Be careful now because you may
develop stretch marks!
Head cold symptoms and nasal congestion are very common among moms-to-be at this
point, due to the swelling of the mucous membranes. These symptoms can be relieved with
saline drops if recommended by your doctor.
Your Babys Development:

Your baby is almost a foot long and is about the same size as an ear of corn at 1.5 pounds
(approximately four ounces more than last week). The brain continues to develop, as do the
taste buds and lungs. The lungs begin to develop branches and cells that produce
surfactant, a chemical agent that will be needed to inflate their little air sacs once your baby
is outside the womb. If a baby is born prematurely at this stage, or in weeks to come, the
lack of surfactant produced during pregnancy can cause trouble breathing. With their eyes
still shut, they use their hands and feet to maneuver and develop their sense of touch. The
hair on the scalp is still growing at an even pace, and your baby is continuing to inhale
amniotic fluid into its lungs as practice for breathing after birth. Still, it is better not to think
about birth right now. You have 16 weeks ahead!
Pregnancy Week 24 Tips
As your Braxton Hicks develop, you may find useful taking Lamaze or yoga classes. If
you feel uncomfortable about that, you can even learn at home, watching youtube. There
are plenty videos on the topic.

Also, dont forget about the stretch marks oil/lotion, combined with a balanced diet that
includes more than 2 liters of water daily.
Every mother has that intuition they know what their baby is feeling even before birth. Just like
I knew I had a boy, I also knew that something wasnt ok with my baby.
The day I reached 24 weeks of pregnancy I was really happy for I knew I was outside any sort
of danger but I still felt the urge to see my baby at ultrasound, so I made an urgent
appointment to my doctor (I had to lie that I dont feel the baby kicking) and discovered the
reason for my worry. For three days I had the most scary experience in my life: at first, the
doctor saw something attached to my babys bottom. She said that it may be spina bifida (bifida
spine). I knew it cant be, for any congenital malformation is seen before 12 weeks. Also, baby
Johnny was kicking like hell. His legs were on a continuous motion, and I knew that Spina bifida
is a birth defect that happens when a baby's backbone (spine) does not form normally. As a result, the
spinal cord and the nerves that branch out of it may be damaged, leading to a paralysis of the legs.
I instantly made an appointment at a private center in the capital city but as it was already Friday
evening, I had to wait until Monday. I called this waiting The three days nightmare. It was horrible. I
couldnt close an eye at night. I couldnt eat, I couldnt calm down All I did was cry and ask why did
it happen to me, how could this happen to me On Monday morning it all ended: my baby didnt have

teratoma (SCT). That is an unusual tumor that, in the newborn, is located at the base of the
tailbone (coccyx). The doctor couldnt understand why I was happy to hear so but how
couldnt I be happy when I found out that it can be operated after birth and that my baby will be
able to act like a normal child. I stopped looking for reasons, I stopped asking God what is
wrong with me that I have to go through so many thingsjust to have a baby I was happy that
my babys organs were developing properly, even with that tumor.
spina bifida. That was all I needed to hear. Still, he had developed a


Check out what happens during the 25th week of pregnancy.

25 Weeks Pregnant
The 25th pregnancy week is a really beautiful one for you have passed the critical period.
You can start decorating your babys room and look for baby stuff. I know that makes
you really happy so if it does, then what are you waiting for? Go for it!
Changes in Your Body at 25 Weeks Pregnant

As your babys hair grows, youll probably notice your own hair growing more quickly too.
Try to enjoy this thicker hair because once the baby is born, chances are it will fall out
mostly during months 3 to 6.
Anyway, continue to drink plenty of fluids in order to avoid dehydration, which leads to
dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and other pains. Dont lie flat on your back.
Hopefully you began to practice lying on your side in the early stages of your pregnancy, so
even if you normally sleep on your back, the transition shouldnt be too tough.
Your skin may be dry and itchy from all the stretching, but lotion can help relieve the
dryness. You may also notice that your eyes are dry, and they may be sensitive to light. You
may experience hot flashes due to the continued increase and fluctuation in hormone
levels. If you are suffering from constipation, try eating more fiber and exercising routinely to
help your bowels move.

