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Vol. 34 No. 2 May 2016


Flood Of Tributes For Queen Celebrities Attend Ronnie

Elizabeth On Her 90th Birthday Corbetts Funeral

RONNIE CORBETT, described as A diminutive, verbally dexterous

entertainer with exquisite comic timing, has been hailed as a giant
of comedy by the fans and fellow stars mourning his death at the
age of 85 on March 31.

Corbett was bade farewell at St John

the Evangelist Church near his home in
Croydon, April 18. The comedian had
been diagnosed with a suspected form
of motor neurone disease. Prominent
was a floral arrangement referencing the
actors trademark spectacles.
Among the mourners were Sir
Michael Parkinson, David Walliams and
Jimmy Tarbuck.
Sir Michael said of the service that it
hit exactly the right note, adding that
It was the least showbizzy funeral Ive
been to. He wasnt a very showbiz person
in that sense. He was unaffected by fame
and recognition. It didnt bother him.
In a touch of humour, four candles
burned at the back of the altar a reference to the famous Two Ronnies sketch,
Four Candles/Fork Handles.
Corbetts daughter Emma paid tribute
to her father during the service, saying:


My dad was loved and cherished and it is

an enormous honour to be his daughter.
His integrity, kindness, style and grace
were ever present and never left him,
even in death, she said.
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Obama, Cameron Meet

As Britain Debates
European Union Exit
RR By Kathleen Hennessey

RR By Martin Benedyk
And Jill Lawless

made her queen. Duty and
endurance have made her an
institution and an icon.

On April 21 Queen Elizabeth II turned

90. As Britains oldest and longestreigning monarch, drawing crowds of
well-wishers and floods of tributes to the

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stamina and service of a woman who can

claim to have given her name to the age.
Britain is living, Prime Minister David
Cameron said, in the modern Elizabethan Era.
The queen usually spends her birthday privately, with most of the pomp
and ceremony reserved for an official
birthday thats marked in June. But last
months milestone brought an outpouring of public goodwill.
Thousands of fans greeted the queen
on a tightly choreographed walkabout
near her Windsor Castle home, while
elsewhere her government and subjects

held gun salutes, fireworks and speeches

in Parliament, and televised retrospectives offered scenes from a royal life that
has stretched from the Roaring 20s to
the Internet age.
Her Majesty has been steadfast a
rock of strength for our nation, for our
Commonwealth and on many occasions
for the whole world, Cameron said as he
led tributes in the House of Commons.
He praised the monarchs unshakable
sense of duty, pointing out that she had
provided counsel to 12 British prime
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Stratford-Upon-Avon Marks 400

Years Since Shakespeare Died
RR By James Brooks

ALL THE worlds a stage, wrote William Shakespeare, who died 400 years
ago April 23. But he played out much of
his life in one small English market town:
Its the home of one of the greatest
writers whos ever lived, whose works
are translated into all the world languages ... and its therefore a magnet to
come to understand a little bit about what
made William Shakespeare, what formed
him, to find out about the history of his

1 =

uro =

at press time

time, and to celebrate his on-going

legacy, said Dr
Paul Edmondson,
head of research at
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.
was born here in
1564 in a half-timbered house in Henley Street. The home
has been restored to look as it would have
when Shakespeare was 10. His father
John, who was appointed mayor of the
town in 1568, had a glove-making workshop thats been recreated downstairs,
while the room where Shakespeare was
believed to have been born is upstairs.
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LENDING political backup

to a struggling friend, President Barack Obama made
a forceful plea last month
for Britons to heed Prime
Minister David Camerons
call to stay in the European
Union and dismissed critics
who accused the US president of meddling in British

Standing aside Cameron at a

news conference at 10 Downing Street, Obama said Britains
power is amplified by its membership in the 28-nation union,
not diminished. He delivered an
almost sentimental appeal to the
special relationship between
the two countries and cast a grim
picture of the economic stakes
saying flatly the US would not rush to
write a free trade deal with Great Britain
if it voted to exit.
Let me be clear, ultimately, this is
something the British voters have to
decide for themselves. But as part of our
special relationship, part of being friends,
is to be honest and to let you know what
I think, Obama said. And speaking
honestly, the outcome of that decision is
a matter of deep interest to the United
States, because it affects our prospects
as well. The United States wants a strong
United Kingdom as a partner, and the
United Kingdom is at its best when its
helping to lead a strong Europe.
Obama spoke on April 21, the first
full day of a three-day visit to London,
likely the last of this presidency. Coming
two months before a June referendum
on leaving the union, Obama plunged
himself into heated debate about Britains national identity, immigration
policy, economic fairness and the trust
in institutions.
Justice Minister Dominic Raab, a
leader of the Leave campaign, said Britons shouldnt put stock in Obamas view.
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96 Fans Unlawfully
Killed In Hillsborough
Football Disaster
IT HAS taken 27 years, but last month
a jury concluded that the 96 Liverpool
soccer fans who were crushed to death
in overcrowded sections at Hillsborough
Stadium in 1989 were unlawfully killed
in a disaster caused by police actions.
The police force responsible for the
stadium in the northern English city of
Sheffield said we unequivocally accept
the verdict, while apologising for their
failings to families who have spent 27
years campaigning for the police to be
officially blamed.
Relatives of the victims of the disaster
chanted Justice for the 96 and sang the
Liverpool club anthem, Youll Never Walk
Alone, outside a specially-built courtroom
after the conclusion of two years of fresh
inquests into Britains worst sporting
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Page 2

May 2016

in the past month . . .

Court Rules Woman Cant
Name Her Daughter Cyanide

A WOMAN from Wales cannot name her

baby daughter Cyanide, a British court ruled
last month.
The woman, whose name cannot be
published for legal reasons, has infant twins
and wants to name her son Preacher and
her daughter Cyanide, saying the poison is
a lovely, pretty name with positive associations because it helped kill Nazi leader
Adolf Hitler.
Local officials objected, and a family
court judge ruled against the mother in
September, saying she was not acting to
secure her childrens welfare.
She challenged the ruling, saying it was
her right to choose her childrens names.
But three Court of Appeal judges upheld the
earlier decision in a judgment published later.
One of the justices, Eleanor King, said
it was one of those rare cases in which
judges should intervene.
It is hard to see how ... the twin girl could
regard being named after this deadly poison
as other than a complete rejection of her by
her birth mother, she said.
The woman has a history of drug abuse
and mental health problems, and her children
have been placed in foster care.

High-Altitude Balloon Takes

Stuffed Dog To Stratosphere

SAM THE DOG has gone where no stuffed

animal has gone before into the stratosphere and the English unknown.
Teachers and pupils at an elementary
school in Morecambe in northwest England
strapped the white fluffy school mascot to
a high-altitude helium balloon and launched
him from a hotel roof last month. They
recorded his rapid ascent some 15 miles into
the atmosphere, much higher than planned,
and captured the trip with an on-board video
After the balloon burst, Sam disappeared.
The school hoped to retrieve him, but he was
missing from the site where the balloons
camera and GPS system landed some 30
miles to the east.
They have launched a social media-driven
hunt for Sam in hopes that someone in
northern England will find him.

Teenager Passed Driving Test,

After Killing A Deer Enroute

MANY UJ readers will have taken a British

driving test at some point in their lives, and
recognize how difficult it was, even many
years ago.
Over the decades the driving test has
become even more difficult, with a written
test along with the gruelling, rule-laden
driving test.
There are certain things you hope for to
make passing as easy as possible. Examples
being: clear roads, no pedestrians crossing
the street and a forgiving examiner have to
be a high priority.
But our guess is, that there cant be too
many learner drivers who have prayed for a
day free of deer running out in front them.
But, call it not a lucky day for Tom Lo,
because that unlikely scenario became a
reality when he took his test in Essex last
And, unbelievably 17-year-old Lo not only

hit a deer, but killed it, and still passed his

test. Lo was travelling at around 40mph near
Fingringhoe when the animal jumped out in
front of him. Tom got away with a cracked
number plate and kept his composure to
pass with only two minor errors.
He has kept his composure and he did
very well, his driving instructor Robert
Jezierski said, adding: We teach them the
emergency stop as part of the curriculum
that we cover but it is very rarely that they
have to put it into practice.
Tom, who said he believes the deer was a
muntjac, said there was nothing he could do.
The driving examiner checked the car
and then we went on with the exam, he said.
It was something I was not expecting so
I was a bit shaken up, but luckily I wasnt
too shaken up to continue. I got this test as
a cancellation, the next one was June 15, so
it was quite important to pass it before my
exams I was really pleased because I have
worked hard to pass the test.

Cheeky Warning Necessary

After Loo Rat Bites Man

THE COUNCIL in Midleton, Cork County

in Ireland had to issue a warning for the
townsfolk to watch their bums when using
the loo last month.
Councillor Noel Collins said that an elderly
man had come to him to complain about the
incident which happened during flooding.
Its believed the rat got in through a broken
sewer pipe.
In an incident that fits the worst nightmare
of many, a man reported being bitten on the
buttocks by a rat while using his toilet.
A council is now warning people to watch
their posteriors when they use the loo to
prevent it from happening again.
The flooding resulted in another problem
for residents, that of rat infestation, which
really upset many families, mentally and
physically, and indeed, one elderly gentleman suffered a rat bite to his posterior while
using his toilet, and had to receive immediate
medical attention, the councilman told the
Evening Echo.
Councillor Noel Collins reported the
incident to Cork County Council during a
Southern Area Meeting, after asking them
to investigate the possibility of flushing rat
poison through the sewer system.

Camps went on to a score late in the first
half to give his team the lead in the eventual
1-1 draw.

Last Of PG Tips Monkeys Dies

After Struggle To Be A Chimp

THE LAST of the original chimps from the

old PG Tips adverts has sadly passed away
at the age of 48. Choppers, who lived at
Twycross Zoo, played Ada in the classic
ads which were popular on TV in the 1970s
and 1980s.
Choppers was known for her gentle
nature and loved grooming other chimps and
interacting with her keepers, whom she was
always excited to see, he said.
She was a much-loved member of the
chimpanzee group and she will be sadly
missed by all staff at the zoo, as well as her
numerous friends.
Choppers, who was 48, played Ada in the
memorable adverts which were broadcast on
TV from the 1950s through the 1980s. The
zoo said the much-loved ape had signs of
heart and liver failure and the decision to put
her to sleep was made April 21.
In 2014, the zoo told the BBC the use
of apes on television had been wrong and
Choppers was mixed up as a result.
Chimps like Choppers were trained by
Twycross, in Leicestershire. They were
dressed up in clothes and lip-synced with
the voices of actors such as Peter Sellers
and Bob Monkhouse. They also appeared

in childrens shows Tiswas and Blue Peter

and their messy tea parties were a big hit
with the public.
After about 30 years, the zoo ended its
agreement for its apes to be used in advertising but chimpanzees from abroad still
appeared in tea adverts until 2003.
Sadly, after years of doing this, Choppers
only figured out how to act like a chimpanzee
in her later years. According to the BBC, she
shunned her own kind for years and preferred
the company of humans. And it was only in
2014 that she began taking part in grooming
sessions an important chimp behaviour.
She shared an enclosure with Louis,
who played Mr Shifter in the ads, until he
died in 2013.

She looked after our hamster while we

went to Butlins for a week in 1974. Thanks
Auntie Betty.
The Queen signed for my Royal Mail
delivery when I was out AND brought it round
when I got home.
The Queen was my rock of strength
when she loaned me 900 interest free to
cover a small debt.
There were also a good number of Scottish Tweets, less favourable, very funny, but
unprintable. AND, we know not all Scots
think that way!
Since Her Royal Highness is Tweeting
occasionally herself, it would have nice to
see a reply from her along the lines of: We
ARE amused.

Prime Ministers Praise Of The

Queen Sees Twitter Erupt

Underground Mind The Gap

Announcer Phil Sayer Dies

DAVID CAMERON called the Queen a #rockofstrength on her 90th birthday last month,
and Tweeters got busy.
Back story being, when David Cameron
says anything, Twitter tries its level best
to mock it, with varying degrees of comic
success. But every now and again, he says
something that is just vague enough or
ridiculous enough for social media users
across the country to have a field day.
And, with it being a special day, respectful, but hilarious descriptions of how the
Queen had been a rock of strength for many
individuals were abound!
In the Twittersphere users were asked to
explain: How the Queen has been a rock of
strength for you?
These are some of the hilarious responses:
When the wall of our daughters classroom collapsed, the Queen stood in as a
supporting beam for nearly a month.

MILLIONS know his voice. Few knew his

Phil Sayer, whose warning to mind the
gap is heard every day on the London
Underground, has died at the age of 62.
SayerHamilton, the voiceover company he
ran with his wife Elinor Hamilton, said Sayer
died April 14. The BBC reported that he had
suffered from cancer.
His voice is also heard on trains and at
railway stations around Britain, often apologising for cancelations and delays.
I probably apologise more than anybody
in the UK, Sayer told the Daily Telegraph
newspaper in 2010.
On its Facebook page last month, SayerHamilton called Sayer the voice of reason,
radio, and railways. A dearly loved husband,
father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend.
We are sorry to announce that this service
terminates here.

Prince George, Gets Boost From Foam Blocks In Royal Photo

Footballer On Field When

PA Announcement Says His
Car Lights Still On

WHEN THE announcement came over the

public address system that someone had
left their car lights on, Rochdale midfielder
Callum Camps immediately began looking
for some help.
The 20-year-old Camps happened to be
on the field at that moment playing against
Gillingham in a third-division soccer match.
I was listening because the ball was out
of play, and as soon as I heard the (registration) I was thinking thats my number
plate, Camps told BBC Radio Manchester.
I thought Id blocked someone in, so I said
to (teammate) Jamie Allen: Thats my car,
Camps quickly found some help on the
I looked over to (head of sports science)
Kevin Gibbins and said, My cars just been
read out, can you sort it out? Camps said.

PRINCE GEORGE gets a boost in a photo

for a new British stamp set thanks to
some foam blocks and duct tape.
The toddler prince is pictured alongside his father Prince William, grandfather Prince Charles and greatgrandmother Queen Elizabeth II in
stamps issued to mark the queens
90th birthday last month.
The adults are seated, but a smiling

George stands atop four foam blocks

secured with tape so that his head is at
roughly the same height as the others.
The blocks cant be seen on the stamp,
but a full-length version of the image
by photographer Ranald Mackechnie
was released by the Royal Mail April 20.
The group photograph has been
issued as a sheet that divides into four
stamps, one for each of the royals.

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May 2016

Page 3

Old Man River

ment to provide statutory protection to the

entire section of river and banks between
Putney Bridge in south west London and
Tower Bridge in the City. They say that there
is a danger of London becoming a generic
global city and Duncan Wilson, chief executive, adds that the Vauxhall area, for instance,
is already blighted by piece-meal, high-rise
This view is certainly shared by a lot
of people, Barbara Weiss of the Skyline
Campaign which campaigns against tall
buildings in the capital claims that as the
buildings rise, the river has begun to feel
much narrower.
But is the fast flowing, tidal Thames not
a metaphor for the ebb and flow of prosperity and change that London has embraced
at every stage over the last two thousand
years? When you look at Canalettos beautiful
painting of St Pauls and the Thames in the
middle of the Eighteenth century with some
twenty or so church spires piercing the sky,
we see an almost Venetian capital reflecting
the religious fervour of the time. Right now,
St Pauls still rises majestically in an already
protected area of development but alongside
are the beacons of 21st Century prosperity,
plus if you look very carefully, a few blots on
the landscape caused by German bombs and
deranged post-war architects. Quite right too!

London #1 Destination

MANY CITIES are defined by the river that

runs through them and nowhere is this more
true than with the mighty Thames. The many
bridges and meandering nature of Londons
main waterway provide fantastic backdrops
for millions of tourist photographs every year.
This is all under threat though, according to
Historic England, who are calling for action

to stop the river becoming a canyon of high

rise apartment blocks and offices.
There is no doubt that the skyline along
the river has changed dramatically in the last
twenty years and this looks set to continue
apace as developers vie with one another
to build the next startlingly shaped edifice.
Historic England are calling on the govern-

Well, according to Trip Advisor, anyway!

Jumping from sixth position in 2014 to the top
spot in 2015, London has been awarded this
accolade following analysis of the millions of
site reviews of restaurants, hotels and tourist
The city was promised a huge windfall
from the London Olympics in 2012 and this
seems to have been delivered. In 2014, there
were 17.4 million visitors, making it the city
most visited by International travellers.
The Trip Advisor figures matter because
they are based on real feedback from
genuine people and, welcoming the top


PM Cameron Defends Financial Arrangements

RR By Jill Lawless


fought back last month after days of
criticism over his finances, lashing out
at what he called hurtful and untrue
claims about his late fathers investments
sparked by leaked details about the offshore accounts of the rich and famous.
Trying to restore his governments
shaken reputation, Cameron insisted that
aspiration and wealth creation are not
somehow dirty words and said Britain
was acting to stop evasion in its overseas
tax havens.
Cameron has been under mounting
pressure since his father, Ian Cameron,
was identified as a client of a Panamanian
law firm that specializes in helping the
wealthy reduce their tax burdens. The
prime minister initially refused to say
whether he had a stake in Blairmore
Holdings, an offshore firm established
by his father, before acknowledging he
had sold his shares in it shortly before
he was elected in 2010.
I accept all of the criticisms for not
responding more quickly to these issues
last week, Cameron told lawmakers in

the House of
Commons last
month. But
as I said, I was
angry about
the way my
fathers memory was being
said his father
had set up an
investment fund overseas so it could
trade in dollar securities an entirely
standard practice and it is not to avoid
tax. He said millions of Britons had
investments in such funds through their
workplace pensions.
Cameron said there have been some
deeply hurtful and profoundly untrue
allegations made against my father, who
died in 2010.
Revelations about the Cameron family
finances found among more than 11
million documents from the Panamanian
law firm Mossack Fonseca have overshadowed the governments claim that

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it is committed to closing tax loopholes.

