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Astro Diagnosis Taurus Face/Throat Part II

This Article on Astro Diagnosis is continuing from Jan 2010 issue as a series of 12 Zodiac
signs till December 2010 in this Astrovision.
In Medical Astrology 2nd Cusp of Natal Chart represents Face, Right Eye, Nose,
Tongue, Teeth, Ears, Fingers, Nails, Bones and flesh in medical anatomy. As this Sign is
second in Zodiac, Venus is Lord of the Sign, which is earthy in nature, fixed and even
sign. This sign represents Face hence Nose, Teeth, Eyes, Cheeks etc. all are part of the
beauties of the individual and hence Venus is lord of the sign and karaka for beauty.
Taurus represents Neck, Throat, Gullet, Larynx, Cerebellum, Right Eye, Bone of the Neck
& Cheeks. The health problems concerned are Diphtheria, Apoplexy, Goitre. Disease of
Cerebellum, Cervical Vertebrae, Planets deposited in this sign will also oppose the sign
Scorpio. Hence they may also cause Veneral disease, Piles, fistula and constipation,
Irregular menses.
Venus as Lord Taurus represents Face, Vision, Genital Organs, Semen, Urine, Lustre of
Body, Throat, Water in Body, Glands, Ovaries, Gullet, Chin, Cheeks, Navel, Productive
Organ. Venus indicates Eye troubles, Venereal diseases, Disease in face, Urinal disease,
fading away of Lustre of body, Indigestion, Throat troub1es, Diabetes, Dropsy fever and
disease concerning glands, carbuncles, stricture Urethra, Stone in Bladder and Kidneys,
Kidney troubles, Cataract and weakness of sexual organs, Tonsillitis, disease of Ovaries,
Mucous disease, skin disease, gonorrhoea. Syphilis, goitre, gout and anaemia and
Brights disease, Cysts etc.
Taurus contains Krittika 2-4 Padas Rohini & Mrigasira 1&2 Padas who rules the following
anatomy of the body:
Krittika 2-4: This Star rules in the Natural Zodiac in Medical Anatomy - Face, Neck,
Larynx, Tonsils, Lower Jaw & Diseases relating to Reddish eye, Eye Sore, Throat
troubles, Swelling above neck, Polypus of the nose, Swelling around the eyes, Chronic
pain in jaw.
This Star rules in the Natural Zodiac in Medical Anatomy - Face, Mouth,
Tongue, Tonsils, Palate, Neck, Cerebellum, Atlas, Cervical Vertebra, & Diseases relating
to Sore-throat, Cold, Cough, Goitre, Apoplexy, Problem Taste Buds, Swelling/pain in

Mrigasira 1&2: This Star rules in the Natural Zodiac in Medical Anatomy - Face, Chin,
Cheeks, Larynx, Palate, Carotid, Arteries, Jugular, Veins, Inflamed Tonsils & Diseases
relating to Face, Cuts & Injuries in those parts, Pain in Throat, Diphtheria, Nose Bleed,
Goitre, Constipations, Venereal Distemper, Polypus. Pain/tumour in Palatic tones,
Chronic Dental ailments.
Being Fixed Sign Represents diseases of prolonging type, chronic & tedious.
Being a Fiery Sign control the vitality of a person.
In this issue we are discussing elaborately the concerned medical anatomy and diseases
that are connected with Taurus Sign (Vrishabha Rasi). As this sign is 2nd in Natural
Zodiac Ruler Venus represents Face, Eye Sight, Nose, Mouth, Tongue, Tonsils, Vocal
Chords, Larynx, Teeth, Lower n Upper Jaws, Throat, Thyroid, and Cervical Vertebras.
The Karakas for Eye sight Sun, Moon & Venus. NoseVenus, Mouth, Tongue, Tonsils,
Vocal Chords Venus/ Mercury, Teeth Saturn, Thyroid Mercury/Jupiter, Cervical
Vertebras Saturn is Karaka for bones & Mercury represents nervous system.
Nine different varieties of Diseases were taken up with supporting natal charts both
from the Members of KPAF, Hyderabad and Astrodata Bank. Hence the Article seems to
be very elaborate like a Research Paper and readers are requested to offer their
suggestions and also any natal charts to the email id : to include
their views also in the coming articles on this medical subject and the natal charts given
by them would be included at the appropriate topic.
Some of the topics on Medical Astrology was previously written by me published in Ezine
of Ahmadabad by Sri Kanak Bosmia on Eye Sight/ Vision, Ear Nose Throat, Thyroid,
Cervical Spondylosis were again revisited with new example charts of Westerns also in
this Taurus sign as they represent the same.

Cosmetic Surgery / Face Beauty:

In Medical astrology Natural Zodiac (Kalapursha) 2nd House represents Face, Nose,
Eyes, Eye brows, Lips, Cheeks, Chin which are indication of beauty and the sign lord is
Venus who is karaka for beauty. Sun, Moon Mars stars are in Taurus. Venus is karaka
for beauty apart from Mercury who indicates features of youngness & Moon are
feminine character indicates for Beauty. As per the KP House Grouping Part V of Feb.
2008 e-zine compiled by Sri Tinwin, Charming Face 1st CSL signifies 1,10,5,9,2,11 &
Venus (Moon n Mercury added by me).
Plastic surgery originated in ancient India in the Vedic period about 3500 B.C. It is well
documented in Sushruta Samhita. Many of the surgical procedures performed in
modern times were practiced in Ancient India.
Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed to correct functional impairments caused
by burns; traumatic injuries, such as facial bone fractures; congenital abnormalities;
developmental abnormalities; infection and disease; and cancer or tumors.
Reconstructive plastic surgery is usually performed to improve function, but it may be
done to approximate a normal appearance.

The most common reconstructive procedures are tumor removal, laceration repair,
scar repair, hand surgery, and breast reduction. Some other common reconstructive
surgical procedures include breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, cleft lip and
palate surgery, contracture surgery for burn survivors, and creating a new outer ear
when one is congenitally absent.
Plastic surgeons use microsurgery to transfer tissue for coverage of a defect when no
local tissue is available. Free flaps of skin, muscle, bone, fat, or a combination may be
removed from the body, moved to another site on the body, and reconnected to a
blood supply by suturing arteries and veins as small as 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter.
Aesthetic surgery involves techniques intended for the "enhancement" of appearance
through surgical and medical techniques, and is specifically concerned with maintaining
normal appearance, restoring it, or enhancing it beyond the average level toward some
aesthetic ideal.
In 2006 with the five most common being breast augmentation, liposuction, nasal
surgery, eyelid surgery and abdominoplasty. The most prevalent aesthetic/cosmetic
procedures include:
Abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck"): reshaping and firming of the abdomen
Blepharoplasty ("eyelid surgery"): reshaping of the eyelids or the application of
permanent eyeliner, including Asian blepharoplasty
Mammoplasty: Breast augmentations ("breast implant" or "boob job"): augmentation
of the breasts by means of fat grafting, saline, or silicone gel prosthetics, which was
initially performed to women with micromastia. Reduction mammoplasty ("breast
reduction"): removal of skin and glandular tissue, which is done to reduce back and
shoulder pain in women with gigantomastia and/or for psychological benefit men with
Mastopexy ("breast lift"): Lifting or reshaping of breasts to make them less saggy,
often after weight loss (after a pregnancy, for example). It involves removal of breast
skin as opposed to glandular tissue
Buttock augmentation ("butt implant"): enhancement of the buttocks using silicone
implants or fat grafting ("Brazilian butt lift") and transfer from other areas of the body
Buttock lift: lifting, and tightening of the buttocks by excision of redundant skin
Chemical peel: minimizing the appearance of acne, chicken pox, and other scars as
well as wrinkles (depending on concentration and type of agent used, except for deep
furrows), solar lentigines (age spots, freckles), and photodamage in general.
Labiaplasty: surgical reduction and reshaping of the labia
Lip enhancement: surgical improvement of lips' fullness through enlargement
Rhinoplasty ("nose job"): reshaping of the nose
Otoplasty ("ear surgery"): reshaping of the ear, most often done by pinning the ear
closer to the head
Rhytidectomy ("face lift"): removal of wrinkles and signs of aging from the face
Browplasty ("brow lift" or "forehead lift"): elevates eyebrows, smooths forehead skin
Midface lift ("cheek lift"): tightening of the cheeks
Suction-assisted lipectomy ("liposuction"): removal of fat from the body
Chin augmentation ("chin implant"): augmentation of the chin with an implant, usually
silicone, by sliding genioplasty of the jawbone or by suture of the soft tissue
Cheek augmentation ("cheek implant"): implants to the cheek