Your Babys Development

Your baby should be now about 13 and a half inches long and weighing somewhere around
1,5 pounds. During week 25, your baby starts to plump up as fat builds up under the skin. If
you were to have a 3D or a 4D ultrasound, your baby would finally start to look more like a
person, and less like a miniature skeleton! (Have you seen last weeks 4D ultrasound?) At
this stage, most patients report feeling a lot of fetal movement. Do not worry, lots of
movement is a good thing, and no, this is not necessarily a sign that your baby is going to
be hyperactive mine was and is but its not a rule! Hee hee
Pregnancy Week 25 Tips

If you havent yet had a glucose screening test to check for temporary gestational diabetes,
you may want to consider it. Your healthcare provider has probably recommended this test,
which is usually done between weeks 2428. Also, use lotions against stretch marks and
drink water! Look for breathing exercises and Lamaze.
The 25th week came just after having found out that my baby develops a tumor but I
used this as an argument to be calm and happy so during this week I did what I like

most when I am nervous: SHOPPING! I bought Johnnys first things and those were: a
baby carrier (I will write an article on this later word of advice: DONT buy one before
birth or without putting a serious thought into it. I know nothing about ergonomics at the
time, so I bought a stretched pantyhose type carrier that my baby never used
fortunately), a sterilizer (which is a good thing some say that it is not worth buying one
if you breastfeed and dont use pacifiers, so you can keep this purchase for after birth), a
nasal vacuum (that I still use, best thing that I bought so far), and a blender to be used
only for babys food. I this point I was pretty sure my babys name would be Arsenie. I
changed my mind, though.

Check out what happens during the 26th week of pregnancy.

26 Weeks Pregnant

Changes in Your Body at 26 Weeks Pregnant

Remember when I told you about Braxton Hicks contractions? Well, by now youll be
experiencing even more of that. Many women begin to experience pain under their ribs as
the baby kicks and stretches inside the uterus. In order to relieve the pain you can change
your position. You may also feel more back pain due to your increased weight you should
have gained about 2023 pounds by this point. Try to avoid weighing yourself daily or more
than once a day, as your weight will fluctuate due to water retention. Also, you may have
developed hemorrhoids, due to the high blood pressure and constipation. Dont forget to
use mild water and baking soda to keep them clean.
Your Babys Development: Your baby can open its eyes!

Now your baby should be somewhere around 14 inches long, weighing about two pounds.
During the twenty-sixth week your babys eyelids (which have been sealed shut until now)
begin to open and blink on their own. The eyes are blue, but this will often change after
birth. The development of your babys eyes is almost complete, and although he or she still
seems very lean, fat is definitely building underneath the skin and will continue to do so until
birth. The fetal heart is pumping blood, the lungs are developing blood vessels, and the
circulatory system is fully functional. The umbilical cord continues to grow stronger and
thicker and provides your baby with all essential nutrients. If you are having a boy, the
testicles will move into the scrotum during this week.
Pregnancy Week 26 Tips

If youre experiencing severe pains, contact your doctor, and try resting as much as
possible. Headaches and leg, foot, pelvic, back, and chest pains are all probably becoming
more frequent. Dont worry, thats natural! Try to have a balanced diet, drink much water and
stay chill!
This was a really busy week for me. Ive done a lot of traveling. Whats interesting is that
no matter how much I traveled, my baby was happy. He preferred being on the way than
staying at home. My baby bump was more than just visible, like yours probably is, my
face was tired this wasnt my best looking moment.
Also, at this point, Ive bought some other stuff (that were completely useless! Future
first time mommy, please, dont buy the cheapest things just because they seem ok!
Preferably do a little research before and think in perspective. You can also leave the
important stuff until after you have delivered the baby).

So I bought a stroller, a medium priced one, 2 in 1, that I had no idea how to use. After
bringing Johnny home from the hospital I understood that it was, actually broken and I
had no chance to use it properly it couldnt close. So I kept it open, in the back yard,
and used it only at the countryside.
I bought a bed but not a classic wooden bed. No. A modern one that proved to be
useless for little Johnny slept in it only for a few nights, until I decided to take him in bed
with me, to be able to breastfeed properly at night Later I bought a better bed, but it
was already too late, but Ill tell you this some other time.

Check out what happens during the 27th week of pregnancy.

