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Published Quarterly by The

Energy Center, The University

of Texas at El Paso
Sponsored by the Texas
Comptroller of Public
Accounts - State Energy
Conservation Office,
E d itio r and the United States
cial a n a g
Department of Energy
S p e M Volume 7 Number 2
The Newsletter for Watt Watchers and Watteam.
n e rg y u e !
E Iss Summer 2003
Now incorporating WATTimes and the Texas School Energy Manager News.

Energy Star Awards

he 2003 ENERGY STAR Awards forth by the evening’s award recipients and by the
Ceremony, held at the Capitol Hill Hilton American people as a whole.
on April 15th in Washington D.C., was a milestone Participation in the Million Monitor Drive
in Watt Watchers of Texas history. This year, Special Campaign is free and technically supported. Texas
Recognition was given to a few organizations that made school districts have been participating If every school in
significant contributions to EPA’s Million in the national campaign since May Texas implemented
Monitor Drive Campaign. 2002. During the evening, the school power management
Watt Watchers of Texas was one of districts in Texas were praised for for all their computers
only ten organizations in the nation to be energy reduction and pollution it would cut over 200
recognized as a Distinguished prevention efforts by Steve million kWh and save
Participant in the Million Monitor Ryan, the program manager Texas schools about
Drive Campaign. The other for the Power Management $20 million in
Distinguished Participants in Initiative for the Energy Star addition to reducing
the Million Monitor Drive were Program. To date, pollution.
America Online, Inc., Cisco participating Texas school
Systems, Citigroup, Computer
Associates, Computer
Sciences Corporation, County
of Loudoun Virginia, Harvard
University, John F. Kennedy
Amy Poore and Steve Ryan, Program Manager for the Energy Star Power
School of Government, and Management Initiative with the ENERGY STAR Distinguished Participant
Pitney Bowes, Inc. Award. Ryan praised the participation of Texas school districts.

Watt Watchers of Texas

was included as a Distinguished Participant for its districts have pledged to put
pledge to help Texas school districts put 200,000 more than 82,000 monitors

Watt Watchers of Texas

computer monitors to sleep. This bold pledge of one- to sleep for a savings of
fifth of the national goal is achievable due to the great approximately 18 million
response from school districts all across Texas. There kilowatt-hours and about
is an average of one computer for every 3.3 students in $1.3 million. For a complete
Texas, which adds up to about 1.2 million available list of school districts that
The Energy Center computers. If every school in Texas implemented power have pledged, see page 14.
management for all their computers it would cut over 200 Don’t miss out on the
University of Texas at El Paso million kWh and save Texas schools about $20 million energy savings for your school. To find out how your
in addition to reducing pollution. sc h o o l o r d i s t r i c t c a n participate in this free,
P.O. Box 68660 The Distinguished Participants were recognized energy saving program, contact Watt Watchers at WATTS INSIDE
alongside the winners of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Awards 1-888-US WATTS or visit our web site at http://
El Paso, Texas 79968 such as Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, the w a t t w a t c h e r s . u t e p . e d u / p a g e s / Watts Across Texas.........2
Energy Star Retail Partner of the Year, and Eastman PowerManagement.htm. Transmission Line............3
Kodak Company, the Corporate Commitment Award For more information on the Energy Star program, Energy Manager news
recipient, many other organizations were participants in visit the Energy Star Website at: Special edition
the event. Christie Todd Whitman, administrator of the You better watch out....4
EPA attended along with Kathleen Hogan, director Alternatively, for more information on all of the WW Reflections..............5
climate protection partnerships division for the EPA, and awardees and the awards banquet, visit the Energy Star Energy Manager news
Douglas Faulkner, principal deputy assistant secretary Awards Website at:: Pay your salary...........7
of energy efficiency and renewable energy for DOE. Lapel pin

Please Route:
TO: During the ceremony, Whitman spoke of the pollution index.cfm?c=pt_awards.pt_es_awards_2003.
reductions for 2002 and recognized all of the efforts put
Distribution list............13-8
Pull Out Posters..........9-12

o Science Chair Energy Manager news

Dreaming of saving
o Student Council energy........................14
o Librarian Energy Encounter..........15
o Energy Manager “Americans, with the help of ENERGY STAR, saved a significant amount Energy Saving School
of energy in 2002—more than 100 million kilowatt hours (kWh) and districts........................16

15,000 megawatts (MW) of peak power, the amount of energy required to Program news
Solar Sprint Workshop17
power about 15 million homes. They also prevented the Tools for Schools............18
Summer 2003 greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 14 Energy Manager News
million automobiles.” Energy efficient Christie Todd Whitman

How can you earn
Administrator of EPA your lapel pin..............19
1-888-US WATTS
Light bulb Willie
wants to... Energy Manager News
Join the Energy Efficient Partnership
McKinney ISD ...with you!
he Energy Efficient Partnership Program of the
State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) is a Estes McClure and
let us profile your school or district.
a Very Unique District no-cost program offered to its partners in energy
efficiency: schools, nonprofit hospitals, and local
governments. SECO has contracted with three Texas
Associates (EMA)
3608 West Way
Tyler, Texas 75703
Energy Savings Across the District attended the Texas Sustainable Building Professional based engineering firms to deliver the on-site technical Phone: 903/581-2677
Training Seminar where the team was introduced to the assistance to schools, hospitals and local governments. Fax: 903/581-2721
concepts and elements of sustainability. The process of The SECO program provides utility bill analysis, on-site

omptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn has set a designing the school, working within the budget walk through analysis, follow up meetings and other
goal of less than $1.00 per square foot for energy guidelines and approval from the board continued and assistance to all who join this partnership. Contact: Susan Schreppler (at left)
costs in Texas schools. Some school districts in June 1999
are still far away from that goal, but not McKinney ISD. McKinney ISD broke The state is divided among the three firms. Get to
David Sergeant, McKinney ISD Energy Manager, told ground on its new know your partner in energy efficiency.
Watt Watchers that the majority of their schools are prototype sustainable
spending less than $1.00 per square foot for energy elementary school, Texas Energy
costs! How did they achieve this with many of their Roy Lee Walker Engineering Services,
schools built in the 50’s and 60’s? Recently McKinney Elementary. Inc. (TEESI)
ISD passed a bond election that enabled them to Since the 1301 Capital of Texas
renovate several schools in their district. Renovations opening of Walker A water habitat garden was developed Highway, Suite B-325
with natural vegitaion and provides
to the schools included interior renovations, new HVAC Elementary, McKinney teachers with a unique teaching tool and Capital View Center
systems, Energy Management systems, replacing ISD has now built three allows students to experience their Austin, Texas 78746
surrounding environment in an educa-
windows, lighting upgrades from T12 fixtures to T8 more sustainable tional setting. Phone: 512/328-2533
fixtures with electronic ballasts, replacing exit lights with schools using this Fax: 512/328-2544
the new LED signs, dual lighting switches in classrooms prototype, McNeil Elementary, Malvern Elementary and
and many more items—changes that reduced their Vega Elementary. Watt Watchers staff met with the Contact Ernie Moore
energy spending from over $1.00/sq.ft. McKinney ISD occupants of the
has now achieved the Comptroller’s goal of less than four schools and they had wonderful things to say
$1.00/sq.ft. in energy expenditures. about the design and elements of the sustainable Energy Systems
Energy Audits are done regularly in McKinney schools. They all agreed that the design of the Associates, Inc.
ISD as a part of their “people program.” The district uses school definitely affects the students’ learning (ESA)
an energy accounting system to help measure and environment. Daylighting is the school’s key 595 Round Rock
monitor energy use. Principals will be made aware of ingredient. Vertical daylight monitors scoop the West Drive, Suite 704
their monthly energy costs and starting in the fall, energy natural sunlight, providing all the light needed in the Round Rock, Texas
scores will be one element of a Principal’s evaluation. learning environment during the day. The sunlight 78681
Of course, one person can’t do it alone, so it is in is drawn into the light monitor and bounced off a Phone: 512/258-0547
everyone’s best interest to keep energy costs down in series of baffles to provide soft, evenly distributed FAX: 512/258-5638
the school. daylight throughout the learning spaces. As a
Did you know: The goal of Energy Management in McKinney ISD Contact Jim and Debra Brown
If every teacher in is to make the school a safe, comfortable place for
Texas turned off the students to learn. The more money saved in energy costs

How can you earn

lights in his or her the more money McKinney ISD can send back to the
classroom for two classroom.
unoccupied hours Sustainable Schools

your lapel pin?