Chart 1 Michael Jackson

American singer, dancer and exceptionally talented

entertainer. Cosmetic surgery (Face), Heart disease/ attack 25

Date 29/08/1958 Time 12:00:00

CST Place: Gary IN US Day
Friday Lat 41:36:00 N Long
87:20:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W
Time Corr - 0:49:20 DSL KP-NA
23:11:08 Birth Star: Sathayam-4
Rasi: Aquarius,
Asc. : Lib

Chart 2 Phyllis Dillar

Date 17/07/1917 Time 01:00:00
CST Place Lima OH US Day
Tuesday Lat 40:44:00 N Long
84:06:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:23:36 KP-NA
22:36:42 Birth Star: Aridra-2
Rasi: Gemini
Asc.:Tau 14:28:23

Chart 3 Rock Hudson

Date 17/11/1925 Time 02:15:00
CST Place Winnetka IL US Day
Tuesday Lat 42:06:00 N Long
87:44:00 W TZ 90:00:00W Time
Corr 0:09:04 KP-NA 22:43:41
Birth Star: Anuradha-4 Rasi:
Scorpio Asc. : Vir 8:45:15

Chart 4 Suzanne Somers

Date 18/10/1946 Time 18:11:00
PST Place San Mateo CA Day
Friday Lat 37:33:00 N Long
122:19:00 W TZ 120:00:00 W
Time Corr - 0:09:16 KP-NA
23:01:12 Birth Star: Ashlesha-2
Rasi: Cancer Asc. : Ari 19:06:20

June 2009 at 2:26 PM in Los Angeles, CA.

Lagna being Libra I CSL Ma (7) is in the star of Su (10), 2nd

CSL Ke (6) in own star, Taurus CSL Me (10,9,12) in Ke (6)
sub Ve (9,1,8) in Me (10,9,11,12) has given him an
opportunity as a pop singer with international fame. Ve/Me
has given face-cosmetic surgery. Died on 25th June, 2009
as I CSL Mars is in 7th own house in the star of Sun.

American comedienne who exploded on stage in San

Francisco in 1954. In 1971 when she had her nose, eyes and
neck done. In following years, she had another nose job, a
mini-facelift, a tummy tuck, breast reduction, cheek
implants, an under-eye lift, eyeliner tattoos, teeth
straightened and bonded. Later she had fat liposuctioned
from her stomach and injected into vertical wrinkles around
her mouth. 2/13/1999 Heart disease/attack.
Lagna being Tau, Jupiter is CSLin the star of Moon who is in
2nd house (Gem); 6th CSL Saturn in his own star in 3rd
cusp. During 1971 she undergone various cosmetic
American actor, a matinee idol whose name stood for the
Hollywood Golden Age of wholesome heroics and light
hearted romance. He was nominated for the Academy Award
for Best Actor in "Giant" in 1957 and won the Golden Globe
for Favorite Film Male four times.
I & II CSL Ve(4,2,9) in his own star. 6th & Tau CSL
Me(3,1,10) in his own star. During Mo/Ju the native
undergone cosmetic surgery. Moon is in the star of Saturn &
Jupiter is in the star of Sun, both are connected to 2nd cusp,
hence undergone cosmetic eyelid surgery in 1981 & 2
October 1985 (AIDS, age 59).
I CSL Ra(2) in Mo(4,5) is in own house. 2nd & Tau CSL
Me(7,3,6) is in Ju (6,9,12), 6th CSL Sa(4,10,11) in his own
star along with Moon. The native undergone operation of
breast cancer. In April 2000 fitness with liposuction on
20/2/2001 during Rahu sub period the native undergone

II Eye Sight / Vision:

In Medical astrology Natural Zodiac (Kalapursha) 2nd & 12th Houses rules Right & Left
eyes respectively. These are Taurus & Pisces ruled by Venus & Jupiter. Any afflictions to
these two houses from Natural Zodiac/Ascendant would lead to eye troubles. When
Karakas for eyes Sun, Moon, vision Venus, 2nd & 12th Houses from Lagna are afflicted
and connected to evil houses 6-disease, 8-chronic, 12-hospitalisation would lead to eye
diseases. Planets Mars & Rahu connection would lead to defects in the vision.
As per the Medical Astrology for All written by Sri K Subramaniam S/o Sri KSK
Guruji, regarding Eye sight indicted the following information. 2nd house governs right
eye 12th house indicates left eye of the native, Sun is karaka for the right eye for male
n left eye for female and Moon for left eye to Male n right eye for female, in natural
Zodiac Taurus rules right eye and Pisces for left eye, vision is controlled by Venus and
any affliction 2nd /12th house or Taurus /Pisces and planets Sun, Moon, Venus
involvement would lead to eye troubles. Krittika 1st pada rules Eyes & Vision. The
following Sublords are connected to Eye anatomy and related parts of Cornea, Vision,
Mars Ket Venus, Jupiter;
Mars Venus Venus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter;
Mars Sun Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu ;
Venus Sun Rahu, Venus ;
Venus Moon Moon :

Medical: A hollow, fluid-filled sphere, the eye is our organ of sight. We only see 1/6th of
the eye, most of it lying posterior to the skull. Made of three layers: the fibrous tunic, the
vascular tunic, and the nervous tunic, the nervous tunic gives the eye its function. The
retina, which detects light, lies in the nervous tunic. Blood supplies the eye through the
choroid, which lies in the vascular tunic. The sclera, lying in the fibrous tunic, holds the
eye together.
Light enters the eye through the cornea, a transparent portion of the fibrous tunic. The
ciliary body opens and closes the iris, controlling the amount of light entering the eye.
When light hits the retina, that light is translated into a message of vision, which is sent
to the brain. Photoreceptor cells, called rods and cones makes up the retina. Of the two,
rods are the most sensitive to light, being able to detect light and transmit that reception
to the brain in very dim light. Cones can separate light, telling the brain what colour an
object is. But cones need much more light to do this.



Chart 5 John Milton

(Blind at 30s),

British writer and poet who is best know for his "Paradise Lost,"
1667. His work is generally regarded as surpassed only by
Shakespeare. March 1652 (Finally completely blind).

Date 19/12/1608 Time

06:30:00 GMT Place London UK
Day Friday Lat 51:30:00 N
Long 0:10:00 W TZ 0:00:00 E
GMT Time Corr - 0:00:40 KPNA 18:18:20 Birth Star:
Rohini-1 Rasi: Taurus Asc. :
Sco 19:06:33
Chart 6 Louis Braille
(Born Blind),
Date 04/01/1809 Time
04:00:00 Place Coupvrav
France Day Wednesday Lat
48:54:00N Long 2:48:00E
TZ 2:48:00E Time Corr
0:00:00 KP-NA 21:05:50 Birth
Star: Ashlesha-1 Rasi: Cancer
Asc. :Sco 1:59:47

He lost his vision during his 30s. Ju-Ve (3/1652) which

is connected to Sun who is in 1st cusp, 2nd CSL Me
(2,8,10) is in Ve (2,6,7,11) both are in 2nd cusp, 12th
CSL Ra (8) is in Me (2,8,10), 6th CSL Sa (2,3) in Mo (6).
Thus both right / left eyes vision was lost. During this
time the Mr. Milton wrote The paradise lost which is the
famous poetry all the time.
French blind organist who invented a transcription system
for the blind in 1824. The system consisted of a code of
small raised dots that could be felt on paper. The code
was adopted at once by his fellow blind students, but the
system was not officially accepted during his 20 years of
teaching the blind. "Braille" eventually won universal
acceptance. Died on 1/06/1852.
2nd CSL Su (2,10) is in Ve (3,7,12); 12th CSL Me
(2,8,11) in Ke (6-3,7,12); 6th & 8th CSL Ve (3,7,12) in
Ma (11,1,6). 2nd cusp is occupied by Sun /Mercury, 12th
Cusp Rahu who is in his own star connected to Venus.
Thus it indicates negative for the vision. However, at
the time of birth Moon is in Me/Sa both are connected to
vision hence Mr. Louis Braille is born blind and invented
Braille Lipi for Blind people.