27 Weeks Pregnant

The 27th week of pregnancy is a great milestone for you and your baby. You have only two
more weeks of the second trimester and are ready to enter your final phase of pregnancy.
As the due date nears, this is an exciting time for the parents, grandparents, siblings, other
family members, and friends.
Changes in Your Body at 27 Weeks Pregnant

Some say that this is a moment of chaotic food cravings. Its okay to eat whatever you
please, but keep in mind that eating for two is stupid. You only need 300500 extra calories
per day to remain healthy and to provide your baby with sufficient nutrients. As your uterus
continues to grow and put pressure on your upper chest area, you may be experiencing
chest pains or shortness of breath. Dont worry, thats normal.
Your Babys Development

As the end of the second trimester arrives, your baby should be about 15 inches in length
and weigh over two pounds. As the eyes continue to develop, the layers of the retina are
forming, and the membrane that covers the eyes separates to form eyelids. You may notice
that your baby is developing its own waking and sleeping patterns. This is normal, and
many doctors suggest you try to rest as much as possible while the baby is resting. Some
say that this habit developed in uterus will be the babys habit after birth. So if your bump
tends to be active during night time, dont be surprised to have a night time baby. Anyway,
some experts believe that the baby begins to dream at this point, but there is no conclusive
proof that this is happening. You may also feel your baby hiccuping as their lungs continue
to mature and they inhale and exhale amniotic fluid. You will definitely feel that, and you
may even enjoy it.
Pregnancy Week 27 Tips

At this point you may be experiencing swelling in your face, neck, hands, feet, ankles, legs,
and just about everywhere else. Try resting on your left side and relaxing as much as
possible to help cope with this common pregnancy symptom. Dont forget to drink as much
water as you need, and do your Lamaze exercises. Also, continue using anti-stretch marks
lotions. Dont use them only on your bump. You may also want to oil your breasts and legs
Remember how my bump used to look a month ago? Ok, maybe not mine, but can you
remember how yours used to look only a month ago? Compared to them, now its huge,
right? I remember my 27th week being really tiring. Baby used to stay awake all night and
sleep only during the day and I really had a serious problem sleeping. Also, he used to
hiccup a lot and that was really amusing.


Check out what happens during the 28th week of pregnancy.

28 Weeks Pregnant

The 28th week of pregnancy represents the beginning of the end of your pregnancy. This is
the last time you can refer to your baby as an fetus, for from next week it will already be a
baby. If your baby is in the breech position, there is still time for him or her to turn around by
the due date. If your baby does not move out of the breech position, you will have to deliver
through C-Section.
Changes in Your Body at 28 Weeks Pregnant

Your uterus is applying a terrible pressure on your colon so dont be surprised if you are
constipated. This is a very common symptom at this stage of pregnancy. Other symptoms
such as fatigue, leg cramps, pregnancy pains, frequent urination, hemorrhoids, and
insomnia continue to plague your day-to-day life. If you havent experienced any false
contractions, now it is likely to begin. Some women also experience heartburn as the
uterus continues to rise above the belly button and apply pressure to the stomach. The
average weight gain by this week is 17 to 24 pounds, but this number is only an average, as
every woman and every pregnancy is different.
Your Babys Development

At 16 inches long and weighing close to four pounds, your baby is continuing to grow at a
steady pace. For the last few weeks, the growth has seemed to slow down, but from this
week on your babys growth will start to pick up speed again. You may notice in the
ultrasound images that he or she is looking plump. This is due to the fat that continues to
build under the skin. The eyes have opened, and the eyebrows and eyelids are fully formed,
and even the eyelashes are now visible. The enzyme system and the endocrinological
processes are still developing, and the lungs are still maturing as the third trimester begins.
As your baby moves around, you may be feeling kicks and punches more frequently.
Pregnancy Week 28 Tips

Dont forget to take good care of your local hygiene. Constipation may cause hemorrhoids
and those may lead to an urinal infection and you dont want that. So, in order to avoid
any unpleasant experience, wash your intimate parts after every trip to the rest room you
understand what Im telling you, right? Also, keep in mind to use mild (neither cold nor too
hot) water and one teaspoon of baking soda at every cup of water to wash your
Drinking at least 2l of water will help you with your constipation and skin elasticity (this is an
easy way to keep away from stretch marks) and hydration. Trips to your doctor for regular
check-ups are more frequent these days. It is important that you take the time to write down
any questions or concerns you may have before each appointment.

During my 28th pregnancy week I dealt with acne. It was terrible! I had it allover me. My
bump was big, my back used to hurt a lot and I felt just as bad as in the first trimester.
Also, this was the moment when I had my pregnancy bag prepared. I went shopping for
baby stuff together with my husband and that was really exciting and relaxing. From
that moment I really felt that nothing could have gone wrong ...

Check out what happens during the 29th week of pregnancy.

