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Montego Bay
August 19th ~ 24th, 2016
You must make your own reservations to arrive
on August 18th & Depart on the August 25th

World renowned Qi Gong
practitioner, healer, and author,
Wayne B. Chandler hosts his
popular bi-annual retreat this
Afford-ably priced, and accessible to beginners as
well as seasoned practitioners, Wayne will lead you
through a fun, challenging, invigorating one-week
experience that will leave you feeling completely
rejuvenated, years younger, and spiritually lighter

Intentionally designed for

busy working individuals,
Wayne Chandlers
bi-annual retreat uses
Qi Gong to reconnect
mind, body, and spirit.

WAYNE B. CHANDLER, MS, CPH, SCE, is the author of: Ancient Future, and books forthcoming The Brighter Side of Darkness and The Buddha in Ebony and Bronze (Projected Publication summer/fall 2016). He is also a motivational speaker
and workshop facilitator who has lectured around the world. He
began his study of Yoga spiritual science under the guidance
of Swami Vishnudevenanda where he learned the Sivananda
system of Hatha yoga and Pranayama. In 1981 he began his
study of Iyengar Yoga under the instruction of John Schumacher.
Chandler is also certified in the powerful healing techniques of
B.E.E.M.S. (bio electric energy management systems), Medical
Qi Gong, Pranic Healing under the tutelage of Choa Kok Sui,
Spiritual Sexual Alchemy, Core Energetics and Brainwave Therapy as instructed by Mantak Chia and Ms. Minke DeVoss. He is
also certified in Tui Na, one of the pillars of traditional Chinese
medical science and Tao Yin Yoga as taught by Mantak Chia.
As an expert in the field of Bio-Energetic Therapy, Chandler has
trained other healers from various modalities, instructing them
how to affect healing conditions with patients without using their
own bio-energetic life force.


Nadia Pillay is a certified Kemetic Yoga Instruction with over

10years of teaching experience. She received her training
from the Society of Kemetic Yoga under the tutelage of Master
Instructor Yirser Ra Hotep. Over the years she has had the invaluable opportunity to work with individuals with a variety of
physical and emotional challenges such as arthritis, cerebral
palsy, scoliosis, depression, addiction, and anxiety.
In addition to providing private and group yoga instruction,
Nadia teaches Childrens Yoga as well as Infant massage
across the Chicago area. Ms. Pillay is the resident Mind-Body
wellness Coach for The Love Foundation in Chicago, IL. The
Love Foundation facilitates a self-empowerment course for students, as well as young adults in group- homes, referred by the
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).
Her accessible personality and teaching style has enabled
the beginner to find and appreciate his/her own body and
practice. Nadia endeavors to use the art of Kemetic Yoga as
a tool for self-healing and self-realization. Her company Sovereign Lineage provides customized and personalized yoga
coaching for the individual. The ultimate objective is to leave
the experience with a present awareness of ones Shu or Life
Force in the body. Connecting with the Shu, which is generated through the course of ones practice, presents the opportunity to reclaim dominion over oneself. This presence of mind
fosters self-awareness and builds the muscle of being in control
of ones thoughts by steering it in a positive direction. Positive
thoughts inspire positive emotions, leading to positive actions,
resulting in an empowered human being. An empowered human being is our Sovereign Lineage.



Spirit Halima is beyond passionate about the total well
being of women and the organic unfolding of our greatest potential. Through her journey she has learned that an
important aspect of our well being is activating our sensuality - being fully present to All of our senses: taste, touch,
sound, sight, smell, and our multi-sensory gifts including
intuition. The more present we are in this moment, the
more energy we have to create delicious life experiences
that thrill our soul and connect us to a richer existence.
Spirit Halima knows what it is like to lose her song,
dance and neglect her body, dreams and femininity.
Spirits breakthrough was a defining moment: choosing
to utilize a turbulent relationship to heal each trigger that
revealed insecurities, limiting beliefs, and plunge into the
depths of her pain. During this beautifully colored relationship, She began to practice the Jade Egg and Taoist Energy Practices that switched her gears from Barren to Bodacious! She tapped into a reservoir of her own juiciness
and was re-introduced to her glowing feminine essence.
Spirit created the 8-Week Sensual Snapper Training
and Sensual Charm courses with the intention of supporting women in retrieving their power from external sources
and re-fueling their passions, desires, relationships and
well being.
Spirit supports her clients in discovering
the mystery and magic of their wombs, and deepening the
reverence of their sensual and sexual power .