Chart 7 Karen Allen

Date 05/10/1951 Time
10:11:00 CST Place Carrollton
IL US Day Friday Lat
39:18:00N Long 90:24:00W
TZ 90:00:00W Time Corr0:01:36 KP-NA 23:05:21 Birth
Star: Ashlesha-1 Rasi: Scorpio
Asc. : Sco 7:22:20
Chart 8 Jose Feliciano
(Born Blind),
Date 10/09/1945 Time
10:00:00 AWT Place Lares
Puerto Rico Day Monday Lat
18:18:00N Long 66:53:00W
TZ 60:00:00W Time Corr 1:27:32 War KP-NA 23:00:16
Birth Star: Swathi-1 Rasi: Libra
Asc. : Lib 2:51:27
Chart 9 Jean Langlais
(Born Blind),
Date 15/02/1907 Time
15:48:00 Place La Fontenelle
France Day Friday Lat
48:28:00N Long 1:30:00W
TZ 1:30:00 W Time Corr
0:00:00 KP-NA 22:27:59 Birth
Star: Uttarabhadhra-3 Rasi:
Pisces Asc. : Can 17:42:41

Chart 10 John Ritter,

(Right Eye)
Date 17/09/1948 Time
07:59:00 PDT Place Burbank
CA US Day Friday Lat
34:11:00 N Long 118:19:00 W
TZ 120:00:00 W Time Corr 0:53:16 KP-NA 23:02:48 Birth
Star: Purvabhadhra-1 Rasi
Aquarius Asc. : Vir 17:47:35

American actress, a skinny, wide-eyed, raspy-voiced brunette

leading lady of the stage, TV and films. As a youngster, she
overcame temporary blindness following a conjunctivitis
condition, to begin a screen career in the late '70s .
The native is subjected to temporary blindness due to
conjunctivitis during Ve-Su ( 9/1977- 9/78). 2nd CSL Ju
(4,2,5) is in Sa (10,3,4) along with Mercury & Sun. 12th CSL
Ve (9,7,12) is in Ke (9) along with Mars and Kethu in 9 (Leo) .
6th CSL Mo (1,9) in Me (10,8,11); Tau CSL Ke (9) in Ve
(9,7,12). In Ve-Su Dasa temporary eye problem has been
faced by her.

American musician blind from birth whose folks moved to

New York when he was five. Feliciano was given his first
guitar when he was nine and he played pro from the time
he was age 17, learning the lyrics by Braille.
2nd CSL Ra (9) in his own star along with Mars in 9, 12th
& 6th CSL Sa (9,4,5) in Ju (12,2,6); Moon at the time
birth is in Ra-Ma indicates born blind (congenital).

French blind organist, composer and musician. An

organist at St. Clotilde in Paris in 1953. He was known for
his compositions and orchestration works. Langlais died
on May 8, 1991 in Paris, age 84.
The native is a famous musician from France. 5th CSL
Ve (6,4,11 Bha) in his own star has given lot of skills in
music. 2nd CSL Ra (12) in Sa (8,7,9) & 12th CSL /Tau
CSL Ve (6,4,11 Bha) in his own star in the orb of 6th
cusp has given blindness. At the time of birth Moon is in
star of Sa (8,7,9) indicates born blind (congenital).
During Ra-Me the native died (84 yrs.) both are
connected to 8 & 12 cusps.

American actor and member of a theatrical family. Ritter

received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a
Comedy Series in 1983.
2nd CSL Ve (10,2,9) in Sa (11,5,6) (Tau CSL) in Leo.
12th CSL Ju (3,4,7 Bhadhaka) in Me (1,10). During SaMe (1965) the native lost his right eye - see Mercury
Bhukthi in Mars in 2nd house and Saturn Major who is in
Kethu (orb 2nd cusp) has given permanent loss of Right



Chart 11 Eddie Edward

(Nearly blind),

British athlete called "The Eagle;" participated in the

winter Olympics 1988, a ski jumper and great odds-onfavorite in spite of being nearly blind.

Date 05/12/1963 Time 00:15:00

GMT Place Cheltanham
Gloucestershire UK Day Thursday
Lat 51:54:00 N Long 2:04:00 W
TZ 0:00:00 E Time Corr - 0:08:16
KP-NA 23:15:32 Birth Star:
Pushyami 4 Rasi: Cancer Asc.:
Leo 26:03:36

Chart 12 Devudu, (Right

DOB: 21.06.1969, TOB:
23:30:00, POB:
Visakhapatnam, AP.
Lat.17.42:00N Long.83.24:00E
KPA 23-20-11 Saturday
Birth Star: Pubba-3, Rasi: Leo,
Asc. Aqua.

2nd & 6th CSL Me (4,2,11) in Ke (4 conj. Ve. 12th CSL

Ve (4,3,10) in his own star along with Kethu and Mars in
4th cusp. Tau CSL Su (3,1,12) is in Me (4,2,11) who is
CSL of 2 / 6. The native is having nearly blind with less
eye sight.

The native suffered defective vision in the right eye due to

optic nerve problem. He undergone an operation during DBA
Ra-Sa-Ve (5/2006 11/2006). After the operation he lost
total sight of the right eye. 2nd sublord Moon (karaka for Right
Eye for Male) in Ve-Ju (Venus karaka for Vision l/o 3n8
indicates defect which is congenital becaz of 8 th house
involvement) Jupiter in Suns star who is karaka for Left Eye
for Male. 12th sublord Mars R in Saturns star who is in 2nd
debilitated along with Venus karaka for Vision. Hence during
the DBA of Rahu in Jupiters star in 7 th, Saturn Bhukthi who is
in Kethu star in 7th in Venus Anthara who is in his own star
Bharani 2nd cusp impaired the vision of Right Eye

The native was blind at the time of birth and subsequent

Chart 13 Devulapalli (Born medication did not give any relief and the eye balls have
sunk after medication. 2nd CSL Mercury in 12th in Saturn
TOB: star and with Rahu. 12th sublord Kethu another malefic
06:40:00, POB: Vijayawada, in Mars star which is in 6th and Mars in 2nd. Now let us
AP. Lat.16.31N Long.80.37E see the DBA at the time of birth is Moon in Ve-Sa-Ma;
Wednesday, Now Venus is in Rahu star who is in 12 (left eye), Bhukthi
Birth Star: Pubba-3, Rasi: Leo, Saturn in Suns star who is Karaka for Left eye for
female, Mars Anthara in his own star in 2nd indicates
Asc. Leo.)
Right Eye hence at the time birth both the eyes are
afflicted has given blindness.

III Diphtheria is a life-threatening disorder caused by a highly contagious bacterial

infection caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheria. Diphtheria is especially
dangerous when it affects the throat, where it can produce a thick gray membrane that
may grow large enough to obstruct breathing. The most serious complications are
caused by a toxin produced by the diphtheria bacterium that can damage the heart,
nervous system and, less often, the kidneys.
Diphtheria most often strikes before the age of 15 and is fatal in nearly 10 percent of
cases. Recovery tends to be slow in those who do survive. Due to widespread
immunization efforts, the disease is now extremely rare in developed countries. In
modernized countries the most common infection with the diphtheria bacterium
involves the skin and is rarely associated with systemic manifestations.

In Medical Astrology Throat is governed by Taurus and Venus and Mercury are karakas
for throat, lingual, vocal chords and all throat infections are related to Venus/Mercury.
If the Venus and Mercury are afflicted are connected to 6,8,12 or connected to Nodes,
Saturn & Mars would lead to this problem.
Chart 14 Princess Alice
Date 25/04/1843 Time
04:05:00 GMT Place London
UK Day Tuesday Lat
51:30:00 N Long 0:10:00 W
TZ 0:10:00 W Time Corr
0:00:00 KP-NA 21:34:33 Birth
Star: Purvabhadhra-2 Rasi:
Aquarius Asc. : Pis 17:26:25

British royalty, Queen Victoria's third child, Grand

Duchess of Hesse and carrier of the hemophilia gene.
She married Prince Louis of Hesse in 1862; their fourth
daughter, Alexandra, married Nicholas II of Russia.
She died of diphtheria on 12/14/1878, Darmstadt,
2nd & 6th CSL Ra (10) is in Ve (12,2,3 karaka) in 12th
Cusp. Taurus CSL Ma (9,8) in Me (1,4,7 Bhadhaka).
Thus Ve-Me were afflicted during Mercury-Venus
(12/1878) the native died due to diphtheria at the age
of 35. 14 Dec 1878 (Diptheria, age 35)

Chart 15: Reginald Kray

Date 24/10/1933 Time 20:00:00
GMT Place London UK Day
Lat 51:30:00 N
Long 0:10:00 W TZ 0:00:00 E
Time Corr - 0:00:40 KP-NA
22:50:20 Birth Star: Purvashada4 Rasi: Sagittarius Asc.: Gem

British homicide; the first born of twins. They had

another brother four years older. Both twins had
measles and diphtheria at age 3.
2nd & 6th CSL Ve (6) (conj. Mars & Mercury) in Me
(6,1,2,5) indicated throat problems during childhood
(Venus balance period) the native was subjected to
diphtheria but survived .

