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K Raghavendra Kumar, M.Sc.B.Ed.

Astro Diagnosis Gemini Throat/Lungs Part III


This Article on Astro Diagnosis is continuing from Jan 2010 issue as a series of 12 Zodiac
signs till December 2010 in this Astrovision. Sri K Raghavendra Kumar M.Sc. B.Ed,
Member of KPAF Hyderabad has been selected as a Group Member for assisting in this
project of making the series of Medical Articles on different areas of diseases with Mr.
OVN Murthy a senior member of the group.
In Medical Astrology 3rd Cusp of Natal Chart represents Neck, Throat, Collar Bones,
Hands, Breathing, Ears and Bodily growth.
Gemini represents Shoulder and Hands, Lungs, Blood & Breath, Shoulder Blades and
Bones of Arms; Pulmonary disease, Esonophilia, Dry Cough, Pneumonia, Bronchitis,
Pleurisy, Asthma, Inflammation of Pericardium, Affection of the Hands & Tuberculosis.
Mercury as Lord Gemini represents Veins, Lungs, Tongue, Arms, Mouth, Hair, Nervous
System, Chest, Skin, Naval, Nose, Spinal System & Gall Bladder. Disease of Chest,
Nerves, Nose, disease from poison Itches, Mental disease of aII kinds, Madness, disease
of Gall Bladder, Paralysis, Fits, Ulcers, Indigestion, Cholera, disease of Mouth & Skin,
Neuromas, Leucoderma, Impotence, Vertigo deafness and skin diseases.
Gemini contains
Mrigasira 3&4 Padas, Arudra & Punarvasu 1-3 Padas who rules the
following anatomy of the body:

Mrigasira 3&4 : This Star rules in the Natural Zodiac in Medical Anatomy - Throat Vocal
Card, Arms, Shoulders, Ears, Thymus Gland, Upper Ribs; Corrupted blood, itches,
wounds, Fracture of arms, Collarbone, Sciatica, fever, pains in the Shoulders near Collar
bone, Arms, Disorder in secret parts.
Arudra: Throat, Arms & Shoulders; Septic Throat, Mumps, Asthma, Esonophilia, Dry
cough, Diphtheria, Ear Trouble, Pus in the Ear.
Punarvasu 1-3: Ear, Throat, Shoulder Blades; Pleurisy, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Reins
disorder, Pericardium inflamed, swellings and pains in the Ear, Goitre due to iodine
Being Common Sign Represents diseases of short duration, but in repulse nature.
Being a Airy Sign govern breath/ breathing.
In this issue we are discussing elaborately the concerned medical anatomy and diseases
that are connected with Gemini Sign (Mithuna Rasi). As this sign is 3rd in Natural
Zodiac Ruler Mercury represents Throat, Ears, Larynx, Trachea, Bronchial tubes and
Lungs. The Karakas for Throat Mercury represents nervous system.
Six different varieties of Diseases were taken up with supporting natal charts both from
the Members of KPAF, Hyderabad and Astrodata Bank. Hence the Article seems to be
very elaborate like a Research Paper and readers are requested to offer their
suggestions and also any natal charts to the email id: to include
their views also in the coming articles on this medical subject and the natal charts given
by them would be included at the appropriate topic.
Some of the topics on Medical Astrology were previously written by me published in
Ezine of Ahmadabad by Sri Kanak Bosmia on Pneumonia / Deafness are again revisited
with new example charts of Westerns also in this Gemini sign as they represent the

Throat Cancer:

In Medical astrology Natural Zodiac (Kalapursha) 3rd Cusp Rules Neck, Throat, Collar
Bones, Hands, Breathing, Ears & Bodily growth
Tongue, Throat, Mouth Cancer: Mercury governs the throat, tongue and mouth. The 3rd
house & its sub lords are to be considered. Kethu rules over the cells and tissues and he
gives Cancer. Rahu or Kethu in Taurus if heavily afflicted by Mercury and other malefics
may cause this type of Cancer disease. The 3rd house & its sub lords are to be
Cancers that involve the throat, base of the tongue, tonsil, pharynx, or tube that
extends from the nasal passages to the mouth to the esophagus and sinus are called
oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers.

Symptoms of throat cancer may include:

A sore throat that does not go away
Pain or difficulty swallowing
Weight loss for no known reason
Ear pain
A lump in the back of the mouth, throat or neck
Advanced tumors may invade the voice box, causing hoarseness or breathing difficulty
Bleeding from the throat or blood-tinged sputum
Risk factors for developing throat cancer may include:
Smoking tobacco
Heavy alcohol use
A diet low in fruits and vegetables
Drinking mat, a stimulant drink common in South America
Chewing betel quid, a stimulant commonly used in parts of Asia
Being infected with human papillomavirus (HPV)


Chart 1 Soma
Date 04/01/1946 Time 17:52:00 Place Vizianagaram AP Day Friday Lat 18:07:00 N
Long 83:25:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E KP-NA 23:00:32 Birth Star: Uttarashada-2 Rasi:
Capricorn Asc. : 25:32:08.
VI CSL Ra(6,3,12,Gem)in Ma(1,6,11); Gem CSL Me(6,1,4) in Ke(6,in own star). Being
Gem as Lagna the Native is habituated of frequent smoking/drinking invited throat
problems which have led to lung problem and Cancer disease. The Native passed away
in 2006 due to the Disease.
Chart 2 Throat 2

(Courtesy: VGR Pavan- Guntur)

Date 11/12/1934 Time 17:21:00 Place Gudivada Krishna AP* Day Tuesday Lat
16:26:00 N Long 80:59:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E KP-NA 22:51:16 Birth Star: Dhanista-3
Rasi: Aquarius, Asc. : Tau 23:39:16
He noted about this disease in June 2008. He passed away in 4th April 2009.
VI & XII CSL Ju(6, 8, 11) in own star; III CSL Ra(8-3&9/Mo); Gem CSL Ma(4, 7, 12).
Thus Ju/Ra played a major role and during Ke the Disease was detected and during
Venus sub died (2009).
Chart 3

Throat 3

(Courtesy: Dr. Sheetal)

Date 18/07/1945 Time 13:00:00 Place undisclosed Day Wednesday Lat 20:36:00
North Long 78:30:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E KP-NA 23:00:09 Birth Star: Swathi-2 Rasi:
Libra Asc. : Vir 27:15:39.
Cancer Throat detected in Dec 2000 & Died on1/11/02
VI CSL Su(10,12) in Ju(12,4,7,Bhadhaka); III CSL Ju(12,4,7) in Su(10,12); Gem CSL
Ve(8,2,9) in Mo(1,11). Thus Su - Ju indicating Throat Cancer, Diagnosed in 12/2000 and
died during 11/2002.
Chart 4 Katherine
Date 25/09/1923 Time 08:27:00 CST Place Waco TX Day Tuesday
Lat 31:32:00 N Long 97:08:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W Time Corr - 0:28:32
KP-NA 22:41:53 Birth Star: Uttarabhadhra-4 Rasi: Pisces Asc. : Lib 5:33:10
American astrologer and author of her declination studies in 1975. Kt is widely known
for her book "Declination: The Other Dimension" which was published in 1994 as the
best selling new book.
VI CSL Ve(12,1,8)in Mo(6,10);III CSL Ma(11,2,7,Conj Ra in Bhadhaka);Gem CSL
Su(12,11,Bh)in own star During Ra Major period (who is in Ve star) Ju Sub Larynx
Cancer was detected and died in Ke sub period(10/2004).Thus Ke in Ra star Coinj with
Ma in Badhaka has given death.