29 Weeks Pregnant
You have just entered your third trimester! Congratulations!!! From now on you wont
have to worry about abortion. This is the first moment your baby can actually be
delivered. You should be seeing your healthcare provider on a regular basis to ensure
that both you and your baby are in good health. Stay relaxed and enjoy every moment!
Changes in Your Body at 29 Weeks Pregnant

This is the moment when you should really start considering short breaks as an option, if
you dont want to give birth to a premature baby. As your hormones continue to fluctuate,
you will experience skin rashes, dryness, and intense itching. Try to refrain from scratching
your skin, and keep it moisturized. You may experience mood swings, and you may feel
fatigued due to the amount of weight you are gaining. This is normal, as you have likely
gained close to 24 pounds by this point. As you learn new ways to walk, sit, stand, and
sleep, try taking warm baths to relax your muscles and help you get through some of the
aches and pains. Your bump is really visible and you should enjoy that. Only from
now people will notice that youre pregnant
Your Babys Development

Your baby is not close to three pounds. You may notice that this growth is causing increased
hunger, as your baby uses most of the nutrients you consume to grow more. You may feel
like you need to eat again after a meal, but fight this temptation and trust that your baby is
receiving all the nutrients it needs. Rapid brain development began last week and continues
this week. The muscles and lungs continue to mature, and hearing has improved greatly.
During the twenty-ninth week, your babys kicks and punches may be so hard that they
take your breath away, and they may cause severe pain. The movements and kicks are
happening frequently at this point, which are goods signs that the baby is doing well.
Sometimes these kicks and movements can cause rib pain, pelvic pain, and unintentional
loss of urine. This high activity does not usually last throughout the pregnancy and will
become less frequent as the baby grows and has more limited space to move around.
Pregnancy Week 29 Tips

This is a moment when you should take some blood tests in order to see how youre
doing hows your iron level, your calcium, and so on. You should continue to eat healthy
food, stay relaxed, do your Lamaze exercises and enjoy the rest of the journey. Dont forget
to drink much water, to stay away from infections and from effort!
This was a period when I really enjoyed sleeping. I felt so tired that I couldnt stay awake
for too long, and I couldnt concentrate on anything. I also had some really weird dreams
about dolphins, elephants and tsunami I also did a lot of shopping


Check out what happens during the 30th week of pregnancy.

30 Weeks Pregnant
During this week you may experience mood swings again You have only a couple of
months to go, but you may be longing for your due date to come sooner. At least this is
what happens to most of us
Changes in Your Body at 30 Weeks Pregnant

The most dramatic physical changes are over now! You may have gained a lot during
weeks 20 to 30, but dont worry! It is important that your baby gains weigh and develops
properly. You may be feeling uncomfortable as you gain weight and as pregnancy pains
continue to plague your daily life. Pregnancy hormones will loosen up your joints and the
amount of amniotic fluid will decrease as your baby grows inside you. Continue to rest and
take it easy as you travel through your last trimester. This will help with all pregnancy
symptoms, pains, and hormonal imbalances.
Your Babys Development

Your baby is now about 17 inches long and weighs around four pounds! Thats a big baby,
right? But as the fat tissue builds, the wrinkles in your babys skin will start to smooth out.
Fine hair called lanugo still covers your babys body, and will remain there until birth... and in
some cases, even a little more after. At this point, your baby is practicing breathing on its
own by repeatedly moving its diaphragm in preparation for life outside the womb. Because
of this practicing, you may feel flutters within your uterus when your baby has the hiccups.
The baby is also getting into his or her own sleeping and waking routine, and becoming
more active while awake. Your baby has grown so much that it takes up almost the entire
uterine cavity. As the brain continues to mature, it begins to train the eyes, muscles, and
lungs to function on their own. The digestive tract is fully functional at this thirtieth week, as
your baby continues to take nutrients from you and process them.
Pregnancy Week 30 Tips

This is a really important period, and you should treat it properly. As the due date
approaches, make sure you are visiting your doctor for regular check-ups, ultrasounds, and
blood tests. Continue eating a well balanced diet, and if you experience constipation, eat
more foods that are high in fiber, and get plenty of rest. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily
and continue going to Lamaze classes, or whichever type of class you have chosen. This
will help keep you active when you are feeling lethargic, and can also help to raise your
spirits. If youre having trouble staying comfortable while resting, try using a body pillow or
pregnancy pillow.
During the 30th week of pregnancy I have managed to buy all the baby stuff that I planed.
Baby Johnny was pretty active and I couldnt have been happier about that.


Check out what happens during the 31st week of pregnancy.