per day, Texas would In January of 1998 McKinney ISD applied for a
save $400,000 state grant that would allow a 21st century
$12 Million in wasted sustainable school prototype to be built. The Facilities
energy costs. and Construction team prepared the grant proposal and
was asked to present their plan to the State Energy

att Watchers has begun a new program
Conservation Grant Selection Committee. Out of the Daylighting is the schools key ingredient. These vertical daylight for recognizing our outstanding sponsors.
possible 1046 school districts in Texas only two districts monitors scoop the natural sunlight, providing all the light needed
Sponsors of the Watt Watchers program can
in the learning environment during the day.
met the requirements that SECO had set to receive this now receive a beautiful Watt Watchers of Texas lapel
grant – Austin ISD and McKinney ISD. Each received bonus to the daylighting, the need for fluorescent light pin for supporting our program. Here’s how:
$200,000 from the state to offset the additional design during the day has been reduced.
costs associated with designing the sustainable school Another key element in the design of these Teachers
prototype. schools is the innovative design of the classroom wings, • Be an active Watt Watcher sponsor for 5 or
In May 1998, McKinney ISD chose which eliminates the waste of thousands of square feet more years.
SHW Group Architects to design this new normally dedicated to hallway space. Instead, the
school prototype and Pogue, Inc. to serve corridors have been widened to accommodate Energy Managers School Administrators
Q: How many pessimists
as the project’s Construction Manager At- additional teaching space and computer technology. • Sign up a majority of the schools in your district • Support a Watt Watcher program in your school does it take to screw in a
Risk. The district also hired Innovative Rather than isolate four computers in each classroom, to participate in the Watt Watchers of Texas and report monthly savings to the Watt light bulb?
Design out of North Carolina as a these computers have been grouped together in the Program. Provide WW with a list of sponsors Watchers of Texas program. A: It doesn’t matter; they
consultant to SHW Group on sustainable The sundial at Walker hallways, providing every four classrooms with their in each campus. (Call, write or email the list to
Elementary help think that all the available
initiatives. Involving the Architect and students how to own computer lab. The sustainable design elements us.) Do you meet these criteria? Have you received a lapel
Contractor this early in the development identify winter and bulbs will be burned out
will amaze a person who is used to seeing an everyday, pin from Watt Watchers? Below is a list of our first round
summer soltices. • Implement the Sleep is Good program in your too.
of the project’s new concept was traditional school design – this new design takes into of lapel pin recipients. Watt Watchers would not be the
absolutely critical in making this project a successful consideration not just sustainability but how students can district. popular program it is today without the support of these
reality. McKinney ISD, SHW Group and Pogue, Inc. all learn in a sustainable environment. • Benchmark school buildings in your district. wonderful Teachers, Energy Managers and School
please go to page 15
2 19
tools for schools THE TRANSMISSION LINE
United States
Environmental Protection
Agency EPA 402-F-03-011 You Have The ^ Power IRE
The latest World watch Institute Paper explains NEW TOOL FOR ASSESSING GREEN THE
why institutional purchasing by school districts and POWER PROJECTS T OF
others can have a major impact on the future of our S HO
planet. The World Resources Institute has N
Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Program “Through their purchases, governments, corporations, introduced a new tool to help corporate
universities, and other large institutions wield great energy, environment and facility
Step-by-step guidance to improving the air quality in our nation’s schools influence over the future of our planet. Nearly every managers make decisions about green
purchase an institution makes, from office paper to power. The Green Power Analysis Tool,
The Problem buildings, has hidden costs for the natural environment an Excel-based set of spreadsheets, is
Nearly 56 million people in the United States spend their days all, ensuring a healthy school environment is an investment in and the world’s people. Shifting just a portion of a free tool that allows managers to
in elementary and secondary schools. According to the De- your students and staff. institutional spending away from harmful goods and assess the financial characteristics of
partment of Education’s National Center for Education Statis- green power projects and the
services to more environmentally friendly alternatives can
tics, in 1999, 43 percent of America’s public schools—about To learn more about the IAQ TfS Kit and other resources avail- contribution those projects make to
benefit ecosystems and communities around the world
33,800—reported at least one unsatisfactory environmental able to you, visit EPA’s Web site at, clean air and climate change goals. It
as well as save money. Green purchasing can also send
condition (i.e., lighting, heating, ventilation, indoor air qual- or order a free Kit by calling the IAQ INFO hotline at (800) quantifies the reduced emissions of
ity, acoustics or noise control, or physical security of the build-
a powerful message to the market, showing
438-4318. carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and
ing). Approximately 25 percent of public schools reported that manufacturers that institutional consumers of all kinds
increasingly demand more sustainable options.” sulfur dioxide associated with different
ventilation was unsatisfactory, while indoor air quality (IAQ) Awards and Recognition green power projects and calculates the
was reported to be unsatisfactory in about twenty percent of The IAQ TfS Awards Program provides incentives and public “In industrial countries, public purchasing cost of achieving those reductions in
schools. Poor indoor air quality can impact the comfort and recognition to schools and school districts that are implement- accounts for as much as 25 percent of gross domestic standard metrics such as dollars per ton
health of students and staff, which in turn can affect concen- ing the Kit. Three award categories are offered: Great Start, product (GDP). Government procurement in the
tration, attendance, and student performance. Leadership, and Excellence, each honoring schools and school
of emission avoided. Users can input
Q: How many librarians European Union alone totaled more than $1 trillion in data about their own green power
districts as they progress through the various stages of the IAQ 2001, or roughly 14 percent of GDP. In North America,
does it take to screw in projects or learn more about green
Schools that fail to respond promptly and effectively to poor TfS Kit. Many school districts have been recognized for out- it reached $2 trillion, or about 18 percent of regional GDP.
a light bulb? power markets by exploring several
IAQ run the risk of increased short-term health problems, such standing achievement and leadership in improving indoor air
A: I don’t know, but I can This purchasing occurs at all levels of government: in green power projects pre-installed into
as fatigue and nausea, as well as long-term health problems like quality. See our Web site at
look it up for you. 2002, the United States federal government spent the tool.
asthma. In serious cases, schools have been shut down and have for additional information and applications.
roughly $350 billion on goods and services (excluding
had to move staff and students to temporary facilities. Delay-
military spending), while the country’s state and local
ing remediation of IAQ problems can also be costly and may Training and Networking Resources
even lead to liability claims and lawsuits that can damage a Learn from the experts! Training and networking resources
authorities spent more than $400 billion.”
Download the tool at:
school’s reputation. Clearly, IAQ issues are best addressed early for schools managing IAQ issues are widely available. The IAQ What is your purchasing policy? What message
and better still proactively. TfS Program sponsors an annual Symposium, internet pre- are you sending? Excerpted from: The Green Business Letter, May 2003,
sentations, and offers specialized training on financing,
Purchasing Power HARNESSING INSTITUTIONAL p 2, and the Green Power Analysis Tool website.
The Solution communications, and facilities maintenance. See
The IAQ Tools for Schools (IAQ TfS) Program is a comprehen- for additional informa-
sive resource that can help you maintain a healthy environ- tion. Lisa Mastny, Worldwatch Paper 166, 2003.
ment in your school buildings, by identifying, correcting, and
preventing IAQ problems. The Kit is provided to schools at no
cost and includes easy-to-follow checklists, videos, sample
memos and policies, a recommended management plan, and a
unique problem-solving wheel. Using the tools in the Kit, school
The Renewable Energy

photos courtesy of Steve Weikal, WeikalMedia

For more information
on the Tools for
Schools program or
officials can educate staff, students, and parents about the im-
portance of good IAQ and their roles in ensuring a healthy,
comfortable learning environment. Armed with the knowledge
of good IAQ practices and commonsense preventive measures,
& Green Living Fair
to download or schools can address most IAQ problems on their own. After
request more materi-
als, visit the EPA
Website IT’S ALL HERE!
schools WHERE ARE YOU?
Whether you’re a sustainability professional
or still a little green, The Roundup offers
everything you need in one event!
Set in beautiful and historic Fredericksburg, Texas, with easy
access to family attractions and abundant accommodations.
The Roundup is the biggest sustainability event in the
Southern U.S. and an incredible value!

Sept. 26-28
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Texas Solar Energy Society
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On the Market Square IN COOPERATION WITH

Texas Organic Growers
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18 Toll Free 877-3ROUNDUP Under the Sun! 3
Energy Manager News program news
Attention Teachers:
Junior Solar Sprint Workshops Just For YOU!

Special Edition Energy Manager Issue
att Watchers is proud to announce that we
have teamed up with the Texas Solar Energy

his is the Energy Manager issue of who is the Energy Manager for Galena Park ISD. (It was Society to bring Junior Solar Sprint (JSS)
WATTS NEWS, the quarterly newspaper for Watt difficult but we resisted the temptation to call the column workshops to middle school teachers across the state
Watchers. Every summer we will dedicate the “Dear Abby.”) We hope to have a guest column in every of Texas. The U.S. Department of Energy’s National
issue to Energy Managers. This marks a change in the newspaper and several contributed articles in the Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) Program is a classroom-
publication schedule and gives Watt Watchers four summer Energy Manager issue. So please warm up based, hands-on educational program for 6th, 7th, and 3. encourage young people to consider technical
seasonal issues of the newspaper. Publishing four your word processors and send us your thoughts. 8th grade students. JSS student teams apply math and careers at an early age.
issues during a typical school year was crowding the science skills, along with creativity to construct model
publication schedule and we wanted to have a special You may have also noticed our graphics are solar-powered cars and race them in interscholastic During a four-hour workshop, participating
issue for Energy Managers. improving. We have a graphic artist, Sal Saenz, working competitions hosted within their schools or within their teachers would build a model solar car and race it
to improve the newspaper with each issue. In addition states or regions. JSS began in 1990 as a single against the other teachers in the class. Teachers will
A Fall “Back-To-School” issue in September, a to developing posters like Energy Encounter, Uncle Tex, demonstration race and expanded to 10 regional be provided all the information needed to start a JSS
Winter Issue in December, a Spring Issue in March, and Knowledge is Power, and Junior Solar Sprint, Sal is competitions in 1991. The program now uses public and program in their district. The model solar car belongs
a Summer Energy Manager Issue in July are the four unleashing his awesome talent on the newspaper. I’m private sector support to improve education in middle/ to the teachers when he or she completes the class.
issues of the newspaper. Please note we have started sure you saw the first in a series of his original cartoons junior high schools across the nation. In recent years, The car is given to the teacher with the hope that he or
referring to WATTS NEWS as a newspaper. Calling it a on the cover of this issue. He is also upgrading the the event grew to 83 host sites in 26 states involving she will take it back to his or her respective district and
newsletter didn’t seem very descriptive anymore since graphics throughout the newspaper little by little. For 100,000 students and 15,000 teachers. show it to other district science teachers, hopefully
it has grown to be a 20 page, tabloid size publication example, check out “Watts Across Texas” Willie — the leading to a district solar car race among the students
The primary goals of the JSS program are to: in middle school science classes.
with 8 full color pages and is printed on newsprint with crooning cowboy light bulb. Stay tuned — WATTS NEWS
typical runs of 8,000 copies. We have just grown — is going to keep getting better and better….. but we need 1. generate enthusiasm for science and Workshops are being planned in Austin, San
WATTS NEWS is still dedicated to bringing students, your help. engineering at a crucial stage in the Antonio, Dallas, Houston and one other lucky location.
teachers, energy managers and administrators all the educational development of young people. If you are interested in attending a JSS workshop
information they need to start and maintain an energy We need your feedback, suggestions, and please contact Watt Watchers for more information. If Q: How many paranoids
saving program at their schools. contributions to make this the best newspaper possible. 2. improve students’ understanding of scientific you are interested in hosting the workshop at your school does it take to screw in a
Please send us your articles, anecdotes, and ideas for concepts and renewable energy technologies; for your city or district please give us a call. Location light bulb?
There are some other new features in this issue stories. Do you have any photos of your schools or and times and dates will be available in August.
and some that have been developing over the last few students? Happenings and events in your district should
Q: How many KNOW?
issues. Please note the Guest Column for Energy be included in WATTS NEWS. Please send us your
Psychiatrists does it take
Managers. Our first contributor is I.A. “Abby” Awdi, CEM news.
to change a light bulb?
A: Only one, but the bulb Upcoming SECO Energy Efficiency Workshops
has to really WANT to