Chart 5 Hagen Jean

Date 03/08/1923 Time 18:52:00 CST Place Chicago IL Day
Friday Lat 41:51:00 N Long 87:39:00 W TZ 105:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:09:24 KP-NA 22:41:46 Birth Star: Aswini-3 Rasi:
Aries, Asc. : Cap 14:22:20
American actress, perhaps best known for her four-year role in
the popular TV show, "Make Room for Daddy" starring Danny
Thomas as Hagen's husband and the movie "Singin' in the Rain."
VI CSL Mo(3,7)in Ke(1-9,2,12/Ju); III CSL Sa(8,1) in Mo(6th
CSL). During Ra Me the Native died with Throat Cancer. Ra in
Ve(6) and Me(7) in Ke (1,9,2,12).
Chart 5

Roosevelt Anna

Date 03/05/1906 Time 13:15:00 EST Place Hyde Park NY Day

Thursday Lat 41:48:00 N Long 73:56:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:04:16 KP-NA 22:27:19 Birth Star: Purvaphalguni-1
Rasi: Leo Asc. : Leo 14:28:57
American political family, the first and only daughter of Franklin
and Eleanor Roosevelt.
VI CSL Sa(7,6)in Ju(10,8,5);III CSL Ra(12)in Me(8,2,11);Gem
CSL Ke(6)in Ma(10,4,9,Bh).During Ju/Ve the Native died with
Throat Cancer. Ju Connection to 8&12, Ve Connection to Sun who
is in Bhadhaka cusp has Justified the case.
Chart 6 Boone Richard
Date 18/06/1917 Time 05:30:00 PST Place Los Angeles CA Day
Monday Lat 34:04:00 N Long 118:15:00 W TZ 120:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:07:00 KP-NA 22:36:38 Birth Star: Rohini-4 Rasi:
Taurus Asc. : Gem 14:09:34
American actor best known as Paladin, the cultured gun-fighter in
his TV series, "Have Gun, Will Travel," 1958-1960. After serving in
the U.S. Navy in WW II, he joined Actor's Studio in New York.
VI CSL Ve(1,5,12) in Ra(7,Bh); Gem CSL Me(12,1) in Mo(12,2,3);
III CSL Sa(2,8,9,10) in own star. During Me/Ke the native died
with Throat Cancer. Ke connection to Ra and Bhadhaka given

Chart 7 Holliday Judy
Date 21/06/1921 Time 23:40:00 EST Place New York NY Day
Tuesday Lat 40:42:00 N Long 74:00:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W
Time Corr - 0:56:00 KP-NA 22:40:00 Birth Star: Uttarashada-1
Rasi: Sagittarius, Asc. : Aqu 5:11:47
American actress and winner of the Oscar for Best Actress in 1950
for her "Born Yesterday." She was usually cast as a perky, dumb
VI CSL Ra(8)in Ma(5-Gem,3,10); III CSL Me(5,8) in Ju(7,2,11);
Gem CSL Sa(7,1,12) in Ve(3,4,9, Bh). During Ju/Sa the Native
died with throat Cancer. Both Ju- Sa in 7th house in Ve star who is
3rd cusp as Bhadhaka lord.
Chart 8 Farmer Frances
Date 19/09/1913 Time 04:45:00 PST Place Seattle WA Day
Friday Lat 47:36:00 N Long 112:20:00 W TZ 120:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:30:40 KP-NA 22:33:30 Birth star: Bharani-2 Rasi:
Aries, Asc. : Leo 27:38:31.
American actress, a leading lady known as "Miss Sex-Appeal of
1937." She made a film debut in "Too Many Parents," 1935,
played on stage, movies and radio
VI CSL Ke(1) in Su(1); III CSL Ju(4,8) in Ve(12,3,10). During JuJu the native died with Throat Cancer, who is sublord of 3rd cusp
and connected to 12th cusp.
Chart 9 Dee Sandra
Date 23/04/1942 Time 05:35:00 EST Place Bayonne NJ * Day
Thursday, Lat 40:40:00 N Long 74:06:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W
Time Corr - 0:56:24 KP-NA 22:57:26, Birth Star: Pushyami-1
Rasi: Cancer Asc. : Pis 24:58:44
American actress and teenage film idol of the late 50s and early
60s. Dee was the only child of an 18-year-old mother and an
alcoholic father.
VI CSL Ju(3,1,10)in Ma(3-Gem,8,9); III CSL Ra(6)in Ve(12,2,3);
Gem CSL Ve(12,2,3)in Ju(3,1,10);Thus all the planets are
connected 3,6,8,12.During Ve-Me the Native was detected with
throat cancer successfully(2000). Howev er after 5 years the
native died due to pneumonia and kidney failure.



In Medical astrology Natural Zodiac (Kalapursha) Gemini, Libra and Aquarius controls
the respiratory system and causes this disease Asthma. Saturn governs breath.
Saturn is also responsible for chronic disease. When Saturn afflicted 3/4 Cusps from
the ascendant or natural zodiac becomes liable for asthmatic complaints. Moon in
Gemini gives asthmatic complaints. It is practically an incurable disease. Mercury rules
over our Nerves and if he is afflicted causes asthmatic tendencies. In Practise Ve, Ra,
Ke are equally responsible for this disease.
A chronic respiratory disease, asthma refers to a condition in which a person faces
difficulty in breathing. In this disease, the airways gets constricted and inflamed. While
the muscles inside the bronchial walls tighten up, the airways produce extra mucus,
thereby blocking the passage of air. An incurable disease, asthma is often triggered
when a person is exposed to irritants. From being mild to life-threatening ailment,
asthma can affect everyone, right from men and women to children. There are various
reasons for the occurrence of asthma. In the following lines, we have provided the main
causes and symptoms of asthma.
Causes Of Asthma

Hereditary i.e. acquired from family members

Breathing polluted air
Environmental factors, such as presence of pollens, molds, etc
Exposure to airborne allergens, such as dust mites, cockroaches, etc
Exposure to irritants, such as tobacco smoke
Changes in diet, such as high intake of processed foods and salt or low intake of
antioxidants; Lack of exercise Occupational exposure to irritants
Inhaling respiratory irritants, such as perfumes and cleaning products
Emotional excitement or stress; Exposure to cold, dry weather
Upper respiratory infection, such as a cold, flu, sinusitis, or bronchitis
Certain types of medicines
Additives and preservatives in certain foods, such as wine, salad dressings, beer
and dehydrated soups; Temperature changes

Symptoms Of Asthma

Coughing, especially at night

Wheezing; Shortness of breath
Chest tightness, pain or pressure
Breathing changes; Sneezing Moodiness Headache
Runny/stuffy nose; Chin or throat itches; Feeling tired
Dark circles under eyes; Trouble in sleeping
Poor tolerance of exercise
Difficulty in talking or concentrating
Decrease or change in lung function
Gray or bluish tint to skin, beginning around the mouth
Hunched shoulders
Inward movement of neck area and the area between or below the ribs, while

