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Cells at Prayer!

w/c 9th May 2010


What recent TV programme did you really enjoy watching?


Turn to Ephesians 1:2-14. Before someone reads it through – ask everyone to listen out for something in
particular which strikes them from the passage. Share these things with one another, and then make them
into short prayers of thanksgiving. If it helps, give everyone a small piece of paper or card to write them
down on – and after reading them, ask everyone to place them in a basket or bowl as a thank-offering to
God. Singing or playing a worship song of thanksgiving would be good – eg Give thanks to the Lord or
Praise him you heavens or Light of the world

Pointers for Prayer

Use some or all of these – but do leave some time (maybe 15 minutes) for the last one.
Vary the way that you pray – as a whole group, in twos or threes, out loud or in silence. Don’t be shy to
move people on and suggest that you pray for the next issue in the list. (It is OK to give each section a
time limit!)

• Pray for the leaders of your Cluster and the work they put into their role, asking God’s protection on
them and their families – and give thanks for all the good things that God is doing
• Pray for our up-and-coming ‘homebase’ cluster- ‘Shoreline’, as their vision is refined and a
leadership team is identified.
• Pray for One Step beyond, Sunday AM and Bridging the Gap as they all begin new things
• Pray that we might be fruitful in seeking to share the love and message of Jesus, and that we will
see people’s lives changed by coming to know him.
• Pray for the Cluster fair on Sunday- that we will all encourage one another, and that all Clusters will
gather some new members from those who have become part of St Georges, but don’t yet belong to
a cluster

For our nation

• Pray for the formation of a stable, effective government, and that we might be governed with
integrity, compassion and justice. Pray for our new MP Charlie Elphicke- and his family.
• Pray for the increasingly secular society we live in – that the Christian voices may be heard, and
that Christians are not discriminated against for living by our values.
• Pray for Christians who hold posts in government

For our mission partners

• Paul Dadd, working with Scripture Union in New Zealand (and coming home in May for a break) –
running kids clubs in schools and in the holidays.
• Teen challenge UK – working with young addicts to help them find freedom through faith in Jesus
• The New Wine Network – seeking to see the transformation of our society through the local church.

For our children and young people

• For all our children and young people to grow in their walk with Jesus, to grow in faith and ministry,
and that we would see many more come to know him.
• For the Youth Leadership Team (Emily, Lauren, Tom, Jess and Kate) as they take on more
responsibility for shaping and leading Pulse, The Core and The Beat
• For Emma and Felicity and all the other team members who support our children and young people

For our Ashburnham weekend
• For Gerard and Chrissie Kelly, for Steve Henwood and Paul Franklin and their teams
• For the staff team making final preparations
• For remaining places to be filled
• For us to have lots of fun, and to meet with God in a life-transforming way

Let the Lord lead you..

Lastly, pray for the Holy Spirit to point you to what you should be praying about! Ask the Lord to speak
to you and then keep a short time of silence, and share any passages of scripture, pictures or words of
encouragement which he gives you. Then pray together as the Lord leads. Chris