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3D electric prospecting



As a result of longterm investigations, modeling, real field works, processing, and interpretation of the field work results
acquired during prospecting and exploration of oil accumulations, ore deposits and kimberlite bodies, the inference can be
drawn that the vertical Current Sounding (VECS) is a high efficiency technology in acquisition of local targets.
When the VECS method is applied for petroleum prospecting and exploration, the presence of hydrocarbons is predicted with
high probability in targets intended as promising by seismic surveys. Efficiency of exploration drilling may be eventually
increased (the efficiency of which is now no more than 6065%). In this case, a possible oil outline is defined more accurately
and locations of most hydrocarbon accumulations are predicted due to which the direction of drilling may be specified more
The VECS electrical exploration does not compete with seismic survey, but can essentially compliment its results. As an
example, VECS works at fields of oil specified the range distribution of hydrocarbons and locations of their greatest
Presently the VECS method has been transformed into a valuable prospecting and exploration technology for areal
The VECS method refers to the area of hightech technologies. The powerful axially symmetric source, environmental
compensation, and dense areal measurements applied in prospecting and exploration works have revealed the very positive
effect that cannot be presently explained. The VECS technology can be successfully applied at the shelf of arctic seas in the
regions with covered polar ice where applying seismic survey faces a serious problem.
In prospecting and exploration of kimberlite bodies, the VECS method is much more efficient than the TEM in the sense of
resolution, the degree of detail, depth and area of investigations, performance, and presentation of prospecting and
exploration results. Measurement of the additional (horizontal) component of an electromagnetic field allows even more
accurate identification of a sought target.
The VECS technology includes:
operation with surveying system,
acquisition technique,
modeling, processing, and interpretation.
STC ZaVeT G can undertake field works applying the VECS technology by request of organizations concerned at an
agreed price.
SC ZaVeT G will supply the VECS technology to organizations concerned (firms and companies) at an agreed price
manufacture of surveying system,
personnel training,
execution of work (under a separate contract) on the area required to confirm the technology efficiency
providing nonexclusive license throughout Russian Federation.
The VECS technology is supplied in two versions:
VECS technology for prospecting and exploration works on oil
VECS technology for prospecting and exploration of ore and kimberlite bodies.
The method and technology of VECS require followup investigations. New opportunities are opened when multicomponent
measurements for solving a problem of threedimensional structure of a geologic medium are carried out and more powerful
sounding setups for increase of the depth of investigations and setups with operating voltage more than 1000 V for operation
in areas with low conductivity of a host medium are developed. Applying the VECS method in the frequency mode of electrical
exploration is promising. Organizations, companies, and firms are invited to take part in further investigations.