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PBI 1032

Academic Reading and Writing
Matric No. :

Section A [20 marks]

Instruction: Read the text below and blacken the correct answer on the multiplechoice answer sheet provided.
Eating Well: Less Science, More Common Sense




Food is life. We eat it to grow, stay healthy, and have the energy to carry out everyday
activities. The food we consume makes all of these things possible, but not all food is
created equal. Studies have revealed, for example, that children who eat a nutritious
breakfast do better in school than those with a poor diet. The well-fed child is able to
pay attention longer, remember more, and participate more actively in class.
Research has also shown that adults who have a healthy diet perform better on the
job and miss fewer days of work. The findings, then, are clear. Because our food
choices affect our health and behaviour, we must do more than just eat; we must eat
well. For many people today, making healthy food choices is taxing.
Now, more than ever, we are surrounded by information telling us what is good for us
and what is not, but usually this information is more puzzling than helpful. In fact,
different research about the same food often produces contradictory results. Take one
example: food studies conducted on eggs. For years, research showed a link between
eating eggs and high cholesterol. To prevent dangerous diseases like cancer or heart
disease, people were encourage to limit, or to completely eliminate eggs from their
diets. However, recent studies now say that eggs are actually food for you and that
most people can and even should eat one a day. It is indeed hard to know who to
Shopping for food can also be daunting. During a visit to a supermarket, we often
need to make many different choices. Should you buy this cereal or that one? Regular
or fat-free milk? Tofu or chicken? It is hard to know which to choose, especially when
two items are very similar. Many shoppers read product labels to help them decide.
Not surprisingly, people are more likely to buy items with words “doctor
recommended”, “low fat” or “all natural” on them. However, are these foods really
better for the consumers? Probably not, as many food labels are deceiving and trying
to be manipulative. Consumers are lured to buying items that may not be healthy
due to the high dependency on the so-called facts presented on the packaging.

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It also promotes togetherness and the spirit of sharing among the community members. B. One should learn to shop at the farmers’ market where food is fresher and healthier. Doing simple things like changing your shopping habits. C. On small pieces of land. … food often produces contradictory results… (paragraph 2) A. says Pollan. 2011 – Should science influence what we eat?) For Questions 1-5. Berkeley who has written many books about eating well. do so in moderation. In his opinion. learning to cook. difficult expensive important reasonable 2. According to Pollan. We should make fruit and vegetables as the main source of food and limit the meat intake. making healthy food choices and eating well do not have to be difficult. convincing disturbing mixed Page 2 of 14 . we need to stop reading labels and listening to the purported scientific experts. 1. neighbours are working together to grow fruit and vegetables.PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. planting a garden and limiting your intake of certain foods can result in a better diet and a healthier you. The first tip is to eat food which is mostly plants but not too much. Another tip is to avoid shopping for instant products available at the supermarket. urban gardens are mushrooming again. However. for example. With these gardens. B. C. Instead. he offers some simple yet practical tips for eating well and staying healthy. people have access to more fresh fruits and vegetables and could spend less. (adapted from Paul Carne. In cities around the world. And when we eat. Working together in the garden helps people to exercise. D. There are other benefits too. … making healthy food choices is taxing. (paragraph 1) A. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4 5 6 So how do we make healthy choices? Michael Pollan is a professor at the University of California. it is helping people to reconnect with food traditions. choose a word/phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined word as used in the text. Ultimately. Thinking like Micheal Pollan is challenging the scientific approach to eating. our food needs to be defended against needless complications from nutrition science and from the food industry.

5. What is the contradiction mentioned in Paragraph 2? Page 3 of 14 . Based on the findings of the studies. B. Children can focus on the lessons better. (paragraph 5) A. Our food choices affect our health and behaviour. D. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ D.PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. Which sentence contains the main idea for Paragraph 1? Food is life. Children socialise more during class. C. B. are clear. which of the following is a positive outcome of maintaining a healthy diet? A. D. Children are not absent so often. B. C. 7. The findings. making healthy food choices is taxing. … food labels are deceiving and trying … (paragraph 3) A. D. complicated inadequate untrue vague 4. C. confused lying respected self-acclaimed … urban gardens are mushrooming again. significant 3. converging finally C. becoming the current trend (5 marks) For Questions 6-10. then. For many people today. A. C. being revived B. choose the most appropriate answers based on your reading. D. Children behave better in school. 8. 6. B. growing very quickly D. … to the purported scientific experts … (paragraph 4) A.