31 Weeks Pregnant
Its been a while now since you entered your third trimester. You may feel tired, you may
have a strong desire to see your baby, to hold it in your arms, to cuddle I know this
may start to feel tiring or exhausting but you only have a little more to wait and you
should enjoy every moment you still have being pregnant.
Changes in Your Body at 31 Weeks Pregnant

This thirty-first week of pregnancy signifies that birth is near, but it may feel like its not near
enough! I must give you some bad news: As your round ligament pain decreases, you may
begin to experience back pain like never before. Sleeping comfortably for long periods may
seem impossible now, so try to relax and rest as much as possible in the position that is
most comfortable for you. This is a moment when sleeping on your belly is totally forbidden.
Also, you should keep in mind to avoid sleeping on your back either. Some say that even
sleeping on your right side is wrong but what other options do you have? Staying only on a
side may be really exhausting A long body pillow can be very helpful to support your belly
or back while you are sleeping. Your breasts begin preparing for lactation, and may begin
leaking a sticky, yellowish substance called colostrum, which is perfectly normal. You may
even begin leaking urine if you laugh, sneeze, or cough, which also is normal. You can try
doing some Kegel exercises and wearing panty liners as a precaution.
Your Babys Development: it is listening to everything you say!

Your baby is now 15 inches long and it weighs about three-three and a half pounds. So it is
is over half the size he or she will be at birth. As baby fat continues to accumulate, your
baby will gain weight much more quickly in these last two months. The digestive tract and
lungs are almost mature, and the lungs are able to inflate properly at this point, producing
surfactant to help prevent the collapse of the lungs after birth. The ears are fully developed,
and your baby is listening to everything it can hear inside the womb. Babies at this stage
can hear Moms breathing and heartbeat, they can hear music, and they can hear the
voices of others. At this stage, very loud noises or events such as a rock concerts should be
The toenails and fingernails are fully formed, and the baby can even scratch itself in the
womb. Amniotic fluid is extremely important at this point. Your baby is swallowing and
urinating up to a half liter a day. If theres too much amniotic fluid in the sac, it could mean
your baby isnt swallowing properly and could have gastrointestinal problems. If there is too
little amniotic fluid, it could mean your baby isnt urinating properly and could have kidney
problems, or perhaps a placenta problem. Still, if there is a discrepancy between the size of
your belly and the stage you have reached in your pregnancy, your doctor may order an
ultrasound to see what is going on.

Pregnancy Week 31 Tips

If this is your first baby, you should have begun some birthing preparation by now. Who is
going to be the babys pediatrician? Have you registered for any childbirth preparation
classes? Have you taken a tour of the birthing center or department where you are planning
to deliver? Have you thought about saving the babys umbilical cord blood, or
perhaps saving the placenta itself? Do you have the newborn car set yet? This is also the
stage in pregnancy where many OB providers advise patients not to travel any distance
from the hospital, perhaps no more than an hour or two away. So if you were planning a
baby-moon, hopefully you have been able to get away for this by now!
Unfortunately I dont have any picture of my 31st week bump to show but there is
always a story, thanks to my pregnancy diary. Remember when I told you to keep one as
well? It is still not too late, and you will cherish that memory forever! Trust me.
Anyway, this was the moment when I started to retain liquid inside my body, which
means that I used to have swollen feet and hands. Also, baby Johnny was really active.
He moved so much that my husband really believed that I will deliver prematurely. I also
had many dreams about birth; I couldnt find my position in bed. It was horrible. Thank
God that till the end of the 31st week things have chilled down a little.

Check out what happens during the 32nd week of pregnancy.

32 Weeks Pregnant
Hey! Congratulations!! You have just entered your eighth month of pregnancy! I know
you may now feel pretty ready for the baby to be out of your body, but you will just have
to wait a little more Just continue to eat healthy food and exercise properly, enjoy
everything you do, and go to all your doctors appointments!
Changes in Your Body at 32 Weeks Pregnant

At this point, you should be gaining an average of a pound per week, and your blood
volume has increased by up to 50 percent. Youre probably still experiencing the normal
pregnancy symptoms: fatigue, leaking breasts, pregnancy pains, constipation, heartburn,
insomnia, shortness of breath, cramps in your legs, vaginal discharge, nosebleeds,
hemorrhoids, varicose veins, mood swings, stretch marks, contractions, and sometimes
nausea. The baby may already have moved toward the pelvis in preparation for birth.
Your Babys Development

Your baby has now less room inside the womb, reason why it may seem much calmer. Most
babies have their head down, whereas others have completely turned around and put
themselves into the breech position. The majority will turn back to a head-down
presentation. If your baby hasnt yet, its okay; itll happen sometime before birth. If not, then
your child may need to be delivered via C-section.
Your baby has grown to 1617 inches long and weighs about 4 pounds by this thirtysecond week. The baby is sleeping in segments of 2040 minutes at a time, and you may
be distressed that your normal sleeping patterns have been disrupted. Hang in there; this is
normal. Studies show that some babies dream at this stage.
The brain is continuing to develop, so eating properly is still very important. The umbilical
cord is coated with a gelatinous substance to protect it from kinks and knots when the baby
turns and twists. The babys skeleton is completely formed by now, but the bones are still
soft and flexible.