Chart 16: Pushyami

Date 29/09/1956 Time
14:20:00 Place Bapatla AP
Day Saturday Lat 16:22:00 N
Long 80:27:00 E TZ
82:30:00 E Time Corr 0:08:12 KP-NA 23:09:32 Birth
Star: Pushyami -2 Rasi: Cancer
Asc. : Cap 9:36:35

2nd CSL Ke (4) in Su (8), 6th & Taurus CSL Sa

(10,2,2) in his own star along with Rahu in Scorpio
given diphtheria during Saturn major period at the
time of birth .

IV Nasal/Vocal polyps are fleshy outgrowths of the mucous membrane of the nose.
Nasal polyps are more likely to develop in people who have allergies or asthma. Some
of the symptoms caused by polyps are nasal obstruction and congestion. Doctors
usually diagnose nasal polyps based on their characteristic appearance. Corticosteroids
can shrink or eliminate polyps, but sometimes polyps must be removed surgically.
Polyps are common teardrop-shaped growths that form around the openings to the
sinus cavities. A mature polyp resembles a peeled, seedless grape. Unlike polyps in the
colon or bladder, polyps in the nose are not tumors and do not suggest an increased
risk of cancer. They are merely a reflection of inflammation, although there may be a
family history of the problem. The doctor may perform a biopsy of the polyp to ensure
that it is not a cancer.
Polyps may develop during infections and may disappear after the infection subsides, or
they may begin slowly and persist. Many people are not aware that they have nasal
polyps, although they may have sneezing, nasal congestion, obstruction, drainage of
fluid down the throat (postnasal drip), facial pain, excessive discharge from the nose,
loss of smell (anosmia), reduced ability to smell (hyposmia), itching around the eyes,
and chronic infections.
Polyp Formation in the Nose: Polyps usually develop in the area where the sinuses open
into the nasal cavity. Polyps may block drainage from the sinuses. Fluid may
accumulate in the blocked sinuses, causing a sinus infection.

People with nasal polyps may be seriously allergic to aspirin Some Trade Names BAYER
and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDssee Pain: Nonsteroidal AntiInflammatory Drugs). People with nasal polyps can develop sinus infections if the
polyps block drainage from the sinuses. Many develop asthma as well. Nasal polyps also
can form if a foreign body is in the nose.
Corticosteroids in the form of nasal sprays or oral tablets may shrink or eliminate
polyps. Endoscopic surgery or oral corticosteroids are needed if polyps block the
airways or cause frequent sinus infections. Polyps tend to grow back unless the
underlying irritation, allergy, or infection is controlled. Using an aerosol corticosteroid
spray may slow or prevent recurrences. However, a doctor may need to examine the
person periodically with nasal endoscopy (looking in the nose with a small rigid or
flexible viewing tube) to evaluate and treat persistent or recurring problems.


Chart 17 Miles Davis

Date 26/05/1926 Time 05:00:00
CST Place Alton IL US Day
Wednesday Lat 38:53:00 N Long
90:11:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W
Time Corr - 0:00:44 KP-NA
22:44:07 Birth Star: Visakha-3
Rasi: Libra Asc. : Tau 15:50:07

Chart 18: Alexa Rae Joel

Date 29/12/1985 Time 23:45:00
EST Place New York NY US Day
Sunday Lat 40:42:00 N Long
74:00:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:04:00 KP-NA
23:34:01 Birth Star: Ashlesha-1
Rasi: Cancer Asc. : Vir 11:03:28

Chart 19 Nathan Lane

Date 03/02/1956 Time 14:29:00
EST Place New Jersey US Day
Friday Lat 40:43:00 N Long
74:04:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:03:44 KP-NA
23:08:59 Birth Star: Visakha-1
Rasi: Libra Asc. : Gem 18:21:17

Chart 20: Liza Minnelli

Date 12/03/1946 Time 07:58:00
PST Place Los Angeles CA US
Day Tuesday
Lat 34:04:00 N Long 118:16:00
W TZ 120:00:00 W Time Corr
0:06:56 KP-NA 23:00:42 Birth
Star:Punurvasu-2 Rasi: Gemini
Asc. : Ari 8:16:27

American musician, jazz composer, bandleader and

recording artist, one of the most consistent trendsetters in
jazz history. The inventor of more distinct styles than any
other jazz musician, he pioneered in cool jazz, hard bop,
modal playing, free-form explorations and use of electronics.
2nd CSL Ju (10,8,9) in Ma (11,7,12). 6th CSL Ke (8) is in
Ve (11,1,6; Taurus CSL Sa (6,10,11) in Ju (10,8,9).
During Me-Ve (1956) the native undergone operation of
vocal polyps. During Ve-Me (9/1991) the native died due to
American noted family and a musician, the daughter of
cover girl Christie Brinkley and singer Billy Joel. In mid-1998
she had surgery to remove polyps from her voice box.
In mid-1998 she had surgery to remove polyps from her
voice box.
2nd CSL Rahu (8) in Ke (2nd) conj. Mars. 6th & Taurus CSL
Ve (4,2,9) ) in Ke (2,8) indicated 2nd cusp. The native
during Me-Sat undergone removal of polyps of her voice
American actor, a Hollywood, television and Broadway star
known for his outrageous scene-stealing comedy roles. The
youngest of three boys, Nathan Lane was born Joseph Lane
in 1956 in Jersey City.
2nd CSL Ke (12) in Mo (5,2,3) indicates throat problems;
6th & 12th CSL Rahu (8) along with Mars / Saturn in Me
(3,1,10). During Me-Ju (2001) due to connection with Kethu
the native undergone operation of vocal cord polyps.

American singer and actress who won an Academy

Award for "Cabaret".
2nd & Taurus CSL Ve (12,2,7) in Sa (3,11,12) along
with Mars-Moon. 6th CSL Me (12,3,4) in Sa (3,11,12)
indicates throat problem during Kethu-Mercury the
native undergone operation of vocal chord polyps.

Chart 21: Jason Bateman

Date 14/01/1969 Time 17:39:00
EST Place Rye NY Day Tuesday
Lat 40:59:00 N Long 73:41:00
W TZ 75:00:00 W Time Corr
0:05:16 KP-NA 23:19:49 Birth
Star: Anuradha-4 Rasi: Scorpio
Asc. : Can 11:56:51

Chart 22: Julie Andrews

Date 01/10/1935 Time 06:00:00
Place Walton on Thames England
Day Tuesday Lat 51:24:00 N
Long 0:25:00 W TZ 0:00:00 E
Time Corr - 1:01:40 KP-NA
22:51:57 Birth Star: Visakha-1
Rasi: Libra Asc. : Vir 2:36:13

American actor in four TV series, including "Silver

Spoons" and "It's Your Move," 1984. He made his first
movie in 1987 at the age of 18
2nd CSL Ve (8,11) in Ra (9); 6th CSL Sa (10,7,8,9) in
Me (7,4,12). Taurus CSL Me (7,4,12) in Mo (5,1).
During Ve-Ju the native undergone a benign polyp
removed from throat. Jupiter Bhukthi in Moon
(3,5,6,10) and Venus Dasa has given operation and
British-American actress and singer with a four-octave
range. She had a remarkable, fully formed adult larynx by
the time she was seven & could routinely hit F above high C.
2nd & 6th CSL Ra (4) in Ve(12,3). During Ve-Ma (6/1977)
the native underwent surgery of throat polypus. Venus
(12,3) in his own star and Mars (3,9) in Me (2,1,10) had
given throat surgery for polyps which has led to loss of voice

Taste buds are small structures on the upper surface of the tongue, soft palate, upper
oesophagus and epiglottis that provide information about the taste of food being eaten.
These structures are involved in detecting the six (known) elements of taste
perception: salty, sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and umami (or savory). Via small openings
in the tongue epithelium, called taste pores, parts of the food dissolved in saliva come
into contact with taste receptors. These are located on top of the taste receptor cells
that constitute the taste buds. The taste receptor cells send information detected by
clusters of various receptors and ion channels to the gustatory areas of the brain via
the seventh, ninth and tenth cranial nerves. On average, the human tongue has 2,000
10,000 taste buds.