Chart 10 Jodie Forrest
Date 08/02/1956 Time 14:07:00 EST Place Arlington VA Day Wednesday Lat
38:53:00 N Long 77:07:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W Time Corr - 0:08:28,
KP-NA 23:08:59 Birth Star: Purvashada-3, Rasi: Sagittarius, Asc. : Gem 13:59:27
American astrologer, wife of Steven Forrest and co-author with him of "Skymates." She
co-wrote the text for AIR Software's "The Sky We Share" and "The Single Sky" synastry
VI CSL Ve(10,12) in Sa(6,8,9,10); III CSL Ra(6) in Me(8,1,5); Gem CSL Me(8,1,5) in
Su(9,4). Thus all the planets are interlinked 2,6,8, Sa,Ra,Me.The native suffered Asthma
during Mo-Ve who is 6th CSL connected to Sa.
Chart 11 Steve Allen
Date 26/12/1921 Time 07:00:00 EST Place New york Day
Monday. Lat 40:42:00 N Long 74:00:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:04:00, KP-NA 22:40:25 Birth Star: Anuradha-2
Rasi: Scorpio Asc. : Sag 5:59:14
American actor in film and TV, comedian, singer, master of
ceremonies, host and writer of fiction (49 books), poetry,
humor, mystery and scripts
VI CSL Sa(9,2,3) in Mo(11,8); III CSL Me(1,7,10, Bh)in Ke(3);
Gem CSL Mo(11,8) in Sa(9,2,3). The native suffered during MeKe who are connected to each other through 3 rd cusp.
Chart 12 Jason Alexandar
Date 23/09/1959 Time 18:04:00 EST Place New York Day
Wednesday Lat 40:44:00 N Long 74:10:00 W TZ 75:00:00
W Time Corr - 0:56:40, KP-NA 23:12:01 Birth Star; Mrigasira1 Rasi: Taurus Asc. : Aqu 17:38:40.
American actor on the top-rated TV series "Seinfeld."
Somehow, Alexander managed to make his character on the
VI CSL Mo(3,6) in Ma(7,2,9,10,Bh); III CSL Sa(11,1,12) in Ke
(1-12); Gem CSL Su(7 along with Ra, Me) in own star. During
Ra-Me the Native suffered chronically.

Chart 13 Dr. Earlander Phd
Date 24/05/1928 Time 00:27:00 CST Place Minneapolis MN Day Thursday, Lat
44:59:00 N Long 93:16:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W Time Corr - 0:13:04, KP-NA 22:45:47
Birth Star: Pushyami-4 Rasi: Cancer Asc. : Cap 23:07:39.
American molecular biologist and nutritionist; ahead of his time with effective methods
to treat patients with environmental sensitivities and food allergies. He cured himself of
panic attacks and terrible asthma using a chemical free environment.
VI CSL Me(4,5,8) in Ma(2,3,10); III CSL Ju(2,11,12) in Ke(10 along with Sa) in Me
(4,5,8). During Ve the native suffered with terrible Asthma and cured himself using
unpolluted environment. Ve lord of 4&9 in 3 in suns star resorted to Natural Remedy.
Chart 14 Moses Gunn
Date 02/10/1929 Time 23:00:00 CST Place St Louis * Day
Wednesday Lat 38:37:00 N Long 90:11:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W
Time Corr - 0:00:44 KP-NA 22:46:56 Birth Star: Hastha-4 Rasi:
Virgo Asc: Gem 21:41:39.
American stage/film/tv actor, director, on stage 1962;
VI CSL Me(4,1) in Ma(4,6,11); III CSL Mo (4,2 conj Su,Me) in own
star; Gem CSL Ju(12,7,10,Bh.)in Ma(4,6,12). During Me(6th CSL)
died with Asthma.
Chart 15 Anverr Jeffrey
Date 24/12/1928 Time 18:43:00 PST Place Seattle WA Day Monday, Lat 47:36:00 N
Long 122:19:00 W TZ 120:00:00 W, KP-NA 22:46:17 Birth Star: Rohini-2 Rasi: Taurus
American dancer and choreographer who held dance as his dream from the age of seven
when he saw Astaire and Kelly movies.
VI & III CSL Ju(10,6)in Ke(5-5,8,9);Gem CSL Ra(11,Conj Mo)in Su(6,3).During Me-Ve
the Native died.Both Me and Ve are very much connected to Asthma.
Chart 16

Johnny Paycheck

Date 31/05/1938 Time 02:30:00 EST Place Green Field OH Day

Tuesday, Lat 39:21:00 N Long 83:22:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W Time
Corr - 0:33:28, KP-NA 22:54:11 Birth Star:Arudra-2 Rasi: Gemini
Asc. : Pis 19:19:51.
American country singer known for being a hard-drinking hellraiser whose big hit, selling two million copies, was "Take This Job
and Shove It," 1977.
VI CSL Ma(3,Gem,2,9)in own star;III CSL Ve (4,3,8)in Ra(81,11,12/Sa);Gem CSL Me(2,4,7,Bh)in Ve(4,3,8).During Ke(2003)
the Native died with Asthma. Ke is in 2nd in Su star who is lord of
6th is in 2.


Chart 17

Betty Garrett

Date 23/05/1919 Time 07:00:00 CST Place St Joseph MO Day

Friday, Lat 39:46:00 N Long 94:50:00 W TZ 90:00:00 West
Time Corr - 1:19:20, KP-NA 22:38:15 Birth Star: Shatabisham-3
Rasi: Aquarius Asc. : Tau 24:11:15.
American actress who began with Broadway musicals as a comedy
star in her youth. She later became a character actress in films
and TV.
VI CSL Sa(3,9,10,Bh) in Me(12,2,5); III CSL Me(12,2,5) in Ve
(2,1,6); Gem CSL Ve(2,1,6) in Ra(6-3,9,10/Sa). During RaVe the Native died with Asthma. Ve-Ra are connected to Ra who is
in 3rd cusp as lord of Bhadhaka.
Chart 18

Chet Atkins

Date 20/06/1924 Time 02:00:00 CST Place Luttrell TN Day

Friday, Lat 36:11:00 N Long 83:46:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W Time
Corr 0:24:56, KP-NA 22:42:30 Birth Star: Sravana-3 Rasi:
Capricorn Asc : Ari 27:53:43.
American country-western guitarist and songwriter who rose from
poverty to international fame.
VI CSL Ra(5)in Ke(10 conj Ma);III & Gem CSL Ve(3,2,7) in
Ju(8,9,12).During Me-Ju(6/2001)died due to Asthma. Both are
Connected to Mo&Me Caused the Phatal Diseases.
Chart 19

Georgia Stathis

Date 01/03/1949 Time 09:33:00 CST Place Chicago IL Day Tuesday, Lat 41:52:00 N
Long 87:39:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W Time Corr 0:09:24, KP-NA 23:03:11 Birth Star:
Uttara Badra-2 Rasi: Pisces Asc : Tau 2:01:06.
American pro astrologer, operator of the "Starcycles" service in San Francisco. With
dynamic energy, she has been a full time professional in practice since the mid-'70s.
She is the co-author of "Financial Astrology for the 1990s."
VI CSL Ra(12)in Ke(6-11,7,8/Ma); III & Gem CSL Mo(11,3)in Sa(5,10,11).During Me &
Sa the native died with Asthma. Me, Sa, Mo, Ke connection has given the above chronic

