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Project Summary on Online Exams System

Online examination project could be a web portal which is developed or implemented in java
domain or platform. This project is helpful for students to practice different mock examinations
from this site. In current generation lots of the examinations like GRE, CAT, and MATetc is
conducted through online system. This project will help students to get practiced to online
examination method by taking mock tests from this web portal. Online examination portal is
implemented in 2 modules student examination module and examination admin module. Admin
module will add multiple courses under different branches so students can easily know about test
details. Student examination module students ought to register with application and choose
interested courses and participate in the online test.


Online examination can reduce the hectic job of assessing the answers given by
candidates manually.

Responses or the answers by the candidates can be checked automatically and instantly.

It will reduce paper work to be an integrated Online Examination System.

The result can be shown immediately to the students reducing the anxiety.

Can create various reports and graphs for evaluation purpose almost instantly when and
where required.

Project Modules Summary

1-Administrator module
2-Student module
After feeding the desired info(s) to the Login window the system checks user style of the
corresponding user ID.
If it is admin then it'll settle for administrator login & provides Administrator view else Student

Major Operations

The following are the major operations of this application.

Administrator input or enter password to enter into system

Adding new course

Adding new batch

Adding students to batch

Adding questions of courses

Listing examination details

Listing questions, bathes etc.

Changing of password

1. Secure
2. Time bar prevention
3. Straightforward to use
4. Reliable and correct
5. No want of examiner
6. Consistency
7. No debugging repetition

Technologies and Products used

Tomcat 4.x

Weblogic Server 7.0

Java Server Pages (JSP)

Java Beans



Online Examination System is developed or designed for educational institutes like
school, colleges, and private institutes to conduct logic test of their students on regular
Design to provide or facilitate Administrator and User.
Complete and safe information is provided to user.
Can be used anywhere anytime at it is web based application.

As far as design is concerned no design is complete ever and there are chances of improvement
each moment. However performing all the necessary testing, we will conclude that our design
will implement properly that it absolutely was made.