V Tonsillitis (ton-sil-lie-tiss) is an inflammation of the tonsils caused by an infection.

In tonsillitis, the tonsils are enlarged, red, and often coated (either partly or entirely) by
a substance that is yellow, gray, or white. Tonsillitis usually occurs as part of
pharyngitis (throat infection). Tonsillitis usually begins with sudden sore throat and
painful swallowing. Sometimes, tonsillitis reoccurs, and may cause difficulty breathing.
If this occurs, your doctor may recommend taking them out. This procedure of
removing tonsils from the throat is called a tonsillectomy.
The tonsils are fleshy clusters of tissue that lie in bands on both sides of the back of the
throat, above and behind the tongue. The tonsils' major function is to catch incoming
germs before the germs cause infections in the throat, mouth, or sinuses. Tonsils
contain infection-fighting cells and antibodies that stop the spread of the germs further
into the body. If the tonsils are taken out, the individual will not suffer from more
infections than they did when they had their tonsils. There are other tissues in the body
that will produce antibodies to fight infection.
Each person with tonsillitis may not experience all of the symptoms. Some of the major
symptoms of tonsillitis are:
a very sore throat
redder-than-normal tonsils
a yellow or white coating on the tonsils
a funny-sounding voice
swollen glands in the neck
bad breath
Tonsillitis can be diagnosed by performing a rapid strep test, also called a throat
culture. To perform the throat culture, the doctor will use a long cotton swab to swipe
off some of the stuff on the surface of the back of your throat. The doctor will then test
the "stuff" on the cotton swab. This test will determine whether you have tonsillitis and
whether it is caused by a bacteria or a virus. Tonsillitis is Contagious.

Chart 23 Jon Rodden
Date 26/10/1960 Time
04:35:00 Place Covina CA US
Day Wednesday
Lat 34:05:00N Long
117:53:00 W TZ 120:00:00W
Time Corr 0:08:28
KP-NA 23:12:56 Birth Star:
Uttarashada-1 Rasi: Sagittarius
Asc. : Vir 20:02:32
Chart 24: Pushyamitra
Date 29/09/1956 Time 14:20:00
Place Bapatla AP Day Saturday
Lat 16:22:00 N Long 80:27:00 E
TZ 82:30:00E KP-NA 23:09:32
Birth Star: Pushyami- 2 Rasi:
Cancer Asc.: Cap 9:36:35

Chart 25: Anil

Date 12/01/1978 Time
06:34:25 IST Place Velidurthi
Kurnool AP Day Thursday
Lat 15:34:00 N Long
77:54:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E
KP-NA 23:27:21 Birth Star:
Sathabisham Rasi: Aquarius
Asc. : Sag 23:42:36
Chart 26: Female
Courtesy: MC Appa
Date 10/08/1956 Time 01:00:00
Place Sagar Karnataka Day
Friday Lat 14:15:00 N Long
75:35:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E
KP-NA 23:09:25 Birth Star: Hasta1 Rasi: Virgo
Asc. : Tau 10:45:40

American military; joined the U.S. Army 7/21/1981,

appointed to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point on
7/1/1982, graduated with the class of '86. 26 September
1969 (Tonsils and adenoids removed)
2nd CSL Sun (1,12) in Ra (12) Leo in Ve (2,9), 6th CSL Sa
(4,5.6) in Ve, Tau CSL Me (2,1,10) in Ju (3,4,7) connected
to Karaka Venus/ Mercury and 2nd cusp. During Mo-Me
(9/1969) the native undergone operation tonsils and
adenoids and broke of front teeth during Venus sub which is
connected to Saturn.

2nd CSL Ke(4) in Su (8); 6th & Taurus CSL Sa (10,1,2

0 in his own star along with Rahu in Scorpio given
Tonsils and diphtheria during Saturn major period.

Tonsils Operated
2nd & Tau CSL Ju (6,1,3) in Ma (7,4,11); 6th CSL Sa
(8,2) in Ke (3,8,2) has clearly indicating the problem
and removable of tonsils. During the Rahu-Me
(1/1985) tonsils were operated. Me (12.7.9)
Bhadhaka in Kethu star has correctly indicated the
throat problem.

2, 3, 6, 8, 11, 12 CSLs Rahu (7) in Sa (6,9,10) had

given serious throat problem. Taurus CSL Moon in own
star (5,3); During Mo Me sub period the native
undergone tonsils operation and diphtheria (1963).
Me is in Ve (2,6,1) as 2nd lord indicated the

Chart 27: Sunil

Date 07/09/1985 Time
13:04:00 Plce Abids HYD *
Day Saturday Lat 17:23:00N
Long 78:28:00E TZ 82:30:00E
KP-NA 23:33:46 Birth Star:
Rohini-3 Rasi: Vrishabha
Asc. : Sco 27:48:00

2nd CSL Moon (6) in own star; 6 &Taurus CSL Ju (2,4)

in Mo (6) has indicated throat problem. During
childhood the native undergone Tonsils operation.

In medical astrology of natural zodiac (Kalapursha), 2nd house rules speech,
nose/throat and 3rd/11th houses rule right and left ears respectively. These are Taurus
& Gemini/ Aquarius ruled by Venus, Mercury & Saturn. Any unfavourable effects on
these houses from natural zodiac/ Ascendant would lead to speech/hearing problems.
Mercury, Karaka for speech and hearing, 3rd and 11th houses from Lagna are affected
by unfavourable significations and connected to evil houses 6-disease, 8-chronic, 12hospitalisation would lead to dumb and deaf.
Mute signs in Kalapursha, watery signs Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces, would lead to deaf
and dumb problems when it is connected to 8th it is congenital otherwise it would
impair during DBA of the planets of unfavourable significations.
Planets Kethu and Rahu connection would lead to defects in the speech.






Karaka for
Speech /Hearing

Watery Signs



Venus Second Lord

Face & Nose

Taurus Throat






Sri R Balaji, member of KPAF, Hyderabad who is an expert in Nadi Astrology had given
the rule in his article Duff and Dumb published in Astrovision of Sri MK Viswanath given
as follows:

If the cuspal Sublords of 2nd & 3rd become significators of 6,8,12 houses and are
connected to the mute signs i.e., Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, it would lead to defective
speech and hearing.
Chart 28 Karthikeya
Date 31/12/1975 Time 04:44:00
IST Place Bagh Amberpet Hyd.
Day Wednesday Lat 17:23:00N
Long 78:30:00E TZ 82:30:00E
KP-NA 23:25:39 Birth Star:
Jyesta-3 Rasi: Scorpio

Chart 29: Subbarayudu

Date 12/03/1981 Time 22:13:00
IST Place Bagh Amberpet, Hyd.
Day Thursday Lat 17:23:00 N
Long 78:30:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E
KP-NA 23:30:00 Birth Star:
Mrigasira-1 Rasi: Taurus
Asc. : Lib 23:02:28

Chart 30: Varun

Date 17/10/2001 Time 14:09:00
IST Place Bhimavaram WG Dt.
Day Wednesday
16:34:00 N Long 81:35:00 E TZ
82:30:00 E KP-NA 23:47:15 Birth
Star: Swathi-1 Rasi: Libra Asc. :
Cap 26:35:30

Chart 31: Silence

Date 22/09/1997 Time 08:40:00
IST Place Vijayawada AP Day
Monday Lat 16:34:00N Long
80:40:00E TZ 82:30:00E KP-NA
23:43:50 Birth Star: Rohini-3
Rasi: Taurus Asc. : Lib 13:34:20

2nd CSL Moon in mutable sign Scorpio (1,9 debilitated) in

Me (2,8,11) karaka for speech has deprived the same. 6th
CSL Jupiter in Mutable sign Pisces (2,5) in Mercury star
again indicated dumbness from childhood.

2nd CSL Su (5,11, Bhadhaka) in Ju (11,3,6) indicated health

problem; 6th CSL Ra in mutable sign Cancer (9) in Sa
(11,4,5). Taurus CSL Ve (4,1,8) in Ju (11,3,6) has indicated
problem through 2nd Cusp. During Mars Dasa balance in
childhood met with an head injury and consequently speech
impaired but only make shouting and noise.