Pregnancy Week 32 Tips

This is a moment when it is really important to stay calm and relaxed, even though I know it
is not simple at all. Your back hurts, you feel too big, you may feel hot all the time It sucks
but its normal. Braxton Hicks contractions (false signs of labor) can occur at this stage. If
you dont know how to tell the difference, dont hesitate to ask your doctor. These
contractions are normal, and you should think of them as practice for the real thing. Try
changing positions more often, taking warm (but not too warm) baths, and lounging to help
ease the discomfort. Even eating small meals can help reduce contractions at this point.

By the end of the 31st week, the colostrum had appeared. So, during my 32nd week of
pregnancy, I remember not being able to walk more than 50 meters without having a
terrible need to use the toilet. Not urinating on time was out of the question for it gave me
great kidney pains and contractions.
Also, my nipples went from light pink to a more dirkish color. And my hands were so
swollen, they hurt like hell but thats a normal thing.
Anyway, as I gave birth at the end of January, in my 37th pregnancy week, I have
celebrated the holidays being 8 months pregnant. So let me share with you our first
family photo:

Check out what happens during the 33rd week of pregnancy.

33 Weeks Pregnant
Changes in Your Body at 33 Weeks Pregnant

Your waistline is still growing as you gain up to one pound per week and your belly may
look like a basketball. Experts say your weight gain should be between 25 28 pounds,
although every womans pregnancy varies. You may be gaining about a pound a week, but
at least half of that goes to your baby and placenta. Your doctor will have an accurate
weight-gain chart available for you. At this point you may suffer from insomnia. Some say
that this is a way of accommodation for after the baby is born.
At thirty-threeweeks pregnant, you are learning new ways to walk, sit, stand, and lie. Back
pain, leg pain, and foot pain are likely ever-present. Try to relax and stay off your feet, or
soak them in warm water to ease the discomfort.

Your Babys Development:

At this point your baby is about 17 inches long and it weighs about 4,5-5 pounds. As the
fatty layers continue to build under the skin, all the bones continue to harden, except for the
skull that needs to remain flexible and soft in order to travel through the birthing canal. In
addition, the sutures between the bones of the skull are not completely closed, which allows
for some play during birth. Now your baby should be in a head-down positio, but if not,
there is no need to worry, as there is still plenty of time left. Some people say yoga
exercises can help your baby to move into the correct position, but consult with your
healthcare provider before beginning any new activities in the third trimester. As the lungs
continue to mature, your baby is continuing to practice his or her breathing patterns for life
outside the womb. You may notice that your baby is sleeping more often (though still not
enough to let you relax), and those kicks, turns, and punches are a bit more painful. This is
due to your babys growth he or she isnt moving any more than in earlier weeks, theres
just a little less room now.
Pregnancy Week 33 Tips

Try to relax as much as you can. You really need that. Also, try to avoid lying on your back,
since this reduces blood circulation to your uterus. Lying on your left side is best. This
promotes better blood flow to your uterus. But dont worry if during your sleep you turn to
the other side! Place a pregnancy pillow between your knees to ease discomfort while you
lie on your side. If you dont have a pregnancy pillow, use an ordinary pillow.
Eating and exercising are very important at this stage. Also, dont forget to use anti-stretch
marks lotions you can still help your body, even if you feel like its too late!

At the 33 week morphology, my baby was about 1.900g and its tumor was already huge.
Despite that, everything was just fine. This was the moment when my doctor decided that
I have the C-section on January 30 and that I needed to have some extra investigations
It was really hard to deal with all that waiting, I couldnt stand a moment. All I had in my
mind was getting rid of this stage and going into the new one. I was really inpatient to
hold my baby Oh, and another thing even though we have thought about names all
the time, this was the moment when we have finally decided over John. So it wasnt
Peter, Gabriel, Luke or Charlie no. In my 33 pregnancy week I knew I was carrying a
little Johnny.
PS: Heres a picture of my 33 weeks bump.
Take care!