III Pleurisy:
In Medical astrology Natural Zodiac (Kalapursha) Gemini represents disease Pleurisy,
Punarvasu 1-3: indicates Pleurisy, Mercury and Jupiter represents this area.
Pleurisy, also known as pleuritis, is an inflammation of the pleura, the lining of the
pleural cavity surrounding the lungs. Among other things, infections are the most
common cause of pleurisy. The inflamed pleural layers rub against each other every
time the lungs expand to breathe in air. This can cause sharp pain with breathing (also
called pleuritic chest pain).
The main symptom of pleurisy is a sharp or stabbing pain in the chest that gets worse
with deep breathing, coughing or sneezing. The pain may stay in one place, or it may
spread to the shoulder or back. Sometimes it becomes a fairly constant dull ache.
Depending on what's causing the pleurisy, one may have other symptoms:

Shortness of breath
Cough Fever and chills
Rapid, shallow breathing
Unexplained weight loss
Sore throat followed by pain and swelling in the joints

Viral infection is the most common cause of pleurisy. However, many different
conditions can cause pleurisy:

Bacterial infections like pneumonia and tuberculosis
Autoimmune disorders like systemic lupus erythematosus (or drug-induced lupus
erythematosus) and rheumatoid arthritis
Lung cancer, including lymphoma
Other lung diseases like Cystic Fibrosis, sarcoidosis, asbestosis,
lymphangioleiomyomatosis, and mesothelioma
Pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in the blood vessels that go into the lungs
Inflammatory bowel disease
Familial Mediterranean fever, an inherited condition that often causes fever and
swelling in the abdomen or lung
Infection from a fungus or parasite
Heart surgery, especially coronary artery bypass grafting
Chest injuries
Can occur with no illness or infection

Chart 20 - Enrico Caruso
Date 27/02/1873, Time 02:10:00 GMT Place Naples Italy Day
Thursday Lat 40:51:00 N Long 14:17:00 E TZ 0:00:00 E Time
Corr 0:57:08 KP-NA 21:59:33 Birth Star:Shatabisham-3 Rasi:
Aquarius Asc. : Sag 9:36:30.
Italian opera singer with a brilliant voice, world known as one of
the greatest tenors in history. Noted for his strong, romantic
voice, he captivated audiences with his musical range and depth
of feeling.
VI CSL Me(2,7,9-Bh.) in Ju(8,1,3); III CSL Mo(2 conj Su-Me, 8);
Gem CSL Ju(8,1,3) in Ke(11-1,2,3/Sa). During Me-Sun/Mo the
Native died with Peritonitis. Both Me - Mo are significators for the

Chart 21 Harrison William Henry

Date 09/02/1773 Time 10:38:52 EST Place Charles city Day
Lat 37:21:00 N Long 77:04:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W
Time Corr - 0:08:16 KP-NA 20:35:46 Birth Star: Uttara Phalguni1 Rasi: Leo Asc : Ari 21:48:16.
American politician, the 9th U.S. President with the shortest term
ever served, 32 days. As a youth he had been apprenticed to a
surgeon and later, as the first governor of Indiana, he introduced
smallpox inoculation
VI, III & Gem CSL Me (10,3,6) in Su(11,5). During Sa-Ma the
native had pleurisy, liver congestion and pneumonia died on
4/4/1841. Sa Being Bhadhaka lord in Maraka Star in 7th gave death
through congestion.
Chart 22

Richard Starky

Date 07/07/1940 Time 00:05:00 GMT Place Liverpool UK Day

Sunday. Lat 53:25:00 N Long 2:55:00 W TZ 0:00:00 E Time
Corr - 1:11:40, KP-NA 22:55:56 Birth Star:Pushmi-3 Rasi:
Cancer, Asc. : Pis 2:06:05.
British musician, drummer, actor and superstar with "The Beatles."
Starr was the mop-top with the lovable sad eyes displaying his
comedic abilities in the films "A Hard Day's Night" in 1964 and
"Help" in 1965.
VI CSL Ju(1 conj Sa,10,11)in Ve(4,Gem,3,8); III CSL Me
(6,4,5,7,Bh.); Gem CSL Sa/Su (1,12/Sa,5,Su) Sa in Ve star, Su in
Ju star. During Me-Me the Native suffered pleurisy and Appendix
burist. Me as lord of Bhadhaka (3rd CSL) in Sa(1&12) as given the
danger to life.
Chart 23 Gandhi Mohandas
Date 02/10/1869 Time 07:11:48 Place Porbandar Day Saturday
Lat 21:38:00 N Long 69:36:00 E TZ 69:36:00 East Time Corr
0:00:00, KP-NA 21:56: Birth Star: Ashlesha-4 Rasi: Cancer Asc. : Lib
Indian lawyer and civil rights champion, the spiritual and political leader
of India through her tempestuous birth of independence. Known as
Mahatma, (great soul), he began the freedom movement in 1919 with
nonviolent disobedience. India broke from England in August 1947 and
Gandhi's rank as a saint and holy man was assured in history. During the
ensuing Hindu-Moslem riots, Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu
gunman, Nathuram Godse, on 1/30/1948, 5:41 PM in Delhi, India.
VI CSL Me(1,9,12)in Ra(10-2,4,5/Sa); III CSL Mo(10)in Me(1,9,12); Gem
CSL Ve(1,8) in Ju(7,3,6). Thus Ju-Me connection as given pleurisy. During
Mo-Ve (1914) the native suffered severe pleurisy. Mo in Me star, Ve in Ju
star are evidently connected to this disease.

Chart 24 - William Wordsworth

Date 07/04/1770 Time 22:00:00 GMT Place Cocker Mouth Day
Saturday, Lat 54:40:00 N Long 3:21:00 W TZ 3:21:00 W
Time Corr LMT, KP-NA 20:33:23 Birth Star: Uttaraphalguni-1
Rasi: Leo Asc. : Sco 0:39:01
British writer, one of the great British poets of the Romantic era,
best known for his nature poems and sonnets. Wordsworth felt
deeply the kinship between nature and the soul of humankind
though he was externally a solemn and respectable man with a
stodgy personality.
VI CSL Ve(5,7,12)in Ke(7-10,9/Mo);III CSL Ra(1-3,1,6/Ma)in
Me(4,8,11); Gem CSL Me(4,8,11)in Sa(8,3,4).During Me-Ve the
Native suffer pleurisy,who are clearly connected this disease.
Chart 25 Benjamin Franklin
Date 17/01/1706 Time 10:30:00 EST LMT Place Boston MA Day
Sunday, Lat 42:21:00 N Long 71:03:00 W TZ 71:03:00 W
Time Corr 0:00:00 LMT, KP-NA 19:39:37 Birth Star:
Satabisham-3 Rasi: Aquarius Asc: Pis 17:39:54
American printer, author, publisher, inventor, scientist, public
servant and diplomat, a renaissance man, extraordinarily gifted.
He left his mark on history in the files of science, invention and
engineering; statesmanship; education and the study of nature;
finance, insurance, commerce and industry; mass, communication; printing, advertising and the graphic arts; religion,
fraternal organizations and the humanities; medicine and public
health; agriculture; and music and recreation.
VI&III CSL Su(11,6) in own star; Gem CSL Me(11,4,7,Bh.) in
Mo(12,5). During Ve-Ke (1790) the native suffer pleurisy. Ve is
lord of 8th and Ke in 8th given death.
Chart 26 -

