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Question paper for pre interview......

1=what is floor man job.

Ans=to assit all the opration on rig floor and on well head.
To keep all the handling tools in good and in working condition .
To assist all service companies in any test ,running casing ,tubing and cementation etc.
2=what is rhe drill pipe sizes and threads?
Drill collar sizes threads
10" 7 5/8 regular
9 3 /4" 7 5 /8 regular
8" 6 5/8 regular
6 1/4" 4 IF
4 1 /2" 3 1 /2 IF
Bit sizes threads
26" 7 5/8 regular
17 1 /2" 7 5/8 regular
12 1/4" 6 5/8 regular
8 1/2" 4 1/2 regular
6" 3 1/2 regular
Q#4=what are the drill pipe sizes?
Ans= 5", 4 1 /2", 3 1/2 ", 2 3/8" tubular
Q#5= what are the grade of dpipes?
Ans=E, G, S,- X-95.
Ans= Pin having out side threads (male)
Box having inside threads (female)
Q#8= what are the casing sizes?
Ans=20",18 5/8",13 3/8",9 5/8",7" liner.
Q#9=how will you connect drill pipe and drill collar?
Ans= by using x over.
Q#10= what is the lenth of casing pipe?
Ans= 40-45 feet.

Q#11= what is the lenth of kelly hose?

Ans= 55 'feet.
Q#12= what is the size og stand pipe.
Ans= 48' feet.*mud supply line which goes from rig floor yo kelly hose).
Q#13= what types of mud pumps you had on rig?
Ans= femiler with ..
National 12-p.160.120 usa
Garden denver pz 11.pz12. Usa Oil well A 1200.1400 Pt triplex. Usa
Houng hoo 1600 hp china.
Bomco 1400.1600 china .
Q#14= how many tanks you have on rigs.
Ans= shaker tank.suction tank.reserve tank.trip tank.mixing tank.
Q#14= what is mud?
Ans= primery blow out preventer
Q#15= why we pump mud in hole?
To bring cutting from hole to surface.
To prevent blow out of oil.gas and water .
To cool and lubricate drill bit.
To avoid bit to balled up.
To support the walls of hole.
Q#16= what us function of trip tank?
Ans= it is used to check the well for losses or gain during tripping or wire line opration.
Q#17= what is shale shaker?
Ans= to separate cutting from mud when it returns from well..
Q#18= what is desander?
Ans= to separate sand particals from returned mud.
Q#19= what is desillter?
Ans= desillter separatevery small particals from mud.
Q#20= what is degaset?
Ans= it separate gas particals grom mud.
Q#21= what is Agitator?
Agitator keeps the mud in circulation in the manner that chemicals should not held down all the

Q#22= what is the hopper?

Ans= it is used to mix the chemicals to mixing tank.
Q#23= who many mud pumps you have on rig.
Ans= we have 2 mud pumps on rigs.
Q#24= what ate the liner sizes.
Ans= 7",6 1/2",6",5"
Q#25= what do you meant by triplex pumps ?
Ans= triplex pumps have three pistons.
Q#26= What type of rigs you have wotked?
Ans=worked at 750hp workover brewster mechanical .
Worked at 1500hp scr and vfd
As well as 2000hp cyber chair vfd rigs.
Note=All kind of horse power will be calculated by drawworks.
Q#27=which travling block you have?
Ans= oil well 350 ton.350 ton block hook.
Q#28= which rotary table you have?
Ans= oil well 27 1/2",
National 20 1/ 2"
Gd 37 1/2"
Q#29= how many and which engines you have on rig?
Ans= three engines for rigs.
Cat 3512 .
2 for camp sides penta etc.
Q#30= which company you have derrick and mast?
Ans= pyramid.adeco.lessmore.coper.baoji.oilman china
Q#31= what is derrick height?
Ans= 142 feet
Q# 32= What os bop?
Ans= it is called blow out preventor.
To avoid and controll the kick which comes from well in shape of water.gas.and oil.
Having parts of..
1.annular hydrill cameron.Nl shefer makes
2. Pipe ram
3. Shear ram

4.Drilling spool
5. Well head a pary of well.
Q#33= what is Tds?
Ans= top drive
New system to drill
Types =
9sa 50ph.75ph
11 sa 75 ph.
Refer to pics at posted on wall.
for motor man /asst mechanics.
Q#34=how many hours you take to change the engine oil?
Ans=after 500 hours the cat engines need services .
Q#35= how many ways to start an engine?
Ans= 2 ways..
1= air start
2=electric start
On air start we need 120psi air to start and rotate the starter.
Q#36=how to you will produce air at rig site?
Ans=by using of air compresors..
Q37= what type of compresors you have ?
Ans= we have rotary compressors
Makde by...
Solair usa
Quiency ..
Q#38=what is the diffrence between 9sa and 11 sa tds?
Ans= 9sa topdrive is dc motor oprated
And 11 sa tds is oprated by Ac motors.