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Condition Monitoring

OMNITREND software

VIB 8.950

Machine-oriented condition monitoring and vibration analysis

The all-in-one PC partner
OMNITREND saves you time and unnecessary
decisions before, during and after measurement
with all PRFTECHNIK data collectors and analysis instruments. Since it runs under WindowsTM 95 or NT, OMNITREND is extremely easy
to operate, so that just by pointing at the desired
machine on the screen, even inexperienced or
occasional users can:
- Define measurement locations
- Set alarms, specify contingency measurements,
- Plan measurement paths,
- Store measurements,
- Automatically detect alarm conditions,
- Analyze trends and forecast their progression,
- Issue reports

Machine-oriented features
OMNITREND lets you customize settings,
evaluation, diagnostic assistance by machine
class and application type. Include actual
machine characteristics such as machine type
and rpm through use of predefined knowledgebased measurement setups - or optimize the
setups to reflect your own experience with the
machine at hand.

OMNITREND also defines locations for inclusion

in the VIBCODE Pool to ensure positive identification regardless of measurement sequence.


Designed for ease of use

Operation could not be simpler, with selfexplanatory entries and program functions,
analysis tools and report output, all designed to
reduce (or even eliminate) training effort. The
program runs in 'trend mode' or 'analysis mode'
according to the type of user. Passworded access
levels can also be set for specific user classes
according to their particular needs.
Alarms with intelligence
Adjustable three-stage alarms can be programmed to allow proactive maintenance well
ahead of damage - or select from preprogrammed ISO alarm limit files to allow immediate
evaluation of condition-based characteristic overall values and spectra, even without specialist
knowledge. Time-controllable and time-weighted trending functions allow failure prediction
from the rise in characteristic overall values.

QuickStart overview
OMNITREND shows you alarm conditions and important changes
in machine operating trends at a glance with a red line. The clear
tree diagram of the machine park contains all aggregates,
machines and subordinate measurement locations.

Open-door software policy

Interface with all MMS systems via MIMOSA
data structure and interface to ODBC/SQL
relational databases; default startup database also supplied with initial setup.
collectors and analysis instruments share
databases. The integrated bearing and
machine database contains information on
standard bearings and standard machine
defects and is continuously expanded via

PRFTECHNIK AG - Condition Monitoring

OMNITREND product information - page 2

Advanced diagnosis tools

Standard cursors include x/y main, delta, harmonic and zoom cursors. Root cause monitoring of
spectra can be performed via mask spectra and
frequency bands.
RPM-normalized frequency markers
Select from a list of root causes to mark spectrum
lines with recognized machine defects.
Standard event list (not shown)
Integrated, extendable list of MIMOSA-compliant
events for measurement sets, trends and reports.
Diagnosis Multiview
Specify any desired combination of measurement
displays for monitored machines and components with drag-and-drop convenience. Select
among multigraph, waterfall or multisample
diagrams for signal trending and diagnosis.
DualTrend even lets you plot RMS and 0-P
characteristic values in the same diagram!
Technical data OMNITREND PC software
n True 32-bit application (Windows 95/NT)
n Relational database system with ODBC/SQL interface; meets ISO / MIMOSA standards
n Machine-oriented MIMOSA-compliant data structures for data transfer
with MMS ('Maintenance Management System') software
n Handles trend and multimeter measurements; sets up measurements,
instrument display and PC depictions.
n Manages event lists, frequency markers, tolerance files and sensor settings
n Manages machine condition data, machine information and bearing data
n Network compatible, with passworded login and individual user rights
n Two general user levels ('trend' for general use and 'analysis' for specialists)
n 'Diagnosis Multiview': specific combinations of graphs can be preprogrammed
for trending and for analysis at each location.
Machine condition monitoring and diagnosis via
n Trend measurement of machine-oriented characteristic overall values
and characteristic signals
n Diagnosis of machine vibration and anti-friction bearings
n Signal and data analysis
other FFT instruments upon request
System requirements
100 MHz Pentium processor; 16 MB RAM; 20 MB HD capacity;
VGA graphics (800x600); operating system: Windows 95 or NT

P.O. Box 12 63
D-85730 Ismaning, Germany
Phone: (+49) 89 99 61 60
(+49) 89 99 61 62 00

Order information
VIB 8.950 OMNITREND 1.x software
VIB 5.690
Version 1.X certificate
VIB 5.691
U.S. Version 1.X certificate
VIB 5.688

For detailed information on featurers and technical data, please

consult the VIBROCORD sales leaflet obtainable free of charge
from your local PRFTECHNIK AG distributor or from our web site

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