Karl Marx

Date 05/05/1818 Time 02:00:00 Place Trier Germany Day

Tuesday, Lat 49:45:00 N Long 6:38:00 E TZ 6:38:00 E Time
Corr 0:00:00, KP-NA 21:13:39 Birth Star: Bharani-3 Rasi: Aries
German-Jewish communist and philosopher who developed the
theory of socialism. Along with Engels, he presented both "The
Communist Manifesto," 1847 and "Das Capital," 1848. Marx also,
as a dialectic materialist, founded the Social Democratic Labor
Party in 1869. In his younger years, he studied law and worked
as a newspaper editor.
VI CSL Ma(5,9,10,Bh.)in Ju(11,2);III CSL Ju(11,2)in
Ve(3,4);Gem CSL Sa(1,12)in Ju(11,2).During Ju-Ra(1883) the
Native suffer pleurisy and TB indicates same.

Asc. : Aqua 1:50:13

IV Pneumonia:
In Medical Astrology Natural Zodiac (Kalapursha) 3rd House Gemini (Breathing), Mercury
(karaka) Lord indicates Lungs, 3rd Cusp from Ascendant, Saturn, Jupiter (karaka) indicates
Respiratory system & Pneumonia disease: Cancer Sign for lower lung, 4th Cusp (Lungs) and
Moon (depositing of fluids in lower lobes of the lungs) & Sun indicates Lungs infection, Rahu is
also significators of Lung Problems. Star: Punurvasu indicates Lungs, Respiratory System &
Pneumonia. (Bill Rex's Rulership: Umang Taneja's Dictionary of Significators; Dr. J. Lee
Lehman's Rulerships: Judith Hill: Medical Astrology: Dr. Jagannath Rao' Medical Astrology;
Medical Astrology for All by Sri KM Subramanyam: source & charts courtesy by Sri Tinwin, KP
Astrologer, US).
Pneumonia is an abnormal inflammatory condition of the lung. It is often characterized as
including inflammation of the parenchyma of the lung (that is, the alveoli) and abnormal alveolar
filling with fluid (consolidation and exudation).
The alveoli are microscopic air-filled sacs in the lungs responsible for absorbing oxygen.
Pneumonia can result from a variety of causes, including infection with bacteria, viruses, fungi,
or parasites, and chemical or physical injury to the lungs. Its cause may also be officially
described as idiopathicthat is, unknownwhen infectious causes have been excluded.

Typical symptoms associated with pneumonia include cough, chest pain, fever, and
difficulty in breathing. Diagnostic tools include x-rays and examination of the sputum.
Treatment depends on the cause of pneumonia; bacterial pneumonia is treated with
antibiotics. Pneumonia is a common illness which occurs in all age groups, and is a
leading cause of death among the elderly and people who are chronically and terminally
ill. Additionally, it is the leading cause of death in children under five years old
Chart 9 Dee Sandra (Repeated)
Date 23/04/1942 Time 05:35:00 EST Place Bayonne NJ * Day
Thursday, Lat 40:40:00 N Long 74:06:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W
Time Corr - 0:56:24 KP-NA 22:57:26, Birth Star: Pushyami-1
Rasi: Cancer Asc. : Pis 24:58:44
American actress and teenage film idol of the late 50s and early
60s. Dee was the only child of an 18-year-old mother and an
alcoholic father.
VI CSL Ju(3,1,10)in Ma(3-Gem,8,9); III CSL Ra(6)in
Ve(12,2,3);Gem CSL Ve(12,2,3)in Ju(3,1,10);Thus all the
planets are connected 3,6,8,12.During Ve-Me the Native was
detected with throat cancer successfully(2000). Howev er after
5 years the native died due to phnemonia and kidney failure.

Chart 27 Breathwait
Date 31/12/1975, Time 04:44:00 Place: Sri Devi Nursing Home, Warasiguda, Hyd. Day
Wednesday Lat 17:23:00N Long 78:30:00E KPNA 23:25:39 Birth Star: Jyesta-3
Rasi: Scorpio Asc.:16:42:41.
Scorpio Asc. 6th CSL Jupiter (5,2) in Me (2,8,11);III CSL Me(2,8,11)in Su(2,10); Gem
CSL Ve(12,7) in Sa(8,3,4).During Ve the Native suffered chronic pneumonia.
Chart 28

George Peppered

Date 01/10/1928 Time 20:29:00 EST Place Detroit * Day

Monday, Lat 42:20:00 N Long 83:03:00 W TZ 75:00:00
West Time Corr - 0:32:12, KP-NA 22:46:05 Birth Star:Bharani3 Rasi: Aries Asc. : Tau 9:00:24
American film and TV series actor who made a total of 25 films,
famed for "Breakfast at Tiffany's," 1961 and the
"Carpetbaggers," 1964.
VI&Gem CSL Ve(6,1)in Ra(1-12,4/Mo); III CSL
Sa(5,10,11)inMe(6,2,3).During Ju-Ra the Native suffered with

Chart 29

Donold O Connor Male

Date 28/08/1925 Time 07:10:00 CST Place Chicago IL, US. Day
FridayLat:41:51:00N Long: 87:39:00W Zone: 90:00:00W CST Time
Corr 0:09:24 KP-NA 22:43:30 Birth Star: Jyesta-4 Rasi: Scorpio Asc.
: Vir 4:12:22
American actor, comedian, singer & dancer. 30 Jan 1999 (Pneumonia)
Death by Heart Attack 27 Sept 2003 (78yrs.) 1st CSL Sa (3, 5, 6) in
Ra (11) given long life. 6th CSL Ra (11) in Sa (3, 5 n 6) connected to
3rd cusp. 3rd CSL Mo (3, 11) in Me (12,1,2,10) (karaka) has further
signified. During Ju-Me native admitted for treatment of Pneumonia.
During Ve which is connected to Mo-Ju has given heart attack and

Chart 30

Henson Jim

Date 24/09/1936 Time 00:10:00 CST Place Greenville MA US. Day

Thursday. Lat 33:24:00 N Long 91:03:00 W Zone 90:00:00 West
CST Time Corr - 0:04:12; KP-NA 22:52:46 Birth Star: Mula-4 Rasi:
Sagittarius Asc. : Gem 25:31:52
American puppeteer, producer, director, writer and performing genius.
Death by Disease 15 May 1990 in New York, NY (Pneumonia, age 53).
6th CSL Ma(2,6,11) in KeRa. Ke in Gemini and 12th bhava indicates
respiratory problem, Me in Mo-Ve who is 6th further intensifies the
same. The native died in Ra-Me.