Cameron has championed greater
financial transparency, and is due to host
an international anti-corruption summit
in London this month.
The prime minister, a former PR man
with a reputation for sharp political intuition, appeared to be caught off-guard by
the tax furor. His office initially insisted
that his financial arrangements were
private, before acknowledging that Cameron and his wife had sold some 30,000
($44,000) in shares in the offshore fund
shortly before he became prime minister
in 2010, to avoid any potential conflict
of interest.
Then, a week later, Cameron published a summary of his tax returns since
2009, becoming the first British leader
to do so. The records appear to show
that Cameron paid his full share of tax
75,898 on taxable income of 200,307
in the most recent tax year.
But the document also generated a
new round of headlines over a 200,000
gift from his mother on which Cameron
legally paid no tax.


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ranking, Mayor Boris Johnston said London is undoubtedly the cultural capital of
the world thanks to our iconic attractions,
buzzing entertainment scene and amazing
museums and galleries, [it has] something
for everyone.
Separately, the Association of Leading
Visitor Attractions has released research
showing that 65 million people visited London
attractions in 2015 (roughly the entire population of the UK!). The British Museum came
out top with nearly seven million visitors, followed by the National Gallery with six million.
There are high hopes for a recordbreaking performance again this year with the
upcoming 90th birthday celebrations of the
Queen, some exciting new West End stage
productions and favourable foreign currency
exchange rates.

And The Walls Came

Tumbling Down...
There is something funny going on in the
churchyards of East London. Though you
might be expecting a tale of body-snatching
or other dark activities, in fact, this is all about
the brick walls surrounding the headstones.
Many churchyards are enclosed by walls
of London Stock, yellow bricks which can
date back to 17th and 18th Centuries. These
beautifully weathered, mellow bricks are
highly sought after and sell for around 1 a
time on the black market. Police are currently
investigating a spate of some 30 thefts in east
London and these even include one case
where a van was driven deliberately into a
garden wall and the occupants scooped up as
many bricks as they could before driving off!

You Cant Always Get What

You Want

As the Rolling Stones themselves found

out when they wanted to play a few hits
outside the Saatchi Gallery to herald the
opening of their new exhibition there. The
Chelsea Residents Association blocked

the plan according to Stones guitarist, Keith

Richards, 72. Maybe all that loud music and
shouting was too much for the residents
around the Kings Road!
Nevertheless the group, who famously last
month performed a first-ever free concert
in Cuba, have taken over the entire gallery
for a fabulous exhibition entitled...well,
Exhibitionism of course! With hundreds of
unseen photographs, costumes and valuable
guitars and other instruments on display, an
audio tour promises to guide you through the
bands tumultuous 50 year history. This is the
bands first ever exhibition and took years to
put together. As lead singer Mick Jagger,
also 72, said, Weve been thinking about
this for quite a long time, collecting things
and thinking, this will be good, wed better
save this because people want to see it.
There was further controversy when
the band failed to invite Mick Taylor to the
opening even though he had replaced Brian
Jones in 1969 and stayed with the group until
1974 a period which many fans would say
was their very best.
With a new album due out shortly and this
exhibition running until September, there is
still no moss growing on these guys!

Precious Time
New figures from a leading UK estate
agency show that the value of a comparable
home increases by an astonishing 3,000 for
every train journey minute you are closer to
London! The figures are based on analysis
of some 100,000 house sales recorded
by the Land Registry in 2015. There are
limits though once you are looking at train
journeys of over an hour and certainly
anywhere approaching two hours, price
variations revert to normal considerations
like how nice the area is and availability of
local schooling. Its all about the base!

Falkland Island Lawmakers

Reject Argentine Claim
LAWMAKERS in the far-flung Falkland Islands
are rejecting Argentinas claim that a recent
decision by a UN commission strengthens
the South American nations claim over the
Last month, the Argentine government
said that the UN commission on the limits of
the continental shelf had sided with Argentina
in a dispute with Great Britain going back
decades. The government said the commission had ratified a 2009 Argentine report that
fixed the limit of its territory at 200 to 350
miles from its coast.
Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra, previously chief of staff to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, posted a map on
Twitter that showed the islands included in
Argentinas continental shelf territory.
Like with everything related to the islands,
even what the extension of territory would
include is in dispute. The report itself has

not been made public.

The UN has agreed to continental shelf
extension for Argentina in those areas north
of the Falklands Islands that are not the
subject of competing claims, Mike Summers, one the local legislative assembly
members that govern the British Overseas
Territory, told The Associated Press during
an interview.
Summers added the decision has no
effect for the sovereign position of the
In 1982, Argentina invaded and was then
routed by British troops. April 2 marked the
34th anniversary of the war. Argentine veterans of the war held a vigil in Buenos Aires.
Islanders and the British government have
long rejected Argentinas claims and refused
to negotiate. While the commissions recommendation is non-binding, it adds more
weight to Argentinas contention.

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Page 4

May 2016

What Would It Cost To Leave EU?

UK Slaps A Price Tag On It
RR By Danica

BRITAINS Treasury chief has
put a price tag on it: Leaving
the European Union would cost
Britain the equivalent of $6,100
per household.

The estimate is based on a 200-page

analysis of the long-term costs and benefits of EU membership and its alternatives that George Osborne published last
month ahead of the June 23 referendum.
The UK economy would be six percent
smaller in 2030 than currently forecast
if the country were to leave the EU
and replace it with a trade agreement
similar to the one Canada is currently
negotiating, according to the Treasurys
analysis. Opponents rejected the estimate as absurd.
The conclusions could not be
clearer, Osborne told the BBC before
the release. Britain would be permanently poorer if we left the European
Union, to the tune of 4,300 ($6,100) for
every household in the country. Thats a
fact everyone should think about as they
consider how to vote, and as chancellor,
Im clear were stronger, safer and better
off in the European Union.
Osborne said the analysis looked
at the benefits the UK receives from
being inside the EU. It also considered
alternatives that range from relying
only on World Trade Organization rules,
like Russia and China, to negotiating a
Norway-style agreement in which Britain
would gain access to the single market
but be required to pay into the EU budget
and accept the free movement of people.
The Canadian option represents the
middle ground, Osborne said.
What I would reject, however, is the
idea that Britain can sign up to some kind
of deal where we get all the benefits of
European Union membership but none
of the obligations or costs, he said. The

Germans or French
wouldnt give that
to us because its
a better deal than
Germany or France
gets and its not
The analysis
concludes that tax
receipts would face
George Osborne a 36bn black hole.
This is more than a third of the
(National Health Service) budget and
equivalent to eight pence (about 12
cents) on the basic rate of income tax,
the analysis said.
It also estimated that 3.3m jobs are
linked to exports from the UK to other
EU countries.
Osborne also rejected the idea that
the analysis was merely campaign propaganda dressed up as fact, but supporters

of the leave campaign argued that the

warnings were an attempt to confuse the
British public.
Writing in his column for the Daily
Telegraph, the leading figure in the out
campaign, London Mayor Boris Johnson,
argued that the public was being asked
to accept the accelerating loss of democratic self-government as the price of
economic prosperity.
Even so, he said the public sees the
emperor has no clothes and that Britain
could have a glorious future outside the
EU. The migrant crisis shows the dangers of remaining in the bloc, Johnson said.
They all know that there is one event
in the next few weeks that could remind
the British people of at least one salient
point in this debate that this country
has lost control of its frontiers and
that is another migration crisis on the
borders of the EU, and within the EU
itself, he wrote.

In Or Out? UKs EU Referendum

Campaign Officially Kicks Off
RR By Jill Lawless

BRITAINS European Union referendum

campaign has officially begun though
Britons could be forgiven for thinking it has
been going on for months.
April 15 marked the start of the official 10-week campaign ahead of a June
23 vote on whether Britain should leave
the 28-nation bloc. The opposing sides
Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote
Leave unveiled billboards, battle buses
and stump speeches, setting out starkly
opposed visions of the potential economic
impact of a British exit.
Vote Leave said quitting the EU a
prospect known as Brexit would save
Britain billions which could be used to fund
the overstretched National Health Service.
Justice Secretary Michael Gove said the UK

pays the EU 50m ($71m) a day, money

that could be spent on British peoples
Opponents say that figure is misleading,
since it does not include money Britain gets
back from the Brussels-based bloc.
Remain campaigners say leaving the
bloc and its free-trade zone would severely
harm the British economy. The International
Monetary Fund warned this week that Brexit
could pose major challenges for both the
United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.
Former Treasury chief Alistair Darling
told a pro-EU event that there is nothing
patriotic about turning a blind eye to credible warnings of economic disaster.
When the IMF single us out as facing
what will be a self-inflicted wound, we cant
ignore it, he said.
Unofficial referendum campaigning
has been going on since Prime Minister
David Cameron secured an agreement on
revised EU membership terms for Britain in
February. He says that deal means the UK
should stay in.
During the official campaign period,
Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave
will each get free TV ad slots, receive some
public funding and be able to spend up to
7m of their own money.

Leave Leader: UK Could Keep

EU Free Trade After Brexit
RR By Jill Lawless


tussled last month over the economic
impact of quitting the European Union,
with an exit-supporting Cabinet minister
accusing his opponents of treating voters
like children and trying to scare them
into staying with forecasts of doom.
But Bank of England Governor Mark
Carney said uncertainty about Britains
future was already having a destabilizing
effect on the economy, driving down the
value of the pound and creating some
softening in growth.
Carney, who has avoided backing
either side outright, told a House of
Lords committee that leaving the EU
would cause an extended period of
uncertainty about the economic outlook
and could slow growth.
On April 18, the Treasury said quitting
the EU a prospect known as Brexit
would leave the British economy six
percent smaller by 2030, the equivalent
of a 4,300 ($6,100) loss per household.
Carney said he was not involved in the
Treasury analysis but the broad approach
to me makes sense.
Justice Secretary Michael Gove, who
backs Brexit, said the Treasury prediction was an example of scare tactics by a
pro-EU campaign that treats people like
children unfit to be trusted and easily
scared by ghost stories.
In a speech in London to supporters of
the Vote Leave group, Gove said warnings that Britain faced economic decline
and isolation outside the EU offered a
profoundly negative vision of the future.

I sometimes think that the In

campaign appears to be operating to
a script written by George RR Martin
and Stephen King Brexit would mean
a combination of A Feast for Crows and
Misery, he said.
In contrast, he said leaving the EU
would be the start of a happy journey to
a better future in which Britain would
control its borders, laws and economy.
Britain will decide in a June 23 referendum whether to leave the 28-nation
bloc. Prime Minister David Cameron and
many in his government support staying
in, but Gove and several other ministers
are backing a leave vote.
The remain campaign accuses Gove
and others of failing to outline what relationship Britain would have with the EU
if it leaves. As an EU member, Britain
is part of a single market of some 500
million people and does most of its trade
with other members of the bloc.
Gove said that if Britain left the EU it
would still benefit from the free-trade
zone which currently stretches from
Iceland to the Russian border, but we
wouldnt have all of the EU regulations
and associated cost.
Others have challenged that view,
pointing out that countries such as Norway and Iceland have had to agree to
abide by EU rules in order to be admitted
to the free-trade zone.
Michael Gove wants to wish away
reality, but the truth is every credible
independent forecaster says Brexit will
hurt our economy, said Labour Party
lawmaker Alan Johnson.

Amid EU Vote Uncertainty, Bank

Of England Keeps Rates Steady

BANK OF ENGLAND policymakers voted unanimously last month to keep

interest rates on hold amid concerns about whether Britain will leave the
European Union.
The June 23 referendum has added uncertainty to an already weakening
economic outlook, prompting some economists to downgrade their growth
forecasts. Members of the Monetary Policy Committee expressed concern in
minutes released from their April 13 meeting.
There are some signs that uncertainty relating to the EU referendum has
begun to weigh on certain areas of activity, as some decisions, including on
capital expenditure and commercial property transactions, are being postponed
pending the outcome of the vote, the minutes said. This might lead to some
softening in growth during the first half of 2016.
The International Monetary Fund warned that an exit from the EU could
disrupt trade and damage the world economy. As a result, the IMF cut its
forecast for UK economic growth this year to 1.9 percent, from 2.2 percent.


Do You Have 5 Minutes? Register To Vote At The EU Referendum?


Two locations in San Diego area

As a Brit living abroad, you may be able to vote in the European Union referendum which is due to take
place June 23, this year. You can take part if you have been overseas for less than 15 years and were registered to vote before you left the UK.
BE READY! It only takes five minutes to register and you should do it now at:

UK Labour Chief Corbyn

Argues For In Vote In
EU Referendum

THE EU is deeply flawed but remaining

a member of the 28-nation bloc, warts
and all, is in Britains best interest,
opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy
Corbyn said last month.
Prime Minister David Cameron and
most of his Conservative government are
in the remain camp but several senior
ministers argue that Britain should leave.
Corbyn comes from the socialist leftwing of the Labour Party and has long
been seen as a lukewarm supporter of
the bloc. In 1975, he voted against joining
what was then the European Economic
Community. His ambivalence sets him
apart from many Labour lawmakers, who
strongly favor an in vote.

May 2016

Page 5

Mars To Label Some

Pasta Sauces As An
Occasional Treat

Investing For A Green Card? Be Careful?

THE FIFTH employment based green card
category (EB5) is a great way for foreign
nationals with an extra half million bucks to
invest in a US entity to get a green card. However, as with any investment, due diligence
must be conducted by the investor or his or
her financial advisor.
The general investment amount for the
EB5 green card program is $1m. However,
for projects or businesses that are located
in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), the
investment amount is $500,000. The investment must result in the creation of 10 full
time jobs. Investments can be made directly
by the investor in his or her business or it
can be made into a project located with the
borders of a certified Regional Center (RC).
Investments of the latter variety can take
advantage of indirect or induced employment
that might result as opposed to relying solely
on jobs resulting in the business receiving
the investment.
Investments in projects within RCs have
quickly become the most popular variety of
EB5 investment because it allows largely for
a passive equity investment with business
entities that often have compelling track
records or with potential value propositions.
Foreign national investors often make contact
with immigration lawyers first to go over
immigration law options that might achieve
their objectives. The vast majority of immigration lawyers, or any type of lawyer, are
not licensed to provide investment advice.
It is therefore incumbent on investors to do
required due diligence before selecting a RC
project. There are EB5 due diligence special-

Easy Gift-Giving
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Union Jack Only $35
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ists who can be enlisted for this task if the

investor does not have access to other professionals that might help with this exercise.
The due diligence exercise should not
only consider the merits from a financial
perspective, it must also look into EB5 program elements to make sure that the ultimate
goal, ie; to successfully immigrate, will likely
be achieved. Paramount elements to review
include the methodology into the requisite
job creation, how the invested funds will be
deployed, etc. There are nearly 1,000 RCs
although only a fraction are active. Some
have been around longer than others and
some have successful histories of serving
many EB5 investors.
A recent case shows the criticality of
looking into exactly how invested funds
will be deployed. A ski resort on the East
coast that has been around for quite a while
just had its assets frozen by the Security &
Exchange Commission (SEC) due to their
principle allegedly misappropriating funds
for personal use. There are other RCs that
have gotten into trouble for other varieties of
malfeasance as well.
To reduce the risk of this type of issue arising, as mentioned above, a foreign investor
can invest in his or her own business. This
may make sense for the entrepreneurially
minded foreign investor. The EB5 program
is relatively expensive and riddled with risk
if not pursued correctly. It is for this reason
that many view this program as a last resort
for intending immigrants. Often times, there
are other more attractive paths to consider
to achieve the desired objective.

MARS FOOD, the maker of Dolmio and

Uncle Bens, says some of its pasta sauces
will soon carry labeling suggesting they
should only be an occasional treat due to
high content of sugar, salt or fat.
The company says its helping consumers to shift taste preferences to lower
sodium foods and supporting efforts by
Britains Department of Health and the
US Food & Drug Administration.
Mars says some products, like pesto,
contain higher levels of sugar, salt and fat
to ensure authentic taste. As such, they
are not meant for use every day.
Fiona Dawson, the global president of
Mars Food, Drinks and Multisales, says it
wants to help consumers understand the
difference between everyday and occasional products within a balanced diet.