2nd CSL Ra (5) in Ma (12, 3, 10); 6th CSL Ve (8,4,9)

in Su (8) indicated impairment of IQ and consequently
congenital defect of speech and hearing.

2nd CSL (Scorpio) Ma (1,2,7) in Ju (4,3,6); 6th CSL

(Pisces) Ju (4,3,6) in Mo (8,10) ; Taurus CSL Ra (11
Bhadhaka) in Ve (1,8) along with karaka Mercury and
connection with 6 / 8 has given speech problem.

VII Teeth & Nose:

Dentures are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth, and which are supported by
surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. Conventional dentures are removable, however
there are many different denture designs, some which rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental
implants. There are two main categories of dentures, depending on whether they are used to replace
missing teeth on the mandibular arch or the maxillary arch. There are many colloquial terms for
dentures such as dental plate, false teeth, choppers falsies & gnashers

In Medical Astrology 2nd House Taurus and 2nd cusp from Lagna rules Nose and
Dentures consisting of Lower n Upper Jaws and Teeth. Saturn is karaka for Dentures,
Teeth and Jaws and Venus is karaka for Nose as it represents beauty. Any affliction to
this would lead problems to these anatomy areas either thru accidental problems to
nose or voluntary removals, root canals, dentures, artificial teeth, etc.
Chart 32 Caitlin Meuse
Date 28/05/1986 Time 16:25:00
EDT Place Concord MA Day
Wednesday Lat 42:27:00N Long
71:20:00W TZ 75:00:00 W Time
Corr - 0:45:20 KP-NA 23:34:22
Birth Star: Sravanam-4 Rasi:
Capricorn Asc. : Lib 0:32:44

Chart 33: Zane Stein

Date 17/06/1951 Time 23:44:00
EST Place Philadelphia PA US
Day Sunday Lat 39:57:00N Long
75:09:00W TZ 75:00:00W Time
Corr - 1:00:36 KP-NA 23:05:06
Birth Star: Anuradha-4 Rasi:
Scorpio Asc.: Cap 28:41:08

Chart 34: Alan Thicke

Date 01/03/1947 Time 14:00:00
EST Place Kirkland Lake Canada
Day Saturday Lat 48:09:00N
Long 80:02:00W TZ 75:00:00W
Time Corr - 0:20:08
KP-NA 23:01:30 Birth Star:
Mrigasira-4 Rasi: Gemini
Asc.: Can 3:45:01

Chart 35: Una Chiodini

Date 21/11/1936 Time 10:58:00
CST Place Chicago IL US Day
Lat 41:51:00N
Long 87:39:00W TZ 90:00:00W
Time Corr 0:09:24 KP-NA
22:52:54 Birth Star: Dhanista-3
Rasi: Aquarius Asc. : Cap

American teenage victim of assault. The young girl was

beaten, probably with a baseball bat, and left bleeding and
unconscious on the road near her house on April 10, 2003.
The day before she had participated in a march to support
gay rights and had an altercation with another student. She
spent two days in intensive care and suffered a head injury,
a fractured nose and missing teeth.
2nd CSL Ve (9,1,2) in Ra (7,1) / 6th CSL Me (8,9,12) in Mo
(4,10); During Ra-Me the native suffered injury, fractured
nose and missing teeth. Ra (7 , 1) connection, Mercury CSL
of 6 in Taurus 8th, 9th / 12 and also CSL of 4th lost her
teeth and nose fractured.
American pro astrologer and author of "Essence and
Applications: A View From Chiron." He has written many
articles and at one time published a magazine.
2nd & Taurus CSL Ju (2,11,12) in Me (4,5,6,8); 6th CSL Ve
(6,4,9) in Me (4,5,6,8). During Ve Ra (7/87) the native
broke his nose with a rock. Venus connection with 6th CSL
&Mer /Mar in 4th house 2,4,8,12 connection has given
accident through which he broke his nose.
Canadian-American writer, TV host, sitcom veteran actor,
composer, humorist and recording artist. Met severe
accident in the hockey rink on 4/22/2003, in which he had
five teeth knocked out. The actor, who has played hockey
since he was five, needed 30 stitches, mostly inside his
2nd CSL Ve (7,5) in Su (9,3); 6th CSL Ke (5) in Sa(1,7,8,9).
During Mer-Ket the native met with an accident (4/2003)
and lost his 5 teeth and needed 30 stitches in his mouth.
Kethu a node along with Jupiter (6, 10) indicated accident
in the hockey rink.
American numerologist, palmist and astrologer with a dramatic
private life. She credits her studies of the occult arts with saving
her sanity and giving her a sense of meaning in life and she greets
the millennium with her own great warmth and sense of humor.
Between 1979 / 1985, problems, starting with having 21 removed
in Jan 1979. The top plate kept breaking, often during those years.
oral surgery on 11/01/1982. On 9/23/1985, periodontal surgery
failed to save my remaining teeth. Finally, false teeth gave good
2nd CSL Mo (1,7) in Ma (8,4,11 Bhadhaka); 6th CSL Ju (11,12,3)
in Ke (5-8,4,11) / Taurus CSL Me (10,6,9) in Sa (2,1). During SaMe (7/79) the native lost 21 teeth and top plate kept breaking
and lost his all teeth in Moon (9/85) thus Sat-Mer-Moo were
connected with 2,8,12 and Mars indicated removal of all teeth as
Saturn is karaka for dentures.

Chart 36 Sannamma
Courtesy: VSN Murthy
Date 22/07/1953 Time 10:00:00
IST Place Yemmiganur Kurnool
Dt. AP* Day Wednesday Lat
15:23:00N Long 77:14:00E TZ
82:30:00E KP-NA 23:06:51 Birth
Star: Anuradha-3 Rasi: Scorpio
Asc. : Vir 1:23:58

Chart 37: Anu

Courtesy: VSN Murthy
Date 23/06/1983 Time 16:03:00
IST Place Kurnool AP Day
Thursday Lat 15:51:00N Long
78:05:00E TZ 82:30:00 E
KP-NA 23:31:55 Birth Star:
Anuradha-4 Rasi: Scorpio
Asc. :Sco 0:39:13

Chart 38: Male

Courtesy: Anujay
Date 08/05/1974 Time 11:46:00
IST Place Hanamkonda Warangal
Dt. AP Day Wednesday Lat
18:04:00N Long 79:34:00E TZ
82:30:00E KP-NA 23:24:16 Birth
Star: Anuradha-4 Rasi: Scorpio
Asc. : Can 19:07:57

Chart 39: Nasik

Courtesy: Anujay
Date 27/12/1984 Time 17:32:00
Place: Hanamkonda AP Day
Lat 18:04:00N
Long 79:34:00E TZ 82:30:00E KPNA 23:33:11 Birth Star:
Satabisham-2 Rasi: Aqua Asc. :
Gem 10:25:21

2 & 6 CSL Me ( 11,1,10) in Sa (1,5,6) has given connection

to karaka of teeth. Taurus CSL Ju (9,4,7 Bhadhaka) in Ma
(11,3,8). During Ve-Sa (3/2003) the native undergone for
complete removal of teeth and new dentures in place of it.

2nd &Taurus CSL Sa (12,4) in Ma( 8,1,2,6 ); 6th CSL Mo

(1) in Sa (12,4 - 2nd n 8th CSL). During Ke Me
(12/2007) has undergone root canal, Ke in house of 2nd
and Mercury in Taurus in Moon star (6th CSL) has given
treatment for teeth in early age.

The native was catching a pick pocketer and had to undergo

a serious injury on his nose because of the thief. In this
chart II CSL Su (10,2) in Ve (8,4,11 Bhadhaka). III CSL
Saturn is in the star and sub of Rahu (Rahu happens to be
6th CSL) in 5th house, in Me (10,3,12) has given nasal
problem through injury. Present Bhukthi lord Jupiter of
Venus Dasa period who is in Ra-Mo does not give complete
relief. It seems the same in next Saturn sub, starting from
2011, not being able to give complete relief.
The native had undergone 3 operations of his nose to widen
nasal passage, still complete relief is not witnessed. 3rd /
6th CSL Ve (8,5,12) in Ma (9,6,11) and in the sub of
Jupiter l/o Bhadhaka 7 n 10 in 7, does not give complete
relief even though he had undergone 3 operations. Present
major Dasa lord Jupiter till 2011 is connected with Sun in 7,
in the star of Kethu conjoint with Saturn of 7 significator,
indicates chronic disease. Saturn major Dasa period from
2011 also is not promising well for getting the relief.