Check out what happens during the 34th week of pregnancy.

34 Weeks Pregnant

This is a period when you can feel much discomfort. Continue regular visits with your
healthcare provider as he or she prepares you for the stages of labor. Keep in mind that it is
possible you wont make it to full term, but thats perfectly normal! Most women experience
labor before 40 weeks. This is why your doctor is preparing you now.
Changes in Your Body at 34 Weeks Pregnant

This is a period when you may feel the need to stretch your back. Back pains are common
during the 34th week of pregnancy, as you are carrying a terrible weight. The biggest thing
youll notice in this thirty-fourth week is the reduction of pressure on your chest and lungs.
This is due to your baby moving down into the pelvis area. Your belly button is probably
extremely sensitive too, and you may notice that if it wasnt an outie before, it is now.
Some women have heartburn due to relaxation of the muscles in the lower esophagus.
Swelling in your hands, wrists, face, legs, ankles, and feet is likely increasing. If the swelling
is accompanied by severe headaches, dizziness, or pain your upper abdomen, you should
contact your healthcare provider, as this could be a sign of pre-eclampsia. The swelling is
due to water retention, and believe it or not, the way to reduce it is to continue drinking more
water. Drinking less water only makes the situation worse. So dont even think about that!
Your Babys Development

Your baby should be now somewhere between 15 and 17 inches long, and could weigh
about 5 pounds. At this point, most of its organs are almost fully matured, except for the
lungs. The facial features are very distinct. As the fat continues to build under the skin, your
baby is looking a bit plumper and is taking on his or her mature facial characteristics. He or
she will continue to grow as the due date approaches. You may notice too that he or she is
still getting the hiccups. This is normal. Some women confuse them with contractions, but
you shouldnt worry. It is not the case
Pregnancy Week 34 Tips

This is a moment when you should try to do less effort and take much care of yourself. Your
pregnancy is almost over and there is only a little more time until you can see your little one.
If youre experiencing heartburn, try eating six or seven small meals per day instead of two
or three large meals. I used to neutralize them with yogurt. It worked for me. You can try.
Also, try to avoid wearing uncomfortable tight-fitting clothes and instead find loose, baggy
clothes to help reduce discomfort. If there isnt anyone around to massage you, make an
appointment with a masseuse. This can help reduce swelling and pain throughout your
This was one of my last weeks of pregnancy as I delivered at the beginning of the 37th week
(which was, actually, the first day of my 36th week, as I conceived one week later). I remember

being really tense. Little Johnny only felt good when mommy was driving. Otherwise I couldnt
do anything because of his agitation. Sometimes I really thought that he had long nails for I
used to feel like being scratched on the inside. There were some really unpleasant cuts. I
couldnt wait more and I was more than excited to hold him in my arms and never let him go!

Check out what happens during the 35th week of pregnancy.

35 Weeks Pregnant
This is a moment when most women think only about delivering their baby, which is
normal. You should know by now how you are supposed to do it (naturally at the
Hospital, at home, in water, or C-section). According to the chosen method, your
healthcare provider may want to take more frequent test to ensure that everything is fine
with you and your little one.
Changes in Your Body at 35 Weeks Pregnant

At this point your uterus is about six inches above your belly button, and your belly button
may be sensitive to the touch. People probably want to touch or rub your belly, as you look
very much pregnant. Your baby should be moving to a head-down position in your pelvis
region, which reduces pressure on your ribs, chest, and lungs, but increases pressure on
your bladder. This will cause you to urinate more often, and can become quite
annoying. Back pain, pelvic pain, and pelvic numbness can all occur. The numbness is due
to pressure on your pelvic nerves. This can continue until the birth of your baby. Talk to your
doctor if the discomfort becomes excessive.
Your Babys Development

Your baby is about 18 inches long and weighs approximately six pounds. Even though most
of the development is complete, your baby will continue to plump up and put on weight. His
or her liver is functioning and producing waste on its own, and the kidneys are also fully
matured. You will continue to feel kicks as the space inside the amniotic sac continues to
shrink. The babys ears are fully formed and functioning just fine, so talk to him or her as
often as possible. The lanugo begins to disappear, but fine vellus hair begins to grow to
replace it. So, your baby is almost ready to see the world. It may reassure you to know that
99% of babies born during this week survive outside the womb.
Pregnancy Week 35 Tips

If you havent started Kegel exercises, now is a good time to do that. Kegels can strengthen
your pelvic muscles for delivery and prepare you for the increased pressure as the baby
moves into that region. Also, you may be feeling stressed and sensitive from time to time
during your pregnancy. This is common and normal for expectant moms. Dont feel
embarrassed about this, and try to talk to others who have been in this position before or
who are going through it now to help ease your mind. Although swelling can actually
increase if you dont drink enough water, try limiting the amount of fluids you take in as
bedtime draws closer. Putting a book or two underneath the mattress at the foot of the bed
to elevate your feet while you sleep can help with the swelling. Dont worry about insomnia;
this too is normal and expected as the due date draws near. Try your best to relax and sleep
through the night. Naps during the day can be helpful too. Hang in there!