what should customers do? Ignore labels on products Page 4 of 14 . B. Studies on effect of food on health are helpful. Supermarket operators 13. C. why is shopping for food daunting? A. These products are placed in more visible positions. C. Some research found that some food is good for health but other research found that some food is not good for health. Eating too many eggs causes cholesterol level to rise. Information on food and health is contradictory. Some are organic food and others are not. Different researchers conduct different kinds of studies on the effects of the different kind of food on health. Who does NOT give advice on what kind of food to eat? A. D. D. B. B. C. Similar items are placed on the same shelf. 10. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A. The food are produced by different companies. The words are clearly printed on the packaging. 11. Food manufacturers D. They are recommended by their doctors. Based on the text. 9.PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. B. C. D. Scientific experts B. Customers should not believe research findings. D. What is the main idea for Paragraph 2? A. The findings are different although they come from similar studies investigating the same kind of food. Different practical advice was given by the researchers although their findings and their studies were similar. The labels put on products are misleading. 12. A. Nutrition scientists C. They think that they are buying healthy food. According to Professor Michael Pollan. Why are consumers easily attracted by words such as “low fat” or “all natural” used on product labels? A.

Which of the following healthy food choices is NOT an idea found in the text? A. Michael Pollan’s suggestions are against healthy eating D. Take less meat C. Eat out less. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ B. Michael Pollan’s ideas are based on food traditions B. Michael Pollan is going against the norms of the society 15. Michael Pollan is discouraging large scale farming C. A.PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. What is the writer implying when he says “Thinking like Micheal Pollan is challenging the scientific approach to eating” (paragraph 5). C. Moderate intake of protein Defend ideas of the food industry Avoid buying food in supermarkets 14. D. Take more food with Vitamin C (10 marks) End of Section A Page 5 of 14 . Cut down on fast food B. eat at home more D.

2005). made it public. These issues have been studied with respect to a variety of Internet contexts and applications 16 (Berkman & Shumway. nearly two years after Facebook’s inception. simple algorithm could be used to download all public profiles since Facebook used predictable URLs for profile pages. 2008. Soghoian. users’ passwords were still being sent without encryption. Soltren. This outraged Facebook users.PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. and Dawson (2007). Soltren. Page 6 of 14 . In September 2006. Facebook introduced the ‘‘News Feed. This paper investigates privacy violations on Facebook and how users understand the potential threat to their privacy. & Dawson. the ability to restrict one’s profile to be viewed by friends only. Information posted on restricted profiles showed up in searches unless a user chose to opt-out his or her profile from searches 20 (Jones. failed for the first three years of its existence. and thus could be easily intercepted by a third party 18 (Jones and Soltren. Even the most lauded privacy feature of Facebook. As discussed by Jones. 2005). Pervasive technology often leads to unintended consequences. the opt-out choice was no longer available but the data collection policy was still in force 19 (Samson as cited by Addams. such as threats to privacy and changes in the relationship between public and private sphere. For Questions 16-25. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Section B [15 marks] Instruction: The passage below contains TEN (10) errors in citation. At that time. Recent attempts to make the profile restrictions more user-friendly and comprehensive seem mostly public relation-driven and still include serious flaws 22 (Soghoian. but only after “a technology blogger discovered the loophole. 2009). blacken the correct answer on the multiple-choice answer sheet provided. 2007). L. who felt exposed and deprived of their sense of control over their information 23 (Boyd. As of September 2007. This glitch was fixed in late June 2007. 2007). The authors also noted that Facebook gathered information about its users from other sources unless the user specifically opted out. 2003: Cocking & Matthews. 2007).. and contacted Facebook" 21 (Singel. An established website that discusses this issue stated that the watchdog organization Privacy International charged Facebook with severe privacy flaws and put it in the second lowest category for threats to privacy 17 (Piracy issue with FB . 2000: Weinberger.’’ which tracks and displays the online activities of a user’s friends. 2007). This has since been corrected.

Cocking & Matthews. 2007). 12) Subsequently.. 2007). (Jones. H. 2005. (Samson as cited in Addams. as cited in Addams). 2000. Facebook introduced privacy controls that allowed users to determine what was shown on the news feed and to whom. 2007. B. Weinberger. (Samson. A. (2007. 2007). (Berkman & Shumway. (adapted from Debatin. B. Berkman & Shumway. & Hughes. Weinberger. B. 18. 19. Page 7 of 14 . 2009) 16. C. (M. 2005). The Facebook team has been accused of not taking users’ privacy seriously. (2007. and their leaders are often very influential 24 members of the online community. 2005). (Romano 2007. Lovejoy. 2003. D. 2003. Cocking & Matthews. D. 2005). D. 2003. A. Hamfield. B. (Piracy Issue with FB. Horn. in Addams. C. Piracy Issue with FB). A. and Stein (2007) argue that additional concerns were still raised about links between Facebook and its use by government agencies such as the police or the Central Intelligence Agency. Lin. 2000. (Cocking & Matthews. 2005). 2007). C. 2000. Hughes. (Jones & Soltren. 2005). (Berkman & Shumway. Nevertheless. 25 Chuah. (Piracy Issue with FB. A. (Jones. Due to this issue. Weinberger. 2000. 17. (Cocking & Matthews. (Samson. Weaver. Soltren. M.. These groups are usually instigated by angry Facebook users who feel that the application has crossed a line. 2003. Piracy Issue with FB). & Soltren. & Soltren. These protest groups are very popular. p. 2005).PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. 2005). it was reported that protest groups have started to form on Facebook. 2005). : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2008). Berkman & Shumway. C. Jones & H. Weinberger.