VIII Thyroid is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body. This gland is found in
the neck inferior to (below) the thyroid cartilage (also known as the Adam's apple in
men) and at approximately the same level as the cricoid cartilage. The thyroid controls
how quickly the body burns energy, makes proteins, and controls how sensitive the
body should be to other hormones.
The thyroid participates in these processes by producing thyroid hormones, principally
thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). These hormones regulate the rate of
metabolism and affect the growth and rate of function of many other systems in the
body. Iodine and tyrosine are used to form both T3 and T4. The thyroid also produces
the hormone calcitonin, which plays a role in calcium homeostasis.

In Medical astrology Natural Zodiac (Kalapursha) 2nd House Taurus represents

Speech, Throat & Thyroid Gland in endocrinology. Venus is Karaka and Lord of Taurus
represents Thyroid Gland.
Any afflictions to these two houses from Natural Zodiac/ Ascendant would lead to
Thyroid Problems Venus is Karaka for Thyroid gland, Taurus & 2nd House from Lagna
are afflicted and connected to evil houses 6-disease, 8-chronic, 12-hospitalisation would
lead to Hyper/Hypo thyroid problems.
Venus =Throat, Water in body & Glands. 3rd Cusp = Neck & Throat.
Sub33= Ven-Moo-Sat=Thyroid; Sub34= Ven-Moo-Mer=Goiter, Sore-throat, Cerebellum
Tonsils. Throat troubles, diabetes, fever and diseases concerning glands.
Punarvasu 1-2-3 = Goiter due to iodine deficiency.
Goitre = swelling of the neck due to enlargement of the Thyroid gland.
Any affliction to 2nd / Venus would lead problems of Thyroid Gland.
Rohini Moon star indicates about Larynx, Throat, Thyroid; Punarvasu star indicates
Throat Problems Goitre. (Above Medical information from Sri V Satyanarayana Murthy,
Kurnool, KPAF Member)



Chart 40 Bob Travaglini

American politician and graduate from Boston State

College in 1974, Travaglini served as a Boston City
Councilor from 1984-1993, when he was elected to
the State Senate.

Date 20/07/1952 Time 07:26:00 EDT

Place Chelsea MA US Day Sunday Lat
42:23:00N Long 71:02:00W TZ
75:00:00W Time Corr - 0:44:08 KPNA 23:06:01 Birth Star: Aridra-4
Rasi: Gemini Asc. : Can 27:03:42

Chart 41 - Barbara Bush

Date 08/06/1925 Time 19:00:00 EST
Place Rye NY Day Monday Lat
40:59:00N Long 73:41:00W TZ
75:00:00W Time Corr - 0:54:44 KPNA 22:43:19 Birth Star: Purvashada-4
Rasi: Sagittarius Asc. :Sco 8:38:03

Chart 42 - William Rehnqist

Date 01/10/1924 Time 11:32:00 CST
Place Milwaukee WI US Day
Wednesday Lat 43:02:00 N Long
87:54:00W TZ 90:00:00W Time Corr
0:08:24 KP-NA 22:42:44 Birth Star:
Visakha-2 Rasi: Libra Asc. : Sco

Chart 43 - Tipper Gore

Date 19/08/1948 Time 02:40:00 EDT
Place Washington D.C. Day Thursday
Lat 38:54:00N Long 77:02:00W TZ
75:00:00 W Time Corr - 1:08:08 KPNA 23:02:44 Birth Star: Dhanista-2
Rasi: Capricorn Asc. : Gem 16:42:25

2nd CSL Ra (7) in Ma (4,5,10); 6th CSL Mo (11,1) in

Ra (7,4,5,10). During Me-Ra (3/2001) the native
was removed thyroid glands due to cancer. Me in Ke
and Ra in Ma has given cancerous growth. Ve being
karaka in 12th house in Sat star who is lord of 7 n 8 in
3rd given this problem.

American First Lady, the wife of politician George Bush

on 1/06/1945 after meeting him at a Christmas party
in 1942.
2nd CSL Sa (12,3,4) in Ra (8,12,3,4); 6th CSL Ra (8)
in Sa (11,3,4), Taurus CSL Ve (8,7,12) in Ra(8).
During Me-Ke the native (3/2009) undergone thyroid
problem and open heart valve replacement. Both Me
Ke are connected to Mo which is in 2nd house along
with Jupiter made the operation success.
American jurist and the 16th Chief Justice of the U. S.
Supreme Court, a position he held from 1986 until his
death on September 3, 2005.
2nd CSL Ke (2) in Ma (2,1,5,12); 6th CSL Ju (1,2,4)
in Me (9,8,10, Taurus CSL Ve ( 8,6,7,11) in Ke (2).
All these combinations are connected with throat
problem. During Su Ve (10/2004) the native
undergone treatment for thyroid cancer as Venus
clearly indicating the same
American political wife of Al Gore. Her husband took
the post of U.S. Vice-President 1/20/1993, under Bill
Clinton, with whom she shares the same birthday.
2nd CSL Me (3,1) in Ke (5-11): 6th CSL Mo (9,2,3) in
Ma (4,6,11), Taurus CSL Ma (4,6,11) in his own star.
During Sa Ma (12-1999) the native undergone
removal of nodule from thyroid. Ma-Sa connection
has clearly indicating the operation connected with

Chart 44 Mrs. Margarita

Date 31/08/1974 Time 14:23:00;
Place Bangalore* Day: Saturday, Lat
13:05:00N Long 77:31:00E KPNA
23:24:32, Birth Star: Dhanista-2 Rasi:
Makara Asc.: Sagi 10:23:59.

Chart 45 Sri Natarajan Iyer,

(Thyroid lead to death):
Chart Courtesy Sri RVSN SharmaAIR, Member of KPAF Hyd.
Date 23/05/1964 Time 12:50:00
Place: Secunderabad; Day-Saturday;
Lat 17:25:00 N, Long 78:30:00 E;
KPNA 23:15:56
Birth Star: Chitra-4 Rasi: Libra Asc.:
Leo 17:05:21.
Chart 46 Mrs. Kanchanamala,
(Hyper Thyroid, undergone Radio
Active Iodine treatment for
Chart Courtesy: Mr. Sunaparantha
Kalyan, Member of k_p_system Yahoo
Date 19/12/1943 Time 19:25:00
Place: Vigoda, West Province, Sri
Lanka. Day: Sunday, Lat: 7:08:00 N,
Long: 80:01:00E, KPNA: 22:58:50,
Birth Star: Uttaram-2 Rasi: Kanni,
Asc. : Gem 24:33:14.

The native undergone thyroid problem and

treatment during Jupiter major period and sub
periods of Sun & Moon. Jupiter being 6 CSL in his
own star in 3rd cusp, Sun in Venus star who is in
8th cusp created hereditary thyroid problem.
Moon who is l/o 8th in 2nd cusp has given
radioactive iodine treatment. In this chart Kethu
in 6th house which is Taurus, Jupiter, Sun, Moon,
Venus connection to 2,3,8,6.

The native was suffered with thyroid problem.

The 1st CSL Moon as l/o 12 in 2nd in Mars star
who is 9th lord in Bhadhaka house has given him
medium life. Present Saturn major period (6th
CSL) who is l/o 6 n 7 in Rahu star; who is in turn
conjunction with Venus has given serious thyroid
problem. During Venus sub period it has proved

The native is suffering with hyperthyroid from JuKe-Ke-Ra (23/12/1989). Rahu is 6th CSL in
Saturn star who is l/o 8 and 9 in 12 (Taurus)
indicates congenital thyroid problem. Kethu is in
Moons star who is l/o 2 in 3. Kethus sign lord is
again connected with Taurus. Jupiter is in KethuMoon strongly indicating the same. The native
undergone radioactive iodine therapy during JuMo-Me-Sa; As we have already discussed about
Venus, Taurus Sign, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn
connected to thyroid problem. Present mercury
who is in Mercury star has given appropriate
medical treatment.

