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What will happen if there are severe weather conditions that prevent staff and pupils getting to school?
The Health and Safety of pupils and staff should be paramount at all times. Staff have a commitment to
come to work and will make every reasonable effort to do so but without taking unreasonable risks. Every
effort will be made to keep the school open, however the school cannot run without sufficient staff ratios for
pupils. The Head Teacher has to Risk Assess the situation at the time and make a decision as to whether
the school can operate safely.
Children coming to school in all severe weathers must be appropriately dressed for walking and
being outside in the playground. Waterproof boots, hats and gloves and jackets are ESSENTIAL.

Parents/Carers should listen to Radio Tay for announcements of school closure in the morning if there are
any severe weather conditions.

 Radio Tay (used in all instances)

Frequency AM 1584 FM 96.4 - Perth only
Frequency AM 1161 FM 102.8 - Everywhere else

 Perth and Kinross Council Customer Service Centre

(Available from 08:00 hours to 18:00 hours however this line may operate from 07:00
hours in exceptional circumstances)
Parents/Carers should dial 0845 3011100. Calls are charged at the local rate

 Parents can also find closure updates on the Perth & Kinross Council Website , go
into the link, “Information for you” listed at the bottom of the page and clicking into school closures.

If the severe weather is localised, the school may open for most children although taxi/bus children may not
be able to attend because the company will not operate. If the taxi firm cancels transport in the morning
they will contact the parents. If the taxi is cancelled in the morning it is automatically cancelled in the
afternoon too.

If weather conditions deteriorate during the school day, parents would be contacted to collect their child/ren
early. The school will not close until the last child has left. All lets and clubs would be automatically
cancelled that day too.
Please make sure parent/carers’ emergency phone numbers are up to date as you or your emergency
contact must be contactable at all times.

If snow or other severe weather conditions are affecting most of Perth & Kinross the Executive Director will
determine whether a blanket closure of all schools is appropriate. This will be announced on Radio Tay by 7

Please note that the school phone may not be answered if school staff cannot get to school. You may also
find that the line is engaged if many parents are phoning. We will make every effort to keep you informed .

Taxi/Minibus pupils:
Those pupils who come by taxi will be informed by the transport firm if the taxi is cancelled due to severe
weather. If there is no taxi provided in the morning, there will be no taxi in the afternoon provided.

If parents choose to bring their child (who normally gets a taxi) to school by car, they must also take them
home again at the end of the day.
Children who cannot get to school because of lack of taxi will not be marked as an unauthorised absence.

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