Anglican Leader Says DNA Tests

Have Revealed His Real Father
of Canterbury says
DNA tests have identified his real father,
but the revelation
hasnt shaken his
sense of identity.
Earlier this month,
DNA analysis of
Archbishop Justin Welbys mouth swabs
determined that his father was not
whisky salesman Gavin Welby but civil
servant Sir Anthony Montague Browne.
Browne and Welbys mother, Jane Wil-

liams, both worked as aides to Prime

Minister Winston Churchill.
Last months announcement from
Welby, leader of the Church of England
and the worldwide Anglican Communion,
followed an investigation by the Daily
Telegraph newspaper.
Welby said: I find who I am in Jesus
Christ, not in genetics, and my identity
in him never changes.
Williams issued her own statement
confirming a drunken one-night stand
with Browne shortly before her 1955
marriage to Welby.

Ryanair Flight Lands

Safely After Bird Strike
IRELAND-BASED airline Ryanair
says a flight heading to the Spanish
island of Mallorca aborted its flight
shortly after takeoff and returned
to the airport in Manchester,
England, because of a bird strike.
Airline spokesman Piaras Kelly
said that the aircraft landed normally and the flight to Palma will
operate as soon as possible.
Kelly characterized the incident
as a minor bird strike.

Mitch Wexler is a Partner with Fragomen

Worldwide, the worlds leading immigration
law firm. He manages the firms Irvine and
Los Angeles, California offices. Mitch has
been practicing immigration law for over 30
years and is a California State Bar Certified
Specialist in Immigration & nationality Law.
He welcomes all comments and queries

Fly where you love.

Fly* from Miami, Boston,
New York (JFK), Las Vegas and
Los Angeles nonstop to
Manchester and beyond.
*) Condor codeshare, operated by Thomas Cook Airlines; book on

January 2016.indd 1

08.12.2015 10:28:55

Page 6

May 2016

A Glimpse At The US Presidency

AMERICAN presidential elections
make only very
generalised impressions back here in
Europe. So I hope
you will forgive this
very partial series of
thumbnail sketches
of presidents though
they do stretch back
to the early 1950s.
Ike was probably the first to impinge
upon my conscious mind. Clean-shaven and
remote with an oddly-named wife, Mame. A
curious marital union of the military and show
business that more or less summed up the
USA after the war.
JFK followed with his dazzlingly beautiful
wife and entourage. The sixties had arrived,
I was off to university in London, and the
world was finally waking up to all sorts of
new-found freedoms. They were dented not
reversed when Kennedy fell in 1963 and three
more initials beat their way to the top.
LBJ seemed to be on the right and wrong
sides at precisely the same time. A good
liberal in some ways yet the man who started
the Vietnam War, or at least escalated it. He
didnt stop around long, he and his Ladybird
being succeeded by Tricky Dicky. Nixon was
a politicians politician, a man who calculated
every move, whose life was spent looking
in the mirror for two things: (a) to see what
effect he was making and (b) to keep an eye
on who might be behind him.
His presidency ended in (expletive deleted)

disgrace to be followed by Mr America as it

seemed. Mr Ford. What better name? We
could have had Nelson Rockefeller who
combined extreme wealth with the special
relationship engendered by his christian
name but he never quite made it. Ford, for
his part, was allegedly a little light of brainpower. Something to do with having no suitable headgear and suffering much physical
assault on the playing fields. Give him credit
though for having married well with Betty, and
her contribution to medicine dwarfs anything
he may have done in political terms.
Jimmy Carter came next. Another short
term spent this time with a peanut farmer
from a council house with a troublesome
brother as I recall. He gave way to a Hollywood B-rated actor who was tall, amiable and
at this distance a little dopey. He struck up
a close relationship with our Maggie, which
more or less said everything you needed to
know about him.
Reagan took us to the edge of the 90s
when the first of the Bushes arrived. In all
fairness, George made and left no impression
at all. That was left to his son.
But first we had Clinton. Funny business
with Monica Lewinsky apart (and it is still
difficult to discount the negative impressions
that incident produced). But Clinton was
generally liked here for he seemed genuinely
to be fond of the UK.
The Millennium began with Dubya whose
pained thought processes were mirrored on
his troubled face. He seemed at ease only
when he was walking, a feat he carried off
with a single-minded swagger that enabled
him to march right into Iraq, ably assisted by

our Tony. The pair of them blithely wrought

destruction across the Middle East, the consequences of which we and our children are
having to face to this very day.
Sanity returned with Barack Obama who
happily married intelligence and liberalism.
All of which brings me up to today and
Donald Trump. All the commentators agree
that the man hasnt a hope in hell of landing
the Republican nomination. That if true is
some comfort though not a lot.
His ideas have a Stone Age ring about
them. Surely his attitude to women must have
turned half the population against him. His
comparison of his wifes looks and those of
Mrs Ted Cruz was frankly shameful. As was
the suggestion that the size of his reproductive organ was wondrous. In my entire life,
I have never once heard a man seriously
bragging to other men on this matter. He
would be mocked for ever.
Not that I think for one moment that he
would take the slightest notice of the opinions
of his fellow men. For him the size of his wallet must be all that matters in life and since he
is a billionaire, he will be clearly unaffected
by what others say of him.
It remains troubling to consider who the
Republicans might put up this November.
Clearly the ludicrous views of Trump have
found some sort of resonance in voters
mind. There must be some value in finding a
less odious misogynous half-wit who might
mount an attractive campaign that could
garner enough votes to mount a serious
Again, I can only talk from the other side

Stratford-Upon-Avon Marks 400

Years Since Shakespeare Died
Continued from page 1
Childbirth is always difficult, but even
worse 400 years ago and baby Shakespeare
was lucky to survive, because there was
plague in the town the year he was born and
the parish register is rammed full with burials
for that year, said Edmondson.
Some two million tourists visit the town
annually but its not just Shakespeares Birthplace that they come to see.
During the late 1580s and early 1590s,
Shakespeare left Stratford to seek fame and
fortune in London. In 1597, he gained enough
success to purchase a new family home in
Stratford-upon-Avon called New Place,
where hes believed to have written many of
his famous plays.
This year is an important
one for Stratford-upon-Avon
and its 26,000 residents. The
town marked 400 years since
Shakespeares death on April
23 with new exhibitions, theater performances and a colorful parade through its busy
The buzz around this has
been incredible, even greater
than we had for the 450th
anniversary of his birth which
was literally only two years
ago, said Helen Peters, chief
executive of Shakespeares
Much attention was f ocused

on Stratford-upon-Avons Holy Trinity Church,

a parish church on the banks of the River Avon.
Church records show he was baptized there on
April 26, 1564 and buried there on April 25,
1616, two days after his death.
Above Shakespeares grave, a warning is
inscribed on his gravestone: Good friend, for
Jesus sake forbear, To dig the dust enclosed
here. Blessed be the man that spares these
stones, And cursed be he that moves my
Mark Kimmons, visiting with his family
from Anchorage, Alaska, says he grew up being
taught Shakespeares plays and sonnets. I
was thinking that he was famous in his day,
Kimmons said, but not nearly as famous as he
is now, so many years after his death.
Holy Trinity church on
the River Avon.


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restaurant critics

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Favorite Indian restaurant of

South Florida Brits


Dinner Only

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SINCE 1991

of the Atlantic so my view of the Democratic

candidates is as broad brush as all my other
views so far.
The similarities between Bernie Sanders
and our Jeremy Corbyn have struck me
before. So unlikely a choice was Corbyn
for the Labour leadership that people who
had no intention of voting for him made the
effort of proposing him to get on the ballot
paper. He was considered such a far-fetched
contender for the top job yet he was swept
to the top by the rank and file of the Labour
membership and currently enjoys the support
of less than 10 percent of the Labour MPs
sitting alongside and behind him.
It seems as though Bernie has the ability
to cause a bit of an upset here and there but
never one big enough to stop Hilary Clinton
from winning the Democratic nomination. It
is hard to know what to make of Hilary but
she is not exactly sensational. If I had to find
a previous incumbent who had the same sort
of charismatic appeal it would have to be
Dwight D Eisenhower. Upright and forthright
and even possessing a partner with a touch
of the show business in him.
I can only hope she has something of Ikes
down-to earth pragmatism. His attitude to life
was a million miles away from the Donalds
and his speeches revealed all you need to
know about a leader able to take himself with
a pinch of salt:
Farming looks mighty easy when your
plow is a pencil, and youre a thousand miles
from the cornfield.
John Polley

UK Inflation Highest In 15 Months

BRITAINS inflation rate has risen unexpectedly to its highest

level in 15 months, driven by higher air fares over the Easter
The Office of National Statistics said last month the annual
inflation rate rose to 0.5 percent last month, up from 0.3
percent in February. It was slightly higher than consensus
forecasts of 0.4 percent.
The rise was driven by air fares, which climbed 22.9 percent, and by clothing, which rose 1.7 percent.
Despite the increase, the rate remains well below the Bank
of Englands two percent target.

Obama, Cameron
Continued from page 1
He argued that he thinks it is in
Americas interests for the UK to stay in
the EU but what is good for US politicians
is not necessarily good for the British
people, Raab said in a statement.
Obama had been expected to tread
carefully on the issue, mindful that intervention in a domestic matter could turn
some voters off. But the president did not
appear to be holding back. Although he
couched his views as my opinion, he
also accused his critics of being afraid
to hear an argument being made.
Last month, Obama echoed several
of the arguments Cameron and other
Remain advocates have been making for
weeks with an added punch only Obama
could deliver. He noted some have suggested that if Britain exited the European
Union, the US and United Kingdom
would quickly arrange a bilateral free
trade deal to soften the blow to British
businesses. Obama said the US is focused
on negotiating the Transatlantic Trade
and Investment Partnership with the EU.
A US-UK trade deal might happen
someday, but its not going to happen
anytime soon, he said, adding the UK
would have to get in the back of the
Right now, Ive got access to a massive market, where I sell 44 percent of
my exports, Obama said. And now, Im
thinking about leaving the organization
that gives me access to that market, and
that is responsible for millions of jobs
in my country and responsible for an
enormous amount of commerce and upon
which a lot of businesses depend, that
is not something I would probably do.
Obama has remained a broadly popular figure in Britain, although reliable
surveys are scarce. In June 2015, threequarters of Britons told pollsters they
had confidence in his judgment on world
affairs, according to a Pew Research
But both Cameron and Obama sought
to dismiss any talk of division. Both spent
time discussing their personal ties and
Ive always found Barack someone
who gives sage advice, Cameron said.

May 2016

Page 7



SALLY WINS the election to become

Weatherfield;s Independent Councillor. While
she gloats in the Rovers, Norris remains
magnanimous in defeat and has a drink with
Rita to drown his sorrows at coming second.
Tims made up for his missus after her big
win at the polls but soon regrets it after Sally
gives him the cold shoulder. She swaps a bit
of hows your father with Tim upstairs in bed
for a session of emailing the council instead.
She then gets on her high horse to complain
about Sharifs chickens in the garden next
door. Instead of sorting things out in a neighbourly fashion, Sallys straight on the phone
to the Council planning department to use
whatever power she has for her own aims.
At Audreys salon, new girl Gemma manages to upset everyone. Gemma comfort eats
her way through a kebab in Prima Doner and
as shes eating, a couple of lads come in and
give Chesney cheeky grief. Chesneys not up
to seeing them off with a flea in their ear
but Gemma is! And its not long before Dev
agrees to give her a trial behind the counter
as Chesneys assistant.
Over at Eileens, evil Pat Phelan gets his
feet under the table, his bum on the sofa and
pajamas under her duvet. Well, when I say
pajamas, you know what I mean. Yes, Phelan
and Eileen are now together, in bed and in
love. When Anna finds out she storms round
to tell Eileen to be careful with evil Phelan.
Sarah gives birth to a healthy baby boy
she names Harry. Audrey drives them home
from hospital and its a bittersweet event for
Sarah. Nicks not there as hes out with Carla
and Gails in town buying slippers, such as

THINGS ARE going from bad to worse for Phil.

If things remain the same, he will die. He needs
a liver transplant but he cannot even be put
on the transplant list until he has been sober
for six months, but he wont stop drinking.
In the midst of all of that, he files for divorce
from Sharon, and almost (accidentally) kills
daughter Louise who had turned up at his
house after mum Lisa threw her out, but whom
Ben turfed out, so she was crashing in the car
lot porto-cabin when he stole a backhoe and
knocked it down (shades of the time he fired
the car lot at Franks request and accidentally
killed a guy who was sleeping rough in one
of the cars). Louise recovers though and proceeds to be a terror; stealing Phils credit card
and threatening Abi, all the while pretending
to be sweet as pie to Phil And speaking of
sweet as pie, true sweet as pie couple, after
much storm und drang, Nancy and Tamwar
get back together and make plans to leave the
Square to travel the world...
Elsewhere, Stacey is deemed well enough
to go home, where she is a tad hyper but
managing. Also living with her, Martin, and
kids Lily and Arthur, is Staceys brother, who
is transgender and used to be her half-sister
(one of the children Staceys bigamist dad had
with another woman while married to Jean).
They are playing happy families until another
fantom Slater, Belinda, shows up to report
that Kat is done paying their rent and at the
worst possible time: Ian has decided to sell his
restaurant property to a supermarket, which
will take all of Martins trade. Now what?
Across the Squareafter what happened
with Lucas and Jordan, Denise is resigned,
and then excited at the prospect of raising little
JJ on her own. Then the bad news: it turns out
Jordan had been lying about JJs mother being
a dead junkie. She is very much alive and no
junkie at all, and Jordan had taken JJ. Social
Services get involved. At first Denise vows to
fight, but then is resigned and turns JJ over to
his mum Jack is back for good (it seems),
and back with Ronnie as well, and all seems
to be rosie, but is it? It seems Ronnie has an
unseen stakes, skulking in the bushes and
sending her threatening notes, even calling the
funeral home and asking them to come pick
up her corpse. Who is it? Early signs pointed
to the daughter of Joel, her late, childhood
sweetheart, with whom she had Danielle
(when she was 14); and Joels daughter
was arrested for trying to take baby Matthew.
But it seems that if she was the stalker she
wasnt the only one And speaking of crazy
stalkers, no news from Claudette or Gavin,
both of whom were thought to be killed, then
not, last month...
And President of the crazy club, Abi made
the Big Mistake of getting on the wrong side of

the priorities of the Platt clan.

Michelle returns from visiting Steve in
Spain and goes straight back to work behind
the bar. Shes called to help plan a wedding
for a woman called Saskia whos marrying a
fella called Will. Now then, Will and Michelle
recognise each other its a real blast from
the past for them both. It turns out that they
dated for eight months when they were in
their teens and its clear theyre still close.
Over at the Bistro, Tracy lords it over the
staff now that Robert owns the place. She
even plans and arranges for a new sign to
go up outside until Robert stops her in her
tracks. They argue in the Bistro and in comes
Carla who gets Tracys anger thrown at her full
force. In return, Carla gives Tracy one of the
best slaps that Corries had in years. Robert
then tells Tracy shes banned from the Bistro.
Hell stick to his business and she should stick
to hers. Tracys isnt happy with this, and yells
at Robert You dont know what Ive done for
you!. Robert wants to know what this means,
but Tracy keeps quiet, for now, about bribing
Carla for the extra 10,000 so that Robert
could buy the Bistro.
Poor Izzy continues with her very painful
struggle. Gary says hell get her more dope
but the dealer gives Gary much stronger stuff
than normal and Izzy has a bad turn with the
drugs. When Anna finds out that Izzys been
smoking cannabis as a form of pain control
she flies off the handle, unable and unwilling
to understand whats going on. Gary hates to
see Izzy in so much pain and determines to
move in with her to look after her and little Jake.
What a lovely lad that Gary is. Izzy goes to see
her GP again to ask for the legalised version
of cannabis as pain relief, it comes in a spray.
However, the GP refuses Izzys request as it
can only be prescribed for Multiple Sclerosis.
Glenda Young
Coronation Street Blog
buddy/ally disturbed Aunt Babe, who was the
brains behind Abi pretending to be pregnant,
and now Babe aint having it. She sends a letter
to Ben telling him all about Abis ruse leaving out the part about her own involvement
(natch), and now Ben knows. How does Ben
seek his revenge? He, at first pretends to want
to get busy with Ani in the Vic toilets, then
grabs her and in a very disturbing scene, Ben
drags Abi through the Vic in her underwear and
up to the stage and karaoke mic (with no one
stepping in to help her), where he humiliates
her further by announcing to all that she was
never pregnant. Finally Uncle Jack helps her
out and takes her to Dots, planning to take her
to Tanyas. But Abi decides not to go, leaving
a suspicious me to think that maybe she is
up the duff after all, but not with Bens baby
with Lees (after that desperate one-night
stand attempt to get him to impregnate her with
Bens baby. And if he didnt give her a baby,
she, no doubt, gave him an STD). Hmmm...
To keep up with all things EastEnders,
just email me here at the Launderette and
Ill sign you up for the FREE E20Chronicles
And if you are in New York and watching
EastEnders on PBS, please note: WLIW21
will be having an EastEnders Slumber Party
Marathon on Wednesday, May 11. Theyll
be showing five back-to-back EastEnders
episodes, and youll even get to see yours
truly being interviewed in-between episodes.
Make sure you tune in!
Are you on Twitter? If you are, you can
follow me on Twitter at
Signed, Your Faithful Reporter
Deborah Gilbert AKA E20Launderette

Flood Of Tributes For Queen On Her 90th Birthday

Continued from page 1
ministers and met a quarter of all the US
presidents since Independence.
Her record is all the more remarkable
because she was not born to be queen.
When Princess Elizabeth was born on
April 21, 1926, her father was a younger
son of king and not expected to reign. His
older brother took the throne in 1936 as
Edward VIII but abdicated the same
year to marry his divorced American
lover, Wallis Simpson.
Elizabeths father became King
George VI and, at 10, she became heir
to the throne. When she was 21 almost
five years before she became queen
she promised the people of Britain and
the Commonwealth that my whole life,
whether it be long or short, shall be
devoted to your service.
She kept the promise, and it has struck
a chord with people in Britain and around
the world.
Thousands lined the streets of the
town carrying cakes, cards, balloons
and Union Jack flags. The band of the
Coldstream Guards played Happy Birthday and royal fans snapped cellphone
photos as the queen, clad in pale green,
greeted local dignitaries, townspeople
and tourists.
By her side was 94-year-old Prince
Philip, her husband of 69 years, with
whom she has four children, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren
Elsewhere, artillery companies fired
gun salutes from sites including Hyde
Park and the Tower of London, the
bells of Westminster Abbey rang out in
celebration and the Parliament building
was being lit in the red, white and blue
of the Union Jack.
There was even a tea party aboard
Royal Navy flagship HMS Ocean, whose
crew stood in formation to spell out
EIIR 90 Elizabeth II Regina, her
official monogram on the flight deck.
In the evening, the queen lit the first in
a chain of 1,000 commemorative beacons
to blaze across Britain and around the
world, before attending a private family
party at the castle.
The BBC was showing a documentary
that includes rare home-movie footage of
the queen as a child in the 1930s and a
young mother in the 1950s. In the documentary, Prince Charles watches a clip of
the moment a man fired blanks while the
queen was riding by in 1981, startling her
horse. The prince notes that his mother
is made of strong stuff.
The 67-year-old heir to the throne
also recorded a tribute to his mother for
broadcast on the BBC World Service. He
recited a passage from William Shakespeares Henry VIII about the birth
of the monarchs predecessor, Queen
Elizabeth I:
She shall be, to the happiness of
An aged princess; many days shall
see her,
And yet no day without a deed to crown
The passage was apt. The first Elizabeth reigned for decades and brought
stability to a fractured nation. Elizabeth
II has also become a reassuring presence at home and an emblem of Britain
abroad its no surprise she appeared at
the opening of the 2012 London Olympics
alongside another icon, James Bond.