Chart 31

ODay Anita

Date 18/10/1919 Time 08:13:00 CST Place Chicago IL Day

Saturday, Lat 41:51:00 N Long 87:39:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W
CST Time Corr 0:09:24 KP-NA 22:38:35 Birth Star: Makha-1
Rasi: Leo Asc. : Lib 25:20:25
American Singer, a dazzling jazz performer for 56 years as of
1990, died on Nov 23, 2006 in Los Angeles due to pneumonia at
1st CSL Me (12,11) in Ke (7-11,10) has given good longevity.
6th CSL Mo (9) in Ke has given death due to Pneumonia during

Chart 32 - Packard David

Date 07/09/1912 Time 14:15:00 MST Place Pueblo CO US Day Saturday Lat 38:15:00 N Long
104:36:00 W TZ 105:00:00 W MST Time Corr 0:01:36 KP-NA 22:32:38 Birth Star: Pushyami-1
Rasi: Cancer Asc. : Sag 8:07:33.
American 6' 5" tall entrepreneur, government official & philanthropist. Packard became a leader in
business management and electronic /computer technology in the Silicon Valley of California. Died
on 3/26/1996 from pneumonia at the age of 83 at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto.
1st CSL Ju (12,1,4) in Sa(5,2,3) has given long life. 6th CSL Sa (5,2,3) in Mo (8,7) in Cancer Sg.
has given respiratory problem (deposit of fluids). During Ra who is connected Me (7,10) proved

Chart 33 - White Byron Male

Date 09/06/1917 Time 06:00:00? MST Place Fort Collins CO US Day
Saturday Lat 40:35:00 N Long 105:05:00 W Zone 105:00:00 W
MST; KP-NA 22:36:37 Birth Star: Sravanam-3 Rasi: Capricorn Asc.
: Gem 15:27:20
American Jurist, a retired Supreme Court Justice, a former AllAmerican and NFL football hero, Rhodes scholar and WW II naval
intelligence officer. White was appointed to the Supreme Court by
President John F. Kennedy in 1962 & retired in 1993. He died of
complications from pneumonia on 15 Apr 2002, Denver,CO. age 84).
(BTR Required) 6th CSL Ve (12) in Ra(7), 3rd CSL(4,11) in Su
(4,12). Me in Su (12) and Ke in Gemini indicated bronchial
Pneumonia led to death.

Chart 34 - Carr Ian

Date 21/04/1933 Time 20:00:00 GDT Place Dumfries Scotland UK Day Friday Lat 55:04:00 N
Long 3:37:00 W Zone 0:00:00 E GMT Time Corr - 1:14:28 DLS KP-NA 22:49:54 Birth Star:
Uttarabhadhra-1 Rasi: Pisces Asc.: Lib 4:29:09
Scottish Musician, a rock and jazz trumpeter with the group "Nucleus," from September 1969.
Death 25 Feb 2009 (complications from pneumonia and mini-strokes in London, age 75).
6th CSL Ju (11,3,6) in Ve (7,9,12). 3rd CSL Ma in Ke, Me in Sa has given Chronic respiratory
problem and death during Mo-Ve (Ve with Ke in 7th Ke star).

Chart 35 - Brando Marlon

Date 03/04/1924 Time 23:00:00 CST Place Omaha Nebraska US
Day Thursday Lat 41:15:00 N Long 95:56:00 W Zone 90:00:00
W CST Time Corr - 0:23:44, KP-NA 22:42:19 Birth Star: Revathi2 Rasi: Pisces Asc. : Sco 11:02:11
American Actor of great note whose charisma, both off- and onscreen, made him an artistic and social force On April 10, 2001,
Brando was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital with pneumonia. He
battled congestive heart failure for several years. Died on July 1,
2004 of pulmonary fibrosis.
6th CSL Ju (1,2,5) in Me (5,8,11). Karaka Me in Ke star who is in 3rd
indicating Pneumonia. During Ra-Su connected to Ke/Me has given
death due to Pulmonary fibrosis.

Chart 36 - Queen Juliana

Date 30/04/1909 Time 06:30:00 GMT Place HagueThe, Netherlands,
Day Friday Lat 52:07:00 N Long 4:17:00 E Zone TZ changed
0:00:00 E Time Corr 0:17:08; KP-NA 22:29:50 Birth Star: Pubba-2
Rasi: Leo Asc. : Gem 1:01:37
Juliana was born in the Royal Palace at The Hague, province of South
Holland, the only child of Queen Wilhe lmina and Prince Henry of The
Netherlands, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Death by Disease 20
March 2004 in Barn, Netherlands (Died of pneumonia in her sleep,
age 94yrs.)
1st CSL Me(12,1,2) in Ve (6,12) due to cuspal interception has given
long life. 6th CSL Ju (4,7,8) in Ke (6) has given death by pneumonia.

Chart 37 - Heineken Alfred

Date 04/11/1923 Time 12:00:00 Place Amsterdam, Netherlands, Day Sunday Lat 52:23:00
N Long 4:54:00 E Zone 4:50:00 E Time Corr 0:00:16 KP-NA 22:41:59 Birth Star: Pubba-3
Rasi: Leo Asc. : Sag 15:33:04
Dutch industrialist who built an Amsterdam brewery into one of the world's biggest brewing
companies. His name, Heineken, was synonymous with his product. Death 3 Jan 2002
(Pneumonia, age 78).
6th CSL Sa (9,2) in Ma (8,4,11,12) Me in Ra(8-conj.Mo) indicates deposit of fluids in lungs
which may lead to fatal.

Conclusion: From the analysis of above 12 charts for Respiratory System (Pneumonia)
we can conclude that 6th CSL connection to Moon, Mercury, Kethu, Jupiter/Saturn and
Gemini/Cancer Signs apart from 3rd cusp from Ascendant plays a significant role in this
disease. Mercury has lord of Gemini & Karaka, Moon lord of fluids, Jupiter, Saturn,
Kethu chronic and creation of Lung Problems. Punarvasu star Jupiter plays a vital role in
deciding this disease. If 1st CSL promised longevity the native would recover from the
In medical astrology of natural zodiac (Kalapursha), 2nd house rules speech,
nose/throat and 3rd/11th houses rule right and left ears respectively. These are Gemini
& Aquarius ruled by Mercury & Saturn. Any unfavourable effects on these houses from
natural zodiac/ Ascendant would lead to hearing problems. Mercury, Karaka for speech
and hearing, 3rd and 11th houses from Lagna are affected by unfavourable
significations and connected to evil houses 6-disease, 8-chronic, 12-hospitalisation
would lead to deaf.
Mute signs in Kalapursha, watery signs Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces would lead to deaf
and dumb problems when it is connected to 8th it is congenital otherwise it would
impair during DBA of the planets of unfavourable significations.
Planets Kethu and Rahu connection would lead to defects in the speech/hearing.






Karaka for
Speech /Hearing

Watery Signs



Venus Second Lord

Face & Nose

Taurus Throat






Sri R Balaji, member of KPAF, Hyderabad who is an expert in Nadi Astrology had given
the rule in his article Duff and Dumb published in Astrovision of Sri MK Viswanath given
as follows:
If the cuspal Sublords of 2nd & 3rd become significators of 6,8,12 houses and are
connected to the mute signs i.e., Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, it would lead to defective
speech and hearing.
Chart 38 - Alva Thomas Edison
Date 11/02/1847 Time 01:30:00 LMT Place Milan OH Day Thursday
Lat 41:17:00N Long 82:36:00W TZ 82:36:00 W Time Corr 0:00:00,
KP-NA 21:37:44
Birth Star: Mula-1 Rasi: Sagittarius
Asc. : Sco
American inventor who patented over a thousand inventions that
included an electric voice recorder, 1868, a phonograph, 1877, an
incandescent electric lamp, 1879, a movie projector, 1891 and a talking
motion picture in 1913, an incredible creative genius. He was a sickly
child and after a bout with scarlet fever, began to lose his hearing. By
12, he was completely deaf in one ear and gradually lost the hearing in
the other by his last years.
VI CSL Su(3,10) in Ma(2,1,6); III & Gem CSL Ra(11-3,7,12/Ve) in Ma
(2,1,6); 11 CSL Ve(3,7,12) in Ra(11). During 12th year (Ve-Ra) the
native suffered permanent deaf in one ear. 9th CSL Ra (who is in 11
Libra, Aries) indicates electricity, in Ma star lord of 1n6 in 2 fiery sign
(Sagittarius)as indicated all the inventions of electric lamp, gramphone
recorder, projector etc.

Chart 39 - Beethoven
Date 16/12/1770 Time 03:40:00 EST Place Bonn Germany Day Sunday
Lat 50:44:00 N Long 7:05:00 E TZ 7:05:00 E Time Corr 0:00:00
KP-NA 20:33:58 Birth Star: Jestya-2 Rasi: Scorpio Asc. : Lib 14:42:43
German musician and composer, a misanthrope from youth with bad
disposition and manner, temper and melancholy. In spite of this, he had
many friends whom he used. His outer life was uneventful, while his
inner life was one of turmoil and pathos. A virtuoso pianist at 18-20, he
faced poverty, illness and growing deafness by age 30-32.
VI & 11 CSL Ra(1-Scop)in Sa(10-Can,4,5); III CSL Ma(8,2,7)in own
star;Gem CSL Su(2,11,Bh.)in Ke(7,Tau).At the age of 30(Ve-Ju) the
Native suffered deafness in left ear.Ve in Sun and Ju in Ke have created
the problem. Vth CSL Ju(2,10)in Me(2,9,12)has given good reputation in
music and creativity.
Chart 40 - Janne Clement 122
Date 21/02/1875 Time 07:01:00 LMT Place Arles France Day Sunday
Lat 43:40:00 N Long 4:38:00 E TZ 4:38:00 E Time Corr 0:00:00
KP-NA 22:01:12 Birth Star: Pubba-3 Rasi: Leo
Asc: Aqua 12:39:56
French longevity case who celebrated her 122nd birthday in 1997. She is
blind and is nearly deaf but her mind and wit remain sharp. Never sorry
for herself.
VI &11 CSL Ve(3,4,8)in own star;III CSL Ju(8,11)in Ra(1-Pis Mutable
sign).During birth She is blind and deaf which is a congenital
problem,Moons star,sub,sub-sub(Ve-Ju-Mo)Ve CSL of 6,11,Gem.Ju III
CSL,Moon the altimeter decider is in Ve star (sublord of 2&12)given
blindness and deafness. She is one of the longest lived (122) lady in
France whose name was entered in the Ginnies Book. How the K.P
answers for the Natal Chart. I CSL Me(1,5)in Ju(8,11) given lingvity
more than vimshottari mahardasha.
Chart 41 - George III King of England
Date 04/06/1738 Time 07:30:00 GMT Place St. Martins in the Field
England. Day Wednesday, Lat
51:31:00 N Long
0:07:00 W TZ
0:00:00 East Time Corr - 0:00:28, KP-NA 20:06:44 Birth Star:
Purvashada-3 Rasi: Sagittarius Asc : Can 10:03:58
British royalty who succeeded his grandfather, George II. He was the son
of HRH Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales, (born 2/10/1706 in Hanover;
died 3/20/1751 NS). Assuming the throne on 10/25/1760 and being
crowned on 9/22/1761, he governed during one of the most critical
periods in English history.
VI & Gem CSL Ra(2) in Ke(8-10,11/Ma); III CSL Mo(6,1,2- Insane) in Ve
(12-HouseArrest,5); 11 CSL Me(12,4) in Ma(10,11). During Sa-Ra the
king became insane, deaf and blind in old age(82). I CSL Ve(12,5) in
Ra(2 in Leo) has given the kingdom, due to 12th house involvement he
lost American colonies etc. from the British Crown due to Parliamentary

Long Life 122 Years

Chart 42 - Evelyn Glennie


Date 19/07/1965 Time 12:41:00 GDT Place Aberdeen Scotland

Monday, Lat 57:10:00 N Long 2:05:00 W TZ 0:00:00E Time Corr 1:08:20, KP-NA 23:16:54 Birth Star: Uttarabadra-2 Rasi: Pisces Asc. :
Vir 19:53:24
Scottish musician, a highly noted deaf percussionist, a consummate
musician who is recognized as the "First Lady" of solo percussion.
Glennie has an outstanding international career, demonstrated through
her remarkable mastery of a huge array of instruments. She takes her
audience into the musically rarefied atmosphere of the classical concert
hall whether their tastes range from the esoteric avant garde to the
popular realm.
At the time of birth Mo is in Sa-Me-Ju who are the Sublords of 3, Gem
and Significators of 9,4,7/Ju,3/Ke (Mutable Sign).12,8,3/Ma indicated
congenital deafness.
Chart 43 - Alison Lurie


Date 03/09/1926 Time 03:02:00 CST Place Chicago IL

Day Friday, Lat
41:51:00 N Long
87:39:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W Time Corr 0:09:24, KP-NA 22:44:21 Birth Star:Pushyami-1 Rasi:
Cancer Asc. : Can 20:12:49.
American writer. Professor of English at Cornell University since 1976. Her first novel, "Love and
Friendship," was published in 1976.
The Native is having congenital deafness Moon at the time of birth connected Sa-Sa-Ju(DBA)
Sa is in Ju starand Ju is in Ma star these are connected to 6,11and Gem hence the disease .
Chart 44 - Cyril Fagan


Date 22/05/1896 Time 12:25:21 Place Dublin Ireland Day Friday

Lat 53:20:00 N Long 6:15:00 W TZ 0:00:00 E Time Corr - 0:25:00 KP-NA 22:19:00
Star: Uttaraphalguni-4, Rasi: Virgo Asc. : Leo 17:33:19.