6th CSL Jupiter prominently and also Venus, Rahu. In zodiac Taurus, Gemini, 2nd and
3rd cusps connection to 6,8,12. Kethu in Taurus, Moon is a planet for obesity is
involved in many cases of Thyroid. Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Rahu, Kethus role is very

IX Cervical Spondylosis can lead to chronic pain and stiffness in the neck that may
also lead numbness of the upper extremities. Well the most common symptoms with
which these patients approach the doctor are
1- Pain and stiffness in the neck.
2-The pain and stiffness could be confined to the neck alone
3-There could be radiation of the pain from the neck to the right hand
4-There could be radiation of the pain from the neck to the left hand
5-There could be radiation of the pain from the neck to the back of the head
6-There could be giddiness associated with pain and stiffness
7-There could be only pain in the upper arm
8-There could be numbness in the tips of the fingers
9-These above symptoms could all suggest that you could be suffering from a condition
known as - cervical Spondylosis
Neck stiffness and pain may be worse with upright activities.
Numbness and weakness may appear in the arms, hands, and fingers, and weakness in
the legs.
May feel or hear grinding or popping in the neck when you move.
Muscle spasms or headaches.
May feel irritable and fatigue, disturb sleep and impair your ability to work.

Cervical vertebrae
These seven (7) bones are generally small and delicate. Their spinous processes are
short (with the exception of C2 and C7, which have palpable spinous processes).
Numbered top-to-bottom from C1-C7, atlas (C1) and axis (C2), are the vertebrae that
allow the neck and head so much movement. For the most part, the atlanto-occipital joint
allows the skull to move up and down, while the atlanto-axial joint allows the upper neck
to twist left and right. The axis also sits upon the first intervertebral disk of the spinal

Thoracic vertebrae
The twelve (12) thoracic bones and their transverse processes have surfaces that
articulate with the ribs. Some rotation can occur between the thoracic vertebrae, but
their connection with the rib cage prevents much flexion or other excursion. They may
also be known as 'dorsal vertebrae', in the human context.
Bodies are roughly heart-shaped and are about as wide anterio-posterioly as they are in
the transverse dimension. Vertebral foramina are roughly circular in shape.

Lumbar vertebrae
These five (5) vertebrae are very robust in construction, as they must support more
weight than other vertebrae. They allow significant flexion and extension, moderate
lateral flexion (sidebending), and a small degree of rotation. The discs between these
vertebrae create a lumbar lordosis (curvature that is concave posteriorly) in the human

Sacral vertebrae
There are five (5) vertebrae (S1-S5) and they are fused in maturity, with no
intervertebral discs.

Coccygeal vertebrae

There are usually four (4) and rarely 3-5 vertebrae (Co1-Co5), with no intervertebral
discs. Many animals have a greater number of "tail vertebrae" and, in animals, they are
more commonly known as "caudal vertebrae." Pain at the coccyx (tailbone) is known as

In Medical astrology Natural Zodiac (Kalapursha), taken Cervical Vertebrae as a whole

these Vertebrae are ruled by the Taurus sign which rules the throat and neck. Also
planets and affliction in the opposite signs, Scorpio and Libra tend to affect the Cervical
Vertebrae. The Taurus and Scorpio signs, being opposite and supplemental to each
other, both strongly influence the throat and sex organs. (HL Cornell: Encyclopaedia of
Medical Astrology pp 906-7) The 2nd house Taurus represents throat & neck where the
Seven Cervical Vertebras are existing (C1C7) which are representing Spondylosis.
Saturn is Karaka for bones & Mercury represents nervous system. Discs are soft jelly
made lubricant organs which makes vertebras to be flexible for movement any
direction. Moon and Venus are karakas for these Disc formation and maintenance.
Saturn is Karaka for bones, Taurus/Virgo/ Libra & 2nd/6th/7th houses from Lagna if
afflicted and connected to evil houses 6-disease, 8-chronic, 12-hospitalisation would
lead to Cervical Spondylosis problems.

Cervical Spondylosis


Chart 47 Female (Cervical)

Chart Courtesy: Sri MC Appa

The native was born in Cancer Lagna. 6th CSL

Jupiter who is l/o 6 n 9 in 5 along with Mercury &
Rahu; Jupiter is in Ke-Ju (Kethu in Gemini). 2nd
CSL Rahu who is conjoined with Mercury l/o 12
and Jupiter l/o 6, also in star Kethu in Bhadhaka
11 has given continuous Cervical Spondylosis
problem for a number of years due to Kethu
involvement and complete remedy is not

Date: 09/12/1936 Time: 22:00:00

Place: Shimoga Day: Wednesday
Lat: 13:56:00N Long: 75:31:00E
KPNA: 22:53:12 Birth Star:
Swathi-1 Rasi: Libra Asc. : Can

Chart 48 - Christopher Reeve

Date 25/09/1952 Time 03:12:00
EDT Place Manhattan NY Day
Thursday Lat 40:46:00N Long
73:59:00W TZ 75:00:00 W Time
Corr - 0:55:56 DSL KP-NA
23:06:10 Birth Star: Jyesta-2
Rasi: Scorpio Asc. : Can

Chart 49 - Erik Kramer

Date 06/11/1964 Time 02:39:00
PST Place Burbank CA US Day
Friday Lat 34:11:00N Long
118:19:00W TZ 120:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:06:44 KP-NA
23:16:19 Birth Star: Anuradha-4
Rasi: Scorpio Asc. : Vir 4:17:48

American actor on stage, film and TV. Tall and

handsome, he played in the TV soap "Love of Life," in
the movie "Gray Lady Down" and on Broadway with
Kate Hepburn in "A Matter of Gravity." He was most
noted for his lead role in "Superman," 1977, for which
he earned $250,000. While riding horse thrown
forward and hit his head, suffering multiple fractures
of the 1 & 2 cervical vertebrae in his spine.
2nd CSL Ma(5,10) in Me (2,3,12); 6th CSL & Taurus
CSL Su (2 Conj. Mer) in his own star indicates
fractures. During Sun Ju (5/1995) the native while
riding horse thrown away head injury, suffering
multiple factures of 1 &2 Cervical Vertebras in his
spine. Sun & Jup both are in Suns star and thus met
with an accident while in acting.
American football player, a quarterback for the San
Diego Chargers. He played for the Chicago Bears from
1994-98. After graduating from Burroughs High
School, the 6'1" 204 lb. Kramer attended Pierce Junior
College in California, where he led his team to a berth
in the 1984 Potato Bowl. While at North Carolina
State, he broke eight school records and was named
the 1986 ACC Player of the Year. 22 September 1996
injured two disks in game

2nd CSL Me (3,1,10) in Sa (6,5); 6th CSL Ra

(10) in Ma ( 12,3,8) indicating injuries. Taurus
CSL Ju in (8,4,7 Bhadhaka) in Su (2,12) also
indicated the same. During Ve-Mo (9/1996) the
native while playing a game injured two discs.
Ve-Mo are connected to Saturn in 6th given
injuries and disc problem.

Chart 50 - Ozzy Osbourne

Date 03/12/1948 Time 06:00:00 GMT
Place Birmingham UK Day Friday Lat
52:30:00N Long 1:50:00 W TZ
0:00:00E Time Corr - 0:07:20 KP-NA
23:02:59 Birth Star: Purvashada-2
Rasi: Sagittarius Asc. : Lib 25:31:05

Chart 51 - Male
Chart Courtesy: MK Viswanath
Date 02/09/1961 Time 09:18:00
Place Cochin Day Saturday
Lat 9:58:00N Long 76:14:00E TZ
82:30:00E KP-NA 23:13:39 Birth
Star: Rohini-3 Rasi: Taurus Asc. :
Lib 1:11:34

British rock star known for extravagant if crude

On December 7, 2003, Osbourne had an accident
while riding and suffered several broken bones
including a cervical vertebra and eight ribs. The next
day he undergone emergency surgery to repair a
broken collarbone that was apparently resting on a
major artery.
2nd & Taurus CSL Ra (6) in Ke (12 ); 6 CSL Ju (2,5 in
Ke 12 Conj. Ve). During Ju Ju (12/2003) the native
while riding horse met with an accident
bones, Cervical Vertebras, 8 ribs and collar bone
undergone surgery and survived.

The native was born in Libra Lagna: 6th sublord

Mars is l/o 2 n 7 in 12th and in Mo-Sa (Moon l/o
11 in 8th) has given continuous cervical problem
connected with neck. Moon, karaka for the soft
jelly like disc membrane in 8th house has created
the deficiency and consequently suffering from
cervical problem.

6th CSL Jupiter prominently, also Mercury & Mars, in zodiac Taurus, 2nd and 6th
cusps connection to 6,8,12, Kethu involvement; Moon/Venus are karakas for soft jelly
type discs which plays a major role in Vertebra movement and the spinal nervous
Pranams to Sri KSK Guruji