D. D. C.. (Jones et al. B.members of the online community (Romano. . p. p. 2009b). Chuah…Stein et. . 2007. (Jones et. 2007). (Lillian Boyd. Nevertheless. 2007). A. al.members of the online community (Romano. (Singel. 12) . Chuah et al. 2007)... Soghoian. (Singel. (Jones et. 2008. (Boyd. al.. 22. Boyd. A.. B. B. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ D. A. 2007. (Romano. p. (2007) argue that Nevertheless. A..members of the online community. Page 8 of 14 . 2008. choose the option with the error and blacken the answer on the multiplechoice answer sheet. C. (Soghoian. p. 25. 20.. 21. (Soghoian. 2007).. 24. (2007) argue that (10 marks) Instruction: Each of the reference list below contains ONE (1) error. B. 2007). C. 2007. B.PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. Chuah et. 2009). A. 2008). D. C.. C. 2007. (Samson. 23.. (2007) argue that Nevertheless. 2008). 2008a. 2007). (Singel. (2007) argue that Nevertheless. Soghoian. pp.members of the online community. (Romano. (Soghoian. 12). 2007. D. B. 21. (L. 2009). (Singel. D. 2008). For Questions 26-35. al. 12). 21). 2007). A. 12) . 2009b). D. (Boyd 2008). 21). Chuah…Stein et al. 21. as cited in Addams. p. (Jones et al. (Soghoian. C. 2008a. al. p. 2007. pp.

McKenna. Retrieved from http://editorial. (1989). How revolutions die. Texting while driving: How dangerous is it? D. Personality and Social Psychology Review. J. 58-72). (2000). Austin.) B. A. Car and Driver. Miller. 30. 1990). J. D. Freidrich D. C. Retrieved from http://editorial. The New Age Magazine.. N. Y. Freidrich (Eds. Learning and Instruction (pp. A.PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. In H. B. Plagiarism: a good practice guide. UK: Pergamon Press Ltd. 21-23. pp. Plan 9 from cyberspace: The implications of the Internet for personality and social psychology. R. 30. When teaching kills learning: Research on mathematics. Texting while driving: How dangerous is it? Car and Driver. C. (2009). 57–75. London. 179. F. J. Oxford University Press: Oxford. Plagiarism: A good practice guide. B. A. A. K. 30. (2000). 21-23. B. Y. C. Personality and Social Psychology Review. 1990). D. Carroll. D.msn. 57–75. Plan 9 from cyberspace: The implications of the Internet for personality and social psychology. In H. Oxford University Press: Oxford. (September.A.). (September. Mandl and H. Clark. A. pp. N. J. & Bargh.A. 27. Austin. Learning and Instruction.. 4(1). Miller. Carroll. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 26. E. Murphy. (2009). C. B.msn. (2000). F. UK. When teaching kills learning: Research on mathematics. (Eds. 29. C. (2000). How revolutions die. Page 9 of 14 . K. 4(1). Mandl and H. & Bargh.

Question 1 Page 10 of 14 .PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (5 marks) End of Section B Section C [9 marks] Instruction: Paraphrase the following texts using your own words but make sure that the meaning is retained. Remember to cite the source.

reflective writing allows them to document their reflective thinking of what they feel and experience. 212) Source: Jo Angouri (2010) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ (3 marks) Question 2 “To many students. the researchers employed a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques for data collection. 189) Source: John D. To other students.” (p. The rest of the students view reflective writing as a platform to extend their reflective thinking. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “In this project. Bain & Colleen Mills (2002) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ (3 marks) Page 11 of 14 .” (p.PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. reflective writing motivates them to think reflectively.

47) Source: Adriana Bolivar (2012) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ (3 marks) Page 12 of 14 . It involves rewriting the original quotations in your own words. without copying directly from the original text.PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. However. you cannot introduce new ideas to the paraphrase but you can extract the general idea from the quotation. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Question 3 “Paraphrasing is a complicated and mentally challenging task.” (p.

PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No. : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ End of Section C Page 13 of 14 .

  Write TWO (2) points ‘for’ and TWO (2) points ‘against’ the topic. End of Examination Page 14 of 14 . : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Section D [30 marks] Instruction: Write a discussion essay based on the topic The advantages and disadvantages of employing foreign lecturers to teach in Malaysian universities  Your discussion should NOT be less than 300 words. Use this page for your draft and write your essay on the next page.PBI 1032 Academic Reading and Writing Matric No.