During this week, baby Johnny was really active, even though everyone told me he
shouldnt have been (because of the limited space inside the womb). Apparently he didnt
want me to eat much, so he kicked mostly when I had to eat or sleep. I used to feel ok all
day long, but at night I used to feel sick. It was a really tense period as I was really
impatient to meet my little price.

Check out what happens during the 36th week of pregnancy.

36 Weeks Pregnant

CONGRATULATIONS! Youve finally made it to the thirty-sixth week of your pregnancy, and
now you are considered late preterm, nine months exactly from conception (full term is not
until 37 weeks). Your baby can be born any time now, as most births take place between
weeks 3740. Although this is an exciting time, it can also be a time of anxiety. You should
be seeing your doctor on a weekly basis to ensure that everything is moving along just fine
Changes in Your Body at 36 Weeks Pregnant

This is a moment when you may feel so impatient that nothing pleases you anymore. You
are probably still suffering from fatigue, constipation, insomnia, pregnancy pains,
restlessness, hemorrhoids, and everything else. Some women find that walking is incredibly
difficult, while others have adapted to their pregnant bodies. Some women experience
urinary tract infections at this point. These are caused by constant trips to the restroom and
hemorrhoids. You may be feeling your baby resting on your pelvic bones. This is normal as
he or she awaits labor and childbirth. You may also experience higher blood pressure and
blood sugar levels.
Your Babys Development

By now, your baby should have developed completely, although he or she will continue to
build fat under the skin, causing the arms, legs, knees, cheeks, and face to plump more and
more. He or she is one week away from being considered full term, at 19 inches in length
and weighing around six pounds. But dont worry, delivering now is just fine!
Pregnancy Week 36 Tips

This is a moment when you should work a lot with your patience. Stay relaxed and stop
focusing on birth. Everything will be just right. Both you and your baby will be just fine.
Also, now is the moment to pun your hospital bag somewhere near the door, so that you
can quickly pick it in case you feel that something is wrong. If you have other children, talk
to them about whats happening and the arrival of their sibling. Now would also be a great
time to make arrangements for childcare. Daily walks, even if they are difficult, can help
relieve the aches and pains you are still experiencing
According to the ultrasounds, I gave birth to baby Johnny on the first day of my 36th
week (even though according to my last menstrual cycle this was the 37th week
anyway). And he was JUST FINE! Sure, he needed to be taken care of, mostly because I
had a C-section and he had to be prepared for the surgery (sacrococcygeal teratoma).
Anyway, when I have entered my 9th month I felt really good. I had no stress at all, for I
knew that now my baby is fully developed.


Check out what happens during the 37th week of pregnancy.

3 Weeks Pregnant
Changes in Your Body at 3 Weeks Pregnant
Your Babys Development: ball of cells!
Pregnancy Week 3 Tips

Check out what happens during the 4th week of pregnancy.

3 Weeks Pregnant
Changes in Your Body at 3 Weeks Pregnant
Your Babys Development: ball of cells!
Pregnancy Week 3 Tips

Check out what happens during the 4th week of pregnancy.

3 Weeks Pregnant
Changes in Your Body at 3 Weeks Pregnant
Your Babys Development: ball of cells!
Pregnancy Week 3 Tips

Check out what happens during the 4th week of pregnancy.

3 Weeks Pregnant
Changes in Your Body at 3 Weeks Pregnant
Your Babys Development: ball of cells!
Pregnancy Week 3 Tips

Check out what happens during the 4th week of pregnancy.

3 Weeks Pregnant
Changes in Your Body at 3 Weeks Pregnant
Your Babys Development: ball of cells!
Pregnancy Week 3 Tips

Check out what happens during the 4th week of pregnancy.

3 Weeks Pregnant
Changes in Your Body at 3 Weeks Pregnant
Your Babys Development: ball of cells!
Pregnancy Week 3 Tips

Check out what happens during the 4th week of pregnancy.