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Pout !


i o n
A t
bout the same time that Santa Claus comes to the peak of the heating season next January. Indeed,

town you may be getting a really big gas bill for market expectations reflected in option prices imply a
your school district. Of course, no one can 25 percent probability that the peak price will exceed

Administrators, Superintendents, Board

actually predict with absolute certainty how much natural $7.50 per million Btu.”

gas will cost six months in the future but several sources
are urging everyone to watch out. Both Spencer Daniel Yergin, chairman of Cambridge Energy
Research Associates, said the United States gas market
Members, Financial Directors, Energy
Abraham, Secretary of the Department of Energy and
Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve Bank have is following in the footsteps of the oil industry three Managers and Facility Directors:
indicated there could be some significant price decades ago, when domestic production peaked and
the nation became increasingly dependent upon imports.
fluctuations this winter.
Gas imports, arriving in liquefied form by ship from Africa,
September 10, 2003
10, October 14, 2003
14, November 6, 2003
Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said the the Middle East and Asia, could be supplying 10 to 20 San Antonio 9:00am/3:30pm Odessa 9:00am/3:30pm El Paso 9:00am/3:30pm
administration would consider a range of short- and percent of U.S. gas supplies by 2020, Yergin said. Northside ISD Ector County ISD El Paso ISD
long-term remedies to a worsening gap between Nellie Reddix Center Building C Training Center Professional Development Center
demand for natural gas and stagnant production from Rather than pouting try these websites for more 4711 Sid Katz 701 Vine Street 6500 K Boeing Drive
U.S. gas wells. The supply imbalance has pushed well information: San Antonio, TX 78229 Odessa, Texas El Paso, Texas
head gas prices up to an average of $5.26 for 1,000 The Texas General Land Office has a Public Customer
cubic feet over the past six months, more than double Gas Program For more information about these workshops
levels in the 1990s. “If we use too much natural gas Workshops are sponsored by The Comptroller of please contact
during the summer, the market could tighten and result Public Accounts, State Energy Conservation Debra Brown of
in unacceptably high prices next winter,” says Mr. Office and the U.S Department of Energy. Energy Systems
The US Energy Information Administration has lots of
Abraham. Associates, Inc.,
data for you
esa Energy Systems Associates, Inc., a Texas at 512-258-
Alan Greenspan testifying before the Committee based professional engineering firm with more 0547 or
on Energy and Commerce, U.S. House of natural_gas.html than 20 years experience in the field of energy Glenda
Representatives June 10, 2003, said: “Yesterday the efficiency, will be presenting these workshops Baldwin at
price of gas for delivery in July closed at $6.31 per million Excerpts from the Christian Science Monitor http:// on behalf of the SECO office. In addition to these SECO at 512-
Btu. That contract sold for as low as $2.55 in July 2000 0710/p02s01-usgn.html and workshops, members of this firm also present a 463-1731; or
and for $3.65 a year ago. Futures markets project further the Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost. com/ workshop entitled Investment Grade Energy email may be
price increases through the summer cooling season to ac2/wp-dyn/A37251-2003Jun26?language=printer Audits for the Association of Energy Engineers. sent to
4 17
Watt Watcher Reflections
att Watchers began working with retrofits are included in the plans for
Eanes Independent School District specific building renovations. Article Submitted by: Eileen Berkowitz, Watt Watchers of Texas and fourth graders. The fifth graders were “captains”
(EISD) after speaking with Tom Collier early Sponsor for Colonial Hills Elementary School in North East
In the Spring of 2002, EISD and not only would patrol but also oversee the paired
in the Fall of 2002. As a full-time technology coordinator Independent School District, San Antonio Texas
passed a $67 million bond issue to use patrols.
for Westlake High School in Austin, Texas and part-time for renovations and building upgrades for
energy manager for EISD, Collier has worked hard along I divided the school campus into patrol areas. All
better air quality and ventilation. This

with other facilities department members for the district hen I first began sponsoring the Watt Watcher/ three campuses at which I sponsored the Watt Watcher
renovation and upgrade project and the Watteam patrols in the early 90’s I had a Patrols contained a main building, attached outer
and together they have witnessed first-hand the district’s commitment to maintaining
progress that EISD has made in-terms of energy twofold purpose. Of course I wanted to teach buildings, and/or portables. The portables always
good indoor air quality, was the driving conservation of resources to the students, but I also provided the greatest challenge! The students were
management. force behind the district’s Environmental decided to target a relatively untouched population. taught they were NEVER to disturb a class, so that
One of the biggest Protection Agencies (EPA) Indoor Many students were not even aware classrooms in the portables
problems that EISD has faced in Air Quality, Tools for Schools that they could “save electricity” both whose blinds were closed could
the past was the lack of a way to Excellence Award in 2002. The in their homes and at school. It was not be assigned the “X”, “0” or Did you know:
“Retrospectively, I do feel that the
maintain a district-wide facilities “We have the program district is dedicated to its not something that families were patrols were successful for many “check”. I created a “new symbol” The amount and
schedule of after hour activities. operational and we’ve proactive approach to maintaining automatically teaching their children. reasons. I am particularly pleased that so that the student would be able quality of light in
Recently, the district has begun a safe, clean and healthy overall During the years many students I chose to structure them as I did. A complete his/her patrol without buildings affects our
collected some baseline data. health, safety, pro-
implementation of a web-based environment for its students, have reported behavioral changes number of those students became more interrupting the learning in that
scheduling system called School
We found after our first sample faculty, and staff. involved in their middle and high ductivity and comfort.
in themselves and their families— room and yet feel that they were
Dude. Using a centralized that 87% of our computers schools. The teachers’ awareness of completing their job. In addition Lighting accounts for
The district is also in school and at home!
scheduling system, which will be had no effective power settings saving electricity was heightened. approximately 30
dedicated to reducing/preventing I rotated the patrols monthly so
fully functional beginning this for the monitors. We have set I intentionally targeted a percent of school
outdoor air pollution and saving The support I received from the that different students patrolled
school year, allows the district to certain population from which to various “governing bodies” was energy bills. Using
a target of 95% compliance money at the same time. In May, the “portables area.”
know who is using the facilities, build the Watt Watcher Patrol. With wonderful! Always positive and more light than
and we set a 10-minute power Tom Collier along with Kevin the approval of the principal, I sent a There was mixed reaction necessary and
Q: How many CIA agents why they are using them, and it supportive, they provided us with the
down timer. We have had no Schwartz, the district’s wide area letter to the homeroom teachers to the “notes” we would
does it take to change a allows the district to assess the materials we needed. When funding leaving lights on
complaints from our users- network (WAN) coordinator explaining the purpose of the Watt was withdrawn they continued to periodically tape outside the
light bulb? appropriate fees required for the when a room is not in
signed a pledge to put 4,000 Watcher Patrol. I asked them to support us emotionally. I very much rooms. Some teachers were
A: - CLASSIFIED - use of the specified facility. It will 95% don’t even know it’s use are common
computer monitors to sleep after nominate two students (preferably a enjoyed sponsoring those early Watt pleased, good-natured, while
allow the district to increase its running.” mistakes. Turn off
a ten-minute period of inactivity. boy and a girl). I asked them to think Watcher/Watteam patrols.” others took the notes negatively.
functionality, improve the Kevin Schwartz lights in unoccupied
Enabling computer monitor power of all their students—and then After a while, we stopped giving
productivity of Maintenance Eileen Berkowitz rooms. The savings
management for EISD saves choose their two nominees from the both the “Thanks a Watt” and
personnel and increase revenue are instantaneous.
nearly 700,000 kilowatt-hours per “silent majority”. I specified that the “Oops!” notes entirely. The
from rentals. Furthermore, using -Texas State Energy
year and saves close to $60,000. When asked how the nominees should not be at either end of any spectrum cessation of the notes also elicited both positive and
this web-based application will assist the district with implementation went, Kevin Schwartz responded, “We Conservation Office
personnel schedules for after hour activities. (academic, social, behavioral, etc). I was targeting those negative reactions!
have the program operational and we’ve collected some students who faithfully attended school, but did not stand
According to Collier, the district has not had much baseline data. We found after our first sample that 87% Retrospectively, I do feel that the patrols were
out in any way.
luck with automated energy management system of our computers had no effective power settings for successful for many reasons. I am particularly pleased
controls within the district. Thought EISD is not currently the monitors. We have set a target of 95% compliance My Watt Watcher patrols mainly were composed that I chose to structure them as I did. A number of those
using a centralized energy management system, they and we set a 10-minute power down timer. We have of students who were not receiving any special help students became more involved in their middle and high
are using time clocks on their HVAC systems to help had no complaints from our users- 95% don’t even know academically, were not gifted and talented, were not schools. The teachers’ awareness of saving electricity
reduce or eliminate energy usage during unoccupied it’s running.” elected to Student Council, nor Safety Patrol. For most was heightened.
times in each of them this was their first opportunity to be chosen for
Looking into the future, Eanes Independent The support I received from the various “governing
building. When anything! Many, many times teachers reported that
School District will continue to fight the good fight against bodies” was wonderful! Always positive and supportive,
asked about those students showed improvement in the class—most
energy waste, among other things. Fall 2003 will bring they provided us with the materials we needed. When
lighting retrofits noticeably in their attitude and level of responsibility.
Watt Watchers of Texas into each of the nine campuses funding was withdrawn they continued to support us
and building to assist the students and teachers in helping the district For a number of reasons I chose to pair students emotionally. I very much enjoyed sponsoring those early
upgrades, the take every measure to continue to reduce energy usage, to patrol together. I paired first and third graders, second Watt Watcher/Watteam patrols.
response was keep the indoor and outdoor air clean, and have a healthy
that with the help learning environment.
of bond money