Irish-American civil servant 1921 retired 1956. He was almost totally deaf from the age of seven,
and spent his working life as a grade-three civil servant. Fagan was a siderealist astrologer, a
discipline he adopted after some 30 years of using the tropical zodiac. A researcher, historian and
a pioneer in his field, he was a prolific writer for magazines. He was a Theosophist who evolved
into a Buddhist.
At the time of birth Moon is in Su-Ve-Sa (DBA). Sun sublord Ve, Ve is in own star(6&8CSL), Sa in
Ju who is lord of 8th indicated congenital deafness.
Chart 45 - Richard Lee Petty

(accident fractures)

Date 02/07/1937 Time 08:45:00 EST Place Randleman NC Day

Friday, Lat 35:49:00 N Long 79:48:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W Time Corr
- 0:19:12, KP-NA 22:53:25 Birth Star:Ashwini-1 Rasi:Aries Asc. :
Leo 1:21:37
American race-car champion, a famous driver considered "The King"
because of winning over 200 races and setting a record he shared
with only one other driver of seven Winston Cup titles. Racing cost
him two dozen broken bones and made him 75 percent deaf.
VI CSL Su(11,1,2)Karaka for fracture in Ra(4-accidents);11&Gem
&III CSL Ma(4,10-karaka for accidents)in Ju(6,5,9).During the Native
met with an accident and lost 75%of his hearing capacity. Ra in Me
star who as in 4th house as saved him in car racing.

Chart 46 - Princess Alice


Date 25/02/1885 Time 16:40:00 GMT Place Windsor Castle England

Day Wednesday Lat 51:29:00 N Long 0:36:00 W TZ 0:00:00 E
Time Corr - 0:02:24, KP-NA 22:09:35 Birth Star: Punarvasu-3 Rasi:
Gemini Asc. : Leo 6:17:54.
British-Greek royalty, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and the
eldest daughter of Louis Alexander Mountbatten and Princess Victoria
of Hesse. She married Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark (18821994) and became the mother of four daughters and Prince Philip.
Deaf since early childhood but able to communicate in four
The princess suffered deafness since her childhood. At the time of
birth Moon is in Ju-Ve-Me (DBA). Ju in Ke star(8), Ve in 6th as CSL of
6,3,11, Me as anthara lord who is in 6th house has given congenital
Chart 47 -

Kathleen Ollenshaw

(viral fever)

Date 01/10/1912 Time 07:00:00 GMT Place Manchester UK Day Tuesday Lat 53:30:00 N Long
2:15:00W TZ 0:00:00 E Time Corr - 0:09:00, KP-NA 22:32:41Birth Star:Rohini-1 Rasi: Taurus,
Asc. : Vir 22:49:32
English mathematician, educator and researcher, politician and world traveler, she became deaf
in 1921 at age 8 from a viral infection. 1921 (Viral infection caused deafness)
The Native suffer viral fever at 9th year (Ma). Where by hearing capacity. Ma Dasa (12,3,8) has
given viral fever and loss of hearing capacity.
Chart 48 - Pablo Picasso

(old age Mercury)

Date 25/10/1881 Time 23:15:00 LMT Place Malaga Spain Day

Tuesday, Lat 36:43:00 N Long 4:25:00 W TZ 4:25:00 W Time
Corr 0:00:00. KP-NA 22:06:47 Birth Star: Anuradha-4 Rasi: Scorpio
Asc. : Can 13:31:16.
Spanish artist who lived most of his life in France, Picasso is worldrenowned as one of the inventors of the Cubist movement. Considered to be the most original, influential and dominant presence in the
visual arts of the early 20th century, his works are on display in the
most prestigious museums and galleries of the world. Picasso had an
ulcer operation, suffered growing deafness and failing eyesight.
VI & Gem CSL Me(4,3,12) in Ju(10,6,9); III CSL Ju in Su(4,2); XI
CSL Ve (3,4,11,Bh.) in Mo(5,1) during Ra-Su the native lost his
hearing capacity. Ra in Me, Su in Ra has given the above problem.


In Medical Astrology 3rd Cusp of Natal Chart represents Collar Bones, Hands.
Gemini represents Shoulder and Hands, Shoulder Blades and Bones of Arms. The three
stars in Gemini are Mrigasira rules arms, shoulders, fracture of arms, collarbone, pains
in the Shoulders near Collar bone, Arms. Arudra: Arms & Shoulders; Punarvasu Shoulder Blades.

Chart 31 ODay Anita
Date 18/10/1919 Time 08:13:00 CST Place Chicago IL Day
Saturday, Lat 41:51:00 N Long 87:39:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W CST
Time Corr 0:09:24 KP-NA 22:38:35 Birth Star: Makha-1 Rasi: Leo
Asc. : Lib 25:20:25
American Singer, a dazzling jazz performer for 56 years as of 1990,
died on Nov 23, 2006. Multiple fractures in right arm Jupiter Venus
both are connected to Me and 12th cusp.
III CSL Ra(1-10,2,6,11/Ma Karaka) in Sa(10,3,4). During Ju-Ve
(1996) the Native met with an accident in the house and right arm
fractured. Ve(1,8,12,10) has given fracture by falling the sublord
Saturn signify 4th cusp.
Chart 49 - Tyler Hamilton
Date 01/03/1972 Time 12:14:00 EST Place Salem MA Day
Wednesday, Lat 42:31:00 N Long 70:53:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:16:28, KP-NA 23:22:26 Birth Star: Uttaraphalguni-3
Rasi: Virgo Asc. : Gem 16:02:35
American athlete, Hamilton is the first American to win the 161-mile
Liege-Bastogne-Liege in France in April 27, 2003, broken collar bone
sustained toward the end of the first stage, on July 6, 2003.
During Ra-Ve(2003)the Native Sustained collarbone fractured. Ra(8)
in Mo(4,3); Ve(11,12) in Ke(2-12,8,9,10/Sa). Thus 4,8,12 are
connected due to XI cusp the native saved from the accident.
Chart 50 - Amy Rodden
Date 23/11/1949 Time 00:45:00 PST Place Palo Alto CA Day Wednesday
Lat 37:27:00 N Long 122:08:00 W TZ 120:00:00 W Time Corr - 0:08:32 KP-NA 23:03:48 Birth
Star: Purvashada-2 Rasi: Sagittarius Asc. : Leo 21:30:20
American musician. A cello student from age seven, Amy was accepted into the Meremblum Youth
Symphony at 13. By the time she was 25, she was playing bass guitar with rock groups and in
Hollywood recording studio sessions. Scalded and scarred on her right arm and chest 3/04/1954,
she had reconstructive cosmetic surgery 1959, 1984, 1986 and 1990.
During Ve-Me while skating the Native has fractured the left forearm. Ve as III CSL is in own star
as l/o is in 3 and 10 is in 5 has given fracture while playing. Me sub (3,2,11) in Sa(1,6,7,conj Ma)
has given the accident.
Chart 51 - Joe Namath
Date 31/05/1943 Time 21:00:00 EST Place Beaver Falla PA Day
Monday Lat 40:45:00 N Long 80:19:00 W TZ 75:00:00 West
Time Corr - 1:21:16 KP-NA 22:58:22 Birth Star: Bharani-4 Rasi:
Aries Asc. : Sco 20:51:18.
American football star who took the New York Jets to a winning
season at the Super Bowl III. He was inducted into the Pro Football
Hall of Fame and chosen quarterback of the All Time AFL team. On
10/18/1970 he fractured his right wrist, missed 28 of 50 games
between 1970 and 1973 due to knee, wrist and shoulder injuries.
During Ra(1970) has fractured his right wrist. Ra(8-5while playing)in
Me(6,8,10)indicated fracture during competition.

Pranams to Sri KSK Guruji