Jolly Good
Pork Pies
Sausage Rolls



Our Name Says It All!

(323) 290-2265

FAX: (323) 294-3943

Los Angeles, CA 90043

Obama, The Queen And Shakespeare

And, while most people send a card, call, or post on Facebook for someones birthday,
President Obama went the extra mile thousands of miles, actually to deliver 90th
birthday greetings to the Queen over lunch at Windsor Castle.
The two heads of state were sitting down to lunch the day after the monarchs April
21 birthday, at the castle, west of London. Afterward, Obama also had dinner with Prince
William, his wife Kate and brother Prince Harry at the younger royals Kensington Palace
home in central London. Obamas wife, Michelle, flew in from Washington to attend the
royal engagements. The queens husband, Prince Philip, was also attending the lunch.
President Obama also, took a break from political talks in London to tour Shakespeares
Globe Theatre, listening to Hamlets To be or not to be soliloquy and admiring the
open-air venue a recreation of the theater, built in 1599, where many of the Bards
plays were first performed.
In marking Shakespeares death 400 years ago, the president met a Globe troupe
that has taken Hamlet on a two-year tour to almost 200 countries. Theyve performed
Shakespeares tragedy on a tennis court in Kabul, Afghanistan, in a Syrian refugee camp
in Jordan and at the UN General Assembly in New York.
She has weathered tough years when
the divorces of three of her children
tarnished the monarchy. And she came
back from the death of Princess Diana in
a 1997 car crash, when the royal family
was criticized as being out of touch with
the publics grief.
And there was more (much more)
to come.
For four nights in March there was
a musical pageant in Windsor, involving 900 horses and some 1,500 actors,
dancers and musicians, celebrating the
queens nine decades.
If that wasnt enough for the monarch,
on June 11 comes the monarchs offi-

cial birthday, traditionally marked by

the Trooping the Colour military parade.
This year there will also be a service at St
Pauls Cathedral and a huge street party
in the Mall outside Buckingham Palace
for members of charities the queen supports. The government has even given
pubs permission to stay open later on
June 10 and 11, until 1am instead of the
standard 11p.m.
Not everyone in Britain has succumbed to royal-mania. The anti-monarchist group Republic published a
resolutely undeferential message headed
Happy Birthday Mrs Windsor.
A long life is no reason for a long
reign, it said.

Cameron Hails Steadfast Queen

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron has called Queen Elizabeth II a rock for our nation as
the monarch celebrated her 90th birthday April 21.
The queen spent the day at Windsor Castle, near London, with her family.
Cameron said that Britains longest-reigning monarch has lived through some extraordinary times, from World War II to the moon landing, the end of the Cold War and advent
of peace in Northern Ireland.
He said that Her Majesty has been steadfast a rock of strength for our nation, for
our Commonwealth and on many occasions for the whole world.
Buckingham Palace issued three portraits by photographer Annie Leibovitz to mark
the day. One shows the queen surrounded by seven young grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, including 11-month-old Princess Charlotte, whom she holds in her arms.
Another shows the queen walking in the grounds of Windsor Castle with four of her
beloved dogs corgis Willow and Holly and dorgis Vulcan and Candy.



Page 8

May 2016


Would You Use A Tax Haven If You Could?
ITS BEEN an interesting few weeks, with light
relief available (when I could raise my head
from working on tax returns!) from the documents released from a law firm in Panama,
compromising people from all around the
world. Having worked in tax for as long as I
have, this is definitely a case of what goes
around, comes around!
Quite clearly, whatever tax rate is set,
people quickly see it as too high. The UK
had a highest tax rate of 98 percent not that
long ago (83 percent was the highest rate
and 15 percent on top for unearned income
as an investment income surcharge). Not
surprisingly, that was enough to make people
leave the country, if they could (including the
Rolling Stones!). Or if you couldnt leave the
country, wealthy taxpayers often used foreign
entities to keep some money offshore.
This would only work if none of the money
came back to the United Kingdom, and this
is so often where things went wrong. Some
of the people who made these arrangements
were not wealthy enough to be able to leave
the money well alone. Some people fell out
with people who knew about these arrangements and some fell out with their spouses,
which can also be expensive!
Making overseas arrangements is never
cheap both local and overseas advisers
have to be paid, often on an ongoing basis
rather than just once! And the local beneficial
owners (the people who on paper own the
shares or the interest in the entity) all expect
to be paid regularly.
The current moves by the UK and other
European countries to try to show theyre
doing something to counteract offshore tax
planning are likely to affect only the mediumwealthy. The seriously wealthy will seek out
the places with the minimum level of compliance, because they can.
Governments often mention the exchange

w w w. y e

of information (or better still, the automatic

exchange of information!) as being the
answer to these problems. Surely the point is
that in many tax havens (including Delaware
and Nevada), nobody has to know who the
ultimate owners are. Since you cant be
expected to exchange information you dont
have (well, not yet anyway), thats a huge
incentive to not do anything that might involve
obtaining the information. And in the meantime, you can sign exchange of information
agreements with all countries, knowing you
have nothing to offer!
Theres nothing new about the fact that
our relationship with money is complicated.
Our view of the amount of tax we pay to any
government is that its too high, particularly
if we can only see a reduction in services
provided by said government or, even more
annoyingly, if there seem to be wealthier
people paying a whole lot less. Actually that
seems to bother people here in the United
States less than one would think, but that is
because until quite recently most people have
seen themselves as millionaires-in-training.
Many of the political changes were seeing
this year (and I speak as a non-voter!) are
based on the realization that this training may
take longer than they thought!
A lower tax rate would be possible if all
the complications of the tax legislation were
swept away both here and in the UK but
Im certainly not holding my breath on that
happening any time soon!

Mary-Heather Styles enjoys having worked

long enough to have a historical perspective
on tax which means shes paid a lot over the
years both here and in the UK! She is based in
Phoenix, Arizona and can be reached at (602)
845-1420 or at mhstyles@transatlantictax.
com. Having got through the first part of the tax
season, she will be visiting friends and family
in the UK for part of May yeah!



Bakery &

116 Santa Monica Blvd,

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(310) 451 1402

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British Pub, Restaurant

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FA CUP Final
Saturday, May 21st

Man United v Crystal Palace

Champions League
Final May 28

Open Fri-Sat

Bring mom for a

Sunday Roast dinner.



EPL Games Shown LIVE

THE 80TH ANNIVERSARY of the maiden

flight of the Spitfire held on Sunday April 10
at the Crown and Anchor Restaurant and Pub
where the Commemorative Air Force (CAF)
of Camarillo presented a print and plaque of
their fully restored and flying vintage WWII
Spitfire MK XIV flying alongside a Mustang
P51-D. An enormous debt of gratitude and
thanks goes to the VCStar, Acorn and Union
Jack newspaper who gave coverage prior to
this event making it enormously successful,
with a special thanks to Patricia Brown of
CAF, without whom this event would not
have happened.
Guests on hand and making really interesting speeches included former British
Consul General Bob Peirce and co-founder
of BritWeek with Nigel Lythgoe (now in
its 10th year); Bobs wife Sharon Harroun
Peirce; renowned actor Malcolm McDowell;
Col Stuart Bird-Wilson; former pilot Officer
Graham J Galliford SAS who won yachts man
of the Year for Corinthian Yacht Club; West
Coast owner and President of Morgan Cars
Denis Glavis who came with eight Morgan car
owners (including two WWII 3-wheelers; RAF
Fighter Captain David Baker (who flew Meteor
and Javelin planes) and gave the presentation
on behalf of CAF, to the Peel Family: Ged,
Maggie and Kimberly.
Many devoted volunteers from CAF
attended; Pat OBrien representing Ranbir
Shergil of Ventura Fusion Soccer. This was
followed with a trip to CAFs magnificent
museum and newly built hanger for their
smaller WWII planes. If youve not been to
CAF yet, its a wonderful opportunity to see a
part of history for all the family to appreciate.
Not only the air planes but the dedication of
the dozens of volunteers needed to work on,
maintain, restore: that these planes may fly
once again. Well done Chaps and Lassies,

One Year

Mothers Day


Mothers Day
Afternoon Tea available


Sunday May 8th,

May 3rd Comedy night @ 8pm (Free) Fri May 6, Sat May 7, Sun May 8


Contact Leo and Karen at

as a Brit would say. You excelled yourselves.

Great job for Anglo-American relations! Well
done! (805) 482-0064.
Five hectic days later and were on the
tarmac taking off, heading for home. An average flight, unrecognisable food, two really
nice air hostesses, and were landing in the
UK. Two very long lines for Border Control
which, if you have a chip in your passport,
you can avoid. Karen, as an American, can
go in the shorter line with me. If she registers
shell save 90 minutes wait next time and well
worth using after an exhausting trip.
Welcoming us to England and checking
passports, an exceptionally nice and very
polite gentleman complete with turban.
Waiting patiently outside, life long friends
Zoe Clough (BBC) and Bill Wilkinson in his
Ferrari FF. The trip home to Devon, 200 miles
and normally three hours, was, Im thinking
twenty minutes. Thats was it felt like. In fact
Ive come up with a new promotional slogan:
See the UK in one day? Drive a Ferrari!!!
Oh Boy, is it nice to be home everyone is
so welcoming!! Ever so pleased we brought

Prince Harry Introduces UKs Invictus Games Athletes

PRINCE HARRY has unveiled Britains team of Invictus Games athletes ahead of
the 2016 Paralympics-style event.
Harry posed with most of the 110 athletes April 6 at Buckingham Palace.
The games for veterans and serving men and women will be held in Orlando,
Florida, May 8-12. Harry has been a driving force behind the competition for
wounded, sick or injured service personnel and veterans. The first games were
held two years ago.
Harry, 31, a military veteran who served in Afghanistan, is fifth in line to
British throne.


A Great British Pub
and Restaurant

We serve the finest of

Imported and Domestic
and the best of Traditional
British Faire . . .

Happy Hour


some California sunshine with us. Still a little

cold though, but oh, to see the rolling hills of
Devon again: the Primroses, Daffodils, Bluebells all in full bloom along the hedgerows.
The thatched cottages, the pubs. Last night
we had dinner at the Cott Inn in Dartington,
licensed in 1320 AD. The food was excellent. I
had Devon lamb chops and Karen the roasted
Were off to Cornwall, then next week on
to the Cotswolds so Karen can see a little of
the UK. My main purpose for being here is
new teeth (another frustrating two-year story
and how it backfired on me in California). To
dispel the myth that English dentistry isnt as
good as American, from my experience they
are wrong. Dr Emma Kateb, BDS RDT out of
Torquay is exceptional and a gem of a lady.
We had the opportunity to have a family
reunion at the Olde Manor Inn in Paignton with
family coming from Llandudno, Nottingham
and London. What fun to be home. The UK at
its best!!! We will miss in
LA. Hope you have a good one! Will exchange
stories on our return. Were putting off renting
a car as long as we can (think Ferrari).

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May 2016

Page 9

the queen marys


Honoring the 80th Anniversary of the Queen
Marys Maiden Voyage on May 27, 1936
and Benefiting the Queen Mary
Heritage Foundation

MAY 26, 2016

the historic grand salon aboard the queen mary

cocktail attire

special address

by randolph churchill and

churchill scholar and author
lord alan Watson




Ticket and sponsorship information


MAY 27, 2016

Free ship admission

aFter 1:00pm

In association with the

National Churchill Museum
at Westminster College



Media Partner

The Queen Mary leaving Southampton at

the start of her Maiden Voyage across the
Atlantic to New York. May 27,1936

Page 10

May 2016

Government Considers
Co-Investing With Tata
To Save Steel Plants

The Florida Page

For Florida adrates


By Patricia Kawaja [ex-Londoner]

Covering the states Brtish business and events since 1992

Thousands of British + Anglophile readers in all parts of Florida

FLORIDA OFFICE: Tel: (305) 371-9340 in downtown Miami

Reach me via email

The information below was in an article

in last months UJ but in case some Florida
readers missed it, briefly:
A WRONG. This directly affects many of
you reading this, so please take action to
correct this outrage I already have. Its
your money. As you may know, in certain
circumstances the US Government reduces
your Social Security benefits here if you
get a UK pension, even though you have
contributed in both countries! This is called
the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) by
the US Government. How can they dub it a
windfall when you have paid your money into
both pension schemes?! This grossly unfair
act is finally being challenged: One American
attorney believes this is actually unlawful so
has engaged in litigation with the US Government to end the practice. Mr Jonathan Bruce
JD, PHD has unselfishly taken up our cause
to enact a change. He needs your support
to increase momentum and put pressure on
the US Government. He wishes to hear from
any expat Brit affected, whose benefits have
been reduced because he/she gets a UK
EXPATS HERE: Call (859) 905-9678 or send
an email with your name, age, USA city and
phone number to the Law office of Jonathan
Bruce in Carmel, Indiana. On subject put: To
Jonathan Bruce UK-USA WEP reform. Email
to Mention
the UJ newspaper (see full story at ujnews.
com search Jonathan Bruce.)
THE CURE at Bayfront Park, downtown
Miami. The Cure are an English rock band
formed in 1976. The band has experienced
several line-up changes, with vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Robert Smith
being the only constant member. June 26,
2016. Tickets Band

Photo by Robert Hubbard

RRThis paper reaches the British community in all parts of Florida and, of course, the US

On subject line put

UJ ads FL

has accomplished. We all have aging

relatives and I bet many of them arent still
willingly working as she is. She promised
on ascending the throne My whole life,
whether it be long or short, shall be devoted
to your service. By Jove, Your Majesty, you
kept that promise unerringly.
My encounter with Her Majesty: Im an
ardent royalist and was presented to the
Queen on the line-up at the 1985 Governors
Ball in Nassau Bahamas. She was there for

an official visit on Royal Yacht Britannia.

Its a nervous thrill you never forget, to see
the Queen of England slowly approaching
you. I practiced my deep curtsey for days
before. Then the great moment comes, it is
commoner eyeball to Royal eyeball and you
wait for her to speak. She enquired about
my work and where I was from in England.
I was then teaching Business English at a
local Bahamian college, but also writing a
prominent newspaper column for the Nassau Guardian, the countrys national daily.
One day the publisher called me into his
office with confirmation of the Queens visit
and asked did I want to be presented to Her
Majesty at the Ball, to show his appreciation of my work on his newspaper. This
Cinderella could not accept fast enough.
BRITISH SONGBIRD ELLIE GOULDING performs Friday, June 3 at Miamis
AA Arena.

The opinions in this column are Patricia Kawajas and not necessarily shared
by Union Jack Publishing, Inc.

The MIAMI BABC (British-American

Business Council) is hosting a Queens
Birthday Day Party on Thursday, June 9.
Its an after work event from 6-8pm, nothing
formal, at the brand new, slick and super
East Hotel in downtown Miami. I will be
gracing the evening with my presence a
lure or deterrent for you! Details and RSVP
on As we British
subjects all know, the Queens real birthday
was last month but her official one gets
celebrated June 11 this year. Since its Her
Majestys big 9-0, theres a slew of events
from April to June, too numerous to mention
here, culminating in her own official Street
Party for 10,000 guests along Londons Pall
Mall. Additionally there will be street parties
the length and breadth of Great Britain. How
I wish I could be present, sigh. For current
details on all the 90th birthday celebrations
and everything royal year-round, always
consult the official website
uk What an amazing 90 years Her Majesty


May 10, June 14 and July 12 in Miami

A roomful of Brits is never dull. From 6.30 to 9.30pm. Make
British contacts, business or social useful, enjoyable
networking with British professionals. Hosted by the British
Bureau/ABB. Free to attend buy own drinks/food. We meet in
Doubletree Grand Hotel, 1717 North Bayshore Drive, downtown
Miami FL 33132 in Casablanca Restaurant. Go up the escalator.
Park FREE till 11pm inside the Publix at 1776 Biscayne Blvd, then
walk east to Doubletree. Or pay for valet at Doubletree.

Join FABB to market your British business throughout Florida.

RR By Danica Kirka

THE BRITISH government says it is

willing to put public money into a deal to
save steel plants threatened with closure
amid a glut of cheap Chinese imports.
Business Secretary Sajid Javid told
the House of Commons last month
that the government was prepared to
co-invest with any buyer of the plants
Tata Steel plans to sell. These include
the UKs largest steelworks, at Port
Talbot in South Wales, which employs
5,500 workers.
Ive been in contact with potential
buyers, making clear that the government stands ready to help, Javid said.
This includes looking at the possibility
of co-investing with a buyer on commercial terms.
Javids comments underscore the
importance the government has put on
ensuring the UK steel industry survives
as a source of employment and raw
materials for the nations economy. Tata
Steel in March said it planned to sell the
companys operations in Britain because
of losses estimated at 1m a day. The
announcement came after Sahaviriya
Steel Industries shut its Redcar plant in
October, eliminating 2,200 jobs.
In a separate development, Tata
agreed to sell its European long products unit to a London investment firm,
safeguarding 4,800 jobs in England and
The sale of Tatas Scunthorpe works
in northern England and associated
operations to Greybull Capital has been
nine months in the making and is separate from the UK governments effort
to save the Port Talbot plant. It will be
rebranded as British Steel upon completion of the deal in eight weeks.
Tata said the unit, which makes plates,
rods and semi-finished steel for industries
such as construction and shipbuilding,
will be sold for a nominal sum, though
Greybull will take on relevant liabilities.
Greybull said it is arranging a 400m
Investment and financing package.

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Tel. (954) 509-1012 FAX (954) 337-0738
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Office: One West Camino Real, Suite 101A, Boca Raton, FL 33432
The hiring of a lawyer is a very important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

May 2016

Page 11

Jury Rules: 96 Fans Unlawfully Killed In Hillsborough Football Disaster

UK Spy Agency Chief

Apologises For Old
Prejudice About Gays
RR By Danica Kirka

DO YOU HAVE a Frozen Pension in the UK?
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for a shopping day with a cuppa.

Lets Have Tea

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English Tea Room


Tea for Two or just

you, or book groups
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Christmas + year-round occasion parties here.

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good lad! Official-looking spoof passport
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the history of language/literature, and
Yorkshire-English translations. So cum on,
gormless, fill out tname and of tmissus,
and whether you keep: whippets, ferrets,
pigeons or owt else. Mailed in official
Yorkshire Embassy envelope! $9.50 +
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Auto Home & Business Insurance. Low Rates.
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THE HEAD of Britains digital espionage

agency has apologised for the organizations historic prejudice against homosexuals, saying it failed to learn from the
treatment of World War II codebreaker
Alan Turing.
In a rare public speech, GCHQ chief
Robert Hannigan told a gathering organised by the rights group Stonewall that
the agencys ban on homosexuals had
caused long-lasting psychological damage to many and hurt the agency because
talented people were excluded from
working there.
The speech offered a poignant tribute
to Turing, the gay computer science pioneer and architect of the effort to crack
Nazi Germanys Enigma cipher. Turing
was convicted of indecency in 1952 and
stripped of his security clearance. He
later committed suicide.
A 2014 film about Turing, The Imitation
Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch,
brought his story to a new generation.
At GCHQ, Turing is now seen as a
genius a problem-solver who was not
afraid to think differently and radically,
Hannigan said.
It was partly to honor Turing that the
agencys headquarters was lit up during
a global celebration of gender and sexual
diversity last year.
It was also kind of an act of atonement for the lost opportunity of his early
death, Hannigan said. Who knows what
Turing would have gone on to do, where,
for example, he might have taken his pioneering interest in artificial intelligence.

uplift. Youve got to carry on.

New hearings held in Warrington,
close to Liverpool in northwest England,
required a jury for the longest time in
British legal history.
Relatives leapt to their feet, cheering
and weeping, as the jury gave its answer
to the most significant of the 14 questions
set by the coroner, reaching the verdict
of unlawful killing by a 7-2 majority.
That finding meant the jury was convinced David Duckenfield, the then-South
Yorkshire Police chief superintendent in
charge of policing the game, was in breach
of his duty of care to fans and his actions
amounted to gross negligence.
The day following the verdict South
Yorkshire Police Chief Constable David
Crompton was suspended.

Families have fought to ensure authorities were held to account after being
angered by the verdicts of accidental
death at the original inquests. Those
verdicts were overturned in 2012 following a far-reaching inquiry into the
disaster that examined previously secret
documents and exposed the wrongdoing
and mistakes by police.
Theres many a time weve been
climbing up the mountain. We wanted to
stop, we wanted to stop, said Margaret
Aspinall, whose 18-year-old son James
died at Hillsborough. Its the ordinary
people. Its the fans, the survivors. They
were the ones chanting for justice at all
the games, they are ones giving you that


Continued from page 1

By the end of the year, police plan to
conclude a separate criminal investigation into wrongdoing by authorities at
the April 1989 FA Cup semifinal match
between Liverpool and Nottingham
Forest at the stadium where secondtier English club Sheffield Wednesday
still plays.
The Crown Prosecution Service said
it will then formally consider whether
any criminal charges should be brought
against any individual or corporate body.
British Prime Minister David Cameron paid tribute to the courage displayed
by the victims families, tweeting that
long overdue justice had been provided
by the jury.


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Astronaut Tim Peake Runs London Marathon Aboard Space Station

BRITISH astronaut Tim Peake has completed

the London Marathon from 250 miles above
the Earth.
Peake ran the 26.2-mile race harnessed to a
treadmill aboard the International Space Station,
with a simulation of the route through Londons
streets playing on an iPad.
He finished in 3 hours and 35 minutes. Guinness World Records says thats a record for the

Story Of Minister And

Dominatrix Sparks UK Debate
OPPOSITION politicians are calling for a government minister to give up authority over press
regulation after he acknowledged that he had a
relationship with a dominatrix and that several
newspapers knew about it but kept quiet.
Culture Secretary John Whittingdale says he
had a relationship in 2013-14 with a woman he later
learned was a sex worker. No laws were broken,
and Whittingdale said last month that the episode
had no influence on his ministerial decisions.
None of Britains scandal-hungry newspapers
ran the story of Whittingdales sex life, although
several investigated it.
Critics of the government say newspapers may
have used knowledge of the embarrassing relationship to exert influence over Whittingdale, who has
resisted calls for tighter regulation of the press in
the wake of the tabloid phone-hacking scandal.

May 2016

fastest marathon in orbit. American astronaut

Sunita Williams ran the Boston Marathon from
space in 2007 in 4 hours and 24 minutes.
Peake, who is four months into a six-month stay
aboard the space station, also sent competitors
a good luck video message before Sundays race.
The 44-year-old astronaut was one of more
than 39,000 people running the marathon the
rest at ground level.

Yanagihara, Enright Among

Womens Fiction Finalists

THREE FIRST-time novelists are among six finalists for

the Womens Prize for Fiction.
The newcomers are American writer Cynthia Bond,
for Texas tale Ruby; Lisa McInerney for The Glorious
Heresies, set in post-crash Ireland; and Britains Hannah
Rothschild for art-world story The Improbability of Love.
The other finalists, announced last month, are
American writer Elizabeth McKenzie for The Portable
Veblen; Irelands Anne Enright for family saga The
Green Road and US author Hanya Yanagihara for friendship tale A Little Life. Enright won fictions prestigious
Booker Prize in 2007, while Yanagihara was among
last years Booker finalists.
The winner of the 30,000 ($43,000) prize will be
announced June 8.
The annual award, officially named the Baileys
Womens Prize after its sponsor, is open to female
English-language writers from around the world.


Drug Smuggler Mr Nice

Author Howard Marks


a convicted drug smuggler
who reinvented himself as an
author, raconteur and drugreform campaigner after publishing best-selling autobiography Mr Nice, has died of cancer.
A statement on Marks website said he died in his sleep
April 10 surrounded by his four loving children.
Born in a coal-mining village in Wales in 1945,
Marks studied physics and philosophy at Oxford
University before becoming a marijuana dealer
and then smuggler, building up a global business
and cultivating an image as a countercultural
One of his preferred routes was to smuggle
drugs in the equipment of touring rock bands
without the bands knowledge. He claimed to
have lived under 43 aliases and worked as a spy
for Britains MI6 intelligence agency.
Marks was acquitted of drug dealing after a
British trial in 1980, but the scale of his operation
soon had international law enforcement on his tail.
He was arrested in Spain in 1988 in an operation
led by the US Drug Enforcement Administration,
extradited to the United States and sentenced to
25 years in prison. He was released on parole for
good behavior in 1995.
Mr Nice, a rollicking account of Marks criminal career, was published in 1996 and made him
something of a folk hero. He had a column in a
mens magazine, toured a one-man show and
ran unsuccessfully for Parliament in 1997 on a
platform of legalising cannabis.
Mr Nice was turned into a 2010 film starring
Rhys Ifans. Marks made a cameo appearance
in 1999 nightclubbing movie Human Traffic,
appeared on TV and was a regular at British
music festivals.
Among his books were an autobiographical
sequel, Senor Nice, and a crime novel, Sympathy
for the Devil.
Its impossible to regret any part of my life
when I feel happy and I am happy now, he told
the Observer last year, after being diagnosed with
inoperable bowel cancer. So I dont have any
regrets and have not had any for a very long time.

Actor Douglas Wilmer, A 1960s

Sherlock Holmes


who played detective Sherlock
Holmes in a 1960s television
series, has died.
The Sherlock Holmes Society of London says Wilmer died
in a hospital in Ipswich, eastern
Wilmer played the pipesmoking sleuth a series of TV dramas in 1964
and 1965. The Sherlock Holmes Society said
that for many, he was the seminal television
Sherlock Holmes.
Wilmer returned to the role in the 1975 TV
movie The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes Smarter
Brother and in a series of audio books.
Wilmer also appeared alongside Christopher
Lee in the Fu Manchu movies and with Roger
Moore in 1960s TV adventure series The Saint
and in the James Bond film Octopussy.
Moore tweeted that Wilmer was a fine actor
and joyous to be in The Saint and Octopussy with.
In his later life, Wilmer opened a wine bar,
Sherlocks in Woodbridge, the eastern England
town where he lived.
One of his final screen appearances was a 2012
cameo as a grumpy member of the Diogenes
Club in the BBCs Sherlock, which stars Benedict
Cumberbatch as the great detective.

Comedian Victoria Wood


British comedian who found
humor in everyday life and
blazed a trail for other female
comics, has died.
Wood died April 20 at her
London home after a short but
brave battle with cancer, said
her publicist, Neil Reading.
Born in Greater Manchester in 1953, Wood
got her first break in 1974 winning the TV talent
contest New Faces. As a woman from northwest
England she was an outsider in the world of British comedy, but became a well-known standup,
and got her own TV show in the 1980s with
Victoria Wood as Seen on TV.
One recurring element was Acorn Antiques,
a spoof soap opera complete with wobbly sets
and even wobblier acting that many consider a
comic classic.
A versatile talent, Wood performed solo and in
ensembles, played comic songs on the piano and
wrote scripts for the stage and television.
Mark Gatiss, co-creator of TV series Sherlock
and member of comedy troupe the League of
Gentlemen, tweeted that Wood had a kindly yet
savage eye for the ordinariness and the grotesquerie of life.
Wood wrote sketch shows and one-off dramas
for TV while continuing to perform live, often
to sold-out crowds. She created and starred in
the late-1990s sitcom Dinnerladies, set in a factory canteen. It featured an exceptional, mostly
female, cast including Julie Walters, Celia Imrie
and Maxine Peake.
She made it OK to be a woman and be funny
in the UK, said former BBC chairman Michael
Grade. She blazed the trail.
Absolutely Fabulous creator Jennifer Saunders
said she was truly an inspiration and had so much
left to give and we wont see it.

David Gest, Former Husband

Of Liza Minelli

DAVID GEST, 62, a music producer, reality TV

star and former husband of Liza Minnelli, was
found dead last month at a London hotel.
Gests friend Imad Handi remembered Gest as
a natural star and a genuine celebrity.
Born in 1953, Gest was raised in southern
California, where he became friends with Michael
Jackson and his family. He worked as a music promoter and television producer, and was introduced
to Minnelli by Jackson when Gest produced the
King of Pops 30th anniversary tribute concert for
television in 2001.
The pair ended a bitter dispute in 2007 when
their lawyers filed court papers saying they had
settled their differences and agreed to divorce.
Gest remained a friend of Jackson and after the
singers death in 2009 produced a documentary,
Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon.
Gest gained a following in Britain with appearances on reality TV shows including Im a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here in 2006 and Celebrity Big
Brother earlier this year. He had to leave that show
in January after two weeks on medical grounds.
He settled far from the bright lights of showbiz,
buying a house in the northern English city of
York. He told the Yorkshire Post newspaper in
2014 that he loved the citys cathedral, cobblestone streets, Viking history and famous York
Hog Roast.
Ironically, during his stint on Celebrity Big
Brother, fellow contestant Tiffany Pollard misheard news of David Bowies death and told cast
mates that Gest had died.
The incident inspired the title of a musical
show, featuring Gest and a roster of soul musicians, that was due to tour Britain this summer:
David Gest Is Not Dead, But Alive With Soul.

Corbetts Funeral
Continued from page 1
She went on to joke about his height, adding:
For someone known for being short, he would
stand next to me seven foot tall.
Canon Arthur Quinn conducted the service
and said: In all those years, he told me one joke
which Im not going to repeat. He was really a very
serious man. We talked about all sorts of things,
including religion.
After the funeral, the cortege moved on to a
local crematorium.
Barry Cryer, who worked with the Two Ronnies and first met Corbett 50 years ago, said: I
cant think of him without smiling... Im here and
tipping my hat to him.
The funeral service concluded with a recording Corbett made of a song called Ups the Only
Way to Go.
Born in Edinburgh on December 4, 1930, Corbett did military service in the Royal Air Force
he claimed to have been the shortest officer in

Corbetts trademark glasses on a wreath.

the British armed forces before entering the
entertainment business.
In 1971 Corbett teamed up with Ronnie Barker
for a sketch show, The Two Ronnies. It ran for a
dozen series over 16 years and at its peak had 17
million viewers.
Thanks to reruns, the 70s and 80s television
comedy show has been a staple on British TV for
more than 40 years. Generations of fans can recite
swaths of Two Ronnies sketches and quote the
pairs signature sign-off: Now its goodnight from
me. And its goodnight from him.
Corbett is survived by his wife Anne Hart and
their two daughters.

May 2016

Page 13



THE AIR AT Brengle Terrace park in Vista,

CA, on June 25 and 26, will be filled with the
sound of bagpipes and music from the two
stages and four bands hosted by the San
Diego Scottish Highland Games and Gathering of the Clans.
The whole weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm, will fill the park with
the culture of Scotland. The two days will
feature activities and entertainment for all
ages, including sheepdog trials, Highland
dancing, Scottish country dancing, Scottish
vendors, Scottish foods and beers, bagpipe
and drumming competitions, clan heritage
tents, childrens activities, concerts and
more. The beer garden has been featured by
San Diego Magazine as the best beer garden
in North County.
This years entertainment features the
popular band, Highland Way. Also starring
on stage will be The AnGry Brians, Mollys
Revenge and Blackwaterside.
Lads and lassies can compete in Scottish athletics such as the Caber Toss, Stone
Throw, Hammer Throw, and Weight for
Distance. Come and be a part of Scotland
for a weekend.
Tickets are $15 for adults (pre-sale $13),
$10 for seniors/active military (pre-sale
$8) and $5 for children ages 6-16 (under
5 are free). Pre-sale tickets offered until
June 10. For more information go to www., e-mail sdshgchief@ or telephone (760) 726-3691
or (619) 884-3157.

By Joe Nicholls. Joe & Kevin McGinty can

be heard on The Sounds of Britain and Ireland
Sundays NewTime 6-7pm (EST) on Clevelands
WCPN 90.3FM, &
1: Jaguar Club of Ohio, British Car Show,
Solon Commons, All day, (216) 644-2530.
2: SHANO, Scottish Heritage Meeting, St Bartholomew Church, 435 SOM Center Rd, Mayfield
7:30pm, (216) 464-1116.
6, 20: British-American Club, Fish & chips dinners, 8564 Ravenna Rd, (off Rte 82) Twinsburg,
6:30-8:30pm, (330) 963-6370.
6, 13, 20, 27: West Side Irish American Club,
Irish-American style dinners, 8559 Jennings Rd.
Olmsted Township, 6-9pm, (216) 251-4075.
6, 13, 20, 27: RSCDS Cleveland Hts. Group,
Free beginners Scottish Country Dance Classes
at 7:30pm prior to regular classes, Communion
of St Parish, 2175 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Hts,
7:30pm (216) 932-9038.
7: Cleveland Kiltie Band, Annual Highland Ball,
New Orleans Party Center, 8111 Breckville Rd,
Brecksville, 8pm (216) 464-1116.
7: Scottish American Society, Beltane Celtic
Festival, Columbia Woods Park, Norton, All Day,
(330) 882-0342.
11: Calon Lan Welsh Club, Lunch Meeting,
Dennys Restaurant, Rte 224, Boardman. 1pm,
(330) 758-4202.
13, 27: British-American Club, Pub Night,
8564 Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg, 6:30pm, (330)
17: Cleveland Manx Society, Monthly Luncheon, Applebees Restaurant, Willoughby, 1pm,
(216) 481-2476.
20: BACC Link Club, Monthly Luncheon,
Delmonicos Restaurant, Rockside Rd & I-77,
Independence,11:30am, (216) 621-0222.
21: Jaguar Club of Ohio, Bottle your own
Wine, Brew Kettle, 8377 Pearl Rd, Strongsville,
1pm, (216) 371-4101.
21: Brass Band of the Western Reserve, Big
Band Concert, Medina Performing Arts Center,
851 Weymouth Rd., Medina, 7pm, Tickets at the
door. (614) 563-7170.

British Benevolent Society In San Francisco

THE MISSION of the British Benevolent
Society of California, Inc (BBS) is to
create a vibrant, inspiring community
for British residents of US Pacific West
Coast through collaborative day-to-day
support and emergency assistance. Its
Vision is for British citizens overseas
to be ambassadors of British values and
BBS has been a force for good in California since being founded in the 1850s.
Known internationally for commitment
to service and peer-to-peer support, its
work programs entail:
Financial and logistical support
for those in need
Transition support for British
citizens moving to the West Coast.
Emergency preparedness and
Links and connections to British based groups and cultural and
educational events

British Benevolent Society
Contact: Annabel Lavielle, Executive
(415) 832-0653


On June 11 the BBS has partnered

with The Invictus Games Foundation and will host Her Majesty The
Queens 90th Birthday Ball. Union
Jack readers and their guests are
invited, for information:
or (415) 421-7195

Boys Trans-Atlantic
Text, Fast Police Work
Save 15 Migrants

Queen Face Swap With

Prince George Goes Viral
IN THE RUN-UP to the Queens 90th
birthday, lovers of the Royal Family are
expressing their patriotism in all sorts of
creative ways.
And in these days of the Twitterverse
it seemed that Face Swapping different
Royal Family members was as good a way
as any of showing your love for the Royals.
Twitter user @jennywhojenny thought
it would be a good idea to swap the face
of the Queen with Prince George, who
had previously been pictured together for
a specially-commissioned stamp.
The result is as Face Swap results
pretty much always are pretty weird.
Prince George looks like a sort of
demon child, Jenny says.
Baby Queen is bare cute, she adds.

RR By Gregory Katz

THE TEXT message from a young boy,

writing in broken English on a no-frills
cellphone, was frightening enough to set
off a frantic, trans-Atlantic search that
saved the lives of 15 migrants trapped
in a locked truck in England.
The message flashed on the cellphone
of volunteer Liz Clegg, who was attending a conference in New York: I ned
halp darivar no stap car no oksijan in the
car no signal iam in the cantenar. Iam no
jokan valla. It was written by Ahmed, an
Afghan boy of about seven, trying to say:
I need help. The driver wont stop the
car. No oxygen in the car. No signal. Im
in a container. I am not joking. I swear
to God.
In March, Clegg and others volunteering at a squalid migrant camp in Calais,
France, had handed out hundreds of
basic cellphones to children living there,
programming in a number for them to
text in a crisis.
She knew Ahmed wouldnt text something like that if he wasnt in danger. So
she called Tanya Freedman, from the
Help Refugees charity in London, to tell
her the boy seemed to be suffocating.
Freedman called police in southeast
England to tell them of the emergency.
The police response was swift and effective, she said.
I conveyed to them that it was a
life-and-death situation, Freedman told
The Associated Press last month. I had
Ahmeds number and the first thing they
did was find an interpreter who spoke
Pashto to talk to him. They called him
and immediately they realized it was an
emergency, and they were able to put
a trace of his cellphone and find out he
was in a lorry (truck) in Leicestershire.
Kent Police said in a statement they
received a call on April 7 at 2:50pm
reporting that migrants were believed
to be in danger in a truck, and that police
established the truck was in Leicestershire. The information was given to
police in Leicestershire, who quickly
found the truck parked at a highway
service station, broke into the back and
freed 15 oxygen-starved migrants.
Only then did Freedman exhale: It
was absolutely nerve-wracking waiting
to see if the police could find this boy in
time to save his life, she said.
Leicestershire Police said 14 migrants
were detained on suspicion of entering
Britain illegally, with their cases to be
handled by immigration officials, and one
man was arrested on suspicion of illegal
Police said one child was placed in
protective care. None involved gave his
last name because he is a minor.
I think its extraordinary that a sevenyear-old boy knew his life was in danger
and had the presence of mind to know
what to do and give the right information
and save himself and the others in the
truck, Freedman said. We hope hes
getting the right kind of care.

Sexiest Accents In The World,

And Britain Makes The List
AMERICAN and British readers really want to
see their names at the top of this list?
Lets see.
Well, French was always seen as one of
the more poetic languages of love, and yet
again it has been named (however biased a
Renault survey might appear) as the sexiest
language in the world.
So, if you havent got one, time to pick
up that English to French dictionary and that
GCSE-level accent as both might enhance
any nights out on the town you are planning.
The survey of 2,000 people found that
the next most attractive accents were Italian
and English.
The top ten accents the UK finds most
But, one-in-six of those surveyed also
said that they dropped in French terms in an
attempt to add heat to a conversation, while
one in five thought it gave them a quirky edge.
If were honest, dropping in a clich
phrase every now and then is a bit of a faux
pas in our minds learning to speak the
language fluently is much more attractive.
And, of the sexiest British accents? Time
to get doon ta th kilt shop Jemmy!, and
start using a deep Scots brogue as part of
your night out prep due to the most attrac-

tive accent in the UK being a Scottish one,

according to a new survey.
And just to add weight to the McDialect,
and stop you doubters out there, in another
survey conducted online by YouGov Daily,
people were asked which UK accent they
found most attractive.
A Scottish accent even beat out received
pronunciation (or a BBC accent) by two
percent to become the most favoured by
the country.
Alas, no love lost for Essex and Birmingham, each receiving only one percent of
the popular vote each, while Mancunians
received only three per cent.
A large proportion, 29 percent, elected for
the Other/Dont know option, possibly suggesting love for an option not listed.
Stretching things out, and including the
entire British Isles, another survey sees that
wonderful lilt of Ireland come in at number
one, and a slight shuffling of taste:
Most attractive British Isles accents:
1. Irish
2. Received Pronunciation
3. Welsh
4. Yorkshire
5. West Country
Least attractive British Isles accents:
5. Glaswegian
4. Cockney (London)
3. Mancunian
2. Liverpudlian
1. Brummie

Former Police Officer To Lead

Probe Into Anti-Doping Agency
A FORMER senior police officer will lead
an investigation into how Britains antidoping agency handled the case of a doctor prescribing performance-enhancing
drugs to athletes.
Andy Ward, a retired assistant chief
constable with the Merseyside force, will
review why UK Anti-Doping in 2014 dismissed allegations against London-based
doctor Mark Bonar.
UKAD concluded at the time that
Bonar fell outside its jurisdiction because

he was not governed by a sport. But

Bonar has since been covertly recorded
by Britains Sunday Times newspaper
claiming to have treated more than 150
athletes with banned substances.
UKAD chairman David Kenworthy
says Wards role will be to examine how
the information supplied by the sportsperson was handled and whether proper
procedures were followed. Kenworthy
wants Ward to make recommendations
to improve processes in the future.

India Now Says It Will

Try To Reclaim Crown
Jewel From UK

The AnGry Brians

Pre-sale tickets on line thru June 10

A DAY after Indias solicitor general told

the Supreme Court that it wont request
the return of the 106-carat Koh-i-Noor
diamond, which is now part of the British
crown jewels, the government reversed
track and said it would work to bring the
diamond back.
Last month Indias solicitor general
had said that Britain shouldnt have to
give the diamond back, since it was given
freely to the British in the mid-19th century by the family of Punjabs Maharaja
Ranjit Singh, and had been neither stolen nor forcibly taken by British rulers.
But on April 19, the Culture Ministry
issued a statement saying it had yet to
make its position known, and that Indias
government would make all possible
efforts to bring back the diamond.
The two-judge bench said that it did
not want to issue a ruling that might
jeopardise a future attempt to bring back
the diamond or other treasures that once
belonged to India. It told the government
to take six weeks to reconsider its position before the court decides whether to
dismiss the petition.
The diamond is on display in the
Tower of London, set in front of the
Queen Mothers crown.

Syscos US Foods Tampa (FL) International Food Club (FL)

International Market (Las Vegas) Performance Food Service (Santa Cruz)

Page 14

May 2016


Compiled by Larry Gardner

was on the canvas during the second round,

but came back to win a unanimous decision
over Philadephias Erik Hunter (21-4) and
retained his title. Jamie McDonnell (28-21) held on to his WBA bantamweight crown
in his fourth successive defense, stopping
the Mexican, Fernando Vargas (29-10-3)
in the fourth round Same weekend in Las
Vegas, the big welterweight encounter saw
the Philipino, Manny Pacquiao (58-6-2)
win an unanimous decision over Timothy
Bradley (33-2-1). It was the third meeting
for these fighters.

Danny Willett Becomes The First

World Cricket; West Indies Win
Brit To Win The Masters
Both Men & Womens World
In Twenty Years
Twenty20 Cups
THE MASTERS at Augusta, Georgia, April

7-10, looked to be all wrapped up as Jordan

Spieth, who had led from the very start of the
tournament was left with just seven holes to
play on the final round, and producing the golf
that must make last years winner, a winner
this year too. But disaster struck Spieth on
the final 12th, his ball went in the water and
the American lost his lead after recording a
quadruple-bogey seven. Sheffields Danny
Willett, whose wife had their first baby some
ten days before the tournament, finished with
a five under 67, putting him in the lead with
a five under par 283. Willett, who has four
European tour victories under his belt, had to
wait it out as the remaining golfers concluded
their fourth round. Spieth could not make up
the deficit after his 12th hole mayhem and
finished joint runner-up on 286, alongside
Britains Lee Westwood.
It was a very surreal day, remarked
the 28-year-old Englishman, who collected
$1,800,000, for the biggest purse and the
first Major of his career.
Willet became the first European to win
the Masters since 1999, and the first British
winner since Nick Faldos success in 1996.
Up among the challengers were fellow Brits,
Paul Casey, four behind, Rory McIIroy and
Justin Rose finished six off the lead.
A dozen Brits made this years Masters,
but half of them did not survive the cut including past winners Sandy Lyle (1988) and Ian
Woosnam (1991). Also, Graeme McDowell,
Darren Clarke and Phil Mickelson made
similar exits too.

Charley Hull & Andrew Johnston

Shine, As Do Luke Donald &
Russell Knox

Earlier in the month, rising British youngster Charley Hull, grabbed the biggest purse
of her golfing career, when she was joint
runner-up behind Lydia Ko in the LPGAs
ANA Inspiration Classic at Rancho Mirage,
California, April 3. She cleared over $200,000
with an eleven under 277, one stroke behind
Ko. The 20-year-old, originally from Kettering, won the Lalla Mergen Cup, at Agadir,
Morocco in 2014.
Andrew Johnston claimed his first EuroVictory at the Spanish Open at Sotogrande,
April 14-17, where a one over par 285, gave
the Londoner a one-stroke win over Joost
Luiten. Its the first Euro-circuit tourney with a
four round over par winning total since 1996.
Same weekend, Englands Luke Donald, and
Scotlands Russell Knox, challenged from
fairway to fairway in the RBC Heritage Classic
at Hilton Head, NC. The British duo came up
two shots behind the winner however, after
Branden Grace recorded a nine under 275.
For Donald, it was the fourth time hed been
runner-up in this tournament.

Anthony Joshua Is The New IBF

World Heavyweight Champion

Plenty of big punch-ups at the 02 Arena

in London, April 9, that witnessed the former
British Olympic champion, and now British & Commonwealth Champion, Anthony
Joshua (16-0) become the new world IBF
heavyweight title-holder after dropping the
unbeaten champion, Charles Martin, in
the second round. The American southpaw
(23-1-1) started very unsure and cagey, and
Joshua put him down twice in the second
round, before the ref stopped it. Joshua
weighed in at 224lbs, 21lbs lighter than
Martin. The Londoners management team
are absolutely delirious about the future
possibilities for their fighter. Wales IBF
featherweight champion Lee Selby (23-1)
Now living in the US

There is now a Royal Marine

Association Branch formed
in the US.
Please contact:

John Topping, Secretary

Royal Marine Association
USA Branch
8409 Lake Crest Terrace,
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-2678
Phone: (703) 690-8944

The Sixth World Twenty20 Championships, March 11-April 3, reached the

semi-final stage where England tamed the
previously unbeaten New Zealanders by
seven wickets at Delhi in a tremendous game
of cricket. New Zealand 153-8 at 20 overs.
England 159-3 at close. The final at Kolkata,
pitched them against the West Indies, where
Jason Roy hit 78 as England made 155-9 at
20 overs. But four sixes in an over by Carlos Braithwaite late in the game turned the
momentum against England, and an 85 not
out by Marlon Sammuels put the West Indies
on firm ground. Englands Anthony Stokes
is probably still having nightmares about
his disastrous bowling, as Braithwaites
attacking batting paved the way to victory.
The Caribbean men finished on 161-6 with
just two balls left to play, giving them a 4
wickets victory, and their second World T20
In the womens championship played
alongside the mens competition, England
women reached the semi-finals after winning all their group games. The match semi
against Australia, went down to the last ball
of the game, where the Aussies prevailed by
five runs, also at Delhi. Australia W 132-6
at 20 overs. England W 127-7 at close. In
the final, the West Indies women beat the
Australian women by eight wickets. Australia
W 148-5 at 20 overs. West Indies W 149-2
at close.
The new County cricket season opened
late March with the traditional game between
the MCC, and the County Champions Yorkshire at Abu Dhabi. The MCC won the four
day match by four wickets. Yorkshire 275
(Gary Balance 105) and 279. MCC 299.and
257-6. The County Championship began April
10, with a new ECB ruling that promotion
from the second division will be limited to one
club, instead of two. The opening matches
saw Champions, Yorkshire beat Sussex
by 100 runs at Headingley. Yorks 251 and
305. Sussex 248 and 206. Worcestershire
swamped Middlesex by an innings and 128
runs at New Road. Middlesex 98 and 205.
Worcs 431 (Tom Fell 171, Tom KohierCadmore 130 not out)-5 dec.

Ruler Of The World, Rules

At Aintree

The Grand National Steeple Chase at

Aintree, April 9, drew a 47,000 crowd where
the onus was on fashion as womens day
drew a plethora of colorful attired females
in their finery. The horse-race, first run in
1839, stretches some four miles and threeand-a-half furlongs with 30 fences, offering
a winners purse of 561,300. Ruler of the
World (33-1) challenged the race leader, The
Last Samurai (9-2 jt-fav) on the final fence,
and came home six lengths ahead. Vics
Canvas (100-1) was third with Gilgambia
(28-1) fourth. Teenage jockey David Mullins,
rode Ruler of the World to victory, trained by
Mouse Morris, and own by Ryanair executive Michael OLeary. For trainer Morris and
Michael OLeary it was a double celebration
having won the Irish Grand National with
Rogue Angel, a week previous. Incredibly, it
was the first win over fences for the Ruler,
after 24 outings. Only twelve of the 39 runners finished the race on a course littered

with horses being pulled up, and a number

of fallers.

British Challenge In Miami

The Miami Open at Crandon Park, March

21-April 3, witnessed a competitive challenge
from British players. Making her Miami debut,
Johanna Konta, became the first British
female to reach the quarter-finals in Miami,
after beating Elena Vesnina (Rus) and Romanias Monica Niculescu. She was beaten by
Victoria Azarenko of Byelorussia, 6-4 ,6-3,
who went on to win the womens championship over coming Svetlana Kuznetsova
(Rus) in the final. Heather Watson, coming
off her win in Mexico, reached the fourth
round before falling to the Romanian, Simona
Halep. Serena Williams who has not won
a tournament since August of last year went
out in the third round to eventual finalist
Kuznetsova. It was not a good tourney for
Andy Murray either, who was beaten by
the Bulgarian, Grigor Dimitrov, 6-4, 6-3, in
the third round. Novak Djokovic, beat Kei
Nishikori 6-3, 6-3, in the final to earn his
sixth Miami title.

Nadal Upsets Murray

Playing for the first time as a father, Andy

Murray, reached the semi-finals of the
Monte Carlo Masters, April 10-17, where
unfortunately, Rafael Nadal, (the eventual
winner) who has won this tournament six
time previous, delivered the Scot a 6-2,
6-4, reversal. Earlier Nadal, had knocked
out the number two Brit, Aijaz Bendene too.
Murray had overcome Frenchmen, Pierre
Hugues-Herbert and Benoit Paire, and
then demolished Canadas Milos Raonic,
in earlier encounters. World number one,
Novak Djokovic, was beaten in the second
round by fellow Serbian, Jiri Vesely, during
a tough three setter.

Formula One, Triathlon

& Snooker

Lewis Hamilton had pole position at the

Bahranian Grand Prix, April 3, but collided
with Valtteri Bottas of the Williams team on
the first lap and went from first to seventh.
Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg captured
the laurels, Kim Raikkonen, was second
while Hamilton fought back to claimed a third
place finish The Chinese Grand Prix, April
17, witnessed Nico Rosberg on pole position,
claim his third consecutive win of 2016.
Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari was runner-up
and Red Bulls Danil Kvyat third. A series
of fender-benders on the first lap, including
world champion, Lewis Hamilton, having to
pit immediately with a broken front wing, gave
Rosberg a clear run. Hamilton started from
the back, made five pit stops, and eventually
finished seventh.
Helen Jenkins won the Gold Coast
Triathlon in Queensland, Australia, April 9,
winning the second race in the World ITU
Triathlon series. The Welsh athlete beat the
current world champion, the American, Gwen
Jorgensen, by 41 seconds. Britains Jonny
Brownlee, former 2012 world champion, was
third in the mens race World road cycling
champions Lizzie Armitstead won the
Tour of Flanders, while fellow British World
champion, Peter Sagan, won the mens race.
The 2016 World Snooker Championships at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, April
16-May 2, witnessed last years champion
Stuart Bingham, knocked out in the first
round 10-9, by Ali Carter. He was not the
only former champion to make a first round
exit that included early losers Neil Robertson
(2010 champion) Shaun Murphy (2005)
Graeme Dott (2006) and Peter Ebdon (2002)

European Soccer; Man City

Make Last Four
Manchester City and Liverpool, the last
remaining British clubs in Europe, squared
off in the quarter-finals of their respective
tournaments. The first leg April 5, saw City
face Chelseas conquerors Paris St Germain
in Paris, where Joe Hart saved a penalty in
the 14th minute. Kevin de Bruyne put City
ahead in the 38th minute, then a silly defensive
mix-up witnessed Zlatan Ibrahimovic level
the score three minutes later. Adrien Rabiot
had the French in front in the 59th minute, but
Fernandinho came back with an equalizer in
the 72nd minute for a scoreline of 2-2. The
second leg at the Etihad Stadium, April 12,
witnessed Sergio Aguero missed a penalty
on the half hour, after shooting wide. PSG
moved confidently in Citys half of the field,
but a Kevin de Bruyne goal in the 76th minute
proved the only goal of the game, as the sky
blues moved in to their first ever Champions
League semi-final. City will meet Real Madrid
in the semis.

Liverpool Turn It On!

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp, returned to
the ground of his former employer, Borussia

Dortmund, a club he led for seven years and

coached to several trophies. Coming off a run
of 16 unbeaten matches, Dortmund looked
the toughest of competition, but Divock
Origi, gave the Anfield squad the advantage
with a 36th minute netting. A great game of
watchable football unfolded, as Mats Hummel levelled it for the Germans three minutes
after the break, producing an eventual 1-1
result. The second home leg at Anfield, April
14, produced an absolute humdinger as
Liverpool went from 3-1 down to win 4-3, and
into the Europa Cup semi-finals. Dortmund
shocked local fans by going 2-0 up after just
nine minutes with goal from Mkhitaryn and
Aubamenyong. Divock Origi put Liverpool
back in the game three minutes after the
break, then Marco Reus hit Dortmunds
third in the 57th minute. Philippe Countinho
scored in the 66th minute, Mamadou Sakho
broke through in the 77th minute, then Dejan
Lovren, got the winner in the first minute of
injury time as the Stadium blew a fuse and
Liverpool fans went wild. Liverpool face Villarreal in the final four,

Scottish Soccer; Rangers


Rangers are promoted to the Scottish

Premier League for next season, after beating
Dumbarton 1-0 at the Ibrox, April 5, when
they claimed the Scottish Championship title.
A crowd of 48,000 roared them on, where a
goal by James Tavernier, in the 50th minute,
gave new coach Mark Warburton, and new
CEO, South African businessman Dave King,
the boost they were looking for. Rangers went
17 points clear at the top of the Championship with four games still on the schedule,
and were uncatchable. Fans were deliriously
overjoyed after the dour circumstances that
financially impacted the club four years ago
and relegated them down to Division Two.
Five days later, more success for Rangers, when they won the Scottish Challenge
Cup, beating Peterhead 4-0 at Hampden
Park, watched by a near 50,000 crowd.
Peterheads Ally Gilchrist put the Ibrox squad
ahead with an own goal in the 17th minute.
James Tavernier would net just before halftime, Andy Halliday and Kenny Miller would
add their names to the list also. The Scottish
Challenge (Petrovac Training) Cup excludes
Scottish premier clubs and is a competition
for the lower divisions.

Big Glasgow Derby Sees

Rangers Prevail

The semi-finals of the Scottish Cup, April

16-17, saw some spectacular goal-keeping
by stand in Hibernian goalie Conrad Logan,
as he thwarted two penalty kicks from
Dundee Utd. The goalless game went into
extra time, where a netting eluded both teams.
Hibs went through 4-2 on penalties.
An Old Firm clashed enlivened the other
semi-final, where Rangers came out ahead
of Celtic, winning a penalty shoot-out 5-4.
Kenny Miller had the Rangers one up in the
16th minute, but Erik Sviatchenko, had the
hoops level with a header, five minutes after
the break. At 1-1 the match went to extratime, where a long range drive by Barrie
McKay (96th minute) had the Ibrox squad
in the lead, before an equalizer in the 106th
minute by Tom Rogic, brought all things
square. A 50,000 plus crowd chewed on their
finger-nails during the penalty phase as the
new Championship winners Rangers, beat
the Scottish Champions. The Scottish Cup
final is May 21 at Hampden Park,

Football League Trophy

A 59,000 plus crowd gather at Wembley,

April 3, for the final of the Johnstone Paint
Football League Trophy, a competition for

the Division One & Two clubs. Oxford Utd

held a 1-0 lead at half-time over Barnsley,
after a netting by Callum ODowda in the
29th minute. Oxfords Chey Dunkley put one
in his own net to level the score, then Ashley
Fletcher and Adam Hammill scored in the
68th and 74th minutes as the tykes went 3-1
in front. Oxford got a goal back two minutes
later, but Barnsley hung on to win 3-2 in their
very first Wembley final.
Cheltenham Towns 2-0 home win over
Halifax Town, April 16, makes then National
League Champions and gives them automatic
promotion to Football Leagues Division Two
next season. Cheltenham was in an uncatchable position with 95pts, and still had two
games left to play. Dagenham & Redbridge
are relegated from Division Two into the
National League, probably accompanied by
York City The New Saints are the Welsh
Champions for the fifth consecutive season.

London Marathon;
Kenyans Win Again

Officials at the 36th London Marathon run

April 24, had to sift through over a quarter
million applications before bringing the field
to around 39,000.Kenyans and Ethiopians
have dominated the race for some years
now, and it was no different this year. Last
years winner, Eliud Kipchoge, broke from
fellow Kenyan, Stanley Biwott, on the 24th
mile. Kipchoge finished with a time of two
hours, three minutes and four seconds for
the second fastest time in London Marathon
history. Senesia Bekele of Ethiopia was third.
Top British finisher was Scotlands Callum
Hawkins in eighth, while his brother Derek
was 14th. Tsegai Tewelde was12th. Eamonn
Martin was the last British winner of this
event back in 1993.
Jemima Sumgong fell badly, but the
Kenyan got up and won the womens race
with a time of two hours, twenty two minutes
and fifty four seconds. Tigist Tula of Ethiopia, the 2015 winner was second. Florence
Kiplagat of Kenya, third. Top British finishers
were Alyson Dixon (13th) Sonia Samuels
(14th) and Charlotte Purdue (16th) Both the
mens and womens races was used as a
qualifier for the approaching Rio Olympics,
with the top brit finishers vying for a place on
the British team.
Marcel Hug of Switzerland, won the
wheelchair race with Britains David Weir,
a former six time winner, third. The American, Tatyana McFadden won the womens
wheelchair for the fourth consecutive year.

FA Cup: United & Palace

Reach Cup Final

After the 1-1 draw at Old Trafford in the

sixth round of the FA Cup, the long awaited
replay with Manchester United and West
Ham Utd, April 13, saw the Van Gaal squad
reap the rewards with a 2-1 win at the
Boleyn Ground. Marcus Rashford struck
the first blow for the Reds in the 54th minute,
followed by a Marouane Fellaini goal in the
67th minute. James Tompkins got one back
for the hammers eleven minutes from time.
West Hams exit was later followed by the
news that the clarets will move to the 60,800
capacity Olympic Stadium, as their home
venue starting next season.
The FA Cup semi-finals, both at Wembley,
April 23-24, saw a wall of red shirts move
continually forward as Manchester United
foraged in Everton territory during the first
half, before Fellaini broke the Toffees resistance in the 34th minute. Chris Smalling put
one in his own net on the 75th minute as
Everton levelled and grew emboldened, but
Anthony Martial, closed the match off for a
2-1 victory with just a minute of injury time
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May 2016

Page 15


First Leg
April 26-27
Man City 0, Real Madrid 0
Atletico Madrid 1, B Munich 0
Second Leg
May 3-4
Real Madrid v Man City
B Munich v Atletico Madrid


First Leg
April 28
Shakhtar Donetsk v Sevilla
Villarreal v Liverpool
Second Leg
May 5
Sevilla v Shakhtar Donetsk
Liverpool v Villarreal


(At Wembley Stadium)
Saturday, April 23
Man United 2, Everton 1
Sunday, April 24
Crystal Palace 2, Watford 1
(At Wembey Stadium)
Saturday, May 21
Man United v Crystal Palace

Rangers 4, Peterhead 0


April 17
Rangers 2, Celtic 2
(Rangers 5-4 pens)
(At Hampden Park)
Saturday, May 21
Rangers v Hibernian

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on the clock. A brilliant penalty save by David
de Gea thwarted Romelu Lukaku in the 66th
minute, and may have given Everton a major
impetus if it had gone in.
The other semi-final, witnessed Yannick
Bolassie, breakthrough in the sixth minute
against Watford, as Crystal Palace took an
early lead. The game heated up after the break
when Troy Deeney, equalized for the hornets
in the 56th minute, but Connor Wickhams
header just six minutes later proved the winner. Palace won 2-1.
The FA Cup final is May 21.

Late Sport

Jump jockey Richard Johnson finally

claimed his first National Hunt Jockey
Championship, but he had to wait until the
retirement of rival Andrew AJ McCoy, who
left his horse and saddle for good last year.
McCoy was jump jockey champion for twenty
consecutive years, with Herefordshires
Johnson being runner-up 16 times during
those successes. The 38-year-Johnson
had rode 235 winners by late April, and
over 3,000 career winners Liverpool
super-featherweight Stephen Smith, was in
Connecticut, April 23, to challenge for Puerto
Ricos unbeaten IBF champion Jose Pedaraza. It was a tough match for the scouser
(23-2) who went down to a unanimous

Mahrez Voted Player Of The Year,

Alli Wins Young Player Award
Leicester City winger Riyad Mahrez
became the first African to be named English
footballs player of the year on April 27,
straight after the Algerian helped his team
close in on the Premier League title.
Mahrez was on a six-man shortlist including Leicester teammates Jamie Vardy and
NGolo Kante for the vote of their fellow
professionals in English football.
The 25-year-old Mahrez is only the second
winner of the PFA award from outside England. Uruguay striker Luis Suarez won it in
2014 while playing for Liverpool.
A Tottenham player picked up the PFA
ceremonys second-biggest accolade after
20-year-old midfielder Dele Alli was voted
young player of the year.
Alli, who was playing in the third tier last
season with MK Dons, has made an instant
impact in the Premier League, scoring 10
goals and providing 12 assists. He was
unable to attend the ceremony because he
was preparing with his teammates to face
West Brom.
Ryan Giggs became the latest illustrious Manchester United great to be handed
the PFA award for meritorious service to
football, following in the footsteps of former
managers Alex Ferguson and Matt Busby,
and European Cup winner Bobby Charlton.

Man City Reach Champions

League Semis For First Time

KEVIN DE BRUYNE sent Manchester City into

the Champions League semifinals for the first
time April 12, securing a hard-fought 1-0
victory over Paris Saint-Germain to build on
a 2-2 draw from the first leg.
As has become customary this season,
City fans drowned out UEFAs Champions
League anthem with jeers before kickoff, a
protest against Financial Fair Play sanctions.
With City enjoying its best Champions
League run, the fans could be booing all the
way to the final in Milan in May.
City drew their first leg semi 0-0 to Real

Leicester City Secure

Champions League Place

LEICESTER qualified for the Champions

League for the first time last month and
moved closer to the Premier League title with
a 2-0 win at struggling Sunderland.
Jamie Vardy scored both goals to take his
tally for the season to 21 goals, ending a fivegame drought and a 4-0 home win against
Swansea, without the suspended Vardy.
Although fourth place only secures a place
in the Champions League playoff round,
Leicester is unlikely to be dislodged from the
top three and has a firm grip on top spot.

Mourinho Rejects Syria Job

But Wants Coaching Return

JOSE MOURINHO declined Syrias offer to

coach the war-torn nations team last month
while reiterating his desire to return to management in England next season.
The Portuguese, who has been linked with
Manchester United, and more recently PSG
in France, since being fired by Chelsea for a
second time in December, insisted he has no
contract with a club.
On the Syria offer, agent Jorge Mendes
company, Gestifute, told The Associated
Press: While (Mourinho) felt honored
to receive the invitation, he cannot at the
moment accept it.

Henderson Out For 6-8 Weeks,

Could Miss Euro 2016

LIVERPOOL captain Jordan Henderson is set

to miss the rest of the season and possibly
the European Championship for England after
hurting his knee in a Europa League match
against Borussia Dortmund.
England coach Roy Hodgson selects his
squad for Euro 2016 on May 12. The 25-yearold Henderson was expected to be one of the
midfielders named in the 23-man group for

the tournament, which starts June 10.

Scans undertaken showed the midfielder
has isolated damage to his lateral collateral
ligament. Liverpool said such an injury typically means anything up to three months out,
but that Hendersons issue appears to be
less serious.

Terry Pays For Chelsea-Boy

Supporters Funeral

CHELSEA captain John Terry will pay for the

funeral of an eight-year-old fan who died of
leukemia last month.
The former England captain and other
Chelsea players met Tommi Miller at Stamford Bridge following a game last year. Terry,
who is currently injured, told local media he
was devastated to hear of Tommis death,
and wants the child to get the send-off he
Im overwhelmed really, said Tommis
mother, Ruth, because Tommi was such a
great fan of John Terry in particular.
A friend of the Millers, who live in Cambridge, contacted Terry over social media to
ask if he would like to contribute to the costs,
the BBC reported last month. Terry responded
and when he was told it would cost 1,600,
he checked with the funeral director to make
sure it was a legitimate request and agreed to
make the payment that will cover the burial,
cars and flowers.

United: Shaw Training Again

7 Months After Broking Leg

MAN UNITED defender Luke Shaw has

returned to training almost seven months
after breaking his right leg.
Shaw sustained a double fracture during a
Champions League game at PSV Eindhoven
on September 15.
United confirmed Shaw completed his
first training session since the injury after
midfielder Juan Mata posted a picture on
The 20-year-old Shaw is unlikely to play
for United before the end of the season.
United is fifth in the Premier League, a
point behind Manchester City, and have
reached the FA Cup final May 21.

Everton Fan Confronts

Martinez After Draw With
A DISGRUNTLED Everton fan confronted
manager Roberto Martinez on the field after
a 1-1 draw with Southampton in the Premier
League last month.
Discontent at Evertons underachievement
has been growing at Goodison Park in recent
weeks with Martinez the target of increasing
Eleventh-place Everton has not won at
home in the league since early February and

Liverpool Defender Mamadou

Sakho Fails UEFA Doping Test
LIVERPOOL defender Mamadou Sakho failed
a drugs test after last months Europa League
game against Manchester United and he has
until May 2 to explain it to UEFA.
Although Sakho is not yet subject to a
UEFA suspension, the club announced April
25 that he will not play for the Europa League
semifinalists while the case is active.
Sakho scored in Liverpools 4-3 quarterfinal victory last week over Borussia Dortmund
to set up a semifinal meeting with Villarreal.
A fat-burning substance was detected in a
drugs test taken after the round-of-16 second
leg at United on March 17, a person familiar
with the situation told The Associated Press.
The person spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the substance because the
investigation was ongoing.
Sakho played at Old Trafford for the entire
1-1 draw, which took Liverpool through with
a 3-1 aggregate win.
UEFA informed Liverpool on April 24 of the
adverse finding in a doping test.
UEFA said Sakho and Liverpool have until
Aprl to request the analysis of the B sample
as well as to provide explanations for the
presence of a prohibited substance.
Discussions between the Fenway Sports
Group ownership, led by John Henry, manager Juergen Klopp, and Sakho led to the
decision to remove the player from consideration for selection.
A formal communication was received
from UEFA stating that they are investigating a possible anti-doping rule violation
by Mamadou Sakho, Liverpool said in a
statement. The player will respond to UEFA
on the matter.
The player is currently not subject to any
playing suspension. However, the club, in
consultation with the player, has decided that
while this process is followed the player will
not be available for selection for matches.
Sakho was replaced in the team for the

English Premier League game on April 25

against Newcastle by Kolo Toure, who was
banned for six months by the English Football
Association in 2011 while playing for Manchester City for taking banned water tablets
to control his weight.
If Sakho received the same length of ban
as Toure, it would rule him out of the European Championship in June on home soil
in France. The sanction would be imposed
by UEFA because the test was taken after a
European game.
That would be another potential blow for
France coach Didier Deschamps, who who is
known for his loyalty, will always be indebted
to Sakho for his two goals in a 3-0 win against
Ukraine in a World Cup qualifier in November
2013 sending France to the World Cup.

Johnson Appeals Against

Jail Sentence For Child
Sex Offenses

FORMER England soccer international

Adam Johnson has lodged an appeal
against his six-year jail sentence for child
sex offenses.
Bradford Crown Court said last month
that the appeal was with the Court of
Appeal in London. The appeal was also
confirmed on Facebook via the Adam
Johnsons Appeal Fight page, run by
his sister.
Johnson pleaded guilty to one charge
of sexual activity with the girl and
another of grooming building an
emotional connection with a child to gain
trust for sexual motives. In March, the
28-year-old Johnson was found guilty by
a jury of another charge of sexual activity
with the schoolgirl.
Johnson, who played 12 times for
England, was sacked by Premier League
club Sunderland in February.

has managed just four victories at Goodison

in the last year.
It was far from ideal preparation for a
midweek Merseyside derby against Liverpool
followed by an FA Cup semifinal against
Manchester United. Everton lost both games.

Agbonlahor Suspended By
Villa, Under Investigation
ASTON VILLA have suspended striker Gabriel
Agbonlahor and begun an investigation after
he was allegedly pictured with laughing gas
According to reports, the 29-year-old was
pictured partying in London on the same night
Villa were relegated.
Agbonlahor was already on the sidelines
after being told he was not fit enough.
He had also been suspended by Villa
earlier last month after he was pictured
appearing to be holding a shisha pipe while
in Dubai, but on that occastion the club took
no further action.

Yaya Toure No Longer A

Must-Pick For Man City
THE PROSPECT of Manchester City going
into one of the biggest games in the clubs
history without Yaya Toure in the starting
lineup would once have seemed unthinkable.
But times are changing. Toure was on the
bench at the start of Citys 1-0 win over Paris
Saint-Germain last month, a result that sent
the Premier League side into the Champions
League semifinals for the first time. He came
on in the 84th minute, when PSGs chances
were virtually over.
And it seems Toures role in the upcoming matches against Real Madrid could be
a similar one.
Toure, whose contract expires at the end
of next season. He turns 33 next month and
has been linked with a move in the offseason.

Two Directors Resign As

Villa Face Relegation
ASTON VILLAs turmoil has mounted with the
sudden resignation of two directors after the
clubs relegation from the Premier League
was confirmed.
Mervyn King, a former Bank of England
governor, leaves the bottom-place club after
only two months and ex-English Football
Association chairman David Bernstein exits
after barely five weeks.
Villas website said last month that it was
announcing the resignations with regret.
The end of Villas 28-year top flight stay
was confirmed with a 1-0 loss at Manchester
United. At that point the former English and
European champions, although still having
four games remaining, could not accrue the
points needed to stay in the Premier League.


As of April 27


Leicester City
Tottenham H
Man City
Man Utd
West Ham U
Stoke City
West Brom
Swansea City
Crystal Pal
Norwich City
Newcastle U
Aston Villa

P W D L F A GD Pts
35 22 10 3 63 33 30 76
35 19 12 4 65 26 39 69
35 19 7 9 66 34 32 64
35 18 10 7 58 34 24 64
34 17 8 9 42 30 12 59
34 14 14 6 57 43 14 56
34 15 10 9 58 45 13 55
35 15 9 11 49 37 12 54
34 12 11 11 53 46 7 47
35 13 8 14 37 51 -14 47
34 9 14 11 53 48 5 41
34 11 8 15 33 40 -7 41
35 10 11 14 32 43 -11 41
35 11 8 16 42 61 -19 41
35 10 10 15 34 49 -15 40
35 10 9 16 36 45 -9 39
34 7 10 17 39 57 -18 31
34 8 7 19 35 60 -25 31
35 7 9 19 38 64 -26 30
35 3 7 25 25 69 -44 16

Sky Bet Championship League

Hull City
Derby County
Sheffield Wed
Cardiff City
Ipswich Town
Preston NE
Leeds United
Nottingham F
Blackburn R
Rotherham U
Bristol City
MK Dons
Charlton Ath
Bolton Wndrs

P W D L F A GD Pts
44 24 15 5 68 35 33 87
44 26 9 9 60 28 32 87
44 24 15 5 70 40 30 87
44 23 11 10 64 33 31 80
44 21 14 9 65 41 24 77
44 18 17 9 62 43 19 71
44 17 16 11 55 47 8 67
44 16 15 13 49 49 0 63
44 16 13 15 50 46 4 61
44 17 8 19 64 66 -2 59
44 14 16 14 42 43 -1 58
44 14 16 14 48 55 -7 58
44 13 18 13 53 53 0 57
44 13 15 16 50 56 -6 54
44 13 13 18 50 54 -4 52
44 13 12 19 58 61 -3 51
44 12 15 17 40 45 -5 51
44 11 16 17 42 45 -3 49
44 13 10 21 52 65 -13 49
44 12 13 19 50 70 -20 49
44 11 15 18 65 76 -11 48
44 9 12 23 36 64 -28 39
44 8 13 23 38 76 -38 37
44 4 15 25 40 80 -40 27

Sky Bet English League One

Wigan Ath
Burton Alb
Bradford City
Scunthorpe U
Sheffield U
Port Vale
Coventry City
Southend Utd
Swindon T
Oldham Ath
Shrewsbury T
Fleetwood T
Doncaster R
Colchester U
Crewe Alex

P W D L F A GD Pts
44 23 15 6 77 41 36 84
44 24 9 11 55 36 19 81
44 22 12 10 63 48 15 78
44 22 9 13 68 48 20 75
44 21 11 12 52 40 12 74
44 21 7 16 64 51 13 70
44 19 12 13 69 52 17 69
44 19 11 14 57 47 10 68
44 18 12 14 63 54 9 66
44 18 11 15 64 58 6 65
44 18 11 15 56 52 4 65
44 17 12 15 62 48 14 63
44 16 11 17 56 60 -4 59
44 17 6 21 73 69 4 57
44 15 12 17 53 68 -15 57
44 15 10 19 59 69 -10 55
44 12 18 14 44 53 -9 54
44 14 8 22 55 68 -13 50
44 13 11 20 55 72 -17 50
44 11 15 18 49 53 -4 48
44 12 10 22 39 54 -15 46
44 11 12 21 47 61 -14 45
44 9 12 23 54 95 -41 39
44 6 13 25 43 80 -37 31

Sky Bet English League Two

Accrington St
Oxford Utd
Bristol Rov
Plymouth Arg
Cambridge U
Wycombe W
Carlisle Utd
Mansfield T
Exeter City
Luton Town
Leyton Orient
Hartlepool U
Notts County
Crawley T
Yeovil Town
Newport Cnty
York City
Dag & Red

P W D L F A GD Pts
44 27 12 5 78 45 33 93
44 23 12 9 73 48 25 81
44 22 14 8 79 41 38 80
44 24 7 13 71 44 27 79
44 23 8 13 65 44 21 77
44 20 15 9 72 42 30 75
44 20 11 13 63 50 13 71
44 18 12 14 64 53 11 66
44 17 13 14 45 40 5 64
44 16 16 12 62 60 2 64
44 17 12 15 61 52 9 63
44 17 12 15 61 60 1 63
44 18 9 17 59 58 1 63
44 17 12 15 58 61 -3 63
44 16 11 17 61 64 -3 59
44 15 6 23 49 65 -16 51
44 13 9 22 53 78 -25 48
44 13 8 23 45 72 -27 47
44 11 13 20 52 67 -15 46
44 10 15 19 39 55 -16 45
44 12 8 24 67 89 -22 44
44 10 13 21 43 62 -19 43
44 7 12 25 49 82 -33 33
44 7 10 27 42 79 -37 31

Scottish Premiership



Saturday, April 30
Everton v Bournemouth
Newcastle v Crystal Palace
Stoke v Sunderland
Watford v Aston Villa
West Brom v West Ham
Arsenal v Norwich
Sunday, May 1
Swansea v Liverpool
Man Utd v Leicester
Southampton v Man City
Monday, May 2
Chelsea v Tottenham
Saturday, May 7
Norwich v Man Utd
Aston Villa v Newcastle
Bournemouth v West Brom
Crystal Palace v Stoke
Sunderland v Chelsea
West Ham v Swansea
Leicester v Everton
Tottenham v Southampton
Liverpool v Watford
Man City v Arsenal
Tuesday, May 10
West Ham v Man Utd
Wednesday, May 11
Norwich v Watford
Sunderland v Everton
Liverpool v Chelsea
Sunday,May 15
Arsenal v Aston Villa
Chelsea v Leicester
Everton v Norwich
Man Utd v Bournemouth
Newcastle v Tottenham
Southampton v Crystal Pal
Stoke v West Ham
Swansea v Man City
Watford v Sunderland
West Brom v Liverpool

St Johnstone
Ross County
Inverness CT
Partick Th
Hamilton Ac
Dundee Utd

P W D L F A GD Pts
34 23 8 3 79 26 53 77
34 21 5 8 56 39 17 68
34 17 9 8 54 34 20 60
34 14 5 15 42 49 -7 47
34 13 7 14 51 51 0 46
34 10 14 10 50 50 0 44
34 13 5 16 49 56 -7 44
34 11 10 13 43 44 -1 43
34 11 8 15 33 41 -8 41
34 10 9 15 39 56 -17 39
34 8 8 18 34 57 -23 32
34 6 6 22 34 61 -27 24

Scottish Championship

Raith Rovers
Queen ot Sth
St Mirren
Alloa Athletic

P W D L F A GD Pts
35 25 5 5 86 32 54 80
35 18 13 4 60 34 26 67
35 20 7 8 57 34 23 67
35 17 8 10 51 46 5 59
35 11 9 15 37 40 -3 42
35 12 6 17 46 54 -8 42
35 11 8 16 42 51 -9 41
35 10 6 19 34 65 -31 36
35 8 7 20 37 50 -13 31
35 5 7 23 20 64 -44 22

Scottish League 1

Ayr United
Albion Rov
Brechin City
Forfar Ath

P W D L F A GD Pts
35 23 7 5 82 30 52 76
35 19 4 12 65 44 21 61
35 16 11 8 72 46 26 59
35 14 6 15 42 49 -7 48
35 13 7 15 45 50 -5 46
35 12 10 13 37 43 -6 46
35 12 6 17 46 77 -31 42
35 11 6 18 46 71 -25 39
35 11 5 19 45 59 -14 38
35 8 10 17 47 58 -11 34

Scottish League 2

East Fife
Queens Park
Elgin City
Annan Ath
Berwick Ran
Stirling Alb
East Stirling

P W D L F A GD Pts
35 18 7 10 61 40 21 61
35 15 11 9 46 31 15 56
35 16 8 11 55 45 10 56
35 16 6 13 53 44 9 54
35 15 8 12 68 57 11 53
35 14 7 14 45 49 -4 49
35 13 9 13 46 43 3 48
35 10 10 15 49 70 -21 40
35 11 6 18 41 47 -6 39
35 9 4 22 40 78 -38 31

Page 16

missed last season with a series of injuries

but was due to return for Toulon in mid-April
hoping to earn a call-up for the New Zealand
tour. Sadly he has suffered another knee
cruciate ligament bust-up and all bets are
off. At 27, though, there is a chance he may
enjoy a few more seasons at the top.

Englands Forwards Make

The News

World Rugby have sanctioned England

prop Joe Marler for calling Waless Samson
Lee gypsy boy during the England/Wales
game. The Six Nations had decided against
any punishment following Marlers halftime
apology to Lee. World Rugby took a different
view and he was handed a two-match ban
and fined 20,000, 20 percent of this Grand
Slam fee, to be paid to an equality charity
in the UK.
England locks, Maro Itoje, 21, and George
Kruis, 26, are in it for the long haul. The Grand
Slam winning combination have signed a new
deal with Premier leaders Saracens which will
keep at the club until at least 2019. This will
ensure they play together and stay together
until the next World Cup.
Under new England coach Eddie Jones
the pair have thrived and they are seen as
integral to the side that will play three tests
this summer against Australia. They follow
fellow internationals like Billy and Mako
Vunipola, Duncan Taylor and Jamie George
in signing up long-term for Sarries.

Craig Joubert Speaks Out


South African World
Cup referee, has
spoken to the Daily
Telegraph for the first
time to explain why he
ran off the field immediately he blew for
time in the Scotland
v Australia quarterCraig Joubert final. He had awarded
a last-minute penalty
to Australia which was kicked and sent
the Scots crashing out of the competition
at the end of a game which most felt they
deserved to win.
For a start the decision was wrong it
should have led to a scrum not a penalty
as the World Cup authorities stated the next
day. Joubert admitted as much though in his
defence he was unable to review the infringement on the pitch.
But why did he run off so hastily?
In my head was a desire to avoid any possible unseemly confrontation that would mar
what had been a wonderful occasion, said
Joubert. The pity was that he had personally
just done that in awarding a penalty.

Six Nations Player Of The

2016 Championship
Stuart Hogg has
been named RBS
Player of the Championship securing
over 30 percent of
the public vote. Billy
Vunipola came second with 27 percent
and third place went
to the tournaments
top try-scorer, George

Welsh Woes

Justin Tipuric will miss the Welsh tour of

New Zealand this summer. His 43 caps and
high quality play earned him the national
captaincy in the last Six Nations game against
Italy. A heavy fall in an early line-out resulted
in concussion. He was also favourite to play
for GB in the Olympic Sevens later this year.
Leigh Halfpenny, Wales star fullback,

Stuart Hogg

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May 2016

English FA To Ask FIFA To Research

Dementia Link To Football
RR By Rob Harris


Association will ask FIFA to
investigate whether former
players have dementia as a
consequence of brain damage
from playing the game.
Three members of Englands 1966
World Cup squad Martin Peters, Nobby
Stiles, Ray Wilson have Alzheimers,
family members told the Daily Mirror
newspaper last month.
Concerns have grown in Britain about
the impact of head injuries after campaigning by the family of former England
striker Jeff Astle, whose death in 2002
was attributed to repeatedly heading
heavy, leather balls.
English FA medical head Ian Beasley
is seeking assistance from world soccers
governing body to help determine if there
are definitive long-term health dangers
from playing the game, and if prospective
players should be warned.
We are taking some research questions to FIFA imminently to ask, Can
you help us in trying to find out if dementia is more common in ex-professional
footballers? Beasley told The Associated Press.
The trouble is we just dont know
... its a massive undertaking to try and
decide whether theres an association
between having played professional football and cognitive decline, dementia you
might call it commonly brain damage
causing functional impairment over time.
We just dont know. Its always tempting
to say It must be. But were not sure.

Gutierrez Wins
Disability Claim
Against Newcastle
FORMER Newcastle player Jonas
Gutierrez has
won a disability
claim against
his old club.
alleged he was
frozen out of
the first team
because of his
diagnosis with Jonas Gutierrez
testicular cancer
in 2013 a claim rejected by Newcastle,
which said the midfielder simply did not
feature in successive managers plans
for the squad.
The 32-year-old Argentine brought
an employment tribunal claim against
Newcastle for disability discrimination
after accusing management of ensuring
he failed to make enough appearances
on the pitch to trigger a lucrative oneyear contract extension.
A tribunal concluded that Newcastle
no longer wanted him at the club
because of his cancer.
Newcastle said it was dismayed
by the verdict and will consult its legal
team over the options available to us.

Englands 1966 World Cup winners. Circled left to right: Nobby Stiles,
Martin Peters, and Ray Wilson.
Last year, the US Soccer Federation
recommended a ban on headers for players 10 and under in a bid to address concerns about the impact of head injuries.
Beasley, who is also the England team
doctor, wants researchers to assess
whether the severity of any brain damage
depends on which position the person
played, how many games they played,
and at which level.
The hope is (FIFA) will tell us one
way or another, Beasley said. This is
a health and safety issue in the end, and
thats what it will come down to. You may
still want to be a professional footballer
but at least we can advise you what the
chances are of something irreversible
happening to you.
FIFA chief medical officer Jiri Dvorak

The Legendary

was not aware of the

FA seeking specific
research into links
between footballers
brain trauma and
We have very
little evidence that
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