Eanes ISD district maintenance personnel.

or tax revenue,
Are you laminating your posters?
This past In case you have not taken advantage of this

l l Watt Watchers of Texas

1-888-US WATTS (1-888-879-2887)
year, Watt Watch-
ers has included
great opportunity to have original Watt Watchers artwork
displayed in your classroom, don’t worry. It is not too

o r
P.O.Box 68660, El Paso, Texas 79968 Fax: 1-888-879-2887 two full-color pull- late to start laminating and displaying the posters. You

out posters with will be amazed at just how nice the posters look once

E ny o u i c t each issue of laminated - not to mention their life expectancy is in-
Your Name: _________________________________________________ Watts News. creased.
School Name: _______________________________________________ The posters

Take them to your Regional Service Center and

t !
School Address: _____________________________________________ were created so

have them laminated. At Region 19 in El Paso, it is

(Free kit will be shipped to your school / Street address preferred) teachers across

approximately .37 cents to have the pullouts laminated.

City: ______________________ Zip: _____ - ____ County: ______ the state could

So what are you waiting for? The students will love them

d o
School Phone: ( ) ____ - ______ School Fax: ( ) ____ - ______ pull them out of the
and they will be reminded of all the programs Watt Watch-
Best Time to Call: _______ Number of Students in your school: ______ newsletter, laminate them
16 Name of School District: ______________________________________ and hang them around their classrooms or share them
ers has to offer.
Date: ________ EMI 2003 with other teachers.
Renewable Energy Poster Contest energy encounter
Deadline to Enter: November 1, 2003
Theme: Renewable Energy in Texas
Close Encounters of the Energy Kind
n Energy Encounter is a day-long event to provide along with serious savings sessions to help your group
lots of information, ideas, and excitement about encounter energy and emerge efficient.
The Texas State Energy Conservation Office and ! Honorable Mention for each category will energy projects for students, teachers and Energy Managers are very much needed for these
Watt Watchers of Texas wish to extend an invitation to receive a purple ribbon, and 1 yr administrators. Groups from several different schools workshops. Students in your district are doing energy
all Texas schools to join us in this year’s renewable membership to TXSES for the student’s in a district or region come together for fun, learning, projects and we would like you to know what they are
energy poster contest. teacher. and motivation. It is a great way to pick up ideas for doing. The encounter also gives you a chance to work
There will be three categories for this energy projects for Student Council, Future Teachers of with them to do projects that would benefit everyone.
The contest is open to all students from Texas contest: K-3rd grades, 4th -8th grades and 9th -12th America, National Honor Society, Future Business These student groups are at your campuses everyday of
schools in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. We grades Leaders of America, your Science Club or other group. the school year and they can and will be your eyes and
hope that students will develop high-level thinking skills Typically, the day starts with a motivational ears on that campus to help reduce energy waste. If you
in relation to energy/environmental education as they Poster Contest Rules speaker and also features a presentation from your are interested in assisting with an Energy Encounter in
attempt to formulate their ideas graphically. The contest 1. The contest is open to all K-12 grade district Energy Manager. The agenda includes your area, we would be pleased to organize a workshop
is easy: students in Texas. introductions to State Energy Conservation Office for your schools.
1. Students will think of an idea illustrating the 2. Use standard poster board (28”x22”). Programs, Watt Watchers-in-a-Nutshell, Monitor Power To Register for an Energy Encounter or to find out
contest theme; and 3. The poster must follow the theme, although Management – Sleep Is Good, Weatherization, and how your school can host an Encounter please call 1-
2. Students will create artwork on a poster that the wording of the theme does not have to recaps of many fun and easy energy projects. You will 888-WATTEAM or check the Watt Watchers website http:/
expresses this theme. be printed on the poster. also learn how to start a District Energy Council and really / for a schedule of upcoming
3. Use standard poster board (28”x22”). 4. Three-dimensional entries will not be judged. take control of energy waste in your schools. Encounters. We are currently looking for host schools in
4. Submit their poster to Watt Watchers of Entries must be flush with the poster board All this, and more, is condensed into one full day the San Antonio, Austin and El Paso areas.
Texas, postmarked on or before November backing. that includes handouts, prize drawings, and a little frivolity See the pullout center poster for corresponding graphic.
1, 2003. 5. Criteria for judging:
a. Does the poster express the theme?
b. Are higher-level thinking skills
McKinney ISD a Very Unique District
Watt Watchers of Texas will select 12 posters to cont’d from page 2
become the 2004 Watt Watchers of Texas Renewable evident?
To tour one of McKinney ISD’s sustainable The school is broken up into 25 “tribes” which
Energy Calendar. Calendars will be available to all Watt c. Does the poster have artistic merit
schools, please contact Deb Beasley, Principal at Roy contain K-12 grade students who all work together and
Watchers of Texas schools for free. Announcements of (color, balance, imagination,
Lee Walker Elementary. It is definitely worth your time if learn together. There are only 250 students in the ACT
winners will be posted in the Watts News Winter Issue. creativity, etc.)?
you are thinking about building a sustainable school in Academy; there is limited enrollment and an application
The following prizes will be awarded: 6. Student’s name and grade, teacher’s name, Did you know:
your district – in this case, seeing is believing! process. The students do not receive grades; their
! 1st Place for each category will receive a school name, and school district name must Compact Fluorescent
achievement is managed through a portfolio
certificate, a $50 savings bond, a blue be written on the back of the poster. A copy McKinney ISD has historically built schools that Light bulbs use one
Q: How many assessment. The students learn through project- based
ribbon, and a 1-year membership to of the student’s entry form and statement of endure for a long time. A great example of this is Caldwell fourth as much energy
students does it take learning, which is a different than a typical classroom.
TXSES for the student’s teacher. originality must be attached to the back of Elementary, built in 1960 and considered by McKinney and last 10-times longer
to change a light bulb? This is a unique school and the students are experiencing
! 2 place for each category will receive a
nd the poster. ISD as a sustainable school for its longevity and design. than regular incandes-
an incredible learning environment. Lisa Dwinal, sponsor
red ribbon, and 1-year membership to 7. Please do not put the student’s name, Caldwell Elementary sits on the original five-acre plot of cent bulbs.
A: None. They are for the Watt Watchers program at the ACT Academy, has
TXSES for the student’s teacher. grade, etc, on the front of the poster! When land set aside for a school by the county seat back in the
smart enough to use a connection with the
! 3 place winner for each category will
rd shipping the poster make sure the posters mid-1800’s. Several schools have been built there;
fluorescent bulbs that program. Lisa graduated
receive a yellow ribbon, and 1-year are packaged so that they are not bent or Caldwell Elementary is the latest. While visiting Caldwell
almost never need from The University of Texas
membership to TXSES for the student’s creased in any way so that the poster arrives Elementary, David Sergeant, McKinney ISD Energy
changing. at El Paso, which is also the
teacher. in original condition. Manager, said, “Even though Caldwell was built over 40
home base of the Watt
years ago, in many ways this campus embodies the
Watchers program.
essence of what sustainability is, i.e. daylighting, local
Watt Watchers is very
materials used for construction that may be reused or
excited about the program
recycled, etc. McKinney ISD has wisely utilized the
that the ACT Academy has
school in different ways. In its early years it was a junior
started. We always tell
high school and now it functions as an elementary school,
teachers that the best thing
and with the recently completed renovations it is ready
about Watt Watchers is how While visiting many of McKinney
for the next 20-25 years.”
adaptable it is for every ISD schools, Watt Watchers
Watt Watchers Program
school in the state, and this observed that the students are
McKinney ISD Energy Manager David Sergeant doing their part by designing signs
Renewable Energy Poster Contest contacted Watt Watchers in March of 2003 to start a
school definitely gets credit for light switches to remind
for their adaptations! everyone to turn off the lights.
Classroom Entry Form district-wide Watt Watchers program. Within ten days
The magnificent part of this program is that all K-
of contacting Watt Watchers, David (with the help of
(Please type or print legibly.) 12 students will have a responsibility in the Watt Watchers
Teacher Name _____________________________ poster in ways deemed appropriate in judging and District Administrators) had the program implemented
program. Ms. Dwinal teaches science at the ACT
Grade____________________Subject__________ reporting on this contest. at the majority of the schools in McKinney ISD.
Academy and she has begun working with the 7th grade
Name of School ____________________________ The students and teacher, by signing below, In late April 2003, Watt
students on getting the program started.
City_________________ State_____ Zip ________ acknowledge that WWTX may publish the Watchers was fortunate to visit
They have developed a Research and
School ISD ________________ City ____________ student’s and/or teacher’s name, age, and the several of the schools within
Development team that will be walking
name of his/her school, and may reproduce and/or McKinney ISD. During our visit,
around the campus and doing surveys of
Statement of Originality publish posters as necessary and appropriate in we discovered a unique Watt
energy usage in each learning area. An
The student, by signing below, affirms that the judging and reporting on this contest. Watchers program at the ACT
Advertising and Marketing Team will be
poster submitted under his/her name is his/her own Academy. ACT stands for
putting up posters around the school
creative work. I understand that my poster will not be _____________________________ Academic Competitiveness in
informing everyone of the program and
returned. The teacher, by signing below affirms that to Teacher’s Signature Technology. The ACT Academy
finally, the WW Team will be walking around
the best of his/her knowledge, each poster submitted opened its doors in 1993 with
the school finding ways to thank those who
is the original work of the student. funding from a federal grant to
are doing their part to conserve energy and
The student, by signing below, grants Student’s Name Student’s Signature Age recreate the old one-room The ACT Academy opened its doors in 1993 with
funding from a federal grant to recreate the old leaving reminders for those who could
permission to Watt Watchers of Texas to use his/her school house approach to one room school house approach to learning.
conserve a little more. They will record
teaching. ACT is a K-12 grade
results from their “walks” and share them
6 school all housed in one very old, unique school building 15
with the Research and Development team. This program
that was formerly an elementary school.
started in May and has already had a significant effect
on the school campus.
Energy Manager News Energy Manager News

saving energy? Pay Your Salary

Dreaming of By I.A. “Abby” Awdi CEM,CDSM

s things get F) Check for any cancelled or unused meter in the district
either or over-implement features that cause conflicts. tough with that you are still being charged for. (You would be

ake Up! Put your monitors to sleep. Now is
There is such general confusion on the issue that some budgets and surprised by the amount of money paid by districts for
the time to reap really big savings with very
even recommend you leave your computer on all the time. cuts are looming around the corner, all of us are in meters that are no longer in use.)
little effort and zero capital costs. All you have
It may sound like your reverie has turned into a search of every penny that we can get our hands on.
to do is wake up and recognize a good idea whose time G) Check for sewer charges where no sewer is being
nightmare but things got really dreamy again when it was Do not look far; you would be surprised to know how
has finally come. used.
realized that most of the available savings (~80%) are at much money one can find around. The majority of utility
Sometimes good ideas are badly implemented.
You may have noticed the monitor. A typical monitor uses 60 to 90 Watts but in bills received by the accounting department are paid *Note: If a Water account is cancelled make sure to
That happened with computer power management. The
— we are really sleep mode only consumes 2-10 Watts. Set all your without the benefit of a second glance. Trusting that the call your water provider to come and pull the meter.
good idea was — computers should be able to manage
emphasizing computer monitors to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity numbers as well as the addresses of such bills are Many water providers charge a minimum for a meter
their own power usage. The bad implementation was
monitor Power and you will save up to $20 each every correct. As Energy managers there are a few things even if its not being used.
— trying to do too much caused more problems than
Management. There year. No network crashes, hard that we can do to make sure of that.
it solved.
is a reason for that. drive issues, or CPU · Look at your Electric bill, Water bill, and Gas Bill One more important thing that we need to be
Computer power management has a
Missing this conflicts. Considering the and see if any of the following items, which aware of is LATE PAYMENTS. It is wise to pay your
tortured history. First, well intentioned folks
opportunity is a really average Texas school has should not be included in your bills, appear. bills by the due date if not before. Late payments will
recommended spinning down hard drives
bad idea. It is that one computer for every 3.3 A) State Tax accumulate and can be a huge part of the total cost of
and messing around with the CPU to save
good... find out about students, the savings pile up B) City Tax your Energy bill. You may find enough to pay your salary
energy. This may have saved energy but
it. quickly. EZ Save software can be just by reviewing the monthly bills for things that should
ended up causing all sorts of problems. Some
implemented at the network level for all C) Local Tax not be included. Good luck.
still avoid power management because
they remember those problems. Next, computers at once. No problems — just D) Check your $$$$ amount due against what your
the computer industry responded by put the monitors to sleep and save energy actual bill is. I.A. “Abby” Awdi CEM, CDSM, is the HVAC/
CONTROL Supervisor and Energy Manger for the Q: How many
providing better power management and money. This really works – over
E) Check for any deposit paid by the district for service. Galena Park ISD. psychoanalysts does it
(PM) software and building ENERGY 82,000 monitors are sleeping in Texas
(This should not be applicable) take to screw in a light
STAR computers. This lulled schools already – and saving $1.3
everyone into thinking that the Million per year.
A: How many do you
issue was resolved. Get your head out of
think it takes?
Today almost everyone the clouds! This is the
believes all you need is a easiest, fastest, and biggest
screensaver and an ENERGY zero capital cost energy saving THANK YOU ENERGY
STAR monitor to save energy. But opportunity you are likely to encounter
it’s not that simple. as a School Energy Manager. It is also MANAGERS!
Screensavers don’t save energy. And, free and comes with excellent technical support
power management has to be implemented before it (also free) from EPA and the Cadmus Group. Don’t let
can save energy. Almost all monitors are ENERGY STAR bad implementation of power management in the past
compliant but PM is rarely implemented when new cause you to sleep through this terrific opportunity. The following Energy Managers received a
computers are shipped. Often, users don’t implement it Wake up. Put your monitors to sleep. Realize Watt Watchers of Texas Lapel Pin for
your dreams. All in a days rest. implementing the
Watt Watchers of Texas Program in the majority
of the schools in their district:

Watt Watchers of Texas was one of only ten Allen ISD – Steve Hanner
organizations in the nation to be recognized as a Cedar Hill ISD – Clayton Hancock
Distinguished Participant in the Million Monitor Drive Dallas ISD – Tony Valdez
Campaign. The other Distinguished Participants in the McKinney ISD – David Sergeant
Million Monitor Drive were America Online, Inc., Cisco San Angelo ISD – Bill Gould and Cecilia Bannart
Systems, Citigroup, Computer Associates, Computer Galena Park ISD – I.A. “Abby” Awdi
Sciences Corporation, County of Loudoun Virginia, Pasadena ISD – Tom Swan
Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Round Rock ISD – Karen Martin
Government, and Pitney Bowes, Inc. -See articles San Elizario – Brad Wood
on pages 1 and 14 for more details. Eanes ISD – Tom Collier
Call Amy Poore to
schedule an on-line
The following Energy Managers received a
PowerPoint presentation
Watt Watchers of Texas Lapel Pin for
coupled with a toll-free Update from the Energy Star K-12 implementing the Sleep is Good – Monitor Power
conference call that will July 2003 Newsletter: Management Program in their district:
give you all the information
you need to implement PM
in your school district. *New Portfolio Manager Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD – Victor Melton
Cypress Fairbanks ISD – Glenn Rhoden
coming soon!* Hays Cons ISD – Rod Walls
Galena Park ISD – I.A. Awdi
Pasadena ISD – Tom Swan
The rollout for the new version of Portfolio Pearland ISD – Keith Ordenaux
Manager is coming in the early fall. The Round Rock ISD – Karen Martin
changes are based on an updated database of Eanes ISD – Tom Collier
buildings from the Department of Energy. San Elizario – Brad Wood
Cedar Hill – Clayton Hancock
ENERGY STAR will contact you soon regarding
14 training and other information on the latest 7
version and its new look.
lapel pin recipients
r Outstanding Watt Watchers!
Lapel Pins fo
These 577 Watt Watchers have been on duty for five years! Watt Watchers appreciates all of your dedication to saving energy in Texas schools.
Abernathy ISD-Abernathy EL, Lutreick; Abilene ISD- Reagan EL - Ken Brown; Aldine ISD-Aldine MS -Sherri Harper, MacArthur HS-Johnnie Blake, Nimitz 9th Grade Campus -LaShunda Brown, Teague MS-Judith Odell; Aledo ISD-Aledo MS-Jody Hodges; Alice ISD –Saenz EL-Rosamar Martinez,
Hillcrest EL - Mary Jan Jenkins; Alief ISD-Alief Learning Center HS -Lisa Harris, O’Donnell MS -Doris Gates, Michael Kennedy EL- Martha Walter; Allen ISD- Anderson EL -Aimee Clakley, Green EL -Kathy Parker, Norton EL-John Williams, W.E. Pete Ford MS- Linda Burdette; Alvord ISD- Alvord
JHS -Jane Cox, Alvord HS- Denise Tow; Amarillo ISD- TravisMS-Debbie Stone, Amarillo HS - Debbie Bradley, Western Plateau EL- Connie Billingsley,Amarillo HS - Sheila Barker; Andrews ISD- San Andres EL-Steve DeLara, San Andres EL-Carol Lee, Clearfork EL - Donna Smith; Anson ISD-
Anson EL- Deborah Pond; Aransas County ISD- Rockport-Fulton HS - Pam Wagner; Arlington ISD- Johns El- Tammy Rogers, John Webb EL- Gayle Hoesing, Pope EL – Mary Alice Williams, Lamar HS-Gayle Nelson, Short EL- Patricia Calleri, James Martin School HS-Diana Darr, Wood EL-
Sandy Gunn, James Bowie HS- Todd Watkins; Athens ISD- Fisher EL- Rene Campbell, Athens MS - Patty Curtis, Athens HS -Ray Koch; Austin ISD-Reagan HS-Debra Malone; Austwell Tivoli ISD- Austwell Tivoli HS -Dwight Mutschler; Azle ISD-Hoover EL - Joann Thompson, Azle HS -Clarence
Randles, Azle HS -Joanie Gathright; Bandera ISD – Bandera MS-Cheryl Wanger; Bastrop ISD- Bastrop HS-Terrell King, Bastrop HS - Terry Hamm; Beaumont Diocese - St. Mary School -Rita Manson, St. Mary School - Vicki Long; Beaumont ISD- Martin EL- Davetta Merrick; Ozen HS -Beverly
Nolan, Regina Howell EL -Janice Barras, West Brook HS -Becky Vowell, Vincent MS-Ann Butler, Roy Guess EL -Marian Strode; Bellevue ISD- Bellevue School-Doug Rogers; Belton ISD-Miller Heights EL, Ralph Masters, Lakewood EL- Laticia Shope; Ben Bolt - Palito Blanco EL- Janie Anderson;
Birdville ISD-Richland EL- Carolyn Fickle, Smithfield MS - Laura Heath; Blackwell CISD - Judye Oden; Bloomington ISD- Bloomington HS - J. Pittman; Borger ISD- Borger HS - Linda Washer; Brazosport ISD-O’Hara Lanier MS -John Hubbard; Bridgeport ISD-Bridgeport MS-Elena Esparza;
Brooks CISD-Falfurrias HS -Middy Wilkinson; Brownsville ISD-Filemon B. Vela MS-George Ana Wilson; Brownwood ISD-Woodland Heights EL-Pam Deaver; Bryan ISD-Sam Rayburn MS - Kerry Bramlett; Burkburnett ISD –Burkburnett JHS-Robin Berry; Calhoun CISD-Calhoun HS-Shelly
Crow, Calhoun HS-Dana Dworaczyk, Travis MS- Kelley Griffin; Cameron ISD-Cameron EL-Patsy Miller; Canutillo ISD- Davenport EL-Ray Villalobos, Jose Damian EL-Cristina Vielledent, Jose Damian EL- Ramona Morales; Canyon ISD-Canyon HS-Antoinette Root, Valleyview JHS - Kim Melendez,
Westover Park INT-Karen Payne; Carrizo Springs ISD- Carrizo Springs HS - Dora Cruz; Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD – Perry MS- Elizabeth Stahlman, Ted Polk MS- Leslie Wood; Castleberry ISD- Irma Marsh MS- Judy Pastusek; Channelview ISD- Apollo Programs-Dr. M. Scallan,
Channelview HS - Marta Diaz; Chico ISD – Chico MS- Deborah Price; Clear Creek ISD-Clear Lake HS - Amy McDonald, Clear Brook HS- Pat Smith; Cleveland ISD- Eastside INT -Betty Jones; Clint ISD -Montana Vista EL -Yvette Gutiereez; Coldspring Oakhurst CISD –Lincoln JHS - Donna
Buchanan; College Station ISD -A & M Consolidated HS-Charlotte Wiggins; Columbia Brazoria ISD-Columbia HS-Cheryl Tosch, West Columbia EL -Candy Graham; Comal ISD-Canyon MS -Karen Arnold, Canyon HS -Donna Williams, Comal EL -Laura Canner; Conroe ISD –Anderson EL-Janet
Gray, Hawke Academy Alternative HS- Rose Marie Carter, Conroe HS -Judith Blount, N Knox JHS - Joann Clark; Coppell ISD- Coppell HS -Wendy Levell; Corpus Christi ISD – Carroll HS - Clay Rodriguez; Moody HS -Mr. Dulip; Crockett ISD –Crockett INT -John Morgan; Crosby ISD –Crosby MS
-Sheryl Sokoloski; Crowley ISD-Crowley HS - Susan Reeves, Crowley MS - Carmen Sorenson; Culberson Co. Allamore ISD - Van Horn HS -Lynn Solis, Van Horn JHS - Yolanda Ortega, Van Horn JHS - Ellen Buchhorn; Cypress Fairbanks ISD - Jersey Village HS- M. Parham, Post EL - Cindy
O’Brien, Cypress Creek HS - Karen Sheffield, Watkins MS- Tonya Coleman, Ault EL - Margaret Grice; Dallas ISD -Marcus HS - Reggie Fajack, W.E. Greiner MS - Ines Amaya, Molina HS -Norma Moreno, Metropolitan Ed. Center - Betty Flanagan, Harry Stone Montessor - Michael Smoot, South
Oak Cliff HS - Betty Anderson, Pleasant Grove EL - Cheryl Rosen, H. Grady Spruce HS -Deidra Collins, Reinhardt EL -Tom Roussin, Stephen C. Foster EL -Lisa Guerra, John B. Hood MS- V.T. Abraham, Ronald E. McNair EL- Ms. Johnnie Douglas, J.N. Ervin EL- Barbara Talton, J.B. Hood-Donna
Crabtree, J.B. Hood -Debbie Thomas, Seagoville MS- Bill Warner; De Soto ISD-De Soto JHS -Charmell Stigler; Deer Park ISD -Deer Park –South HS- LaTonya Stone; Del Valle ISD- Baty EL-Kim Lule; Denison ISD- Denison HS- Martha Mears; Denton ISD- Denton HS - Milton Wallace, Lee EL
-Mark Moseley, Rayzor EL - Wendy Marsh, Wilson EL -Kathryn Pole, Houston EL - Richard Jacob, Hodge - Cheryl Sieber, AO Calhoun MS- Michelle Rainer; Denver City ISD- Kelley EL- Diane Clark; Dickinson ISD- Jake Silbernagel EL- Linda Harris, John Barber EL- David Dunham; Diocese Gal.
Houston - St. Pius V-Mrs.Perez; Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD – Highland MS- Kristi Sumpter, W.E. Boswell HS - Pat Finch, Saginaw EL - Jennifer Huxel; Eagle Pass ISD –Memorial JHS - Jay Mendoza, Eagle Pass HS - Billy Davis; Early ISD - Early Primary EL- Sherry Clark East Central
ISD -John Glenn EL -Jonathon Hulberts; East Chambers ISD-East Chambers HS -Beverly McDonald; Ector County ISD –Bowie JHS - Linda Forward, Cameron EL - Julie Pollard, Bowie JHS- Bennie Carter, ECISD Career Center -Benjamin Mendias; Edcouch Elsa ISD -Edcouch Elsa HS-Cindy
Garcia, Edcouch Elsa HS -Juan Martinez; Edgewood ISD -Accelerated School- DeeAnn Manitzas; Edinburg CISD – Jefferson EL -Norma Parks, Brewster EL -Maria Garza, Canterbury- Becky Gaston, Sixth Grade Campus - Dora Requenez; Edna ISD – Edna HS - Carolyn Barron; El Paso ISD-
Lamar EL - Jay Houck, Bowie HS - Sylvia Evans, Bliss EL - Laura Cramer, Cielo Vista EL - Elvira Sanchez; Ennis ISD – Ennis HS - Kevin Campbell; Episcopal Diocese of Dallas - St. Philip’s School- Gwendolyn Barjon; Fabens ISD – Fabens MS - John Page, O’Donnell EL -Gilbert Alarcon,
O’Donnell EL -David Sotelo, Farwell ISD - Farwell JHS -Eva Dean Stephens; Floresville ISD -Floresville HS - Camille Ingram, Floydada ISD – Floydada HS -Amanda Miller, Forsan ISD- Forsan HS -Jan Sims; Fort Bend ISD -Mission Glen EL -Holly Babb, Hodges Bend MS -Ruth McMahan,
Hodges Bend MS -Nancy Hablinski, Sienna Crossing EL- Nikki, Kempner HS- Barbara Hoffman, Macario Garcia MS- Lynne Rager, Fort Davis ISD- Fort Davis HS - Amy Causey; Fort Stockton ISD- Fort Stockton HS -Diana Carpenter; Fort Worth ISD - Arlington Heights HS - Marilyn Ankerbauer;
Handley MS -Vicki Crutchfield, Glencrest MS-Chuck Henson, Wedgwood EL -Becky Morton; Fredericksburg ISD- Fredericksburg MS - Kim Baethge; Frenship ISD -Bennett INT -Judi Hutcheson; Fruitvale ISD- Fruitvale HS -Kristin Prater, Galena Park ISD - North Shore SHS - Gil Gaona, Green
Valley EL - Lissa Shepard, North Shore HS – Student Council; Galveston Houston Diocese - Saint Francis de Sales - Louise Prihoda; Garland ISD- Austin Academy MS -Ginny Lester, Austin Academy MS-Karen Calhoun, Centerville EL-Linda Berryhill, RB Sewell EL - Celia Brownfield, B.G. Hudson
MS - Patricia Ashby, Schrade MS -Patti Wild; Gladewater Co. Line ISD –Gladewater HS - Delores Auvil, Broadway EL - Kathy Homeniuk; Goliad ISD – Goliad MS - Shelley Kelley, Goliad EL - Mary Lea Pfenninger, Goliad HS - Donna Powell; Graham ISD –Graham HS - Shirley Loftin Granbury
ISD - Nettie Baccus EL - Debbie Wilson, Mambrino EL - Janice Moore, Granbury MS - Cynthia Pigg, Grand Prairie ISD - J Bonham EL - Pat Gola, Crockett EL - Ana Coca, Daniels EL - Brenda Townsend Barbara Bush EL - Emma Bruce, Jackson MS - Ben Swartzwelder; Grapevine Colleyville
ISD -Colleyville Heritage HS -Terri Kitzmiller, Heritage MS- Stephany Adair, Grapevine HS - Stephanie Bakintas; Greenwood ISD- Greenwood HS -John Binns; Hamlin ISD – Hamlin EL - Paula Cass, Hamlin MS -Norman Pond, Happy ISD - Happy MS/HS - Leslie Harmen; Harlendale ISD -
Harlendale Alternative Center HS- Steven Sippel, Harlingen ISD –Harlingen HS - Tina Garza, Memorial MS -Diana Rodriguez, Travis EL - Luis Garcia, Treasure Hills EL - Liz Doty; Hawkins ISD – Hawkins MS - Shelley Principe; Henderson ISD –Henderson HS - Jimmy Chapman; Hereford ISD
–Hereford HS -Jana Huston; Highland Park ISD – Hyer EL - Cindy Gillean, Highland Park HS - Juannah Brice; Holliday ISD – Holliday HS - Susan Scarbrough Hondo ISD-McDowell MS- Tracy Barrera, Hondo HS -Linda Perkins; Houston ISD- Berry EL -Bobbie Swaby; Hudson ISD- Hudson MS-
Joan Ragland; Humble ISD- Kingwood MS - Susie Shelton, Humble MS- Deanna Caplett ; Huntington ISD – Huntington HS - J’Nelle Short, Huntington HS - Oretha Chamblee; Huntsville ISD - Mance Park MS - Johanna Ullrich, Mance Park MS - Sharon Reynold; Hurst Euless Bedford ISD –
Harwood JHS - Carole Cizek, Donna Park EL - Sharon Johnson, Lawrence D. Bell HS - Sherri Rosse; Iola ISD – Iola HS - Shannon Sweatt; Irion County ISD - Irion County EL - LuAnn Bailey; Irving ISD - Sam Houston MS - Sheryl Suchsland, Elliott EL - Angela Smyers, MacArthur HS - Jennifer
Jackson, MacArthur HS - Cathy Vernon; Katy ISD -Mayde Creek JHS - Joyce Evans; Kaufman CISD –Kemp JHS - Julie Old; Keller ISD – Keller MS - Katie Keyes, Keller-Harvel EL - Kirsten Baker; Kermit ISD – Kermit HS - Lyn Jones; Killeen ISD -Killeen HS -Frances Talbot; Klein ISD – Klein
HS - Marilyn Todd, Hildebrandt MS -Tammy Crannie, Strack INT - Annet Riley; La Feria ISD - C.E. Vail EL - L. Martinez; La Joya ISD – Schnior MS - A. Ocana, Tobasco EL - Ms. V Rojas, Reyna EL - Jose Dianas, La Joya HS - Olga Flores, Leo J. Leo EL - Velia Gonzalez, La Joya HS - Jaime
Alvarez, La Joya HS - Annie Arayon, Benavides EL - Ms. S.J. Farias, Perez EL - Marybel Uresti, Flores EL - Jesus Garcia, E. Chapa EL - Gracie Lopez, J. de Escandon EL - Mr. McDowell; Lago Vista ISD - Lago Vista HS - Karen Green; Lake Dallas ISD - Lake Dallas MS - Karen Bue-Selwood,
Lake Dallas HS -Gayle Hayslip; Lake Travis ISD - Lake Travis HS - Les Vaughan; Lake Worth ISD - Lake Worth HS -Lynn Young; Lamar ISD – Huggins EL - John Lundgren, T L Pink EL - Rita Willis, B.F.Terry HS - Karen Sikes, Dickinson EL - Doris Dahse; LaMarque ISD - Abundant Life Chr.
HS - Valda Barker, Abundant Life Chr. EL - Angie Gilmore; LaMesa ISD - La Mesa MS - Jackie Wells; LaPorte ISD - LaPorte HS -S. Cox; LaVernia ISD - LaVernia HS -Sandy Land, LaVernia EL - Shelly Shaffer; Leander ISD - Cedar Park MS - Renea Cartwright, Block House Creek EL - Martha
Atkinson, Leander HS - Nancy Schroeder, Steiner Ranch EL - Bob Medylen; Levelland ISD -Levelland MS - Debra Burnett; Lewisville ISD - Polser EL - Sharon Tobin, Arbor Creek MS -Kathy Switzer, Timbercreek EL - Amy Bailey, Forest Vista EL - Lucy Fisher, B.B. Owen EL - Dorthea Staley,
Etheridge EL - Jay Ingram, Morningside EL - Jan Gailey, Heritage EL - Janie Fritcher; Lindale ISD – Lindale HS - Gay Pyland; Little Cypress Mauriceville ISD - Little Cypress JHS - Susan Ellis; Llano ISD - Llano JHS - Shannon Miller; Lockhart ISD - Clear Fork EL - Martha Anderson; Lockney
ISD – Lockney HS - D’Lyn Morris; Lone Oak ISD - Lone Oak HS -Susannah Williams; Longview ISD - Hudson PEP - Stacey Dupre Lovelady ISD - Lovelady HS - Debbie Leland; Lubbock ISD - Coronado HS -Ronnie Dunaway, Harwell EL - Linda Esparza, Dunbar JHS - Nancy Owens, OL Slaton
JHS - Madeleine Taylor, J.T. Hutchinson JHS - Robert Babb, Evans JHS - Catherine Headley, Tubbs EL - Valerie Rodriguez, Mackenzie JHS - Dennis Chance, Cooper EL -LaEtta Akbar-Ali, Irons JHS - Hedy Robinson; Lumberton ISD – Lumberton MS - Betty Holland; Mabank ISD – Mabank MS
- Kim Mattingly; Mansfield ISD - Willie Brown EL - Debbie Clark, J.L. Boren EL - Casey Lambert, J.L. Boren EL - Cheryl Wisch; Marshall ISD – Marshall HS - Anne Newman; Mason ISD – Mason HS - Mitzi Drennan; Maud ISD -Maud School - Pat Mathews; McAllen ISD -Milam EL - Marcella
Garcia, McAllen HS - Jorge Villalobos, Lincoln MS - Andrew Quintanilla, Morris MS - Gilbert Silva, Gonzalez EL - Lorenz Villarreal, Gonzalez EL - Miriam Pastor, Garza EL - Marina Garza; McKinney ISD – McKinney HS - Ann Presley; Medina ISD – Medina EL - Allison Harbor; Melissa ISD –
Melissa EL - Terri Kirkman; Merkel ISD – Merkel HS - Melanie Richards; Mesquite ISD - West Mesquite HS - Lori Kinard, Ralph H. Poteet HS - Betty Coker, Ralph H. Poteet HS - Ed Dumas; Midland ISD – Midland HS - Betty Underwood, Bunche Early Childhood Ctr. - Linda Denton, Midland
HS - John Cavitt, South EL - Donna Kelly, Emerson EL - Mary Smith, George Bush EL -Jane Walker, R.C. Scharbauer EL - Velma Gutierrez; Midway ISD – Midway HS - Peggy Jezek; Miller Grove ISD- Miller Grove School - Donna George, Miller Grove School -Patti Lennon; Mineola ISD –Mineola
HS - Kari Hurst; Mission CISD – Mission HS - Steven Dumler, Leal EL - Yolanda Ramirez, Pearson EL - Elva Alvarado; Montgomery ISD –Montgomery JHS - Jennifer Isbell; Moody ISD – Moody HS -Eula McKown; Mount Enterprise ISD - Mount Enterprise HS - Jerry Pirtle; Muleshoe ISD –
DeShazo EL - Patricia Angeley, DeShazo EL - Leslie Crane; Murchison ISD -Murchison ISD -Guy Furr; Nacogdoches ISD – Nacogdoches HS - Claudette Brown, T.J. Rusk MS - C. Brandon; Navasota ISD –Navasota INT - Chris Tyson; New Braunfels ISD - Lamar Primary EL - Shanna Hart,
Memorial EL -Dee Miller, New Braunfels HS - Julie Estes; New Caney ISD New Caney HS -Debra Slade-Redden; North East ISD – Macarthur HS - Carolyn Karger, Ed White MS - Audra Steen, Wilshire EL -Margaret Freed, Fox Run EL - Sandra LeBaron; North Forest ISD- C.W. Keahey INT -
Jean Scales; Northside ISD - Sandra Day O’Connor HS - Ms. Solanik, Colonial Hills EL - Eileen Berkowitz, Marshall HS - Sharon Stanik, Clark HS - Becky Hoag; Orangefield ISD – Orangefield EL - Cheryl Linscomb; Pampa ISD –Pampa MS - Margart Williams; Panhandle ISD –Panhandle
HS - Patricia Looten; Paradise ISD -Paradise Int - Karla Moore; Paris ISD - Aiken EL -Debb Fleming; Pasadena ISD - Moore EL -Cliff Swearingen, Jessup EL - Rick Karlen, Burnett EL - Donna Farrand, Williams EL -Sam Skelton, Fisher EL - Tammie Hinton, Young EL -Deborah Cutler, McMasters
EL - Laura Shugart, Jensen EL -Seantele Forman, L.P Card Skill Center HS - Donald Lambert, Bondy Int. - Jennifer Land, Turner EL - Beth Russell, Jackson INT - L. Haynes, Walter Matthys EL - Stephanie Jones; Pearland ISD Sam Jamison MS - Janie Arvey, Pearland JHS-East - Corey Long,
Pearland HS - Barbara Wood; Pharr San Juan Alamo ISD – Alamo MS -Carlos Flores, Sorensen EL - Judy Saenz, PSJA North HS - Stacy Weaver, PSJA North HS - Luis Suarez,Whitney EL - Noelia Gutierrez, Carnahan EL - Maricela Romero, PSJA Memorial HS - Jim Reynolds, Carman EL -
Shonie Castaneda, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo HS - Jose Edin-Garcia; Plainview ISD – Estacado JHS - Barbara Glodt; Plano ISD – Robinson MS - Irma Bonham; Hendrick MS - Aileen Duc; Bowman MS - Bret Truitt; Jackson EL - Barbara Long. Frankford MS - Lisa Barrett; Ponder ISD – Ponder
HS - Richard Hooper; Port Aransas ISD - Port Aransas HS - Brian Cummings; Port Arthur ISD - Abe Lincoln HS - Anderson Harrison; Poth ISD - Poth JHS - Julie Liska; Pottsboro ISD - Pottsboro HS - Pat Bottoms; Presidio ISD - Presidio EL - Monica Sanchez; Princeton ISD - Clark MS - Pamelia
Crawford, All Saints Episcopal School EL - Sharron Braun Duchesne Academy - Kathy Duquesnay, St. Pius X HS - Tommy Calais, All Saints Episcopal School - Carol Chenault, Sacred Heart School HS -Geralyn Klimitchek; Progreso ISD - Progreso Primary EL -Sandra Valdez; Ralls ISD - Ralls
EL - Laura Kerr; Ranger ISD - Ranger Jr./Sr. HS - Cindy Tribble; Ranger HS - Kathy Glidewell; Reagan CISD - Reagan Co. EL - Elaine Williams; Richardson ISD -Richardson HS -Debbie Deaton; Rio Hondo ISD - Rio Hondo HS - Annette Jewell, Rio Hondo HS - Sandy Aguilar Rio Vista ISD -
Rio Vista MS - Van Boston; Robstown ISD -Robstown HS -Anna Enrriques; Rockwall ISD - Howard Dobbs EL - Phyllis Johnston; Round Rock ISD - Cedar Valley MS - Jennifer Sallee, Purple Sage EL - Pam Combs; Rusk ISD - Rusk HS - Bettye Turney; Sabine ISD - Sabine EL - Kelli Stanford,
Sabine HS - John Carter; San Angelo ISD- Reagan EL -Dorothy Cedillo, Central HS -Karen Henson, Fannin EL - Keeva Marsh, Holiman EL - Glenda Gates, Glenn JHS - Shelly Huddleston, Goliad EL - Rena Collie, Day EL - Deanna Morrell, Lake View HS - Sheralyn Cox, Blackshear EL - Liz Gomez,
Ft Concho EL - Sylvia Munoz, Glenmore EL - Cherylene Price, Edison JHS - M. Baghdadi, Bellaire EL -Debora Hoelscher; San Antonio ISD – Hillcrest EL -Ms. Shellenberg, Thomas Jefferson HS - Sheila Acosta, Neal EL - Sylvia Garcia, Maverick EL - B. Terrel, Franklin #126 - Reta Roach, Tynan
EL - B.H. Mathis, W. J. Knox EL - Mrs. Janie Vidal, Collins Garden EL - Patricia Anderson, Knox EL - Kathy Lieber, Harris MS - Saundra Melton Bonham EL - Dora Espititu, Sarah King EL - C. Reynolds, Ruiz EL - Carol Fairman, O.P.Storm EL - Eva Leal-Trevino, Eleto L. Rodriguez EL - P. Calo-
oy, Bowie EL -Edna Hinton, Barkley EL -Carol Fairman, Alamo A.C. -Ruben Pesina, Lamar EL -Irma Perfecto, Steele EL - Maria Elena Garza, Brackenridge HS - Orlando Vera, Herff EL - Luz Garcia Martin, Gonzales A.C. EL -Coach Brett Nesbit, S.J. Davis MS -Kenneth Pulliams, Henry Carroll Elem.-
Melissa Davis, Foster EL – Belinda Deleon, ForbesEL -Castula Garcia, Kate Schenck EL -Tambrey Johnson, Huppertz EL - Diane Stock, Woodlawn Hills EL -Beth Rison; San Augustine ISD -San Augustine HS -Mary Olle; San Benito CISD- Berta Cabaza MS -R. Gritzner; San Diego ISD -
Bernanarda Jaime ISD -R.E. Garza, San Felipe Del Rio CISD -Buena Vista EL -Linda Langford, Dr. Lonnie Green EL -Nina Garcia-Olsen, San Felipe MS -Raymod P. Meza; San Isidro ISD -San Isidro School - Anna Garcia; San Marcos ISD – Crockett EL -Judy Brown; Sanger ISD -Clear Creek
INT -Kathy Hootman; Santa Fe ISD -Santa Fe EL - Dave Cheatham, Roy J. Wollam EL - Dave Cheatham; Schertz Cibolo Universal City ISD - Sam Clemons HS - Robin Williams; Sharyland ISD - J. H. Shary EL - David Rosche; Snyder ISD – Snyder JHS - Sonja Hanks; Socorro ISD - Elfida
Chavez EL - Mary Salas, Montwood HS - Laura Price, Benito Martinez EL - Alejandra Rodriguez, Socorro MS - Sylvia Carbajal, R. R. Rojas EL -Mary Ann Paez, Myrtle Cooper EL - LeAnn Schmidt, Elfida Chavez EL - Efren Navarro; Sonora ISD – Sonora MS - Carol Love; Splendora ISD - Splendora
MS - J. Moore; Spring Branch ISD - Meadow Wood EL - Julie Enist, Spring Forest MS - Jana Gwinn; Spring ISD – Spring HS - Nelda White, Twin Creeks MS - Brenda Kieso, Mildred Jenkins EL -Becky Leggett, Pearl M. Hirsch EL - Selene Lander; Stephenville ISD - Stephenville HS - Judy Taylor;
Sudan ISD – Sudan EL -Cecie Edwards; Sunray ISD – Sunray HS -Angaleta Rogers; Sweeny ISD – Sweeny JHS- Jim Albritton; Sweetwater ISD - Sweetwater HS- Judy Brentz, Sweetwater HS -Robert Smith: Taft ISD -Taft East EL- Mike Elliot; Tahoka ISD- Tahoka EL - Pam Martin, Tahoka
EL -Tim Tatum; Tenaha ISD – Tenaha HS -K. Reimer; Terlingua CISD – Terlingua MS -Donna Renfrow, Big Bend HS - Wendy Flippo; Uvalde CISD Flores EL -Sue Cruz; Valley View ISD -Valley View HS - Debra West; Venus ISD Venus MS -David Marchbanks; Vernon ISD – Shive EL -Angela
Turkett; Victoria ISD - Juan Linn Math/Science EL -Debbie Supak; Victoria ISD-Rowland EL - Cassandra Bednarczyk; Waxahachie ISD-Waxahachie HS - April Roddy; Weslaco ISD – Weslaco HS -Beverly Quintanilla, Roosevelt EL - David Ortegon, Margo EL - Wesley Trout, Louise Black El
- D’Esta Crouch, Cleckler Heald EL -Karen Holles, Horton EL -Susan Russell, Central MS -Gilbert Rebolloso, Beatriz G. Garza Int. -Sergio Villarreal; West Sabine ISD - West Sabine HS - Rebecca Seward; Westwood ISD –Westwood HS - Lisa Sanford; White Settlement ISD – Brewer HS -
Joseph Morris; Wichita Falls ISD - Harrell Center - Karen Holsinger, Hirschi HS -Thea Griffin, Burgess School of Languages -Linda Bishop; Wills Point ISD - Wills Point JHS - Harriet Hardin, Wills Point MS - La Verne Norman, Wills Point HS - Greg Anderson; Wimberley ISD- Wimberley HS -
Trish Czichos; Wolfe City ISD -Wolfe City MS - Margaret Laws, Wolfe City ISD -D. Henslee, Wolfe City HS -Cheryl Anderson, Wolfe City HS-Deena White; Woodville ISD-Woodville MS -L. McClusky; Yoakum ISD- Yoakum HS -Dianne Filip; Yorktown ISD -Yorktown HS -LaFran Budge; Ysleta
ISD –Parkland EL - Paula Mathers, Ramona EL - Maria Arrellano, Ysleta HS -Ivan Sandlin, Scotsdale EL - Patricia Karl, Indian Ridge MS -Tod Hansen, Bel Air HS- Gilbert Barraza, Parkland EL-Paula Mathers; Zapata CISD –Zapata JHS -Ricki Johnson; Zavalla ISD - Zavalla JHS -Rachel Collins.

8 13
See page 7 for information on how to earn your lapel pin.
We hope you have noticed the series of posters and flyers that Watt Watchers has been developing – there are eight so far. We are

flyers and posters

producing the series as both 8.5 x 11 color flyers and as color pull-out posters inside each issue of WATTS NEWS. Some have not yet been
published as posters — but stay tuned. We have a few more great graphic designs for posters in development, too.
The flyers are our way of explaining the diverse programs available to you through Watt Watchers of Texas. On the reverse of each
flyer is an explanation of the program and information on how you can participate. The entire series is intended to provide a summary of all
the program components of Watt Watchers while supporting students, teachers, and administrators engaged in saving energy in Texas
Laminate the pull-out posters and hang them up in your school to promote the programs you are participating in. We print some extra
newsletters each issue, let us know if you need a few. We can send extra flyers to Energy Mangers to help them promote the various
program elements in their districts.

Sign-upFor Name badges

1 Your
Free kit 4
Find empty

students with the

patrol lights on
the school

3 Leave tickets,
4 Reminding everyone
to save energy
thank you notes and money
Sponsored by the Texas State Energy Conservation Office
Laminate this poster for your classroom, see page 5 for details.