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Technical Information
TIB 0055
10th October 2010
SUBJECT: R450 AVR Replacing the R448 AVR

In line with constant product improvement we are pleased to announce that Leroy
Somer have released a new R450 AVR that will replace the current R448 AVR. It is a
new design and comes with many product improvements.
You will no longer be able to order an R448 as a spares item and instead you will get an
R450. To fit the R450 successfully you will need a Pin/Connector kit then follow the
fitting procedure below.
R448 R450 Production Change date: 4th October 2010
Parts Required
1 x R450 AVR One of the below type.
R450M (single phase sensing) 10000-47135
R450T (three phase sensing) 10000-46269
1 x Pin/Connector Kit 10000-49970
Optional Crimping Tool and pin extractor part numbers.
Crimping Tool 10000-49967
Pin Extractor 10000-49968
Ensure that the generator set has been safely isolated from starting before
carrying out any work.

1. Remove all of the spade type connections from the R448 AVR paying attention to
which terminals they came from, remove the bolts securing the AVR to the main AC
alternator and remove the AVR.
2. Fit and secure the new R450 AVR to the main AC alternator as shown below in
figure 1.

Fig 1.
3. Cut off all of the spade type connections from the AVR wiring, then strip 5mm
insulation off each of the wires and crimp each wire securely to the pins supplied. See
below, in Figures 2 and 3.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.

4. Refit each pin/wire into the correct Mate N Lock connector by using the
connection diagram at the end of this bulletin. See examples below in figures 3, 4, 5.

Fig 3.

Fig 4.

Fig 5.

5. Set the R450s rotating wheels in the correct position according to the application,
before starting the engine. (See diagram provided at the end of this document). Note
that for Shunt connected machines, Rotating Wheel 3 should be set, as default, to
position 0 for normal AVR response.

Rotating Wheel 1

Rotating Wheel 2

Rotating Wheel 3

Fig 6.

6. Make sure the P2 STAB potentiometer is set in the middle position, and then if the
voltage is unstable adjust the P2 potentiometer in order to achieve voltage stability.
Make sure P3 I EXC potentiometer is in the fully clockwise position before starting, as
shown in figure 7 below.
P2 Stability

P3 Excitation

Fig 7.

7. Start the generator set. Adjust P1 as shown below in figure 8 until rated voltage has
been reached.

Fig 8.

8. If the external frequency set option is used, make sure rotating wheel 1 is set to
Position 8 or 9, as shown below in figure 9.

External Frequency set input


Rotating Wheel 1

Fig 9.
9. If the External Voltage setting option is used on the control panel, connect the
external potentiometer wires to the AVR input as shown in figure below. If there
is no External voltage setting installed on the control panel, ensure that you install the
supplied jumper wire, that was provided with the pin and plug kit.

Jumper provided with

the replacement kit

Fig 10.

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