Self empowerment
Techniques to clear emotional blocks
that prevents success in our daily lives
A better control of your emotional states
Pineal & Pituitary cultivation practices (3rd Eye activation)
Effective meditation practices
Preventative healing techniques
A stronger yoga practice
Better sense of mind/body/spirit alignment
Better understanding of reproductive health
(gender specific practices)
Tools that will help you to create the life you really want

Qi Gong is a multi dimensional science which takes a normal
or inferior human being and makes them a superior human being by creating superb physical health, great clarity of mind, a
disciplined will and the release of suppressed transcen dental
talents and abilities
How will Qi Gong Help me?
Through simple-yet-powerful exercises, Qi Gong will increase
your vitality, longevity, and strength and retune parts of your
being that have become out-of-alignment from excessive internet use, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, overworking, and
other effects of modern-day-living.

You will leave the retreat empowered with a grounded
sense of self and universal belonging. You will experience increased flow and synchronicities
in your life, develop amplified focus, feel physically
stronger, and on top of
the world.
What are some of the
techniques well learn
on the retreat?
YogaYoga will be practiced every morning to teach
internal and external flexibility and


Wayne has empowered me with the understanding and tools

to be entirely in charge of my physical, mental, and spiritual
help through simple, yet life changing tools. I now incorporate
my qi gong into my daily routine, 10 minutes in the morning,
and before bed, which has significantly improved my mindfulness, energy levels, and productivity throughout the day.
Wayne is accessible, caring, and a very effective teacher.
Boyuan G.
My Brother Wayne, I cannot begin to adequately express how
grateful I am first of all for you, and this incredible experience
that this retreat has been. I knew before I came that I was in
for a ride but nothing could prepare me for what I have experienced this week. It honestly has been one of the best experiences of my life. Donald L.
Waynes Qi Gong retreats are an immersion into the art and
science of internal energy work. The disciplines, teachings and
exercises are hands-on and organic. The small groups create
an intimate setting of one-on-one feedback and training that
involves active and applied participation. Paul K.
My experience of Wayne Chandler was that he is a serious
and dedicated teacher. I have learned from his teachings in Qi
Gong, how capable we are of affecting and changing our en-

Cost $1500.00,

This price includes:

Room: Double occupancy

All Workshops and Classes
Daily Meditation and Qi Gong
Two Meals Daily
Medical Qi Gong, Energetic Chakra
Clearing, Thai Yoga Massage & other
spa services: available at extra charge

fluidity. Practicing yoga will aid in digestion, physical mobility,

and emotional clarity.
Energetic cleansingEmotions have unique frequencies
that can be energizing or draining. When you feel a surge
of negative emotions, you literally become congested, leaving
you weighed down in work and life. Most people feel like they
are not in control of them. Wayne will teach you how to clear
your emotional fields.
Cultivation practicesWayne will teach a series of mind
& body practices that will build what is referred to as lifeforce
or qi--as known in qi gong, or prana, which is the known term
in the Yogic tradition. This seemingly esoteric concept simply
means, you will feel more alive.
ChakrasChakras are energy centers used in many healing practices. Wayne will teach participants the major chakra
points, and how to activate, clear, and energize each of them.
Holistic integrationThe ultimate purpose of this retreat
is to align your mind, body, and spirit. When we are out of
alignment, dis-ease, discomfort, discontentment can occur, creating unwanted results in our lives. Waynes teachings are very
much intended to leave you empowered to use these simple,
yet powerful tools on a day-to-day basis, and keep yourself
healthy, clear, and strong.

ergy levels as well as our healing. From doing his exercises, I

have gained more energy and also have been able to change
the course of both illness and injury. Lauri M.
Waynes qi gong retreat has fine-tuned my ability to notice
my emotional state, to feel when I am out of balance, and
gave me tools and practices to care for, heal and maintain my
health. As a result, I am open to more possibility, particularly
in re-discovering my lifes purpose. Waynes teaching style has
contributed to my experience in a positive way because he
embodies the knowledge that he shares. I know that I can trust
him, that he sees the potential in everyone, and that he brings
joy to his work. Elizabeth C.


East of Eden is a privately owned facility located in the beautiful
Ironshore area of Montego Bay Jamaica. Only 10 minutes from
the Montego Bay airport, East of Eden enjoys a beautiful view of
the ocean and setting sun. Amenities include two swimming pools,
well appointed rooms with air conditioners, free wireless internet
and attentive staff to care for your every need. We also have various spa and pampering services available for an additional fee.
You will be picked up and dropped off at the airport. All of your
meals will be vegetarian along with ample coconut water and
much fresh tropical fruit.
Check out:

Payment can be made in full

or incremental payments.
Final payment August 17th
Space is limited
You must make your own reservations to
arrive on August 18th & Depart on the August 25th
Please send your money via friends family feature on
paypal so that no deductions will be incurred.

For more detailed information contact Wayne B. Chandler at: